Story of Gor, The circumcision of a slave

The physician will now perform the next steps in your transformation.


My last morning in the city slave pens; I’m brought to the head slaver. I was standing naked in front of the slavers desk as he viewed my changes from when I had been first collared and brought to this new world I now call home – Gor.

My head still had its fine blonde hair that had continued to grow now down to the middle of my back. I had lost weight except for my breasts that were large before my collaring but now were way out of proportion with the rest of my frame as a DD cup with a significant sag. My waist had shrunk to only 21 inches that then flared to 38 inch hips.

The muscles in my legs had atrophied because of the long time spent in constrained healing on the rack but the exercise to get me to walk again was beginning to add some curves in my calf and thighs. I also had to now wear  high heels because my feet dropped and the tendons shortened as I lay on my back without movement. I was more satisfied with my figure now than  back on Earth with a slim waist and legs that showed well in heels, the only negative was the sagging of my breasts. But the stretching was aggravated at night in my cell by my sucking and chewing my nipples as the only pleasure spot I had left after the circumcision, but I could never reach a full orgasm with just the nipple stimulation.

The head slaver interrupted my thoughts as he said, “I see that you have already begun to adapt to your new body with a beautiful brand. Your transformation is as your new owner has wished it”

Still naked I was led to a cart and strapped in the rear. I was made very uncomfortable by first having to sit on what looked like a large butt plug bolted to the bench and stuck up my back hole. It was the first time something large and solid had been through that hole since twice a day on the rack and daily after that I had been given a very cleansing enema. Then a spreader bar was attached just below my knees keeping them well stretched and showing off my new brand. My arms were tied to each side of the cart as if I was being crucified. I hoped this would be a short ride.

An ehn later we stopped and I was slowly released with my hands first tied behind my back palm to palm. The last part was being forcefully pulled off the plug as my legs and arms had no feeling or strength after the restrained ride. A guard held me up on each side, holding my arms as if I had an ability to run away. We stood in an enclosed courtyard in front of a beautiful cyclical tower. A young naked eunuch boy, showing only a long scar where his cock and balls used to be, approached the head slaver, knelt , and spoke to him. We followed the eunuch into the cylinder and arrived in a large study with a  high beamed ceiling, a large fireplace filled the wall opposite the door, mahogany shelves on one wall were filled with not books but trophy plaques and large clear ornate bottles, and a picture of the tower on the other. In the center of the room was a large chair with its back toward the door on a raised circular platform.  Around this platform were various devices that looked like they should be in a torture chamber not a nice study. As we approached the platform began to rotate and stopped facing us with a beautiful young woman sitting in the chair holding a control device.

“Welcome to my home.” she said in perfect English with a slight British accent, “I am Celine Morre originally from Earth and your new Owner.”

Celine continues, “Look around and you will see the many trophies I have collected in the few short years I have been on this planet. It is here that I discovered and nurtured the obsession I hold with the sexual parts of both men and women and began to seriously collect them as you see. On this wall are the genitals of the men I have either known or purchased and had castrated or penectomized as I watched. The shelves are almost completely filled with over 100 pairs of testicles and 50 cocks. The other side wall you can see my collection of clits, labia and nipples taken from my female slaves….. But let us get back to you.”

I was then taken by my guards to a nearby X frame and my feet spread and attached before my hands were untied and pulled up to the top corners and clamped into leather cuffs. The slaver then came to stand in front of me and slowly ran his hands from my cheeks over my breasts to my new brand “I will miss having you around the slave pens,” he said, “but you will still be available to me here.”

I could not believe my ears, I threw what little strength I had left into a violent tug against my wrist and ankle restraints but I was so weak that they didn’t even creak. I screamed, “I’m from Earth ! You can’t do this to me!  I don’t belong on this fucked up planet!”

“But you do,” the slaver grinned, “Into the ownership of Mistress Celine. She will now take over your transformation.” With that he turned toward Celine, gave her a courteous bow and left with the guards.

“You have had a demanding time so we will shortly give you some food and put you to sleep, but first I will explain what will happen tomorrow so you may dream about it tonight,” said Mistress Celine. She called in one of the slaves named Mieko and had her stand on the platform in front of me. Mieko came to the tower as the companion of a Pani minister who brought her along, he told her, to give her a chance to see the world. In truth he had made a deal to trade his companion for a greater share of wealth.

She came to learn of her new situation just as you are doing now. You are now a modified pleasure slave of the tower. You will be available to my guests, both male and female, for their total entertainment in every way and for every possible thrill that they want to experience. You will be marked as property of the tower with a brand in three different places in case one of them is removed by a guest in a session; we hope at least one will remain. As you see on Mieko she has our mark of a crescent over a wave on her right breast, pubic mound, and left ass cheek. You will receive the same. You will be ringed as she is in your nipples, tongue, and septum the difference will be that since you no longer have your clit or labia we will place rings in your wrists, and behind your Achilles tendons.”

With this introduction to my new life I was taken to a cell deep in the basement. A bowl of stew and a mug of water were on the floor and the guard pointed to a covered bucket in the corner and said toilet. I was unable to eat or drink and curled up on the cot to contemplate what would happen in the morning.

I didn’t think I could sleep, but in the morning the guard shook me and said time to go. Naked, I was placed in shackles, I was taken to a brightly lit courtyard with a large platform and a contraption in the center with many arms that all rotated as needed to match the body being held. The other slaves were in the yard or looking down from windows. This was a mandatory show for all. I was slowly walked up to and placed before this massive restraining device. My arms were uncuffed and secured straight out from my shoulders and a belt cinched around my waist. In this position marks were placed all over me from my nose to my ankles. As the contraption was rotated my weight changed different placements, they were redrawn many times and checked for symmetry and depth. Once perfectly marked, every part of me was tied to some bar that was adjusted to fit my size. Finally my feet were unshackled; my knees bent to bring my feet up behind me and tied into place. Mistress Celine and another man arrived just as the last bonds were tightly placed on my legs. She said, “The physician will now perform the next steps in your transformation as my property. He will start at your head and move around so that no one area becomes numb because of too much work at one time.”

A large tray and brassier full of hot coals was brought up next to me. A eunuch boy stood next to the brassier working the bellows keeping the irons hot. The physician picked up a dermal punch and took my right ear. The placement was not on the lobe but the cartilage. I heard a crunch; a slight pain compared to what had already been done to me in the slave pens, and saw a ring handed to the physician. It was a light but strong material now hanging from my right ear. The same was done to my left. I was suddenly inverted with my feet now at the proper working height. The same punch was used to put even larger rings into my ankles behind my Achilles tendons. The rings would drag on the ground as I walked. Rotated again, my hands now in position, a different tool looking like a C-clamp with a sharp pin held in the threaded tightening part was placed at my wrist. Placement was up the arm between the two bones in the forearm as close to the wrist as possible. The physician pinched hard to find the best place even with the marks as a guide. Satisfied, he started to turn the handle on the clamp driving the half cm spike through the marks. The pain was extreme and I shouted for him to stop. With the pin in place a large flat disk was welded to one side and the other received a ring. I could now be chained by my ears, arms and feet with no chance breaking away. Moved to face the physician, a smaller punch was held before my eyes. The physician grabbed my nose and pulled up on the side as far as he could.

He placed the punch inside my nose against my septum and placed a piece of wood on the other side. A quick twist and push and a loud crunch I began to tear as if onions were stuffed into my eyes. I could barely see the ring being placed in the hole made by the punch. It fell on my upper lip and sticking my tongue straight out I hit the inside bottom of the ring. This would make eating difficult and sucking a cock takes special practice. I was instructed to open my mouth and my tongue was grabbed in a set of forceps. The same punch for my nose was pushed up through the tongue and a barbell screwed in place. I was raised up slightly and the doctor put my right nipple in the forceps. With a scalpel he made a hole and inserted a ring. The same was done to my left nipple. I was now ringed in my ears, nose, nipples, wrists, and ankles. But the worst was yet to come.

I was given a bitter  tasting drink. It was to keep me conscious but more out of it for the next brandings. I was rotated again, my ass would be first. The physician took the wave brand first showed it to me as it glowed white from the fire but darkened to red then black as he waited for just the right temperature for the hold. He moved behind me and I felt the heat then a pain spread from my right cheek through my whole lower body as I screamed. He counted slowly then removed that iron and took up the crescent. Again holding it so I could watch the color change then moved behind. Heat then pain, I will never be able to sit again. I didn’t even notice the movement to upright the physician standing in front of me listing to my heart. “She is strong, a very good acquisition, we will receive much pleasure from her,” said the physician. He turned and picked a new wave brand again showing me the color change, but where this time? It was the upper s lope of my left breast that felt the increasing heat as I actually watched the iron approach my skin. Then contact and the smoke in my nose and eyes, I could not comprehend that this was actually me, the drugs from the drink had kicked in.

A short time had passed and I saw the next crescent approach and touch again. I would be able to look down and see these marks forever, but I was not done. My new brand would be the last to be changed, a new scar on a recent pubic scar. I was raised and rotated a little so the doctor could stand between my knees. A wave iron came toward my crotch, the heat, then the strike, pain, smoke, odor and screaming. Just one more, the crescent came into view, slowly the physician wanted to make this one last longer. Again he placed it perfectly above the wave centered just above the opening that had no more labia or clitoris.  I was given another drink, this one was sweet, and I passed out.

© Inspired by fanfiction by travis 2016




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