Story of Gor, Lake Ias raided by Golden Talon Mercs

From the Luna caleeng archives



This short story was written on december 2012 and is taken from my old blog, click here.  It was based on a roleplay that happened……..The Golden Talon Mercs were back again ….  GTM is an established merc group, once part of the Teveh Pass sim and now situated in Valkyrie Forest…..

The story:

The past few weeks had seen the Di Jan tribe rebuilding their camp, the savage volcano outburst and earthquakes in nearby Ven had all but destroyed the camp.  Marli stood on a nearby hill, she saw a few Di Jan panthers  busily scurrying about inside the camp, she assumed the rest of the band was out hunting.  In the heart of winter both tribes , the Luna and Di jan had to hunt further afield, sometimes travelling many days from Lake Ias.

Marli leaned on her spear , a cold breeze blowing through her lovely red hair. A thin smile appearing on her face as she thought of hunting a tabuk in kalana woods. Caught in her pondering she was unaware of a group of mercs charging through the shallow ravine, only when she heard the falling rocks did she turn around and yell out loud “Raaaiiidddd!!!”.  Lifting up her spear  she slung it around her shoulder, in a swift flowing  movement she had unsheathed her wooden bow and notched an arrow.  Sending a few well aimed arrows at the leaders of the merc  group.

As they came closer it was clear they were heading directly at the Di jan camp. With three panthers in their camp, Marli decided they could handle the raid, she ran to the safety of her swamps, yet when she turned her head she saw a merc had followed her. She halted near the Luna trade post and shouted “Leave , these are Luna Lands !”. The woman ignored Marli and continued to run towards her.  Marli looked along her arrow and aimed at the womans feet.  She did not stop. Marli grunted and fired several arrows now, she ducked and took cover as the woman shot arrows back.  From the cover of the swamp Marli shot her arrows from relative safety and the woman finally retreated.

Marli checked her wounds and bruises, she limped back towards her camp. Shocked , she discovered a lone Di jan panther had sought shelter near the swamps and now many mercs were buzzing around near her camp. Marli was tense , there was no sign of her sisters , she didn’t want to hail out to them for fear of discovery. Yet, just then when she was halfway near her swamps she heard a male voice “Get her!”.  Marli gasped when she recognized the voice and the face , it was The Meph.  Still weak , Marli tried her best to better the stronger male, in the end it was to much and Marli slumped to the ground when the final arrow from his bow grazed her leg. The red headed panther lay unconscious on the snow , a pool of blood surrounding her.

When Marli awoke she found herself in binds and being dragged towards the docks. She heard the male pay the captain and hands grabbed her body as she was bungled down below deck with another panther, it was too dark , but Marli thought it could have been a Di Jan.  The boat journey took several hours and when Marli awoke she could see the sun rays leaking through the wooden beams of the upper deck.  The captain and the male leashed the two panthers and both were dragged to the docks.  Marli looked around , her eyes adjusting to the bright light , she recognized the lands as those belonging to the Valkyrie Torva .  She grumbled at the rough treatment as she was pushed and shoved. After what seemed an eternity she finally saw a forest clearing and the GTM fortress appearing from the ground. To her it looked like an ugly shard on the landscape. Her male captor took her bow and her spear. Marli blinked as the male was so strong he could simply snap her weapons in two pieces! She cursed the Priest Kings for giving men such superhuman strength…….

The role play:

Sadly most of the role play was not notecarded or not saved, I only managed to salvage a little from my archives.

The Meph slowly got to his feet as he reached down and grabbed her by her arms, lifting her up onto his shoulder as he carried her off deeper into the cave looking for the cross that was inside it, then shoves her mightily, slamming into the wooden cross. Before she has time to fully recover her senses from the blow, he uses the dagger at his belt to slice thru her wrist bindings,he then holds both of her hands up above her head and positions them within the steel cufflets of the cross, clasping them shut and then locking them. With her wrists secured he moved down and cuts through the coarse ropes about her feet. After slicing the ropes away there, he puts her ankles within the confines of the cross’s lower shackles, locking them shut about her ankles, securing her to the cross as he smirked as his emotionless face eyed her up “you wanna act like a forest slut, then lets play..” he spoke with his tone dark and demonic

Marli feeling herself being thrown against the cross let out a shortened howl and lowered her head.  She curled her tongue as if ready to launch a  blow dart as a gutteral sound could be heard within her throat. She lifted her head then, spitting at The Meph. Her almond orbs narrowed angrily. She shook her arms and kicked with her legs, attempting to feel the stiffness of the cufflets. Her eyes closed, as she let out a loud scream. It pierced  through his cave, rattling her own mind and nerves

The Meph his hand raised and whiped the spit from his face gathering the liquid on a finger as he sucks it from it, smirking as he turns on the ball of his heel and moves off into the cave speaking loudly “still taste the same my girl…” as he vanishes into the darkness only to come back once again carrying a rod in his hand the one end red hot as his face was now emotionless and his eyes emptied as he pushed the end of the rod into the bare skin of the upper right leg of marlies, holding it down as he lets the smell of burnt flesh fill the cave losing go as he knew it was enough to leave his mark “you shoul be honored to have my mark my girl…”

Marli eyes widen as she throws her head back in fear. She screams as her back arches, fighting the restraints she is captured in. Her body thrashes from side to side as her mind races with theories of escape. The smell of her own skin sickened her, her flesh burning, she could feel the pain radiate over her body. She wanted to scream, but could merely let out sobs through her eye sockets. Tears drained, dropping down her cheek, smearing with the blood and mud that she had spent time on applying to attempt to mask herself within the swamps

The Meph took a step inwards and close to her as he pressed his body against her own rested his head on her shoulder as he sort of cuddled with her, his hand dropped and wrapped his fingers around her skirt and ripped it from her body

Marli  wriggled her legs as she forced them to fight at the restraining cuffs, feeling his hand rip her skirt off. She lifted her hips, swaying them back and forth. Her eyebrow raising curiously as to what he thought he was doing. She made another gutteral sound, spitting at his chest. “Easy now, male beast!!!” she cautioned

Later that day she escaped and returned to Lake Ias:

Marli  had caught a fish and she brought it to her camp deep within the swamps. Her eyes examined the raw fish before scewering it and setting it over the camp fire. She watched after it closely.  Blowing it off she anxiously devoured the meat. She hissed lowly, burning her tongue slightly on the hot fish. Her eyes lifted to her surroundings, feeling so alone now. After examining her brand, she took to her hut, grabbing some salve and a loose bandage. She cleansed the wound with some spit, then applying some salve over top of it. Her heart dropped as the pain surfaced again. Clenching the sides of her leg, she lowered her head, letting out a cry. Her head lifted with a soft hiss, as she knew what needed to be done. She applied the bandage over the brand, covering it for now. Her eyes looked around the swamps. The loneliness of an empty camp sinking in. She retired to her hut, her frame exhausted,  curling into a small ball, weeping, until she fell into a deep sleep



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