Gazette of Gor – Omnibus Edition 61 to 68

The Omnibus Edition

Dear readers, Gazette of Gor and this blog are proud to present you this omnibus GOG edition of past issues for your online reading pleasure.
Specifically, this omnibus contains issues 61 through to 68. The omnibus makes an interesting read of any issues you may have missed in Secondlife.  Whether it be stories, role-plays, information or discussions there is sure to be something to interest you.

As you can see I have chosen a panther for the Omnibus cover, because as the saying goes : “you can get the girl out of the forest but you never can get the forest out of the girl. “

Issue 61  


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)
  • Inna Calamity by Sarka Matova
  • Idiots of Gor By Mariko Marchant
  • Is This Gor ? by John Wheelwright
  • One EN Story – Sarah Gartenberg
  • Dancing Giani Tavern By Freya0101010
  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 4 Collaring
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 7
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie
  • Please, forgive me ! I’ve not had a big enough heart to love all people. Even if i try, even if i want to help, i ve bad thoughts in my mind. Feeling  betrayed by people i ve helped. Knowing some who forget we were friends in past. No, i ‘ve not a heart big enough to love all people, but my heart is ready to forgive cos if all people can live in forgiveness, cos if all people are ready to give some love to each others, yes, we could see this light at the end of the tunnel, a light wich could give us the best gift – friendship.

  • In this issue, we offer you new writers … John did a good article on Gor and i offer you to read it carefully. Freya presents the Dancing Giani Tavern. Our regular stories are here and we continue EN’s Story. It’s Sarah Gartenberg’s turn. And at the end and in issue’s beginning, some words from Sarka Martova for Inna.

  • My heart is not big enough to love you all, but i ‘ll always try to find my light to help you and give you some smiles and my love.

  • Inna Calamity by Sarka Matova

Inna Calamity was a Zima Ak’am

Credit: Ja Lina

Inna Calamity was a Zima Ak’am

Thank you Inna, you tried to be my friend.

Thank you Inna for taking care of my baby.

I am sorry Inna I had to take her back

I am sorry Inna you got caught in the middle.

Inna was a wise counsellor and a true and loyal friend

I am glad her friends had her to look after them.

Rest now Inna your name is on the stone

Rest now Inna your place is with the fallen

There are no more voices Inna, rest now.

We will all try to get along without you.

Rest now Inna Calamity.

  • Idiots of Gor By Mariko Marchant
  • ©
    Credit: Mariko

    There was an article in The Gazette of Gor number 60 called ” My thoughts about banned people on gor sims “. It ended with “We all want fun here in second life. But where is the fun when people always get banned??? maybe for a joke? or sometimes people get banned because there seems to be a personal reason with other persons of a sims. Or maybe because they do not know the rules? Thats not the right way. Lets have fun all together.  And maybe no bans anymore.!!!!”

  • The reasoning was : “If you ban maybe one person and this person has a friends in Gor his friend wont comes anymore too on this sims where he get banned. If you ban 50 and all would have only one friend so 100 people maybe wont come anymore. this is only an example.”

  • As the main editor of the Gazette of Gor I do support freedom of press but I wish that it was that simple. The reality is that I find texts  written on the message board of my tribe like: “(name withheld)  is a filthy whore !! be aware Gor !!” and “this camp is Claimed by ISIL”

  • These messages were placed by a person who did not lockpick the gate but simply jumped on a 20 meters high wall. His companion was fighting one of my huntresses but she logged  out when she was downed and came back shortly after that with a green meter and fought her again. On this Friday afternoon 2 persons ruined the fun of the other people on the sim. One messaged me she left because of this, but I am sure others left too. Unfortunately this is not an incident. I see many times people coming on the sim shooting everybody just to improve their stats. These are the not intended side effects of GM stats and in particularly GE stats we have to live with. If you are high on these stats it means to me you only do pew pew , do no roleplay at all and  probably are cheating as well. In other words you don’t play Gor at all.  These persons, probably Xbox teens,  drives away the good people on Gor and their friends are just the same. So those people should be banned not on one sim, but on every sim.  Also we should have a different look at the stats and not call them the best fighter, which is too much honor for those who cheat  and destroy Gor.

  • Is This Gor ? by John Wheelwright
  • How many times have you heard someone say, “Gor just isn’t the same anymore.” ? Or, “They don’t know anything about what Gor is really supposed to be.” ? I don’t know about you, but I hear it all the time. I say it myself often enough. But what makes many of us say such things?

  • I think a lot of that come from people coming to Gor with their modern, real world beliefs on how the world should work. Then not taking the time to learn that the Gorean world is much different. But rather insisting the Gorean world change to what they feel it should be.

  • One example would be in the what is common these days concerning the way slaves get treated. I personally have seen slaves refuse a collar. I’ve also seen slaves treated better than Free Men in several cities. For that matter, half the cities I’ve been to were run by women. So perhaps that last is not so surprising.

  • I have also noticed that, With the exception of the Scarlet Caste, most cities I see have no male scribes, builders, or physicians. Or any lower castes at all. So of course those cities are run by the women there. And when I find a city that does have any men at all, They all seem to largely defer to the wishes of the women.

  • Now I could go on and on with all that I’ve seen, heard, and experienced that leads me to think Gor is no longer really Gor at all. Or I can make it direct and to the point of what, in my opinion, needs to change to make Gor what it once was and needs to return to. Staring with our outlook about Gor in general.

  • First, Gor is not Earth. Obvious? Apparently not. Unlike Earth, slaves have no rights at all, and can never refuse an order from any Free person. And Free women have very few rights themselves. Barely more rights that those of a slave.

  • Men in Gor are more than Warriors and leaders of a city. It takes people of all walks to make a city of any size, and there is more to life than wars and raids. And men do not let women tell them what to do. And Gor is not a BDSM Theme Park.

  • By now, I’m sure some of you are thinking I’m insane. And you may be right in that thinking. But ask yourselves this. Do you want a Gor as described in the John Norman books? Or do you want something more like Earth simply because here you can get laid where you can’t in real life or even SL earth?

  • Well I want the Gor from the books. And if any of you out there want the same, then you need to do something to make that happen. Don’t just accept things the way they are because it’s easier to ‘go with the flow’. If you are a Gorean male, then be a man. If you’re a Gorean woman, quit trying to run the show. It’s time to suck it up buttercup and make Gor what it was meant to be.

  • One EN Story – Sarah Gartenberg
  • ©
    Panther of Gor

    Línhildr was born in a small village on of the southern edge of Torvaldsland – an idyllic place framed between the mountains to the north and the great forest to the south. Her father was a man of no particular wealth or importance but her parents enjoyed a close relationship – perhaps unconventionally romantic for a Gorean man and his companion.  Tragedy struck when Línhildr was only ten years old – her mother died after a sudden and unexpected illness.  To Línhildr’s knowledge, her father never took another companion.

  • As the young girl grew into a woman, it became clear that she had inherited her mother’s striking looks, and tall stature even by the standards of a northern woman. Her father doted on her, often allowing her to speak her mind when most Gorean women would have been put in their place, and even teaching her how to hunt with his bow. Thus the young Línhildr grew up with a somewhat naïve view of her place in Gorean society.  She became accustomed to getting her own way, and was foolish enough to be proud of the effect that her looks had on men and would tease them, seemingly unaware that she was playing games with her freedom.

  • Línhildr’s world was shattered one summer night when a drunken man tried to rape her. She fought him off but when he gave chase,  Línhildr fled to her home, hoping to find her father to protect her – but he was out.  In desperation she took up her father’s hunting bow and shot the man dead.

  • That moment seemed like slow motion to her. She stood over the man’s lifeless body for several ehn, debating what to do next.  She would run to her father.  He’d help her like he always had – wouldn’t he?

  • Deep down, Línhildr knew that this time, she was in real trouble. Fearing the consequences of what she had done, she gathered a few things together – some food, a change of clothes and of course, the bow – and set out into the night.  She reached the edge of the village, turned, and looked back.  It was the last time she would ever see her home.  Then she turned south and disappeared into the night.

  • She headed south, towards the great forest. She had heard the legends of women who lived free in the forests – whether they were true, she did not know – but she knew that she would not be safe in any of the neighbouring villages.  As she continued her journey, the traces of civilisation became sparser and the trees denser.  After a few days, it was clear she was in a forest – but there was no sign of panther girls or any other human beings, for that matter.

  • For months, she survived on her own, hunting small animals with her father’s bow and learning to fend for herself. Her long robes had become torn within a few days of arriving in the forest and she finished the job, converting her dress into the sort of rags that a she-urt might wear.

  • As the days turned into months, the nights became longer and colder and there was a hint of snow in the air. Línhildr headed south urgently now, trying to escape the approaching winter. For a long time she saw no evidence of other people in the forest, nor did she know where in the forest she was, having no experience of navigation.

  • She was beginning to give up hope of ever meeting another human being when, one day, she felt a hand grabbing her hair while she was drinking from a stream. Línhildr flailed around, trying to grab a stone as a rudimentary weapon as the hand tightened its grip on her blonde northern locks. She shouted and hissed – but her protests were met with laughter – a woman’s laughter.

  • Línhildr turned her head enough to examine her assailant. The panther girl was tall, her body toned and clad in furs and animal skins.  Her neck was decorated with gold chains, glistening below a mass of dark hair.

  • Hura tugged at Línhildr’s hair, pulling her up onto her knees, but no further. “And what do we have here?  Another runaway slave?”

  • Months alone in the forest had toughened her, but did nothing to dull her arrogance or her desire to have things her way. Línhildr snarled at her assailant, unaware that she was face to face with the leader of the most powerful band of panther girls in the forest. Hura found herself on the receiving end of all Línhildr’s pent up aggression and frustration.

  • “Let go of my hair and fuck off, or I’ll scratch your eyes out!”

  • Hura burst out laughing – but she let go of Línhildr’s hair all the same. “Ooh.  A feisty one, Grenna.”  Hura turned to her Second, who simply nodded.

  • In the coming days, Línhildr earned her place in Hura’s band, proving herself by hunting a forest cat and taking its furs to make new clothes, leaving behind her torn rags once and for all. She had not realised it, but she had travelled almost the full length of the forest from north to south and was now living with Hura’s band not far from the river Laurius.  Few of the girls could pronounce her name and they laughed at it, so she shortened it and became known as Lina.

  • Lina was grateful for having a home and human company again – but her arrogance was about to shape her destiny again. She became jealous of Hura, and coveted the leadership of the band. Hura became involved in shady dealings with a group of men from Ar who had entered the forest in search of a rival band leader – Verna.  Lina felt that Hura was a fool – even more so when it became clear that the leader intended to double cross the Ubar of Ar.  She argued with Hura about it but was swiftly put in her place.

  • Lina’s reservations about Hura’s leadership were proved correct when Hura paid the price for her treachery and was was taken slave. Lina moved swiftly to seize control, gathering the remnants of the band around her and taking them deep into the forest, where they made camp on a plateau overlooking the woods, and remained hidden, hoping that the men would forget about them and go back to their cities.

  • Of course, it was not in Lina’s nature to remain hidden forever. Hura’s band had numbered over a hundred – Lina’s band was a small fraction of this size but the arrogant woman believed she was destined to be greater than Hura had ever been – but there was also something else she coveted.

  • During Hura’s alliance with Marlenus of Ar, Lina had observed first hand the way the great Ubar interacted with his slave – the captive Verna. Lina saw something that the other panther girls probably did not see – Marlenus looked at Verna the same way Lina’s father had looked at her mother.  Lina became intensely jealous that it was Verna who had caught the great Ubar’s eye.  She took great pleasure in hearing that Verna’s band had been destroyed but when she heard that Marlenus had declared his love for Verna and given her his signet ring,  Lina became enraged with envy.

  • Having achieved her ambition of leading the band – albeit a greatly diminished band compared to its strength before the fall of Hura, Lina turned her focus to a new obsession – to find the ring of Marlenus and claim it for herself.

  • Dancing Giani Tavern By Freya0101010

  • Welcome to the Dancing Giani Tavern. Located on the river at the edge of Solveig village in whispering moons. Here you will find a variety of interactions from Panthers to wandering city folk. Merchants and outlaws. All are welcome to the tavern as long as they respect the rules. No fighting in the tavern and no Drama.

  • The dream of this tavern it to invite people of mixed groups to come role play and build stories together. As the Tavern owner I oversee the day to day operations of the establishment and enforce the laws of the land. I am always on the look out for Talented Coin sluts, Servers, Dancers and even musicians. This place has a single room for rent that is well decorated. This is also a full service Tavern. Please come by and make yourself at home. I will be happy to serve you drinks, food or more if you got the coins.

  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 4 Collaring
  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Jack smirked triumphantly, as Eve fell asleep, his cock still deep inside her almost childlike body. Though tiny in size, she had just shone more passion that many women much older than Eve, had exhibited. He was well pleased with her progress so far and knew that this one, properly trained, would be worth keeping. That the magistrate would rule in his favor, he had little doubt. She had been convicted of theft before and it was only by luck that she had not been branded previously. However, that would not keep her neck out of the collar this time he knew, as she was a repeat offender and the law was quite clear on that.

  • Softly he caressed her large left breast as he rolled over on his left side, a move that elicited a half moan from the sleeping girl and caused the nipple to begin to harden again. He was also gratified that his ploy with the urts was successful. What Eve did not know, and he had no intention of telling her, was that he had been awake all night pretending to sleep. He knew that if she had lowered her legs through exhaustion he would have rescued her before she received more than a nip or two. Still the strength in her small body was amazing. She had lasted the entire night suspended, a feat most were unable to perform.

  • He sighed and slowly pulled his cock from her body, then rolling off the female thief. He quickly washed and dressed before donning the gauntlets and fished out the urts one at a time until they were all back in their cage. He then picked up his sword and laid it on the table for sharpening in a moment. For doing a good job, he dumped a large bag of bosk jerky into the urt cage before sliding it back in the small storage room. The last thing he did was to slide a pan of water into their cage for drinking purposes, then seeing the feces and splatters of urine on the boards he wrinkled his nose at the odor and made a mental note to get one of the scarlet slaves to clean up the mess this morning after they left. He still had two bells left before their appointment with the magistrate’s office and decided to sharpen his weapons while he let the girl sleep for now.

  • A bell and a half later saw a sharper edge on his sword and knife and a new buff to his shield. The lazy scarlet slaves never polished armor or shields properly and Jack preferred his to have a high shine. That worked to his advantage in the sunlight and if he needed to attack at night, he would use his second set of armor, the one he’d had painted black with only his coat of arms blazoned across the breast plate and shield. It was time to wake the girl up, he knew. As he looked over at her he grinned, as she had a soft smile on her face, and was rubbing herself lightly with one hand. Yes, this was a hot one and though no hymen was present for the breaking, he suspected she had been a virgin as he had still bloodied her. The expression of shock, pain and then remorse was too genuine to fake. Now all he had to do was break her completely, but it was something he had done hundreds if not thousands of times with new recruits.

  • “Come little thief, time to wake up and face the magistrate,” he rumbled in his deep voice as he shook her awake after tying her wrists together, then fastened a rope collar and leash around her neck. Her ankles he hobbled together allowing her a span of one gorean foot between them. She could shuffle and would, but she’d never be able to run without someone cutting her loose which wasn’t about to happen. As she sat up, he handed her the uncorked bota, this one containing mead instead of water.

  • “Whaa?” she gasped as she sat straight up and grasped the bota eagerly then coughed as she realized its contents. Still she swallowed more than a quarter of it before he yanked it away.

  • “Time to see the magistrate about your new condition,” he remarked with a grin as he pulled her off the bed by the rope. As she stumbled to the floor then pushed herself up he could tell her arms were still very weak though it was obvious she could now move them.

  • “Let me go, you bastard!” She hissed at him, an action that caused him to laugh.

  • “No chance of that. I own you until I grow tired and sell you to another. You cannot escape your fate, little Eve,” he smirked as he dragged her to the door then out into the outside walkway. He ignored her cries of pain as she shuffled and stumbled behind him and took off at a brisk pace. By his reckoning they only had about another fifteen Ehn to make their appointment in time and he had no intention of being late. At one point, Eve fell and mercilessly he dragged her for over thirty paces before he paused, allowing her to rise again. He grinned as he saw her breasts, belly, thighs and knees thoroughly scrapped and raw from the process. She kept up after that, although she did shoot him a look that could kill by its sheer venom, but that was all right, as soon she would be eagerly calling him ‘My Master’. He looked forward to that day and the thought made him grin.

  • As he neared the entrance to the magistry, he saw the innkeeper waiting. Jack knew the man would be here, of that he had little doubt. A commoner of low caste knew it was unwise to piss off a high caste, especially one of the red caste and he nodded at the man who started to speak rapidly.

  • “Sir, my inn is unattended as my apprentice is sick with the runs, I need to get back,” whined the man

  • “Shut up and don’t piss me off or I’ll use the flat of my sword on you if you’re lucky, if not, the edge,” ground out Jack. He was not in the mood for the complaints of a commoner.

  • Pulling his sword and then slamming the pommel into the wooden surface of the magistrate’s office door, he gave it two good thumps, scarring the already scarred surface, as he shouted just as a nearby tower clock chimed eight bells.

  • “I need the services of a magistrate!” His voice, strong and loud, rang out in the tiny courtyard fronting the entrance and within moments, a clerk of the magistrates opened the door for him, allowing him entry. Behind him came Eve, now being fully dragged against her will and the innkeeper who was suddenly grinning as he watched Eve. It did not escape Jack’s attention that the man was licking his lips as he eyes her tiny yet voluptuous body.

  • “Let me go!” Screamed Eve as she made a bolt for the door, shuffling as fast as she could, but the attempt was useless as Jack’s strong hand jerked her back with a yank.

  • “Shut up, slut,” he barked in his best parade ground voice, which he saw caused her to wince and take a half step back, all that he allowed her. When she opened her mouth, again he instantly backhanded her, once again bloodying her lips as she crumpled to the ground. Picking Eve up by a hand on one arm and the other on a thigh, he slammed her down face first on a nearby table that happened to be clear of papers, scrolls and writing implements. With one hand, he held her squirming body down, which was suddenly silent except for an occasional moan, causing Jack to grin. The little thief was learning the hard way, but still learning.

  • “What is it you need, Sir?” the man inquired politely, but was rudely shoved to the side by Jack’s free arm and hand as he shouted again. “Fool. I said i need a magistrate! Get the wax out of your ears and find me one. I have a thief I need prosecuted,” demanded Jack, as he stared at the man a sinister gleam in his eye as he fingered his sword. The smell of parchment and inks were heavy in the air, as Jack scowled and looked around for someone wearing the robes of a magistrate.

  • The other man, paled as he rose from the ground where he fell and nodded quickly, scampering off. Jack turned to look at the innkeeper who had followed him into the offices and nodded at a pair of chairs against one wall. “Have a seat innkeeper, this shouldn’t take long.” The other man did as told, and Jack turned his attention back to Eve.

  • “Shut up, unless I give you permission to speak, little thief,” he grunted as he slapped her ass hard, eliciting another moan from her as a welt in the shape of his hand suddenly appeared on her left ass cheek. Still, her head swiveled sideways to glare at him even though her nose was now bloody.

  • The girl definitely knew how to take a fall, he thought to himself as he watched for the appearance of a magistrate.

  • He had wanted Eve for a long time and had patiently waited for an opportunity to catch her in the act and then use her and use her well. For years, the little thief had been teasing him with skimpy clothing and sultry looks, only to scamper away when he reached out for her. However, this time, she had made a very big mistake. She had been caught by Jack and he wasn’t letting go.

  • “How may I help you, Sir, I am Ragos, the Chief Magistrate,” the man asked Jack, as his quick, intelligent eyes took in the girl Eve lying on the table, and the frightened merchant, clutching a money sack while sitting along the side wall. To his back, the frightened scribe stood quivering as his hands grasping the cord of an alarm bell, ready to pull it if needed. The Magistrate himself showed no fear, simply looked directly into Jack’s eyes in an inquiring way.

  • “I need a judgment and a bill of sale,” declared Jack in a serious voice, and a voice all present took seriously as he was an officer in the Red Caste of Gimli. “A judgment is needed against this girl Eve as a thief,” he points to the naked girl held helpless on the table before him by one strong, callused hand. “I caught her in the act of robbing the local inn and the innkeeper is right there and can bear witness to the fact that she had in her possession his money sack where he stores the coin he earns,” said Jack as he pointed to the innkeeper.

  • “And the bill of sale? What would that be for?” inquired the magistrate as he nodded at Jack’s words while looking at Eve in a disapproving way. From his expression, he knew of the girl Jack thought, and had likely had dealt with her before.

  • “For the slut Eve, after you rule she is a thief. I will collar her, as this is not her first offense and as her captor, I get first choice on her sale. That is merchant law, which I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you, Magistrate,” smirked Jack as his hand slide over Eve’s back to caress her ass, then after a brief hesitation, slid back upward gripping her neck tightly, cutting off most of her breath. Under him, she gasped and squirmed but did not even have enough breath left to grunt let alone keep up the litany of incoherent noises she had been emitting up until then. She was irritating him with her sounds, so he eliminated them.

  • The proceedings were relatively short. the magistrate interrogated the merchant then asked for a recount of Jack’s observations. He then asked Eve to recount the events and provide her story or explanation. This was a move that many would have considered ill advised as the litany of swearing from the tiny young girl shocked both the magistrate and the clerk causing Jack to lash out, slapping her head sideways with resounding force against the wooden table, knocking her into a daze. With a sputter, she denied her guilt, which no one believed then quickly went silent as Jack raised his hand again.

  • Finally, nodding with satisfaction, he directed his clerk to draw up the necessary paperwork ordering the enslavement. Jack received a nod from the clerk after the magistrate sealed it and, wasting no time, he pulled a collar from his belt and quickly clasped it around Eve’s bruised neck, fastening it in place, and then locking it. A muffled groan and short scream emitted from the girl as Jack stood grinning triumphantly down at her.

  • “As to the girl. now slave. She has been of considerable trouble recently. I do not know from where she comes. Perhaps this village itself, but there is so many young miscreants running about and it’s hard to keep track. As a Scarlet, thus of high caste, you do indeed get first bid on the slut since you captured her in the act. Well done on the collaring, no time wasted. You may purchase her from the city for 3 copper bits. If you don’t wish her, I will offer the same to the innkeeper,” finished the magistrate as his head inclined towards the suddenly grinning merchant, whose fat belly started shaking in mirth as his hands rubbed together gleefully as he looked upon Eve’s naked flesh. Jack didn’t give the merchant the satisfaction of obtaining this prize as he wanted her for himself and was amazed at her incredibly cheap price. Three bits was unheard of. Eve must have really been a thorn in Gimli’s side.

  • Jack dug around in his coin pouch, through the gold, silver and coppers within, and finally withdrew a single copper handing it to the magistrate. “That’s the smallest I have. Does your man have change?” asked Jack.

  • “No,” said the magistrate as he accepted the coin and turned away, their business over.

  • Jack shrugged and stepped to the door after placing the scrolls in his pouch. Then he dragged her from the table, grinning in delight as she fell to the floor with a rather loud thump, another short scream and then a groan. She was once called Eve, and now called…Slave…

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 7
Story of Gor

The Fourth Hand, The First Day of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • As we make our way towards Gimli, I thought I would write about nothing . . .

  • Nothing, that is, except our daily routine as we travel.

  • Morning is a pleasurable experience. Whether we have chosen to sleep inside the caravan or outside of it in the fresh air, either Fredda’s morning growls or the first rays of sun waken me up (Inside the caravan there is an unshuttered window through which the soft rays of filtered sunlight enter).

  • My first thought is invariably thanks that I am fortunate to see another day begin. The first thing I do is listen.  Hearing Tanz’s soft breathing calms me, but more importantly I listen for sounds beyond the insects and songbirds and, of course, Fredda.  I listen for anything amiss.  Then I turn towards Tanz and gaze upon her briefly as I leave our bed.  I let Tanz sleep a bit longer while I get up and attend to the necessities in life and then get the fire going that we usually have extinguished the prior night before going to sleep.  I need tea as soon as possible each morning, while Tanz leans quite heavily more for the taste of black wine.

  • I greet Fredda, making sure the bosk seems fit and then I check the surrounding area a bit more thoroughly before returning to see if the wagon seems in good repair, particularly the wheels and axles. It is then that in dangerous areas, or areas perceived by me to be more dangerous than others, I remove the brush and other camouflage I had put around or near the caravan the night before.

  • By this time Tanz is stirring. We greet each other warmly — our quarrels have been remarkably limited for two who spend so many hours together day after day.

  • Soon Fredda is hitched back onto the caravan and we start on our way. On good, wide, flat roads we make amazingly time; the pasangs seem to melt away effortlessly.  Fredda complains little once she gets her rhythm.  Occasionally, I hum or sing to urge the extraordinary bosk along.  Tanz usually sits by my side in the front and occasionally joins in the singing.  At other times she retreats inside the caravan, presumably reading up on medical advances or just reading or writing as best as one can do inside a bumpy wagon.

  • As the caravan moves ahn after ahn there is little talk of substance between us. Of course, we point out interesting geography, flora, and fauna.  We see few humans, the only things that — except for kurii — concerns me are traveling marauders.  Thus far our luck has held for what people we have seen have not been threatening and none of those other beasts have crossed our path.

  • Regularly, we stop for the bosk to rest. So far we have been able to avoid steep mountains and while some of the forests have been thick, we have managed to pass without much difficulty, nor with damage or accident to the caravan.

  • In midday we stop. We often eat fruits and grains during midday.  If by a stream, Tanz frequently gets a small fire going while I repair with line and rod to the water and try catch something to become our meal.  I cannot say that I find fish all that enjoyable.  Indeed, I detest the thought of missing a fishbone here and there and Tanz seems to laugh at how meticulous I am in removing every piece of bone and cartilage from the fish before bringing any piece near my mouth.

  • More traveling follows after Fredda has rested some and we continue so long as darkness does not interfere with our proceeding forward. Since the caravan can be our home, setting camp is not a difficult proposition and lets us travel longer than if I needed to raise a tent or prepare a campsite.

  • Dinner is often some distant relative of Fredda, or some vulo or other bird depending upon what we have. It is night time when we relax and talk sometimes becomes more deeper and philosophical.  The night is when we seem to learn bits and pieces more of each other and our dispositions towards whatever topic may come to mind.

  • Since the first night on the island in the Thassa I have not seen any sort of flying object. And, I begin to wonder if that sighting was perhaps my mind’s eye playing tricks upon me.  Occasionally, I remove the green ring from where I have secreted it, but no revelations appear from my studying it.

Issue 62 


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Claude Belgar)
  • One EN’s Story – Sha from Ikerei
  • Hlidskjaff Village (Owner – Steinar Bergstrom) By Minnie
  • RP With Arial Fauna and Minnie, played at Tahem Rogues
  • The Night before Christmas (GE version) by Temple Oller
  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 5: Humiliation
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 8
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Claude Belgar
  • Time… So simple, and so complicated at the same time. People come, people go, but time ? Time always goes on… Or does it ? If it was so, that would mean that we can’t never go back on our decisions, but we can. We know that most of the decisions we’re taking can be undone, sometime easily, sometime at great costs.

  • If something loved were to vanish, who could tell if it wouldn’t return later ? None could actually. A star is dying, exploding as a supernova ? Its death would give birth to numerous younger stars, and the cycle would go on.

  • Remember, nothing is certain, nothing is eternal, and more importantly, nothing stay dead forever.

  • One EN’s Story – Sha from Ikerei
  • ©
    Panther of Gor

    I lived happily with my parents in a quiet village, then one day, bad pirats came and devastated everything in their path, plundering reserves, burning homes and killing all those who put in their way.

  • I saw my father fall trying to protect my mother and me, but these barbarians have made short, thus killing all the men of the village. They left, leaving behind burning houses and weeping women, taking only girls.

This is how I grew up in a city of barbarians, totally subject to their every desire.

  • A full moon, during yet another drinking party, I successful to run away on a merchant ship, hidden in the hold for several days. Taking advantage of a stopover, I find dry land.

  • Lost, knowing neither where I was or where I was going, I spotted a panther sitting on a barrel with a bottle of paga in her right hand and leaves of Kanda in her left hand, which challenges me and began to talk to me in a funny language.

  • I just remember a ” Panipwo you’re here in your home” I found myself in the Panthers Naias Ikerei.

  • It is among them that I learned to fight to defend myself and my new family. It is also among the Ikerei EN took care to teach me all the technics of fighting, archery or melee, she taught me everything she knew. I am proud and happy to be with these sides.

  • Thank you to my sisters for showing me my way and teaching me to fight for defend my freedom, our freedom to all.

  • Hlidskjaff Village BTB (Owner – Steinar Bergstrom) By Minnie
  • There are some places where it s great to be. At beginning of Gazette, i ve found an old BTB village. This village was well designed, with a strange atmosphere and since, i ve always in my heart, a part for villages. Hlidskjaff is different of this first village. when we first arrive in zone, we find the classic market. Classic market ? Nooooooo . we find a market that is well defined and sorted and we can find great objects and outfits. It s time now to visit the village and there is only one TP wich allows us to go on docks. Be careful when you are in market. 2 kinds of TP, one after ship to go in village, others TP to wander in market.

  • Now, we land at village’s docks and panorama is like one holidays’ card. All is well build, except some lags. No holes in wall. A path leads us in village and we find first RP players. And the main interest of Hlidskjaff is Role Play. Everything done, everyone who comes are beginning to create a story. It s surely the place to visit to begin a RP. They feel RP, feel stories, create stories. They live for Role Play. I put two samples to make you discover them in this issue.

  • And Hlidskjaff is not only for villagers and warriors. They create one add-on in a sky to have new RP players. A panther BTB zone was done … with animals, with huts in tree, with all you could need to begin your own story. Congrats for Owners and builders. Congrats for all RP Players.

Building – 4/5

Panorama – 4.5/5

RP – 5/5  +++

Activities – 4.5/5

Global Note – 18/20

Hlidskjalf History

  • Hlidskjalf is a small Torvie holding made of hardworking men and women. This is the story of how it came to be.

  • Steinar had wandered Torvaldsland looking for a place to call home after his adopted family had passed to Odin’s hall. Many lands, many halls he had seen and none had felt like home to him. Whilst sailing within sight of the Torvaldsberg he stopped at a small inlet for water. It was typical Torvaldsland, treeless, with rocky terrain. Deciding to stretch his legs he climbed the cliffs and wandered till he stumbled onto a dead lone tree. As night was drawing in he sheltered under a rock and rested for the night. That night was filled with dreams of Gods, battles and feasting. A voice in the dream called to him, “my son this is your home, Odin will have his watchers look over you. Heed my words”. As his eyes flickered open he saw two ravens on the branches of the tree.

  • Shaking his head he stood and walked back to his boat. Spending a passage of hand he sailed to the local Jarl and asked for that inlet, he was given it for coin he had collected and made his home there. Wood was delivered and over the summer he worked tirelessly, always the Ravens watched and never left the tree for long. Now he has finished and welcomes travelers who share his beliefs in the old ways, keeping away from what he believes has made his homeland weak. He named the village after Odin’s high seat where he could see all the realms – Hlidskjalf.

  • RP With Arial Fauna and Minnie, played at Tahem Rogues

–   ArialFauna shouts: narrows her eyes looking down upon the woman below. ” you there  stop”

*   Minnie shouts: tal girl *giggles*

–   ArialFauna sees the woman below , Fauna has no choice but to attack her. She’d not let harm come to her weakened En nor risk her even being known. draws her bow knocks an arrow to the string and aims.”you ought leave.” she says  soft but loud enough to here

*   Minnie shouts: me looks at the huntress and smirks. she doesnt draw her bow and she shakes head when she sees the huntress ready to attack her. *i came in peace. and i dont want fight with you

–   ArialFauna ” these are Tahem lands, this is sanctuary you have sullied. You come in you are automatically a threat. now stand still and state your peace, seeing you are here now.”

–   ArialFauna: runs down from the heights. hops off the last ledge like a feral cat she lands in a crouch. her bow in hand an arrow knocked. “well, speak” fauna was not at all scary her voice was  young with a tint of experience. But she was a serious young woman.

*   Minnie shakes head with a little smirk *if you dont want see people, hide yourself behind high walls and solid gates *she keeps her serious* dont let all open for guests* she winks * i knew a great and proud panther who was my En, and my friend too. someone who was clever, able to talk before drawing weapons. she made me learn that words are more important than weapons

*   Minnie: i usually dont wear weapons and maybe i was wrong to wear them today. but if you want shoot on me, maybe you ll down me, maybe not *stares at fauna with cold eyes* who knows who ll win and who knows if win is important

–   ArialFauna: it was apparent the woman knew nothing about her recovering En. that she nursed her En to health for  ten months after  the black caste attack. Taken refuse here in these lands  to try to spark her En’s memory of who she was. fauna was bonded deep to her En and she protected her  with great fervor. “These abandoned ruins  and aged camp have been claimed. what brings you this far into the deep forest?”

*   Minnie: *scratches her head to remove dust and insects* you know, we hear some rumors and i wanted see if behind rumors, we have a part of truth. there is no smoke without fire. So maybe i come here to find a warm fire, this fire who was light in my gor panther’s life. this fire who was my En

–   ArialFauna: eyes search the womans for deceit. watching your hands she says. ” set your weapons on the ground. I’ll not risk an attack on my En by a stranger i know nothing about.”

*   Minnie: even hidden weapons ? *she smirks* i wont put weapons on ground but as i m loyal and stay loyal at my En. i promise to not draw my weapons here, except to protect myself. *she doesnt move and doesnt remove her weapons to put them on ground *she does a step back and looks at Fauna, with a serious face now. She stay ready and carefull but she doesnt want be seem as a threat for the Huntress front of her

*   Minnie rubs some dust on her top and sighs *have you no girls to clean your tunnels *she shakes head and takes a little spider on her top, looks at it curiously then swallows it

–   ArialFauna: ” I do not know you, nor your En, nor what tribe you come from.” draws her spear and holds the tip to the womans neck ready to thrust if she didn’t comply. “set your weapons on the ground you may pick them up  when you leave. I’ll not ask again” Fauna has one mission in her life right now and this woman was a potential threat to that.

*   Minnie sighs but she still doesnt draw her weapons. then she nods *i ll go back on my paths and leave, Huntress* i dont know you and maybe my En was a dream, maybe i say i m in a tribe to not show that i m alone. *she points the spear* stealth your weapon, Huntress, i am going to leave your camp and i promise to never show to others how go in

–   ArialFauna: sheathes her spear and watches the woman still. she doesn’t say anything just watches to see  if the woman was good to her word or not.

*   Minnie: stay safe *she says* my name is Min ! i was Sa Luna Tor and Zima* I dont know is you heard about these tribes, but Sa Luna Tor and Zima are 2 tribes of loyal panthers and we respect our promise. *she stares at Fauna with green cold eyes* i except not receive arrows on my back

–   ArialFauna: Fauna had nothing personal against the woman. but ten months of nursing her ens never waking body was to much to risk  now to not be careful of strangers

*   Minnie waves with her hand

–   ArialFauna shouts: whistles sharp intot eh camp. ” this way, Panther”. She points at the bush and the hole under it

  • The Night before Christmas (GE version) by Temple Oller

Twas the night before Christmas, and Gor was so slow,

Not a pixel was active, just a few lame AO’s.

The badasses furred their FC’s in the hay,

With everyone else in IM’s marked away.

The slave girls were nestled all snug in their kennels,

Save the one OOC drama queen going mental.

And I on my poseball, arms wrapped round my lady,

About to create an in character baby.

When out on the docks there arose such a ruckus,

I was sure that some huge group was coming to fuck us.

I ran to the wall, the lag dripped like molasses,

I blew the raid horn, ‘Now get off your dead asses!”

Some raiders are coming!  Some scurrilous bastards!

Let’s get in position or it will be a disaster!

The commander just laughed.  “I know you want to pewpew,

But cam down to the docks, it’s just a fat little dude!”

He’s wearing a red suit, he’s ancient and portly,

He’s a bearded old sot, or a gluttonous Torvy.

Just look at that rig, and those healthy tabuk!

We should ambush him there, and pillage his loot!

But no sooner had those bold words passed from his lips,

Than the fat little man disembarked from the ship.

He grinned as he settled his butt in a sleigh,

And motioned his minions to take him away.

He rose with the wind, wicked gleam in his eye,

Then readied his weapons as his sleigh cruised the sky.

“Come Dancer, come Dasher, fly swift, straight and narrow!”

Why the senile old coot, he had names for his arrows!

His darts pelted on down like a harsh acid rain,

One in line with the next, like the cars on a train.

And before we could rise up to fend off this odd trouble,

We found ourselves fallen, encased by the bubble.

Then he landed his craft in the midst of the fort,

With a loud belly laugh and just a hint of a snort.

“You fools need to work at the fine art of war!”

He pulled out some ropes “Are you really of Gor?”

He tied us off quickly, and with captivity looming,

Our commander grew angry, his face was just fuming.

“You attacked without reason, you attacked with pure malice!

I’m afraid that your actions are all quite invalid.”

“Your prowess with weapons is truly misleading,

You broke all our rules, you clearly were cheating!”

“We don’t allow aimbots, enhancements or tarns.

Your dress and behavior is great cause for alarm!”

He guffawed like a madman and poked with his boot.

“Shut up you dumb bastard, and give me your loot.

I addressed your concerns before I ever came in,

When I bribed all the mods and then purchased the sim.”

He lined up the women, and then hogtied the men.

“You’ve seen me before, and you’ll see me again.”

My name is St. Nick and I’ve come for some nookie.

I grow ever weary of the same milk and cookies!”

He regarded the women as though at a buffet,

Took the commander’s FC as the perfect entree.

She protested and squirmed, but he stashed her inside

“Now get ready my pretty for an awesome sleigh ride!”

He grinned as he planted his flag at the dock,

Rescue’s in one hour, so start watching the clock.

Then he rose is his sleigh and vanished into the night.

“A merry Christmas to all… and to all a good fight!”

  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 5: Humiliation
  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Eve moaned as she felt the collar snap around her neck. This could not be happening. It couldn’t. She moaned again as her sore abused body hit the floor. She shook her head wildly both in trying to clear it and to somehow deny the reality of her situation. It wasn’t working though as she felt Sean’s heavy boot nudge her and then a command fell on her ears.

  • “Kneel mine!” Sean commanded in a monotone as he glared down at her.

  • The words as always from Sean were cold, heartless and she quickly rolled to her knees, legs together and hung her head in the shame of her situation. She had to obey for now. She hurt too much, was too damaged. She needed to rest and heal. Then she would kill him and escape. Now that she was no longer a virgin, she was sure she could find a blacksmith somewhere to remove the collar. It was her only hope. Or, wait! Maybe Sean himself would release her if she obeyed and she asked nicely. Sure, she knew she’d have to continue being used by him, but that no longer seemed like such a burden.

  • “I said kneel as in front of your master!” His voice was even harsher and his foot lashed out to kick her legs apart, spreading them wide. The kicks hurt, and she knew two more bruises had just been added to her tired, abused flesh. “Wrists crossed behind your back and thrust your chest out,” he paused then said. “Your training begins now, mine!” The last remarked with finality and he pulled a common slave leash from his belt pouch and clipped it to her new collar.

  • Eve swallowed her throat tight in humiliation as she kneeled there. She was naked, exhausted, hurt and now leashed to a master like some common slut. Fury burned within her for a few moments, and then subsided as cold calculation overcame her thinking. She would please him without hesitation and thoroughly. Thank the priest kings he only wanted sex, and Eve knew well from watching others that men could only have sex a couple times a day. That meant one more time today at the most. She had found it was not so bad. She could handle it; even enjoy it, though against her will. Then kill him when his guard was down, or when he was asleep. She would get him to trust her. Yes, that was a good plan, she thought.

  • She finally lifted her head, meeting Sean’s eyes and smiled her best smile through puffy, bruised and cut lips. Instantly his hand came out of nowhere and cracked across her face. Her cheek went numb and she wondered how many of those she could suffer before her face was broken. Cradling her head in her hands, she mewled from her sideways position on the hard flooring before she felt another tearing pain, this one not as bad, as Sean grabbed her by the hair and set her upright.

  • “Never look me in the eyes. Never smile without my permission. You are a slave, and you’ve seen how they act so act like one,” he growled as he stood before her. He saw her blink in surprise and an expression of resignation overcame her she focused her gaze on his boots.

  • “Yes master,” she murmured. The next blow was just as hard as the previous and she cried out in shock at the pain. It felt as if her neck dislocated and her eyes swiveled to Sean, reaching mid chest before stopping out of panic. She waited. She didn’t know what else to do as she cried then as quick as she could, righted herself on the hard planks. she was positive her cheekbone was broken, or at least it felt that way. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she waited silently for instruction.

  • “The proper term for me is ‘my Master’, to all other free men its ‘Master’ and to all free women it’s ‘Mistress’. Don’t make the mistake again,” he scowled as his voice rang loudly through the largish room. “Now mine. You know how slaves greet the free and how they kneel. Of that, I have no doubt. If you transgress again I will have you whipped, or whip you myself, although the hand on my whip is much harder than most.”

  • “Yes, my Master,” she whispered, as she kneeled there before him, frightened and angry, while praying another blow did not fall. She could not wait until night when he would fall sleep. That would be her time for revenge, but it was not even 10 bells in the morning yet. Grrr, she thought as she steeled herself for more torment and wracked her brain for what slaves did. She could sense his nod at the way she addressed him although he did not say she did it right and for some reason that irritated her more.

  • Sean paused at the door, then turned back to look in a nearby bin. Inside, were manacles of various sizes all jumbled together in a bewildering array of steel. Ruffling through them he found something close to what he wanted, then snapped his fingers at the clerk.

  • “I need two locks for these manacles,” he stated sharply, causing the man to nod and reach into a lower drawer of a nearby cupboard for two locks. These, he held out to Sean who took them and quickly reached around Eve to fasten the manacles about her ankles. With deft movements, he fastened the locks and pocked the keys as he nodded in approval. Eve was now manacled with a gorean foot of chain between them. Nodding in thanks to the clerk, he grabbed the leash and dragged her from the magistrate’s offices.

  • He turned right after leaving their offices and entered a nearby tavern. As he sat down on a pile of furs, he yanked Eve to him and commanded. “Black wine, second slave and don’t make a mistake.” With that, he drew her even closer and after prying her mouth open, placed 4 coppers within. “For payment, spit them on the counter girl,” he said casually as he turned back to watch the other patrons. A few had their eyes on Eve, and these he watched carefully. The tavern was a rough place, full of rougher men from farmhands to thieves to dockworkers. Two of these rose to follow his Eve and he instantly drew his sword, the rasp of hardened steel sliding out of a steel and leather sheath loud even in this noisy room. with a thunk, he slapped it down on the table before him while keeping his eye on those two. His action did not go unnoticed and they quickly found their seats, their eyes everywhere but on him as they resumed their drinking. Sean smiled mirthlessly as he kept his hand near the hilt of his blade and waited for his girl to serve him. In the corner dance pit, a young girl, perhaps too young, with a strained expression on her face was dancing for bits, and not doing a bad job. A paga slut, to be used by any and all who purchased a tankard and the use was already showing on her.

  • Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her talking to this tavern’s master, a greasy, fat individual wearing a stained apron who gestured to a doorway behind the bar. An action, which caused Eve to shake her head vehemently ‘no’, as she spit the coins out on the wide wooden plank. Sean could see her entire body was quivering with rage, but what he found more interesting was that she seemed angrier than when he had raped her. He filed that away for future reference and pretended to ignore her as she approached him, a steaming mug in her hand. Soon she was approaching him, the steaming goblet held in both of her tiny hands, expression neutral as she weaved in and out of the tables heading in his direction. rough hand slapped her ass and some even grabbed her breasts as she passed them, an action that caused her face to redden but her expression remained said and she said not one word as she finally reached his side.

  • “Your black wine, second slave,” Eve ground out as she came to kneel beside him. her hands then made a fast movement, tipping and pushing the goblet towards him in an attempt to spill the hot contents in his direction, but Sean was already moving and kicking out of his chair he did a half roll backwards and as he rose to his feet his leg swept out, catching her across the thighs. Down she went and fast, falling into the very liquid she had tried to douse him. He was not amused even slightly as he righted his chair and placed one heavy boot across the back of her neck as she moaned in pain on the floor beside him.

  • “I’m not amused by these amateur tactics of yours girl and now you need to be punished,” he stated as he once again clipped his leash to her collar and dragged her from the tavern. Rough laughs rang out around him as he left and a quarter bell later they were back at his quarters in the barracks. Thrusting her inside, he carefully locked the door then addressed her again.

  • “Lay down on the furs,” he said in a crisp voice, devoid of emotion as he removed his own clothing. To her credit, he saw Eve obey him with alacrity, laying face up on his bed furs before he even had his boots off. He would allow her that illusion for the moment as he finished leisurely undressing. His cock was already half-hard and flopped out of his trousers like a thick snake as he loosened and then pulled down his trousers. Eve’s eyes fastened upon it instantly, Sean noticed, and he withheld a grin as he shrugged out of their tight confines.

  • “Roll over on your belly!” he commanded as he approached the slightly raised pile of furs he called a bed. Eve’s expression turned skeptical but she did as told, the chains clanking and holding her legs somewhat close together. Sean quickly dropped down upon her, his knees and shins across her thighs and his strong hands gripping her wrists tightly. With a quicker motion, he pulled her wrists together behind her back and held them with one hand as he fondled her ass with the other, caressing it softly, then slid his fingers down between the crack of her cheeks to caress her soft furry pussy.

  • Under him, Eve moaned out of desire, which was quickly stifled and Sean realized it was an instinctive reaction to his caressing. Gone was the once virgin thief and below him a full woman was expressing her feelings and needing attention, if somewhat reluctant to admit so to herself. He grins again, his visage dark and savage as he contemplated her for a moment before speaking.

  • “You were a bad girl, today, my little slave. Trying to spill steaming black wine on your master. Shame on you,” Sean said, his tone mild.

  • “No, my master, I simply slipped and fell forward.” Her response was immediate and Sean surmised she’d been expecting the accusation.

  • “I don’t believe you, mine. I believe it was deliberate and that somehow you hoped to incapacitate me. Of course, if you actually had, many of the patrons of that fine establishment would have grabbed you before you escaped. I think your plan was not well thought out, and for that you much be punished.”

  • “No, my master, it was an honest mistake. You have beaten me many times and I am very weak and sore, but if you must punish me, then use me as you already have. I cannot stop you.” This last said in a plaintive voice, of part resignation and part need.

  • “I disagree that it was an honest mistake. You will be punished, yet perhaps not as you think,” stated Sean firmly as he held her tighter, then slapped his cock against her ass cheeks. first the right, then the left until it was rock hard. Then in a quick movement he used his free hand to expose the tiny rose button of her asshole and spit. A glob of spittle landed squarely on her tight little pucker and he felt Eve jerk under him and then heard a “No please, not there,” escape her bruised lips he was already placing the head of his cock against it. With a push, he forced himself in at least 4 Hort and then paused as she thrashed and screamed beneath him. Her tiny ass was tight and he grinned in triumph as she continued to wail and cry.

  • “Arrrgghhhh!” the cry was torn from an already bruised and ravaged throat as she continued to try getting away, but it was to no avail as he had her ass firmly impaled on his cock. “It hurts, it hurts, pull it out, pull it out you bastard!” The last was said in a wail of misery, followed by a sharper scream as Sean leaned down, forcing another two hort into the cramped interior of her ass.

  • “Shut up and answer this question, slut. Are you going to try to hurt your master again?” Sean said in a vicious tone as he forced in another Hort of cock, now having almost his entire length forced in her, but there was still a bit left to push in. He slapped her right ass cheek hard, stingingly as he pulled out slightly then pushed in harder and started fucking her ass. Each thrust was accompanied by a tiny scream on the slave’s part but he did not stop. He simply waited for her answer.

  • “Yes yes, I’ll do anything you ask. just pull it out, please!” She wailed while thrashing wildly.

  • “Please who? Whom are you talking to mine?” he inquired as he started fucking her faster and harder, his hips now mashing into her buttocks as he buried his entire length within the girls ass.

  • “My master, my master! Pull it out please, my Master!” The scream was loud in the small room of his bed chamber. Sean heard someone knock on his door, but he ignored whomever it was as he continued to mercilessly fuck his new slave’s tiny butthole.

  • “No, you need to be punished for what you did and I’m a harsh master. Look at the bright side. Soon you will be cumming for me when my cock is in your tiny ass. You’ll enjoy it with practice and practice you’ll get,” he exclaimed as he held her down tighter, then leaned into her hard, fucking her and enjoying her. He felt himself building, her screams of pain turning him on.

  • “No no no no no,” she cried as her body seemed to convulse under him. That combination of screaming and thrashing under him was enough to set Sean off and with a grunt he started to cum, filling her body with his hot jism. coating her insides and filling her until it squirted out around the shaft of his cock. He slapped her ass again as with one last pulse, he finished emptying himself in her and grunted.

  • “That’s a tight ass you have, mine. You pleased your master.” The last was said with a grin, as he pulled out and then rolled off the crying girl. Heading to the washbasin he quickly washed himself and then dried off before donned his trousers again. While he performed these actions, the girl had curled up into a ball, one hand pressed against her butt, and the other her belly as she lay there whimpering, her face buried in the furs. Sean smirked as he walked over to her his tunic in one hand and addressed her.

  • “Did you learn your lesson, mine?” he inquired with a soft chuckle.

  • “You’re an asshole, do you know that, my Master?” Eve grunted, as she remained curled up into a ball. Sean laughed and he donned his tunic and then said.

  • “No, not an asshole, but I did just have yours.” he snickered before continuing. “I’m a hard demanding master. Get used to it girl. I’m also quick to punish. Get used to that also. My advice? Obey in all ways. Now, get off those furs and kneel like a good slave. We have work to do and i need to check on the men. You will serve each and do so well, with whatever they wish, but with one exception. If you don’t, I will happily punish you again.” The last was said with a growl and Eve shrank from him.

  • “Yes, my Master,” she said a she rose slowly then assumed her new posture, that of the traditional kneeling position. Sean walked over to the table and took out a square of parchment. On it, he laboriously wrote “Restricted”. He then pierced both ends and running a leather cord through them fastened it around her neck. For a long moment, he admired her loveliness. Even cut up and bruised over most of her body, she was still a beauty.

  • “Come along mine!” He stated as he refastened the leash to her collar and dragged her from the room.

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 8

The Fourth Hand, The Fourth Day of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

Gimli. .  .

Gimli is different.

Corcyrus was a city and we were protected by its walls.  The KooFasal Rebels secured themselves within a fortress that looked out upon flat expanses of land.  Gimli is different.

Story of Gor

Gimli consists of woods and hills and a small village.  The village is not prosperous.  The hills are inhabited by a panther tribe and an outlaw group.  The small village is unprotected by any practical gauge of security; there is not security force, no armed militia, no hired mercenaries.  Only the true Gorean innate code of honor exists as insulation.

I have been to Gimli before and know some of those who inhabit that rough land.  I am drawn to Gimli because, in some ways, I think of Gimli as the heart of an idealized Gor of times past.  Far from the stuffy insolent arrogant ostensibly civilized cities, to me Gimli reflects an era in which the principles that guided life and death derived from common sense and not of an artificial compendium of rules and laws.  I admit that I am probably wrong in this and likely see only that which I hope to see.

I am not so deluded by my biased view to believe that Gimli is a place of common sense.  No, you have only to meet the enduringly stubborn and misguided centerpiece of its village–  Askja — to know that common sense has little to do with my feelings of this curious piece of Gorean landscape.  But I return there, again and again, because it — and she — has a constant that provides a comfort in a changing world.  For make no mistake, though adventure may be exciting, consistency often provides comfort.

Tanz and I arrived by caravan at a dock outside the village.  As luck would have it, we were met by one I think of as “little sister,” though in truth I know nothing of her family and little of her background.  In the days of the Silent Blades, Sidney Euler was an outlaw and one with whom I rejoiced in teasing and carrying on simple banter.  Now, she is known as “dewdrop” or some such slave name, and has submitted to a panther.  But she is still “Sid” to me and evermore shall be.    Back in her outlaw days she was always reckless and getting captured; I guess now I know why.  She was looking to be looked after I suppose.  And, now she is — as a sprite of the woods under the protection and responsiblity of one whom I could never hurt  — a panther by the name of Janet.  Janet, once a mischievous imp of a panther herself, has oddly become a creature of responsibility and within her realm of existence – respectability.  She has risen high within the ranks of her tribe and having a couple of slaves, herself, she, it seems spends probably more of her time looking after them than they do looking out for and serving her.  Those that know me know the reason I think as I do of Janet and I need not recite the details in this journal at this time.  And though there was once a time when Janet would snipe me with arrows and threaten, I believe half-heartedly, to make me a present to her tribe, those days seem past.

It would take me a long time to write in any detail that which has happened since we arrived though we have only been here briefly so much of our first day, even, I have left out.  Shortly after arriving, my back turned and attention distracted, some miscreant ran up behind me and for reasons unstated and unknown rendered me unconscious.  The same was done to others, including Tanz, the only offense any of us having committed was to breathe and stand in conversation upon the streets of the small village.  Apparently, a companion of this miscreant had some sense and recognizing that amongst those indiscriminately attacked was a healer, managed to  convince him to leave the citizens and depart.  As a result, no lasting harm flowed from the incident.

Not long after this event a woman with whom we had been trying to talk and who seemed to block my efforts to visit Askja whom I understood to be locked in a cage though she had the key if she wished to leave showed distress, betraying that she had suffered a grievous wound not from this attack but from earlier.  She was secretive of her name and all else about herself, but we managed to convince her to let me bring her to the village infirmary.  It turned out that the village had a woman trained in healing and she, instead of Tanz, attended to what turned out to be a nasty arrow wound to her abdomen.  While Tanz, tired, rested, the village healer Ute expertly bandaged the woman’s wound.

Weirdness continued to abound.  While I assisted with the mending, a man burst into the infirmary, looked at the sleeping Tanz, and claimed to be a friend of Tanz.  Then, he saw that he had interrupted a healing he hurriedly departed, apologizing for the interruption without making known his identity.  Ute, the woman trained in healing and who resided in the village, did not know this man.  And the woman being treated, whose name we eventually learned was Angelina, though not much more than that about her, said nothing about the man at that time.

Another entered the infirmary moments later, the village blacksmith, Jon. I was introduced to this hearty and engaging fellow, and it was clear that he and Ute shared a bond of love.  I found both of them, Jon and Ute, to be quite decent people and was honored, frankly, to make their acquaintance.

Tanz awoke and when told of the visitor she became subdued and quiet.  And then things went stranger still.  The woman being healed, Angelina, claimed to know the man who had barged in, but would not say the name.  Tanz, who I saw make some type of eye contact with the woman, did not press the matter and left the infirmary with Ute to locate a place for our caravan.  I refused to leave and stayed alone with Angelina vowing that I would not let her leave until she told me who the man was.  Eventually, when Tanz returned, she said his name was “Jack,” but refused to say anymore.  It seemed that was enough to be meaningful to Tanz that the man was someone named Jackalll.  How this man knew that Tanz was in Gimli was not cleart  — Tanz had professed to be unfamiliar with Gimli.  Jon, the blacksmith, claimed to know this Jackalll though, but litle was made clear to me as to who he was. Tanz denied he was a threat to her but remained very secretive of precisely who he was and why he would be seeking her.

Had this been the end of things that night perhaps understanding would have worked these matters out inside my brain.  But it was not to be the end of matters disturbing and unsettling.  We repaired to the tavern of — again I stress — this remote and small place known as Gimli and in the tavern Tanz recognized still another face.  This time it was a man she introduced to me as Vigo or Vido or some such and whom she whispered to me was a very old friend of hers.  She went to sit down next to him.  I excused myself briefly from the tavern — after introductions — to check upon our wagon.  I thought it polite to let her spend time alone with an old friend and let her tell him about how things were and about us — in private.  And, I wanted to ponder a bit the events of earlier.

Shortly, thereafter, I returned to a tavern that had by now become quite populated.  And, as I walked near I heard Tanz describe me to her old friend in words that caused me  surprise and dismay.  She referred to me as her “traveling companion and protector” who, during the journey had become something she simply described as “more.”   This woman, this woman, who has told me that I am her “everything.”  This woman who professes things to me that I will not embarrass her to put to paper, who takes my hand among strangers and shows affection unrestrained.  This woman, who I without regret or delay call my beloved.   This woman, to someone that she knew and knew well, danced the dance of reticence with her words.

I entered the tavern surprised, almost transfixed, at hearing this.  There were other conversations taking place in the tavern.  Someone said a kurii was nearby.  Another suggested that we not travel to Treve.  A third offered, it seemed, to sell me a slave.  But for me all the other words merged into unintelligible chatter that I could not focus on.  My focus was solely on the words that I had not heard and what had not been said.  And then this man, this “old friend” sitting next to Tanz, put his hand upon her thigh.  My own hand moved at that moment.  It moved to the hilt of my sword.  My instinct was to draw the sword and slay the man right then and there.  But I did not.  Why?  The reason to me was simple.  From what I had heard Tanz’s words had given him no reason to believe I was anything other than something simply “more.” That expression would fit a physician’s guard with maybe more intelligence than the usual dolt who travels solely to protect.  And so my hand stayed away from the sword and instead I looked at Tanz, and with no further words passing I left the tavern to stare at the night skies of Gor.

Ten minutes of solitude later I walked alone into the woods where the caravan was parked, saddened and angered that she had not followed me out of the tavern.  I was surprised.  Tanz was there in the woods.  She must have left the tavern while I was staring off into space.  Why she had gone there and not to me I do not know — I did not ask.  Perhaps she did not see me in the dark; perhaps she did not wish to face me.

She was upset.  I will not say we quarrelled.  She insisted that from her perspective, her view, her words to her friend had conveyed that which to me I did not hear.  She insisted she had conveyed in her words that which to me the words had not conveyed.  It is not that there were words I had not heard.  It was simply that to her the same words I had heard had meaning that I had not understood to exist in those words.  In her view, she had been hurt too many times in the past to voice her feelings too strongly, too directly, or too clearly.

Once again the difference appears.  I have no past to escape and am not sure I wish to find the past I have lost.  On the other hand, as I have written before, Tanz seems to be on a journey to escape her past — a past, however, by design or not shows up everywhere we go or have gone to date.  It seems at times that she is also at war with her present — fearful that it will become simply another past of disappointment and sadness.

The issue of the thigh arose.  She claimed this man had “tested” me.  I replied that as he lives I have failed whatever test he meant.  This annoyed me more than anything — that some stranger would presume to test me.

The night ended not with anger but eventually just ended.  We hugged and held and she went inside the caravan to sleep.  I finished some light chores and entered inside after her and looked down illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight filtered through the unshuttered window of the wagon.   I could hear her soft steady breathing and could sense the rhythm of her heartbeats.  In the distance I heard the steady sound of another heartbeat, the drums of the SadiSani panthers.  The panthers were beating and keeping alive this land called Gimli that in some ways with all that is bizarre about it seems to me as I write this before sliding into bed beside the sleeping Tanz still to be the heart of Gor.

Issue 63  


  • From the Editor’s Desk ( گổηΐã )
  • Crises in pantherland ? by Mariko
  • The day of sorrow by Minnie
  • My Story of Gor by Logan Runewulf
  • One EN’s Story – Sarka Story
  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 7: Punishment
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 9
  • Exploring soup of the middle ages. (Selvi)
  • From the Editor’s Desk by گổηΐã
  • Greetings dears readers!!!

  • After a wonderful vacation, I think many of you are already on the road to back home…. Yes life is hard sometimes 🙂

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And then the story of Logan Runewulf who shares his thoughts through Gor …

  • To continue the adventures or misadventures Sarka the founder of Zima Ak’am tribe …
  • And still other interesting stories like the weekly Vorgous Carver’s log and of course other articles also I invite you to discover ….

Dear readers, I wish you a good read ….. گ ổηΐã

  • Crises in pantherland ? By Mariko Marchant
  • ©
    Credit: Mariko

    The Sa Di Sani camp is almost empty these days and the Black Panther Group has closed down although I hear there will be a new group on Siba with some ex Black Panther members and some new members. Panther groups like Forest Moon, Sa Di Sani, Black Panthers who were big in the past and also played a big role in the panther Gor world are now small or gone.

  • I think to survive is this changing Gor world, where combat is more important than it used to be, panther groups need to be active and have leaders who are strong and have vision. A panther group without strong leadership or with “leaders” who are not active or even worse who are not around much, are doomed to fail.  Some active panther groups are still successful and in particular panther groups that value roleplay as well and don’t do Disney Gor. Panther groups that act as outlaws will not survive, because people will choose to join an outlaw group. So to survive as a panther group strong leaders with a vision are required who are able to deal with contemporary Gor without losing the core panther values  as described in the books. I am happy to see that new tribes emerge like Verna’s Band and Sengoku Moon Panthers and I hope that they will be successful.

  • The day of sorrow by Minnie

Oh Son, do you see the sky?

At no place like it.

It appears embittered.

It brings our cries.

An offering to the sun,

Color in the plural,

Draped in marigold,

Damaged, hardened.

Oh Son, do you see the sky?

It is not essential!

The dungeons contempt,

Have wrecked lives.

When the dark soul of gall

Desires  be unreal,

This is the slave ebony,

To sated desires.

Complacent, contemptuous,

Gray helped the white,

To drive the cattle,

To offer work.

Pays, blood tears,

And strangling collars,

The Vestals, in Seraglio,

The men, in calle background.

Cotton fields,

The cowards whiteness,

Have shaped yesterday,

Have given this winter,

That underwent a gift,

A nigga like buffoon,

For Kings cruise,

Become Princes of irons.

Oh, Son, do you see tears ?

Offered by whites, Boer, Beurs.

Insomnia help oblivion.

But crimes remain alive.

Oh Son, do you see that blood,

Blushing all these fields?

It’s yours, it’s mine.

It is the day of sorrow.

  • My Story of Gor by Logan Runewulf

–   Tal All…..I have been rping Gor for almost 19 yrs now, wow longggg time!  I started on AOL Gor which is where I learned to roleplay, I was there for ten years.  I started out as a slave/thrall and in my opinion if you are brand new to Gor  being a slave is a good place to start.  On AOL Gor I had very very strict owners.. the Savages were their surname and not only did they teach me the ways of being a slave but how to rp in text …. since AOL is not like Second Life.. no visual… so I had to learn as if I was writing a book and so my readers could see, smell, visualize what I was saying. and doing.  Aye it was hard, very hard but I learned it and the rp was awesome.  I started on AOL Gor in 1997 and came to SL in 2007 and haven’t left yet, don’t think I will either. I been a slave on SL Gor well many roles I learned to play, but now I’m an Axe up North in Torvaldsland and wish I came here earlier, I have never met a group of nicer people then the ones up North, be it GE or BTB..

–   I was born at Tsula Ne’esa.. lands deep in the Northern Forests, being the youngest son to Cyrus Runewulf and the only son to Levia Katar.  We lived inside rocks, aye when I say inside rocks that’s what I mean, not caves, not tunnels, but literally inside rocks, unless you were family you would of had no idea that there was a family living in the rocks on the land.. there was a secret entrance to it.  Aye, it was my birthplace and one I will never forget.. I grew up there and learned to love the lands, until my mother had a falling out with my father and took me and left him to other lands, until we finally settled at Ivar’s Fjord, I was 22 yrs old then and that’s where I met the most beautiful woman in all of Gor, well to me she was and still is so I claimed her on 4/10/16 and we just recently found out we are going to be parents to twin girls.. … *grins* I work fast Aye?  Me and my FC, Noire Runewulf, left Ivar’s Fjord and good thing many of us did because the Priest Kings didn’t like it for some reason and blueflamed it.. the lands exploded into dust, now we are living at The Ruins of Odin up North and my mother has disappeared somewhere but I reunited with my Pops, which is good and he is living still in the Northern Forests but not where we once were..

–   Our family, on Noire’s side, are working on land for all of us to live on, next week I think.. Skerry of Heilagr, which is up north in Torvaldsland, not the forests.. there I will be raising my daughters along with my fc and our family will be close by, life couldn’t be better.

–   *Gor to me is and can be a harsh place to live and work but if you have a good woman behind you and a family, life can be a miracle and a blessing from Odin. and Odin has blessed me with being a G&S brewer plus I do know how to do most anything with G&S, glad it was invented, much better than that NLS, in my opinion that is.*

Safe paths everyone!

  • One EN’s Story – Sarka Story
  • ©
    Panther of Gor

    Sarka remembers being a small girl alone with her mother in the forest, she grew up learning from her mother, she learned to hunt, to read and write gorean, and some earth languages, until soon after her first menstruation her mother became ill, it was deep winter and although Sarka did what she could her mama died.

  • Alone then the girl wandered the forest, avoiding danger and fighting her way out of problems. While still quite young she met her first panther tribe, there she made some friends and some enemies.

  • She left them and joined some other tribe and others before she met Bite and Poppe and joined the Kyria, with them she really learned to be a panther, when she left them she went on to be Se in another tribe but that didn’t work out, so she ran off to a lonely camp she had made on a cold mountain top near the city of Tharna.

  • She formed a tribe there, a tribe that was friendly to the woman ruled city of Tharna, that tribe was the Zima Ak’am!

  • She still leads the Zimas Ak’am (9 years later) and they have returned to Tharna!

  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 7: Punishment
  • ©
    Story of Gor

    “Slave, get down here!” The loud, strong voice of her master rang out and as she looked to the veteran before her, she saw he was already nodding and making a shooing gesture. She bobbed her head in gratitude to the older man and quickly left the small room, scampering down the steps like a little girl. She wondered why Sean needed her so urgently and was excited to be included in what was happening. Anything was better than staring at the back of a chair for Ahn.

  • As she made her way down the steps she shuffled into the courtyard and stared. Before her were the four guards she had served paga too and surrounding them were at least a score of others, all looking on with frowns. Nobody was paying her any attention but least she be beaten again she quickly went to her master and knelt behind him. As the free were all talking, she said nothing, simply waiting on a command from her Master.

  • “Sir, five lashes? Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” One man was saying and from his badge, Eve saw he was a Lieutenant in the guard.

  • “No, and their lucky I’m not giving them twenty. They know the rules and violated them. The rules are simple and enforced as are the punishments for violations. No drinking Paga while on duty. Mead is fine, everyone knows that, but Paga dulls the senses and slows the reflexes. Each fortnight they’re paid good silver to obey the laws, defend the village and stand true to the code of the warrior. Now surrender your weapons you lot!” Declared their commander as he rested his hand on the hilt of his own sword. Instinctively Eve shifted further to his left, but was stopped with his hand reached back and gripped her head in a lightening quick movement she didn’t even see. “Stay still, mine!” he hissed as he watched the four he had addressed.

  • With obvious reluctance, the four disarmed, handing their weapons to nearby guards and then at Sean’s command, they removed their tunics. Two others led each to the nearby whipping posts, their hands tied above their heads to the attached ropes, facing forward with their backs to the assembled men, and Eve. Idly she noticed several other female slaves present, including both Hush and Dahlia and tilted her head slightly towards them, giving both a very brief smile, which was returned.

  • “You men know why you are being punished, do you not!” Sean’s strong voice rang out in the crowded courtyard and instantly a hush descended on the assembled masses.

  • “Yes Sir!” the cry was echoed by all four as their shoulders and chests heaved with the strength of their combined shout.

  • “Do you have anything to say for your actions!” Again, Sean barked the question at the four and waited for their response.

  • “No Sir!” came the answering reply.

  • “Brace yourselves men!” shouted Sean as he took the whip from the Lieutenant and lining up on the first, he flicked the whip twice then lashed out. Eve cringed as she saw a blazing red line of blood and split skin appear on the back of the first, who grunted then simply clenched his fists and held on tightly. Eve watched blood drip from the diagonal line from the man’s upper right shoulder to his lower left hip, then cringed again as another lash struck, crossing the first.

  • Ten Ehn later, it was over. Not a single one of the four had uttered a word of either anger or anguish, though a few had grunted in pain. These were tough men, Eve realized, as she gained a new appreciation for the toughness of the guard. She prayed they did not hold her responsible for their punishment and kept her face averted from them as they were cut loose and handed their weapons and tunics.

  • “Do you have anything to say, men?” asked Sean as they approached him.

  • “Yes, Sir. We made mistakes and it won’t happen again,” replied what appeared to be their spokesman. He then shifted sideways and stared directly at Eve, who instantly hid behind her master’s leg. “Nor do we hold your girl responsible for our actions or the telling of them. She acted, as a slave should. Served, perhaps not with fire, but acceptable and as she is forbidden to lie, there is no logical reason to hold her accountable for our punishment. You did well girl and are welcome to serve us again, only next time, bring us mead.” A merry laugh rang out from the four at his words and Eve peeked shyly around her master’s thigh to look at them in wonder, a tiny smile upon her face. That these strong, callused men could shrug off a whipping like that was amazing and even now, as she looked, she could see droplets of blood falling to the sand behind each. Her master did indeed have a heavy hand on the whip and she knew these men would bear scars for the rest of their lives.

  • “Yes Masters,” she breathed, but loud enough that they could hear her.

  • “Alright men, you are dismissed. Go to the infirmary and get those wounds tended. If you get sick, I’ll hold that against you also,” declared Sean as he clapped each man on the shoulder before they trudged off. He then turned to the others assembled and called out. “Alright, back to your duties, men. As always, keep an eye on the forests and always keep two scouts out at all four compass points. Remember to report in every hour, because if you don’t the alarm will be sounded.” With that he beckoned to Eve and led her off, heading towards his quarters.

  • On their way and near their rooms, her master stopped at an inn close by and ordered food to be delivered to his room. Drink he had, both a large barrel of mead and a much smaller one of paga. Fresh water could be had at the corner of the barracks housing. Eve’s mouth watered as her master listed off his requirements. A double helping of roast Tarsk stuffed with sul and peppers, and then covered in gravy. A full loaf of yellow bread and a separate plate of sliced larma, tospit and cheeses. Eve’s stomach was already cramping at the delicious smells coming from inside the inn, for she had not eaten all day, except for a couple bites of bread the guards had granted her. As they made to leave the establishment, the innkeeper called out.
  • “And for your girl, Sir?”
  • “Ahh, good that you reminded me. A bowl of slave gruel but mix in some honey, a few dates and filleted Parsit,” called out her Master to an answering nod from the other. Slave gruel, she fumed. The stuff was nasty but might not be too bad with the honey and additions. She smiled to herself thinking that she must have impressed Sean as he let her have more than the standard fare for a slave.
  • Twenty Ahn later while in his quarters there came a knock at the door and as Sean opened it, a sturdy Kajirus entered, dressed in a plain yet well kept tunic, bearing a huge tin covered tray, this he laid on the small table. The tin was meant to keep the heat and and worked remarkably well, Eve knew from experience. He set it down on the table then bowed to her master before leaving. The aroma emanating from the food was driving her crazy and even from her kneeling position she was practically hopping up and down in anticipation. Anticipation of even the gruel she was being allowed, but right now, she would take what she could get. Her body needed it desperately and Eve knew she was very close to passing out due to hunger and exhaustion.
  • When he left, Sean pulled up two chairs and placed them on either side of the table. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the two keys for her manacles, and unfastened them. During all this time, he’d not uttered a single word and she was suddenly scared he was mad at her and that she wouldn’t be allowed to eat before being punished. The weight off her ankles was real and a relief, a major relief as she continued to kneel and watch him out of the corner of her eye. He then grabbed a long leash securely attached to a ring in a nearby wall and fastened it to her collar before gesturing and finally speaking.
  • “Sit, mine. I would talk with you as we eat, but understand that normally you would sit near me on the floor consuming your meal.” That he would allow her to sit at the same table as himself was a wonder. She never would have suspected it, or even questioned having to eat on the floor, which thankfully was clean.
  • “Yes, my Master,” she whispered as she took as seat across from him. The table was low and came to her lower ribcage and she noticed that Sean needed to dip his knees for them to fit under its edge as he also sat then removed the lid to the tray, setting it on the ground beside him. A gush of saliva filled her mouth at the sight of all the wondrous food and she could barely contain herself from grabbing the obvious bowl of slave gruel, but she waited when she noticed her Master was watching her closely.
  • “I know you’re hungry, you did well today serving the men on duty. You did well in observing the slave protocols of greeting and respect. You made me proud with your behavior. Even my men could not fault your actions. You did as a slave should.” He said as he speared into his Tarsk, cutting off a large chunk of the meat stuffed with sul and peppers. Stuffed Tarsk is prepared in a special way. First it is slit along the top and an inner slit cut sideways into an hort thick slab of the meat, basically creating two large pockets with which to stuff ingredients. It is then marinated, usually in mead, but sometimes spiced water for a day before being stuffed with the vegetables and slow cooked. This way it is very tender and the juices from the sul and peppers seep through into the meat, making a delicious meal. In some cities, it is considered the fair of Ubar’s as the meat is succulent and juicy from the slow roasting process that mandates frequent basting.
  • Now I’m going to teach you what I prefer to drink. Over by the barrels, one marked as mead and the other Paga, you will find tankards above them. Take two down and fill both three quarters of the way. Above the barrels is a small tin on the shelf beside the tankards. Take it down. Inside this tin are spices already mixed. Take out a small pinch. Perhaps a sixteenth of a hort in width between your thumb and forefinger and mix it into the mead with the wooden tool beside the tin. once you’ve done that, fill that tankard full then stir the contents again. Do you have all that mine?” he asked in a neutral voice as he continued to watch her closely.
  • “Yes, my Master.” She replied as she rose to do his bidding although her stomach was growling so loudly she was sure Sean could hear it.
  • “Wait one last step. Once you’ve mixed it properly, Place the tankard between your breasts and warm it from your heat for three Ehn. Do not forget that part and remember this because you will be called upon to perform this serve frequently for me,” he growled.
  • “Yes, my Master,” she said in a hasty voice and immediately obeyed. Four Ehn later she was placing the tankards near Sean and waited as he sipped from the fullest and nodded in satisfaction.
  • “Excellent, mine, well done even, you may eat now and the other mead is for you. I know you’re thirsty as well as hungry.”
  • “Yes, my Master,” she replied and he chuckled as he slid her bowl of gruel towards her. Instantly she dug into its thick contents, savoring the dates and to a lesser extent the parsit fish. She could not help herself but dived in with the fingers of both hands, shoveling the sweetened mixture into her mouth in huge mouthfuls. She paused only to take quick gulps from her mead as she quickly demolished her meal. She then looked at his plate, the second which he was on already having demolished the first almost as fast as she had. Her eyes flickered over his face as he paused in his eating then cut the remainder in half and picking up the large chuck of succulent stuffed Tarsk he dropped it in her bowl.
  • “Eat, mine.” He commanded as he went back to the remainder quickly finishing it off. In an afterthought he broke off a quarter of the bread and handed it to her, then pushed the half full plate of slice fruit her way. Greedily she dug in again, consuming everything in sight until her belly felt full to bursting. She also couldn’t help herself from crying almost non-stop as she ate. The food was wonderful and better than anything she thought she’d be allowed. Of its own volition her mind thought of her master and how kind he was, even knowing her true place was as a free. Still, she was extraordinarily happy for a person in her position. Her Master was not that bad after all. She just needed to obey and do a good job.
  • “Now clean the plates and tankards. Return the tray with the cleaned dishes to the inn then come back promptly. Place the cleaned tankards back on the shelf. Don’t’ make me hunt you down, you will regret it.
  • Thirty Ehn later she was back. She did not even once think about trying to escape. While serving all the guards, she could not help but notice how tightly patrolled the walls were. It would have been hopeless to attempt escape unless in the wee hours of the morning when the men might be sleepy. She would bide her time. and make her attempt then. As she entered his room from the outside, shivering against the cold, she found him stoking the fire to greater brightness as he added wood and stirred the coals.
  • A soft smile directed towards her lit his lips, a smile she returned as she knelt behind him, once again hands behind her lower back and chest thrust forward. Involuntarily her head leaned forward and she rested it against his broad back. She could not stop herself, as exhaustion overcame her. She was tired, her belly was full and she hurt all over from her head to her toes. She tried to pull back, but her head would not move and within seconds, she found herself starting to fall asleep.
  • An abrupt movement on her Masters part made her instinctively draw back as he rose, then she felt herself being picked up in his strong arms and carried to his sleeping furs. The inside of the room was warm and the furs cozy and once again, she found herself drifting off. Beside her, she could hear Sean undressing. His weapons and clothing hitting the floor with muffled clunks and the rustle of leather and linen. Then she felt his hands on her as he rolled her over and instinctively her thighs spread apart in both acceptance and a bit of need, as his weight came to rest upon her small frame. Her eyes remained closed, but she felt his fingers stroking her ravaged flesh and she twisted in his arms as her nerves lit and a different hunger shot through her body. His naked flesh felt wonderful against her and then she felt his cock slap against her belly with a heavy thump. Her Master was already hard and she moaned as she widened her hips when he slid downward, his mouth and tongue caressing her breasts and nipples.
  • Her body could not help itself from automatically lubricating at the thought of his thick cock inside her and she shuddered with pleasure as he pulled her under him and lay between her thighs, the bulbous head of his manhood resting against the slit that was already moistened for him. Eagerly her hands reached for his shoulders as her hips arched upward, in an attempt to impale herself on his mighty shaft. She needed him, needed to feel his manhood once again inside her, filling the tight void between her legs. Now, her eyes opened, and inadvertently they fastened on his, which shone with desire for her, for Eve.
  • “Do you want me, mine?” he asked in a gentle voice as his cock pressed against the opening of her pussy harder and once again she arced against him trying to force it in, to pleasure her. Yes she needed him, well needed his cock, or at least her body did. Her mind was in turmoil over the entire situation but she found herself responding to his words.
  • “Yes my Master, girl needs your cock inside her. Take me, my Master,” she gasped as her head rose to kiss him without permission. For a brief second she thought he would strike her again then his own answering kiss met hers and their tongues collided as the fervent heat of passion rolled off both.

  • He grunted above her, against her mouth, and then she felt his huge snake enter her, sliding inward easily as if it had a mind of its own, stretching her once again as his hips met hers. Pleasure and pain rolled through her body as she rose upward to meet his body with hers at each thrust, forcing his cock ever deeper inside her as her body sang its siren song of desire and need. She did not hold back, she wanted her master to fuck her and fuck her hard. Her body was on its own, doing its own thing and she could not stop it. She felt the waves of pleasure building until they were too much for her.

  • She could not hold back and with a cry of pleasure she came. Without her masters permission perhaps but she couldn’t help it. Her body felt on fire with desire for this brutal man she now called, my Master. Again and again the waves of ecstasy rolled through her body until she came to a shuddering halt, gasping within his arms.

  • “Wow, my Master,” she said after she managed to catch her breath. Her pussy was throbbing, pulsating against his shaft and slowly she started moving again, forcing it to slide back and forth inside her hot little canal.

  • “You are turning into a treasure, my little slave,” he murmured against her lips as he kissed her again, then jerked upright as the village alarm bells rang out in sudden peels of imminent danger.

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 9

Fifth Hand, Second Day of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    We have left Gimli, off again to . . . Actually, we have not yet decided and have some time before we need to know which way to turn.  For the moment our numbers have increased to three, four if you count Fredda.  The new addition, temporarily perhaps, was Tanz’s choice not mine and I am not sure why we have taken on the frightened stray.

  • We left Gimli accomplishing all I set out to do there, spend time with Janet and Sidney (though not enough), introduce the curious Askja to Tanz, and renew relations with one dearer to me than she knows behind her thickened skin, Miranda.
  • No more of Vido nor of Jackalll did we see after that first journal entry. The former, as I’ve written, I understand, I think, what he did that gave offense to me and blame him naught under the circumstances.  As to the latter, the local blacksmith, Jon, and his outspoken, but good-willed mate, Ute, did see him and he insisted that whatever his purpose he means no harm to Tanz.  Nor have I seen more of the secretive Angelina, reputed to be a healer and a witch.  In their stead our paths encountered more curiosities than by coincidence should dwell in a singular land and too many for me to list within my journal’s pages if more entries I expect to someday write.
  • I have not written of Miranda in these pages I do not think. It was to sanctuary with her I was pointed in my earlier wanderings by the panther Janet who to this day does not know why she led me to her ostensible enemy rather than capture me.  It was Miranda who through the first incarnation of the Black Hawks and later when all seemed lost the creation of the Silent Blades nurtured my learning or relearning of the skills required of survival in these lands.  I say relearning because I have come to believe that I would not have survived whatever it is my past was had I not had the skills and knowledge necessary to survive.  And when the time came for me to leave the Silent Blades and seek Eesha, a woman nearly killed and who burned for me once as I did for her, I felt I was betraying Mira in some ways.
  • It turns out the apprehension I felt before seeing Mira again was foolishness on my part. Jon, the blacksmith notwithstanding his own simmering disputes with the Black Hawks, led me to the fort where the outlaws dwell.  To my surprise, Jon had not warned me that sleens infest the lands before the gates of the Black Hawks.  Equally surprising though was that these vile creatures chased the blacksmith and left me alone.  Soon thereafter Mira left the fort and greeted me with open arms dissipating my unnecessary apprehension.  One may hear that another is doing well, but there is something about seeing that person in the flesh and only seeing her convinced me that she is happy and content these days.  She told me others whom I had known were with her, including Civia, whose friendship in Siba I had valued, and star, a slave of most obedient and quiet disposition.  To my surprise, a friendly thief had also come to be with them, Alanna whom I first encountered in Peril by my tavern there.  Again, time was too short on this trip to Gimli to exchange but the briefest of conversations with her.
  • Part of Mira’s happiness, it seems, comes from companionship with a man named Kartan. I met him briefly and my own feelings are mixed towards him for reasons that are difficult to state, but in truth go to the very essence of the state of Man on Gor, as well the state of Woman and of slave.  To put this in perspective I must step back a moment.
  • As we travel I find that Tanz does not always understand me though I speak, in my view, most clearly and directly and write the same. But often she thinks I hold views that I have not expressed and do not consider myself to have.  While in Gimli she claimed that I did not believe in slavery.  I have never uttered such and on occasions more than once I have stated just the opposite.  My opinion has always been clear:  If a woman freely desires to submit and believes her lot in life is to serve fully, completely, and without reservation, I applaud that she seeks, finds, and becomes her desire and her disposition.  The question is whether, as believed by most men, this is what all women seek.  The reason I cannot suggest an answer to that question is that I am not a woman and certainly am not all women.  What I do believe is that, even if such be the case,  slavery should be forced, cajoled or brought upon a woman by trickery.  If a woman desires this, when she is ready, it will be clear.
  • Now, to the other side of coin is Man (and for this point I will ignore the condition of kajirus). It is true that most, if not all, men believe that slavery is the woman’s natural state.  I say not all because I know (or at least believe) I am not the only one who thinks the way I do.  And, to such men, who know what women want more so than the women, themselves, and many of which are honorable, to bring a woman to her natural state, to assist her to that path, is viewed not as wrong but as a honorable effort.  All such men believe believe they do is to aid the woman to see enlightenment.   Though I do not hold it, there is much to be said for that view, and that there may be truth in it at times is clear because so many women protesting servitude at first end up embracing it fully and completely.
  • Kartan and Mira are seeming examples of Man and Woman, as I have above described. Kartan, from my limited glimpse, is confident of his place and of the place of women in his world.  To him, I believe, women simply are creatures waiting to be collared.  And, though he is Mira’s protector he does not see himself as limited to her.  Mira has submitted to him in deed if not in collar, and, ironically, her heat and her pride only grows stronger for her man the more it seems to her that other women desire him.  To her, I think, it makes him more valuable that he is desired; after all, by contract and perhaps by personal bond she is his number one.  As a result, synergy abounds — he is free to satisfy himself with others because the fact that others are attracted to him makes him more a Man to Mira.
  • The friction arises, no pun intended, from grievances claimed by the local Gimli magistrate, Contessa, known as Tess. Tess claimed to Tanz and me, with frightened voice, that Kartan attacked her, and either almost taking her against her will or completing the deed.  Hearing that made me simmer and I confronted Kartan in Mira’s presence.  He denied that he had done anything more than she had wanted — and, oddly, I did not detect deceit in his voice.  There was no way, of course, for me to discern the truth — I believe that both believed what each had said to me because each views the events from a different perspective.
  • Nevertheless, I did not retreat in speaking to Mira and Kartan. I said if Mira cares not what Kartan does and if all he did was that which Tess desired at the time it bothers me not at all.  But, if, in fact, I insisted Tess had made her disinterest known and clear, and if I were alone I would not let the conduct to take place in my presence.  I am sure that Mira believed that I would be no match for her companion regardless of the situation, but as the days have passed I have grown more confident of my abilities even though it is not my preference to mete out violence.
  • I almost ended this entry without further mention of the thing that swells our numbers to three.  It is three because Tanz has taken on a stray, for the moment named giulia or some such.  Because I was engaged in other things in Gimli it is not clear to me how this kajira came to be met by Tanz and I am certain we do not have a full story of the situation.  What Tanz told me (the creature has been too frightened, it seems, to pass more than a word or two to me) is that the kajira found her way to Gimli and claims to be without mistress or master.  I have pointed out to Tanz that this is odd since the kajira wears a collar and has not said whose collar it was and how she came to be alone.  Nor has she told Tanz, it seems, how she came to Gimli or where she has been before she arrived in Gimli.  In most situations, I have found Tanz to think with logic, but I must confess that in this instance she seems to me to have acted more with compassion than with reason.  Because it is hard to deny the woman that I care for deeply and because we set out from Gimli and the exhausted creature has been resting I have not pressed these issues with her yet.  But we will need to have the answers to such questions I am sure.
  • I am so tired that I have forgotten to put down what should have been the most important thing to write. Shortly after our arrival in Gimli I had another flash of memory — or at least I believe that is what it was.  Tanz and I were by the caravan and I had introduced her to Brigette, the Priestess of the SadiSani panthers who had happened by our camp.  Though the panther did not remember me, I had met her once before with Janet.  This Brigette is a curious creature.  She dresses in white and moves with all the motion of spirituality unlimited.  Yet she speaks and acts, at times, in manner most unspiritual.  She baited Katla, Askja’s twin and equally odd sister, in a manner unbecoming of a spiritual being.  And, in terms of commerce she is more exacting than the wilest merchant.

  • But I digress and after all my past, or what I may know of it should have significance. As a result I must clearly write what happened as best I can so the memory will be preserved.  I did not speak of it at the time and covered the fact of it happening apparently so well that Tanz has not asked me about what happened.  It was simply this.  Brigette was speaking of the Priest Kings and Initiates to Tanz.  Suddenly, in my mind’s eye I saw a younger version of myself standing in a darkened place, perhaps a cave.  There were large golden insects, giants all, nearby and I could feel words going through my brain.  As the image flashed nausea gripped me.  But before the image disappeared I felt the words that I had heard — “he is ready.”  I must have recovered quickly because though I saw Tanz glance towards me, as mentioned above she did not later ask me what had happened.  Nor have I brought it up.  As for the panther priestess, I am sure she did not notice; after all, as a man she would give me little attention.

  • A word of caution to those that visit Gimli — not because of the nausea that I felt, but because of the insanity at times that I saw — boil the water before drinking it.

  • Exploring soup of the middle ages. (Selvi)
  • In this week’s article,I dare to explore medieval soup recipes.

  • Imagine soups made of peas, of bacon ( which would translate as Tarsks to us), of vegetables, and of grains.

  • A number of dishes were named soups, although their cooking was more sophisticated.

  • The Middle Ages methods of cooking used pure wheat flour soaked in milk, to which butter and yolks of eggs were added. The mixture was seasoned with sugar, honey, and aromatic herbs. The chefs were known to use also saffron, and even sweet wine. This resulted in the Medieval bread being closer to what we name today a cake, and the recipes used to make it laid the foundation for the future art of pastry cooking.

  • Ordinary folks from this era ate a lot of “Pottage”. I thought it be fun to add the recipe here for future roleplayers. It is a vegetable soup, flavored with herbs and thickened with grain. It is very nutritious, although vegetables were not thought to be so in the Middle Ages. In fact, the word vegetable was not used; all green things were herbs. The root vegetables were considered only fit for the common folk and were not eaten by the wealthy.

    Please be mindful that although there are plenty of similarities between the Gorean world and Earth, you may wish to adopt this”Pottage recipe” to fit your roleplay environment.


Here are all the things I have learned from my Master’s herd of bosks.

  1. Wake up in a happy mooo-d.

  2. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

  3. When chewing your cud, remember: There’s no fat, no

calories, no cholesterol, and no taste!

  1. The grass is green on the other side of the fence.
  2. Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.
  3. Seize every opportunity and milk it for all its worth!
  4. It’s better to be seen and not herd.
  5. Honor thy fodder and thy mother and all your udder


  1. Never take any bull from anybody.
  2. Always let them know who’s bossy.
  3. Stepping on boskpies brings good luck.

The Free Women of your city are so fat they went to the song dramas and sat next to everyone.

The Free Women of your city are so fat that when they were born, they gave the cylinder of the physicians stretch marks.

The Free Women of your city are so fat they began the Planting Feast wearing Ubara’s platform shoes, and wound up wearing sandals.

The Free Women of your city are so fat they look like they’re smuggling bosk.

All the pretty blonde slaves on the mountain

There were 10 blondes slaves and 1 brunette slave hanging on a rope in the mountains. the rope was very weak and the brunette said someone had to let go. no one volunteered, until the brunette finally said she would let go, and gave a heart-felt speech. hearing this the blondes started clapping…


Issue 64  


  • From the Editor’s Desk ( Minnie )
  • The fall of proper trading in the panther continent (Mariko Marchant)
  • Welcome in BtB Gor and in Dani’s band territory. (Sonia)
  • One EN’s Story – Sky From Ikerei
  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 8: Attack
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 10
  • Medieval Viking Recipes by Selvi
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal, Gorean People,

  • It’ s time to present you our new issue of Gazette of Gor. And one contreverse article done by my friend Mariko. Contreversial articles need answers and we give at you, this right of answers. It s fair and very kind from us. I m very pleased to present you the back in Gazette of Hathor. I missed her and she s a good friend for all of us. Welcome Back Hathor. Sonia gave us her vision of a panthers BTB tribe and our EN story leads us in Ikerei. As usual, you will find our stories and Gossip

Tal Gorean People,

  • It’s time to give you a little story. Some people are lost, disoriented and they need one hand to lead and help them. And some others people abuse these lost people, in giving them bad hopes and fake smiles. I saw a lot of people who were vicious in giving few to have a lot of. I cant change people or world. I just don’t want see friends, abused and sad cos of bad persons. Gor is Gor, SL is SL, and SL Gor is played by Real persons. I saw a lot of profiles with a first life part that says – No RL. I agree with this point. So please, leave your bad RL behavior and help us to keep our SL Gorean Dreams.

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

  • The fall of proper trading in the panther continent

By Mariko Marchant

  • ©
    Credit: Mariko

    This following article is based on facts. I will not reveal the underlying notecards and IC  conversations but they are there. It is not my intention to accuse individuals. I just think we need to start a discussion about this. It is fine if you don’t agree with me. I have no problem with that. Everyone in entitled to give their opinion in the Gazette of Gor as long as they are not out  to harass people.

  • Some find totally acceptable and normal when a panther coming to trade for her captured sister is asked  to undress herself on the trade dock, while they looking at her from their camp. It is too much trouble for them to come to the trade dock they like to see if from a distance.  Their argument is that their role play is much more creative and they are perfectly ok with shooting a trader. They say trade laws are only valid in the city and not for panthers. Their opinion is based on quotes from the books like” … there are no fixed prices in a Gorean market, seemed dreary, grim, lacking the zest and rivalry of other markets I had seen, the glorious expletives and superlative insults traded between buyer and seller with such incomparable style and gusto. Indeed, upon occasion, in other markets, a buyer who had succeeded in winning the haggling would bestow five times as many coins on the seller as he had agreed to pay, humiliating him with a smug,… (Outlaw of Gor  pg(s) 68-69 | Chapter 8:11-12″ . They say show me quotes from the book that this kind of roleplay is not ok. For me it is the same if you ask someone to show quotes in the books that you have to wear a GM meter, there is nothing about that in the books either. We play a game for fun and there are some rules to unsure everyone is having fun. If tribes are going to break those rules it will be the end of the panther continent.  We have to protect decent roleplay and asking a trader to undress herself to humiliate her sexually s bad roleplay. Next step is to ask the trader to masturbate in front of the tribe. Those people, who say:  “We don’t like that old fashioned roleplay, we are far more creative”  are out for cheap sex and violence and will destroy the panther  continent and the fun of others.  They should better go to BDSM sims to satisfy their needs instead of ruining Gor.

  • Welcome in BtB Gor and in Dani’s band territory. (Sonia)

…TAL … Welcome in BtB Gor and in Dani’s band territory….

  • Here is a brief summary of our laws ….
  • To begin with, we try to play as close to the books as we can, however nothing is perfect. This is the strange, hard and diverse world of Gor.
  • No rp or story line is considered taboo, we are open to any discussion or ideas from all walks of gor both GE and BTB. if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us ….
  • We rp as a band of panthers living in a remote part of the northern woods. This means it would be difficult for any other person outside of our band to locate us. As such we do not allow the use of radars to locate us.
  • Like most gorean sims you arrive at a boat and you leave the same way. There is to be no direct TP’ing in or out of the woods. Violators will be reprimanded.
  • Show people respect and you will get respect in return.
  • We prefer good emoted role play to combat focused role play. Combat is fun however it often brings drama and can quickly become aggravating.

  • Everyone is free to enter the woods to the same degree they would be free to if the game was real. The woods are dangerous places, many wild animals roam the area.  There are also poison plants to contend with as well as a multitude of other risks involved in entering the woods. In addition to this there may well be unprovoked attacks that come with no warning by the panthers.  This is not pew pew but is a behaviour pattern described in the books.  Be prepared for this, it may well happen to you, defend yourself, and see where it takes you if this happens.

  • Now you have read these recommendations should you decided to continue and enter the woods …. You head southwesterly and cross a dense forest and after a few hours walking, the river Laurius cuts across your path. You will find an old slimy tree trunk spanning the rive. Cross here and take care not to fall into the turbulent waters.

  • Once you have crossed the river you will have finally made it to our territory.

  • Our camp is located in the mountains, half in the caves and half on the plateau over the mountains. it can be seen at the top of the mountain,  impossible from the woods ….. if you continue in this direction you can fall into the traps …

  • I know that everyone is using the minimap, I understand very well, our camp was built on a skybox at about 1000 meters from the ground, for more reality a dark rock closed the entrance (it’s a teleporter) So it is easy to imagine that along the mountain you find this hidden cave entrance behind bushes …. But be careful you do not know when entering the cave, what you’ll find inside (you arrive in a large room with some supplies, so at this point you know you will be in danger)

  • let’s be creative and imaginative to play while having maximum fun

  • One EN’s Story – Sky From Ikerei
  • ©
    Panther of Gor

    I know nothing of my origins. A woman villager found me, one day, when i was abandoned at the edge of the Vosk. She teached me hard. I lived in a barn and was nourished in exchange for various jobs.

  • One day, pirates came from distant lands and landed. The village was looted and burned. All bodied men and women were taken to be sold as slaves. I was able to run away into the forest, before having the same fate.

  • Then, i began a long wandering across Gor, surviving with trapping small animals to feed me, or in stealing into cities and villages in which I came when nights came. I keep this period a great distrust of humans.

  • During my travels in the forests and mountains, I have observed nature and all the animals defined as ferocious and dangerous, but I always found that they were less wild than men and women living in the cities.

  • It was then that I got to know a fugitive kajira who told me to search for a group of Panthers to avoid a certain death.
  • This woman told me about hard is a life of slaves in a city, her flight and her needs of freedom. I had heard of the Panthers who inspired fear, but I never had seen them, I thought it was a legend. Attracted by this woman, I decided to follow her.
  • We were finally able to approach and make us accepted by panthers, I was impressed by these women who wielded weapons with great dexterity. With them, I started my learning of fights.
  • But discipline in this tribe was too heavy to bear, the one I met was excluded from the tribe for reasons unknown to me and I followed her.

We quickly found another tribe near the city of Turmus in which we were welcomed. I continued my learning of weapons, forging each day a little more my determination to remain free.

  • Despite many fights I’ve had some good times in this tribe, I was good, I often watched without saying the actions of the Panthers while continuing to learn the use of arms.

  • Happy days have end. Our EN was captured and killed, it was the end of the tribe, I was an orphan again, but I had learned a lot from them. I finally became a real panther.

  • Then i met some other women who, like me, roamed in forests. We decided to be unified in order to be less vulnerable. Thus was born the tribe Ikerei.

  • Hidden in a jungle we have arranged a camp, far from everything. We were so few but determined to defend our freedom at all costs.

  • I became the second (SE) of the tribe and I continued to learn from my sisters. Women from everywhere have joined us. Our tribe grows, we have faced many males attacks who came from cities and wanted to make us slaves.

  • Then, one day, our EN disappeared. After waiting her for a long time, I had, against my will, to be the new En. With my most faithful sisters, we have experienced together many trials and so many battles, still decided to stay together.

  • After many trips, I guided my sisters across the northern regions, in a thick forest, we found some ruins of an old city. It is in this lost place that we decided to install our camp. We make sure our new territory, and we defend fiercely.

  • It is on this land of Siba that our story is now written, where I live with my sisters, always free and fierce in combat. Each passing day proves a little more their loyalty and dedication.

  • Chapter 8: Attack
  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Sean cursed as he heard the alarm bells sounding, yet wasted no time as he pulled his hard cock from Eve and rolled to his feet. The girl was finally responsive to his demands and he didn’t wish to lose the momentum of her training, but city defense came first, always. With a growl, he pulled on his trousers, then his boots in quick succession and after belting on his weapons harness he ran to the door. Eve was close behind him, her expression frantic and worried, he noted in satisfaction. His hand reached out to stop her in her tracks and he barked.

  • “Stay here mine, and lock the door. You will probably be safe. Or, go down to one of the safe rooms in the lower tunnels. That bell would not ring unless we were being attacked, and anything can happen to you up here.”

  • “No my master, this girl disagrees. Where my master goes, so do I. Give me a bow, I know how to use one well, or at least a long knife,” the girl gasped out as she wrapped one arm around his leg, holding on tight.

  • “No mine, I wish you safe, who knows what this battle will bring and slaves are not permitted weapons, unless you’re a fighting slave,” he added hurriedly as he yanked the door open and ran to the stairs leading downward to the courtyard below.

  • “Then make me a fighting slave, my Master,” she gasped as she kept to his pace, her tiny legs churning madly to keep up. As she left, she grabbed a green bag full of bandages from the shelf near the door. Its contents were obvious as it was open. Eve simply closed the flap and dragged it along, as she would do what she could in the event of battle. She had come to know many of the guards whom had been kind to her. Even her master, as rough as he was, had shown her kindness. Her mind solidified into an intense desire to assist in any way possible during the coming conflict.

  • Sean, now looked back at her, poised at the top of the stairs and was amazed at her resilience and dedication, he then paused for a moment. “Mine, you have no business here. Go to safety with the others. Find shelter,” the last, said in an agonized voice for he had come to care for her, even in this short time.

  • “No, my Master, I shall not. You made me a slave and now you’re stuck with me.” Eve grinned as she caught her breath and hung onto his pant leg to steady herself. She was still exhausted but unable to do anything other than what she was currently doing. Helping in the emergency and following her Master.

  • Sean gave her one brief nod, and then sprinted down the steps as the alarm bell tolled again, Eve following closely in his wake. At the bottom, he turned left towards what was obviously the sound of fighting as the sharp clang of metal striking metal indicated arms clashing against each other. Before him, five men were battling, two of them Gimli guard, and losing, as he saw one of his men suddenly knocked off their feet by a sword slash to the side. The other three were dressed as Turin’s and why they were here, he had no idea but vowed to kill them all as he ran towards them even faster.

  • Sean was there a moment later and blocked the blow of one enemy combatant while punching a second in the face with his leather and steel gauntlet. His remaining man took advantage of the punched ones distraction to run the Turin through an Ihn later, and then Sean was battling for his life. As he blocked a second sword strike, he saw Eve trying vainly to drag the wounded man from under their feet, but then stopped paying attention to her as he narrowly avoided a thrusting sword strike and being skewered.

  • Toe to toe, they fought with blades moving faster than the eye could see, until Sean spotted his chance and with a sidewise slash, severed the head from the other’s shoulders. It was only a matter of seconds to finish off the last man, to nodded thanks from his guard and then he was busy helping Eve drag the wounded to the nearby shelter of an open market stall.

  • “Bandage him as best you can and then yell for a physician, mine. Don’t let him bleed to death if you can help it, as Conrad is a good man,” he said as he patted the grimacing man on the shoulder, then turned away at her nod and ran off with his other guard. He never looked back for he had seen the look of concern in her face, and the speed of her actions as she quickly opened the satchel of bandages and medical supplies. She appeared to know what she was doing, so he left her alone as he and Tyrel, ran together to more, renewed sounds of fighting ahead. Around them, other men of his appeared obviously roused from sleep in their own private quarters and a force, squad in size burst forth into the gatehouse bailiwick.

  • The fighting became intense then, as each of his picked an opponent and drew swords. Snarling a vicious oath, Sean swung his sword in a sweeping downward arc to behead the armored figure before him then lashed out with his mailed fist to punch the now dead soldier’s companion in the chest knocking him backward to sprawl on the ground. With a lunge forward, he stomped down hard on the prone figures thigh then thrust inward to pierce between the front and back halves of the upper torso plate where they hinged together when the man instinctively rolled sideways. Yanking his sword free from the chest cavity of the shuddering figure below him, he lashed out in a sideways motion to take a third in the face with mailed fist enclosing a heavy sword pommel. The metal of the helm caved inward and Sean could feel the bones of his opponents face crunching beneath his hand.

  • “To me, men!” he yelled, as he sliced another Turin through the thigh, almost decapitating the limb before blocking a stroke from yet another. It was vicious hand-to-hand combat and they battled to push the enemy outside the gate. They were winning, especially when the arrow arced over his shoulder to take the next enemy in the eye socket. Another arrow swiftly followed the first, taking the man behind him in the throat. Both went down together in a spray of blood as Sean leaped into the position they’d occupied, slamming his shoulder against a third who was attempting entry.

  • “Again, form on me, men and we shall push the bastards back!” Sean shouted as he leaped over the three bodies to engage the next two figures before him. To either side, his men lined up in rows beside their commander, not quite shoulder to shoulder for you needed room to swing a sword, but close. Interspersed between the sword wielders, men with long heavy spears thrust forward, impaling the enemy even through plate armor. Arrows now arced overhead as archers behind them fired over the defenders and bodies tumbled to the ground as the iron tipped wooden shafts pierced their ranks.

  • A man screamed in pain to his right, and after knocking aside the sword attempting to spear him in the face, his own sword took the man through the throat and spine. As the soon to be dead attacker collapsed boneless to the ground, Sean turned and was in time to see an attacker pull his sword from the belly of one of his men while shouting with glee. A glee that was short lived and a shout that turned into a scream as Sean’s own sword took the man through the chain mail covering his midsection, the links parting like water through the savagery of his thrust. Lifting him into the air by the strength of his arm slung him forward into more of the enemy, ripping the chain mail wide open as blood spurted in all directions. The body hurtling forward opened a momentary path through the battling lines and Sean instantly ran forward shouting.

  • “Charge you bastards. Carry the day for Gimli!” behind him the cry was taken up by his men. “Gimli, Gimli.” as more bodies spilled into the breach, a spearhead of Sean’s own forging forward towards the enemies main contingent of leaders hiding safely behind the rear lines of their men.

  • “Get the gates closed, now!” he screamed in urgency as he swung his blade forward to drive back the enemy while grabbing the edge of the tall hardwood gate door. Sean knew that if they could just get the doors barricaded, they could man the parapet and shoot arrows down on the enemy outside. More arrows flew over his shoulders to take out two more Turin’s and Sean thanked the priest kings for the accuracy of the archer behind him. The man would receive a promotion if he lived through this.

  • And then, Sean was in trouble. Sometime during the fray, he had picked up one of his men’s round shields and had one opponent blocked while battling another when the thrown knife came out of nowhere. It was impossible to dodge but he could twist his body slightly and the thin blade entered his chest high on the right side. The pain was excruciating, but he ignored it as he made another overhead slash to cave in the helmet of another enemy soldier. He tried to swing the shield around but faltered as pain tore at his body when the knife twisted inside him at his movements. He was too late to stop the next blow, which struck him in the upper thigh, and then he was falling when something hit him in the back of the knees.

  • Looking upward with a dazed expression, feeling his life’s blood leaking out of him at the points of his two wounds, he saw a naked kajira, standing tall and strong over him, while wielding a sword, much too big for her but still holding the enemy at bay as his men finally closed the gates beside him. His last conscious thought was of her dropping the sword and tearing at his clothes to get at his wounds. It was only then, that he realized it was Eve, and frowned at her disobedience, as his vision grew black.

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 10
  • Fifth Hand, Fourth Day of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • I am far more suited to the backwoods — the rules of civil formalities elsewhere are simply too much trouble.

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    It is not that I am uncouth or barbaric. I am, I suppose, merely apathetic to certain “niceties.”  It may also be that I am simply naive and ignorant of proper manners.  I shall defend myself by arguing otherwise.  The fact is that I tolerate that which others criticize or take offense — and this is known well to those that know me.  Perhaps to those observing such it is seen as a flaw in my upbringing.  That belief makes me laugh, and should make laugh those that know me well, as my upbringing remains a shrouded mystery. In any event, it bothers me little that I may fail to notice or take offense if a slave mistakenly greets a woman before myself or if she heels to the wrong side of an owner or if pub service falls short of perfection.  Tanz, of course, notices these things far more than I and does not hesitate to point out flaws — not with malice, but with far more honorable reasons.  And, her counterbalance to my disinterest demonstrates  good arguments that in my approach I may be wrong — though I shall never admit it.  The reasoning that favors her, though, is this.  If others correct such things not in cruelty but to better the slave, to increase her worth to her owner, to avoid her future trouble and embarassment, and to make her better in what she wants to be then, of course, they act with honor to society, the owner, and the slave.  I, on the other hand, am satisfied to receive my drink unpoisoned and absorb the loveliness of the comely creature bringing it.  Perhaps in not being more exacting and demanding in her ways I failed my former kajira brynn — I do not know.  Then, again, perhaps she simply was not meant or not ready to become kajira in its fullness.  Word has come to me though I have not confirmed its truth — that brynn is no longer slave, but free.  As I write this, I smile, for if that is the case, it is a sight someday I would like to behold.

  • Tanz and I left Gimli, and began to proceed vask (south) towards the Vosk. The slave we took did not last long in our company, and I was relieved to see this one settled with another that Tanz encountered on our journey.  It had been my intent to take the wagon klim (west) along the Vosk towards Siba and reclaim the Serendipity, but unfortunately (and I am embarassed to admit this) we were misdirected along a road and found ourselves quite far rim (east) when we came upon the Vosk.  As long as we were so far from our intended destination, I decided to travel by caravan further rim (east).  When we were in Corcyrus I had read a book by Manus Candoit titled “Circumnavigation of Gor.”   According to the author a secret water route along the Vosk river somewhere near Treve enabled one, by traveling rim (east) to reach the klim (west).  I wanted to look to see if I could see some sign of anything that might lead me to accept his fabled tributary.  I had another reason to head rim (east) as well.  I had reason to believe a woman once dear to me dwelled in that area.   It was hard for me to fathom the rumors of her residence there because according to it she lived amongst the scoundrels of Treve, a place known to be infested by assassins and thieves.  As it was, I was impelled to learn the truth for myself.

  • And so we traveled, sometimes by the river bank sometimes away from it, for the most part avoiding the river ports and other civilization when possible, the better to enjoy each another’s company. Tanz is a constant surprise to me.  She is well-read, and as I have just mentioned she knows well the rules that disinterest me.  It is my guess she has a refined upbringing; I do not know for sure because I press her little more than she is willing to reveal.  What is clear is that she has taken with little disagreement the ordeals of traveling days on dusty roads, living off the land, and the absence of more civilized life.  But eventually such takes it toll on her and as we neared what must have been close to the end of the Vosk, we reached the Village of Minus and decided to spend the night there.  It was my intent to seek further information on the way to Treve from this surprisingly large village.  At the time, of course, I did not know its connection to the secret city of Treve.

  • No sooner had our caravan reached the dock and village entrance than a boat reached the dock as well. Off the vessel stepped a veiled woman, impecably dressed, accompanied by slave.  I almost gave her no attention because she seemed the annoying haughty type and which many claim clearly beg to embrace a collar — were a man interested enough to make it happen.  However, I did look towards her and notwithstanding the veil, immediately recognized her.  How I knew her I cannot say — for I do not know.  Perhaps it was by her shape or something about her eyes and hair  — or perhaps it was her voice as she talked to her kajira.  Whatever it was I knew immediately it was Payton, the same woman I knew in Siba and in Nadira — and thought to find in Treve.  So, with exuberance I stopped the bosk and called out her name.

  • To say her reaction was unexpected would be an understatement. Indeed, at first there was no reaction, and I was sure I had erred in my identification.  Since it might be she had not heard me, I called again.  This time she gave some part of her attention to me — it is hard to ignore a large caravan pulled by a large bosk however one haughty one might be.  Ultimately, and it almost seemed to me that within her a battle raged as to how she should react, she admitted, almost begrudgingly, both her name and that she knew me and, finally, that whatever memories of me she had fell to the positive rather than the negative side of the balance sheet.  But I cannot say there was much emotion in her voice and manner for she remained aloof as if my presence was something of a nuisance to her affairs.   Regardless, I made the appropriate introductions between her and Tanz and eventually she, joined by Tanz, made their way to the inn for a drink while I secured the caravan and found a place for Fredda to graze.
  • When, after leaving Fredda, I reached them in the tavern it seemed to some extent Payton, or Lady Payton I should say, had become more agreeable. Though to say she was the Payton of old would be to say a shadow has a personality. To be sure I think she thought me, come from the trail and dusty, something of a vagabond.  And, equally, I am sure she could not understand the reason for our travels — or that, for this journey’s leg, I had sought her out.  She insisted upon paying for our stay in the inn, ignoring my protests.  In fact, the only thing that seemed to brighten her features (since she was veiled perhaps only so I thought) was when she realized that Tanz and I were bonded by manner and not by contract nor of collar.  After all, Payton had known of Eesha and me.  But, just when I sensed the ice might soon be broken, Payton, claiming other matters were calling her away, left us and, left me to wonder at the chasm that yet remained.  Tanz could tell from face my bewildrment and disappointment of the situation and, unprompted, insisted that Payton had acted in the way a civilized free woman is expected to conduct herself.
  • The situation was far different the next day when we chanced upon the other person I had hoped to see — a darling kajira known as rose. We were outside the village walls checking on Fredda.  A tarn landed and there as if from heaven rose disembarked from a passenger bag beneath it.  Almost immediately rose saw me and, at once, expressed much joy and love towards me — far more than her station as a slave requires.  And I expressed in return much pleasure in seeing her.  Her manner little different than the past and though much time had passed it seemed like I had last seen her only yesterday.  As with Payton, rose I knew in Siba and in Nadira.  And, as I introduced her to Tanz and Tanz to her and we spoke a bit before her duties called her away from us a thought quite obvious to some but not until then to me appeared.  For the moment, I profess, I did not consider nor ask the wheres or whys of her arrival by tarn.
  • Two women — Lady Payton and rose. Payton, free, encumbered not just by her clothes and veil, but utterly restrained, her personality leashed, her emotions collared, the very essence of her soul controlled by society’s expectations.   While, rose, the so-called slave, was uninhibited by all such burdens and requirements. She could display her charms and enjoy her very being.  I began to wonder, under such circumstances, who is the captive and who the one released from captivity.
  • A point to note. On our first night Tanz was called to minister medical aid and we took a ship along the Vosk.  On the way back, I had the idea to have the Serendipty towed to Minus from Siba so we now have our vessel back.  I cannot wait to give the ship a sail.

  • Several times I have referred to Treve. There is more I need to write about it, but it will not been in this journal entry.  Before I move in that direction, I think it best to consider the limits of what I know or think I know before I write  it down.  Besides I grow fatigued.  But before I retire I must make some note of what I would call the incident of the bosk and the ravenous females.  Unfortunately, the only one’s name I caught during the event was that of “Mona.” (I later heard that the others were named Wanita and Heaven, and that a fourth one named Asea joined them.)

  • As soon as rose left outside the village walls, several women in weary clothes began to approach Fredda, their eyes looking with what I mistook as admiration for our good-natured beast. As they neared, these women, at first three in number, began to talk of desires more murderous than pleasant.  They talked of killing Fredda and butchering her for food.  I warned them off but they approached unheeding my demands or claims of ownership.  Tanz added her voice to our protests, but still they came, focused solely on the beast and the desire to carve her up.  Their eyes seemed to glow red with bloodthirsty desire and they moved as if risen from the dead.  I could have drawn my sword, but foolish me continued to think they would listen to reason and certainly not disobey my commands to stop their advance.  Besides, I knew them not and I, not they, was the visitor to Minus and knew little of the laws and customs there.  As those who read my journals know, Fredda had survived the interest of a kurii already, by my bargain.  These women, I feared, would be more formidable than a mere kur.

  • As it would have it, Fredda seemed well able to take care of herself. Distracted by two of the women, the third approached the bosk with evil intent on her far side.  Fredda turned her head and the woman, dodging the blow, nevertheless slipped on the ground.  I offered her my hand to help her rise and implored her to keep her distance.  These women three were joined by fourth also seemingly desirous of Fredda’s loins.

  • In the end, I managed to salvaged Fredda’s life and perhaps theirs as well by spending coin to bribe them off — almost as much as it might cost to buy a bosk.

  • To think of Fredda as I, and I think Tanz does, is foolishness.  While true we could have engaged another beast and with our boat now docked in Minus I probably was making more of this than needed to be made.  But I, and I believe I speak for Tanz, have grown quite attached to the bosk in our travels.

  • Medieval Viking Recipes by Selvi

*   I was very excited to discover a viking recipe book in my local library. I spent time choosing what could easily be adopted to Gor and with some tinkering this is what I had ended up with. I hope the details help inspire your roleplay in the future.

*   You ever wondered if Medieval Europe had access to sour cream?

*   Traditionally, sour cream was made by letting cream that was skimmed off of the top of milk ferment at a moderate temperature. The bacteria that developed during fermentation thickened the cream and made it more acidic, a natural way of preserving it. Once I found a few medieval recipes mentioning sour cream, it had become all clear to me then. Yes once again, I realize sour cream is not mentioned in any of the books but, its making is once again plausible.

*   Lapskaus is apparently an old Norwegian stew recipe that adds sour cream at the end. I notice it is easy to make but wondered how many of our northern counterparts on Gor considered adding it to their menus.

*   Another meat recipe that calls for sour cream.

*   I hope some of these viking recipes inspire our northern counterparts and their menus!!


The Priest-Kings are watching

The children are all lined up for their lunch.

At the head of the table were a huge platter of bread slices.

The Cook in charge posted a sign on the platter, “Take only one, the Priest-kings are watching.”

Futher along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.

One child whispers to his friend, “Take all you want, The Priest-kings are watching the bread.”

Verr funnies

Q.What do you call a redneck who owns six verrs?

  1. A pimp

Q.What do you call a verr hosting the Oscars?

A.Billy Crystal

What do you call a verr dressed like a clown?

A silly billy.

Q: Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes?

A: Because they were too corny!

Q: How did the tomato court the corn?

A: He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

Q: What did the corn say when he got complimented?

A: Aww, shucks!

Q: What does chuck norris do when he wants popcorn?

A: He breathes on Nebraska!

Q: What do you tell a vegetable after it graduates from College?

A: Corn-gratulations.


“How many Masters does it take to change an energy bulb?”

“None. He holds it, and the world revolves around him.”

“Why did the kajira cross the Viktel Aria?”

“Because her Master told her to, of course. Good slave.”

“What is the difference between most free women and the Vosk River?”

“The Vosk River is a busy ditch.”

Scribe funnies

Scribe: Who answers my next question, can go home.

Young student gets up to throw his books out the window.

Scribe: frowning fiercely, “Why did you throw out your books?”

Young student smirks, “So I can head on home.”

Issue 65


  • From the Editor’s Desk ( Minnie )
  • We are already past – Minnie
  • Welcome in RP’s side (RP Done in Asger Village) – Minnie
  • Shopping Gor! by Erin
  • One Huntress Story – Cally Seetan of the Sa’Sheku
  • Eve’s ordeal – Chapter 9: Submission
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 11
  • Medieval Viking Recipes by Selvi
  • Erratum

The Guardians (Ge)

We said in issue 60 that SIM is for good fighters. It doesn’t mean that only good raiders or fighters can raid them. It means that you will find a good challenge with them, not only for fights but for RPers too.

  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal, Gorean People,

  • There is a week, one article has angered some readers. I do not know what to think … I’m not talking about the article. I speak of this sudden rage for a fewer words. Of course, the article was written by someone who experienced this, so you could say it was biased, but is it  not the role of a newspaper to evoke discussions ?

  • We want to leave the freedom for people to express themselves. And we have the right to a rebuttal. The angry people have not wanted to use this right of reply. So the subject is it closed? I do not know. I only know a few IMs were pretty nasty in return. So it is easier to speak in IM than explain ideas via a newspaper.

  • There are two months we lost a friend who advocates this – Be nice to each other. Perhaps, we should follow her advice. Anyway, I will follow her advice, forget and forgive for the harsh words I had in IM. And I will present the issue of this week, Erin embarks on fashion and presents some shops in Gor. Asger village lights us with a well done RP. And of course, you will find our stories and small usual nonsense.

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

  • We are already past – Minnie
  • You advance under the hateful looks of those who will want to see in their lives only things than can arrange themselves. You write and your words were flying in the ice where the truth earth. You who know what will be the blasphemy of hatred, come already reap what you sow.

  • Like Crazy will jettison bottles and hope that we can read through, words written with air. To tell you how I feel alone, I draw the empty ink coast of nothings which sail knotted tears of distress without this living words I sketch. When so many dramas oppress us, when so many tears stifle the cries of love, those who are weak, devoid of hope, disappear

  • The hours of the morning crying this grief of a past dancing before our eyes. Yet we must live and continue without hurting anyone know how to love. But live forever without unnecessary sentences of an old romance, because we are already past.

  • Welcome in RP’s side (RP Done in Asger Village) – Minnie
  • Aɳɳ ℐli nods .. well you like keep yourself busy .. you afraid of a harsh winter .. 2 girls !

  • Faulken A returns the man’s greeting and introduces himself. “You should come by my stall in the market.  I will give you some samples to try.”

  • Aɳɳ ℐli smiles and gesture toward Nathan..’ Nathan is old friend now .. we lived on same village quite often .. he is hunter.’

  • Faulken A laughs. “I have been picky, and think I’ve chosen well.  I hope it isn’t a cold winter.  I’d have to lend you one so you stay warm.”

  • keairazona remained quiet, just listening as the Free spoke, as it wasn’t her concern… she just would listen for if she was needed.. nibbling gently on her bottom lip, keeping eyes lowered

  • Aɳɳ ℐli blushes as she replies ..’ I have enough of my companion to warm me..’

  • 0NathanDrake0: Brings his right hand to his chest as a mark of respect ” Nathan of the drakes clan. Hunter by trade and here i am assaigned task of a nightswatch and axe to ensure safety of villages” smiles

  • Faulken A: Ah, I have yet to meet your companion, Ann. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for keeping watch for our safety.

  • Aɳɳ ℐli: i havent seen him today, i left me while i was still slepping.. i even not know where he was gone .. *shurgs* ah men !

  • 0NathanDrake0: Nods to the cheesemaker ” I tasted some of your bosk cheese at the long hall other day

  • 0NathanDrake0: “it was one of the finest quality i had for a long time so good job there cheesemaker”

  • Faulken A sees another arrival to the viilage, and greets her. He turns back to Nathan.  “My apologies.  I am having trouble keeping up with everyone I meet.”

  • Aɳɳ ℐli: :me raises an eyebrow seeing the huntress… she nods on her way as reply to her wave ‘ Is it one of your acquaintance Faulken ? you told me trading with panthers.. ?

  • Faulken A waves her forward. “Welcome to the village.  I’m Faulken the cheese maker.  We have quiet a market if you wish to trade.  I will give fair value for skins and furs if you are a hunter.”  He turns to his friends.  “I’ve been making trade with some of the panther camps, yes, but I don’t believe I’ve met her.”

  • Faulken A: *Quite a market
  • Aɳɳ ℐli smiles .. oh Nathan i will need you if you agreed .. i have a verr to chop .. must not be different that to kill a tabuk …
  • keairazona smiles listening to her new owner.. inching closer to him, her body pressed against his left leg, sorta hiding herself, but letting himknow she was close and safe
  • 0NathanDrake0: laughs at ann and shook his head ” Ann there is a difference between a hunter and a butcher. what you need is a butcher but aye a hunter too can cut you some meat so sure ann anytime just dont expect even steak slices like that of a butcher ” laughs
  • Faulken A listens to them speak. “Nathan, if you want to trade your game, let me know.  I’ll give you a fair price.  I can always find someone who will buy the meat and skins elsewhere.”
  • Aɳɳ ℐli sighs … ‘ so then i will need find someone else… i thought it was off your abilities … ‘
  • Aɳɳ ℐli smiles welcome back TRoy, you had a pleasant travel ?”
  • Faulken A greets the man entering the village. “Tal.  Welcome to Asger.  I have some samples of my cheese in my market stall if you are interested.”
  • Troy Karlsen: walking off the boat he would nod to the free and greet then briefly, his mind was on something and he had to go and speak to his old friend “Tal” then stopping he turned to Ann and smiles “aye am well Ann” but he could not stop “thanks for the offer of ye cheese. I will be back in an ehn”
  • keairazona hearing heavy foot steps from the boat, pulling her garment around her more, letting her lip go, softlyspeaking.. “greetings… Master…” watching as her new Owner moved, she’d quickly move as well, still trying to keep hidden, but focused on what was transpiring..
  • 0NathanDrake0: Tunrs to the cheesemaker hearing about the offer.As the Gigantic looking warrior Strides forward ,His immense structure and strikeing masculinity is the first thing any onlooker would notice about his impressive and fierce appearance. ” Aye i will although i mostly hunt for the village storage and not for the trade. My loyalties are with the land and so are my priorities but aye skins and furs need a market and might aswell make me some extra coin “
  • Faulken A bids them farewell, as he heads into the market. “I will leave you to your business.  I am showing the new girl her way around, so she won’t get lost.”
  • 0NathanDrake0: Taps on ann’s shoulders as a friend. Although she was a freewomen nathan had known her since they were both young and he could take liberty ” dont you frown now i said i would cut verr meat for you “
  • Aɳɳ ℐli: see you later Faulken
  • keairazona nods her head slightly at him.. looking back towards the other free respectfully.. “she wishes You well Master and Mistress”… waiting for her Master and where they were off to next

  • Aɳɳ ℐli rolls her eyes and shurgs at Nathan ..’ i wont beg you for slaugter my verr ..

  • Aɳɳ ℐli looks at the girl .. you better learn fast to call the men Jarl and not master … some Jarl of north are a bit picky for that matter !

  • Faulken A stops a second, and turns back before leaving. “Oh, Ann.  Could you save me the verr’s stomach?  That’s what I put the milk in to ferment my cheese.  I will pay you for it.”  He continues onward.

  • 0NathanDrake0: with a neferious grin on his face nathan said in sarcastic tone ” if yea had to make me all the man’s work of your house you should have companioned me instead ” puches her shoulder playfully and guffaws

  • keairazona whimpers hearing Her.. “of course Mistress… she will adjust quickly” feeling her cheeks redden before rising up and quickly following her Owner

  • Bʝσɾɳ Kαʂʂҽ: Wanders slowly down to the docks after a big meal in the Long-Hall and drops onto a bench in the ship and looks about, “Be well all, I sail to make coin from trade, I will be back later”

  • Aɳɳ ℐli grumbles and pushed him back sticking her tongue .. ‘i am fine with mine !’

  • 0NathanDrake0: Grins ” aye and i am happy not have to spend my life with a women i have seen and played with in childhood” he paused and looked to her in all seriousness and spoke again ” i still cant picture you without a running nose ” laughs

  • Shopping Gor! by Erin

Avatar parts:

  • From appliers for all manner of mesh bodies and heads, right down to colored eyebrows for standard sl avatars


  • Men and womens fashions for gor, I have tried a few of these, and sadly, can’t tell you i would recommend them for anyone with a maitreya mesh body. But they do come with alpha layers for SL bodies.
  • I have been to silkworms a few times when it looks like she was experimenting with maitreya clothing, and being she is smart enough to make Great looking mesh items. I’m sure at some point in the future she’ll get it right…
  • In clothing there are complete outfits, accesories and props, all mesh and all FRIGGIN awesome! but DO check if you have a mesh avi and wear physics to make sure that what you’re buying is rigged, some of PFC’s stuff is, some isn’t.
  • Note pucca firecaster also sells avi parts and weapons, but this is the clothing section…

  • Snatched is another gorean couture shop i frequent, though less now that i’m all mesh. that said,they DO have some good weapons here also and if you are using the standard SL avibody, you could definitely do worse!

  • One Huntress Story – Cally Seetan of the Sa’Sheku
  • ©
    Cally of Sa sheku

    Well I was asked to write about the Sa’Sheku and Minnie asked me…” are you the EN ? ” and I told her no. Emmamorales and I started the tribe in December 2014. We were just the two of us and Ems is EN and I am the SE. Slowly we built the tribe and deliberately we dont have titles, we are all Huntresses of the Sa’Sheku. Having been ,in my case, in several tribes, Zima, Sa’ng Suri and Di’jan both Emma and I had seen the ups and downs of Gorean tribal life and felt strongly that it didnt work.

  • We have all seen tribes come and go , rise and fall , often with good intent and committed people who struggle to hold it all together. Too much sex spoils so many tribes coupled so often with too many manthers funnily enough. We were happy to stay small, with known people we trusted and liked, no titles, and everyone taking responsibility for the tribe and their behaviour. As a result we are still here, happily in the Ruins, we prosper with 28 huntresses all whom have logged on in the last two days and most importantly all of whom buy into our ethos of not trying to be the biggest or the best but simply to be Sa’Sheku.

  • So what advice can we give ? Well firstly RP is what we are here for and rules it all. Secondly don’t get wound up when things go wrong, this isnt RL So many unknown factors effect SL that you need to allow mistakes to be made. The angry will always be angry and are best ignored. The true huntresses will go with the flow, try and correct misunderstandings later and will be those who enjoy this sl gorean life the most .  Successfull tribes wether BtB or GE are those with an ethos for life, an ethos which counts in SL or RL.

  • Chapter 9: Submission
  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Daylight swam behind Sean’s closed eyelids as he slowly regained consciousness and twisted slightly in an attempt to sit up. They were under attack and he needed to get to his men. There was no time to rest. However, pain stabbed through his shoulder and thigh as he tried to do so and it was then that he realized he was lying on a cot in the infirmary. A firm hand rested on his shoulder, holding him in place, and Sean blinked several times to clear his eyes of the gummy residue of sleep.

  • “Rest easy, Commander. You’ve been wounded. Not bad, but bad enough.” The deep voice of Griff, his second in command sounded in his ears and he nodded his head slowly then asked.
  • “I assume we won the day, Captain.”
  • “Actually, we won the night. You have been asleep for almost ten Ahn.”
  • “Fill me in on the details. Damn me for sleeping so long,” Sean grumbled.
  • “Don’t beat yourself up. You have two rather serious wounds and would have bled to death if it weren’t for you new girl, but we’ll talk about her in a moment. A light skirmish force from Turnin, numbering approximately fifty, attacked us. We don’t know why yet, as the prisoners we captured are not talking. Our best guess is this was a kidnap party, but whom we do not know yet. We have sixteen wounded and two dead of the guard. Our wounded are all expected to recover due to the quick action of a certain slave and the physician’s caste. There are eleven dead Turin’s and we captured six prisoners. Their heavily wounded, numbering approximately fourteen, we put to the sword because our resources are stretched thin enough as it is.” The captain listed off the names of the dead and wounded, then went on to the prisoner containment, before getting back to business currently at hand.
  • “We have a problem with your slave, Sir. I ordered her shackled after the battle and she waits outside under guard.” Griff finished as he stared at his Commander, a stern expression adorning his features.
  • “Alright, fill me in on that. What has she done?” inquired Sean mildly as he pondered the totals of the night’s battle. Two dead, both good men and 16 wounded. He wondered about his scouts, and if they were okay. He would find out after he found out what Eve had done.
  • “First, I’ll list the charges, Sir. She took a wounded guards short bow and used it in battle. She then drew your steel and wielded it against the enemy. Both are offenses that can earn death for a slave. She also refused orders to leave your side by a free, multiple times, both male and female. Now you could say you ordered her to bear arms, but we asked her and she told us honestly that she did this without your permission. If you wish, we can torture her to get the truth out of her.” Griff said in his gravelly voice.
  • Sean sighed then responded as Eve’s charges were laid before him. “Then I suppose we should hang her as an example to others,” he finally said, but did so with a chest tight with anguish over the possibility of losing his new girl. For months, he had watched her, waiting for the right moment to capture and collar her. She had teased him daily with the sway of her hips and loose clothing allowing him glimpses of her delicious flesh barely contained underneath their cloth coverings. He’d never wanted someone more in all his life. He honestly admitted that she consumed him. Her combination or recklessness, sassiness and sexual appeal drove him crazy, and then feeling her tight little body under him as he used her, drove him crazier still.
  • “Sir, I am not done. I said i would list the charges first. Now I will list her accomplishments,” stated his second firmly as he continued to address his commander while holding him down, hand still pressing on the unwounded shoulder to keep Sean in place.
  • “Go ahead, Griff.” Sean sighed again and he turned his head sideways, a tear slowly trickling down his cheek at the thought of losing Eve.
  • “When wielding the bow, she accounted for five of the enemy dead. The girl is a superior archer. When wielding your sword she saved your life, not because she was able to use it properly as it was too heavy for her, but she deflected a blow aimed for your neck by tilting it downward and digging the point into the floor of the gate entry. I was directly behind her and able to take out the attacker with ease when his sword buried itself beside the one she held. She also bandaged and according to the physicians caste, saved the lives of six men. When we retook the gate, she was everywhere, bandaging and applying tourniquets faster than any I’ve seen. It was actually amazing watching her run from man to man, cut up and bruised as she was. I will freely admit that I could not have moved as fast as she did, nor accomplished what this girl did during that short time. She then brought water and food for all the assembled warriors, engaging quite a few of the cities slaves to assist, up to and including switching them if they were slow to respond. Her performance was amazing to say the least. She also never left your side all night as you lay sleeping, under the sedatives of the physicians. She was only removed to outside this chamber and shackled when I ordered it.”
  • Sean pondered that. He was hurting and slow, but saw no way out for his little Eve. She had born weapons and though even against a foe, she had born those weapons without permission and admitted to such. He sighed again heavily and closed his eyes, then reopened them as he felt Griff’s heavy hand patting his shoulder. A grin adorned the visage of his Captain and Sean arched one eyebrow in question, not saying a word.
  • “You have a problem, Sir. By rights she should be hung, however, she has quickly become the darling of our caste. To do so might result in the men revolting, honestly. So, I had a few words with Seth our chief administrator. He informed me that there is precedent to this and that it is built into our laws, although few read all the fine print.” Now Griff paused and his expression turned from a grin to one pensive in nature as he continued. “According to Administrator Seth, you can free her for her actions and valor. As in, make her free again. That would save her from the noose. Both are waiting outside.”
  • “No other options?” asked Sean.
  • “None Sir, the law is pretty clear.”
  • “Alright,bring them in. Let’s get this over with, because i won’t have mine hung for saving my life,” Sean ground out. Griff left his side and opened the door, motioning for those outside to enter.
  • Eve entered first and immediately shuffled to Sean’s side, her heavy wrist and ankle manacles slowing her down. Two guards entered with her but Sean could tell from their expressions their heart was not in this task. As he watched, he saw Eve lean down, then kneel and lay her head against his thigh while looking him in the eyes.
  • “I’m so glad you lived, my Master,” she whispered before dropping her eyes and kissing the side of his leg. Behind Eve and the guards, the Chief Administrator entered in his robes of office and stern expression. He carried several rolls of parchment, tucked under one arm. Politely he nodded to Sean and Griff, as he stood silently. Sean knew what he had to do and nodded back as he spoke to Eve.
  • “Mine, you will stand for me,” he said in a gruff voice as his eyes started to tear up. He didn’t wish to lose her, not at all, but he needed to save her life.
  • “Yes, my Master,” she replied, and she slowly stood and it was then that Sean noticed the dark circles under her eyes and the massive exhaustion evident in her posture and expression on her face.
  • “Did you sleep yet, mine?” he inquired gently.

“No, my Master. I was worried about you,” came the hesitant response.

  • “Girl, listen carefully. I am freeing you because of your service to my caste and your valor and abilities during the recent battle. You may now consider yourself of the free with all rights afforded. The key to your collar is in my trousers, Griff could you get it please and Seth, bear witness to this, my freeing of her.” Sean intoned as he looked to both men who nodded. Quickly Griff went to Sean’s blood stained clothing and fished the key out of the front pocket, then in equal quick movements he took a step to Eve and unlocked then removed her collar, tossing it on the bed beside Sean. Seth nodded and after selecting one of the scrolls, he passed it to the girl. Sean grunted as the administrator must have had several made out before hand in case of any eventuality.
  • Eve stood slowly, standing proud in her naked glory. Cut up and bruised, yes, but the expression on her face read that of love and devotion and caring as she massaged her neck while watching Sean. He turned away so that she could not see his expression or the tears that were now flowing freely from his eyes at her loss. His last sight was one of the guards holding out a tunic for her to don before acquiring the clothes of the free. Slowly he closed her eyes and waited for her to leave his presence. He would never be the same after this. She, in her brief time with him, had changed his life. This was something he could never forget and internally he vowed to watch out for her once he recovered. He loved her and that feeling, that emotion within him would never be forgotten.
  • “My Master,” Eve’s voice came to his ears, soft and hesitant. Sean’s eyes snapped open in surprise and he turned his head to regard her. She still stood before him, standing upright, proud in her freedom and he wondered what she would say as he nodded for her to continue. What confused him was her use of the honorific due him as his slave, as she was no longer such.
  • “As a free woman, I wish to say this before I’m ordered to hush. My Master, when you first collared and raped me, then raped me again and again. Then beat me, manacled me and degraded me. I held nothing but loathing and contempt towards you, but during all that, something changed within me. To me, something important happened. I realized in my heart that even during this brief time together I came to love you, to need you. I cannot explain it as I’ve never imagined myself wearing a collar. I always thought I was a bit smarter, a bit faster and would not ever be caught. But, with you, something changed and now i realize my rightful place is within your collar. I would beg you master, to accept this girl as yours. With all my heart I beg you.” Her last words were said in a soft breath of air as she smiled at him, kneeled beside him arms outstretched overhead in the posture of female submission and closed her eyes, waiting. The scroll she had been handed lay discarded on the floor beside her, her manumission papers, forgotten.
  • Signaling to Griff, he allowed himself to be helped up, then swiveled his legs off the cot, the heavy bandages on his left thigh hampering his movements, but what he was about to do needed to be done properly. His heart soared after he heard Eve’s words and he would not deny her the courtesy of responding in kind. Finally, he stood upright, though favoring his wounded leg, but he would not allow assistance in something as important as this. He towered over the tiny girl, his frame perhaps slightly awkward and tilted but still he stood, as she had over him during that battle, tall and proud.
  • “Girl. You are submitting. There are only two choices I can make,” he whispered.
  • “I realize this Master, do as you will,” came her reply without hesitation. This caused Sean to nod as he watched her. As he did, he saw tears trickling down her cheeks and he nodded again as his eyes cut to Griff, who looked on in obvious approval.
  • “Then repeat after me. ‘I once Eve, of the city of Gimli,'”
  • Slowly she repeated the words, savor each and spoke in a clear yet tired voice. “I once Eve, of the city of Gimli.”
  • “Herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things,” he said.
  • “Herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things,” she replied.
  • “To him who is now known here as Sean, Commander of Scarlets in Gimli.” he said.
  • “To him who is now known here as Sean, Commander of Scarlets in Gimli.” She replied again.
  • “His girl, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases,” intoned Sean as he watched her closely then saw a beautiful smile adorn her features.
  • “His girl, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases,” she said with a soft whisper.
  • Sean lifted the opened collar from the bed and leaning over while almost losing his balance, he snapped it around Eve’s neck. Then locked it tightly as tears of joy streamed down his face to match those of the girls.
  • “You are now mine, and I name you Eve,” he said in a final husky murmur.
  • “I am yours my master,” she said as her eyes again looked up but at his signal she came into his arms and he held her tightly, kissing her savagely, hungrily as he pulled them both down onto the cot while wrapping his arms around her. A cheer rang out from the assembled warriors and administrator as he did this.
  • “We still need to address her fighting, Sir,” chuckled Griff, as Sean and Eve lay together on the cot.
  • “Right, I’ll work on that,” responded Sean, his eyes closed in contentment.
  • “If we need a new law, so be it,” remarked Seth with a chuckle of his own as he departed the room.
  • “I am home, and my heart is yours, my Master.” Eve whispered.
  • “Yes mine, you are home, and my heart is also yours.” He responded, as he held her tightly, never letting her go.

End of Book 1: Eve’s Ordeal.

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 11

The First Passage Hand, The Second Day,  after the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    There is something about the Village of Minus that bothers me for on my map Minus is located differently from where we found the village — in fact, many, many, many pasangs away. I ultimately decided for reasons mentioned below that either there is another place called Minus or the map I had must be in error.

  • In any event, as we left the place called the Village of Minus I did not immediately sail rim (east) on the Vosk; instead I noticed that the river expanded as it reached the Voltai mountains. There I saw something of particular note and briefly we docked in a secluded area.  Tanz and I walked a bit and she told me something that had I known in Minus would have given me concern and worry.  But here, having left the village and safely away, instead gave me reason to laugh loudly.

  • In my last entry, I wrote of the advantages of correcting a slave’s mistake, even though it is something that I fail at often – mostly out of ignorance. And I wrote of how Tanz is so much more attentive to such things then I.  Well, it should go without saying that there are many ways to correct an unintentionally errant kajira, some appropriate and some abusive to the point of causing no honor to the free who acts with intentional malevolence.  And, of course, to be abusive to another’s property can certainly not give the abuser claim to any honor.

  • While I was sleeping or otherwise elsewhere, it seems that Tanz had reason to see inside the pub in Minus a man act in a manner excessively abusive towards a kajira whose only offense was perhaps a serve that did not meet his highest of expectations. . . But instead of me trying to rewrite what Tanz told me, perhaps I best simply put the words as she conveyed them straight to me:

  • “The loud voice of a man woke me up. It came from the tavern below our guest room. I looked around groggily, trying to remember where we were now,  I crawled out of the bed and plastered the veil on my face a bit awkwardly, trying to adjust it.  The man below continued to berate the slave as I threw on some clothes.  He kept screaming that the soup was too hot and that she was too slow.  From what I could hear the poor thing seemed to be trying.

  • “So, Vorg, I headed downstairs to see what exactly this poor girl’s crimes were. I arrived to see him deliberately spill some of the hot soup on her leg. He then slapped her and told her to clean it up. Well.

  • I entered and smiled at the man and introduced myself The man asked me to join him. The girl, meanwhile, was trying to wipe the soup up with her flimsy silks and it just wasn’t working.

  • “I went to get myself a black wine and picked up a cloth which I dropped by her discreetly as I walked past her. She nodded appreciatively.

  • “The man offered to have the girl get me some soup and I said lovely but please make sure it’s hot. I said that I like hot soup. I thanked her for her serve then feigned a bug in my skirt, jumping up shrieking and alas, tripped, spilling the hot soup all over man. Last I saw of him, he was heading off to the baths and grumbling all the way.

  • “I guess he was not amused, Vorg, but the girl and I certainly were.”

  • Though I laughed at Tanz’s story, inwardly I was concerned that one day she would go too far. The woman’s confidence may one day outlast her skills and luck.

  • As I laughed and we rested in the quiet secluded area, I had another reason to smile. For we were near the Voltai mountains where the river ends and at this point I noticed something more.  Along the water’s edge I saw what clearly to me seemed to be the movement of the waterway continuing, and amidst some rocky reefs I then espied something more – water flowing further than what appeared to be the river’s end.

  • As I contemplated whether we should try to sail further, Tanz began to urge me that we should begin to sail back along the Vosk and head towards Iskander. She wanted to reach there sooner than later.  I decided not to protest nor to mention for the moment my suspicions about what I had noticed.  Nevertheless, I made a mental note to return to this place at some point in the future and explore where this waterway might lead.   It was at this point as well that looking up I saw a large tarn overhead and noticed that under it was a passenger basket.  I watched as the great bird made its way into the mountains and at a certain point begin to descend.

  • I smiled, then, a third time. I care not  much for profit, but information of all sorts  interests me and mysteries make me hunger for their answers.  As I have mentioned earlier I had thought our journey would have us find Payton and rose in the City of Treve.  Yet, when I mentioned this to others I was met with the response that Treve was both full of scoundrels and was well hidden from casual visitors.  And, as have clearly mentioned, instead of Treve, I found Payton and then later  rose in this curious Village of Minus, a place where tarns land and fly and carry certain people off in passenger baskets.

  • Well, when I attempted to ask one free woman who had arrived by tarn from where the tarn had come, she repeatedly attempted to dodge the answer to my question. Many times I asked and many times the answer I was given was unsatisfactory to my ears.  More curiously during the days we were in Minus I often found passing through the streets the men in black whose livelihood depends on secret murders.   These contract killers spoke not to me and I did not see fit to communicate with them, but it seemed clear that their presence was no doubt related to the woman’s reticence.  This left with me an unsatisfactory  mystery the answer to which I required to satiate my hunger.  Added, of course, to this mix were the people I had known before whom I found in Minus and whom I had had too little time to spend with, Payton and rose. Each had told me little of their lives these days though rumors I had heard connected them to Treve, not Minus which, by the way, would seem far too small to hold the residences of the people congregating within its streets and on its grounds.

  • One way I have learned to solve a mystery is to pretend no mystery exists. And, I have often found that better answers come to me from slaves rather than the masters of the slaves.  For slaves have at their very soul a desire to please and if a master is not pleased, even if it not be the slave’s true owner, causes the true slave a certain fundamental sadness.   And so it was that in casual discourse with one such slave, a slave who had arrived in Minus by the tarn, and who assumed I knew more than I did, that the comely kajira did confirm to me that the tarn is like shuttle transporting back and forth between Treve and Minus.  And, so I watched the skies and as I watched I could follow the tarn’s flight towards the mountains.

  • And, finally, by the mountains themselves from where Tanz and I had docked to enjoy each others presence, and elsewhere from our small sailing ship as we navigated well the Vosk, the tarn’s flights that I espied made clear to me its path, its destination, and the location as accurately as if I had ridden the tarn myself.

  • I do not see fit to give the location of Treve in this journal, nor do I see fit to identify herein the specific kajira whose words confirmed a secret that was obvious. She, herself, may not even realize what she told me.   I would not wish to cause the slave punishment for having spoken to me the truth.  Likewise, I will not mention the name of those that could not conjure up an answer that might have dissuaded me from pressing further.  After all, since such deceive I prefer not to give them advice on how to make their deception better.

  • Roleplay Etiquette by Selvi
  • Let’s discuss roleplay etiquette in this article, consider it a review for those experienced roleplayers and something helpful for future roleplayers joining the community. If you feel I neglected to mention something, feel free to drop me a notecard and I will be more than happy to pass it on to my Editors. –Selvi



__It’s more fun to roleplay when you know those you’re engaging with are not researching every Gorean food, drink, custom and race to ensure the validity of your roelplay. In order to keep roleplay realistic, time is needed by some to give there roleplay some thought, so be kind.

  • Consider the roleplay around you

__Be situational aware, too often, I have seen slaves emote this wonderful entrance, highlighting their walk, how this and that glistens and well..they are walking into a roleplay where the free were about to draw swords on each other. Talk about bad timing.

  • Observe turns

__Generally, I watch the order of roleplay and see how it goes, or you can approach it by imagining a clock and go around the group clockwise.



  • Chat boxing is when you just talk in local without using any sort of emotion. (ie. [12:00] Tina: Hey, what are you doing here?). There should always be a short action in your roleplay when one-line roleplaying. A proper example would be the following (ie. [10:32] Tina waves as she sees her group of friends. “Hey! What are you guys doing?”) Machine Gun RP also applies to this.


  • This is when you are talking over and over again before giving anyone a chance to respond. You should post one, and only one, post before waiting for your next turn.


  • Do not go out of order when RPing. A courtesy to RPers around you is to follow a simple order. Of course this usually does not apply in classes, for example. If wishing to join a group of RPers that are already immersed, it never hurts to IM them and politely ask the order of the RP and where you can come in.


  • If someone RPs in a style that you do not like, you can simply walk away and not chose to RP with them, or you can adjust your style however you feel fit to meet theirs.


Blonde Scribe

  • A blonde-haired scribe walked in a library and went to the head scribe, pulls out a thick book and started screaming at her.


  • The head scribe stares at her, then calmly replies, “So you’re the one who took our summer readers mailing list.”


“Doctor, Doctor I feel like a verr”.

“How long have you felt like that”?

“Since I was a kid”.

Q: Why did the bee get married?

A: Becase he found his honey

Q: What do you call a bears without ears?

A: B’s

Q: What do you call a wasp?

A: A wanna-bee!

Q: What’s a bees favorite novel?

A: The Great Gats-bee!

Q: What do you get if you cross a bee with a door bell?

A: A hum dinger!

Q: Who is the bees favorite singer?

A: Sting!

  • Yo mama is so fat, the warriors of the city used her as a road block.

  • Yo mama is so fat…. when she travelled with the Merchant caravan over the mountain, the whole mountain collapsed

  • Yo mama is so fat…it took the captain several ehns before he could claim everyone was on board.

  • Yo mama is so stupid… when she was told that the next festival was around the corner, she actually went looking for it.

Issue 66  


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Hathor)
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Interview wit High Jarl of Ravandal Fjord (Hathor)
  • My Take on RP (Molly Frostbite)
  • G&S – Prologue (Claude Belgar)
  • Shopping Gor! II by Erin
  • One En Story – From Free Woman to En (sheera)
  • Khaleesi Taken Hostage
  • Garden Dancers (Nami)
  • Puma of Gor By Izumi Vought
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Hathor

Tal, Gorean People,

  • The following article is truly not an editorial, but it is something which arose and gave me pause to reflect whether it is happening with other slaves of Gor.

  • Sim Rules and Ignorance

  • A Slave IM’d me the other day about her experience when she went to a Gor sim. She was crying and visibly distraught.  Upon asking what the problem was, she gave me her following experience.

  • She went to a sim, walking on the land, and while had a meter on, gave no reference on the meter as to why she was there. She was shortly captured, and was in line for an iron collar and branding and to be put into their kennel.  She RP’d her way off the sim and was not collared nor branded.

  • My issue with this kind of behavior (and what I advised her) was that the sim slaver had the right to take this slave. The slave ad no inkling of the correct meter to wear, had no male to give her protection, and was totally ignorant as to the sim rules. She had taken no note cards that were posted/available at the dock which provide any and all of the rules of the sim, and proper decorum for any visitor, be Free or slave.  Now, I grant sometimes the rules are lengthy and it will take a few moments to read, they are there for a reason.  I this slave had taken the cards and the time to read, tears and high emotion would not have occurred.

  • I was also ignorant the first time I visited a sim, and after that experience, I was aware of the rules each time I entered a Gor sim. I currently have the protection of being a reporter for the Gazette, but I contact the Administrator of any sim first, and have asked for a proper meter explanation of why I was on the sim, and even if I could have free access to the sim.

  • Slaves, be courteous first, read the rules, see if they fit your ideas of why you would like to be a part of the sim. Secondly, after reading any and all note cards, abide by the rules.  Be aware that you could end up on a sim, possibly collared and a slave to the entire sim population.    And don’t expect to RP you way out of the situation,  no one likes a “brat” or “princess .”

  • If you are truly interested in a Gor sim, contact via IM a person who may be able to answer your questions and bring you to the sim under their protection. Be safe !

  • English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

  • Interview with High Jarl of Ravandal Fjord (Hathor)

Revandal Fjord, High Jarl Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno)

If you are looking for a life that not only follows the books and adheres to  the John Norman BTB philosophy that Free Men are the “Masters” and slaves/bondmaids are bondmaids, please take the time to read this interview.  While the Jarl was generous with his words, if I miss my mark, there was steel implied.

Hathor01: Greetings Jarl

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Greetings girl

Hathor01: as you know Jarl,  I am interested in the hearing about the philosophy of this land (Ravandal Fjord)

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): The Philosophy of this land is to create a stable village where Torvaldslanders can put down roots, grow a family, enjoy all that the real North has to offer. My Philosophy in short, is to make Torvaldsland great again.

Hathor01: from the note cards, I have read your rules for the land and for slaves. It is, to my way of thinking, one land driven by the Free Men

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): It is.
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Indeed; we try to create an Environment where bonds can be bonds and new girls can learn from step one if needed.
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): One of my other major philosophies is stability. I have seen so many cities in my 10 years in SL go down because of arguments between co-owners, arguments between administrators, administrators on power trips. I am blessed here to have several administrators and key players who share that same view but at the end of the day I keep my fingers in the pot to avoid sim breaking situations and insure everyone is dealt with somewhat fairly. Ravandal Fjord will be here tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Hathor01: I also, in my travels, have seen where women, both Free and slave run a sim

Hathor01: from what I have read, you have a village whch is counter to a number of Gor sims

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): The larger issue in my opinion is weak men who do not know how to act Gorean, typically stemming from a lack of knowledge or spiritual insight of Gor gained from reading the books.

Hathor01: it seems like you are more like the JN books

Hathor01: and in my opinion Jarl, refreshing to see the Free Man who are strong

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): I really cannot bash the other Gorean sims, each sim owner is paying several hundred US Dollars a month to create their own experience. At the end of the day, the owner of the sandbox gets to make the rules. My own personal goals are to come as close to what is represented in the books, within the confines and sad limitations of SL, as possible.
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): I am just myself; I have had this vision for a time and I saw a need/opportunity to create something which was lacking in the spectrum of Gorean Sims.

Hathor01: Out of ignorance Jarl, is there a difference between a bond and a slave?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): A slave is a slave; be it North, South or otherwise. They are beautiful buxom women who for one reason or another ended up in Irons, or men down on their lucks who have ended up in steel as well. Bondmaids simply put are Northern female slaves who are playful, bold and hard working. They do everything, from working the long halls, to the fields, to sewing, fishing, cooking, everything. In that way they enjoy far more freedom than a Southern girl kept locked in a Tavern or chained within a tea house all day.

Hathor01: chuckles

Hathor01:  in my travels for the Gazette, I have been at Southern cities/villages and now trying to learn more about the Northern culture and provide insight to our readers

Hathor01: and your rules for slaves, the reason I asked about bonds/slaves hey are specific and to my first read, harsh

but after re-reading, it is what a slave is supposed to be at all times

if not, she/he should not follow that path, to my thinking Jarl

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno) grins “You are fortunate to have such freedoms seldom granted to a southern slave. The freedom of the Bondmaid is the freedom to let her full passions flow at all times to the free men, She is given variety that is little known in the South. However , just as a man who loves his slave must be extremely strict, the bondmaids having such natural freedoms of their day are brought under punishment far harsher than the South. The bondmaid brand itself, a curved belly under the point of a sword, a constant reminder that her life depends on being “pleasing”

Hathor01: Jarl, may I turn to the population of your village?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): You may

Hathor01: May I  ask what castes are represented here and are you recriting any additional?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): The North does not have a traditional caste system. Each man is expected to do much of what a Southern warrior would do. It is the responsibility of every man to be armed and proficient with such arms. Beyond that many of the men also specialize in a different skill, Overseer, Blacksmith, Woodsman, Shipwright, Healers, Hunters,Trappers, Furriers, Leather Workers, Stone Masons, etc. I would say we always have use for anyone who has a skill and a passion for that skill. Unlike the south, we have many of men who take part in a given craft. Free Women, ideally, should each know how to cook, sew, preserve foods, as well as other specialized tasks like bee keeping , soap making , healing, etc. The limitations of ones trade really rely on the creativity of the individual, I am sure someone with an imagination as big as muscles could think of 100 more trades I did not list above and find fun meaningful RP in it. In Short  we welcome anyone willing to work hard.

Hathor01: I was going to ask about your RP, I understand that there is no voice here but strong RP is fostered

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Correct, we do not use SL voice for normal RP. We however do enable SL voice once a week where our Overseer Amir reads from the books. Strong RP is indeed fostered, we do however have to let loose with a couple of OOC events a month.

Hathor01: a Mistress took me to a Northern sim, for the experience

Hathor01: t was a rolliking fun RP session, lots of teasing and bantering, my impression of Norsemen was altered

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): *laughs* I am surprised you survived the Bondmaids! They are known to tease and be harsh with fresh Silk girls brought from the South.
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): The men of the North though are far more jovial that perhaps a southern girl might used to be. What is a fine meal in the hall without some banter?

Hathor01: exactly Jarl

Hathor01: a couple more questions, I’m taking a lot of your time

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): No problem I have some time before hall night

Hathor01: may I return with a friend or pics to accompany this interview Jarl and at that same time, a tour of the land?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Sure ; any time
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Hospitality is a key staple of the North

Hathor01: thank you Jarl

Hathor01: do you provide  housing for the Free?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): I charge 2L/Week/Prim
  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): with several options ranging from 25 Prims up to 200 prims

Hathor01: and lastly Jarl, is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you feel iis important to our readers about your village/sim?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): I would like to invite all Northern Men and Women along with Southerners looking for a change to make Ravandal their home. For an inviting RP intensive experience in a village with old school ownership they may have never had the opportunity to experience. I welcome any hard working slaves who wish to test their mettle as well; be they the most experienced bonds of the North or Southern girls looking to learn what it is to be a Bondmaid.

Hathor01: thank you Jarl for your patience and time

Hathor01: an interesting and enlightening conversation for me

Hathor01: may I be allowed to leave Jarl?

  • Loki Eisenfaust (agamemnon.dezno): Yes

Hathor01: (stands and locates the exit to the Jarl’s personal home, and leaves to complete her work for this day)

  • My Take on RP By Molly Frostbite
  • To me, RP is telling a story through the eyes of one character as she or he interacts with others, using hints, openings and insinuations to help each other move the tale forward.

  • There are soooo many variations of RP as we know it.. Para, One liners, Short Para and even (forgive me) Pew Pew! Although many would dispute the last, its still, in its own way, building a story! It creates an event in time and offers a chance for further RP.

  • For me, i find a long running RP fulfilling. I spend time in my RL thinking over what’s happened so far and what i can do to influence events when i next sign on. I always liked to run my RPs as fluid as possible. Yes i would plan a few things that i could try but for the most part, i like to just follow events and see where it leads. This generally means i have to think on my feet and react as best i can. This has gotten me into some tight little squeezes over time! Remember, for every action there is a consequence!

  • My character Molly, has seen some tough times in her years and followed many paths and roles. She has been a Red headed Bond in a northern village, she was a Free Woman for a short time (a very short time) and most recently, she’s a Taluna! She has been abandoned, enslaved, exiled, captured, collared, rescued, riddled with disease and even killed! Sometimes you lose the ability to steer the direction of an RP. With a little creativity you can nudge it back or just say “What the hell! Lets see where this ride takes me!”

  • But i have to say, the Role Play in SL Gor is one of the most imaginative, inventive and colourful of any I’ve ever experienced! There are some awesome and fun people out there and they are itching to play with you, me and everyone else.

  • G&S – Prologue (Claude Belgar)
  • What is G&S, how can we use it to improve the role-play ?

First of all, we will try to answer to the first question, what is G&S ?

The answer isn’t as easy as it sound at first, and the reason is that G&S isn’t a monolithic entity. The more often, the use will be akin to a farm, and that might indeed be the most common use you may encounter. But it is far from being the only one. In fact, about any roles can find a use for it, but there is one condition. You must be willing to use it to improve your role-play, not to gain some personal gains, something we will discuss in a later edition.

  • So, aside a farmer, what other roles could make use of the G&S ?

Panthers and talunas can use it.

Warriors and the like.


Carpenters can also use it

If you are a scribe ? Indeed.

A cook, a baker ? You can use the G&S to improve your role-play.

Slaves of all kinds.

And many others.

  • We will talk more in detail about every roles each month, starting with farming. Stay tuned.

  • Shopping Gor ! II by Erin

Avatar Parts!

KB Glamour nipples

there is no inworld store sadly, so this is what i can offer in place:


Vero Modero ( PeKaS )

  • it looks like everything here is for original sl avis, but there are some nice designs.this for example, is mesh, but definitely for an SL avatar

  • there are similar outfits for panthers, they come with the appropriate alpha masks, as well as for free women and outlaws. pictures included

  • if your avi isn’t mesh, this shop has practically any costume you’d like.

  • Hair! (this isn’t one i had planned on doing til next week, but….)

  • with the new viewer and the appearance everwhere of jelliepeople, i thought this needful of being done. Hair ic a BIG complexity maker if you have the wrong ones-

  • Sadly some of my favorite makers- rezology for example, i finally fugired out, were the culprit of My own high numbers

  • by comparison

  • nearly the same hair and yet causes nearly two and a half fewer complexity points. both mesh both the light blonde, both short cuts.

  • From Free Woman to En (sheera)
  • ©
    She reads the Sa Jesuil banner

    laying in my furs waiting for sleep to come … my mind raced on the days events …. then slowly, slowly drifted back … far into the past  and a smile crossed my lips as I played with Bonny, my faithful and loving slave in our little house in the village of Rarir. An apprentice green  in a btb village takes a terrible risk when she becomes too close to her slave and I knew .. I sensed the freemen watched  us as we played, the Magistrate especially watched us … until one day he summoned me to his office and reminded me that if I were to be a fully fledged green I must have two children and therefore I needed a Free Companion. My heart filled with fear as he informed me that he was to speak with my father and would take my hand.

  • My mind whirled as I heard my own voice, pleading with my father, begging my mother not to give my hand to the fat, oderous man in the blue gowns but to no avail. For a week I cried in my sleep as my dreams turned to nightmares of  him kissing me, his hands pawing at my body … I screamed and pushed him away as he tried to force himself on me….waking . shaking with fear I dressed and ran from my fathers house  through the streets, into the fields  not stopping  .. into the forest … crashing through the bushes until I  tripped and fell… gasping for air, my chest shuddering, tears streaming down my cheeks until I slept .. fitfully, my first night in the forest.. I woke with the sun warming my face … not knowing where I was, hearing the rustle of the bushes .. sounds all around me,, the forest was alive!  I stumbled on, drinking from streams, eating berries and fruit the second night sleeping in the open.

  • My eyes opened .. a second prod in the ribs … looking up I saw a woman, wearing only a skin, a spear in her hand……prodding me with it..then I saw another ..and another … they bound my wrists tightly, no words were exchanged; they dragged me, stumbling through the forest, quickly, silently … the spear jabbed into my   ribs if I could not keep up with them.

  • Eventually we entered a clearing ….and a rough palisade of stakes, as we entered I saw huts … and more huntresses. My gowns torn and stained,,, I was forced to my knees at the feet of a tall, blonde woman, I was to come to know as Cao, En of the Sa’jesuil. Cold, tired ,, hungry I shivered as she stared down at me. I saw her hand point and I was dragged to a hut , what was left of my gowns of concealment torn from me.

  • Naked, I was forced to me knees .. and a fierce, red headed huntress stood over me … smirking ” tal town girl ..” forcing open my hands she laughed at their smoothness of my skin and told me they would soon be rough.. from chopping wood.. cooking .. tending the wheat and carrying out the chores of a slave.  She stood tall and proud, she wore a bow on her back, had a dagger on her thigh and a flogger in her hand. Soon I felt it across my back… cutting .. stinging   I cried out but she continued to beat me… hurling insults  .. “I am Mary Ellen Beresford,  Tor of the Mighty Sa’jesuil … you are a slave girl!”  I cringed at every stroke  but would not fall at her feet .. she  hit me harder, pulled my hair .. screamed insults about my mother and father .. until I could take no more …my fear gone,  a rage consumed me … I fought back … I bit her… scratched her .. punched .. kicked her  just  as she fought me… until, both exhausted, we collapsed to the ground gasping for breath.   As I recovered I saw two feet,, looking up I saw the En, Cao ” So you can fight?”  Mary stood next to her and nodded “Aii   she can fight we should offer her the feather… we shall see if she is strong enough”.. I quickly understood  my choice was either  slavery … and no one wants to be a panthers slave, or to join them as a Huntress .. but first I would have to take the test and prove I was worthy. Those first few ehn flew past .. they showed me how to use a bow.. how to shoot tabuk… skin them… gut them cut and cook the meat.. they showed me herbs and plants I had never seen  before  how to use them as medicine or foods..

  • One morning the Kyra, the Se called me over… she was a kind woman, a skilled fighter and a great bow.. she was responsible for my training.. She looked at me kindly and nodded ” You are ready sister…. you must prove yourself worthy  to wear the feather of the Sa’jesuil’ . I swallowed  for I knew the test would be hard, some failed and were enslaved, some died in the attemp  …and now it was my turn.  Kyra looked at me ” All you have to do .. is hunt a larl, kill it and bring me the fang” .. my stomach churned .. but my Se told me she was sure I could do this and then, and only then,  I would truly be her sister, just as all the others were her sisters.

  • I nodded and packed my pouch with food and herbs… slung my bow over my back and filled my quiver… hugging each of my  sisters in turn… each telling me I would soon return  to take my place with them… I slipped, alone, into the forest knowing I could not return if I failed in my quest … therefore I must succeed!  I travelled  through the forest for 60 ahn looking for signs of a larl, always the Sardar mountains in my view.. silently, swiftly moving  until the forest ceased and I could see a village nestling at the foot of the mighty Sardar Mountains, smoke rising slowly from the chimneys.

  • I climbed a tree so that I could rest safely until darkness would come. As the day faded I slipped down the trunk of the tree and slowly, carefully worked my way past the village.  I had heard that many larl lived on the holy Sardar Mountain .. but I only wanted one, the hairs on the back standing tall as I sensed my prey was near. I walked and ran for ahn having passed the village … now I was alone … then I heard it … the low howl carrying on the wind as it blew through the mountains …a chill went through my bones, instinctively I knew … I .. the huntress .. was now the hunted.  I tried to stay in the open, I did not want the beast leaping onto my back .. I knew I would be lost unless I faced him head on. Silently I moved through the rocks and the boulders .. my eyes searching for him as I knew he also searched for me. I waited, concealed behind a boulder ,,.. my heart pounding .. then I saw him  silently padding along a path …  his eyes burning red,   ..standing taller than  myself, lit only by the moon.. his huge head containing  those fangs that only needed to bite once….. whispering a silent prayer to the Goddess I slowly pulled back the arrow  …I felt myself shaking as I released and heard the arrow zip through the air… an angry  roar filling the air as it found its target. I knew I had once chance.. it was him.. or me .. I pulled another arrow from my quiver ….  he was coming for me, I fired again … then again  then again .. each arrow striking  the huge beast … but still he came.. I turned and ran through the boulders .. hearing him crashing after me .. rage in his growls. Scrambling  up a rock  I could see him searching for me.. his nose twitching as he searched for my scent… taking another arrow from my quiver I fired … then another .. into his flank.. the fearsome roar echoed  through the night.. I moved again … firing at him as i ran .. he was moving less quickly now but the growls still filled me with terror…. Knowing where he was I fired again … moving .. firing again …until slowly the huge beast sank to his belly ….the growls fading as his life slipped away..  Pulling my dagger from its sheath I hurried towards him …expecting him to rise up one more time but he moved no more….I counted 10 if not 12 arrows in his magnificent body then quickly cut the fang from his mouth and smiled ..I,  Sheera was now a Jerag or ‘full huntress’ of the Sa’jesuil and my heart sang.. now I was truly a sister amongst sisters. It took me another 60 ahn to return to my tribe, holding the fang  in my hand I whooped and screamed as I entered the camp.  my en, Cao, the Se,  Kyra and the Tor Mary laughed as I showed them the fang … I handed it to Kyra  saying” I Sheera  now claim my rightful place amongst my sisters of the Sa’jesuil. Two days later, when the moon was full and the tribe danced,  Kyra returned the fang, mounted on a necklace …as she  tied it around my neck she said “You are now Jerag .. if you must you will fight to the death to defend your tribe, you will kneel to no man .. Welcome Sister” … That day I was  surely the happiest  Huntress in all of Gor.

  • Time passed, we were a small tribe, often raided

 by other tribes…the  Di’jan .. or mustards as they were commonly known, the Sa’ng sar  and  others. New Sisters joined,  .. some did not return from their hunting trips for one reason or another .. but I was happier than I had ever been. Slowly I earned the respect of my En, my Se and my Tor until one day I was told the En would be leaving, Kyra take her place ..and i had been elected as Se …my jaw dropped ..” but I have not been asked .. this is not what I seek.. ” I loved my tribe, my sisters and my En .. but she was gone and I never really knew why. Our tribe went through hard times, we lost many sisters for many different reasons .. I was learning quickly how difficult it is to run a tribe … my new En was away much of the time ..and now we lived in  Valkerie Forest, in the shadow of the Valkerie Torva.  Joyously, my en Cao returned unexpectedly from her travels and resumed her place as En. To my surprise she asked my to stay as Se and reluctantly I agreed. Times were good… we slowly rebuilt our tribe new sisters arrived .. Donnie Flagon of the Sa’ng sar, my long time friend joined us with some of her sisters.. the Sa’jesuil was rightly  feared ..throughout the forest!

  • There was talk.. and even a vote on whether the Sa’jesuil and the Valkerie Torva should merge … but in my heart I knew this could never happen.. I WAS .. I AM Sa’jesuil or I am nothing …some can flit from tribe to tribe but this, like many in other tribes,  I cannot do. I fought the merger tooth and nail .. and with hindsight I was right … the Valks are now once more a strong tribe, they did not need us and we certainly did not need them. We moved to another part of the continent.. Cao slowly taking more and more of a role in the background.. I took more and more of the day to day decisions.

  • Khaleesi Taken Hostage
  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) takes a pot of tea and warmed tea over a quit fire, he then takes the cups off the table and pours her a glass, his movements slow and controlled with a hidden kinetic energy, almost like a tiger ready to spring… yet serene and calculated, each drop that uttered from the lip of the teapot seemed to trickle with a steady and well practiced aim. He then pours himself one as he speaks “Now you may have a chance to speak with me in a more humble setting,” he says, as he sets the teapot down and lips his own cup to smell the aroma.. two scoops of sugar and he says “one scoop or two?” pausing in wait for her response, showing charisma and his true character.

    Khaleesi (khaleesirafn): watches him carefully and everything he did from the way he tilted his hat and the way he poured the tea .. if indeed it was tea, she turn her head side to side and politely answer” im really not thirsty thank you, ” taking a deep breath and looking around at the doors windows and taking ion the route he took dragging her in in case it was needed and she had a chance to leave

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) laughs seeing her reaction and humbly lifts her own cup to drink a sip to show her that it was indeed not poison or anything funny, setting it down before her, and yet again pouring her another fresh glass. “I may be part killer, But I am also part man, and an honest one at that” he says as he hands her a fresh glass and pours the rest of hers into his own. “Fear not, for I have no ill will or intention of harming you. We have come across each other many times in the past and I would like to extend you the hospitality that you deserve for knowing me , or of me, for so long. ” stirring his cup slowly now at this point and sitting straight and comfortable, his posture showing a stillness hard to acquire without years of practice.

  • Khaleesi (khaleesirafn): raises a brow and watches as he drink and pours the remainder in another cup and nods in thanks to him” well I also know a man of black caste puts coin before life, and since we came here without an appointment so to speak i figured yo have plenty reason not to keep a female here if you didn’t have advantage to gain from it, she turns her head to look around as she takes a sip and places it back on the table,

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) nods appreciatively, “I can appreciate your assumption as it is been very known that we have many here, however, We are also coming out of hibernation and it is very important to have strong relations in the politics of this planet. Ever since I escaped the kurri’s home world, I have been massing an effort to turn the tides. This may include many castes and many races, As you can see, I have amassed hordes unseen before in this world, a conglomeration of power structures that have collapsed, which have been rebuilt in ways that can only be told in legends.” He says matter of factually in such a way his words were sure and confident, his mind and his eyes clear, sober and dedicated. He takes his mask down and sets his hat upon the table. and reveals his face to the woman, and the real reason for his hard shell laid bare plain for her to see, his face boyish, but scarred, you could see the experience laid across his body as he waved a hand for her to sit. His wraps seemingly keeping him together from years of intensity, and what looked like kurri claw scars laden yet covered by the wraps which he seemed uneager to remove by his demeanor.

  • Khaleesi (khaleesirafn): lifting her eyes to see him as his hands removed the covers from his face and head, feeling little nervous but less fearful then she had imagined, his scars were clear and suspected they run deeper inside then would show but his manner with her would suggest he had learned to be at peace with himself and what he had been through ” i understand you have and want to build a place for you and your .. family .. but i don’t really know you that well at all Sir,  and you are less scary without your mask .. trust me .. she lowered her eyes again then raised to look directly at him showing she didn’t care about any scars she would see the person within not the package,

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) then removes his cloak to rid himself of extra weight so as to enjoy his tea and meal, he looks around clearly seeing no slaves present, thus helps himself to leftovers, offering her something to eat as well, and brandishing the food , showing forms of rice and vegetables and bean-sauces with meat strips, and other spices laid across the table, “I hope you can appreciate this meal because I do believe we will be taking you to the estate after this, so eat and be comfortable, and try to relax yourself for the remainder of your stay, im sure you can understand the importance. ” he says while grabbing silverware and handing her some on her own plate and silverware. “And if you try to stab me with anything, just remember, I was a leash-dog for kurri’s in their sick arena’s and bred to kill entire clans…” he states matter of factly and goes to eating his food without pausing for a second. his face shoveling food in such a way that appeared as if he needed immense nutrient to sustain his faculties.

  • Garden Dancers (NWekami (daphnedana)

Nami (abdafina Resident)

  • ©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
    Slave dance

    Are you a dancer who enjoys dancing with no emotes, or with emotes, this group is for you, Those who have joined are a good group of dancers who look forward to perform for your entertainment whether gorean or not

  • We are the Garden Dancers, a newly formed dance group. We are recruiting new members to make this group grow so we can visit both earthern sims and gorean sims.

if interested contact

Nami (abdafina Resident)

kami (daphnedana)

  • Puma of Gor By Izumi Vought
  • ©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
    Larl !

    It is said many of my people are part of the great spirits. The Wolf, and Puma, the spirits of my people. When I was born I was told about all these things as a child of the Native Americans. But what was part of this is true many of my people are part of these Spirits.  For I found out from my grandfather I had been marked as one of Puma’s children. I did not fully understand what he ment till I got older.

  • On the night of my sixteenth birthday I was awakened. On that night I found out what the meaning of a child of Puma was. I could not belive it the tales were true for there I stood with my Grandfather and Mother. We all three were standing as in the form of the Puma but on two feet and tall and powerful but my mind was sharp and my senses were crisp. I could see as a Puma, smell as a Puma, and run like one. I was stronger, bigger and I could see my claws and run my tongue along my teeth and the sharp pointed teeth.

  • I could still talk and over the next two years learned all about the clan and what we were there on Earth to do. It was amazing at night and even during the day, I would go and hunt, and run, and jump, and fight. I grew very quick and fast, my reflexes grew super sharp. Even now during the day I can sometimes if I try hard enough I can see like a Puma and pop my claws but ohhh it hurts.

  • Well now I should best tell you of who I am name wise and so on. My name is Dawn Littleclaw. I was born near Santa Fe New Mexico. My mother as you can guess is a child of Puma but my father is a white man with red hair, a very loveing father with some temper, I guess thats where I get my red hair. He knows all about the race and understands keeping it secret from the outside world.
  • As many would say it was normal around the reservation for us childern to just run around and have fun. I found out in my age group of teenagers I was the only child of Puma born. But there were three boys that were born Children of Wolf. So we four became very close always protecting each other. They of course even in there wolfen form’s were bigger than me. But for some reason I was faster and quicker. And had bigger claws which made them keep calling me littleclaw.
  • On our eighteenth Birthday its was set we four were to go out alone and hunt and return with meat for the tribe, But my grandfather warned me to be extra carefull he saw a bad omen the night befor and something would happen to me. I promised I would be fine and would return for I did know the woods even better than my wolf brothers.
  • So we all set off for the big hunt. I remember looking up at the moon and it was white as was a good omen. But later on that night as I had moved close to a group of deer I looked up and the moon was blood red to my eyes and it spooked me. I was down wind and moveing up on the deer quietly of course I had already changed in to the Pumaca which I called the form of the cat. As I moved threw the brush in the woods I could hear a strang humming sound from the west. I keep a ear on it but focused on the hunt and the deer’s.
  • That was my mistake for as I moved to pounce the deer a blinding blue light hit the area and it shock the ground. I remember flying into a set of trees and hitting them. I guess I blacked out which would put me back in the human form. I awoke later finding myself in a cage of metal in a wagon with a collar on my neck nude. I did not move so I could smell and sence what was around me. I senced four males that seem to have not bathed in a month. I slowly looked around the cage there were four other girls in the cage.
  • One girl who was in what looked like a riped to pieces dress was in the corner her hair was black, and she had a collar on her neck. She looked at me * seems your awake * she said. I stured and set up looking at her. *what… whats going on, where am I * I asked. She looked at me and again talked * your on the way to the City of Laura. You like the rest of us are to be sold for we are slaves.* I was shocked for I had no clue what was going on or what this Laura place was.
  • I looked around and the other three girls were curled up into another corner all nude, the three in the corner were dirty, I could tell they had been beaten and I saw a brand on the girls thighs. I checked myself seeing no marks on my body.
  • As the group keep moveng I could see other wagons merging with this group and more men. All of them keep comeing around the cage looking at all of us and saying things about buying us and wanting to know how hot they were. All of this was very strange to me but as we went on the one in the rags explained to me what was going on. We were on a world called Gor and those females who show emotions of sexualtiy or passion are slaves. The men of the world of Gor controled everything and made to rules. Only the ones called Priest kings were the real power on the world and all worshiped them.
  • That night I was shocked as I looked up and saw not one but three moon’s, I could feel the urge to escape but figured to wait for a good chance. That chance would come sooner than later as the night went on the men keep going around the cage talking about how bad they would rape us. I watched as those slave owned moved around all of them were very sexy and threw themselves at the men. But as I watched one keep eyeing me. I guess it was do to I had dark skin and red hair.
  • The male came over saying his names was Lorth of Ar, and that he was going to buy me as his own and have me trained as a red silk pleasure slave. Which I told him I had no clue what he was talking about but I would never be a slave for anyone. As he smiled I heard a loud howl in the distance and it shoulded like my wolf brothers. My heart raced as I thought they were comeing for me. The men quickly grabed there weapons which were swords and bow’s and arrows. Again this backwords world was strange to me.
  • The men set up a defence it seemed. I could smell the howling creatures and knew it was not my Wolf brothers but something else and I felt this was going to be bad. I moved to a area near a back corner of the cage. As a sniffed and could sence them. Do to only moon light showing I focused and hightened my sences as I had been tought back on my seventeenth year. I knew there were six of these things. I yelled out to Lorth telling him that they were flanking the men, and that only two were comeing head on. Lorth looked at me and screamed * Shut up Girl or I will gag you *. and with that they hit camp.
  • They moved quick and fast and massive in size biggern than my wolf brothers. They were six total using what looked like massive axe’s but they were covered in black fur and the teeth and claw’s looked like my wolf borther’s. The girls in the cage all screemed and cryed calling these things Kurii. The men were out flanked and the four Kurii plowed into them as Lorth fought on two were comeing towards him from behind, I knew if I did not act eveyone here would be killed.
  • I screamed as I poped the claws from my fingers and sliced threw the bars. The girls in the cage totally freaked out when they saw me do this. It also caught the attention of the two behind Lorth and Lorth himself. As I stood there looking at the carnage of what these things were doing I felt something never in my life. The blood rage would building and with three full moons out I felt stronger as infront of them all I changed in the pumaca form.
  • As that moment eveyone who was alive were looking at me human and kurii. Again I yelled but this time it was a roar a powerful one. As I charged the kurii I fould myself three times faster. It seemed as if these kurii were in slow motion as I attacked. The first one swang his massive axe and I easly dodged it, I swung around and pounced on his back like a cat does to a deer and bit down on his back neck. I still remember the bones breaking and it falling dead as I riped the bone part off of the body. My sences were super adapted and I could sence there actions as they all now moved in on me.
  • I focused on the biggest one for it looked like he was calling the shots. I quickly charged him as I fought alittle with the others but in so doing the others had turn there backs on the remaining men who snaped out of there shock and attacked them from behind killing the four others just as I reached the big one. He droped the axe and hit me head on which I was not expecting. His claw hit my jaw and oh did it hurt I felt the blood in the mouth from his claw. But I remembered what my wolf brothers had tought me and rolled bringing up my big powerful hind legs hitting this kurii in the stomach area sending him into a cart.
  • He rose up I could sence he was hurt from the blow and he roared at me. I had rolled up and was back up on a defensive stance. The kurii saw the rest dead and decided it was wise to pull out. He ran quickly into the woods. I thought about going after him but for now sence I had no clue what this world was or anything to stay put. So I turned back and looked at Lorth and slowly walked towards him and the remaining three men who were alive but hurt. As I got close I returned to the human form and looked at Lorth. *Do you still want to try and own me as a pleasure slave * I said to him with a smirk. He did not say a word for about five minutes then said. * What are you girl you are not of Gor. * his eyes looking me over as did the other three men.
  • I felt my face and knew I was still bleeding but knew it would heel befor day break. I looked around and took a cloak from one of the dead men as the men stayed on a defensive stance with there swords drawn. I sat down by the fire and looked at them. My voice has returned to its soft tone. * If I wanted to kill you all I would not have helped you in the first place* I said as I tried to calm the men. Of course the slave girls were all crying and freaking out still but oh well.
  • Lorth came over slowly and again said * What are you girl *. I looked up to him and said * My name is littleclaw, I am from Earth a child of Puma the sister of the Wolf.* I wraped myself up in the cloak as I was cold sence I was nude after all. Lorth was very slow to move towards me. He seemed like a small child scared but wanting to know more. So I decided to tell him all about what I was. * Fine I was born on Earth my people were native to the land we grew up on the land. Some of us were chosen at birth by the great sprits of the Puma and Wolf to be guardians of the land. I was chosen by Puma in my generation and three of my kin who were males were chosen by Wolf. We grew up all as brothers and sister. We were tought all about the spirits and nature and what was to be expected of us. On the night of the grand hunt when we became adults on our eighteenth year I ended up some how in that cage of yours. So now I’m stuck here with what seems no way back home.
  • I thought those things were my three wolf brothers but they are not there something differnet. I have never seen them befor. So if you wandering why I helped you. Its easy better to help the evil you know than the evil you dont know. So for now your stuck with me. Personal this collar sucks.* as I finished talking I smiled and took a drink of some water.
  • Lorth looked at me very closely and decided to stake clam on me which did upset me but I really had no choice. The men checked what was left of camp and the four slaves in the cage. But to my surpise Lorth came to me and droped a key in my lap. He said * girl you saved our lives and doing so you are free but perhaps its best you stay with us for now we will say you are my neice and were hurt by the kurii which we will take to laura with us to back up the story. There is a woodland healer up the way that can look at your face and should have some clothing that free women wear.* I was surprised by this sence I had no clue what a free women was.
  • The rest of the night we were on the move the men keep looking at me sence my eyes were like cats at night so I could see in the dark. I keep informing them what was around us as we traveled. I did not sence the Kurii at all. We came into a small valley where a single hut was it was small and plane like something a traper would make back in the 1870’s. As we came closer one of the men who I found out later was named Ageno yelled out. * healer we have wounded * he cryed. As I watched with my hand holding a cloth over my jaw area to my face. I saw a female come out all in green with black hair.
  • She looked towards us and replyed * Tal sirs, what is the problum you have* she asked. Then she saw me with the cloth coverd in blood and the dead kurii on one cart and quickly came to me and helped me down and into the cabin. She was a older lady I thought in her mid forthys but was not sure. She asked me * tell me what happened girl *. I told her a tail fo the monster hitting me in the jaw area and knocking me down to the ground. Of course I left out all the other details. She took the cloth off my face and was kinda in shock for I knew it was almost healed. She quickly put some stange herbs on it and bandaged my face.
  • The healer looked at the men and asked who I was. Lorth replyed that I was his neice and had jumped into a claw hit destend for him and that her clothing had been soaked in blood so they gave me the cloak to give rid of the bloody clothing so not to be tracked by it. She smiled and decided to go along with it. She gave me some clothing and I went into another room and put the clothing on. I felt like one of those ladies from the 1870 with all these stuff on but I guess I had to wear it to not have eyes on me. I returned and they were all looking me over. I knew they thought I looked better nude than like this just by the way they eye’d each other.
  • We stayed there for about two days till I was fully healed and sat off for Laura. But something bothered me about all this. The healer was very polite and peaceful but living all alone deep in the woods with that monster running around felt out of place. Like it was a set up but again I was new to this world and did not understand how those of this world looked at healers of all types. On the way in Lorth told me to stay very close to him as we went into the city of Laura. He explained it was a ruff city of trade and on the edge of the northern woods. Ageno also told me to not show a lot of emotions or get to excited but to just stay very quiet and shy like.
  • As we came into the clearning the next day I could finally see in the distance the city of Laura, again to me it looked like something out of the early 1800’s like a town on the edge of civilization. Which it was to this world and I could smell a lot of things in the city not all good. We approached the city and outside you could see what looked like a old west market set up where people from all over were selling stuff out of the back of the wagons. Sence I had no money I just looked from side to side as I pasted by but staying very close to Lorth.
  • The other men who had the slave cart went on towards where Lorth told me was the slave trade area. I kinda got worried and even stayed closer to Lorth and befor. He softly laught saying it was strange to see me like this compared to the other night when I fought the monsters. I signed alittle and pulled myself together as we walked into the main gate of the city where the city guards were at. They looked like something out of a Conan the Barbarian movie all in black armor with swords on there hip and long spears. One with a ornate helmet stoped us. *Tal Lorth my old friend how did your trip to ko ro ba go….. * he stoped talking as he saw me kinda shyly staying behind Lorth. * Oh and who is this free women with red hair behind you my friend.* he asked Lorth. Lorth looked and laughed at him and said * She is a distanct neice of mine her parents named her littleclaw for she as a child scratched anyone who touched her. *. The comander just smirked and still welcomed me to the city.
  • We then went threw the city which as I said reminded me out of some euro 1800s city. But I could not belive what I saw in the females ither dressed like me and walking around looking like snobs. Or they were dressed like some kind of belly dancers in silks and with collars on being draged around on chains by men. To me it was all strange and very uneasy. As we keep on walking a alarm sounded and I saw the slave girls and free women run for the houses as the men went to the walls with bow’s and other weapons. I turned and looked and saw all those that were in the carts out front were hurrying inside befor the great gates closed.

  • I looked to Lorth and Ageno. They both told me to go to that house and stay there it had what looked like the medical standared used on earth but was alittle different. But I did not argue and ran and went inside. There I fould several dressed in green and all were running around like getting ready for wounded. I just stood there for a moment watching them. One of the ladies in green said to me * What are you doing here women and why are you just standing there*. I replyed * Lorth told me to run into here and stay till he came for me saying it was not safe*. The lady looked and me for a second then pointed to the stairs. * Go up stairs and stay there if you hear me call you come and help us. But do not leave there till someone comes for you.*  I nodded and went up stairs and looked out the window. I could see what looked like a army comeing towards the gate sence this building was up alittle on a small hill.

  • As I watched I could see five very large birds like what my people would call thunderbirds massive wings huge where men were rideing them and attacking with them. To me this was not good as some of the buildings started to burn, from where the ones on the birds had droped stuff on them. The battle was going badly it looked like. But I could not tell who was attacking do to I could not fully see over the walls, my sences were going off but as the wounded came into the building the blood stench started to mess them up.

  • The battle keep going for a good day it seemed. But it started to quiet down as night came. I could hear the moans and such below and slowly went down to see what was going on. I almost threw up seeing the carnage of the men all badly hurt. The physicians were working hard on them. But I knew by looking at some it would not be enough to save them. I just watched from the steps as the door opened and Lorth came in with Ageno over one shoulder helping him inside. Ageno had several arrows in him and it looked very bad. Lorth set him down on a chair as he had to wait to get helped. Lorth came to me and told me to follow him. I did as told sence actually I as scared as well. He took me to what looked like a old building and we went inside.

  • Lorth looked at me and said I had to get out of the city for he was not sure if help would come in time. For it was a army form the city of Ar seemed they wanted revenge over soemthing that happened while they were away from the city. He then raised a celler door in this small building and walked me down into it. Behind a wine rack was a wall that he pushed and it swang open to show a tunnel. He told me it would take me out into the woods north of the city. He told me to run and dont look back. I was not sure what to do but knew argueing with him was of no use. But I did ask for a back pack.

  • He looked at me and asked why. I told him * its night with three moons I can move faster if im not human. But I want the pack to keep my cloths in so I wont be nude running around.* He smirked and gave me his that has some food in it and a small knife. Then he kissed me on the forhead and told me to run. I looked back as I entered into the tunnel but all I saw was him closeing the wall. I ran down the tunnel as fast as I could till I got to a small cave opening and I could see outside. I sniffed and let my eyes go to there cat state and could tell no one was around. So I quickly stirped off my clothing and shoe’s and packed them up and then went to the pumaca form and threw the pack over my back.  I then headed up north deep into the woods to figure out what I should do now.

  • For the rest of the night I ran north using my sences to make sure I was not tracked. I found a small pond with a waterfall running into it. I moved close and could tell there looked like something behind the waterfall. To my surpise it was a cave and went in pretty deep so I figurd it would be a good place to spend the night. So I went in and spent the night.

Issue 67


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Thurnock Panthers – Minnie
  • City of Turia – Great City in Gor
  • Shopping Gor !!! 3  – Erin
  • Interview with Mistress Nikki Lords
  • Puma In Gor – CHAPTER 2
  • Different styles of roleplay
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal, Gorean People,

  • Another week, another issue to help you discover our Gorean World. We will try to present you all great well known names in Gor with ywo parts. In this week, we present you Turia, the famous city in Gor and i hope give you interview of people in Owner for next week. For next issue, we will do Wagons People, who are near Turia.
  • You will find in this issue, the Thurnock Panthers who are in Three Moons Valley, City of Svago with Interview of Mistress Nikki Lords and all our little stories and articles.
  • Mmmmm, and i know that you are all waiting for this …. Our fashions reporter Erin present you Shopping in Gor. I hope for you a good read and a good week too


  • English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid
  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

  • Thurnock Panthers – Minnie
  • ©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress

    In Three Moons Valley, we can find now a new tribe called Thurnock Panthers. It s a new band with 20 people, good RPers, with good skills in fight. All the tribe is composed with experienced panthers and players and you could, with them, learn a lot and discover the gorean world. A little camp, a little tribe but very good skills in all !

Interview of Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ

  • Minnie: So Thurchnok panthers, have you a background story
  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: This camp be one North Torvarland viks hard bunch they be Temos’s Army took this camp under Tartix Xena Tarn, Then our En Ivory came and talked trade took the whole camp under her Band from Temos
  • Minnie: what are you in Thurnock
  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: En Bow I be here here
  • Minnie: Ivory is En, so
  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Aye
  • Minnie: you are an experienced old gorean, and you were in a lot of groups, i saw you in ruins, why did you leave Jesuils
  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: If yer want to know that best know I got history with other groups, tis bad one with Jesuils not with group as whole but some care not to me being there cause of me past with a few
  • Minnie: En Bow means more fights ? or do you do good RP and do you accept to do a whole day RP
  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Been here long time to know how to fight and to RP the day can be calling for fighting so it time to that, if it be rping I be on top of that as well, best lets just be what ever comes me way.


  • Minnie: What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: That be the new SEG, Nay I care not for this best to have RP this why we be GE not SGE, now this said RP before PEW PEW is a must, or we are no better than recuse and raid groups. More RP is needed

  • Minnie: About Land, Three Moons is central place in continent, Did you choose here for see more people and What would you say your SIM’s most attractive Feature would be?

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Lots of people about crossing the sim, and the love the river very nice view

  • Minnie: Ivory is En … You En Bow, can you give me other names in your group, …. your Se, your Tor, your Shaman …

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Anna Fenrir be SE, Ashaki is tor, Ashaki builds

  • Minnie: Who builds. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: this be held on meeting by the EN on votes

  • Minnie: Gor becomes democratic *she sighs and shakes head

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: The en still has final say even if the votes are in it the EN can go another way it is her band. Hearing the tribe coming together is what the meetin is really about

  • Minnie: how many are you in tribe

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: 20 at present

  • Minnie: it becomes great …. have you people from different SL times, different countries

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Aye we do

  • Minnie: Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: We are true to the old ways and panthers to heart their is nothing as good as sisters coming together as band for a greater good

  • Minnie: sisterhood stays always, even if we choose different ways

  • Ƹ̵̡ Lyric ℜᴀʏɴᴇ…̵̨̄Ʒ: Aye we can agree on that sister

  • City of Turia

Great City in Gor

  • The grand and luxurious city of Turia is located in the southern hemisphere of Gor, amidst the vast grassy prairies that are sometimes known as the Plains of Turia. These prairies are also claimed by the barbaric tribes of Wagon Peoples who refer to this area as the Land of the Wagon Peoples. Turia is sometimes called the Ar of the south because its grandeur is thought by many to equal or even rival that of Ar. It is probably safe to speculate that the population of Turia is between one and three million people. There are few other cities mentioned in the books in the southern hemisphere, besides those of the Tahari, though it is noted that the few Ubars that do exist in the southern regions have tiny realms.

  • The city of Turia received its name from the Tur tree, a large trunked, reddish tree. Tur trees may grow to two hundred feet or more, and resemble the redwoods of Earth. The Tur-pah is a vinelike, tree parasite which lives on Tur trees. It has scarlet, ovate leaves which are edible and are components in numerous Gorean dishes such as sullage. Legend has it that a man who was wandering across the plains stumbled upon a Tur tree near a spring. This man is not named or described in any detail. As the plains are largely treeless, the presence of the Tur tree was very unusual. Someone else must have intentionally planted this tree a long time ago. And no one had yet cut it down. So, a number of people chose to begin a city at that location which became Turia.

  • Turia is located at least one thousand pasangs from the coast of Thassa and there is little water closer than the coast except for the Cartius River and some streams. This would tend to place Turia roughly in the middle of the prairies. The city itself is a high, white-walled city with nine gates. The white walls are a defensive measure to help reflect the sun at would-be attackers, similar to a number of other cities such as Ar and Ko-ro-ba. The main gates are tall, double wooden gates which require a large windlass to properly open and close. Little detail is given of the nine gates and whether they are all in the outer wall or whether you must pass through all nine gates to enter the city.

  • Despite the existence of a Ubar, it is said that the true power in Turia lies with the Caste of Merchants, as it does in many cities. Hundreds of caravans and thousands of merchants come to Turia each year to vend their wares. None of these caravans, and few Merchants, go to the Wagon Peoples. Almost anything can be found in the city, including many rare items.

  • Turia has many great wells in the city. These wells are tile-lined and deep, some extending hundreds of feet deep. One well is described as 800-900 feet deep. This same well is described as about fifteen feet wide though we are unsure if this is an average size or not. This well has a large drum, capable of holding hundreds of gallons of water, that extends down to the water. Two ropes are attached to the drum, a small rope to control the filling of the container and a larger rope to support its great weight when full. This large rope possesses a core of chain and the rope itself exists primarily to protect the chain. The rope is also treated with a waterproof glue but the rope and chain still must be replaced about twice a year. As the tiles must also be periodically inspected, the rope has footholds, often spaced about ten feet apart. Wells are surrounded only by a short rim of about two inches. But, they are kept in enclosed well yards surrounded by sixteen-foot walls with a catwalk inside. Entry to the yard is through a set of arched, wooden double doors. These fortified areas not only protect the wells but can also be used as a defensible position in case the city is attacked. The Turians also maintain siege reservoirs that are filled with water from the melting snows or rainfall.

  • One of these wells provided a secret means of egress in and out of the city though Turian officials now seem aware of its existence. Its secret was discovered by Harold of the Tuchuks, when he was younger, and a slave in Turia. He hid in a well and found at its bottom a gap that he could squeeze through. This gap led to a shallow pool, the well’s feed basin. This area also extended further underwater to a rocky tunnel through which an underground stream flowed. This was a very long tunnel but fortunately there were numerous areas where the water did not reach the top of the tunnel, thus providing pockets of air. This tunnel then exited at a hole, only about eight inches wide, between two rocks on the surface. The exiting water then fed a small stream.

  • Until the events of Nomads of Gor, Turia had never been conquered. “The city had never fallen, and had not been under siege in more than a century.” Its defenses were quite strong and its Warriors quite skilled. But, the Tuchuks, led by Kamchak, were eventually able to conquer the city. To bypass the high walls, the Tuchuks relied on trickery, blocking the gates from being closed by a heavy wagon. The Tuchuks burnt and looted much of the city. But in the end, Kamchak chose to leave Turia and hand it back to Phanius Turmus, though not before taking many spoils. He took two-thirds of the gold of the city, leaving the rest behind for rebuilding. He also claimed 5000 of the most beautiful free women in the city, enslaving them. In addition, the Tuchuks captured many of the slaves of the city, freeing any slaves that had once been of the Wagon Peoples.

  • One indirect benefit of the attack by the Tuchuks resulted from the large numbers of Turians that fled north to escape the devastation. As many of these Turians resettled in northern cities, they brought many of their customs, inventions and ideas with them. Such matters had once been largely unique to Turia but would eventually begin to spread to other cities as well. A number of these items will be more fully described below while others may exist though they have yet to be mentioned in the books.

  • Turia had always been important to the existence of the Wagon People. Trade between the two was common as the Wagon People acquired manufactured items that they could not make themselves. Very few Merchants visited the Wagon Peoples so they needed someplace where they could engage in trade. Raiding alone was insufficient to provide for their needs. Without such a commercial center for them, it would be far more difficult for them to acquire some of their necessities. Kamchak also claimed that the Wagon Peoples needed an enemy to face and that Turia was to be that enemy. Kamchak wanted to keep his people from becoming too lazy and secure.

  • Turian feast: These feasts, similar to some of the feasts of ancient Rome, typically consumed most of the night as they could consist of as many as one hundred and fifty courses. Proper etiquette requires that each guest at least taste each of the myriad courses. As this is an incredible amount of food, there is some recourse available to alleviate one’s fullness. In between courses, guests may use a tufted banquet stick, dipped in scented oils, to induce vomiting into a golden bowl. Obviously slaves will carry full bowls away from the table to dispose of the contents.

  • Around twenty-eight silk slaves, from nineteen cities, were kept in the keep, though the actual numbers would vary from time to time. Some were also bred slaves. Though they were all pleasure slaves, they were the only slaves in the keep so they also had to be work slaves. While engaged as work slaves, they would be garbed in brown tunics. The entrance to the slave kennels was a thick, iron door about eighteen inches square. The room itself though was quite lofty and spacious. There were many slender, white pillars in the room, which was also tiled in purple. The glossy walls were mosaiced with scenes of serving kajirae. There was even a scented pool. The windows were narrow and barred. Off this main room was the cell alcove, where numerous small slave cages were located. Entered by a small barred gate, the typical cage was eight feet deep, four feet wide and four feet high. It was furnished with a thin, scarlet mattress and a blanket of rep-cloth.

  • Pool of Turia: The “Yellow Pool of Turia” was a bizarre creature found within the palace of Saphrar of Turia. Its actual origin is unknown though it is most likely not indigenous to Turia and was imported from elsewhere, possibly the equatorial jungles. Saphrar’s palace contained what appeared to be a large indoor pool area. This spacious chamber, with a domed ceiling about eighty feet high, was decorated with numerous exotic floral designs, mostly greens and yellows, representing the vegetation of a tropical river. There were many actual plants as well, such as vines, ferns, and exotic tropical flowers. The room was oppressively hot and steamy. Light for the room came from behind a translucent blue ceiling, probably lit by expensive energy bulbs.

  • The pool itself is roughly circular in shape with a diameter of sixty to seventy feet, and surrounded by a marble walkway that was about seven to eight feet wide. Around the pool’s edge are eight large columns, crafted and painted to resemble tree trunks, located at each point of the Gorean compass. Numerous vines stretch across these columns, so many that much of the blue ceiling is obscured. Some of these vines dangle down low enough to almost touch the surface of the pool. At one side of the room is a panel fixed with wires and levers. This panel actually controls the movement of the vines that are located over the pool, moving them closer or further away from the pool’s surface.

  • The pool appeared to contain sparkling, yellow water that seemed as if it were filled with beautiful gems. Ribbons and filaments seemed to run through the water and there were also small spheres, of various colors, scattered among the pool. Steam rises periodically, rather than continuously, from the pool in some type of rhythm. At times, the pool seems to get brighter as the colored spheres pulsate and the rhythm of the steam increases. The steam also seems to be more than mere moisture, and possibly may be some type of gas. In fact, the entire pool is a strange creature, a yellow ooze of sorts.

  • The creature apparently breathes, releasing a steam-like discharge. At rest, the creature is mostly of the consistency of water. But, when a creature enters that “water,” then the creature can thicken and gel itself around its prey. This process will range from a mudlike consistency to one like wet cement, until the victim cannot move at all. The victim’s flesh will then begin tingle and burn due to corrosive elements within the creature. Saphrar would place men in this pool to die. It could take as much as three hours to be fully digested by this creature. Slashing or cutting it generally does no harm to it though the glowing spheres within it can be hurt. Cutting one of those spheres will irritate the creature. But it has other vulnerabilities as well.

  • Shopping Gor !!! 3  – Erin

HUGE undertaking here….

SKINS! *PART ONE* of god knows how many…. O.O …..

  • for the Purpose of showing off JUST the skins, Nothing else BUT the skins will change- despite the DIFFERENT looks, the shape light and makeup is all exactly the same for every photo-


  • all photos are using “Nams skin and prim lighting, in fron of the same background, with the settings for graphics on high, and photo on “lifelike”.
  • keep in mind that these are skins i have previously bought, mostly, that are all at least close to the same tan and shade level.
  • some *** denoted with asterisks are ones i bought JUST for this article, because either A) they’ve been updated and i didn’t receive the update (which i will note also) or B) they are from a seller i hadn’t previously shopped but didn’t want to exclude. (yes. i plan on being exhaustive.)

this is called “Teen Lolly Nature” by sense

The Skinnery

[ sYs ] Design

  • This is “sYs Angie ( no comments, and ty :p) which comes with a boatload of makeup options (as you can see in the inventory shot, ty gyazo). and, yes it’s a slightly darker skin, but comes in many shades (MO2) being the shade i’m wearing.

Al Vulo

  • This is Al Vulo Portia fairy, blonde brow. it comes with eyes, tango appliers and mesh eyeliner (which i’m not wearing)

  • Interview with Mistress Nikki Lords, Administrator, co-owner of Svago v8

Hathor01: tal Misstress

Hathor01: a couple of things if I may Mistress, and then we can start

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): sure

Hathor01: i will take our conversation and put it on a note card, clean it up (my typing is atrochious) and send it to you for your approval.

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): sounds good

Hathor01: if I may, I will bring a frend over to take pics to add to te interview, if you wish, or if you have, please send to me and I will add to the interview

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): sure you can do that
  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): or I think I have some

Hathor01: by all means

Hathor01: nice pics, thank you Mistress

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): yw

Hathor01: I have the note card of rules, I’ll post those also on the interview

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): alright

Hathor01: Would you be kind enough to give us some background about your sim, Mistress?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Svago is owned and administered by myself and Jaris Bernard. We have been together as roleplay partners for several years now and have lived in various cities during that time.  Both of us have been in sl Gor for many years (rping on previous Avis).  We decided to build a city that had our vision not only visually but the btb nature of the IC roleplay balanced with how we interpreted gorean life on a remote island that grew from a simple fishing village.
  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): The sim next door is a homestead called Teslik, we have had that sim for a long time and used it as a family home, home to our medical school and a meeting place when we were scattered in different cities, so we had Svago placed right next to that sim.

Hathor01:  Mistress, could you tell me a little more about your medical school on the Teslik homestead?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Absolutely. Jaris and I started our medical school about two years ago.  It is called Teslik and sip root.  The goal of the school is to provide a lot of individual attention and teach our students how to role play an authentic gorean physician.  As you may know, much out there is full of onlineisms and even worse earth medicine.
  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): We have promoted many physicians over the course of years and many of the head of castes in many gorean cities started as our students.

Hathor01: it is a large sim, quite a lot of trade booths, and private residences

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Yes Svago has a lower city and an upper city as well as housing for the active citizens of the city. Those in key roles such as the head of castes/magistrates get the larger private homes and the high caste residents live in the stone apartments.  Low caste residents live in the lower city above or behind shops.  We also have a Free women complex which is a large building where our single free women without families stay

Hathor01: Is this considered a southern or northern culture sim Mistress?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): We are a southern city, just north of Cos, but we are a port city and see many from the north pass through to roleplay

Hathor01: From what  saw, you have a full market areas to draw trade from your port?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Yes we have shops and a market of stalls, we also have a keen assistant head of Caste for the merchants who is quite busy in keeping trade roleplay going. She has been rumored to be able to sell most anything she sets her mind to.

Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard) was invited and added to the conversation.

Hathor01: Greetings Master

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): This is one of our handsome sons Jorden and has been with us a long time
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Tal Slut
  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): We were just talking about Svago for her upcoming issue
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Well met to you Hathor

Hathor01: bows her head low, smiling through her eyelashes, peeking at the andsome Master “thank you Master” she replies

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Well what do you want to know that Svago is the best place in gor, of course I am partial, that we do have many physicians and it is the land of green vein people?.. chuckles
  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Laughs
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Speak freely slut

Hathor01: thank you Master

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): So the city is constantly changing, as we get roleplayers with different ideas, or Jaris wakes up and thinks of something

Hathor01: May I ask, role play is an important part of your daily interactions?

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Very much so, I have been here since it opened and I will say its one of the few cities that I will say that roleplay is a day to day constant .

Hathor01: Is it paraRP?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Nods, that is one thing Svago has always prided itself in, the role play is never far away. Very few sit in their houses.  We have a variety.  Jaris and I prefer Para/semi para and we have many excellent rpers here.
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Yes the city consist of mostly para/semi players – of course you can come and if someone is new or learning we do not kick them out for it; we actually try to encourage them and help them.  We also have held classes but mostly we are para/semi

Hathor01: Are you recruting at this time, and if so any particular castes/trades?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): We always welcome new citizens and visitors. We seek several in the lower city.  Tavernmaster, Innkeeper, Baker and mechants selling things
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): We are always recruiting just like any other city in Gor, I would say that we are seeking lower caste people and also warriors.

Hathor01: Are raids a part of your city?  Do you raid, or are you raided from time to time?

Hathor01: and are meters required?

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Raids are allowed in the city yes, we have not had one in a while, there days and don’t quote me as I am usually in the infirmary but I believe it was Tues and Thursday and weekends and yes they are metered combat

Hathor01: Do you have a G&S system on the sim Master?

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): none that I have seen

Hathor01: You yourself are a Green?

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Yes I am a physician and Head of Caste

Hathor01: do you train those who are interested in becoming  a physician here?

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Yes, we do and we also have a school

Hathor01: Is there something you could add to this interview about your sim that would be of interest for our readers,something that stands a part from other sims, perhaps?

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): We hav e trained many physicians and currently have four apprentices here
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): We are a Green city. Many have come to us to train and are still coming here.  I find that something that other cities might not have, our name is well known in Gor and in the caste of Physicians.

Hathor01: May I thank you both,  Master and Mistress, for you time and sharing  your sim with me

  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Very welcome and thank you

Hathor01: your time taken is greatly appreciated.

  • Nikki Lordes (alwaysnikki): Thank you, enjoy the rest of your evening
  • Jorden Bernard (jordenjbernard): Same to you

Hathor01: thank you

[Hathor01: may I be allowed to leave Master, Mistress?

Hathor thanks both Master and Mistress as she has been allowed to leave.

Hums to herself, traveling back to her residence, thinking of the warm welcome and kind words exchanged during this interview.

  • Puma In Gor – CHAPTER 2
    Larl !

    The next morning I awoke, as I walked out of the cave I remembered all that happened to me. I just sat down on a rock and cried for I wanted to go home so bad. After a while I got up and washed off in the water of the waterfall. I knew as I was taught by my grandfather that washing keep my sent down. As I washed my stomach growled I had not eatten in a while. So shifting forms I went fishing. Which if someone was around would have looked funny seeing a big cat trying to get fish and getting soaked in water in the process.

  • I guess I fished for about a hour and had about six fish big ones at that. I returned to normal and started a small fire to cook the fish. I might be a cat but I still cant stand raw meat. I did not realize this would cause some trouble soon. As I sat there and ate my breakfest. I heard flapping of wings and not like small birds big wings. I looked at the fire and then realized my mistake I quickly put out the fire and went for cover under some brush to be on the safe size.

  • As I looked up I could see two of those birds that Lorth called tarns. To me they were what my people called thunderbirds. On them I saw two men one had a nude girl on his lap tied up like a bundle. Her hands and feet were bound and she was gaged. They circled for a while looking for who set the fire. I did not move do to any movement and those birds would have seen me. They were huge massive in size. I looked out by the fire and saw my backpack by it. I knew the birds saw it and now I was in a mess for I could hear movement in the bushes. I had to do something to get it back but it was in the open.

  • I sat there and decided to go for get it. I shifted in the brush and rushed out gripping the pack in my teeth I did not stop at all and turned and went away from the noise as fast as I could. I could hear the birds following me and I could hear one of the men on the tarn’s use a horn it was loud. I was also surpised how fast I was running on all fours. I never could run this fast on earth. I must have been going three times faster, everything here was strange, for not only was I faster I could dodge and move in a instant like all my sences went major hightened.

  • I knew as long as I was in the thick woods the birds had no chance of diveing on me like the hawks do around where I lived on earth. But I knew they saw me and for me to stop this I had to get up high. I keep running till I heard a roar of what sounded like a tiger. I then headed strait for it. I figured if it was a cat then perhaps I could use it to my advantage and get those birds off me. But to my surpise I came into a clearing which was not good at all. For now the tarns has a shot at me. I had to do something quick as I could hear one starting a dive on me. Knowing how hawks dive I knew it would come in super fast almost breaking the sound barrier.

I could hear by the wind pressure of how it was diveing it was fixing to strike and I had no chance to make it to the far side of the clearing. I droped the backpack from my teeth and waitined as I moved in a circle so I could face it. I was scared big time for this was going to be a do or die thing right here. Its tallons were way out infront. It looked just like a giant hawk comeing in for the kill. I knew if I was to live I would have to act and I did. I hunched at the last second and used my leg strenght and leaped strated at it my claw dug into just above the talon and I swung upwards and hit the rider hard. He did not even know what hit him as I heard his jaw break in three places and his neck snap. He feel right off the Tarn. But now I really had a fight on my hands as the tarn rolled and banked. I had to kill this thing fast. I barrned my claws into its neck and brought my teeth to bear on it just behind hits head I bet down on it hard. At that moment it thrashed about in the air.

I keep my claws deep into its flesh as I knew it would throw me off if not. I keep biteing it over and over but I could not get in deep enough to get its bones. And I was not strong enough to break them ithere. I keep clawing and biteing for it was all I could do. But I was not looking at what was around me as the other tarn had come in close to see what was going on. Thats when I felt the arrow hit me in the side. I roared and lost my grip as the tarn rolled. I fell to the ground hitting a couple of trees on the way down. I had wounded one but that one with the rider was now looking for me.

The other tarn had to land do to it was bleeding so bad and could not keep flying. I quickly ran and grabed the backpack and headed into the dense brush thinking how lucky I was that I did not die right there but oooh that arrow was stinging. I quickly pulled it out knowing I would heal from it soon. I woundered if they would hunt me more. I decided not to find out and keep going deeper into the woods. I decided to stay as the pumaca it was better in movement and in senses. I traveled all day till I came along a small river. I decided to follow it for a moment. It lead north to a pond. It was quiet and lovely here so I decided to relax. I returned to my natural from and went for a swim.

I guess I was in the water for over a hour just relaxing and enjoying the moment of quiet and calm. I guess I did not pay attention to what was around me for as I came out of the water two arrows landed near my feet. I was shocked and looked around for who did it. My senses finally picked them up but I was still caught and then saw them. It was two females. They were dressed in little clothing mostly animal skins. They had bow’s in here hands with arrows noched in them. I could see daggers on  each girl’s right thigh. I thought they looked some what like my people did again back in the 1800s. They incircled me, I could easyly take them but what I sensed was more now a total of eight total. So now I had to just play it cool. They were not like the others I had seen before. They were not these so called Free Women or Slaves. I then saw another come out her face was masked and see was coverd in what looked like teeth of animals. I figured this was the leader. I stayed in somewhat defensive pose as she came closer.

Her voice showed power when she spoke * Tal girl * is all she said. I replyed * Tal*. * we have been watching you. * she replyed. * for how long if you dont mind me asking* I replyed trying to be polite and all. She looked me over closely. * sence your fight with the Tarn. * she said. I turned white knowing they had seen me shift forms and all. * uh… and…. your.. um.. going to do what* I said skiddishly.

The leader walked around me looking me up and down. * I have not made up my mind yet. Where do you come from for you are not of Gor ?* she asked. * I am from Earth* I said. * YOU LIE !* she yelled. * for all know earth girls are weak and are only good at being natural Kajira. And you are no slave as we saw. You killed a tarn and your like the great panther spirit. So there is no way you are from Earth.* I looked at her and replyed * I am called Littleclaw I am a child of Puma, I was born on Earth along with my three brothers of the Wolf. Now I am here for some strange reason.*

*littleclaw what a strange name but one that fits one as strange as you* she said. I was about to speak when I started to smell men comeing the same ones that were with the Tarn’s. * we have company comeing I can smell four men the same ones that were with the tarns.* At that moment the leader quickly motioned for her tribe to return to the woods and for me to follow. I picked up my backpack and quickly followed. They had made several hideing places that were almost impossible to see from the pond. So I hoped in one with the leader and another of her tribe as we waited to see what the men were up to.

They entered into the area near the water and I could see that they had collars on there belts, and swords. Two had bow’s they were dressed in dark brow light armor it looked like. Ugly as sin and smelled terrible. No way could they sneek up on me unless down wind. It looked like they had been tracking my paw prints but had stoped. I could easly hear the tarn over head it was the same men from earlyer. I could hear them talk to each other.

What do you think that was?* one of the men said. The one that looked to be leading turns and said * I dont care what it was I want it found. Anything that can fight and kill a tarn like that is worth a lot of coins. Now spread out and look for it. Do to I want to at least get what that thing cost me in lossing one of my tarns.* They seemed upset but there actions were slopy till one saw what I was betting on when I changed forms. He cried out to there leader * Captain come look at this it makes no sence.* The Captain came over to where the man was and looked down * what is it Armon?*

Look here one moment the creaturs paw prints then next a small foot like that of a girl.* Armon told him. * What are you talking abou…..t..* I could tell the Captain saw it also and was puzzled. I could also sence his uncertainty of what to do as well. At this point the men were all looking at the prints on the ground. And thats when it happened the Females all dressed in the animal skins attacked. It was a perfect ambush totally off guard and encircled the men were captured and knew it. After a short battle they were all bound and searched.

The Captain looked up at the women and said * Panther we have no fight with you this day we seek other game now let us lose you smelly thing or I swear you will all be in our collars and on your knee’s.* The one I knew that was there leader laughed at them. * you are in no place to speak like that male this is our land and territory and all who come here are in danger of being inslaved by use. *  I was shocked at this for was I a prisoner and did not know it or what was going on. I stayed hidden and watched what was going on.

The Leader of what now I knew as panther’s moved close to the captain. * Now then tell me exactly what brings you into my woods male* Said the Leader of the panthers. I could tell the captain was really mad now but helpless all tied up like he was. * I am looking for a creature that killed one of my tarn’s you stinking panther slut. * Again the Leader laughed and looked down at the Captain. * There are only panthers in these woods and I am sure none are big enough to take down a Tarn. You must have been drinking to much paga male.* she said.

You will pay for this you slut I promise you. For that creature is powerful enough to kill a tarn it will be something you are no match for. Now cut us loose you filthy sluts! * the Captain yelled. But the leader of the panther’s looked to the others and noded and then they shaved each male with the strip of degration. The leader then looked to her sisters and said * take them to the trader and sale them for supplys we have no need for these pathadic males.*

After the men were well out of sight I came out of my hidding spot. The leader of the tribe turned to me and said. * Now about you strange one, we will take you back to our camp and decide what to do with you there.* I really had no choice I was in the woods with a backpack of clothing nude. No food or weapons and no idea where I was, so I followed them back. As we came into the area I could see a wooded fence made up of small branches mud and twigs. A make shift gate was in front of me as it was open and we walked in I could see about five wood huts very simple and nothing special. In the middle of the camp was a fire with some kined of aminal cooking over it.

I also saw three girls run up and kneel infront of the Leader * Greetings Huntress’s welcome home. All is done as you requested. * they all said at the same time. * Good * said the Leader. * we have a guest find her some food to eat.*  the leader told them * yes Huntress right away Huntress.* they all said. They rushed around finding food and comeing back kneeling infront of the leader. * We bring food and drink for the guest huntress may we serve the guest. * they said again at the same time. * yes she is right here* said the leader of the tribe as she pointed to me. * Thank you Huntress* they said and bowed and moved over to me. Again they kneeled and lowered there heads and raided the food and drink and said * Mistress may this food and drink refresh and restrengthen you from your days travels*. I did not know what to do and I said what came natural * thank you girls* and took the food and drink.

I followed the leader to the main fire and sat down near her as did the rest a few moved out of the camp I guess to keep watch. There I asked about what they were. Why they were called panthers. The Leader explained things to me. She was the Cheiftess her name was Sara at one time Sara was a Free women of AR. She decided she could not stand the laws of the men any longer and left to go deep into the woods as did most here. Some were run away slaves but most were Free women who just could not take the male controled life of the citys any longer. She explained how panthers got there name. How panthers acted which surpisingly was like how my people on Earth lived in the times befor the modern men came.

I started to like these panthers until it came to slaves again even here there were slaves and the were treated as if nothing but animals. It bothered me a lot and I explained to them where I was raised there was no slaves and none of my people would accept being a slave ever. Sara smiled and said * you are a real panther not like us but like those of the woods. They are wild and always free.* I smiled alittle. Then asked * Why have you been so kind to me it seems from what you told me Panthers are terriotrial and very harsh to outsiders*. Sara looked at me and said * again you are the Panther a spirit of what we are and so we feel its best to be on your good side and after what you did to that Tarn do you think if we would have attacked you. You would not have killed us.* I thought for a moment and noded.

For the rest of the day and into the night all I did was listen to the storys and the ways of these panthers to get a more indepth idea of what was around me. They also expained about the animals out here and what kind of things I should expect and to be causious around. One of them said she had been from earth along time ago and explained what happened to her. From her I figured out why I was so much faster and stronger. The one third gravity along with triple moons feed into me with more power and speed. For on earth the moon there made my people very very strong. But here with three and less gravity I was five time stronger and faster than on Earth. They also explained some abut the classes of people here.

The high caste’s and what they stood for and to always be polite and kind to those of the Green caste for they were the healers and most trusted of all. I understood about outlaws and mercenarys, and pirates. To me this was something I could not have dreamed of it was like living back in the time of colonies on the america’s. Wild and just nuts, from all this. But here I was now and I was stuck here so I had to think of what to do. I knew I could stay here for a short time but knowing how men are from what they told me I figured I best leave and keep moveing.

  • Different styles of roleplay.



  • Tina looks around as she walks through the busy market street, dodging around carts, people and other slaves, before spotting her Master. “Master, I have a message for you from the Mistress”.

**It has been in my experience that some folks can get even shorter than that example.


  • Brent rubs his tummy as he hears the dinner bell chime in the distance, leaning his pitch fork against the barn, he makes his way for his evening meal. Once arriving at the long hall, he is greeted by the sight of bond maids busy serving great platters of food and the tables filled with his fellow villagers. He makes his way through the throng, raising one hand in greeting to those who call out his name, before finally arriving at an empty seat, sitting down with a grunt he takes a tankard of mead from one busty blonde-haired bond, admiring her rear before giving it sound smack with his free hand, already downing most of the mead. “What’s for dinner?”, he asks.


  • It has been a long day of shearing the verr’s of the Jarl’s farm, it was already well into nightfall and he was looking forward to calling it a day. Brent rubs his one scarred hand on his tummy as he hears the dinner bell chimes in the distance, he stands to his full height stretching and groaning a little before leaning his pitch fork against the barn, he makes his way for his evening meal. Once arriving at the long hall, he is greeted by the sight of bond maids busy serving great platters of food and the tables filled with his fellow villagers. He makes his way through the throng, raising one hand in greeting to those who call out his name, before finally arriving at an empty seat, sitting down with a grunt he takes a tankard of mead from one  busty blonde-haired bond, admiring her rear before giving it sound smack with his free hand, already downing most of the mead. “What’s for dinner?”, he asks with keen interest as he could really use a good meal now.

Issue 68


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Nomads of Gor – Turia, The Land of The Wagon People
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 012
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal, Gorean People,

  • Dear Readers, dear Friends, we continue our tour of great gorean names with the wagons people civilization. For people who don’t know them, this article is very interesting and show us life of nomads in Gor. I hope find time to interview Owner of Turia and Leader of wagons for next issue
  • You will find in this issue, the new BTB Hochburg with a good interview and the back of our classic story, Vorgous Carver’s Journal.
  • I think, i am going to make people sad cos our fashion article is not here. I promise to put fashion article in next issue (NC are not extensible). At end, dont forget the annual Boob a Thon to fight against Breast Cancer. It s our fight for all of us. Give a part of your time (and some lindens) to help research. And put announcements in all gorean groups. Be safe my friends.


  • English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid
  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

  • Nomads of Gor – Turia, The Land of The Wagon People

Understanding Wagon People

  • The people of the cities of Gor consider various other cultures that live outside of the cities to be barbarians. This would include such peoples as the Red Savages of the Barrens, the Red Hunters of the polar north, the natives of the jungles near Schendi and the raiders of Torvaldsland.
  • The Wagon Peoples are nomadic, roaming across the vast, grassy prairies of the southern hemisphere. These prairies are largely treeless and often flat though there are some areas of small hills. The prairies teem with wildlife, from deadly prairie sleen, vicious predators, to tiny, brown prairie urts, scavengers. You will also find herds of kailiauk, tumits, and maybe even a larl that descended from the Ta Thassa Mountains. These prairies extend over 2500 pasangs from the coast of Thassa, at the Ta Thassa Mountains, to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range.
  • Due to their great size, these plains have a diverse climate with some of the more southern regions receiving snow in the winter. The northern regions, closer to the equator, do not receive any snow. Winter on the plains can be brutal, with harsh snowstorms and strong winds. The grass then dies or becomes frozen and nearly worthless. One must often dig deep beneath the snow to find a handful of useable grass. When the snow arrives, the Wagon Peoples must then move their bosks and wagons to the winter pastures, far north of Turia. It is not unusual for bosk to starve to death during this snowy trek, unable to garner sufficient grass. This also means that some wagons might have to be abandoned, as there is usually no time to train new bosk to pull the wagons.
  • With the information from Nomads of Gor, we do gain a better understanding of some of the geography of the region. We understand that the lands of the Tahari are to the east of the southern plains. And we understand that the equatorial jungles only extend a certain distance east, and it is not necessary to cross those jungles to travel from the plains north toward Ar. It is also said that Ar is located hundreds of pasangs away, across the Cartius. When Tarl Cabot traveled from the Sardar Mountains to the plains, he generally traveled south and southwest, though more southwest. We should note that the popular map from the German editions of the Gor novels apparently places the Sardar in the wrong location, to the west of Ar. If this were accurate, then Tarl’s directions from the Sardar to the plains would have placed him into Thassa. Tarl left the Sardar in Se’Var, a winter month in the northern hemisphere, and arrived in the Plains during their autumn.
  • In the midst of the plains is the great city of Turia, which must continually deal with the threat of the Wagon Peoples. The plains may be called either the Plains of Turia or the Land of the Wagon Peoples, depending on who is speaking. There are others besides Turia and the Wagon Peoples who make their homes on the plains. There are a number of Peasants who own farms within these prairies, engaging in agriculture and animal husbandry. But, they do live in constant worry that the Wagon Peoples may attack them one day, burning and destroying their farms. It seems likely that most of these farms are located fairly close to Turia, helping to supply the city with food and providing a close refuge if the Peasants ever need to flee to safety.
  • The Wagon Peoples consist of four separate tribes: the Kassars, Kataii, Paravaci and Tuchuks. They often fight among each other, uniting only about once every ten years to conduct certain rituals. Some of the information provided in Nomads of Gor is specific to the Tuchuk tribe so we cannot be sure that all of that information will be applicable to the other tribes as well. It is likely too that these other tribes possess their own unique characteristics that the Tuchuks do not.
  • The Kassars, also known as the “Blood People,” are led by Conrad, their Ubar. Their standard is a scarlet bola hanging from a lance. They also commonly carry red lacquered shields. Their brands symbolically represent their standard with three circles joined at the center by lines. Like all of the Peoples, they use the same brand for their slaves and bosk. The slave brand though is only about an inch high while a bosk brand forms a six-inch square. Bosk and slaves may be rebranded if a different tribes takes possession, though this seems more common with bosk than slaves. A slave that has been rebranded may diminish in value.
  • The Kataii are blacks and they are led by Hakimba, their Ubar, who is a lithe, strong man with brown eyes. Their standard is a yellow bow bound across a black lance. They also commonly carry yellow lacquered shields. Their brand is a bow facing to the left. Kataii are more reclusive than the other tribes, and Kataii are thus rarely seen in the encampments of the other tribes.
  • The Paravaci, also known as the “Rich People,” are considered the wealthiest of the four tribes. During much of the timeframe of Nomads of Gor, Tolnus led them as their Ubar. But, he betrayed the other tribes and was later killed. It is unknown who succeeded him as Ubar of the Paravaci though someone took over shortly after the death of Tolnus. Their standard is a boskhead-shaped banner made of jewels strung on gold wire. It is extremely valuable. Their brand is an inverted isosceles triangle surmounted by a semicircle, symbolically representing the head of a bosk. The Paravaci sometimes wear jeweled belts on their necks to incite envy in others and accrue enemies. The purpose is to encourage attacks so the wearer can test his skills and need not tire himself seeking foes.
  • The Tuchuks, also known as the “Wily Ones,” are led by Kamchak, their Ubar. Kamchak has a heavy, white face with fierce scarring and black eyes within an epicanthic fold. Six years before he was scarred, Kamchak spent time in Ar as a mercenary, spying upon the city’s defenses for his tribe. During that time, he eventually became the First Sword of Ar, the most skilled swordsman in the city. The standard of the Tuchuks is a banner with four bosk horns. They also commonly carry black lacquered shields. Their brand is four bosk horns, resembling the letter “H.”
  • The four tribes of the Wagon Peoples are primarily herders of bosk, living off their meat and milk. Though some Goreans do drink kailla milk, especially in the Tahari, it is unknown if the Wagon Peoples also drink it. The tribes may restrict their milk drinking to only bosk milk. The tribes will not grow any food and will not eat anything that has touched the dirt. What that latter seems to mean is that they do not eat any food that is grown beneath the ground. As there are Wagon People seen to be eating fruit, they are apparently not restricted from eating all items that grow. Fruit commonly grows above ground so their dietary restriction seems more limited to foods that grow beneath the soil. Wagon People do hunt, and may also engage in some fishing, to acquire additional foods to supplement their bosk meat. Besides roasting fresh bosk meat, the tribes also eat dried bosk meat. This may be made into long strips that are as wide as a beam. While traveling, bosk meat might be stored between a saddle and the back of a kailla to keep it warm.
  • The tribes essentially do not engage in any manufacturing or metalworking and thus must often buy, trade or raid for certain items they need or desire. They engage in trade with Turia, usually acquiring highly prized metal and cloth items for bosk horn and hides. As no caravans, and few Merchants, travel to the Wagon Peoples, they must most often journey to Turia to seek needed goods. Besides bosk horn and hides, the tribes will also trade some of the myriad items they obtain from their raiding. Spring is their most active time for caravan raiding. The only two items they will not trade to Turia are a living bosk and a slave girl who once came from Turia.
  • Besides their mercantile relations, the tribes and Turia also sometimes engage in diplomatic relations, exchanging ambassadors. Such ambassadors receive the usual diplomatic immunity that is common for the cities of Gor. But, ambassadors from the Wagon Peoples are not fully accepted within Turia for they are not permitted to visit the administrative palace and meet the city ruler. It is said that the tribes are not worthy enough for such an honor. Instead, their ambassadors are entertained by the Merchant Caste, especially by Saphrar, one of the most important Merchants. But, the Wagon Peoples seemingly take no offense, as they and many others, believe the true power in Turia is held by the Merchant Caste. And the Merchants also entertain more lavishly than does the administration. When the tribesmen come to Turia, they bring many expensive gifts, a way to show disdain, that the tribes did not care for such wealth. Consequently, when Turian embassies visit the tribes, they also bring many gifts, trying to surpass what the tribes brought to them.
  • A few Merchants are permitted to trade with the Wagon People, to travel across the plains to their camps. But, for this privilege they must accept a tiny brand on their forearm. The Tuchuk brand is in the form of spreading bosk horns, and the other tribes probably have their own brands. This guarantees safe passage for the Merchant but only during certain seasons. Some entertainers, such as Singers, Musicians and Poets, can also receive this brand. But, the initial acquisition of this brand is very dangerous. You must first present yourself to the Peoples, showing your wares or performing your form of entertainment. If the tribes do not like what you have brought to them, they will likely deny you a brand and then slay you. The brand also carries a patina of shame as it suggests that you approach the tribes as a slave.
  • The Wagon People speak a dialect of Gorean, with a harsh accent, so they can be understood by most city dwellers. Though city dwellers consider them to be barbarians, the Wagon Peoples consider another group of people to be actual barbarians, those who cannot speak Gorean such as women brought from Earth. In addition, the Wagon Peoples consider ear piercing to be a barbaric act. The Wagon People also have disdain for city dwellers. ” They are among the proudest of the people of Gor, regarding the dwellers of the cities of Gor as vermin in holes, cowards who must fly behind walls, wretches who fear to live beneath the broad sky, who dare not dispute with them the open, windswept plains of their world.”

Like the other barbarian cultures of Gor, the Wagon People do not possess a Caste system like many other Goreans. Every man is expected to be a warrior though there is no Red Caste among the Peoples. All males must also be able to ride a kaiila, hunt, and care for the bosk. Few of the tribes can swim though some have learned in the Cartius River. The men of the tribes are more generalists than specialists, though some of them do engage in a specialty as well. Certain clans exist that specialize in particular duties, though they are in addition, and not as a substitute, for their primary duties of war, hunting and herding. As they are clans, they are likely based on blood ties though this is not explicitly stated in the books.

  • The tribes are the only Gorean culture to have a group of professional Torturers. These Torturers are very well trained in the arts of detaining life, interrogation and persuasion. Their services are used on both free and slave, either to extract information or to punish and kill. Slaves may also be impaled though it does not seem this is part of the duties of the Torturers. Torturers always wear hoods, even when not directly involved in their duties, unless their victim has received a sentence of death. In that case, they will remove their hood but will only permit the victim to see their face. These Torturers do not restrict their efforts to just the tribes. They sometimes hire out to the cities, mainly to Ubars and Initiates, who are interested in their skills.
  • The bosk is the most important creature to the Wagon People, a revered animal that is often said to be the Mother of the Wagon Peoples. They probably could not exist without it, at least not without radical changes to their entire way of life. The bosk is a huge, ox-like animal, with a vicious temper to match that of a sleen. It is a shaggy beast with a thick, humped neck. It has a wide head and tiny red eyes. It also possesses two long, horns that reach out from its head and suddenly curve forward to terminate in deadly points. Some of these horns, measured from tip to tip, exceed the length of two spears. There are fifteen varieties of bosk including the brown bosk, red bosk, black bosk, snow bosk and milk bosk. The books do not name all fifteen varieties. The bosk is indigenous to the plains near Turia though it is also commonly bred and raised by people all over Gor.
  • The tribes use domesticated prairie sleen, as shepherds for the bosk and sentinels to protect their camps. These sleen also help to track down errant slaves. “They would be released with the fall of darkness to run the periphery of the herds, acting, as I have mentioned, as shepherds and sentinels. They are also used if a slave escapes, for the sleen is an efficient, tireless, savage, almost infallible hunter, capable of pursuing a scent, days old, for hundreds of pasangs until, perhaps a month later, it finds its victim and tears it to pieces.” (Nomads of Gor, p.28) Prairie sleen are smaller than forest sleen, maybe only six to eight feet long, but can be just as vicious. Such guardian sleen are commonly kept caged during the day and then released at night. They will attack any trespassers without provocation, often killing them. This makes it extremely dangerous to approach their camps at night. And it prevents slaves from escaping at night as well. These trained sleen will respond only to the voice of its master. When their master dies, and no one else can command the sleen, it will then be slain and eaten.
  • The Wagon Peoples are a warlike people and often war among themselves. They also raid caravans that try to cross the Plains, usually those coming from or going to Turia. In addition, they sometimes travel toward other cities and areas, having gone as far north as Ko-ro-ba in the past. The books do mention one important historical incident, the Kaiila Wars. Many years ago, the exact time period not given, the Kaiila Wars were fought among the different tribes. The primary objective of these Wars was the acquisition of kaiila, the common mount of these peoples. But, the capture and acquisition of slaves occurred as well, an unintended side effect. The tribes soon realized the benefits of owning slaves so the idea became much more prevalent.
  • This concern with courage is reflected in the infamous Scar Codes of the Wagon Peoples. You must earn these scars, and each such scar has a specific meaning attached to it. All of the tribes can read the meaning of these scars. The Courage Scar is a bright red scar and is always the highest scar on your face. It is obviously earned for showing courage and is a prerequisite for all other scars. Without this scar, you cannot pay court to a free woman, own a wagon, or own more than five bosk or three kailla. Not all wear their Courage Scar visibly though, depending on the circumstances, though it would be very rare. For example, Tarl earned a Courage Scar but never got one placed onto his face. Unfortunately, the names and meanings of the other possible scars were not provided in the books. For example, Kamchak bore seven scars on his face: red, yellow, blue, black, two more yellow, and one more black. We only know the meaning for the red scar. We do know that the other three Ubars were scarred differently from Kamchak.
  • Simply having these scars created is a courageous act. Most of the scars are set in pairs, moving diagonally down from the side of the head toward the nose and chin. The scars are worked into the skin by needles and knives, using pigments and bosk dung, over a period of several days. This is obviously painful and some men have even died while having these scars affixed. The scars resemble corded chevrons. Such scarred visages present a fearsome image to their foes. The tribes also have facial tattooing but little is said about this matter and it is unknown if the tattoos also possess meaning or whether they are purely decorative.
  • Though many might not believe the Wagon Peoples have an ordered military organization, they most certainly do. It is a rather simple system, breaking down into three different sized groups. These are known as the Oralu, Orlu and the Or. These terms translate respectively into the Thousand, Hundred and the Ten, which signifies the amount of warriors in each unit. Each warrior of the tribes is a member of an Or, each Or is a member of an Orlu and each Orlu is a member of an Oralu. Each warrior knows his place within his group so each group works very well together.
  • These units may be arranged in various formations, dependent upon the strategic and tactical needs at the time. For example, in one narrow formation, there was a column of Orlu units. Each Orlu unit was five warriors abreast in twenty rows. After each unit, there was left an empty space large enough to fit an Orlu. This formation and its spacing helped decrease the amount of dust that was raised by the mounted units. The spacing allows provided some time for the dust to subside after each unit, and thus not hindering the next unit in the column.
  • The leader of each of these three military units is called a Commander. In respect for these Commanders, the warriors of the tribes will smote their lances on their shield. They do this once for the Commander of an Or, twice for an Orlu, and three times for an Oralu. The Commander of a Thousand is the next level under the Ubar. At least for the Tuchuks, red is the color for their Commanders. For example, outside a Commander’s wagon will be a standard of the tribe. The pole holding this standard is painted red, indicating this is the wagon of a Commander. There does not appear though to be any specific differentiation for the standard between the Commanders of the three units.
  • During the day, drums, bosk horns and motions of the standard dictate the movement of the military units of the tribes. Such methods can also be used to send messages at other times and not just during times of war. By night, this communication is conducted with drums, bosk horns and war lanterns slung on high poles carried by certain kaiila riders. The lanterns come in different colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue. The books though do not provide details on the specific meanings of these colors. When the initial bosk horns blow, signaling an attack is being made against the camps, everyone rushes to their places and positions, including the women.
  • When an attack is made, it is the duty of the free women to cover the fires and to prepare the men’s weapons, bringing forth arrows, bows and lances. There is no need for them to retrieve the quivas as they are kept in the saddle sheathes on the kaiila. The bosk must also be hitched up, to prevent them from wandering off or getting in the way as well as so the wagons can be moved if necessary. The slaves are also chained, partially to prevent them from joining in on the attack. After these matters are completed, the women will ascend to the top of the wagons so that they can see the war lanterns. The women are capable of reading these signals as well as the men. These lanterns may indicate whether the wagons must be moved and if so, in what direction they should move. If Turians are attacking, it is known that they commonly will burn any and all wagons. In general, the women of the tribes do not engage in combat. At best, they might wait, armed with knives, for their men to toss them victims to kill. A single example of this was provided in the books and it is unsure whether this is common practice or was an isolated incident.
  • The Wagon People use a variety of weapons in war and hunting. These include the lance, horn bow, quiva, rope and bola, all of which are usually carried when mounted. They rarely use swords. Many swords, such as the gladius, would be too short to be useful from the back of a kaiila, and mounted combat is the preferred method among the tribes. Despite the existence of some larger swords on Gor, such as the saber and scimitar, which would be effective while mounted, the tribes still prefer other weapons. This is partially due to their preferred style of combat, that they prefer not to approach an enemy any closer than what is needed for a bow, or maybe as close as the lance. Defensively, some men will wear conical helmets that are often fur rimmed. Some of these helmets may possess a net of colored chains that hang over the face with holes only for the eyes. This is obviously additional protection for the face. The men also use small, round leather shields that are lacquered to a glossy finish. The color of the lacquer indicates the identity of your tribe.
  • The three-weighted bola is a thrown weapon that consists of three long straps of leather, each about five feet long, terminating in a leather sack that contains a heavy, round metal weight. The bola can be targeted toward different areas of the body, dependent upon the caster’s intentions. If it is thrown low, with its approximately ten-foot sweep, it is almost impossible to evade. It will then entangle a person or creature’s legs, and could even break them. If it is targeted toward the torso, it can bind a person’s arms to their body. More difficult throws could entail strangling a man around the neck or even crushing his skull. A Wagon Person commonly will entangle a foe with the bola and then kill him with a quiva. Bolas are also commonly used to hunt the tumit, a large flightless bird with a hooked beak as long as a forearm. The best season for hunting tumits occurs during the spring. There is even a bladed version of the bola that cuts as well as binds.
  • Horn bows are used by several different Gorean cultures. The horn bow of the Wagon Peoples is used primarily while mounted. It is a double-curved bow, about four feet long, and built of layers of bosk horn, bound and reinforced with metal and leather. The bow is banded with metal at seven points including at the grip. This metal is obtained through trade with the Turians, often in half-inch rolled strips. The leather on the bow is generally applied diagonally, except for at the grip where it is applied horizontally. On their saddle, they will have a lacquered, narrow, rectangular quiver with as many as forty arrows. A Wagon Person can commonly fire twenty arrows, accurately, in half an Ehn. The horn bow though lacks the range and power of a longbow or crossbow. But at close range, it is a fearsome weapon. One of the arrowheads used is called the Tuchuk barbed arrow, which is most likely used in warfare. Pile arrows are more common for hunting as it is easier to withdraw such an arrowhead from a wound.
  • The Kaiila lance is also used primarily while mounted. These lances are black, cut from the poles of young tem-wood trees. The lances are so flexible that they could be bent almost double before breaking. Rather than being couched, these lances are carried in the right fist. They are used for thrusting rather than the battering ram effect of European lances. They can be used almost as delicately and swiftly as a saber. A loose loop of boskhide, wound twice about the right wrist, helps the wielder retain the weapon. The lance is rarely thrown in battle. Some of these lances possess a rider hook, under the point, that can be used to dismount opponents.
  • The quiva is the almost legendary, balanced saddle knife of the Wagon Peoples of the prairies. It is about a foot in length, double edged, and tapers to a daggerlike point. The quiva is used more as a missile weapon than a hand-to-hand weapon. It is not necessary to throw it hard as its sharpness and weight do much of the work for you. As the Wagon Peoples do not engage in metalworking, they must acquire their quivas elsewhere. Consequently, most quivas are made in Ar and sold in sets of seven, as there are seven sheaths in the kaiila saddles of the Wagon Peoples. The quivas are made differently for each tribe of the Wagon Peoples. The quivas are almost always kept in the saddle sheaths, on the side of the saddle denoting which hand you use.
  • Despite the fact that they are manufactured in Ar, the quiva is apparently almost exclusively a weapon of the Wagon People. In the novels, Tarl Cabot is the only non-Wagon Person who is ever depicted using a quiva. The fact that it is referred to as a legendary or mystic weapon seems to elevate it beyond common status. Even the rare whip-knife of Port Kar is not said to be a legendary weapon, despite its rarity. Tarl Cabot even creates a carnival act out of his use of the quiva, a weapon that seems unfamiliar to most. Tarl is able to hit a thrown tospit at forty feet and at one hundred feet could hit a four-inch wide disk. Obviously if it were a common weapon, it would not seem so odd that Tarl was using a quiva. It would have been but a typical knife-throwing act.
  • The mount of the tribes is the southern kaiila, and it is trained to fight with its rider as one. Training to ride begins extremely early among the tribes. “The children of the Wagon Peoples are taught the saddle of the kaiila before they can walk.” (Nomads of Gor, p.17) The southern kaiila are different in some ways from the desert kaiila or the kaiila of the red savages. The southern kaiila is a lofty, graceful and very agile animal. It has a long neck and though mammalian, it does not suckle its young. The mother instinctively delivers its young near game and the young will begin to hunt as soon as it can stand. It can easily outmaneuver a high tharlarion, which would give a tribesman an advantage against a Turian mounted on a high tharlarion. It is carnivorous but requires less food than a tarn for once it eats its fill, it won’t eat for several days. It normally stands about twenty to twenty-two hands at the shoulder. They are fast creatures and can cover as much as six hundred pasangs a day, about 420 miles. They are commonly tawny-colored but some are also black. They have two large eyes, one on each side, and they are triply lidded. The third lid is transparent and allows them to travel in adverse weather like storms. At this time, it is at its most dangerous and often hunts then. They are trained to avoid the thrown spear and until it is proficient in this skill it is not allowed to breed. Those who cannot learn are killed. A kaiila saddle is big enough to hold a bound slave across it.
  • The clothes of the men of the tribes resemble much that was worn by the Mongols of Earth. They may have a leather jerkin, covered by a quilted jacket that may be trimmed with fur and have a fur collar. They might wear wide leather trousers held by a five-buckled belt. Their boots may be made of hide and trimmed with fur. They might wear a hood and cape of fur or a flopping cap of fur covering a conical steel helmet. While riding, they may also wear a soft, leather wind scarf to use against the wind and dust of the ride. In the coldest weathers, both men and women, free and slave, will wear furred boots and trousers, coats and ear-flapped caps that tie under the chin. Thus, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the free and slave though there may still be signs. Kajirae had long, unbound hair and their collar might be visible. Male slaves wore shackles, linked by a foot of chain.
  • The free women of the tribes are generally a dour and severe lot. They commonly wear long leather dresses, which reach down to about four inches above the ankles. They wear their hair in braids and they do not wear veils. Slaves must always keep their hair unbound. Free women cannot wear silk as it is for slaves only. It is said that any women who loves the feel of silk is a slave at heart. All women of the tribes, whether free or slave, wear nose rings. Their bosk also wear nose rings though their rings are heavy and gold unlike the tiny gold rings worn by the women, not unlike wedding rings of Earth. The tribes regard ear piercing as barbaric. Tuchuk women fear being caught by Turians who they know will pierce their ears. The free women also cannot receive scars. They tend to do many chores around the camps such as cooking, tending the pots that are hung on tem-wood tripods over dung fires. The free women hate and envy female slaves, thus may be cruel to them. The free women also do not fight in battle.

  • There also appear to be another group of free women within the Wagon Peoples, dissimilar to those just described. These are the women of the Wagon Peoples who have been specifically raised to be eventually placed at a stake in the Love War games. Such women are often spoiled, the men catering to their whims. In Nomads of Gor, Hereena is the primary example of this type of woman. She was a member of the First Wagon, and was a very beautiful woman with light brown skin and black eyes. Instead of the usual long, leather dress, she wore a brief leather skirt that was slit on the right side so that she could ride a kaiila. She also wore a sleeveless leather blouse and a crimson cape. Her wild, black hair was bound by a band of scarlet cloth. She did have a nose ring, like the rest of the women of the tribes. Hereena would become the Third Stake at the Love Wars, a slight gap in her teeth preventing her from being assigned to First Stake. A Turian officer representing the merchant Saphrar won her and then sold her to Saphrar. Harold of the Tuchuks would later steal her from Turia and keep her as his slave.

  • The Wagon People, similar to many Goreans, love to gamble on almost anything. Stakes will vary, from money to possessions, including slaves. They might wager as many as twelve slaves on something as simple as the direction a bird might fly or the number of seeds in a tospit. When wagering on a kaiila race, they might even bet all of the bosk they own. It is considered to be a great honor for a woman, free or slave, to be made a stake in such gambling. In spear or lance gambling, the weapon is placed in the ground, point facing up. The tribesmen then walk with their mounts around it, ready to catch the spear or lance when it falls. The winner is the one who catches the weapon when it falls.

  • The Wagon Peoples acknowledge the existence and great power of the Priest-Kings but they do not worship or pray to them. In fact, they do not worship, in a traditional sense, anyone or anything. But, their closest spiritual reverence is directed toward the sky and they beseech the “Spirit of the Sky.” In their myths, the rains descended from the sky and formed the earth, bosk and the Wagon Peoples. The men of the Wagon Peoples pray to this Spirit of the Sky only when they are mounted and have their weapons close at hand. They are not craven supplicants but instead pay homage to the sky as a warrior would to a Ubar, not as a slave to a master or even a servant to a god. There is an example of Tuchuk who drank and danced to please the sky. The Wagon Peoples hold the bosk and skill at arms as holy items. Their free women though are not permitted to pray.

  • Interview – Lαɢerтнα Ɍʏu Al-Wαғғα (lss) & Sιgrιd Ɍʏu Ał-Wαffα (maly.decosta) From Hochburg (Silver Brooks)

1.Please introduce your self

  • Was never good in talking about myself, but in short I can say that i am just a simple player striving hard with my close friends / team to have a healthy and adult group that play fair with others.
  1. What is your view or feeling about the Direction Gor is heading?
  • Gor is made of people and therefor evolves with the people that play the game, thinking other way would be an utopia. Is it worth to spend time and energy fighting against the tide? No… What matters is to make the the space around us fun for our friends, for their online time and surround your self with like minded people, playing a game we call Gor, inspired by the books but without going visceral about it.

3 Who builds. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

  • There is an Officers group at Hochbourg, they are chosen with care and based on their personality, capability of dealing with drama situations without stressing and love for the group, keeping an open mind and laid back attitude.

These are the persons to whom the owner goes for advice and help.

Preferentially the build is made by someone out of the group to keep it neutral, and everyone in group is informed about the theme and suggestions are welcome, never the less the last decision is made by the owner taking in consideration those opinions.

  1. What would you say your SIM’s most attractive Feature would be?
  • The last build is stunning and fun to fight at, Rey was amazingly inspired when he did it. It has several points that we could call your attention too, since the pantheon surrounded by water till the inner hill pit at West, but the inner cave with water is simply breathtaking.

5 Many sim owners / admins get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).

  • Yes it can be a full time job, but here in Hochburg we are a tight group of friends and there are trust people that help divide the burden so when one is about to hit the exploding button the other comes and so on. Been working good like this, even tho the owner keeps a close eye to all that is going on. The secret is just to find the right people to be at your side and once you find … just keep them!!
  1. Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ?
  • Like everything in life, Gor needs to evolve or it will die. You can not expect to have totally realistic Gor in a virtual game, and in the end is all about people, isn’t it? Is their online time, their fun, their game and thinking you can command them to play the game your way or the books way isn’t very realistic. We do give importance to people’s real life as it keeps them sane and you can not go hardcore roleplay on someone that just has few hours to spend online.
  • You can only improve Gor by respecting those around you OOCly, play fair and do not take things too seriously, surround your self with friends and make it a fun time. This is what happens in Hochburg and hopefully the future will be as fun as it is now.

7 Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

It has all been said in the last answer, but in the end people will join what suits them better, the group they identify them selfs better with. We don’t try to convince anyone to come and join us, they spend some time with us, if they feel this is home, they stay.

  1. If there is anything you like to say about Gor, what would it be and if you can change anything about it, what would you change.
  • Is a daily fight, but only about making our best to correct our mistakes and be a better group each day.
  1. Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sentence
  • The feeling of…. *no comments* 🙂

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 012

First Passage Hand, Fifth Day of the month of En’ Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    I think that something buried deep within me almost erupted, something dark and hidden, something repressed and stored deep, something that should never see the light of day again. I say I think because I am not sure.  There was a rumbling as if bubbles were rising to the surface of a quiet, cool pond nearly exploded into a geyser of burning steam and spray.  But before I write more on it, I need to bring this journal up to date. . . .

  • With the Serendipity back in our possession we sailed briskly along the Vosk River and landed just outside the Village of Iskander. The lands surrounding this village are lush with hills and the area enjoys an abundance of vegetation and streams.  Without question the land is fertile and the hills and majestic mountains give one pause to sit and ponder life pleasantries.
  • Tanz had wanted to meet a man named Collin Daines, a man known to her through her daughter Twila, and meet him we did. An industrious fellow, as devoted to Iskander as were the people of his village, in particular Kat Torvalar and one of the kajira, known as ocean (Breena MacMoragh).  We arrived during a period of much activity, a group of outlaws, anathema we were told to the village had decided to take their leave of the lands and regroup themselves elsewhere.  We did not learn the reasons for that nor frankly did we ask for it was an issue of local politics and as their leaving clearly posed no threat to Tanz it was little of my concern.
  • Tanz and I were welcomed well even though the industrious people of Iskander were busy in their ambitious endeavors. They have established a vineyard and have begun the process of making wine, the first bottles ready for us to taste.  In addition, they hope to enlarge a robust industry of honey production.  And, if that were not enough industry, they are attempting to harness means to prolong the life of ice and to sell it to other markets.  For the latter, I was told they use deep pits and the cold earth beneath and perhaps the technique of sawdust to cover the ice.  To transport the ice, I heard, though I did not have occasion to see it, they have harnessed the power of tarns as the means of swift delivery.
  • Such ambition and industry can be contrasted with the poor surroundings of the Village of Gimli, of which I have previously called the heart of Gor. And, while I still think that and look fondly to Gimli and hope to return soon to the people there, there is a sense to me that if Gimli is the tradition of the wilds of these lands, Iskander points to perhaps how the wilds can be tamed.  Of course, Iskander has advantages that Gimli does not.  After all, Iskander is situated along the Vosk while Gimli is in the midst of the northern woods with neighbors not so close to it for commerce to be as robust.
  • With each new place we visit, it seems, an unexpected reminder of Tanz’s past will appear. Here, that happened yet once again.  While there, a man with any number of names was in the village at the same time we were there.  To be fair, as it turns out, he is connected to the lands of Iskander and appears to rove as informal magistrate of certain disputes as they may arise.  He was referred to by various names, Hudd and Nathan (Master Huldschinsky) being two of them.  In my presence he seemed resectable enough.   What oddness occurred while he was present seemed not of his making.  The “oddness” I speak of was this, while Tanz and I were attempting – nearly futilely – to obtain, with unusual difficulties, tea from a slave named thassa (Kara Verne), much to my bemusement and Tanz’s consternation, an argument broke out in the village square.   I should point out that there were a number of people there and, oddly, a small larl that seemed at home and completely non-aggressive which I attributed perhaps to its youthful age than its disposition.  In any event, there seemed to be a dispute about whether a man had submitted as kajirus.  What was odd about the situation was that the man was armed and clearly did not look the part of a slave.  At some point violence erupted and the man in question fled, sending Nathan to the ground, and me and another villager in futile chase.  When questioned about the dispute afterwards the villagers to a one seemed oddly quiet and unresponsive to questioning by me and Tanz.  But more bizarre was that Nathan sent his slave away to summon, he claimed, a kur to assist.  I put the idea off as madness that Nathan had the ability to summon and control such a beast, but not long afterwards his slave returned with a giant of a beast who stood around until told by Nathan to leave and then left obediently.  That a kur would obey in such a manner seemed utterly bizarre to me and had I not seen it with my eyes I would have not believed it.
  • Another apparition from Tanz’s past appeared as well, but I should add she was one of my past too, two of my past if we count the panther Fleur Davi who we momentarily encountered at the docks. I introduced Fleur, who hails from the Jungles of Schendi, to Tanz as one I know in passing.  She is one I would like to know better, but even of my limited knowledge I sense in her a good spirit and wish to no harm ever to befall this panther. Perhaps another time I will add more to this journal on that, or perhaps, if our travels take us vask (south) more of that will follow.
  • But as to the other one who happened to Iskander. She was the flame-haired Alura (Alura McCann), though I suppose since she has returned to servitude, she should be referred to as alura.  I met her first in Siba when she was free and, frankly, never could accept her when she submitted to another.  In irony, our paths crossed again on Peril Island when she was free and I learned that the man to whom she had submitted in Siba had thereafter submitted to her and became her slave, at least for awhile.   In Peril, her clan were known as the Fatalz and they dispersed when Peril was abandoned.  Alura arrived in Iskander, her timing a surprise.

  • Now, one thing I must note that when Alura and I are together, one never knows if there will be calm or tension for arguments plenty I have had with her over any number of things. And, upon seeing her, though at the time I was amidst a tense standoff with some panthers over a potential slave Collin had acquired temporarily by means unclear, I lost focus and could only utter and reutter Alura’s name as if I were but a thunderstruck fool.  It was not so much, of course, that it were she, but that it were she, there in Iskander, and it were she back again a slave.  I can only wonder what Tanz thought of me at that dumbfounded moment.

  • In any event, when the standoff ended, Alura focused and fawned — as does every slave I had seen in Iskander — over Collin (One can only wonder what his magnetism is in that regard.)  And, at his command she undressed what little she had worn and then stark naked in the tavern danced, her eyes and movements clearly focused to gain the favor of Collin.  I could barely watch her her slow undulations as she hugged a pole and slithered with the moves that could tame a snake charmer as opposed to the natural order where the charmer tames the cobra.   The reason I could barely watch is that, in truth, I do not think of Alura as a slave, though she can play the part with gusto.   So, instead of taking pleasure in her body (except for darting glances) though her public dance was meant for Collin, I kept my attention on Tanz, who sat next to me.

  • There came a point when, suddenly, the dance seemed over and Alura had started to leave, to head alone somewhere. Had my attention not been focused elsewhere at that moment I might have acted quicker to stall her passage.  After all, to travel alone for one as her, without her current master, whomever that may be, seemed a dangerous proposition.   I tried to utter something, perhaps to suggest that, since Tanz and I would leave upon the morrow that she wait the night and go with us towards her destination.  But I guess I spoke too late for she was gone before the words came out.  Or perhaps she heard the words and did not wish to stay, I do not know.  I truly do not think she understands that I hold her dear even if another holds my love.

  • So, what was it that had taken my attention. It was what nearly caused a bubbling to the surface of something kept submerged.  While Alura had danced, the talk among the free had turned to some topic (which specifically I do not now recall) Tanz informed those present that should harm befall her “I have a protector” and by her words, in context, she did not refer to me.  Had lightning struck me there it would have hurt me less even though she later would insist she meant no offense or disrespect or any of numerous other things.  But I stared at her in disbelief because her words, to any man in my stead, would convey an absence of confidence that he was adequate to the task of her protection.   More to the point, for her to utter these words in the company of others could only convey the same belittling meaning to them.  I felt an angry tremor begin to overtake my body, and with all the concentration that I could muster controlled and stayed for then, just barely, what might have been the result.  Whether others felt the rage that nearly surfaced I do not know, but I felt it full and strong.  I must comment here it was not rage at Tanz at much at rage of something more of something deep within me and that feeling of my first visions of horror when I had seen faces of people I had seemed to recognize and knew to be dead and about whom I somehow blamed myself for failing them.

  • Soon we left the tavern, and for me it was none too soon, and in our wagon away from the villagers I raised the question with her. She started with the phrase “For now, Im in your care.”   The words struck me so, “for now.”  Was her time with me a dalliance?  Had she misunderstoond my feelings?  Had I misunderstood hers?  “For now. . .”  “For now. . .”  The words conveyed something temporary,a mere frivolity.  She claimed she meant nothing of the sort, and that all she intended that life on Gor can “change” by other forces.  I was assuaged by little in what seemed to me a lack of faith and of belief.  She stated her intent was that should something happen there were people I should seek.  But the people that she identified for the most part would be strangers to me and located  in lands so distant that to seek them would be meaningless and utterly be a waste in any realistic sense.  That she planned, it seemed for my failure, and would have me in essence be a beggar to people I did not know and to tell them I had failed her was beyond my comprehension.

  • One she named was her so-called “brother” Klaus. It was all I could do to keep the bubbling at bay, This was a man, I reminded her, who had tried to sell her for personal profit.  He was a man who had ignored my correspondence, except to tell her he might very well try to kill me.   As for another man she named I will not here identify him, but the nature of that stranger’s business was one I did not trust and I could not believe she would think that I would scurry to beg for help from such.

  • The discussion ended. I do not know for sure if Tanz understood.  I don’t know if anything was resolved.  We lay in bed and went to sleep . . . holding one another.

Be sure to come back!  More Omnibus editions will be posted in the near future!

© Gazette of Gor


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