Story of Gor, Invaders of Gor – Part three

My companion is in trouble and…He has gone crazy.

The story so far:

Eechius is Ubar (†), a man of immeasurable wealth and intellect, but a man for whom the serum (†) has failed. Though he’s younger than many people around him (possibly even his companion Hereena), he looks much older. Currently, he’s dealing with the realization that he is dying of “wasting disease” (†) and only his dearest friend Chenbar has a very unconventional solution. Chenbar is the chief physician of Ko-ro-ba and has experimented in the arts of cloning a body without a brain –- a new vessel for Eechius to live on for another thousand or more lifetimes. As Eechius is prepared for the operation Chenbar reflects to himself his own dark past. A murderous past he had shared with none except with his companion –Jessica. One whom he felt had betrayed him, for her an even more gruesome fate awaited. Chenbar had cruelly transplanted her brain into that of a female monkey. Jessica does not know Chenbar has preserved her empty human body–she fears she will go insane trapped inside her ‘new’ body.

My name is Jessica and my Companion Chenbar, is an old man, how old even he cannot remember since his brain was transplanted into the youthful body he has worn for almost half a lifetime,  of which half of that I have been his companon, but of that time I knew and embraced him-as a woman. He was a tender and complete lover, he was… Not about me!

My companion is in trouble with the Priest Kings (†) and…

He has gone crazy. I don’t know how to help him as I am locked in the body of a female Jit (†) for something stupid I did back when I was young and uneducated in LIFE regardless of all the scientific knowledge dear Chenbar had showered upon me.

What I did as his companion was abominable, and under the laws of Gor he should have killed or enslaved me with full sanction in our society, but he did not. Instead of death or slavery my brilliant companion transplanted my brain into the body of the most genetically known cousins of humanoids, a Jit  —and my own realization– I could never regain my human form without him.

And …

I came to understand. His love for me was so great he could not take his justice for my flout upon our vows, yet he could not allow me to continue that path…

And, I came to love him even more. For I truly love Chenbar, the man who found me near the Southern Gates, he had affection, and had to be seduced by me when I was of the age to have the guile of women. Oh! Those first moments were amazing!

How his heart soared!

And all those other realities:

Chenbar had been evil in his last lifetimes  before the new body. His evil was immense in arcane experiments which his extraordinary brain could conceive. He, alone—knew the secrets of brain transplants. A life time upon life time  of experiments with human-to-human, human-to-animal, animal half-to-human half, and an under the table business of procuring vibrant, healthy bodies for aged or diseased clients made his first wealth. A wealth that near undid him in his later lifetimes. Not the wealth, but the aging of his own body, as the serum was rejected by his body, a decay of the mental process, a diminishing…

Then came Vadro, a young and wealthy trader from Besnit, one my companion thought he might use to his purposes. He then induced that man to transfer his brain into an even more  perfect body. A body Chenbar had specifically selected for himself, a strong, incredibly masculine youth with fine proportions which he, via his retainers, captured, sedated, removed his brain, secured the body in potions of his devising in suspension, then destroyed that brain.

He murdered the man whose body he wore.

I weep.

He educated me, gave me every benefit of his lifetimes of knowledge, showered upon me his best wishes and solid science. And I came to love him. I did-I do!-love him. I took him as companion. Glorious!

What is it with happiness? Why cannot we be happy with happiness?

I changed. I did wrong. I went where he had been before with such disaster, thinking I could do better… but I could not, though I thought I had. My artificial life and cloning experiments were so much better than Chenbars’! The first from the vat was so handsome, so… thrilling! So…

My constructed lover did not live long. Chenbar is not called the Master Mind for no reason. He broke the most intricate locks to my laboratory. Slew my artificial lover. Dragged me to the bowels of the Tower of Learning. And even with all his rage he wept…

When I awoke I was a female Jit.

I—don’t know what to do.

I am–a mute and my paws are useless.

I fear losing my mind–eventually.

(†) The High Council names a Ubar, usually the Ubar will be one of the Caste of Warriors. Or, one can presume to name himself Ubar and hope the people will accept him. (†) Several varieties of monkeys live in the Gorean rainforest such as the Guernon monkeys , tarsiers and the jit monkeys.(†) Disease is almost unknown on Gor except for a very few horrible diseases such as Dar-kosis. Dar-kosis is a virulent, wasting disease and is similar in many ways to leprosy.(†) The effect of the Serums is an eventual, gradual transformation of certain genetic structures, resulting in indefinite cell replacement without pattern deterioration. It affects all people differently and on some rare occasions doesn’t work. (†) The “Laws of the Priest-Kings” seem intended to discourage humans from inquiring into certain forms of knowledge, for example, those leading to technologies by means of which, eventually, after a cascade of steps, a planet might be rendered unlivable,  the Priest Kings are highly advanced insectoid beings who rule the planet.

©Lunacaleengpanthers/Adaption from a fanfiction by David Bruce Bozarth


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