About a picture by picture impression of SL – Gorean Free

I want to be Free

It is said, I believe in Savages or Blood Brothers, I reread it recently which is why it still lingers in my mind, that simply the name Tarl Cabot spoken, illicits the majority of women on Gor to become aroused.

Oh please …

What piffle…

Tarl wants the female of the species, walled up, kept indoors cooking and cleaning, making babies, uncomplaining, silent and grateful…

Dar Tremor:  rose up again and placed his foot onto the captives thigh. Mustering all his strength, he would start pulling off the shin guards, one by one. His dirty foot leaving a mark on her hind.

Please note that all pictures have been modified in photoshop. Disclaimer: disclosing Second Life  images of residents (or sims) in a blog are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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