About Panthers getting the Stabilization Serum

The SDS tribe was getting old and wrinkled


First a little background:

The Stabilization Serum was created by the physicians of Gor to combat aging. Goreans had a great and real fear of aging calling it the “Withering and drying disease” When you consider some of the effects of aging it can be understood. There was one instance in the books where a man was given the serum and instead of having the effect it should it caused him to rapidly age and become a gibbering fool. True this could be due to suddenly finding himself turned from a strong healthy young man into a weak and effectively dying man. It could also be to do with things like senile dementia. Goreans are proud people they would have rather died than be seen as a gibbering drooling idiot.

Point worth looking at here is  how did the panthers get hold of it? They lived mostly in isolation yet they too must have known of it and had it given to them. Taking that most panthers are runaway slaves and Free women trying to escape from decisions they don’t like.
“Slave girls who escape masters or some free women, who will not accept the matches arranged by their parents, or reject the culture of Gor, occasionally flee to these forests and live together in bands, building shelters, hunting their food, and hating men;”
-Assassin of Gor , 19:293-294

It can I think be taken they would know of the serum and most would have had it administered to them already. How they would have obtained it if it was needed? Say for instance they noticed aging in one of their tribe or a barbarian earth girl wandered in to a camp before reaching a city and a collar. Would they have feared aging as much? I think they would, it would have been a part of the social conditioning they would not have thought to fight and something they would even consider their right to have.

The only way they could obtain it though would be to steal it. Or to put it in a nice way borrow some from a nearby City or village.

The Story by Sarellen:

One day the En or leader of the Panther Tribe, the SDS, or Sa di Sani, noticed with sad heart that the Tribe was getting old and wrinkled. No longer were they beautiful and strong. She called a meeting of the council and they talked. One talked of the Stabilization Serum that city people took to make them strong and lovely and handsome. “We need this magic also” the En cried and all agreed. They chose the cleverest thief of the tribe and she was sent in blue dress and blue cape to the city on the great river to the North. When she got to the gates she told the guards she had a message from the great Ubar of the city of Ar for the council here to avoid attack. She was admitted among much muttering and fear. They would be silent about this, with promise of a return and rewards after seeing the large breasts of the Scribe messenger. Zar Ping hid in an alley until dark and finally found the building with the signs of the healers. Inside she quickly found the cabinet with vials marked Stabilization Serum, ‘use by this date’. She could read the city words and why chosen also. She took the entire supply and also the sticking tools. She left over the wall with a rope she found. Back at camp, they all lined up for the shots, even the slaves, and the one Thrall. Each of four days they took the painful shots in the lower back over the left hip. After a moon turning they were all beautiful with glowing eyes, strong bodies, and shining skin. They celebrated for many days, and even allowed a group of guards to live after taking their supply of arrows and food from the convoy. They did keep one lovely young male for breeding stock to keep the Tribe strong.
The council pondered this magic and decided that the rumors were true; there were good things to be found in the hated cities filled with vile men, but for now they were the strong, beautiful Sa di Sani, and would be this way for many time passages.

The follow up discussion in POG:

GYRE : isnt that kinda self explanatory..no one is born a panther?
Lina : heh
Kelv Beck: i’ve seen it in some roleplays – Greens (and many seem to leave the Cities with that Caste and keep Their skills and knowledge), making the serum a trade item and one of greater difficulty than say a few men for arrowheads, etc.
GYRE : yes but… that would not be the case for most panthers. they were FW who left society..most likely after the age of 25 which is when serums are given..and or run away slaves who would have already been given the serums..so the majority of panthers would have gotten them through normal means…not many panthers..or people who rp being under the age of 25
Lina : ^
GYRE : if they were a barbarian who ended up in the forests perhaps more likely
Kelv Beck: well, good to think about.  thanks!
GYRE : now taluna are a tribe… and related..so they as a social structure would be more in need or acquiring serums perhaps… panthers are not related and bands…banding together for strength
Lina : unless they were a military or athletic type on Earth, it’s unlikely they’d be seen as anything other than an easy cap to be sold by panther bands – and those aren’t the sorts of women who were targeted by the voyages of acquisition
Kelv Beck: nods – i think there are ways to bring the framework into good RP though.   yes, i think of taluna as a tribe and panthers as bands – and certainly not trusting other panthers, bands, or any outsiders!
Lina : same would apply to any teenage girls who ran away
GYRE : exactly
Lina : I find it very unlikely that any panther girl wouldn’t have had the shots before she became a panther girl
GYRE : i think most panthers would already have had serums
Kelv Beck: in the case of a barbarian, it might make the greatest possibility… but how far could a typical earth dweller get escaping?  They’d have to be found, accepted/taken-in (or win their way in) to a band to be a full Huntress without the series?
GYRE: the likelyhood is very slim…. i am just saying..they would need serums..where most panthers..already got them and dont need to find a blackmarket means to acquire
Kelv Beck: much more likely to be recaptured.  But the ones that can push the “usual” are the more interesting characters 😉   So a Panther that does need the serum and makes pursuit of it a RP can be a good storyline.  Just wouldn’t expect to see this often/everyone
Lina: Captive of Gor deals with an earth girl who is captured by panther girls.  She is treated as a slave and her attempt to join the band is mocked.
Kelv Beck: i don’t need to tell this group how sluts/slaves are seen as lowly 😉
Kelv Beck: (i’d think very few barbarians would be outside the cities in the first place, let alone be able to become a full Huntress or En or Se, etc.
GYRE : tangent…..
Kelv Beck: guess we need the distinction between “in a band” and “captive of a band”.  LOL
Kelv Beck: so… woudl Panthers see to any captives needing the serum?  Here too i’d think “possible, but rare” RP.    Few would really keep captive long (male or female), right?
Lina : they kept captives until they grew bored of them – I’d imagine you’d grow tired of somebody you didn’t see as an equal sooner rather than later, no?
GYRE : sell them..im not feeding more mouths.. is my stance
Kelv Beck: yes – and most captives were worth only their trade (after any use, or bored with them).  so that’s why i’d think even the greens in a Panther tribe might not care too much about administering serum (or giving any hard earned resources) on a captive.
Kelv Beck: right- and if kept caged, the captive basically brings nothing in but only consumes as long as they are there.  (i at least fish and hunt grebuk, etc. to bring in more than it takes to feed/keep me)
Kelv Beck: however, as i said i’ve seen a good RP storyline that (i think) fits in well with Huntresses aquiring and dispensing the serum.  Just would be less believable if common.
Lina : Maybe aquiring it for 1 panther girl who had somehow never had it.  I still say it would be extremely rare that a woman who wasn’t a fully grown Gorean woman and would therefore normally have had the serum, to be able to become a panther girl.
Tara : either way this should be a fun time in a year or two when this chracter is going to be looking for the serum
Kelv Beck: there ya go!   make it a good storyline!
Lina : and obtaining it would be a difficult and risky process.  If you want an RP about the trade off between growing old or risking capture and slavery, then yeah, it would work.  If it’s a “10 panther girls show up at a city gate and say tal” sort of RP then not so much.
Kelv Beck: laughs – oh, but that would be a quick RP… and not so good for the foolish panthers!
Kelv Beck: indeed, it has to involve much subterfuge and dealing/trading
Tara : oh, i’ll try my best! i’l drag as many of you into it as possible, how’s that? i don’t like the quickies as much as something i can stretch out over weeks of rp if not months
Kelv Beck: Tara – it can be done.   And sounds like You want to get out of it all that You are willing to put into it.  Good luck!
Tara : well, i’ll either get it or be enslaved…i have little interest in growing old as i’m already doing that in rl…
Lina : I am amused by the title “The SDS tribe was getting old and wrinkled” though
Merryn Michigan: Brig is not an accurate representation of the entire band !
Lina : snorts

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Sarellen/POG


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