Story of Gor, Them Bones, Them Bones of Red hair

I need The Dreamer!

Dem Bones: Skulls and Bones in Magic & Ritual…


Dear readers,

In GE there is no reason to assume that in Gor bones would not have some magical significance, also  I consider it plausible that panther women that do not assume to have sex, and do not use contraception can become pregnant. SL Goreans forget that panthers may not have a ready supply of slave wine or sip root.

The En and panther healer caring for their bandmates to take contraception?

Well Ok…..The idea that a panther girl would be having sex with captive men and risking pregnancy seems to be completely at odds with our desire to remain “free”.

But what in the case of unwanted pregnacy?

I refer to an En of a band I was member in… said En landed in a collar in her own tribe… Because she got raped by a male….The baby was later sold to slavery without her having a chance to hold it.

Anyway, it got me thinking about tying this in with a role play rape incident.


Fabi didnt care about anything that girl said, he would be disgusted by the hairy and dirty kind of cunt he saw between her legs. still he would pull down his skirt a little to be able to take out his cock, including some huge balls. “you gonna carry my seed and carry a soldier inside of you, that soldier will raise and never know his father, you will have a really awkward conversation with him, trying to explain that you were raped by a stranger. just tell your son” he would ram his cock into the red haired’s vagina, cumming instantly”, standing up, laughing and walking slowly away, on his way he would pick up chocolates leash.

The Role play idea storyline:

Gabriella Silverpath hunts for a mushroom-like herb near the wetlands of Siba which Red hair hopes can abort her unwanted pregnancy. When she brews a tea from it and drinks it, Red hair screams in pain and collapses. Gabriella Silverpath rushes Red hair to a healer in the nearby village of Gimli. But when the woman removes Red hair’s clothing to examine her, Red hair’s belly begins to undulate wildly. Then a hole appears, and a dead baby’s skull pops through the opening. Red hair screams…and awakes screaming. It was a dream, but Red hair insists that the vision was a warning that the abortion could kill her. “I need The Dreamer ,” she tells Gabriella Silverpath “..No one in our tribe must find out about this.”

The Dreamer is the shamaness  who lives near the sacred stones in the northern Forest some pasangs beyond Odin’s port.

After a long journey, Red hair arrives with Gabriella Silverpath to greet The Dreamer, who had a vision telling her to expect them. In a ritual, the shamaness discovers that the vision of the dead baby is the warning of an evil spirit.

Gabriella Silverpath begins the ritual necessary to cross over into the spirit realm, killing a deer so she can use its hide to make clothing and anoint herself with blood. The Dreamer recites ancient spells, Red hair mingles Gabriella Silverpath’s  blood with the deer’s and her own blood with theirs.

The Dreamer then gives Gabriella Silverpath a ceremonial dagger, so Gabriella Silverpath can kill the evil spirit in the spiritual plane, if she cannot find a way to return. “Don’t let go of the dagger,” advises The Dreamer in an urgent tone.

She drinks the mixture and begins to hallucinate.

The evil spirit then speaks through Gabriella Silverpath and warns her that a burial ritual to trap an evil soul in its bones has never been successful, The Dreamer hears this and insists that it is the only way to stop the evil spirit killing Red hair.

Red hair and the shamaness head out to retrieve human bones from the burial grounds of Odin’s village in the middle of the night. They dig up the grave of Roland and with a sleen knife remove a yellowed finger bone from his hand, they move onto a grave of a young virgin and remove a white finger bone, finally they unearth the burial mound of an old hag and remove her blackened finger bone.

They return with the three phalange bones, Red hair drinks the blood potion and enters the spirit world holding the three small bones in the palm of her hand. Once there, she tells the evil spirit that she will offer her baby’s soul in return for her own life.  Red hair shows the three bones to the evil spirit , it screams in anger, tearing the baby’s soul from Red hair’s ribcage.

In the real world The Dreamer feels the baby move, it’s heartbeat stops then both Red hair and Gabriella Silverpath let out a blood curdling scream. Red hair’s belly begins to undulate wildly. The baby’s bones crack and crumble and moments later Red hair and Gabriella Silverpath awaken from their deep trance.

Dem Human Bones…

There is no reason to assume that in Gor bones would not have some magical significance.

A Bleached white bone for the innocent,

A Burned blackened bone for the corrupted,

A Yellowed bone for the tainted.

Red hair to this day keeps the three finger bones. Human bones are used in magic and ritual as a vessel to house the spirit of the dead and enable them to ground better in this realm so a shaman can better communicate with them. The spirits of the dead are not servitors to be bound and ordered around. Instead they are allies to help and guide the shaman. They can travel places beyond this realm and be your eyes and ears.

Human bones can also be used in necromancy. Necromancy is a form of divination working with the spirits of the dead. A shaman summons them and presents them with questions about the past, present, or future. It is believed the dead are not bound by time and are excellent oracles and advisers.

Dem Animal Bones…

Animal bones can be incorporated into ritual jewelry for direct contact and easier communion with the spirits the bones belong to. Many animals are “shamanic” in nature enabling the shaman to whom they are familiar to adopt their ability to travel between worlds.  Animal bones, hides, and feathers have yet another important use in magic —healing. Another method of using animal parts for healing includes making a healing salve or potion with bones, hairs, skin, or feathers to rub on your skin or take internally for healing. If you are making a salve, include herbs and/or fungi associated with that animal as well as bits of your own hair or nail clippings in the recipe.

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