Story of Gor, Puma of Gor – Part One

I screamed as I poped the claws from my fingers and sliced threw the bars


It is said many of my people are part of the great spirits. The Wolf, and Puma, the spirits of my people. When I was born I was told about all these things as a child of the Native Americans.  But what was part of this is true many of my people are part of these Spirits.  For I found out from my grandfather I had been marked as one of Puma’s children. I did not fully understand what he ment till I got older.

On the night of my sixteenth birthday I was awakened. On that night I found out what the meaning of a child of Puma was. I could not belive it the tales were true for there I stood with my Grandfather and Mother. We all three were standing as in the form of the Puma but on two feet and tall and powerful but my mind was sharp and my senses were crisp. I could see as a Puma, smell as a Puma, and run like one. I was stronger, bigger and I could see my claws and run my tongue along my teeth and the sharp pointed teeth.

I could still talk and over the next two years learned all about the clan and what we were there on Earth to do. It was amazing at night and even during the day, I would go and hunt, and run, and jump, and fight. I grew very quick and fast, my reflexes grew super sharp. Even now during the day I can sometimes if I try hard enough I can see like a Puma and pop my claws but ohhh it hurts.

Well now I should best tell you of who I am name wise and so on. My name is Dawn Littleclaw. I was born near Santa Fe New Mexico. My mother as you can guess is a child of Puma but my father is a white man with red hair, a very loveing father with some temper, I guess thats where I get my red hair. He knows all about the race and understands keeping it secret from the outside world.

As many would say it was normal around the reservation for us childern to just run around and have fun. I found out in my age group of teenagers I was the only child of Puma born. But there were three boys that were born Children of Wolf. So we four became very close always protecting each other. They of course even in there wolfen form’s were bigger than me. But for some reason I was faster and quicker. And had bigger claws which made them keep calling me littleclaw.

On our eighteenth Birthday its was set we four were to go out alone and hunt and return with meat for the tribe, But my grandfather warned me to be extra carefull he saw a bad omen the night befor and something would happen to me. I promised I would be fine and would return for I did know the woods even better than my wolf brothers.

So we all set off for the big hunt. I remember looking up at the moon and it was white as was a good omen. But later on that night as I had moved close to a group of deer I looked up and the moon was blood red to my eyes and it spooked me. I was down wind and moveing up on the deer quietly of course I had already changed in to the Pumaca which I called the form of the cat.  As I moved threw the brush in the woods I could hear a strang humming sound from the west. I keep a ear on it but focused on the hunt and the deer’s.

That was my mistake for as I moved to pounce the deer a blinding blue light hit the area and it shock the ground. I remember flying into a set of trees and hitting them. I guess I blacked out which would put me back in the human form. I awoke later finding myself in a cage of metal in a wagon with a collar on my neck nude. I did not move so I could smell and sence what was around me. I senced four males that seem to have not bathed in a month. I slowly looked around the cage there were four other girls in the cage.

One girl who was in what looked like a riped to pieces dress was in the corner her hair was black, and she had a collar on her neck. She looked at me * seems your awake * she said. I stured and set up looking at her. *what… whats going on, where am I * I asked. She looked at me and again talked * your on the way to the City of Laura. You like the rest of us are to be sold for we are slaves.* I was shocked for I had no clue what was going on or what this Laura place was.

I looked around and the other three girls were curled up into another corner all nude, the three in the corner were dirty, I could tell they had been beaten and I saw a brand on the girls thighs. I checked myself seeing no marks on my body.

As the group keep moveng I could see other wagons merging with this group and more men. All of them keep comeing around the cage looking at all of us and saying things about buying us and wanting to know how hot they were. All of this was very strange to me but as we went on the one in the rags explained to me what was going on. We were on a world called Gor and those females who show emotions of sexualtiy or passion are slaves. The men of the world of Gor controled everything and made to rules. Only the ones called Priest kings were the real power on the world and all worshiped them.

That night I was shocked as I looked up and saw not one but three moon’s, I could feel the urge to escape but figured to wait for a good chance. That chance would come sooner than later as the night went on the men keep going around the cage talking about how bad they would rape us. I watched as those slave owned moved around all of them were very sexy and threw themselves at the men. But as I watched one keep eyeing me. I guess it was do to I had dark skin and red hair.

The male came over saying his names was Lorth of Ar, and that he was going to buy me as his own and have me trained as a red silk pleasure slave. Which I told him I had no clue what he was talking about but I would never be a slave for anyone. As he smiled I heard a loud howl in the distance and it shoulded like my wolf brothers. My heart raced as I thought they were comeing for me. The men quickly grabed there weapons which were swords and bow’s and arrows. Again this backwords world was strange to me.

The men set up a defence it seemed. I could smell the howling creatures and knew it was not my Wolf brothers but something else and I felt this was going to be bad. I moved to a area near a back corner of the cage. As a sniffed and could sence them. Do to only moon light showing I focused and hightened my sences as I had been tought back on my seventeenth year. I knew there were six of these things. I yelled out to Lorth telling him that they were flanking the men, and that only two were comeing head on. Lorth looked at me and screamed * Shut up Girl or I will gag you *. and with that they hit camp.

They moved quick and fast and massive in size biggern than my wolf brothers. They were six total using what looked like massive axe’s but they were covered in black fur and the teeth and claw’s looked like my wolf borther’s. The girls in the cage all screemed and cryed calling these things Kurii. The men were out flanked and the four Kurii plowed into them as Lorth fought on two were comeing towards him from behind, I knew if I did not act eveyone here would be killed.

I screamed as I poped the claws from my fingers and sliced threw the bars. The girls in the cage totally freaked out when they saw me do this. It also caught the attention of the two behind Lorth and Lorth himself. As I stood there looking at the carnage of what these things were doing I felt something never in my life. The blood rage would building and with three full moons out I felt stronger as infront of them all I changed in the pumaca form.

As that moment eveyone who was alive were looking at me human and kurii. Again I yelled but this time it was a roar a powerful one.  As I charged the kurii I fould myself three times faster. It seemed as if these kurii were in slow motion as I attacked. The first one swang his massive axe and I easly dodged it, I swung around and pounced on his back like a cat does to a deer and bit down on his back neck. I still remember the bones breaking and it falling dead as I riped the bone part off of the body. My sences were super adapted and I could sence there actions as they all now moved in on me.

I focused on the biggest one for it looked like he was calling the shots. I quickly charged him as I fought alittle with the others but in so doing the others had turn there backs on the remaining men who snaped out of there shock and attacked them from behind killing the four others just as I reached the big one. He droped the axe and hit me head on which I was not expecting. His claw hit my jaw and oh did it hurt I felt the blood in the mouth from his claw. But I remembered what my wolf brothers had tought me and rolled bringing up my big powerful hind legs hitting this kurii in the stomach area sending him into a cart.

He rose up I could sence he was hurt from the blow and he roared at me. I had rolled up and was back up on a defensive stance. The kurii saw the rest dead and decided it was wise to pull out. He ran quickly into the woods. I thought about going after him but for now sence I had no clue what this world was or anything to stay put. So I turned back and looked at Lorth and slowly walked towards him and the remaining three men who were alive but hurt. As I got close I returned to the human form and looked at Lorth. *Do you still want to try and own me as a pleasure slave * I said to him with a smirk. He did not say a word for about five minutes then said. * What are you girl you are not of Gor. * his eyes looking me over as did the other three men.

I felt my face and knew I was still bleeding but knew it would heel befor day break. I looked around and took a cloak from one of the dead men as the men stayed on a defensive stance with there swords drawn. I sat down by the fire and looked at them. My voice has returned to its soft tone. * If I wanted to kill you all I would not have helped you in the first place* I said as I tried to calm the men. Of course the slave girls were all crying and freaking out still but oh well.

Lorth came over slowly and again said * What are you girl *. I looked up to him and said * My name is littleclaw, I am from Earth a child of Puma the sister of the Wolf.* I wraped myself up in the cloak as I was cold sence I was nude after all. Lorth was very slow to move towards me. He seemed like a small child scared but wanting to know more. So I decided to tell him all about what I was. * Fine I was born on Earth my people were native to the land we grew up on the land. Some of us were chosen at birth by the great sprits of the Puma and Wolf to be guardians of the land. I was chosen by Puma in my generation and three of my kin who were males were chosen by Wolf. We grew up all as brothers and sister. We were tought all about the spirits and nature and what was to be expected of us. On the night of the grand hunt when we became adults on our eighteenth year I ended up some how in that cage of yours. So now I’m stuck here with what seems no way back home.

I thought those things were my three wolf brothers but they are not there something differnet. I have never seen them befor. So if you wandering why I helped you. Its easy better to help the evil you know than the evil you dont know. So for now your stuck with me. Personal this collar sucks.* as I finished talking I smiled and took a drink of some water.

Lorth looked at me very closely and decided to stake clam on me which did upset me but I really had no choice. The men checked what was left of camp and the four slaves in the cage. But to my surpise Lorth came to me and droped a key in my lap. He said * girl you saved our lives and doing so you are free but perhaps its best you stay with us for now we will say you are my neice and were hurt by the kurii which we will take to laura with us to back up the story. There is a woodland healer up the way that can look at your face and should have some clothing that free women wear.* I was surprised by this sence I had no clue what a free women was.

The rest of the night we were on the move the men keep looking at me sence my eyes were like cats at night so I could see in the dark. I keep informing them what was around us as we traveled. I did not sence the Kurii at all. We came into a small valley where a single hut was it was small and plane like something a traper would make back in the 1870’s. As we came closer one of the men who I found out later was named Ageno yelled out. * healer we have wounded * he cryed. As I watched with my hand holding a cloth over my jaw area to my face. I saw a female come out all in green with black hair.

She looked towards us and replyed * Tal sirs, what is the problum you have* she asked. Then she saw me with the cloth coverd in blood and the dead kurii on one cart and quickly came to me and helped me down and into the cabin. She was a older lady I thought in her mid forthys but was not sure. She asked me * tell me what happened girl *. I told her a tail fo the monster hitting me in the jaw area and knocking me down to the ground. Of course I left out all the other details. She took the cloth off my face and was kinda in shock for I knew it was almost healed. She quickly put some stange herbs on it and bandaged my face.

The healer looked at the men and asked who I was. Lorth replyed that I was his neice and had jumped into a claw hit destend for him and that her clothing had been soaked in blood so they gave me the cloak to give rid of the bloody clothing so not to be tracked by it. She smiled and decided to go along with it. She gave me some clothing and I went into another room and put the clothing on. I felt like one of those ladies from the 1870 with all these stuff on but I guess I had to wear it to not have eyes on me. I returned and they were all looking me over. I knew they thought I looked better nude than like this just by the way they eye’d each other.

We stayed there for about two days till I was fully healed and sat off for Laura. But something bothered me about all this. The healer was very polite and peaceful but living all alone deep in the woods with that monster running around felt out of place. Like it was a set up but again I was new to this world and did not understand how those of this world looked at healers of all types. On the way in Lorth told me to stay very close to him as we went into the city of Laura. He explained it was a ruff city  of trade and on the edge of the northern woods. Ageno also told me to not show a lot of emotions or get to excited but to just stay very quiet and shy like.

As we came into the clearning the next day I could finally see in the distance the city of Laura, again to me it looked like something out of the early 1800’s like a town on the edge of civilization. Which it was to this world and I could smell a lot of things in the city not all good. We approached the city and outside you could see what looked like a old west market set up where people from all over were selling stuff out of the back of the wagons. Sence I had no money I just looked from side to side as I pasted by but staying very close to Lorth.

The other men who had the slave cart went on towards where Lorth told me was the slave trade area. I kinda got worried and even stayed closer to Lorth and befor. He softly laught saying it was strange to see me like this compared to the other night when I fought the monsters. I signed alittle and pulled myself together as we walked into the main gate of the city where the city guards were at. They looked like something out of a Conan the Barbarian movie all in black armor with swords on there hip and long spears. One with a ornate helmet stoped us. *Tal Lorth my old friend how did your trip to ko ro ba go….. * he stoped talking as he saw me kinda shyly staying behind Lorth. * Oh and who is this free women with red hair behind you my friend.* he asked Lorth. Lorth looked and laughed at him and said * She is a distanct neice of mine her parents named her littleclaw for she as a child scratched anyone who touched her. *.  The comander just smirked and still welcomed me to the city.

We then went threw the city which as I said reminded me out of some euro 1800s city. But I could not belive what I saw in the females ither dressed like me and walking around looking like snobs. Or they were dressed like some kind of belly dancers in silks and with collars on being draged around on chains by men. To me it was all strange and very uneasy. As we keep on walking a alarm sounded and I saw the slave girls and free women run for the houses as the men went to the walls with bow’s and other weapons. I turned and looked and saw all those that were in the carts out front were hurrying inside befor the great gates closed.

I looked to Lorth and Ageno. They both told me to go to that house and stay there it had what looked like the medical standared used on earth but was alittle different. But I did not argue and ran and went inside. There I fould several dressed in green and all were running around like getting ready for wounded. I just stood there for a moment watching them. One of the ladies in green said to me * What are you doing here women and why are you just standing there*. I replyed * Lorth told me to run into here and stay till he came for me saying it was not safe*.  The lady looked and me for a second then pointed to the stairs. * Go up stairs and stay there if you hear me call you come and help us. But do not leave there till someone comes for you.*  I nodded and went up stairs and looked out the window. I could see what looked like a army comeing towards the gate sence this building was up alittle on a small hill.

As I watched I could see five very large birds like what my people would call thunderbirds massive wings huge where men were rideing them and attacking with them. To me this was not good as some of the buildings started to burn, from where the ones on the birds had droped stuff on them. The battle was going badly it looked like. But I could not tell who was attacking do to I could not fully see over the walls, my sences were going off but as the wounded came into the building the blood stench started to mess them up.

The battle keep going for a good day it seemed. But it started to quiet down as night came. I could hear the moans and such below and slowly went down to see what was going on. I almost threw up seeing the carnage of the men all badly hurt. The physicians were working hard on them. But I knew by looking at some it would not be enough to save them. I just watched from the steps as the door opened and Lorth came in with Ageno over one shoulder helping him inside. Ageno had several arrows in him and it looked very bad. Lorth set him down on a chair as he had to wait to get helped. Lorth came to me and told me to follow him. I did as told sence actually I as scared as well. He took me to what looked like a old building and we went inside.

Lorth looked at me and said I had to get out of the city for he was not sure if help would come in time. For it was a army form the city of Ar seemed they wanted revenge over soemthing that happened while they were away from the city. He then raised a celler door in this small building and walked me down into it. Behind a wine rack was a wall that he pushed and it swang open to show a tunnel. He told me it would take me out into the woods north of the city. He told me to run and dont look back. I was not sure what to do but knew argueing with him was of no use. But I did ask for a back pack.

He looked at me and asked why. I told him * its night with three moons I can move faster if im not human. But I want the pack to keep my cloths in so I wont be nude running around.*  He smirked and gave me his that has some food in it and a small knife. Then he kissed me on the forhead and told me to run. I looked back as I entered into the tunnel but all I saw was him closeing the wall. I ran down the tunnel as fast as I could till I got to a small cave opening and I could see outside. I sniffed and let my eyes go to there cat state and could tell no one was around. So I quickly stirped off my clothing and shoe’s and packed them up and then went to the pumaca form and threw the pack over my back.  I then headed up north deep into the woods to figure out what I should do now.

For the rest of the night I ran north using my sences to make sure I was not tracked. I found a small pond with a waterfall running into it. I moved close and could tell there looked like something behind the waterfall. To my surpise it was a cave and went in pretty deep so I figurd it would be a good place to spend the night. So I went in and spent the night.

©Izumi Vought/Gazette of Gor


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