Gazette of Gor – Omnibus Edition 53 to 60

The Omnibus Edition

Dear readers, Gazette of Gor and this blog are proud to present you this omnibus GOG edition of past issues for your online reading pleasure.
Specifically, this omnibus contains issues 53 through to 60. The omnibus makes an interesting read of any issues you may have missed in Secondlife.  Whether it be stories, role-plays, information or discussions there is sure to be something to interest you.

As you can see I have chosen a panther for the Omnibus cover, because as the saying goes : “you can get the girl out of the forest but you never can get the forest out of the girl. “

Issue 53


  • Editorial by Mariko Marchant
  • Open letter to the Sha’Kar  Arani tribe members
  • Fade to black with Kittyn Fuhr
  • Invite to Once Upon a Dance Comp for RFL
  • Rune Priest Oh Rune Priest Wherefore Art Thou?
  • Thorvalsland by Sonia ….
  • To the users of the G&S system
  • Editorial by Mariko Marchant

Dear Gazette of Gor readers,

Credit: Mariko

In this issue I share my vision how my tribe members should act. ICly we hate the other tribes, but OOCly we should show respect and understand that there are different views on how to play Gor.

The next article is  “Fade  to black with Kittyn Fuhr”, in which Kittyn Fuhr states: : There are many definitions.  If you believe in “by the book”, or if you believe in an extended version …mainly, btb is women are Freewomen or slaves, GE is that some women can carry swords, fight, slaves able to fight, things like that.  Also, you have different types within each….do you believe in a more Viking culture, a more ….germanic/northern type culture, do you believe in a more Arabic culture, or even a Japanese culture.  the other thing, is are you more pew pew, or are you a roleplayer.  With some of those “defined”, then you can help narrow down some of those ideas, and find a place that is good that will fit you.

If you like dancing you might like to take part at a dance competition. In this issue you can read more about this. Furhermore in this issue a very  exciting article ” Rune Priest Oh Rune Priest Wherefore Art Thou?” and also a very informative atrticle about Thorvalsland.

Selvi  (laratorvis resident) would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see changed or even added to the G&S system and there is also hot gossip in this issue.

I wish you will enjoy issue 53 of the Gazette Of Gor and please do feel free to respond!

Mariko Marchant

  • Open letter to the Sha’Kar  Arani tribe members

Noe and me revived the tribe of Pygmies founded in 2007 by Noemie Ling (Noe).

Most pygmies were killed at the rain-forests in the jungle when they were brutally attacked by the Talunas but the ones who survived  fled to the Northern Forests where they met a group of wandering  huntresses  and they decided to build camp together and took the name of the original tribe “Sha’Kar  Arani”. Sha’kar  which means, sister , young girl , beautiful. Kar means sister and love.  Arani,  is a minor tribe of the south of Gor, they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai (Book 10 : Tribesman of Gor, page 307).

Credit: Noe + Mariko

We have carefully selected the members because we want only sisters who want to play Gor seriously  and have fun. We try to have less drama as possible, but some drama is unavoidable in Gor and in tribes. So we have to deal with that. We also treat our enemies and captives with respect and we will respect their limits.

In return, we expect them to respect our limits as well, and if they won’t, you will fade to black (tp out) and they might be banned on our lands. As a tribe we do not death play and we all have a 3 days cap limit. Everyone is free to state more limits of their own. We are not btb. We are GE, but we don’t play “Disney Gor”.  If capped we will refuse to be tp’ed to a sim, where we cannot be rescued.

We are here for roleplay so imagine this is real. As you know huntresses and pygmies are selfish and they live in a camp because it benefits them. They are less vulnerable when they are their own. Now imagine you live in a camp. What do you need? You need food and other supplies. You need to build up these supplies, because winters are very tough in the Northern Forests.  So this is why we trade and rob (raid) other camps. We don’t shoot at strangers passing by on our lands. This makes no sense, and will also you put yourself in unnecessary danger.

We have no allies, but we have friends who may came into the camp armed and can help us with a rescue, when a sister is capped. I expect you to avoid being capped. If this were a real scenario,  who would want  to be enslaved or sold? Also when when raided and you see the situation is hopeless, you flee, instead of fighting until you are capped.

As for slaves we have no camp slaves. Only slaves with a dedicated Mistress, who is responsible for her. Camp slaves are often bored because no one pays attention to them, which leads to drama.  Huntresses don’t need slaves in camps, who have to be fed and so use supplies. So we are basically a roleplay tribe, but we do raid often because we need supplies.

The chain of command is: EN (Mariko Marchant), SE ( Vesta Ying), First Bow (to be determined) , huntresses and pygmies.  We expect you to play you role properly  so address the SE as my SE , etc.

When raided the First Bow overrules all leaders, as the raid leader does when we raid.

We don’t strive to be the biggest or the strongest tribe in Gor. We strive to be tribe with a family feeling and have as much fun as possible when playing Gor seriously. Sisterhood, loyalty and respect  are our core values.

Thank you,

Mariko Marchant (Proud EN of Sha’Kar  Arani)

This letter may be shared with anyone

  • Fade to black with Kittyn Fuhr

A little background on this article. It started when something was posted in another group. This was in response to a new person entering Gor for the very first time.

Kittyn Fuhr: There are many definitions.  If you believe in “by the book”, or if you believe in an extended version …mainly, btb is women are Freewomen or slaves, GE is that some women can carry swords, fight, slaves able to fight, things like that.  Also, you have different types within each….do you believe in a more Viking culture, a more ….germanic/northern type culture, do you believe in a more Arabic culture, or even a Japanese culture.  the other thing, is are you more pew pew, or are you a roleplayer.  With some of those “defined”, then you can help narrow down some of those ideas, and find a place that is good that will fit you.

A lot of conflict, i find, is somoene joins agroup, finds out that they aren’t happy because they didn’t find the “rules” to be what they want, then they start bucking that system, saying that they didn’t like those rules.

I went into this avatar’s IM”s and said this to her.

Selvi (laratorvis): I like how you explained that to a new person to GOR, very well broken down. hugs

Kittyn Fuhr smiles….just 9 1/2 years experience here, in various environments.  *laughs*

Selvi (laratorvis): I hope to grow up and be just like you!!!!!l

Selvi (laratorvis): May I ask, what is your take on fade to black?

Kittyn Fuhr laughs….Well….my feeling is if it is something that I personally do not agree with…if I put myself into that scenario, then I rp it out…however, they might not like it.  If I walk down a dark alley, just because my profile says “cannot be attacked” doesn’t say i can’t…however, i might, instead of rp’ing out a full screaming, fighting scene, just type “i scream in response.”  and just wait.  However, if a scenario is happening that I feel isn’t Gorean or shouldn’t happen, then I may go to that fade to black.  especially if it is something that can affect the “future” of my character, that i can’t control, to make the character enjoyable.

Selvi (laratorvis): Thank you for that, May I quote you on that for future use?

Kittyn Fuhr: Sure!  *smiles*

Selvi (laratorvis): i write for the Gazette of Gor, I been wondering about the usage of FTB by some roleplayers.

Kittyn Fuhr: One example i could say…i wish i had her quote now, a friend a long time ago said that say, in service…a Master could say “you have to do me”.  even if the profile says that tthey are restricted.  She could say she’s restricted, and if he basically says “I don’t care”…she would still do it, but it wouldn’t be sexual, just factual statements.  “spreads legs.  grasps penis. places.”.  etc.

Selvi (laratorvis): I have not HAD to use FTB, but with so many new folks coming to SL GOR, most I have talked to never heard of FTB>

Kittyn Fuhr: Then lets the person answer to her Master for damages, and to the council, etc.

Selvi (laratorvis): A good point.

Kittyn Fuhr: that is the problem with the way this is set up…however, thre isn’t really too many ways to correct it.  I have met many slaves who don’t know that they DO have a choice, they do NOT have to serve on both sides of the screen, they do NOT have to serve in both gor and regular SL…some cities do have the rules set up, so thatt they can protect new slaves, but however, somee are just a catchnet, to provide their (or other) Owners with bait.

Selvi (laratorvis): Now that is a very profound insight into the matter.

Selvi (laratorvis): I have encountered many a new person to Gor in the last six months, and to me, the issue of who has what control over what is a huge deal.

Kittyn Fuhr: i had a bad time coming in….however, i lucked out in the end (I am still with my Master from 9 years ago…august will be 10 years).  But i was also lucky, to have a person on the SL side, that kept me semi-grounded, they both understood each other, I served both…and now live with the SL side one IRL.

Selvi (laratorvis): that is truly amazing.

Selvi (laratorvis): I envy you..smiles big. Thank you for your insights.

  • Once Upon a Dance Competition

We invite all dancers to take part, those who have danced before and those to whom this is something new.  This event is open to all of Gor, no matter the Home Stone and will be an ooc/icly event.  It is for both male and female slaves to dance.


The Theme is PURPLE… We are keeping it simple though dances should be Gorean in nature.  Wear something purple… mention purple in your emotes.. you can express how cancer has touched you or someone you know.. it is up to you.


2000L – Judges favorite Dancer

2000L – Audience favorite Dancer

2000L – Dancer raising the most funds for RFL on her board.

Prizes:  More prizes to be announced as we sign up sponsors.

  1. Dancers photo will be put on a board where people can touch to vote and/or pay small kiosk to pay donations to Relay for Life.
  2. We will take up to 8 dancers and 2 alternatives (in case someone needs to back out) for each event. All applications to go to emiko (nevva nightfire) for both dances. Please indicate which dance you would like to sign up for.
  3. Props are permitted and encouraged, no more than 50 prims
  4. Dances may be up to 8 minutes long.
  5. Dancers must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the event. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so another can prepare.
  6. Dances should be those not performed at prior competitions, prior exhibitions are fine.
  7. WHIP radio will be DJ’ing this event. All music must be turned in at least one week prior to event.
  8. Dancers will dance in opposing order as to who gets the music to the organizer first. (So, first to submit music, dances last and so on.)
  9. Please hand all applications in to emiko (nevva.nightfire) who will join you to the Cartius Dreams of Dance group where announcements will be made for both events.
  10. Sponsors are needed for prizes for the girls. Costuming, skins, gifts and cash awards are encouraged. You can also sponsor a girl with a donation of 1,000L or more to her kiosk. This will give you a poster visible to the audience, your logo on the sponsor page of the Goreans in Relay sponsor page and a mention on the radio station. Contact Kaiila Mahoney or  Shelby Olivier

If you wish to apply please fill out the attached notecard and return to emiko (nevva.nightfire).

emiko (nevva.nightfire)?

(owned by Kushiel)

Kaiila Mahoney – Relay for Life Event Organiser

  • Rune Priest Oh Rune Priest Wherefore Art Thou?


Looking around, hearing the voice of the gods, she rushes quickly to search for a Rune Priest to find out what has happened to them all.  Traveling from village to village searching and looking throughout Torvaldsland it seems she cannot find the elusive priests of Odin “What shall I do?” she cried aloud to what seemed to be just the air “Where are the Rune Priests of our forefathers?” she asked then sighed, turning slowly she stopped seeing a man that appeared before her in robes of white and she smiled as an epiphany heralded his arrival

RUNE PRIEST!! ‘she shouted at him looking rather a bit desperate, she ran over to where he stood the poor baby in her swollen belly bouncing about in a jostling motion before she came to a halt and looked up at him’

At first she didn’t know what to say she was in awe and shock, surely Odin had sent this Rune Priest to her.  As she looked on the figure in white robes approached her and splayed out his hand over her swollen belly.

Looking to her questioningly as if to ask permission, she nodded, still a bit tongue tied.  Ask she felt his hand touch her distended belly she could feel his words move through her “Odin, bless this child.  Let it have the wisdom to know right from wrong.  Thor give it the strength that it will surely need to grow up in our world.  Freyr, grant the child plenty throughout it’s life so that it may not know hunger.”

  • ..

Marauders of Gor, the ninth book of the Gorean series, deals with the lands and culture of Torvaldsland, a land in the northern latitudes of Gor. Torvaldsland is based on the Vikings and Norsemen of Earth’s history, circa 700 to 1100 A.D. If the calendar of Torvaldsland is accurate, then the Voyages of Acquisition brought Vikings to Gor around 970 A.D.

Torvaldsland is a general area on the Gorean map, almost like a large country. It is not simply a specific city or town. The area is generally considered to begin near the end of the northern forests and continue northwards up to frozen wastes. The skerry of Einar, by the Torvaldsmark, is thought to mark the boundary of the Torvaldsland and the southlands. The Torvaldsmark is a tall rune-stone, like a needle pointing to the sky. Torvaldsland ends near the frozen sea areas, at the lands of the Red Hunters. The men of Torvaldsland though sometimes have different ideas concerning the boundaries of Torvaldsland. They like to claim that their boundary encompasses anywhere that their ships land. Their ships have been known to journey as far south as Schendi and Bazi and as far west as Tyros and Cos.

The largest town south of Torvaldsland is Kassau, located at the northern edge of the northern forests. It is most well known as the seat of the High Initiate of the north who claims spiritual sovereignty over all of the north including Torvaldsland. His temple is the greatest building in Kassau, towering above the wooden huts and merchant homes of the rest of the residents. The nearest other Initiate temple is hundreds of pasangs south in the city of Lydius. During the events of Marauders of Gor, Ivar Forkbeard and his group of raiders sack and loot the temple, killing many of the Initiates. It is unknown if the temple was rebuilt to its prior glory.

  • To the users of the G&S system

Dear Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to see and get a small sampling of your thoughts. Just as the title of this article suggests, the topic is about the G&S system. I realize that the system is used by more than the Goreans In SL-Gor, but please know I am addressing this article to those outside of mainstream SL-Gor as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see changed or even added to the system. Let me give an example.

I like to fish, the fusion items we can buy is great but once the supposedly big update comes and those items are rendered unusable what then?  Here is my suggestion to the creator and maker of the system May we see a small fire grill in the future? Think what would a fisherman make if he or she was out fishing. To maintain realism, have it set to where nothing else could be cooked but the fish so that the user can not cook say, other meals since who on a fishing trip out somewhere would bake a cake complete with frosting?

Another suggestion,  have a table for us to go to and register our G&S tools, i.e water pump, study desk, stove. Now I am hazy on scripts…and this will come across like a half-baked idea but would this make it harder for copy bots do what they do best? For every person who registers their G&S tool, we get a certificate stating ours was something we legally obtained once we sell our item, we have proof of authentication. The then would be future user would only wish to buy authenticated items. No proof of authenticity…do not buy it.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas like this. Please notecard it and send it to me laratorvis resident, please let me know if you wish to see your idea/suggestion in future editions of the Gazette. I plan to make a voting station to gather votes in the future for these ideas and take the results to the Maker/Creator himself.

Thank you all for reading this.



(to send your notecarded ideas to)  



Thief on the loose!!!!

Let it be known far and wide that there is another rapscallion visiting the cities in the guise of trade. He is described as a rather tall bulky individual, who wears yellow clothing and claims to be a skilled caste member of the Caste of builders.  He is in fact, said to be held responsible for several break-ins at every port he has visited to date. This individual is identifiable by his scar that runs from the right of his temple across his forehead ending just to the middle of his left eyebrow. It is said he is not picky on what he takes during his robbing spree but he has been credited to have stolen the family silver at one location being disappearing from the Inn he was known to be temporary lodging.

Over heard this in the Dark Sleen Tavern the other night.

Rape in Torvaldsland

Yes Masters and Mistresses, although rape is not a word you hear very often. ( I can not imagine why), but a rapist was charged and executed earlier this five hands passed. The victim was said to be the precious daughter of a certain jarl who wishes for his daughter and him to remained unnamed for this article. The  rapist was a Sea- Captain and frequent visitor of this port where the alledged victim lives with her high caste family. What is the Gorean world coming to?


Q: Why do vegans give good head?

A: Because they are used to eating nuts.

Q: What do you call a vegan guy who likes to pleasure himself?

A: A non-dairy creamer.

Q: What do you call a dumb omnivore?

A: a meathead!

Q: How many carnivores does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None. They prefer to stay in the dark!

Q: How many vegetarians does it take to eat a cow?

A: One if nobody’s looking.



Issue 54



  • Editorial by Minnie (Maxfromfrance)
  • By the Book (BtB) vs Gorean Evolved (GE) by Sonia
  • Basic RP info
  • DoL Dancer’s Challenge (Gorean)
  • Fair Play
  • Upcoming Dance Events
  • The return of Zima Ak’am to Tharna
  • Gossip of Gor ….
  • Editorial by Minnie (Maxfromfrance)

Bad grass never die (Minnie)

This will do almost four months that I have been absent in sleep meanders. Four months of my life, lost for a foul, four months without you all, four months without Gor, without my Gor, without friends, without landscapes that compete in beauty, without thoughtful RP, without feeling that little flame made me want to walk in the wilderness where danger lurks. I’m on the right way and can not wait to return permanently at home, not only in my RL, but also in my home Gorean. I forged friendships since I was in Gor, I met some wonderful people. Although at the moment, I don’t remember all of them. If you say hello, don’t be upset if I don’t answer right away and if I have any hesitation. I need bricks reposition slowly. This will take the time needed. I have to be patient. Be as patient with me.

Admirable people took the baton at the Gazette. Mariko, Sonia, Claude, Selvi, the team Gazette without exceptions have proven worthy and courageous while I slept. I congratulate them and thank them. But I also want to clarify something. The Gazette has just celebrated its first anniversary. It’s good but this project is still young and fragile. The Gazette of Gor was created for us all. It is not for me. It belongs to Gor and in this sense, all those who want something post are welcome. Help us as we want to help you. Help Gor and become part of our entity, the Gazette of Gor. Write a few words and we will publish. Give us your feelings, give us your Gorean  life. In the same vein, we created a RP no one has desired to continue. Maybe the basis of the RP didn’t please you. Bring us a basic idea and we work together to make your project a success.

I just noticed that donations were made to the Gazette. These Lindens will be distributed among the active members of the Gazette. I’m sorry for being late to thank the various donators. So thank you on behalf of all the team for your offerings.

Well, it had been four months that I had not written. I had to catch up. I had things to say. I also have to visit countries. I also spend time with my family, my friends, with you. I missed you, I missed your insanity. Thank you for giving me feelings. Thank you for giving me my force.


THE SLAVE’S  CORNER ~ A Satiric View of Life On Gor

By Teal Razor ~ slave of Siri Emerald Jr.


By Teal Razor


By Teal Razor

It does not bode well for a city when the first thing you hear upon entering it, is the loud bellowing of bosk accompanied by the smell of their droppings. But, first impressions can be deceiving. In fact, my first reaction to Torcadino was so deceiving that I just had to go back to the vicinity of the city’s main gate two days in a row. I was taken to Torcadino by a merchant of Ianda to keep records of his business. Seems I was the only one who could write among the slave’s in our city. So he paid my Master to “borrow” me to go on a journey to Torcadino.

In Torcadino, I finished my bookkeeping duties with the merchant early each day. The merchant would then go to the inn to eat his noodles and drink distilled paga. After filling himself in this manner, he would repair to his room at the inn where he would fall fast asleep.  I took the liberty of slipping out the back door to have a look around. In order not to appear as a runaway slave, I picked up a vulo that was running around outside the inn and made out like I was on my way to market.

When you are in a strange city it is best to “look” like you know where you are going. When you give the impression that you just fell off the last turnip cart to come down the road, it is a signal to rogues that you are fair game for a scam that could end in violence. If you are a slave, you could be stolen, if you are a free woman you could be collared, if you are a free male you will be separated from your purse and quite possibly your head.

Well, I got away with this little ruse for two days. I figured that doing my own tour of Torcadino would help me in my report. I was pleasantly surprised when I met a warrior I knew from Port Olni, Master Loki, who was now the regent of Torcadino. I wondered how he ascended to such lofty heights in the pecking order. He never struck me as the “defender of the Home Stone” sort. Never the less, he seems to have mellowed over the years and greeted me. He was surprised to see me in his city. I gave him a brief explanation of my presence. He was chagrined as to why I wandered the streets with a vulo in my arms and assigned a passing slave by the name of Lori to give me a tour.

Lori was patient with me on the tour of Torcadino. I was so busy looking at things I would constantly stumble into her as she stopped to explain different highlights of the city. From a humble approach to the city down a dirt path, the double gates open to a paved broad plaza with a fountain, columns, and low plastered buildings of grey. The roofs of Torcadino were topped with half barrel tiles. It was a most pleasing combination. There was abundant use of rough hewn wood used in planking for the floors and timbers of the buildings.

Upon entering a few of these buildings, like the warrior’s hall, tavern, zar room and alcoves, one is greeted by lavish murals and an eye stopping array of color. Although the insides of the buildings contained sparse furnishings, everything was well appointed. I mean, take for instance, the alcoves to the tavern. First off the tavern was located opposite the new warrior’s building and sparring arena. This is a most auspicious location. The alcoves are located up an easily negotiated stairway outside the tavern. Once in the rooms you have a choice of the right or left side. There are abundant hooks to place whips, chains and other items of restraint. In fact the alcoves supplied patrons with all these accoutrements. The spaces were not cordoned off by curtains or screens so that if you were interested in what the couple across the way was doing, you could watch for awhile until you felt like returning to your own business at hand.

The Scribe’s building exhibited a novel use of space. Everything was under one roof on one floor.  This is a boon for older magistrates whose knees are not in the best shape. The court and all the magistrates’ offices were contained in one imposing room which kept its magisterial flavor. The carpet was a rich blue pile, the furniture dark and custom carved, and the walls were lined with shelf upon shelf of law scrolls. The whole building could house an army of scribes plus a packed courtroom.

The public baths, both men’s and women’s, were large hot pools. It is quite a feat to fill pools of this size when the water for Torcadino comes in via two aqueducts. It must be pointed out that Torcadino is 100 pasangs away from any body of water. It lies on the plain of Serpeto. No water can be seen even from the top most parapets of the walls. The view is spectacular though as the setting rays of Tor-tu-Gor filter through the tall grasses of that flat plain that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Lori took me through the residential part of the city which was quiet and orderly. She ushered me through a gate that I thought would lead out of the city, which it eventually did but not before it opened upon the “merchant caste’s” part of the city. This part consisted of a corral of sorts, housing the merchant offices, store houses, market stalls and other paraphernalia necessary to a merchant. I thought it was fitting that the Merchant caste was confined to one area where it would be easy to usher in guests and also to receive goods through this separate gate off to the side of this walled city. Further outside the gates of the city were the tharlarion pens. I was fortunate enough to see some recently born animals. I can’t say these lizard like creatures are cute. They are handy though for getting you down the road in zero to sixty in under 40 ihns.

Torcadino is at a crossroads of a few major roads on Gor. I went to the histories of Master John Norman and found in Book 21, chapter 9, verses 1802 and beyond, to find the exact roads.

“Torcadino, on the flats of Serpeto, is a crossroads city. It is located at the intersection of various routes, the Genesian, connecting Brundisium and other coastal cities with the south, the Northern Salt Line and the Northern Silk Road, leading respectively west and north from the east and south, the Pilgrims’ Road, leading to the Sardar, and the Eastern Way, sometimes called the Treasure Road…”

This is good positioning for a city as witnessed by the traffic jams in the morning of arriving and departing caravans from points north and south.

The merchant I was traveling with woke up one morning and decided he was going to return to Ianda. I think the real reason he decided to cut his visit short to Torcadino was that he believed I was having a better time than he was. I managed to talk my way into a dinner party being given by a rich physician of the town, Lady Phebi Rascon. The merchant was not invited to this soiree and was miffed when he found out that I was there enjoying the hospitality of the gracious lady which he was being refused.

I hope to return to Torcadino to rekindle my conversations with its citizens like, Master Daugian, a Torcadino Sergeant. We seemed to share the same opinions and it is always nice to meet a person of reason.

Half way down the Genesian road, the merchant noticed that he had left one empty cart behind at the gates of the city.  He decided to leave it there.  Hopefully that means he will return at a later date to claim it.

  • By the Book (BtB) vs Gorean Evolved (GE)

You’ll find in SL, and any role play platform, that there is a great debate over BtB vs GE.  There are not a tremendous lot of differences; but those differences that exist are great enough that it divides the Gorean population much like political parties.

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.

BtB Gor:

Strict dress code for FW that varies from north to south is enforced.  No cleavage, belly or shoulders showing, hair must be braided or in a bun and adorned if companioned, no tattoos or piercings (piercings are a symbol of slavery), and veils must be worn in the south.

No female fighters!  FW can defend themselves from attackers (strangers, raiders) only with a limited list of weapons that do less damage, such as daggers, hair pins, etc.  Slaves do not fight except to help defend private homes as a last line of defense, and even then, only using slave damage weapons such as fists, rocks, brooms, etc.

Female Outlaws, or Femlaws, are not recognized in BtB Gor

Free Women (FW) are allowed to be mouthy… to a point.  However, they are always at the mercy of whatever amount of patience that the men around them have.  There are rules to whom can and cannot collar a FW, and the procedure as to how it’s done.

Owning a slave was expensive, and a person owning more than one or two was rare unless the person was of very high status.

Homosexuality is extremely rare, and not publicly flaunted.

In the north, everyone worked hard to survive and slaves were expected to work without begging for something to do.

In the south, slaves were expected to know their place and beg for permission for everything, as even the right to live and breathe was given as a merciful gift from the free.

In the north, the Priest Kings were more of a joke than an entity to be revered.  Odin and Thor were worshiped and there were no “homestones.”  There was village loyalty and all men that could fight were warriors (Axes), who defended all of the village inhabitants as their own family.

In the south, the Priest Kings reigned, and loyalty to the home stone was not only expected; but required.  To abandon a home stone was akin to treason.  Different castes held different status and occupation.  Only those of the Scarlet (Warrior) caste were those who would defend the city from enemies.

Ubars/Ubaras were not constant rulers.  They were elected from the warrior caste in the time of war, when the council could not lead.  For them to demand reign would be considered an abuse of power, and they would be quickly overthrown.

A High Jarl would be unanimously chosen to lead all of Torvaldsland.  It was not an honor that could be forced or demanded, or self-proclaimed.

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Panther and Larl

GE Gor:

Dress code is much more lax.  Modern clothing is still frowned upon; but the overall standard is much more lax.

Most sims allow female fighters, outlaws, etc.

Slave “collectors” can have an unlimited number of slaves on their chains.

Homosexuality is much more open and accepted.

Slaves can fight, and often assist in raids.

There are other differences, and other similarities.  It is very difficult to try to list all of them here.  It also varies, sim to sim.  Some places are more rigid than others.  With as many books as there are, and as many different perceptions of those books, the great debate will always continue as to what it means to be truly By the Book.

  • Basic RP info Summer 2016

The summer months are upon us and although I am sure to a lot of us, the below article and the information contained is all old news, I think it be a good time to  bring it up in hopes new folks joining on in SL-Gor find it useful.

As we roleplay in Gor, whether you are a Gorean lifestyler or a simple roleplayer, there are some basic knowledge that comes in handy.  There are a few basic courtesies that one should to observe. There are also some terms thrown around that, to a new roleplayer, might be unfamiliar. Please read below to learn more.


Fade to black

Aka FTB, no I am not referring to the movie or the band.

Fade to Black is used when two players or more do not with to play out an actual scene, yet accept that it had occurred to continue the flow of the role-play.

For example, if a free woman is about to be raped, the player can contact the person and tell them that she wants to FTB. The other player accepts that and instead of writing out the detailed scene of the actual rape, they can just move on to the next scene which does involve the concerned matter, in this case, rape.

Sometimes real life gets in the way as well, so some people just FTB, whether it be trading a captive who is offline, finishing off a scene, etc

Some see this as a cop-out, I feel it is generally accepted as long as the reason it is brought up makes sense. Please be aware to not use it too often, it does inhibit roleplay if its too frequent.


God modding is being immune to all types of influence or injury. You are almighty, nothing can hurt you or bring you down. This is not acceptable roleplay behavior at Mischief Managed and is dealt with OOC consequences.


Abbreviation for “In Character”. Anything that involves what happens while roleplaying is IC.


Metagaming is simply taking knowledge that you gained OOCly and bringing it ICly. For instance, a friend tells you a plot that went on between a friend and someone else where you were not involved. Reading a tag immediately knowing their name. Any knowledge not gained through RP is not knowledge you know ICly.


NPC is short for Non-player character, meaning that these are characters not played by actual players. I have noticed in my roaming around Gor that there is a mixed out there of sims that will acknowledge you are travelling with one or two npc guards and some will not. This is when you as a roleplayer need to be responsible and look for the sim’s rules while at the landing point.


Abbreviation for “Out of Character”. Anything that happens while in sim but NOT during roleplay is OOC.

Please remember when you are role playing to keep your OOC chatter to IMs.


A powergamer is a roleplay whose main interest revolves around going on a power trip.


Abbreviation for “Roleplay”. This is when you act out your story through emotive messages.

If you feel I overlooked an abbreviation that should have been mentioned, drop me a notecard and I will be happy to include it in a future article!-Selvi

  • DoL Dancer’s Challenge (Gorean)

Something a little different to tickle the fancy of those game enough to step up to the plate! In July, Dancing Outside the Lines will be hosting an event with twist where choreographers will participate in a game of chance for their song and create a routine from scratch right before our very eyes. We encourage spectators who would like to wander between the builds (there will be marked pathways) to get a rare glimpse into the artistic process.

Apply now!


Here is how it works, the DoL Staff will choose an eclectic variety of songs, the names of which will be put into a game of chance (wheel, gatcha machine etc) for each dancer to click. Once they have their song, they will move to their designated build space to begin work. There will be approximately 3 hours allocated for creation of a dance with 100-125 words to be used however the dancer chooses (emotes/quotes etc.) a simple set, choreography and costuming — Anything Gorean goes! We also welcome the Free to take a turn in the sands.

Dancers may choose to use all of this time or only part, however they will be responsible for all expenses and pose-ball-sitters. We will have dancers from the DoL group available and many will happily double or triple up on routines, however we strongly suggest you have your own crew lined up if you intend to do a group routine.

NOTE: Tips from the show itself will be divided amongst the dancers, host and DJ as is standard.

  • Fair Flay – An open letter to the Sha’Kar  Arani tribe members

When I had an  interview with GTS weapons store owner Tetsuia Kohime for the Gazette of Gor he stated that there is much more cheating on fighting on the customers side then on the weapons makers side. And I believe that is very true.  Stats are for some Gor players very important now and they do everything to get higher in the rankings. Also some see fighting as a goal of itself and do anything for not loosing a battle. This has of course nothing to to with Gor, but sadly we see it more and more.

Credit: Noe + Mariko

The Sim rules are always leading. So when raiders read first the sim rules carefully and when you don’t agree do go to fight there and start a discussion that you do not agree with the sim rules if the outcome is not what you expected. I know that many even don’t know the sim rules of the lands they live on. So read them!

If you  see someone violating the sim rules on the lands you live there are two options:

  1. You call for a mod
  2. You notify your leaders

I prefer option 2 when there is no need for immediate action.

When being raided and one is violating the sim rules stay calm and contact your leader and play on. Do not react to an illegal action with another illegal action. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There will  always be incidents because people make mistakes. It makes no sense to cancel a raid because of a minor incident. Like 9 words in an emote instead of 10 words. Let the leaders decide how they handle these incidents after the raid. In the case of incidents that may determine the outcome of a raid like jumping in, the leader can stop the raid. If they tell to stop; stop fighting and go afk or OOC.

The Sha’Kar  Arani wants to fight fairly and accepts no cheating or entering a raid when it has started. We will not refuse to give keys when un-properly asked.

Well known forms of cheating are speed enhancers, avi displacement or creating lag by spamming the weapons channel.

Cheating gives the tribe a bad name, and will cause that other tribes don’t want to raid us anymore. I see cheating as a serious offense and when you do it, please bear in mind that it can lead to removal of the tribe.

Mariko Marchant (Proud EN of Sha’Kar  Arani)

This letter maybe shared with anyone

  • Upcoming Dance Events

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.

You can also go to the “Gorean Dance Contest” group’s Google Calendar on to get an overview of planned events.

I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calendar to check what is already planned and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

If you wish to have anything added to this list. Please send Juls (Julienn Sands) a notecard with dates, time and place, as well as a quick IM so she sees it in her email and knows you sent her something! 🙂

Please join ” Gorean Dance Contests” group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them.

If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to me)

  • The return of Zima Ak’am to Tharna

By Sarka Matova

Editing: Mariko Marchant

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
A birds eye view of the camp

In or around April 2008 Ecko and I founded the tribe in Tharna, thanks to the Tatrix’s kindness we were able to build the tribe up a little and have a permanent base on the fabled Ice Fang Mountain, the tribe grew slowly but steadily, again from Many’s notes: “Early Zima tribe was a happy tribe.In early 2009 we had members such as Libresse Offcourse, Heha Oh,Kathy2102 Allen, Les Trenkins, Maszoe Markova, Piffle Stoop, Sarka Matova,Ecko Honi, Many Mayako, Leda Oryl..blu Akina”

later a Homestead Sim was added to the lands for the Zimas as we had grown to such large numbers, some say we were the largest tribe in Gor, at that time (around 2009/2010 i believe) some of the new panthers included faces familiar to you, Heather, Bambi, Pas, Heather and others I am sure.

I wanted to add another En as there was a time when I was not online and neither was Ecko, in the end and without Ecko’s agreement I promoted Heather there soon followed a split and Ecko and Many left.

The tribe outgrew Tharna and I was encouraged to find a new home a full sim, and we moved to Kamba Island. It seems for a while we were settled there too, but in the promotions and intakes Ysss had joined the tribe, I was, it seems very impressed with her, however she led another split in 2011 taking Moon and Manda and several others with her. This was a bad time and I was very hurt and upset by what I perceived to be her treachery, of course there are two sides to every story and that one has two that are not in any way in agreement with one another. In talking to everyone involved I have come to realise that things are rarely as clear cut as they seem.

There seems to be no other incidents until I had my accident in 2012, so there was a of peace and harmony.

I was incapacitated and lost to the world of SL Gor, in that time the tribe suffered many difficulties and Heather held things together keeping the tribe united as best she could, I was gone for a long time and it is no doubt due to Heather, and some others that the Zimas survived where so many other tribes disappeared.

Some journeys were made, the tribe moved a lot a merger was made with another tribe that seemed to have benefited neither, and although the tribe survived most say it was a shadow of its former self.

I came back and thanks to the kindness and guidance of everyone I relearned about SL and Gor and the Zimas and myself in Gor. I began to try to build the tribe up and I think I was reasonably successful, but not without ruffling some feathers it seems.

What do I think about this? I think that when Ecko left the tribe half of the magic that had created it left, I think it went on for a long time after that and to a certain extent thrived, I do not think I led so well, I did what I seem to be good at which is recruiting and so the tribe continued to grow and grow, as far as i can see in this environment there are only 2 choices A/ to grow and grow or B/ to stagnate and whither, clearly the grow and grow thing is pretty hard to work with and takes a lot of out of people. But the other way just seems to lead to a small group of bored people sitting around in a base/camp/city/port whatever.

I understand why Heather and Inna feel that the tribe is theirs now and I do not condemn them for that, but in the terms of the history of the tribe their time of running things is very short one, just a small part, 2 years out of 7.  This tribe changed their name to Ja Lina Torvis.

Zima Ak’am moved to the Taluna continent and we were focusing on roleplay before capture,abuse,release RP.

On June,14 2016 Zima Ak’am moved to the north west of Tharna City and is now where it all began in 2008 so history is a circle and the Zimas are home at last!!.

I want to create and maintain a roleplay environment that welcomes and embraces many different forms of rp. something that gives people scope to explore ideas and grow within their chosen characters, to enjoy many different experiences and meet many different people, I believe this is all I have ever tried to do.

I  am opening a new chapter of history in the tribe, I welcome all of you to join me in a new land.

Sarka Matova (EN of Zima Ak’am)


Yo mama jokes…

Yo mama is so fat, the tarnsman use her underwear for parachutes.

Yo mama is so poor, when asked where the bathroom is located, she told the guests “Two trees to your left.”

Yo mama is so stupid, she thought spitball was an actual sport.

You mama is so fat, she broke wind and at a cookout and started a forest fire.

A blonde free woman went missing for three days. Her faithful and worried companioin went searching for her everywhere. On the third day the free woman shows up at their home and her mate open his eyes widely in disbelief. He starts talkingto her:

Mate:”Where have you been?! We have been looking for you everywhere!”

Free woman: “I was kidapped, and they kept me for a full hand.”

Mate: “Wait, you have only been gone for three days!”

Free woman: “I know silly, but I had to go back for another four!”

More been funnies

Q: Who is the bees favorite pop group?

A: The bee gees!

Q: What is a bee’s favorite part of a relationship?

A: The Honeymoon period.

Q: What did the sushi say to the bee?

A: Wassabee!

Q: What do you call a bee that can’t stop eating?

A: Chub-bee.

Q: What kind of bee is a sore loser?

A: a cryba-bee


– “Mother, is there any harm in breaking egg shells?”

– “Certainly not, my dear, but why do you ask?”

– “Cause I’ve just dropped the basket and the kitchen floor is yellow with yolk.”


Issue 55



  • Editorial by گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato)
  • John Norman Interview by Charlie Jane Anders
  • 001 – Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 001
  • The Shini .. a rebirth
  • The Nameless Bandits
  • Upcoming Dance Events
  • Exploring bread of the middle ages.
  • Helmsport Grand Opening
  • Gossip of Gor ….
  • Editorial by گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato)

… Hello and welcome to this edition N° 55 of the Gazette of Gor …

Dear faithful readers …

In this issue, I especially want to point your gaze on the interview of John Norman, this is an interview that was done on the web by Charlie Jane Anders

Vorgous Carver’s Journal is a series of an adventurer, I invite you to read this series to be published every week with a new adventure …

Do you know the great panthers tribe “Shinigami” in 2007 when the tribe was created, the roleplay was slightly different of our present time, I let you discover the words of Yasi (trouble.lexington) about it …..

I invite you to read the various articles and also the upcoming events for the end of June and the month of July, to finally finish off with “gossip Gor” a little wink of the sparkling Selvi 🙂

I wish you the best………………گổηΐã

PS: A big THANK YOU to all editors and writers who without them the Gazette of Gor could not exist….


Have you ever thought of running away to the Carnival?

Do you have it in you to get up on stage for a skit or play?

Can you walk the tight rope?

Do you have any hidden talents that would be great for a Carnival show?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or if you’re interest is just peaked,

Contact CheryAnneMarie Resident

The Carnival is coming to town!!!

Seeking all different ideas and kinds of talent for the show!!

Come see our start to the set up at Ubars Gift, a new Gorean BTB Sim with a TWIST!

When you land take the TP to the CARNIVAL and ask for Cherry!

  • John Norman Interview by Charlie Jane Anders

John Norman, the philosophy professor who created the barbaric world of Gor

by Charlie Jane Anders

John Norman is best known as the author of nearly 30 novels about Gor, a primitive planet where heroism rubs shoulders with male domination. But when we found out he was also a philosophy professor, we had to know more.

Since 1966, Norman has been writing the Gor books, a “sword and planet” series along the lines of John Carter of Mars. In the Gor books, a British professor named Tarl Cabot travels to another planet, where the gravity is lower and life is primitive. Meanwhile, Norman has been teaching for decades at Queens College CUNY, under his birth name, John Lange.

A major feature of the Gor books is their lengthy descriptions of men enslaving women, and the suggestion that female slavery is in some sense a natural order. The controversy over this stance has led to Norman being disinvited as a participant at one WorldCon, but it has also sparked a huge “Gorean” subculture — especially in online forums such as Second Life, which have a huge Gorean community. There were two Gor movies, the second of which appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

We were curious to find out more about how a philosophy professor came to write one of the most controversial science fiction book series of all time, so we sent him some questions. Here’s what he told us.

  • 001 – Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 001

Twelfth Passage Hand, Day 2,  Year 10161 Contasta Ar

Story of Gor

I cannot decipher my feelings truly and completely as I begin this journal.  More emotions and thoughts infuse my being than I have felt in recent months.  Most of these feelings are on the spectrum of excitement and joy.  In one respect though, a feeling of sadness pervades me because I have lost a part of myself.  I have transferred ownership of brynn to my friend Carrington.  My only solace is that it was something that had to be done.  She did not want to join the adventure about to be undertaken and from my end I feared the impact of the experience on one so needing certainty, roots, and security.  True, under law, practice, custom, and common sense, my personal slave, indeed the only slave I believe I have ever owned had no choice in the matter.  Had I commanded it she would have been required to join me and Tanzanite Charron in our venture.  But I could not bring myself to force her to join us.  For whatever reason, brynn is jealous of the wondrous Tanz believing that my desire of Tanz means that brynn has in some way failed me.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Brynn has never failed to provide me the pleasure that her kajira nature compels.  But she does not seem to understand that and, regardless, the transaction has been completed, and I hope that her new arrangement works for her.  Yet, it saddens me that her brightness will not be with Tanz and me, but I will try to accept it is for the best..

The preparations continue for this new adventure, a journey into the varied lands of Gor.  It is dangerous proposition we undertake, but I could not hope for a better companion.  To some, Tanz’s independence and directness might annoy and be called contrary to a woman’s nature.  To me, it does not.  Indeed, I welcome her unusual nature for it comports in many ways with my nature that some find odd.  In truth, moreover, she may know these lands far better than I since she has memories and I do not.  But it is not just her intelligence that will make her a fitting companion for the roads and seas we will travel oftentimes for days with no companion but each other.  Beyond the fact that her mind makes the experience enjoyable, her beauty and womanhood delights the remaining senses.

In truth, we take this path with one commonality, to spend our time together.  In truth, neither of us seems to fear that we will be together constantly and completely.  But beyond the common motivation, it is clear to me that different reasons impels each of us.  To her, I divine a need to move away from a life grown stale and a past of which  believe I only know a little.  She opens that window to her soul only a little at a time and often in ways that make me wonder what has not been said.  I try not to press though there is a curiosity because I sense she desires to escape either some general or specific part of a past by altering her future path.

For me, it is not escape I seek but exploration and perhaps a finding of myself.  Though, in some ways I fear finding what I was will mean I know that it must happen some day.  For a long time now though mostly unspoken I have had an uneasy foreboding of what I might learn.  That which I know so far gives full support to such fears.  My first adult memory is of my body already whipped, broken, bruised and washed ashore is a memory of blood and violence.  Nightmarish visions of the death that I thereafter saw of many faces bespeaks only hidden memories of still more violence.  And a dream of a woman, seemingly a panther, whom I, then a lad, recognized and called my mother and whom I then saw struck violently down before me bespeaks more of a brutal past.  That and the facts that I speak a language known as English fluently in addition to my Gorean knowledge, knew my name, seem to view the world somewhat differently from my male counterparts, and was possessed of a strange green ring when washed ashore are all that I really know about myself.  But I wonder, truly wonder, if by traveling about more of Gor than to date I have will I will more of myself.  Mayhaps someone will recognize me, or mayhaps I will recognize something of my past.

Many of the practicalities of the adventure have been set in motion.  Tanz, out of caution, has obtained permission of the Green Caste to practice her healing trade in the manner we intend.  She has procured for me formal permission to be her guard, providing me with some official position in our endeavors.  We have obtained sufficient medical equipment for the beginning of what we plan to do, and I have procured a tent where a temporary infirmary may be needed.  I have studied, to some extent in secret, some to provide a bit of elementary assistance to her if needed though I have no idea if such runs afoul of the rigid views of many members of the Green Caste.

What is left is to complete the arrangements for our land transportation when traveling across the large land masses.  We are under negotiations to procure a sturdy caravan and serviceable bosk at a reasonable price.  We do not expect to take much in personal fortune or possession.  After all, the less we have the less there will be cause for thieves to set upon us.  It is our fervent hope that thieves, outlaws, panthers, pirates, and mercenaries are less likely to outright attack a physician and her guard who seek nothing more and nothing less to make healing services available to those who may not have ready access to cities and larger villages possessing their own full-time physicians.

Where we go and what path we begin has yet to be decided.  If we start on islands in the Thassa Sea from which we both now are based, the bosk and caravan are less needed for I am sure the transport crew or local inhabitants will help unload what is needed from the ship.  But once we travel the mainland it will be best to have our own transport and rely less upon the captains of the seas and rivers.   We have yet to consult a map and determine if we will begin in places known or embark to places unknown.  I wonder if we will find ourselves somedays in the desolation of the Sardar Mountains.  The eastern Voltai Mountains have long been of interest, but the cold north of the Torvaldsland and the desert south of the Tahari desert as do the Jungles of Schendi likewise are destinations that may cross our paths.  Perhaps we will simply wend our way at first along the Vosk River inland to acclimate ourselves before we venture further.  More on that anon.  Whatever the case may be it is of note and perhaps an omen that we begin our journey as the new year is about itself to begin.

  • The Shini .. A rebirth

By: Yasi (trouble.lexington)

In about 2007 the Shinigami was born, just four of us started the group and I was the second. The group grew and grew, becoming bigger than I could have ever imagined. Eventually I was the only founding member left. Many people started their gorean life in the original Shinigami, we welcomed and trained those new to Gor and equally welcomed older gorean members. We joined one continent, started another and were one of the most well known groups in Gor. I stood at the helm for many years but eventually real life took over and I was forced into an SL and Gor break.

Now, returning to a very different Gor, I spent time in other groups and sims, most significantly Redrum and was encouraged by Jake Molinaro, once and adversary (we had many arguments OOCLY and ICLY over the years) to try again and restart the group, which was once infamous in SL Gor. We always valued role play as well as the fighting element of, what is now known as GE Gor and would like to continue this ethos forward.

The Shinigami once lived in the mountains of Sardar but disappeared like the wind-blown sands of a Gorean desert. The members scattered and became distant memories. However, the group has re-emerged after many moons in the lands of TMV. Looking to recruit members for its rebirth, the Shini hope to balance old style Gor (before BTB and GE existed as separate entities) with the less role play based, fighting centric Gor today.

The Shinigami is a rebirth of an old Gor group and thus applies old Gor principles. The interest is not in traffic but in fair and fun role play. We are not opposed to a good fight but we would like to ensure that those within the group and those taken by the group have a good role play experience, fun is the focus.

The Shinigami are a Mercenary group, interested in coin, like all mercenaries, an independent company, with no allegiances; a neutral party, with no interest in the politics of other lands, their goal simply to survive, make money and live life. This group has female and male mercenaries. Like Sidney, the women fight proudly and with skill but this is Gor and they are aware of their fate if taken. Hired by groups or individuals this group of soldiers is loyal to each other and to the coin they are paid.

The Leader Yasmin (trouble.lexington, once Yasmin Fisseux) is looking for those who wish to capture the spirit of Gor. With a new home and a new start, the group are looking to recruit once again, from Commanders, to slaves, looking to grow and become a force, once again, in the world of Gor!

(OOC owners: Yasi (trouble.lexington), Sprite (annielle.destiny) and Hope Dreier.

  • The Nameless Bandits


High on the mountain peaks along the West coast of the Northern Forests, two gangs of miscreants have joined forces.  The former Northern Lights Outlaws and Harfax Outpost plot and scheme in their lair hidden in the high mists.  The locals avoid those cliffs and refer to them only as “The Nameless”.

We’re a group that likes both raids and the role play of old Gor (where did it go?).  GE with BtB attitude, our philosophy on role play is to keep it fun.  We try to follow the rules and go beyond just the minimum requirements ourselves and to not nit-pick others.  As for battle, we are not Gorean lawyers and don’t sweat the small stuff.

We have made our fort fun to raid – minimal locked doors, no balconies with invisible prim shoot walls, no tunnel maze, no Disney phantom walls, no magic back dock and no-steal only doors!  We have three rules in addition to the sim rules: Don’t Cheat, Don’t be Stupid, Keep it Gorean.

Our membership requirements are simple as well. No dual grouping and no drama.

Contact: Sky (Eskyrina Resident) or Natalya Vyper (Natalya Logan) in IMs or better yet stop by and RP

  • Upcoming Dance Events

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.

You can also go to the “Gorean Dance Contest” group’s Google Calendar on to get an overview of planned events.

I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calendar to check what is already planned and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

If you wish to have anything added to this list. Please send Juls (Julienn Sands) a notecard with dates, time and place, as well as a quick IM so she sees it in her email and knows you sent her something! 🙂

Please join ” Gorean Dance Contests” group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them.

If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to me) 

  • Exploring bread of the middle ages.

After so many years of roleplaying in SL-Gor, it has occurred to me that not many roleplayers pay much attention to the details of the food we are pretending to make while in roleplay. Sometimes, the rapid exchange of roleplay  text make detailing what a slave is preparing as unnecessary. But it has been my observation that roleplayers tend to use the same exact menu, same boring descriptions.It is with this in mind that I wish to explore Medieval recipes and the old ways of food preparation in this article.

Let us start with bread!!

Bread made from the staple of the Gorean economy, Sa-tarna grain. The loaves are flat, round and usually scored into six parts. Although, smaller loves of four pieces and larger loaves of eight pieces are also found. There is no mention of yeast in Gor and with the loaves being flat, it can be speculated the bread is unleavened.

In the galleys of boats is found black bread. We don’t know why the bread is black, whether it is because of the age or from what it is made.

Another type of bread was hard bread. It was one of the staples brought aboard the boats as they began a trip upriver.

Bread in human history has a long history.  For those who have never considered it too deeply. Bread is made by grinding cereal grains, such a wheat and for us roleplaying in SL-Gor, that would be sa-tarna grain. Then adding liquids such as milk, water or even beer!

Bread comes in all shapes and sizes, but in his book Bread: A Global History, William Rubel notes that Europe has had a “loaf-bread culture” for the last 2,000 years, while flat bread remained popular in the Middle East and Africa.

Did you know that Wheat bread almost agrees with everybody, specially if it was made with yeast and salt?

Such breads are lighter and digest faster. Thin bread  are by comparison less nourishing and digest much faster. Bread baked in  with hot ashes and stones,  large flat pan and any other similar varieties that do not ferment or bake well are hard to digest and cause stomach aches. Only people used to strenuous labor can eat them more often.

Maybe in the future, if roleplay permits this little bits of knowledge will be useful?

  • Helmsport Grand Opening

About the free women of your city

The Free Women of your city are so fat, if they lived in the Tahari they could sell shade.

The Free Women of your city are so fat, warriors do the warrior’s pace in circles around them as part of their training.

The Free Women of your city are so ugly, without their veils, they could drive all bosk driven wagons into the nearest ditch.

The Free Women of your city are so fat, they get runs in their robes.

A member of the Caste of Scribes and his free companion, celebrating their 30th year of companionship, were revisiting the places they had frequented in their youth. Walking through the secluded countryside, they passed a holding with a tall tabuk fence running along the path.

The lady said, “Oh, great scribe of my heart, let us do the same thing we did here so many years ago.”

The man stopped walking.

Seizing the woman, he threw her against the fence, stripped her in the space of an Ehn, and immediately made violent love to her passionately, like a marsh shark going after a Vosk carp.

Later, back on the road, the fellow said, “My sweet, you sure never moved like that thirty years ago — or any time since that I can remember!”

His companion replied: “Thirty years ago that damned fence hadn’t been electrified by the Caste of Builders.”

Bee humour

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm?

A: Because the potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears, and the beans stalk.

Q: How is an ear of corn like an army?

A: It has lots of kernels.

Q: What do you call the State fair in Iowa?

A: A corn-ival.

Q: What do you get when a Corn cob is runover by a truck?

A: “Creamed” corn.

Q: What do you call the best student at Corn school?

A: The “A”corn.

Q: What do Corn cobs call their father?

A: “Pop” corn.

Q: What do corn use for money?

A: Corn “Bread.”




Issue 56



  • Editorial by Mariko Marchant
  • Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor
  • Events CTF War Games
  • The Vanishing Village
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 002
  • Roleplay Etiquette
  • Upcoming Dance Events
  • DoL Dancer’s Challenge (Gorean)
  • Plunder of Gor coming out soon!!!
  • Gossip of Gor ….
  • Editorial by Mariko Marchant

Tal dear readers,

Credit: Mariko

Let me start with wonderful news the founder and owner of the Gazette of Gor Minnie is home! As you know she had a severe car accident and we are so happy that after months in  a hospital and recovery center she is back home. We all hope she will be able to spend time in Gor again.

There is lots of information in this issue, like a list of all panther / taluna tribes in Gor and about dance events.  Also about CTF events which are open to anyone of the Gor Community.  CTF games are a wonderful way to test and keep up your fighting skills!

The Vanishing Village is a mind provoking article and Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 002 is worth to be read.  Some do like the gossip we hear which you can find in this issue as well.

But we cannot make the Gazette of Gor alone. So please read the following:

We, the staff of the Gazette who try to find interviews, articles, editorials to present to our fellow Goreans with this weekly magazine, would like to invite you to become a part of the Gazette.   To do this, we would like to invite and encourage you to send us your vision of Gor, or your story of Gor and it’s influence as to how you perceive Gor would exist in real time.  Or how you came to be an active member of Gor.  You are our most valuable asset, you who read the magazine.  Your vision would be something of interest not only to be published in the Gazette, but for others to read and perhaps pause to think about your words.  We welcome your thoughts.

We hope you will enjoy reading Issue 56 of the Gazette of Gor.

Thank you,

Mariko Marchant

  • Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor

Please send any changes to Marlies Dasmijn of Forest Moon.

  • Events: Capture the Flag War Games

CTF games are a wonderful way to test and keep up your fighting skills.

Anyone can join, slaves, too, and you can use any legal Gorean weapon, bow, melee, shield, etc..

Sunday’s at 1 PM SLT at the Valkyrie Forest CTF

Wednesday’s at 5PM SLT at TMP CTF Arena

  • The Vanishing Village…

She stood quietly in the middle of the field, her eyes blinded by the confusion, staring blankly ahead, how she struggled to reach this place but things seemed so different then before, she stepped off the serpent earlier, tromped through the fields from the familiar docks, but things weren’t the same as before.

Story of Gor

Her mind struggled hard to comprehend what transpired, she looked at the map once more her eyes surveying the lands about her then looked to the map again, surely there had been a mistake she was dumbfounded as to what was going on, she dropped to the ground and sat there, the mind numbing realization that it was gone, simply gone and vanished, no where nothing, not even evidence that it had once existed, rising up she prayed her fervent prayers to the gods asking for direction and guidance, an answer anything, but nothing had happened so she sat there entranced and thought as her memories drifted off into the past.

Oh the fun times had in this wonderful place, this winterland of the north ‘she sighed’ what bliss and joys and heartaches and sorrows have transpired in this village ‘she looks around her eyes so blind as she stood in the middle of the empty field’


She cried out suddenly, bereft, bemoaning the loss of a whole village, a whole people, the ones she sat there and listened to the stories in the thingstead the long hall she shared the mead with, the Land jarl she spoke to, the match maker, the story teller, where were they?

Slowly she stood up and walked back to the docks, the sadness heavy in her heart, so many lands have been lost in the north, where would the rune priests go, she wondered to herself, she paused as she looked back once more then stepped onto the ship

Goodbye TyrstofTir   ‘she whispered softly then sailed back for home’

How sad is it that the lands are vanishing around us, villages are vanishing, people are vanishing, what has happened? The joys, tears, sorrows, drama, friendships where is it going?

If you have any comments or information or something you wish for me to cover, please do not hesitate to drop me a NC

Thank you my lovely readers for taking the time to mourn the loss of another village,

be safe and be well,

Lady Asa Inger Redyard

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 002

The Waiting Hand, Fourth Day, Year 10161 Contasta Ar

Story of Gor

Plans seem to go extraordinarily well – with one exception.  Our overland wagon was delivered by its craftswoman Ashade Sinister .  It is a beautiful piece of construction, simple yet functional with bed, heat, and a water basin inside.  Nevertheless, Tanz was interested in some adjustments for which Tanz located a friend named Neng Yojosuka, who willlingly gave of his time to her.  She certainly seems to have a way with people.  Perhaps it is the same wiles that has so enchanted me.  Anyway, Neng made sure that the caravan wagon would function on even the hazardous roads, rough countryside and steepest hills.

Of course, it will can only move as well as the strength of the animal who will pull it about.  For that we got a good price on a strong female bosk.  No name has come to mind for it yet – at least no name that has resulted in a final decision.  Besides moving us when we are on land, the bosk will provide us with milk.  Of course, should the bosk fail us, its meat will at least sustain us.

No departure date has been set in stone, nor have we decided on our first destination.  Tanz has listed some places and I have considered some as well.  One idea is to first visit a few places where people there may be known to us before setting out to parts unknown.  It seems like a cautious and reasonable plan.  Though the departure date has not been set, I am sure that the  journey will commence before the start of the new year.

Instead of taking transport upon one of the larger ships we have obtained a small ship of our own.  To my eyes it is beautiful.  Tanz’s first impression was a mite different.  She opined when first her eyes were laid on it that it is the “ugliest boat” she has ever seen.  But she has warmed well to the boat to my joy.  I thank the shipbuilder and prior owner, Eldin Stonecutter, no end because he has been quite accommodating in a few modifications.  Though he called the vessel the Black Shark, I have not decided what I will call her.  Whatever one might think of the ship, it certainly has character and I have little doubt that it is seaworthy and serviceable so long as we do not overload it.  It is large enough to navigate the seas absent excessive roughness of weather and waves, yet small enough to take us through all but the narrowest of inland channels.  Below the steering wheel is a compartment in which our supplies and, of course, Tanz can remain dry from rains and ocean sprays.  I won’t say the same for the caravan and the bosk, both of which will have to remain strapped on the open deck.

Though truth be told my own experience in piloting a boat is limited, my stay with the Silent Blades provided me with some knowledge of sailing, navigation, and the handling of the winds.  In recent travels I have done all I can to build upon that knowledge and learn from the captains what I can to help me pilot our boat which I have said has yet to be christened.  So, I have spent some time at the steering wheels and have some knowledge now and practice with  the halyard lines to raise and lower of the sails as well as on the sheets ropes to trim those selfsame sails to best to capture the wind and move the boat efficiently and with dispatch.  I am not expert in these matters but basic ability and not excessive expertise is what is required.  So long as the boom does not knock one of us off the side we should be fine.

As for the exception mentioned in the first paragraph, my adventure has come to mean that my association with the TROs has come to an end.  Though I had offered to keep alert for messengers and birds were my presence needed or desired, it seems that is not satisfactory to their wants or desires.  As a result, whether Tanz and I will be returning to Peril Island, then, I do not know.  Indeed, Tanz’s continued association with TRO is unclear to me.  And, what is also unclear is to what extent the Fatalz, who also inhabit that selfsame island, will take the same view as TRO has to our plans.  Time will tell on that.  My one solace is that determination of the TRO was not an unanimous one.  Nevertheless, it is one that I respect.  I had left much there to furnish the infirmary and tavern, but I removed it at the instance of the demands that it be removed.  As it turns out I have gotten a decent price for much of those goods, so I suppose that is a silver lining.  I could not end this note without commenting that I continue to worry about leaving brynn, but I am confident that those worries are misplaced as I have great confidence that Carr will be a fine master to her and that she will attend well to him in return.

Well, it is time now to look over the several potential starting places and see which ones make the most sense.

  • Roleplay Etiquette

Let’s discuss roleplay etiquette in this article, consider it a review for those experienced roleplayers and something helpful for future roleplayers joining the community. If you feel I neglected to mention something, feel free to drop me a notecard and I will be more than happy to pass it on to my Editors. –Selvi



It’s more fun to roleplay when you know those you’re engaging with are not researching every Gorean food, drink, custom and race to ensure the validity of your roelplay. In order to keep roleplay realistic, time is needed by some to give there roleplay some thought, so be kind.

Consider the roleplay around you

Be situational aware, too often, I have seen slaves emote this wonderful entrance, highlighting their walk, how this and that glistens and well..they are walking into a roleplay where the free were about to draw swords on each other. Talk about bad timing.

Observe turns

Generally, I watch the order of roleplay and see how it goes, or you can approach it by imagining a clock and go around the group clockwise.



Chat boxing is when you just talk in local without using any sort of emotion. (ie. [12:00] Tina: Hey, what are you doing here?). There should always be a short action in your roleplay when one-line roleplaying. A proper example would be the following (ie. [10:32] Tina waves as she sees her group of friends. “Hey! What are you guys doing?”) Machine Gun RP also applies to this.


This is when you are talking over and over again before giving anyone a chance to respond. You should post one, and only one, post before waiting for your next turn.


Do not go out of order when RPing. A courtesy to RPers around you is to follow a simple order. Of course this usually does not apply in classes, for example. If wishing to join a group of RPers that are already immersed, it never hurts to IM them and politely ask the order of the RP and where you can come in.


If someone RPs in a style that you do not like, you can simply walk away and not chose to RP with them, or you can adjust your style however you feel fit to meet theirs.

  • Upcoming Dance Events

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.

You can also go to the “Gorean Dance Contest” group’s Google Calendar on to get an overview of planned events.

I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calendar to check what is already planned and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

If you wish to have anything added to this list. Please send Juls (Julienn Sands) a notecard with dates, time and place, as well as a quick IM so she sees it in her email and knows you sent her something! 🙂

Please join ” Gorean Dance Contests” group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them. If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to me)

  • DoL Dancer’s Challenge (Gorean)

Something a little different to tickle the fancy of those game enough to step up to the plate! In July, Dancing Outside the Lines will be hosting an event with twist where choreographers will participate in a game of chance for their song and create a routine from scratch right before our very eyes. We encourage spectators who would like to wander between the builds (there will be marked pathways) to get a rare glimpse into the artistic process.

Apply now!

Here is how it works, the DoL Staff will choose an eclectic variety of songs, the names of which will be put into a game of chance (wheel, gatcha machine etc) for each dancer to click. Once they have their song, they will move to their designated build space to begin work. There will be approximately 3 hours allocated for creation of a dance with 100-125 words to be used however the dancer chooses (emotes/quotes etc.) a simple set, choreography and costuming — Anything Gorean goes! We also welcome the Free to take a turn in the sands.

Dancers may choose to use all of this time or only part, however they will be responsible for all expenses and pose-ball-sitters. We will have dancers from the DoL group available and many will happily double or triple up on routines, however we strongly suggest you have your own crew lined up if you intend to do a group routine.

NOTE: Tips from the show itself will be divided amongst the dancers, host and DJ as is standard.

  • The 34rth book of John Norman’s longest running series in science fiction history. For those who are not aware of it, this new book is set to be out this coming August 30, 2016.

Link to Amazon.

The writer of  the series we all love to roleplay in Second Life is also the author of another science fiction series.

The Story begin:

A mysterious package lies unclaimed somewhere in the great port of Brundisium, and it is rumored that its contents could determine the fate of a world. Whether or not that is true, one thing is certain: Men and beasts will kill to claim it.

Meanwhile, a young woman, now merchandise, has been brought to the slave markets of Gor after displeasing a stranger in her secretarial job back on Earth. Unbeknownst to her, she holds the key to finding the elusive package—and changing the course of history forever.


 About the free women of your city…….

The Free Women of your city are so fat that when they go to a tavern, they don’t get a menu, they get an estimate.

The Free Women of your city are so fat that when their silk-slave reties their slippers, they have to take his word for it.

The Free Women of your city are so ugly they have to get their hair done on the Steel Worlds.

Funny stories


A Warrior walks into a tavern one night. He approaches the bar and asks for a paga.

“Certainly, fellow,” says the man behind the counter. “That’ll be one tarsk bit.”

“Only one tarsk bit? For a paga?” exclaims the fellow in scarlet.

The other man just nods and smiles.

Suspecting this may be his lucky day, the Warrior glances at the menu, and asks, “Might I request the thickest bosk steak you serve, with appropriate side dishes?”

“Certainly, Warrior,” replies the man behind the bar, “but such a feast will cost far more than a mere paga.”

“How much, then?” inquires the Warrior.

“TWO tarsk bits,” answers the barman.

“TWO TARSK BITS?” exclaims the Warrior. “I would like to make the acquaintance of the tavern owner. Where is the fellow?”

The other man shrugs and answers, “He is upstairs with my Free Companion.”

The Warrior is puzzled. “What is he doing to your Free Companion?”

The man behind the bar smiles and replies, “The same thing that I am doing to his business.”

About Cartographer and maps

  1. Why was the map gesturing wildly?

  2. It was an animated map.

  3. What is smarter, longitude or latitude?

  4. Longitude, because it has 360 degrees.

  5. Why didn’t true north date magnetic south?

  6. She didn’t like his bearing.

  7. What did the cartographer send his sweetheart?

  8. A dozen compass roses.



Issue 57


  • Editorial by Minnie
  • Helmsport
  • The ordeal of Kimba
  • Rules around the Continent
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 003
  • Exploring desserts of the middle ages
  • Upcoming Dance Events
  • Gossip of Gor ….
  • Editorial by Minnie

Tal my dear readers. I m happy to see you all again. I ll try to do my best for you, even if sometimes, i could need to rest. I could tell you that i missed you all during 4 months, but it would be a lie cos i dont remember a lot of things and i slept a lot of. I m sorry to be lazy. I follow our friend Claude in a lazy way. But, as i dont want be spanked as the most lazy girl in Gor, i work again on Gazette and i ll try to launch new ideas.

First point, i decided to launch a kind of event. For this event, we want show how good you are. To begin, we need your artistic talent and we want see your best pictures of your land. So take a pic of your land, arrange it, if you want, with a software pics editor (as Photoshop or Paint) and send it to us. We will do a vote for the best pictures and publish them in Gazette of Gor with all laureat’s names. Up to you to show us how great artist you are

Second point, we are going to do a special EN’s. EN … You know those persons, leaders of group with a lot of responsabilities and charges. It s time for us to discover them and admire their work. So, Misses ENs, send us your story in Gor, your wishes for Gor, your work for your tribe.

A last, i want say more one thing. I missed you all, I love you all cos most important is life and friends and you are all my friends. Hugs and Kisses


  • Month’s Complaint

All is nice in Gor …. maybe. All is nice in BTB ? It seems no. Here is a complaint of a player who was ejected of a Land cos he had a too much great experience. Maybe we should learn of this and adapt our game for all

I had recently join a “By the Book group here on SL.  In other realms I had training as a Scribe and Litigator, so I applied for a position as a Litigator.  In the first few days I had met with the Magistrate as well as other Scribes.  It seemed that they needed a Scribe to help with the Slaver getting documents done.  I have had that experience and still had blank forms.

As few more days past and I noticed a message to the group was posted about getting slave papers.   I went to the Library and met with the Head Scribe.  I told him I had read the message and had such papers ready for use, even share a sample. However, the Head Scribe informed me that the city had it’s own and the message was for the slave owners.  I was then asked about my experience and told him I was from originally  Torvaldsland, I went south to Tyros and studied to be a Scribe, then to Ar to learn to be a Litigator and practice at Fort Haskins, in merchant law.  The Head Scribe stated he never heard of these places and accused me of being a a lair.   At that point I left the Library and returned to where I lived and thought of leaving the city.  The Head Scribe came to me and did offer to make me an apprentice scribe, I told him I would think about it, in the end I left the city.

About 2 days later I returned to the city, but did not see the Head Scribe.  I went to the head of the city and told him I wanted a Honor Duel with the Head Scribe.  Further I told him I would not take a proxy and only Gor weapons.  The Head of the City became angry at my request and banned me from the city.

  • The Capture of Eve

Eve silently parted the curtain to the storeroom as the owner went out back to use the outhouse. She knew she would have only moments to find the cache of horded coins the innkeeper kept stored away and the slave girl Eve talked to had indicated it was somewhere in the storeroom. Her well-muscled sensuous body slithered through the curtain sideways when no other guests were watching and with the grace of a panther, she started her search, gleaming red hair swaying with the movements of her thin yet voluptuously gifted body.

Story of Gor

Eve was a thief. A good thief as her ears were not yet notched, or her neck supporting the weight of a collar. She was also arguably the most beautiful thief in Gimli. She was clever and lithe, and able to squirm into the tiniest of spaces a child might not even fit even with her rather large breasts that she used to her advantage. Many a male had thought to purchase her services for the night, or Ahn, only to be slipped a sedative to knock them out. And, as she left their quarters, she always relieved them of their purses.

With deft fingers and sure feet, she pulled on every shelf and stepped over every board until she heard one creak under her feet. With a grin, she pulled out her belt knife and quickly pried the board up by one end. This inspection of the room had already taken a full Ehn and she could not count on much more time before she was discovered.

With a grunt, she raised the rough wooden plank, her full breasts swaying gently in the leather tunic she wore at the exertion of her efforts and quickly spied the leather sack lying just under its surface in a small alcove built into the original construction. With a small purr of joy, she pulled the bulging sack out and slipped it into the neckline of her tunic, to be held by the belt around her waist. Rising quickly, she swiftly moved to the curtain and parting it glided through on feet as light as leaves on a forest lawn, a triumphant grin on her face, when suddenly her hair was grabbed from the side as she was jerked around to face the male suddenly holding her. Where he had come from and what he may have seen she did not know but upon recognizing him, her heart sank. It was Sean, a guardsman and one known for his thorough use of the village slave girls to the point where many were unfit for service after his not so tender ministrations.

“Well well, little Eve. What were you doing there in the back room?” Sean’s evil grin stretched across his face as he batted her hands away, the hands that tried to strike him and quickly disarmed her of her weapons with the same motions.

“Unhand me, Sir. I am a free. You have no right!” Eve sputtered as she felt her hair twisted in his large callused hand then in an instant before she could fight back further. He shoved her face first against the wall and with a muffled wail of misery she felt her nose split and blood almost instantly begin to pool on her upper lip only to trickle across her cheek and drip off her chin. She then felt Sean pull her head back and quickly take the twist of her hair to stuff into her mouth, using the end to tie it around her head, effectively gagging her. It was an old slavers trick but effective as her voice was instantly muffled. Before she could push herself away, she felt his hip slam into her tiny, tight little ass as he held her in pace. Her heart fully sank when she felt her hands wrenched behind her back and quickly tied. She had dreaded this moment and the worse possible person to catch her was Sean. The innkeeper she might have mollified with the use of her body, but Sean? He would rape her and more, she knew. With dread she bit her bottom lip and hoped for the best.

“You’re not a free anymore, or you won’t be for long,” grunted Sean as he jerked Eve from the wall with one hand, his other sliding down the neck opening of her blouse groping inward. After fondling both breasts, while twisting the nipples cruelly, he found the pouch she had dropped there and jerked his arm sideways, ripping the tough leather of her jerkin effortlessly and held the pouch before her eyes as jhe twisted her around to face him. The ripped blouse fluttered open, exposing her breasts and she saw his eyes instantly fasten on their ripeness with greed.

“What is this?” Without waiting for an answer he continued. “I believe this is the innkeepers property, little Eve. You made the mistake of being caught this time. I believe your skills have deteriorated, which is a good thing as I’ve wanted you as mine for some time.” With a shout of joy, he lifted her up in his burly arms and tossed her over his shoulder, holding her legs tight so she could not kick as he strode from the inn with her on his shoulder like a haunch of bosk. In almost an afterthought, he tossed the bag of coins to the surprised looking innkeeper who had just arrived and demanded.

“This is yours, is it not, Innkeeper?” Sean’s voice phrased it as a question, but it was anything but. It was a demand for an immediate answer and one that was instantly forthcoming from the suddenly frightened man.

“Yes sir, this is mine. Where did you get it? I keep it hidden,” the man stuttered.

“Shut up and follow me.” Commanded Sean, as he strode from the Inn, Eve tightly held to his shoulder.

“But Sir, who will man the desk?” called out the man as he started to follow Sean.

“Who cares, but you will follow me or I’ll use my sword on you,” came the grunted reply as the innkeeper paled then nodded swallowing repeatedly, following quickly.

Eve tried to struggle. She tried to scream, but his strength was too great to resist and the hair gag barely allowed her to breath. She decided to wait until his guard lowered and she would then escape, she told herself. Hoping she would be successful, for the future boded ill for her otherwise.

To be continued:

Up next: The Collaring of Eve.

  • Rules around the Continent (Minnie)

Greetings All,

Goal of this article is not to list all tribes all around Continent. Goal is to give you all rules in different lands to make you know where you are and what you are allowed to do. We add for you, a pic of each SIMs to leave you admire our great continent.  However, we invite you to send us your best pics of your land (you can work on it with photoshop). The best first three better pics will be published in our paper with name of the author.

  • The First Hand, The First Day, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

It has been a day of joy and happiness.  Tanz and I have taken to the sea on literally the first day of the new year with all the symbolism that that and spring brings.  As I loaded final provisions to the Serendipity, for that is the name the ship has been christened, and checked the bindings holding our caravan and bosk steady, Tanz was checking on her patient back in the Fatalz camp.  She was not saying farewells, of course, because it is not our intent to say farewell to anyone we meet.  This is intended to be a voyage and journey of greetings, not farewells.

Story of Gor

Peril Island, at whose docks, I was working, had undergone its own changes.  The TROs were gone and strangers had taken over their portion of the lands.  I did my best to stay away from them, having little knowledge of them or their dispositions.  As to the TROs I had heard various rumors of what had happened, but in recent days my attention had been devoted to final work on the boat and wagon.

As I worked, I felt a presence, but hearing no words I turned ready for violence.  For all I knew it was one of the strangers known as the Ghosts ready to plunder and destroy our plans.  But it was not’ it was Tanz just standing there watching me work and smiling.  I smiled back, the feeling of contentment and nothing else flowing through me.   We were at the docks of Peril Island and our voyage was so close to begin.

As I helped Tanz into the Serendipity, a large ship was docking.  Imagine my surprise when one of those disembarking was Carr.  His reason for return to Peril Island, I am sure was not us, but I greeted him and it was good that someone had come to see us off.  We spoke nothing of where he had gone nor did I see fit to bring up brynn’s name.

A few minutes later I loosened the mooring ropes and Tanz and I were off, leaving the docks and Peril Island quickly behind.  We would have only a short while of light before sunset and finally the evening stars.

There is an undescribable feeling of being alone at see with weather fine and the breezes soft.  You are as if alone in the world, at one and the same time king of the world and an infinitesmal speck of nothingness at the same time.  Whatever it may, be as the ship moved well with the breeze nothing but happiness was the content of my thoughts.  And, from what I could tell of Tanz below, she, too, enjoyed the moment.  I cannot say the same for the bosk for Tanz frequently had to soothe the beast.  But, in time, I am sure the animal will get used to the sea.

Though east was our destination, I first let the ship sail west, towards the setting sun.  I was tempted to let the ship sail west, but even I would not be so bold our first day — to travel where even the most experienced of captains will not take their ships.  So, I soon turned the ship south and then east to head towards the mainland.

As evening approached we came upon a small island and decided to spend our first night on that piece of paradise.  I am not sure why we bothered to unload the caravan, but we did.  I set a fire to cook some food, and the bosk enjoyed the feeling of the dry land as well.  Tanz was tired and soon went to bed.  For myself, I enjoyed the fire and wrote this entry.

A shudder has run through me.  Shortly after putting down my words I wallked to the edge of the island to look at the stars of the sky.  It was then I saw movement in the sky and passing by one of the moons I saw clearly a ship, one of silver.  It seemed to come closer and hover near the island. Then it streaked away.

I did not breathe.  I stood transfixed and startled.  I did not waken Tanz. And, suddenly I realized something even more startling than what I had just observed.  Lore is that the silver ships represent the Priest Kings.  And, what had I just seen crystalized a conundrum, a paradox, of my visions and dim memories.  For it was a silver ship that my visions had seen fall apart and from which presumably its debris I washed ashore at what now seems so long ago.  But my visions of the occupants in that ship were visions of beasts on a rampage, killing and brutally destroying those inside the ship.  Yet Kur ships, rumor abounds, are the black ships not Priest King vessels.  So, if the Kur vessels are black, how could they have been in a silver flying ship?  It was a conundrum that gave me shivers and concern.

In this edition, we carefully delve into some desert recipes from the middle ages. I hope this inspires your future roleplay!

Let us imagine the following on the table, Poached Pear in red wine or spices, Strawberry tart, fruit cakes and maybe a apple tart. While thinking over what is available on Gor, it occurred to me, adopting all these for a Gorean Menu is very plausible.

The primary ingredients used in many medieval desserts were honey, ginger, fruit, wine and spices. Spices, it has to be said, were enjoyed mainly by the rich as they were expensive.

Eggs, milk and cream were used for making cream custard tarts. Often honey or spices were added for extra sweetness and flavor. Sometimes the milk was substituted by almond milk to make it even richer,  this was generally only affordable by richer people, not peasants.I realize the books do not mention this as an alternative but if we have nuts in the world of Gor, would it be too much of a stretch of imagination?

Here is a recipe for simple almond milk.

Here are other recipes to tinker with in your future roleplay

I hope future roleplayers find this helpful and inspire them to think more creatively when making their menus!

  • Upcoming Dance Events

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.

You can also go to the “Gorean Dance Contest” group’s Google Calendar on to get an overview of planned events.

I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calendar to check what is already planned and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

If you wish to have anything added to this list. Please send Juls (Julienn Sands) a notecard with dates, time and place, as well as a quick IM so she sees it in her email and knows you sent her something! 🙂

Please join ” Gorean Dance Contests” group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them.

If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to me) 


 More one-liners about the Free Women of your city

The Free Women of your city are so ugly they could scare a jard away from a carnarium.

The Free Women of your city are so ugly they look like the goalie of a quiva-catching team.

The Free Women of your city are so ugly when they encounter an Implanted agent of Priest-Kings, they fry out his control net.


A Lady of High Caste asks her Free Companion, “Do you think these robes make me look fat?”

The Builder considers the question for a moment and says: “No.”

The Lady, pleased, smiles behind her veils.

“No,” continues the Builder, “It’s definitely your huge ass which makes you look fat.”

Why do freewomen fake orgasm?”

“Because they think real men care.”

“How many Freewomen does it take to change an energy bulb?”

“None. What, and break a nail?”

“How many Masters does it take to change an energy bulb?”

“NONE! With a lazy slave like you, who lets me sit in the dark all the time. Hand me my whip.”

The slaver of the Merchant Slave ship stared down at his slaves and yelled. ” I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news isthat you will all be getting double rations tonight”.

The mumbling of the happy slaves was interruptedby the bellowing of the slaver. “The bad news is that the Ubar’s son wants to ski.”

Funny Question time

  1. What do you call a tharlarion that sings Bad boy Records?
  2. a Rap-tile!!!
  3. Did you hear about the oldest Thalarion that could notchange color?
  4. He had a reptile dysfunction.
  5. What do Tharlarions call a warrior in shining armor?
  6. Canned food
  7. What did the grape say when the oversized Thalarion stepped on it?
  8. Nothing, it only let out a whine.
  9. When does a Thalarion go “moo”?
  10. When it is learning a new language.


Issue 58



  • Editorial by Sonia
  • City of New Harfax (Minnie)
  • Eve’s ordeal Chapter 2 for Eve.
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 004
  • Exploring pies of the middle ages.
  • Animals of Gor
  • Upcoming Dance Events
  • Gossip of Gor ….Week Four…
  • Editorial by Sonia

Greetings dear readers….

I’m not sure, I have not read this in the books of Gor …

But somehow I am told that the Goreans should also enjoy moments of quietude, moments in the year as earthlings going on holiday to the seaside …

Even if you go on holiday by the sea, so imagine for a moment that you are on Gor, that your vacation is Goréennes and that you deserve …

So if you have a little imagination and to take care during the holidays, no it is not academic exercises 🙂

But imagine you go on holiday in Gor as you made real, and then come and tell us as you feel how were your holidays Gorréennes …

Write down what you felt during this holiday, no need to write a novel, a simple text can sometimes explain a lot, do not be shy, everyone has opportunities to write, even if there are mistakes, we are here to correct the spelling mistakes …

Until you read, those who leave and also those who remain, I wish you all a good holiday ….

PS: if you have purchased a premium subscription to the Gazette of Gor …

then you will get your next issue on place for your holidays … *smiles wisely*

  • City of New Harfax (Minnie)

Yes, a new BTB SIM and a full SIM. I read announcement in groups and run to see this place. It s a classic BTB City, very classic with a wide central place and all around, we find home for fighters, physicians’s office and more. So, you are going to tell me – What is different here and why should we come visit them. I will tell you why. They create a RP for each people coming and when you just come, RP begins. It is new ? No ! So why coming. Maybe for the warm welcome they give to all, even for unknown people. We immediately feel like at home, we find our places. We are here in a Family, with friends offering respect and kindness. A place to see for the persons here ! And i forget surely a lot of things. They are G&S with a parallel economy, for all activities and merchants inside the city. I told you ! They deserve to be visited.

Owner’s Words

That’s right! You!

New Harfax is a BTB full immersion sim Looking for people of all castes. Want to be a Scribe?,, Physician?,,, Warrior?

Maybe you would be happier as a Baker, Butcher. Maybe a Merchant or Slaver?  Slave maybe?

In New Harfax we have a place for you! So leave the ooc drama at the door and come to New Harfax!

  • Eve’s ordeal Chapter 2 for Eve.

Chapter 2: Torment

Story of Gor

Eve groaned miserably. Her pussy was raw and sore and her belly ached from the intrusion of his cock, that reached up into areas that should not ever be reached, she thought. Damn bastard was too big for a tiny girl like herself. That and she bemoaned the loss of her virginity. Now she felt stretched out, abused, battered, all the above. This must be what women felt like after birthing a child, she thought as the ache reached deep inside her body. She hurt.

Eve moaned through her gag as Sean picked her up off the wooden crate and threw her over his shoulder like a haunch of bosk. As she landed across the muscular expanse of muscle, he could not help but yelp as the wooden splinters from her ordeal on the crate dug into her naked flesh. With a soft moan, she rode Sean’s shoulder as he walked purposefully towards some unknown destination.  Another brief prayer to the priest kings, whom had remained silent so far to her pleas, also went unanswered as she begged for release from both her pain and captivity. Sean was a sadistic bastard and she saw him pick up the bag of coins, which he then tossed to the surprised looking innkeeper who had just arrived, while demanding.]

“This is yours, is it not, Innkeeper?” Sean’s voice phrased it as a question, but it was anything but. It was a demand for an immediate answer and one that was instantly forthcoming from the suddenly frightened man, who stared up at the huge warrior with a look of surprise and fear.

“Yes sir, this is mine. Where did you get it? I keep it hidden,” the man stuttered.

“I didn’t find it. This thief I have over my shoulder did,” snarled Sean as he slapped Eve’s ass with his free hand. “The little she urt thought she was clever. However, she was not clever enough and I caught her in the act. In the future you may wish to find a better hiding spot other than a loose floorboard that squeaks when you step on it,” remarked Sean.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir. How can I repay you?” said the innkeeper as he bowed his head in thanks and respect for returning his life savings.

“You can meet me at the Magistrates office tomorrow morning at eight bells. It is too late tonight as their offices are already closed, but in the morning I will bring charges against this little slut and I will need you to bear witness.”

“Yes, Sir. Gladly will I do so. The girl has stolen from me in the past but only a bottle or two of kalana or paga. Or, sometimes bread, cheese and meat. I’ve never brought charges against her myself because the losses were small and I told myself that she needed the sustenance, but stealing my life savings brings no forgiveness in my heart. You can count on me, Sir,” responded the innkeeper with a nod and ready smile.

“Good man. Now I will be off. Be well innkeeper and I shall see you at 8 bells. Don’t be late or the flat of my sword will find the side of your head,” growled Sean. With that, he left the inn walking uphill along the cobblestone path towards the barracks where he occupied one of the better rooms in officer country. It was large enough to hold his simple possessions, some furniture and a medium sized cage he kept for special captives. In this case, Eve qualified as such in Sean’s opinion for he had plans for her.

With the sound of a heavy thump of hard callused hand hitting soft, bruised flesh, he slapped Eve’s naked red ass again and demanded, “Are you ready to ease your condition by submission, girl?” His tone was jovial but there was no doubt he was very serious with the question which seemed to catch Eve by surprise. Though she had only moaned a bit through her gag up until this moment, now she thrashed as a sound like screaming outrage erupted from the bound and gagged thief that lay draped over Sean’s shoulder. He slapped her tiny ass again, even harder eliciting a muffled howl from her, which caused nearby pedestrians to look askance at them, looks Sean ignored as he continued up the roadway to the warriors compound.

Soon enough, he reached the Scarlet Caste housing and walked up the steps to his room, kicking the door open as he shouldered his way in. With a heave, he tossed Eve on the furs in one corner for a moment as he walked to the upright cage in the opposite corner of the large room. It was a unique cage in that one side had a large door inset with a sturdy lock. Then on the right side it had a second door. This door was much smaller and set midway up the bars, and it also had a sturdy lock on it.

From a small table setting next to the cage, he picked up a hook and fastened it to the center of the overhead bars. It was a simple affair, basically two hooks, one of which he flipped over the center bar letting it dangle approximately seven Gorean feet off the ground. He then walked back to Eve who he found struggling on the furs and grabbing her by  the hair, dragged her off them towards the cage. He thrown her on the furs because as he carried her over his shoulder, he’d had a chance to sniff her and realized she actually smelled clean and obviously bathed on a regular basis. Otherwise, he would have left her chained by the door.

Whistling merrily, he dragged her into the cell then grabbed a coil of rope from his pouch and looped it through the hook before undoing Eve’s hands. Then kicking the groaning girl over, he re-tied her wrists before her with a good Gorean knot then looped the long length of rope between her wrists before throwing it over the hook above him. With a heave, he pulled the girl into the air until her feet barely touched the ground, eliciting another muffled scream from her and a thrashing of her bare feet. He adjusted it slightly, allowing her to barely support her weight by the tips of her toes before fastening it to another ring welded into the inner side of the cage. In an afterthought he pulled a cloth gag from his pouch and wrapped it around the hair stuffed and tied in her mouth. This would provide additional insurance on little sound escaping the tiny thief. The remainder of the cord he let drop into the cage then smeared its length with a cake of bosk fat, wrapped in leather that he pulled from his satchel, before walking out and securely locking the door. The girl as struggling again but he noticed she was careful to support her weight with her toes while doing so.

“Are you ready to willingly submit yet, my little Eve?” he asked in a cruel voice, as he pondered her dangling form from the other side of the bars. He knew the position was uncomfortable to say the least and he grinned at the thought for there was no mercy in him, especially for Eve, whom he’d wanted for quite some time.

“Mmmfff” came the immediate reply, along with a vehement shake of the head, her eyes wild as she stared at him in what he considered fury. It was certainly rage and he chuckled as he walked to the small side room and entered while donning a pair of leather and steel plate gauntlets that hung from a nearby hook.

Continuing to whistle an old sea chantey, he dragged out a small cage filled with squealing and snarling, vicious little beasts. Urt’s, full grown and over a dozen were crowded within the interior of the metal enclosure. Walking to the side of the cage he had suspended Eve, he lifted the cage in his burly arms and strong hands, showing it to her.

“Care to reconsider that willing submission, slut?” he inquired in a even toned voice as he looked at her, a smile upon his face. A scream of rage greated this latest question of his and he shrugged throwing up the upper, smaller cage door and after unfastening the top of the urt cage he dumped them into the larger where they immediately scampered around, almost all headed towards Eve’s feet, sensing and seeing her body heat, but to them, fresh meat. It had been days since they’d eaten and they wasted no time running full out towards what they obviously considered a meal.

With a muffled scream of terror, Eve jerked her feet up off the ground, holding her knees up against her well developed chest as she held them out of reach of the ravenously hungry rodents. Chuckling evilly, Sean watched for a moment before commenting idly.

“Well, you could curl your feet into the bars overhead but i wouldn’t fall asleep if I were you.” He pointed to the rope where it lay coiled on the ground, rising upward towards the ring it was fastened too, then continuing upward to where it looped over the hook, eventually reaching Eve’s hands. In renewed terror, she realized the urts were already starting to climb the rope headed in her direction and in a move of desperation she lashed out with one foot hitting the rope just below the ring, causing the small yet deadly animals to fall to the floor again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider a willing submission?” smirked Sean as he watched her. A wild shake of her head greeted his question as her foot lashed out again hitting the rope, knocking a renewed effort of the urts to get to her.

“Alright, rest well my pet, and good luck. I’m going to my furs,” Sean said as he turned his back and undressing, settled in his furs, quickly falling asleep, his ears tuned for the sounds of urts reaching her body and devouring it. It had been a long day with everything from guard duty to incident reports and weapons practice. He was content that either Eve would be more compliant in the morning, or most likely consumed by the ravenous beasts.

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 004

The First Hand, The Fourth Day, of the month of En’Kara, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

Story of Gor

Sunlight streaming into the caravan through the unshuttered window woke me from my slumbers.  It was the morning after we had pitched camp on the small island in the Thassa, and I found myself spooned with Tanz, holding her in my arms.  Tanz was still sleeping and her steady breathing relaxed me, so I lay there for several minutes thoughts of the night before and the flying craft temporarily forgotten.   There is, after all, no more soothing feeling, yet no more recognition that one is alive, than the feeling that comes from holding the warm body of another who you desire and who desires you laying there with you.

Slowly, though, I extricated myself from her and quietly walked outside of our roving abode.  Getting the fire started I prepared tea for myself.  In this area, there is a difference between us.  While I prefer the warmth and subtle flavors of a freshly brewed mug of tea, Tanz’s tastes turn more to the earthy, strong flavors of black wine.  Fortunately, it is a difference that is easily dealt with in the grand scheme of things.

I do not mean to suggest that that is the only difference with us.  Truth be told I know little of Tanz’s past.  It is not that she has refused to speak upon being asked, but I have declined to interrogate her beyond that which she chooses to reveal.  From what little I know she seems to be of some note and influence within the order of the Green Caste and she seems not without means and authority when she chooses to exercise it.  That, and the fact that the man she calls her “brother,” to whom an unresponded missive I sent and whose encounter with me has yet to take place and perhaps never will, seems a man of impulsive action first and thought, if any, afterwards.  What has been clear is that, notwithstanding my limited funds, we have managed to procure enough to make our journey a reality.  Whether that is the result of shrewd negotiations on my part or secret intervention by Tanz or others I know not and have questioned little for the moment.

My plan was to port the boat at the Brundisium seaport and travel to inland parts by caravan and bosk.  We would first go ror (northeast) to Argentum where Tanz’s daughter was understood to dwell and then cut back tun (southeast) to Corcyrus and to visit that city of some reputed magnificence.  Our time in Brundisium was brief allowing almost no opportunity to browse the city.  Agreement was quickly made with a captain there for a man of his service to transport the Serendipity to Siba, there to await the arrival of Tanz and me.  I had not been to Siba in recent months and wanted to see how the people there fared.  It was an agreement of mutual benefit for the man designated to pilot the boat there had his own business that use of the boat would expedite so the fees involved were minimal.  One may wonder why I trust the man.  The simple answer is that I trusted the captain, his employer, on whose honor rested the deal.  Indeed, that a healer was involved seemed to have much influence on his demeanor — perhaps for fear that were he to renege he might find himself without the ability in the future to obtain medical attention.

From Brundisium, Tanz and I set forth on a well-traveled road to Argentum.  Though the trip itself was uneventful, the arrival was disappointing.  Tanz’s daughter was no longer there.  She and the people she dwelled with had uprooted themselves and we were told had relocated to the island of Teletus.  The fates, if such exist, had played a mild joke upon us because Teletus, an island in the Thassa sea was a place we had passed by less than 200 pasangs from and to which we could have diverted ourselves towards had we known that was where they had gone.

Because the Serendipity was on its way to Siba we had the choice of going there and then backtracking along the Vosk to the sea and head vask (south) to Teletus.  We decided against that approach and to continue onwards to Corcyrus.  There would be time enough to find our way back to the sea eventually we decided.

To get to Corcyrus, we drove the caravan first over the hills of and then through the plains of Eteocles.  Once again the journey proved easy, enjoyable, and, frankly, uneventful.  Our initial arrival, ironically, again proved disappointing.  We were stopped at the city gates and though given permission to camp across the moat that surrounded the city notwithstanding the risks that might entail from local panthers or others.  Simply state, we were given no sign that we were welcome in the city.  In fact, the sense I received were quite the contrary.  Nevertheless, though unwelcomed, we were not at all threatened in any way either.

Fortunately, the first night there has gone well.  Tanz prepared a dinner of bosk stew while Fredda, the name I had given to the bosk, happily grazed unaware that a remote relative of her was filling our bellies.  Tanz went to bed with me to follow soon after.  Just as I was about to lay this journal down and head inside I watched the denizens of Corcyrus raise their drawbridge, fully isolating us outside its environs.  Fatigue is setting in, so I will put away this journal and hope to end the night as I began the morning some days back on the island, and each night since, holding Tanz in my arms as I drift to sleep.  Though I fall asleep perhaps much too easily it does concern me that while I sleep the only protection we have from attack is that which the physician banner on our caravan provides.  I have heard of traps set by some for protection and perhaps I should investigate into such when next we encounter a fitting market.

  • Exploring pies of the middle ages.

I know they are no mention of meat pies in the books. But since living in Gor as described in the books still makes me think of Europe in the middle ages.  Why can’t we serve meat pies in our Gorean kitchens? Their possibility of being made is pretty likely. We have all the necessary ingredients to make it happen.

A lot of folks do not realize that pastry cooking in the middle ages was widely used.

The pies were highly appreciated, and were cooked using a large variety of white and red meats or fish. In the first category, chicken, geese, or pigeons were very popular. Red meat pies were made of venison, veal, rabbits, or beef, a common recipe using minced meat and raisins. Fish pies were made with whatever was available in the vicinity. Known recipes were using salmon, or a mixture of chopped fish and cod liver.

This essentially tells me that our Gorean menus can include meat pies using what is available on Gor.

With that being said I offer a this recipe, feel free to use in your  roleplay when possible and you feel like it.

  • Animals of Gor

(Scroll 18, Version 5.0)

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
Larl !

There are a wide variety of animals on Gor, some which were originally transported from Earth to Gor, others which are native to Gor and some which have come from other planets. The following is a list of many of the animals mentioned in the Gor series but does not include all of the animals that do exist on Gor. Not all varieties of some animals, which are mentioned in the series, are named. Some animals are described but are not given names. I have not provided descriptions for animals that are similar or identical to Earth animals.

Not all Earth animals exist on Gor. Most specifically, the horse and dog are not known on Gor except in legend and myth. There are no canine type animals, such as wolves or coyotes, known to be on Gor. There are Gorean animals that are similar to some Earth animals but are native to Gor. The theory of convergent evolution states that there are certain optimum configurations for animals that would be similar on similar planets. This explains why larls and Earth cats are similar. On Gor, the larl is the optimum configuration for a land predator while on Earth it is the Bengal tiger.

It is unknown whether some men evolved from Gor or all were originally brought from Earth. There are some anthropoidal fossils on Gor though which may indicate that at least some men may have independently evolved on Gor. There are no mention of any other types of fossils so it is largely unknown what other creatures may have existed in Gor’s past or may exist in isolated wilds. Dinosaurs may have also once walked the world of Gor millenia ago.

This list is alphabetical and some entries may not have a lot of description as the books did not provide much description. This list will help though understand much about the animals of Gor.

  • Upcoming Dance Events

Please find a list of upcoming dance events as informed  to the Gorean Dance Contest group. If you would like to have a notice of an upcoming event placed on here, the group is free to join.

You can also go to the “Gorean Dance Contest” group’s Google Calendar on to get an overview of planned events.

I beg you please if you consider organising an event go to the calendar to check what is already planned and do not rely on this notecard.

I add after the event name  (now filled) if I am told by reputable sources it is filled..

If you wish to have anything added to this list. Please send Juls (Julienn Sands) a notecard with dates, time and place, as well as a quick IM so she sees it in her email and knows you sent her something! 🙂

Please join ” Gorean Dance Contests” group for further information and aid from other dancers when you get stuck. Events are posted there as we hear of them.

If you wish your information of a dance review placed upon this notice please send a notecard to mily Sandalwood (I try to pick up all events I see advertised but if you want to make sure please send it to me)



So this intelligent vulo walks into the scribe’s offices and she walks up to the Head Scribe and she says: “Book.”

The Head Scribe asks: “You want a book?”


“Any book?”


So the scribe gives the smart chicken a novel and off she goes. An hour later the vulo comes back and says, “Book-book”

The scribe asks: “Now you want two books?”


So she gives this well-read vulo two more novels. The vulo leaves but she comes back soon. “Book-book-book.”

“Three books?”


So the scribe gives the vulo a total of three books, but she decides she’ll follow the vulo and find out what’s going on.

The vulo goes down the alley, and out of town and towards the woods, into the woods and down to the river, down to the swamp, and there is a bullfrog. The vulo sets the books down by him, and he looks at them and says: “Reddit…Reddit…Reddit.”


What happened to the slave when…

What happened when the slave put his head into the larl’s mouth to count how many teeth he had?

The larl closed its mouth to see how many heads the slave had!!!

Fruitty situations:

First larma: You look down in the dumps. What is eating you?

Second larma: Worms, I think.

How does a larma a day keep the Physician away?

When you take careful aim.

Son turns to his farmer father. Father, do you like baked larma?

Father looking puzzled,Yes son, why?

Son: The orchard is on fire.


Issue 59


  • From the Editor’s Desk (In-na and Minnie)
  • In-na — EN – SE – Sharman – Builder and Friend (Bambi)
  • In memoriam: Inna Calamity By Mariko Marchant
  • A word for Inna from Claude
  • In Memory of InNa (Hathor)
  • For Inna (LeaniYngol)
  • Dear Inna (Varisya)
  • In-na, from Zee
  • Inna, her first Edito
  • One SE Story (Mimi)
  • Backstory Wanagi (Bloody Teardrop)
  • City of Thentis (Minnie)
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 5
  • From the Editor’s Desk (In-na and Minnie)
  • Minnie : Today I take my pen to write a few words, just a few words. And yet, I have not the courage

  • In-na : Why are you not ok to write, Sister?

  • Minnie : I just feel discouraged, In-na. I know you’re here, near us, near your friends, your family. I know, and yet you’re already so far. We could proclaim that you will remain in our hearts, that your soul will always be, that ….

  • In-na : But I am close to you. You are and will remain my sisters, although we have followed different paths, even if we could not always agree, even if we endured some discords. We remain united in the joys and sorrows. Come on, lazy little sister! At work ! Write for us all, for your friends, for you and for me. Write to say how beautiful life is. Write to say that the birds are singing, the sky is blue despite the pain of clouds. Write to say how much I loved you. * In-na pats my head *

  • Minnie : But life will not be as beautiful without you, In-na. We miss you so much. We both need your smiles, your humor, …

  • In-na : My foot in the ass if you do not react. You think I’m gonna let you give up. One must know to live with joys and sorrows. That’s how we like someone. Prove to me that you love me, little fool!

  • Minnie : I frowned and sighed. * So I have to act as if nothing had happened. I must continue to write *

  • In-na : You must continue on the path of life knowing that I watch over you. I will place here and there, my proof of love. That is why we exist, the angels. We know forgive, to live in harmony with others, like what we have, not to desire the good of others. Even my little voice in head will not make me more afraid. You see, little sister! Finally, I feel liberated. I feel joy. Do not give me trouble showing your tears.

  • Minnie : Will you come back to pat my head, giving me smiles, Sister?

  • In-na : In the beginning, yes. For you to stay on right track. For all my friends to stay on right track and continue to live. * In-na looks at my parchment and read* Let’s see what you have prepared this week! SE’ stories, Vorgous Carver’s Journal, the city of Thenthis, a backstory and … .. Rhooo pictures of me. You’re right, I’m so beautiful when I do not take bath.

  • Minnie : I take a deep breath and dry my tears. For you my friend, who you loved the Role Play, for your humor, your sweet madness. I’ll miss you. If weeds never die. This proves that you, you were a nice flower, which exuded by its petals, goodness.

Be nice to each other and love what you have.  Inna x her last notice

  •  In-na — EN – SE – Sharman – Builder and Friend (Bambi)

by bambipage paine – Ambassador Ja’Lina Torvis Panther Tribe 2016-July-24

Credit: Ja Lina
  • In-na was all these things and one of the backbones of the tribe. She called herself the ‘silent MOD’ and did a lot in the background to make our time interesting and fun. As she told me “I just do it for my sisters to keep them happy hun x”.
  • She was a constant builder and created more than one of our camp sites and well as decorating the lands with many landscaping items. These included little animals in hidden places that you only find by looking closely.
  • In-na and I would usually only meet up at the weekly tribal meetings as we were separated by 10 hours in time zones. On one occasion in November last year (2015) she called me from camp as she was on a shopping spree for landscape items. It was one of the few times I spent some one on one time with her.
  • She took me to these lands that had everything on display and discussed with me how she would place these items on our lands. She spent a lot of time effort (and money) makings things the best for us as possible.
  • The paths, the trees and the sparkly things all now at Whispering moons were purchased together.
  • She then, that same day, invited me to her own lands that I never knew she had. This was a natural forest that even the renter of the lands. Leah Chardin, says “her land was sooo beautiful”. In-na told me she came here to chill out. There was a beach, a bathhouse, bathing cave and many realistic grasses, a truly beautiful place.
  • It was a nice time together, that of course I will treasure.
  • But In-na COULD be naughty too ….

Group Notice From: Ja’Lina Torvis, Inna Calamity Feb 18, 2016

After being informed that someone had set Bambi and Peeps hut alight I managed to put out the flames… but the hut has been badly damaged and is unsafe to use.  Therefore they will both have to pull it down and rebuild it if they wish to sleep under cover.  It’s not my hut so don’t care if they both get cold during the night…pfft.>

  • Yes ‘pfft’ was one of her sayings. She appeared so not to care at all, but of course we all knew she really cared so much.
  • One things she liked was playing ‘panther totem pole’ – where we would see how many panthers could stand on top of each other – if I recall correctly one record was 5. (photo attached with in-na second from bottom back turned). And going on exotic safe canoe adventures occasionally.
  • She would call herself sometimes “a hole digging mud monkey” and- “the nobody (who some call Shaman)”

– we just knew her as in-na, tribe member and good friend.

  • Her last tribe message was…

“Be nice to each other and love what you have.  Inna x” – Tribe Group notice – July 12 2016 12:25 PM

  • In memoriam: Inna Calamity By Mariko Marchant

her final Journey

the peaceful panther Inna

captured by cancer

  • On July 16, 2016 Inna of the panther tribe Ja’Lina passed away. I will always remember her as my sister at Zima who was always willing to help and if there were conflicts between members she did her very best to solve those conflicts. She was always there when someone need help. She was a peaceful panther she did not fight much, but now and then she sparred with me and showed how well she could fight. She had so many talents; She was a builder and when Minnie made me chief Editor of the Gazette of Gor she helped me by setting up the distribution of the Gazette of Gor by using dispensers. Inna meant so much for Gor and for panthers in Gor in particular. It is hard to imagine she is not with us anymore. Secondlife will be less without her and it makes us realize that behind every avatar there is a real person we don’t know. But I do know Anni must have been a wonderful person in real life.

  • A word for Inna from Claude
  • The Gazette have lost one of it’s more important and loved members this month. In-na was always cheerful, always here to help us to go forward, solving technical issues and so on.

She was among the ones that allow the Gazette to continue; but she was also more than this for all of us who work for the Gazette of Gor. She was a friend.

But while we won’t see her anymore with us, her spirit will always remain with us.

That is not dead which can eternal lie,

And with strange aeons even death may die..


  • in Memory of InNa (Hathor)
  • I am greatly saddened by the loss of the passing of InNa. While I did not know her as well as many of you, I enjoyed chatting with her in Gazette staff meetings, and listening to her nattering with fellow staff members; she had a wonderful sense of humor.

  • We did from time to time talk, about some personal issues. When those few conversations took place, I got some insight into her RL life  and her SL character.  I respected her and her talents.

  • She loved being a Panther.

  • As an aside: She made me laugh when she refused to take her hated baths.

  • For Inna (LeaniYngol)
  • I will not cry because it’s over, I’ll smile because I was lucky to have a sister like you.

  • Because I owe it to luck to have had somebody of whom it is so hard to say goodbye.

  • You gave us so much, taught us so much, and still you inspire us and make us better people.

  • Without people like you, this would just be a game.

Thank you for everything sister.

  • Dear Inna (Varisya)
  • I arrived in Gor and in Ja Lina end of 2015, i am so lucky i can call you my sister Inna, even if i not know you for very long i am blessed i have met you.

  • I remember the moments when i was whining about something stupid, you IMed me and say to me ”stop whining blondie or ill kick your ass” that makes me even more angry but at the end i was laughing about it.

  • Or when you build a trap just behind our camp gate, everytime i run in camp i fell in the trap, i screamed at you ”please Inna remove that bad trap”

  • I will miss you so much Inna.

  • The last time you was online you sent a notice, it was your last words to us, you knew that was the last time you would log in, it was your goodbye to all of us

(” I love you all.   Be nice to each other and love what you have.  Inna x ”)

  • I love you so much Inna, you are in heaven now but you will stay in my heart for ever. Hugs

  • In-na, from Zee
  • When I think of In-na, I remember a playful friend, covered in dirt and grime, joking about voices in her head and ready for anything that sounded like fun. In-na and I became sisters on Kamba Island in 2010, and we shared both great times and hard times. No one was more positive in spirit and more good-humored than In-na, always wanting what was best for her sisters, her tribe’s good name and Gor as a whole.

  • It’s no coincidence that when a group of tribal leaders held meetings over several weeks to try to develop unified rules for RP in Gor, In-na was at all the meetings, trying her best to help us all. She was always forward-looking. In the two-year struggle that the Zima endured after losing Kamba Island, we moved our camp 5 or 6 times, and nerves got frayed. In-na would complain a little – and then she would work like crazy to make a new camp, her actions saying much more than her words. It was often very discouraging to build a new camp, establish a new set of ties with neighboring lands and then suddenly have to start over, again and again. She would simply roll up her sleeves, say encouraging words to me and start over.

  • When I attempted to help with the camp build at Kamba Falls and immediately ruined two days’ work by In-na with my incompetent terraforming, she did not get angry. She just said: You must stick to the plantings. And she started over. She was playful, upbeat and industrious. She never bathed, so we just let her tunnel away and reserved our hugs. Three years ago, her disease was advanced, and she all but said good-bye to me … only to reappear in a month with a somewhat darker sense of humor, but with the same positive spirit. We should build a pyramid to honor In-na, but her attitude would be: “Pffft!”

  • Inna, her first Edito
  • In the distance a scream can be heard quickly followed by a stomping sound, which gradually gets louder and closer. Footsteps enter the darkened office along with a terrible whining sound then a deathly silence. Finally a small sound is heard….fumbling fingers…small sparks are seen which ignite a small tharlarion oil lamp which is set down on the floor and the room lights up in a dull yellow glow.

  • “Well it seems that I have been volunteered to do this weeks editorial” she pulls her dagger and throws it into the shadows as a scurrying Urt runs for its life.

  • “Gah missed. Anyhow, where was I?  Oh yes…this weeks editorial.  Well it looks like we are increasing our reader base and more people are stepping up to offer their services in writing interviews and stories.”  moves to the side of the room and picks up the dagger.

  • “Well I suppose you all must have heard that I messed up the GOG dispensers a few weeks back due to having to move the server. We are attaching the new version 3 dispensers for a few issues so that you can replace any remaining broken ones that we may have missed.”

  • “We bring you the second part of Hathors “Why Dance Gorean” story.  I don’t like to dance myself and much prefer to splash around in muddy puddles, but expect a lot of you will find it fascinating and will find it’s most certainly a worth read. In fact don’t tell Hathor this… but I do like to read her stories a lot..shhhhh”

  • “Also we bring the second part of our evolving story which is written by Aaminah this week which I think will become more and more fun as people step up with their contributions to this story. This weeks story has trees in it which are fascinating.  I like trees and hug them and sing to them and rub up aga….oh sorry I digress.  Anyhow..yes its about trees and some other things. Gah I forget so you will have to read that story because I go all gooey and distracted when I think about trees” slides her dagger into its sheath and walks  back over towards the lamp.

  • “Well I think that is enough for the editorial pffft! I don’t particularly want to do a good job on this editorial thing or they will keep asking me to do it.   Just keep it between you and me though….right?”  blows out the flame on the lamp and runs back to her lovely trees.

  • One SE Story (Mimi)

–   Mimi remembers only one thing, she woke up one day in a strange land she did not know. It certainly comes from the earth and has no memory of her parents or her family. She was a child then. She managed to escape from a dark place where we put away and classified people by sex and age. Strange and noisy machines like iron birds were strange ballet in a sinister sky arose, poured the human waves. She also previously recalled that violence and hatred against girls. Only strange and veiled forms seemed not to be bothered.

Panther of Gor

–   Taking advantage of this great agitation she fled alone to this place and found herself in the countryside and woods. Brat and already carefree she discovered that environment, and learned to know it and especially avoid men. She was doing to eat fruit, stealing food on farms, and slept in trees safe from wild animals.

–   Too curious, she approached a cited. She would not be alone but was suspicious. A strange warrior drove her and eventually capture her, she knew nothing about combat, but her escape was not good. Rundown from lack of food and care they gave her room and nursed. Henceforth she  belonged at Master warrior olof Landar. He made her learn the basics of Gor and the rules of this new world. She, like many girls became Kajira. Her life seemed never sealed. She was placed in a school kajira or she was punished and humiliated by all those men and women who said they were free. Her education was terrible and hard, her body marked by the thongs of whips, her wrists and ankles marked by traces of the strings that often immobilized. Her hate of those cited and these free growing. She said that she never would get on her knees before free. The blood from her wounds made her not more afraid. She heard of wild beasts rebels, tree sluts, that derogatory words wich qualify these famous panthers. She wanted to meet with them or they attack Haifa port to liberate. But nothing happened. Whip; kneeling, obey, torture, forced sex service in taverns …. which has only harden her character and confirm that free were bad..

–   But her master, feeling she changed and that one day she would leave, took a different path. He had a lot of feelings for her. Also with time, she respected this man good in fact, a wanderer. Olof Landar took the huge risk to outlaw and risking death by teaching her the secret weapons, She learned to shoot with the bow, has to defend herself with a daggue. To survive no matter what. But she dreamed of freedom and panthers. One day her master let her go, and sad like him, but happy she go in search of panthers. It was the only free she met  happily, She never hurt him. A powerful feeling was in her and she owes him a lot.. Without him and his advice she would surely be dead already.

–   She wandered for many moons, shooting animals for food, some free passing leaving the woods. But she had much to learn. Desesperate, she still not found panthers, she reached naias. And finally the sun was shining. She finally saw a panther named Sky. Mistrustful she accosted. the EN and Sky took her into the Ikerei camp at the bottom of a deep valley. She remained here and was presented to the tribe. She was really impressed with all these armed women, breathing freedom and life in nature. The tribe adopted her and she became Ikerei. These wonderful panthers took her under their wing, taught her the freedom, the struggle, respect, life groupe. She made  beautiful meeting as Sha lost on the dock of Naias. Gradually she made her pledge path has SE. She never left the tribe or she feels good, she will die Ikerei as her ancestors died.

Thank you the ikerei have to have welcomed Mimi kajira and saved her.

Backstory Wanagi (Bloody Teardrop)

–   My new life began after a chance encounter with a friend whose words of wisdom gave me new life.  I left the city and joined a small quasi-religious organization called the Order of the Crescent Moon.  It was then I choose a new name, Spirit.  As a Crescent Moon Adherent I had a blue crescent tattooed on my forehead and gave up all personal property beyond what I could carry.  Before I ventured off on my own I was given a reading and was told to embrace the cards which foretold a grim fate full of despair and a fall into savagery before I would reach enlightenment.

–   Traveling alone as a free woman is dangerous and I had to use my wits and improve my bow skills.  Several times I was captured by panthers and my jewelry taken.  It wasn’t so bad, as they let me go with a warning never to travel on their lands again.  One day, I realized I was being followed.  Someone was shadowing me so I grabbed my bow and turned.  He shot at me and before long we were exchanging arrows.  I saw him go down in the bushes and instead of running I decided to loot him for valuables much like how the panthers did to me.  As I neared, he surprised me and when I awoke I was in ropes being sailed off to some unknown place.

–   When we arrived he dragged me into a cave where I was raped, broken and collared.  I became a inahan, or slave, in the Wismahi, a Red Savage tribe.  There I served and learned the Wismahi language until my owner left for an outlaw band.  He took me along and soon I realized he started collecting other inahan.  One night, I fled and found my way back to the Wismahi camp.  The Itancan, or leader, took me back in, impressed with my abilities she made me a Kanati, a hunter or huntress of the tribe.

–   I lived with the Wismahi for a time, even taking a Wismahi name, Wanagi.  The tribe was very nomadic, traveling to different locations quite frequently, sometimes to find better hunting ground, sometimes to flee powerful enemies like kurii.  One day after I went to collect tarn feathers, I returned to camp and it was gone.  I wandered the lands sleeping in caves and under the stars for what felt like an eternity until a small band of mambas took refuge in the cave I was sleeping in. They apparently were either not hungry or took pity on me.  In the end it did not matter, they accepted me among their numbers.

–   Remembering how the cards have foreseen my future, I joined them and embraced the ways of the mamba, sharpening my teeth and eating the flesh of people.  I do not know when it happened, but I lost my past self and could only think, speak, eat, and live as a mamba.   My past didn’t matter anymore except the three tarn feathers I wear representing my Kanati status from the Wismahi, now the only past I knew.

–   After a while the mamba band began to dwindle until only I remained.  I traveled Gor once more, living in caves and eating whatever I could manage to hunt.  One day, a woman invited me into what appeared to be a panther camp.  It was small and seemed mostly abandoned.  She began to teach me the Gorean language as communicating with each other proved difficult.  Eventually the panthers exiled me from their camp, as I did not fit in, or was it they feared that I may eat them during some night as they slept.

–   Once more I found myself roaming the lands, but this time was different.  I was looking for a home, a place that would accept me for who I was.  A place that would embrace my heritage and not fear what I was.  I think I finally found that place in the Sha’Kar Arani tribe.

And now, as a member of this diverse tribe, my life begins anew.


–   Below is a copy of a post I sent out when I first joined.  This should help with understanding Wanagi and how she is role-played.

  • Hou, my name is Wanagi

First I would like to say, I am proud to be with this group.  I am a RPer and my RP style may already have a few of you scratching your heads.  Wanagi is a Red Savage Mamba, she is trilingual, speaking Mamba fluently as well as Wismahi (Red Savage) and finally some broken Gorean.  Below are a few words you will hear me use:

Hou = Tal/Greetings

Itancan = Leader/En

Choonweh = Sister

Ho = Yes

Pila maye = Thank you.

Howa = You’re welcome

~Wanagi (which means Spirit)

  • City of Thentis (Minnie)


  • Do you want a fantastic and well build SIM ? Do you want find a perpetual RP in a great BTB world ? Do you want see more than a classic land with strong warriors ? So, if yes, Thentis is for you ! First, you will discover a fantastic panorama. Mountains, Docks, River. I give you an advice, use sunset as sun position and push details in your graphic preferences and you are going to think that you are in holidays in paradise. But all are not in holidays.
  • You will find many castes, ready to accept you and low castes have a lot of chores to do because, with G&S system, they have to cultivate and make life on the farms. And for other castes, you will find Players caste, and of course Warriors, Physicians, Scribes and more. All around, have a look at the Arena, very well built and for poor workers, we can find a modern dancing zone. Yes, Thentis’ Owners have all defined with good taste and with this little add, we find in some places. Congrats for them

Building – 4.5/5

Panorama – 5/5

RP – 4/5

Activities – 4.5/5

Global Note – 18/20

Owner’s Words

  • Thentis if you listen you can hear the piercing screeches of the wild tarns echoing through the Thentis mountains. The climate making the perfect area for the kajirae to go out and work growing picking and drying the very treasured black wine beans that people from around Gor crave and desire. Deep in the heart of the mountain the chiming of picks deep in the mountain as silver is mined out.
  • The Tarnsmen circling high above testing the young tarns teaching them to attack quickly without warning. The herbs mixing and dancing on the breeze through the infirmary. Thentis bringing into Gor the mighty black wine bean, taming the tarns and bring into the pocket of Free Thentis silver.

The Interview

  • Sevius Galinus: Greetings

–     Minnie: Greetings. We are in Thentis City and we are going to do an OOC interview of one Owner of the city. All said here ll be published in Gazette of Gor

  • Sevius Galinus nods

–     Minnie: I m Min and i m glad to meet you. Can you introduce yourself

  • Sevius Galinus: I am Sevius Galinus, Ubar of the City of Thentis

–     Minnie: what is your personnal story in Gor

  • Sevius Galinus: My personal story includes good times and challenges. Overall, its a good life. My family is important

–     Minnie: Can we consider you as old Gorean or do you see you as old Gorean person or an experienced Gorean person ?

  • Sevius Galinus laughs *I am an old experienced Gorean*

–     Minnie: About Thentis, Thentis is well known Name in Gor, can you give me some more informations about city

  • Sevius Galinus: yes, Thentis is well known for its black wine, wild tarns and silver mines. All well guarded

–     Minnie: Have you all castes in the city ?

  • Sevius Galinus: we have all high castes here, there are many low castes, not all low castes are represented

–     Minnie: what are castes not represented here

  • Sevius Galinus eyes opened wider *I plan to sleep tonight* he laughed. *the list is long, but one example is Sailors*

–     Minnie: About Thentis, Who builds. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

  • Sevius Galinus: the Builder Caste builds here and the decisions are made by the Ubar

–     Minnie: What would you say your SIM’s most attractive Feature would be?

  • Sevius Galinus: The most attractive feature is the city landscapes. We welcome those that may want to travel and camp and witness the views in the Thentis Mountains

–     Minnie: how many RP do you launch every week. Do you plan or create new RP. Do you adapt all you have in city to create new RP ….. Use of G&S, players caste and more

  • Sevius Galinus: Those living here do not hand out scripts or launch, we live in the moment, engage one another, its not preplanned. We do use G&S here, it helps the girls do chores each day, chores that affect the livestock and meals.

–     Minnie: Many sim owners / admins get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).

  • Sevius Galinus: It does take a team to get things done and Nasreen and I make a good team. I must also thank our family, citizens and slaves in Thentis. Its their word of mouth and dedication that helps us Thrive

–     Minnie: could you be ok to follow one idea of a RP if someone give you the beginning of a story

  • Sevius Galinus: Rp in Thentis is not presented for approval, we wake up go out into the city and start talking to people. You can find out who is doing what just by talking to them and learn of the rp that way

–     Minnie: Have you some ideas to improve our Gor

  • Sevius Galinus: yes, toss out the notecards and pick up one of the books or read it online. The answers are in the books, there and waiting for all of us

–     Minnie: do you plan regular festivals or tournaments

  • Sevius Galinus: We have periodic activities, we recently concluded a 2 month long Kaissa Tournament and plan to do more with festivals and sword tournaments

–     Minnie: Now the last and classic question. Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

  • Sevius Galinus: First, its John Norman’s story, we do our best in Thentis to follow and put into practice his words as written in his stories, if your readers want that kind of experience, they should come and visit and perhaps stay.

–     Minnie: Perfect, Interview is over, i will prepar all and send you a copy before publication

  • Sevius Galinus: Thank you for coming to talk to us

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 5

The Second Hand, The Second Day, of the month of En’ Kara,  Year 10162 Contasta Ar

Story of Gor

After a few days resting in Corcyrus, we decided to make departure.  In my last entry I mentioned that our first night was spent in the caravan outside the city and across the moat.  That had given me pause for concern.  As it happened our estrangement from the city lasted only that night.  By the second night we had been welcomed within the city’s walls and given spacious and comfortable accommodations to use.  During our stay, I found myself wandering the streets and alleys of the city  – often becoming lost.  But with the assistance of the gracious citizens and well-mannered slaves I was able to find my way.   Ironically, though the people were friendly and generous, I ended up learning only a few of their names and do not think that I established any permanent relationships.  That I accept as being solely my fault.  Tanz was more sociable than me and  had little problem mingling amongst the residents.

An event of note occurred one evening while I heading out towards the caravan to check on  Fredda, our bosk.  Some of the residents were near the caravan.  As I walked I noticed something running about the hillside and fields.  I wondered what type of small creature it was when I stiffened, almost drawing my bow.  The creature that seemed to be romping about was a kur.  I approached cautiously not clear what was happening and glancing about to see if there any other of those beasts around.  My reaction, of course, derives from the vision I have of those creatures brutally killing people, drool dripping from their vicious mouths.  This kurii, however, was alone and surprisingly none of the people there had weapons drawn.

As it turned out, I made conversation with the creature, who introduced itself as Scar.  The beast claimed to be traveling alone and seeking to search for a place to belong.  It was very guarded about its past, but then, again, it seems as if most people are similarly guarded.  There was still bosk stew left over by the caravan from the night before.  Asking the kur to leave my bosk alone I offered the beast the remaining bosk stew.  Scar agreed and seemed satisfied by the bosk stew. I cannot say that I made a friend there on the ground by the caravan across the moat for Corcyrus, but there was limited tension.  The kur commented that I was one of few humans who could claim to have fed a kurii and not been the dinner, himself.  Whether honor is something these beasts understand I know not.  All I know is that that Fredda was alive the next day and the kur seemed to have left the lands.

In our travels, it had been our goal to make available Tanz’s expert healing abilities to those living in the places we traveled.  In part, it would return the favors of those welcoming us and, perhaps, also help us earn a bit of coin.   But, as a city, Corcyrus seemed to have little use for outsider medical skills.  At least, during our short stay there I am aware of nothing that the local healer was unable to handle.  It was also our intent to make my bow available to defend should the need arise during our stay.  As with Tanz’s medical skills though the offer was graciously acknowledged nothing happened to resulted in their being any need.

One morning I found myself in what I took to be a library.  As a looked over the shelves, the title of a thin volume caught my eye.  The title was “Circumnavigation of Gor,” and the author’s name was Manus Candoit.  It was not a name I was familiar with and the book looked old.  I sat on a cushion and began to read it.  I was fascinated by the contents and unable to discern, in the end, whether it was a work of fantasy or of truth.  According to the introduction, the publisher was printing a manuscript found long ago.  The book itself was over 800 years old, but no indication was given as to how old the manuscript that was being reprinted.  I could not lower the book until I had completed it.  Manus Candoit insisted that he had traveled two separate water routes around Gor.  The first involved the Vosk River.  Candoit stated that near the Voltai Mountains as one entered the territory of Treve there was a tributary that entered a hidden cave and became a subterranean waterway that want for hundreds of pasangs until it eventually came out in the seas that if traveled would bring one around to Cos and the Thassa Sea.  Candoit wrote of fantastic water creatures, tribes of manlike beasts, and obstacles he claimed to have conquered in his journey.   The second water path he claimed to have traversed was far to the south and well below the Tahari Desert.  I made a mental note to learn more of this person and determine if the manuscript was the word of a storyteller, a madman, or of an amazing adventurer whose deeds have been lost or forgotten.

In any event, the time came for us to hitch up the caravan.  Even Fredda seemed ready to travel.  So we began to head var (north) towards the Vosk and the river port known as Siba.


Issue 60



  • From the Editor’s Desk (Mariko, Claude, Minnie)
  • In-na’s Meremonial Ceremony

Words for In-na from Petra, Ja Lina Torvis’ EN

  • My thoughts about banned people on gor sims (ManuAurell)
  • Soul open her heart in Zima By Soul (mai.scofield)
  • how i became EN (Tammi  Wildness)
  • The Guardians (Minnie)
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 6
  • Eve’s ordeal chapter 3 – Urts
  • WoRPG – The international Roleplay Hub (Minnie)
  • From the Editor’s Desk (Mariko, Claude, Minnie)

Words for In-na By  Mariko Marchant

Credit: Mariko
  • It was so good to see so many were at the Inna’s memorial ceremony. In a way it brought us panthers and taluna’stogether and made us also realize we all need each other in Gor to make it worthwhile. Yes, we have arguments, sometimes we even mute each other, but the big picture is we all need each other and that behind every avi there is a real person.
  • I decided to make another video in which you can see the attendants of Inna’s memorial ceremony expressing their thoughts about In-na. Also messages of others persons and tribes were put forward. Again I had tears in my eyes when I was making this video. Gor may be a harsh world, but it is also beautiful and it really can unite people. In-na will be missed as a panther, as a mentor, as builder, as a member of the team of the Gazette of Gor. I did not know her in RL, but she must have been a wonderful person. I conclude with the last words for In-na to her tribe Ja’Lina: “Be nice to each other and love what you have” . Rest in Peace dear In-na.

The video “Words for In-na” is on youtube:

( Video of Inna’s memorial ceremony: )

  • Lots of people ask to be respected in roleplay, and it is of course a very legit thing to ask. However, there are also quite some people who, while asking for respect, refuse to give it to the ones they interact with.

  • When you have a “no hair cutting” limit, how is that respectful of the other ? When you state that you are here only for your own pleasure, why would people want to roleplay with you, knowing that you won’t care about what they like ?

Respect must go both way, but too often we see people only wanting it their way. And of course those people, the ones not respecting their fellow role-players, are more to often the ones to complain about the lack of respect. They are hypocrites. Claude

We begin, in this issue, our special EN and i m happy to present the story of my friend, Tammi Wildness …. a very old EN  *She winks at Tam* . Tam is not very old but she becomes more and more wise and i learned a lot with her. Another good article (from Manu), and i hope have answers, is about banned people. You will find our classic stories and a new Ge group. Have a good read and a good week-end. Minnie

  • In-na’s Meremonial Ceremony
  • * Walks up to the pyre and looks at it a moment, then turns to look at the faces of those that have gathered* ..”As you all know, it is Gorean tradition that not a word is spoken ..not a voice ..nor musical sound is to be heard ..and for a proper ceremony there is only silence ..memory ..and fire”

That is tradition ..the proper way

  • * Takes a deep breath and exhales* …”But as all of you know ..Inna was not proper ..nor was she normal …Inna danced to the beat of her own drum

  • * Wipes away a tear from her cheek as a soft grin curls her lips* …”And as for words, not spoken …when have any of you known Inna to hold her tongue?”

  • *Turns and looks at the pyre*

  • She was my Sister

  • She was my Se …My Shaman

  • She was my Rock.

  • * Turns back once again facing the gathering* … “I first met Inna about 6 years ago when she first joined Zima Ak’am”

  • “She was kind of awkward at first, kinda quiet …strange” *nods* “aye ..always very strange … sarcastic and dirty”

  • “She was a good fighter ..good sister ..not exceptional …not flashy ..wasn’t seeking fame or title”

  • “She quickly proved to be very loyal ..she never left my side ..I don’t think she ever even considered it”

  • “As our friendship grew, I realized how strong of a person she was, it was that strength that guided our tribe through so many hard times”

  • Sisters leaving, camp moves, tribe splitting ….people causing drama cause they had nothing better to do. She shielded me through a lot of this, she knew how hard being a leader was so she took the hits for me ..she dealt with the drama for me, without her ..I wouldn’t be here.

  • As we struggled to find a home, and were run off various lands ..our numbers dwindled ..our future was bleak …but she never gave up ..she continued to push us ..inspire us to never quit …never stop fighting

  • When we split from Zima, I had the usual anxieties …even though I knew in my heart it was the right choice ..I was nervous ..worried ..but it was Inna that pointed me forward ..told me not to look back and she was right *looks around at all her sister …and can’t help but smile ..proud of each and every one of them*

  • She kept me going, she encouraged me and it was her strength that I used to get through … she was always there.

  • She was logical ..she did not automatically take sides ..friendship was very important to her ..but getting to the truth ..getting to the core of the issue and being fair ..that showed her true character. It didn’t matter if you were a long time friend or a stranger …she believed everyone deserved to be treated fairly.

  • Her wisdom was alway something I could turn to …..leading a panther tribe for over 8 years is not an easy task. It cannot be done alone, it requires strong people ..and especially good advice …Inna never wanted leadership ..she never wanted credit ..that was not her ..she wanted others to shine ..she wanted other to enjoy ..and succeed

  • It was this selfless attitude ..the ability to see the big picture …to work for a common goal …to inspire people to work together …..all while asking nothing in return …that is what made her so special.

  • She was not perfect ..she’d get mad …she’d yell …she could be rude …but in the end ..if she was wrong ..she was a big enough person to admit it …to apologize and own up to her mistakes.

  • There was just something about her …she didn’t try to make friends …she was not fake ..not overly nice to get people to like her ..she was honest an almost brutal and somewhat insulting way …she would tell you exactly what she was thinking …and through all of that you just couldn’t help but love and admire her.

  • So …Inna is no longer with us ..her words and deeds will live in our hearts forever

  • So REMEMBER her words …REMEMBER her deeds ..*looks around to all those gathered* …and may her wisdom live and shine through you one day

  • *takes a deep breath ss her eyes drift back to the pyre …her heart sinks as she knows this is her final farewell …. exhales “So frankly, I don’t know how I can go on without you …I don’t know if I’m strong enough, or smart enough ….or brave enough”

  • All I know you knew this day was coming and you asked me to be strong …and for you I will.

  • *turns and looks at her sisters ..her spine stiffens and her shoulders straighten*.. “…and for you I will”

  • This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do here …this is supposed to be a game ..this is supposed to be fun …I never knew you ..or talked to you ..or saw you

  • But I honestly can say I loved you

  • Your last words to the tribe were “Be nice to each other and love what you have. Inna x”

  • You were My Rock ….My Shield …My Sister

  • Dance in Peace my Anni, for one day we will fight by each others side again.

  • * takes an arrow and wraps a rep cloth around it …looks down and dips the tip in a pot of oil …notches the arrow and holds the tip to a flame of the torch ….mouths a silent ‘farewell my friend’ aims at the pyre and looses the arrow




Credit: Ja Lina

Video of Ceremony – (Mariko)

Ceremony’s Blog –

“Words for In-na” is on youtube –

Anni’s story –

  • In the course of nature, wind scatters the blossoms of a tree and ushers in a new season. For us, Anni first blossomed in 2006 and gave us In-na in 2010. Why she came to be with us we may not know, we however were blessed to have her.

  • I have always known In-na as a Shaman. She was brash and at times would rush to act. Her actions were at least always well intentioned. In-na was for the most part a rather quiet person and opted to contribute behind the scenes.

  • She choose to help those around her and simply make all of our lives better. In-na did much of what whispering moons is now and as such will always be part of the land. Her caring and compassion will live on in the heart and minds of those she touched.

  • Now, the season has changed once more and her blossoms are scattered for one final time

  • In-na asked to not have a stone in our memorial.

  • I will instead plant the tree she gave me. It will live on in her place, nourished by the soil that she so carefully tended, and will continue to bear the blossoms and memories of her heart that no wind may ever touch.

Farewell my friend.


En, Ja’Lina Torvis

  • My thoughts about banned people on gor sims (ManuAurell)
  • When I came to sl I was visiting many Sims in Gor. It was a lot of fun there and lot of Sims had a good trafic. But one day all changed. Whats happend? Empty Sims and not so much trafic anymore. And some sims closed.

  • I think the Problem here is that to much people got a ban on different sims. But what happend if you ban one Person?

  • If you ban maybe one person and this person has a friends in gor his friend wont comes anymore too on this sims where he get banned. If you ban 50 and all would have only one friend so 100 people maybe wont come anymore. this is only an example.

  • But what happend if people get banned. the sims will stay empty in the end. no more raids. no more fun. and bad trafic. this is bad for the sims owner and for shops on this sims too. Banned people can not visit the sims and can not visit shops on this sims anymore. in the end the sims and the shops will die.

  • We all are humans and we all do wrong things sometimes. But I think all this banned people should get a new chance. You need not to ban them you may eject this people. All banned people should get removed from the ban list.

Only Griefer should have a perm Ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We all want fun here in second life. But where is the fun when people always get banned??? maybe for a joke? or sometimes people get banned because there seems to be a personal reason with other persons of a sims. Or maybe because they do not know the rules? Thats not the right way. Lets have fun all together. And maybe no bans anymore.!!!!

  • Soul open her heart in Zima By Soul (mai.scofield)

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Was careful to listen for a few moments before entering the Zima cave arranged as a small tavern in these lands and had heard nothing from inside. It was early morning and the dew was still wet on the grass and the sun had barely started to warm the earth and bring out the scent of the forest.

Panther of Gor

–   Soul (mai.scofield): She had come alone to Zima, it was safe or as safe as it could be. The lands were ruled by Sarka and Soul had been introduced when she had visited with her En and Noe. She had also been permitted to serve, a cub of the tribe, but still a slave in her own head. She had returned as she was troubled, she felt she was forgetting who she was and needed to remind herself of the time before and she would do this by dancing. Dancing was her release, it set her mind free and the sand pit here in Zima was where she would do it.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): There was no music, just the sand and an empty tavern and a sweet stillness that would be broken as she stepped lightly into the sand, feeling its coolness against the soles of her feet. She tried to let her mind free, to forget what she was and focus on who she was. At first she just spun in circles, moving quickly across the sand, lifting her hands up above her head and the letting them fall again to her sides. Then slowly as the dance became her, she swayed her hips, back and forth then in a circle. Her toes dug into the sand and lifted it as she stretched and kicked sand lightly across the pit. Her face took on a gaze of concentration and she began to remember the moves and what they meant.

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Rattles the beads at the entrance as she enters and looks in, slightly surprised to see a dancer but certainly amused and takes a seat

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Blinks also surprised to find someone entering this place “Oh greetings, err Mistress, I am just practicing dance for someone, I hope that is OK”

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Chuckles softly taking note of the surprised expression and nods. “Well you certainly won’t mind a bit of an audience then hmn?” *gets comfortable on the bench right in front of the dancepit so she can observe*

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Feeling the need to explain more, but not too much adds “My En brought me here where I was introduced to her friend the Huntress Sarka. I was permitted to serve and enjoy the feel of sand between my toes and the freedom to express myself” she regarded Natala and decided that she did not fear her, although she did feel somewhat anxious “Of course, I do not mind at all, if you watch”

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Puts her elbows on the table and rests her chin upon it looking across the table at the dancing girl with a gentle smile. “Those that are friends with my Uma I will treat as my friends. If this is how you wish to serve and express yourself I won’t obstruct you in any way… I’d rather wish to enjoy it…” *chuckles softly as you permit her to watch you* “Good… it’d be a shame if no one was here to witness the sultry movement of your gorgeous body”

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Was curious about the huntress watching her, she thought she recalled her face when the Zima had raided their land, but could not be certain. She knew as well that her En would not be happy if she got herself captured and that was the main reason for her nervousness. It would be pointless to run, so she continued to sway, perhaps a little less expressive that before as her feet sank into cool sand and the gentle effort left a glistening sheen over her arms and legs, silks floating as she remembered a time when to dance was her only pleasure. She relaxed after Natala reassured her that she would be friendly “Thank you Huntress, it is not always easy to express what is in your heart and soul, when you are force to fight and show that you are free….” had she said too much she wondered

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Noted the expressive eyes that had a myriad of emotions pass by but the main ones being nervousness and concern. This was slightly surprising to her seeing they were in a safe location and with a clear designation between them. She calmly sat back a bit and lowered her arms, giving the girl an encouraging smile at her words of gratitude which became a short chuckle to the end of the girl’s sentence* “There is no greater delight then to be served by the willing as they will do so without any doubt and free of all inhibitions…”

–   Soul (mai.scofield):  a strangers eyes on her watch recalled a much sharper memory than just performing a dance. The inner need to express herself and put on a show was far greater when she knew someone might enjoy her performance. She began to throw herself into the dance, the music was in her mind, but she danced more intensely slinking like a wild animal, lines on concentration appeared on her brow as she stretched and spread her legs further in the sand, feeling the muscles in her thighs tighten as her body writhed. She felt awake and alive in a way that freedom did not give her, the serve and to please were extensions of love and she was willing even grateful to be able to do that.

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Watched intently as the girl was freed of doubt and got into her dance. She smiled at the sight of the girl’s concentration and even if there was but silence in the tavern, the shifting sand beneath the girl’s feet brought rhythm. The accentuation of tightened muscles as they supported the girl receiving gentle caresses from the gaze of my eyes watching you.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Felt a passion that was usually subdued, although her En knew fully of it, but warned that she should keep such needs hidden from her sisters, hence Soul’s decision to come to Sarka homeland when all was quiet. She could feel the passion building up like a storm in her mind as she twisted. Her arms swayed and her fingers traced lines in the air and through the fine sand as she rose and fell. The more she dance the greater the desire became, like rain water increasing the flow and intensity of a stream. Each expression, made her want the next to be even more expressive than the one before. She opened her eyes and looked at Natala who was watching closely and found a smile came very easy, should she thank her audience as Mistress, she wondered, but decided to remain silent.

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Felt privileged to witness this moment when the girl could express herself free of any limitations. No shame or the need to hide anything that was the open atmosphere in the room. She could feel the passion through the girl’s expressive movement. She felt it reach out and when crossing eyes met with your smile, she smiled as well, invitingly. There was no need for words as the moment transcended them.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): ‘s eyes flickered softly, even more searching Natala’s face for a sign of how she enjoyed her efforts. There was a great need to please, was she pleased, did she enjoy what Soul was offering. When she had started, she just wanted the freedom to dance, but now her mind focused on pleasing the woman. Thoughts ran wild and screamed in her mind that she should reign back the submissive nature of her expression.. Her inhibition fell away and a wild abandon took control of her lithe and silken body. The fire inside burned hot as her body arced and curved as she feel to the sands, burying her hands and feet in its coolness. She throw her head back so that her beaded hair swished through the air and her breasts bounced freely, without her realising it, her nipples had hardened and flushed dark with a heat and she subconsciously knew she was losing herself in her own needs

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): ‘s face was written over with interest and desire for more. The subtle transformation in the girl’s dance did not go unnoticed and she licked her lips as the fire of the girl burned higher and dictated the girl’s body and movement. The sands would not be able to cool the heat that had taken the girl. As she watched the girl swish through the air she imagined she could almost smell the girl’s fragrance and as the girl’s nipples bloomed she wished for the opportunity to touch them. She leaned more across the table as if wanting to edge closer.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Rises and stretches her sleek form, now covered with a shimmering dewy moisture, her slightly muscled, tanned legs fold beneath her as she dances with her upper body, rolling her hips and belly in complex forms that felt good as she applied her craft. Her motions became more fluid and graceful as the memory of dance returned to her. The moves designed to draw in her audience. She found an inner confidence that showed clearly as her deep and expressive eyes offered soft and sultry persuasion mixed with a devilish desire to please. She flashed a smile, having forgotten the fear and anxiety, it was warm and sensual as her tongue flicked over her parted lips and beads of sweat ran slowly down her neck, finding a path between her swaying breasts. In her mind she new these moves were surrendering herself and that she should cease. She was torn between the craving to display her inner feelings and the thoughts of self preservation and the expectations of her tribe. She had noticed the increased intensity on the face of Natala in the fog of her thoughts she pictured serving the Huntress.

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Took in the glimmer of the beads of moisture across the girl’s body imagining their taste. Enjoying the flow of the girl’s upper body as it moved fluid and graceful. She felt drawn to the girl wanting to meet that sultry persuasion and call upon that desire to please. As the girl teased her lips with her tongue she made a biting movement and smiled. She had little attention for anything else but the dancing girl even to go as far as ignoring the girl that walked in and out of the tavern.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Rose up from the soft sands once more and whirl around dancing somewhere between controlled expression and rampant desire to feel her soul. She toyed with her emotions experimenting with submission and freedom. She imagined herself owned, yet her thoughts and spirit were free. She was inside a slave to herself whether she was owned or not, that part could not change for it was who she was. She craved to belong, to be touched and controlled, to surrender herself to one who would own her. Her heart was now pounding inside her chest and her mind was completely unbound in thought and fantasy. She looked across the tavern at the girl that entered and smiles “Greetings Sister” she said with a rasping breath

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): ‘s eyes moved with the whirling body before her, she was about to get up to drag the girl from the pits to the furs when the spell of the intense wordless moment got broken when the girl needed to greet the arriving guest to the tavern. With some difficulty she took her eyes of the girl and took in the arrived stranger. Not recognizing her she wanted to make an equal greeting when she suddenly walked out again making her grumble at the disturbance.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Began to slow her movement, she was dripping with a moisture that rolled freely over her shimmering skin. Her heat throbbed as wetness spread between the folds of her sex. The fire had burned hot inside her, releasing a wild and primal need that had been hidden. She clutched her breasts and showed her slave form in its entirety. Her eyes feel on the huntress and she saw in those eyes a desire and the realisation came to her in a flash…had she submitted to the woman…had she given her every possible reason to collar her… a fear grew inside as she slowed her pace and concluded her dance. “Huntress” she whispered almost breathless “May I thank you..” she asked “It was truly satisfying to surrender myself to the freedom of expression.” her voice cracked as she asked “did i please you Huntress”

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Discarded the interruption and let her eyes drown back in the beauty before her. When the movement slowed the state of the girl became more apparent to the eye. The pearled beads shimmering upon her fair skin, the fragrance of desire oozing. Watching the girl clutch her breasts and show her inner slave made her so desirable she couldn’t keep herself from raising slowly from the table and walk forward towards the pits. Halting at the edge. “You must thank me… and you’ve pleased me deeply”

–   Soul (mai.scofield): ‘s eyes fell from the intensity of the woman’s gaze, even this she knew was submissive and she should have stared back at Natala with equal intensity “I am what I am….whatever that is…” she sighed are any of us truly free when inside there burns a need to please another, a want to belong and a comfort and security in the service and safety of another?” this was a question she had asked before. Where the lines so clear between free and slave, or was it just situations that played out between them. She smiles “Thank you Huntress, I confess it was what I desired, to dance is to be free, but to dance for another and please them is to be who I am” Should she drop to her knees, no she would not do that unless she was commanded to do so, She had revealed herself to Natala and now the huntress was free to decide her fate

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Watched the girl’s gaze drop and followed the falling of her eyelids down to gaze across her gentle curves. She smiled hearing the girl’s words and made a swift reply: “You are perfect as you are… Come here…” *she beckoned the girl to approach and replied to her other statements meanwhile* “Aye, and I’d be cruel not to let you be who you are or answer to your desires call and reward you for it… I shall take you to the furs”

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Slid softly forwards into the intensity of the huntresses personal space. Her heart quickened and she felt all her fears slip away as she surrendered. It took effort to look up into the huntresses eyes, but she did and her expression was a willingness, and even more, a need to go with this woman “I….I ” she stammered and did not know the words she wanted to say, although she knew she wanted to thank her, she just nodded and moved to follow Natala.

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Gently tried to take hold of the girl’s hand and quickly raised a finger to place over the girl’s lips as she stammered in her expression. “Ssh… Come…” *she guided the girl with a patient and gentle tread deeper into the tavern, passing through another set of hung beads obscuring the chamber from the rest of the tavern. There she nestled down and invited you to her*

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Followed nervously, although the nerve were more to do with how much she let go of herself and not the eagerness with which she wanted to follow the woman. The moment she touched Natala she knew this was what she desired , it came as natural as breathing  as she explored the warmth and firmness of the others form. She burned to kiss, already the woman’s scent was filling her nostrils and now she wanted to taste that warmth and feel the pressure of soft lips against her “May I Mistress” she asked softly her lips already hovering above the other

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): /me felt the girl’s body close against hers. Her warmth a pleasurable feeling as she wrapped her arms around the girl and slowly caressed down her back, the movement eased by the moist condition of the girl’s skin. She smiled at the eagerness radiating from the girl and found the girl’s lips hovering close to hers. The movement of her lips in replying almost enough to make the two meet: “Yes girl, release your inhibitions and show me your true desires” *she then lifted her head a bit to meet her soft red lips with those of the girl*

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Was surprised at how easily she could let herself submit to desires and she was kissing Natala almost before permission was granted. Maybe she was not a slave, she just needed to express her love. She knew there was no one who could protect her, if Natala chose to enslave her, but she trusted completely as her lips caressed the warmth of the huntress, moving softly down to her chin kissing in soft touches rather than a firm embrace of lips although that she desired to. She wanted to explore but was unsure, so tentatively she moved deft fingers to the clothes of the huntress pausing each action before she began to remove the top of the one she accepted for now as her Mistress

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Felt how the mutual line of trust had established between them and paved the way to experience deeper desires. Feeling the girl slipping down she accommodated for her and gently made affirming caresses along the girl’s body, enjoying the feeling of the girl’s skin under her fingertips. Answering the featherlight kisses by reaching for the girl’s buttocks and giving it a squeeze as it came into reach when the girl turned to remove her top clothing.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Felt the thrum of Natala’s body, warm and soft, she was not surprised to note that both their heartbeats were quickened. For one who looked formidable when she entered the tavern, Natala’s body was soft and sensual and without the need for permission she began to move her kisses downwards to her neck lingering in the shallows and allowing herself the pleasure of licking and kissing her collarbone whilst one of her hands gently fingers and squeezed the huntresses breast. Hers eyes never left Natala’s face, always searching for a queue or warning that she had overstepped her privilege. She ran the fingers of her other hand through the thick locks of flame red hair as the kisses grew more intense

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): enjoyed the close feeling of heartbeats picking up. Her body was well cared for which was a bit unlike most huntresses. Her hair scented of forest flowers, betraying she cared much for it. She kirred amused and pleased at your kisses down her neck and took note of the hand upon her breast exerting a gentle squeeze. In reply her hands roamed free across the girl’s body, exploring and feeling. Keeping an equal close gaze at the girl’s expressions to find those spots she responded well to.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Found after a while it grew more easy, more equal, she felt less the slave and more the partner in their embrace. She lifted her lips from the kiss and smiled as her fingers drew a line from the now firm nipple, along the lean waist and around the dip of her navel. Heat was radiating from both of us and I wondered if she was as wet as I was. My stomach twisted and tightened as Natala’s hands ran lightly over my still damp flesh. Questioning only with eyes, my lips firmly touched and then embraced hers as with a instinctive skill I parted my lips and hers to push my tongue into her hot mouth and find her tongue against mine as we teased the taste buds of each other. My hand slowly moved to below navel and now caressed softly the mound of her heat, feeling its form beneath the cloth that covered it

–   Natala (natala.lunasea): Enjoyed much how the girl bloomed and honestly moved to inner desires. Feeling a line drawn across her skin she smiled and drew an equal line over the girl’s back. She loved how they’d communicate through their expressions of their eyes. She loved those moments when words where unnecessary and the only thing that counted was that mutual respect and enjoyment for one another. As the kiss was deepened and their tongues met in a playful twirl around each other hands wandered to places of deeper desire. A breath escaping through her nose as your hand brushes across the fabric around her waist pushing it against her damp folds. Her own hand replied and found your silks had fallen to the side granting her a direct touch of the slick folds that made up the exterior of your heat, finding them coated with the result of your burning inner fire.

–   Soul (mai.scofield): Also breathed deep almost gasping as her stomach lurched at the feel of your fingers against my heat. It was hard not to writhe and push against them as they so gently caused my sex to tremble and grow hot and wet. I continued the play of soft tongues exploring your mouth them happy to let you push back into mine as hot lips sucked and covered your mouth with firm kisses. Seeing no sign to stop i pulled away the cloth that protected you heat and presses my thumb against the hood of your clit and began to circle it, while my fingers pulled back along the wet folds, but not yet pushing between them. I was not surprised you were as wet and warm as I was and sensed for the first time that there was also a slaves desire in you too.

What follows can be imagined by those with a mind to do so…..

  •  how i became EN (Tammi  Wildness)
  • Tal , i am  Tammi  Wildness  and this  is  my  story  on  how  i became EN of  the  finest   tribe  in Gor, the  Sa’ng  Gretuks……. i  first  came  to  Gor  over  four years  ago  and i been   EN  for  over  three  years now…

  • ©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
    Gretuk En

    It all started  when i  landed  in a land  which  was  called  snake den  ,  i  had  no clue   what  Gor  was .  but  i  was  greeted  by  five  girls that  was dressed like  jungle  women  and  i notice  they  had  a bow  and  other weapons  on  them,, . i  asked  them  what  is this place    and  why  are  you  dressed funny…   they  laughed  at  me   and  called  me  city  girl  and  was acting  all wild  like.  and then  they  just  started  to  tell me  a short  version  of   Gor  and  what  it  was..

  • I thought to myself oooh  this is  different.  they  asked  me if i wanted  to know more  and give  it  a try, i said  sure  why  not,  so  they  took  me to The  EN  of  the tribe  , which  was  panda  bish at the time,  and  she  helped  me  get  started   with a bow  and  some  better  clothes,  and  she  said  to me  , you no city  girl no more  , you  will become  a panther ,  a huntress.. and  i never  left  since.

  • I learned the way  of Gor  the  fastest i  could  ,  to learn  how  to RP  and  to  learn  to use  the  bow.  but  i  quickly  found  out  it  was  more then just that, it  was   a   sisterhood and  i  got  to knew  well and  understood.   as  the  days  and weeks  went  by  , i just was  doing  my  part  for the tribe, i still  was  bad  at  bow,  but  panda  said  no worries  you will get  better  with time  and  just  train  more.  and  she  was  right.

  • When i made full sis  , i was  very  proud  to  become  a full sis,   and  i  vowed  to  get to know my  sisters  more    and  learn  more  about  Gor  as  i could..and  to always  protect  my sisters  as they  protected  me. during  my  time  as  a full sister, i seen the  old  Gor  and  i seen the  beginning  of the  new  Gor that   some  call  it  today.  but  i still see  old  Gor   a lot.  as  time  went  on  , i  grew  into a fine  huntress , knowing  my way  around Gor   and  meeting  and making  friends.

  • Later  on  i was promoted  to elder.   during  this  time  is  when the  tribe  was  having  issues, but  what tribe  does  not ,   our  beloved  EN  was sick  in RL  and  could  no longer  be  in Gor,  the  tribe  took a  huge  hit  then  and  we  lost  some  good  sisters  for  other  reasons.  but  i  went  around  to all sisters that  was  left  and talk to them all and assured  them  things  will be  ok…  a  few  days  after  that  we  had  a tribe  meeting  and  we  all agreed  to  vote for  a new  SE  and  new  EN,  i was voted  in as  EN  and  my  sissy  vel  became  SE  and  was  very  good  at  it.

  • After  i became  EN, i knew  my  days  as  a  huntress  will have  to change, i need  to become  a leader ,but  yet  stay that sister  i was. as  i look back i knew  i made  a few  mistakes  but  thats  how you learn,  and i also  seen a few  sisters  leave  us  which  i wish i would of  tried  to stop  from leaving. i  got  better  with time  as a  EN,  to be  fair  in all things.  and  i am very  proud  of  all my sisters  today  and  happy  how i turned  out as a  huntress  and  a  EN .  i been  EN  for  over  three  years  now  and  am happy   to be  one, it  is not  easy    and  not for the weak  at  heart ,  but  i  just  do my  best  to  understand  things the  best i can  and  make  a clear  fair  call  on matters.  i  am  tammi  EN  of  teh  Sa’ng  gretuks  and i cant  think of  any other  tribe  i would rather  be  in…

  • The Guardians (Minnie)


•     The guardians ! New group, new land, new build ! First time, i came in this place, i was surprised of the organization and of the build. It was a great surprise, not a bad. However, this is place for fighters and raiders and it seems very difficult to raid them. All was done for defense and we have a lot of rules, laws and more. Maybe break

some rules could make raids more easier. But it could be a good challenge for very good fighters. To try !

  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapter 6

The Third Hand, The First Day, of the month of En’ Kara,  Year 10162 Contasta Ar

(March 31, 2010)

  • SIba was the intended destination, but circumstances caused a change of plans. As we were about to depart Corcyrus, Tanz received an urgent message to return to Peril Island.  A close Fatalz friend was soon to give birth to twins and there was a fear of complications.  Had we had the Serendipity available it might have been a simple matter to sail there together, but the Serendipity presumably was heading towards Siba.  So,Tanz went with the messenger and utilized the faster ships to make her way to Peril Island.

  • I began the overland journey to Siba alone – or, I should say, with our bosk Fredda. A bird from Tanz reached me, though, on the way to Siba.  From Peril Isle, Tanz had been called to the Isle of Teletus and, from there, her skills were being sought by the KooFasal Rebels, who were camped in Firestorm.  She asked me to turn the caravan towards Firestorm and rendezvous with her there.  Checking the maps I was chagrined to find that going overland to Firestorm, which was on the Road to Clearchus, meant bypassing not only Siba, but Gimli as well.  I had much wanted to see certain people in Gimli as well as Siba.  I debated as to whether there was a sufficient riverway path to Firestorm, but decided in the end to drive rim (east) of Siba and head ror (northeast), taking the Pilgrim’s Road at Jort’s Ferry (At Jort’s Ferry I sent word to DDay Swords’ slave in Siba (whom I’ve always called divine regardless of her slave name) to ask her master to be on the lookout for the Serendipity should it arrive).  Fredda was being urged by me to cover a tremendous amount of territory in a short period of time and to her credit she did so with little trouble.  And, thus, we made our way to Firestorm.

  • I traveled alone, trying to make time as best I could and considering the strain on Fredda, our sturdy bosk. Traveling alone, fortunately or unfortunately, gives one time to think and I began to wonder about the path I had now chosen.  Not the roads and path to Firestorm, but my life’s path.  I had left the comfort of a “family,” and now belonged to no particular clan or group. I had no.homestone.  Were some thieves intent on taking me there was no one I could count on to rescue or pay ransom for me – other than whatever aid Tanz might muster if she learned of my fate.  What I belonged to in my unknown past did not count.  All that counted was my current understanding of my place in the world.  Unlike me, Tanz still “belonged” to where she had been before, excepting the now disbanded and dispersed TRO.  And, unlike me, Tanz had family and, it seemed, numerous friends of long association.   When with her, of course, my loneliness abated; Without her, the loneliness I felt was amplified beyond clearer expression.

  • I reached the border of Firestorm and then made my way towards the KooFasal camp, bringing the caravan right up to the gate of their rustic encampment. A playful slave, whose name I later learned was “kitten,” met me there and assisted me in entry.  Tanz, it turned out, was already there, and working hard in their infirmary.  Her presence eased my entry to the encampment though I was met — as usual –  with ample doses of suspicion by some.  Nevertheless, I parked the caravan in a discrete corner, and Fredda, tired beyond belief, rested both to take water and to munch on the grass.

  • I, too, was tired beyond belief from the heavy and long traveling. We had covered an unbelievable distance in a short time.  After setting a campfire, introducing myself to a few of the residents and, giving Tanz a strong hug and kiss, I rested.

  • I have mentioned to Tanz the isolation I sometimes feel, but I have yet to speak to her of the words I wrote here of the thoughts I had while traveling alone. I assume she will see them in written form.  I do not hide my journal from her.  Being able to verbalize and to write are too different things.

  • Tanz and I have no formal relationship. She is not my free companion nor my slave.  No rules of property, contract, commerce, or otherwise keep us together.  There is no law that leashes her to me.  No bond that obligates me to her.  This, I note, because I found myself bothered by certain feelings today.

  • When I introduce Tanz I generally either refer to her by name or call her my companion. My conduct towards her, to me, reveal the feelings and the situation of our relationship.  She has at times done the same and has gone so far as to refer to me as her mate.  When she introduces me thus there is a feeling of calm, completeness, and warmth that runs through my being.  But she did not refer to me as such this day.   Whether by jest or otherwise, she introduced me last evening as her “bed warmer.”  She may have meant it as a light joke, but it unsettled me.  I felt belittled, and my blood began to boil.  For a moment, I considered an open display of force.  I am not sure why force was my first thought, though I note she has often mentioned in her past, family and otherwise, and a common thread has been that they take what they want by force. Perhaps that is why I considered such a display right then and there.  But something in me held me back.

  • The event also sharpened the questions I had wrestled with the days and hours on the road alone. What was my purpose in this venture she and I had begun.  She brings her medical skills.  I just stand around as she ministers to her patients.  Have I become nothing more than her attendant in things?  Certainly, that is no proper role for a man, regardless of where I was born.  If all I am is her “bed warmer” she should just get herself a slave and be done with it.

  • I thought back to the meagerness of my known past. I realized I have been like a mirror at times.  What I feel for others has been a reflection of what they feel for me.  My relationship with Eesha was like that.  I burned for her so long as she burned for me.  And, when she had left, and time went by without word of her whereabouts, it became clear that her embers had cooled and mine did likewise.  With brynn, albeit a slave, a reflection of sorts existed as well. Yes, she was a slave, but I wanted her to be happy and knowing that she would not be happy traveling with us, it was better she did not.  Would I have liked her around — certainly.  But not in a state of misery, envy, and melancholy.  And, if being sold to Carrington gave her a chance for happiness, it pleased me.

  • With Tanz, though, things are far more complicated. I want her to want me.  I want to be with her.  But not as some attendant, some mere appendage to her.

  • Yet, in our travels she is the one known. I am not.  I am there in the shadows as she dances in the light.  She is the healer.  I am the caravan driver.  She is the one joyously greeted.  I am the one introduced, sometimes to people I have dimly done forgettable battles with in the past.  I am forever trying to remember names of people who have limited interest in knowing me.  And, I have no hopes of it getting much better because I have lived in few places and the people I knew are scattered.

  • I look upon the words I have written thinking perhaps (and hoping) I have overstated things. There is a danger in overthinking and being too contemplative.  Last night the mischievous slave named “kitten” provided amusement when she ran about in a barrel pretending to be a barrel of wine while we kiddingly “tortured” her.  It was a pleasurable way of spending some time.

  • I guess there is one way I have tried to provide worth to our endeavours. I have offered my bow for defensive purposes to the places we visit.  I am a serviceable archer, but became a taverner in an effort to avoid the violence that overwhelms these lands.  I still abhor unnecessary violence without reason, but necessary violence is something different.  I needed to offer something in return to those who let us rest on their lands.  This morning, my offer meant something – at least to me.  I awoke to the sounds of an attack on the camp.  As I write this, I know not the politics nor the causes for the attack, whether justified or not, but climbed immediately to the ramparts and began firing arrows at the assailants, helping to defend the place and, of course, Tanz from the attack.   We repelled the effort decisively and having the bow in my hands made me feel alive — at least for the moment . . .

  • Eve’s ordeal chapter 3 – Urts
  • Eve shivered in fatigue, her body not only trembling, but shaking as her bloodshot eyes stared downward watching the small deadly animals as they milled about below her. Her feet were looped over the rope leading from the hook holding her wrists and tied off at the ring on the side of the cage. Exhaustion had come and gone by now with only terror and the faint remnants of adrenaline keeping her from passing out, her feet slipping downward and the hungry rodents from attacking her.

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Every part of her body hurt and her eyes swiveled off the urts to gaze at the sleeping form of Jack. A quick look through the window saw the first rays of morning light appearing in their panes. She wished she could lick her lips but the gag prevented from doing so and even though she had screamed into it’s bindings with all her might, it had no effect in waking up that bastard Jack. Her furious mind pondered his words from a few hours ago just before he lay down. Submission? Not likely, she thought with an inward snarl. Even if she had been so inclined, she certainly would not now after his treatment of her.

  • A thin squeal below caught her attention and she saw several of the rather large beasties standing on the others backs trying to get to her and in an involuntary response, her body instantly quaked with internal shudders as her sore throat, sore from screaming all night, again attempted to wake Jack with its muffled wail, to no avail. Inadvertently her eyes drifted to the open collar, Jack had lain on the small table next to the cage. She could not miss it, as it gleamed softly in the glow from the corner fire. Even if she wanted to submit now, there was no way to communicate that to her captor. She shuddered again, praying to the priest kings that Jack would wake soon with the morning light and let her out.

  • Her arms had long ago gone numb. At first burning with an intense fire from her weight being suspended and then blissfully turning into a dull ache after some time. Now, she worried that they might be permanently damaged and cursed Jack with renewed vigor as she marshaled her strength, conserving it against a time when her legs might again drop downward of their own volition.

  • With a will of their own, her eyes traveled once again to the softly gleaming collar and suddenly, its weight around her neck did not seem like such a bad idea. Then she shook herself, cursing against the hair still in her mouth and berated herself for that form of thinking. She would not give in, she would not! The thought was beginning to seem foreign as her body’s exhaustion threatened to overwhelm her. She shuddered again and the tremors refused to stop. Wild terror filled her eyes as she saw her feet starting to slip from the rope and in moments, she knew they would hit the floor. Once again, she wailed inwardly as she knew this was the end. Jack would not wake, probably for some time, and there was no doubt in her mind that her body no longer possessed the strength to lift her legs again.

  • Suddenly, she felt her body jerked sideways and a strong hand, grip her by the wrists as a gleaming shaft of steel flew past her face, to severe the rope tied to the bars. Then a moan burst forth as her body was slammed into the opening of the small cell door set high and weeping she felt the sharp metal bite into her skin as it tore while being dragged through. With eyes almost closed with pain and a mind nearly delusional from her ordeal, through eyes half lidded from exhaustion she saw Jack looking down at her in concern as he cradled her in his arms after pulling her to safety, his long sword having falling into the cage when he dropped it to pull her out.

  • Like staring into a glorious sunrise, she suddenly saw Jack in a new light. Gone were the thoughts she’d had earlier and in their place was intense gratitude for this hero who had saved her from either maiming or death by urt. A large part of her wanted to curl up around him and see to his every need as any slave would. Then shock at the direction of her thoughts, made her shake herself hard and as she own expression turned to one of haughty disdain for the warrior who had captured her. Her own emotions had betrayed her in her moment of despair and she hated herself for it. Once pressed against him tightly, her body turned stiff and she squirmed trying to get out of his arms and as she did, the look of concern disappeared from Jack’s face and its usual cold, hard look of icy superiority resurfaced, that of the typical haughty warrior.

  • But, for a few brief moments, Eve felt she’d won the battle that was raging between them. There was no mistaking that look of concern on his face, and she suspected then, that she might have a tiny bit of power over him. The bastard did care about her and even though he tried not to let it show, in one brief instant, she simply knew. Not that it would do her any good, as she had seen him kill slaves before for striking the free. She knew Jack was considered wealthy as where most experienced red caste of rank and that he had no problem paying recompense to a dead slave’s owner if his temper grew out of control. Suddenly she was falling, as Jack’s strong muscular arms dropped her to the floor as he stood back.

  • “Well Eve, are you ready to submit?” Jack asked, after the scream from her tortured limbs hitting the hard surface of the wooden plank floor, forced it from her lips. Wildly, she shook her head ‘No’, causing an answering nod from Jack. “Oh you will, it’s only a matter of time and we have four bells before we see the magistrate,” he smirked at her as he gripped her by the upper arm and tossed her down before the bed.

  • Another muffled scream erupted from her parched and aching throat as she lay there weeping silently. Her arms were useless, the circulation only now just starting to return, and with it a burning sensation. It would be some time before she had their function back. Her back, hips and thighs also ached from holding her body in an upward curled position and she knew walking would be difficult. Now she lay in a partial fetal position as she felt Jack crouch beside her and moments later, he loosened her gag of hair and pulled it from her mouth.

  • “arlllo,” she gasped. She had tried to tell Jack to let her go, but her throat was too dry and all that emerged was unintelligible sounds. Then her head was being jerked up by the hair and laid over what had to be Jack’s knee as the nippled end of a bota was thrust into her mouth. Greedily, she sucked on the warm but fresh water within and all but passed out at the pleasure something that simple provided her. For long moments she simply savored fluids in her throat, then as the skin pulled away she managed to gasp, “Thank you.”

  • “You see, I’m not such a bad guy after all,” remarked Jack, as he picked her up and laid her on his furs. Laying there in their soft, thick, luxurious warmth, warm from his body that had recently occupied them, she noticed two things. The first was that he was in his nightclothes, just a simple brief under tunic that wrapped around his waist. The second thing she noticed was that his manhood was already half hard, if not more, it’s bulbous head poking out the bottom of the cloth and tenting it upward. She groaned as she stared at his thick member and shuddered seeing just how large it actually was, and in a remote way, wondered how something that huge had managed to fit inside her tiny body. It was then, as she pried her eyes from his cock traveling upward over his bare muscular chest that their eyes finally met and she saw a huge grin on Jack’s face. Inwardly she groaned, knowing what he was thinking and weakly shook her head.

  • “No,” she croaked.

  • “Yes,” he said in reply, and with a deft movement pulled the underclothes from his body. It she had thought it large before, now displayed in its full glory, showed her that it was huge. She gasped and tried to shrink away but her body was too sore and still unresponsive to do more than wiggle slightly. “If it’s one thing I really like, its morning sex. Get used to it Eve, for today you will wear my collar,” he finished, as he crouched over her.

  • “Please, no,” her voice was tiny and weak, as she shook her head back and forth as hard as she could. She could feel his body heat, sense his desire, and shuddered as she felt the length of his cock slide along her inner thigh when he parted her legs. Was he really going to rape her again? She wondered as her breathing increased. The head of manhood was already at the entrance of her womb, pressing inward slightly and causing a groan to erupt from her. She was still sore from the night before, very sore.

  • Her eyes widened, as he didn’t respond, but instead raised his right hand to spit into it then rub it over the head and shaft of his cock. Tears came to her eyes as she steeled herself for the incredible pain she knew would shortly follow that action. Oh how she hated him now. Jack was a dead man as soon as she broke free and got her strength back, she vowed. At the same time, she couldn’t help remembering her relief and gratitude when he’d saved her at the last minute from the urts.  She closed her eyes tightly for what was to come.

  • Eve heard Jack grunt then felt his cock sliding into her pain-wracked body. The pain was not as intense as before, though it was still present. She gasped and her fingers twitched as she lay beneath his great weight, but her arms were still useless and all she could do was lie there as his body pounded into hers, impaling her. She gasped again, her eyes flying open as she felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples and twisting them. He was supporting himself by his elbows, a position he seemed comfortable with and she groaned as his head descended to take her left nipple in his mouth. sucking on it hard.

  • Once again, those incredible sensations erupted in her body and involuntarily she started to move her hips with his, meeting his thrusts as her head rolled backward on the furs. Her body was once again betraying her and responding to this evil man. Silent tears leaked from the corners of her eyes to trickle down her face and she wanted to stop but couldn’t. He was too powerful, too much of a man and she felt herself building towards an orgasm against her own will. She tilted her head upward again and groaned when she saw the grin of delight on his face and knew that he knew she was responding to his ministrations.

  • “That’s it my little cunt, you like that don’t you. I want you to cum for me, he said after releasing her nipple, his teeth flashing white in the dim light. “Now come for me, little Eve,” he ordered as he clamped down on her other nipple.

  • Her body had cried out when he stopped sucking on her tender pink nipple and then we he fastened his mouth and teeth on the right it was too much for her to handle. With a tiny shriek she came, uncontrollably spasming under him as he pounded even harder into her. She did not know if it was the sound of his strong voice or hit teeth tugging on her sensitive nipple or his huge cock filling her tight little pussy, or a combination of all three. However, she came, hard, her head jerking up and down as her body shook in the throes of pleasure. She couldn’t help crying out at the sheer joy of the feeling as her legs instinctively curled around his thighs holding him in place as she continued to convulse against him.

  • Then she felt him jerk over her and inside her tiny cunt she felt his cock spasm and her eyes widened again as a gush of fiery hot cum splashed up inside her tight pussy. The sensation was incredible, especially as his teeth clamped down even harder on her nipple as he groaned mightily above her. Without warning, she was cumming again and wave after wave of sheer pleasure rolled through her body. She flopped like a fish out of water under him as his cock continued to spew its contents into her womb. She could feel his hot seed running down her thighs, a sensation that excited her even further as she gave in fully to her body’s desire for pleasure. She did not know how long the incredible sensations lasted only that when they were over she lay spent under him, her body exhausted.

  • “You’re such a good girl, my little Eve. You take to my cock well. I would say it’s a perfect fit, wouldn’t you?” he asked, his breath warm against her right ear as his lips moved over her cheek and neck. She did not respond. She could not. She was too exhausted, too satiated to move. She simply lay there under him, her body enjoying his pressing her down. A soft smile curled on her lips as she fell into a dreamless slumber.

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