Story of Gor, Invaders of Gor – Part two

How to make those with significant wealth more perfect?

The story so far:

Eechius is Ubar (†), a man of immeasurable wealth and intellect, but a man for whom the serum (†) has failed. Though he’s younger than many people around him (possibly even his companion Hereena), he looks much older. Currently, he’s dealing with the realization that he is dying of “wasting disease” (†) and only his dearest friend Chenbar has a very unconventional solution. Chenbar is the chief physician of Ko-ro-ba and has experimented in the arts of cloning a body without a brain –- a new vessel for Eechius to live on for another thousand or more lifetimes. As Eechius is prepared for the operation Chenbar reflects to himself his own dark past. A murderous past he had shared with none except with his companion –Jessica. One whom he felt had betrayed him, for her an even more gruesome fate awaited.

I have an intellect that creates difficulty–for myself and others. In my youth I shunned humanity with the sole exception of learning every arcane science or medical knowledge known on Gor. Such obsession can be expensive. As a matter of expedient necessity I turned new gained wisdom to the procurement of funds performing complicated medical procedures: re-attachment of limbs lost by combat or accident, replacement of weak or defective hearts for the very rich–much frowned upon by fellow chief physicians.

Our world is a harsh environment and most Goreans believe only the strong, not the defective, should survive. Still, if the patient could afford my services I cheerfully made the weak better. After a time it became more profitable to make the already healthy more perfect, for such is vanity that the majority always wish to be superior to the majority. Because of this vain desire verging on obsession and the expenses in my quest to create immortal  life beyond that of the serum had become even more monstrous, I became a monster, too.

How to make those with significant wealth more perfect? Procure a healthy body more handsome or beautiful and put their brain inside–and charge the annual budget of a medium-sized city. The surgery itself is not simple, in fact it is so complicated that I killed more than three hundred healthy animals and some fifty healthy human slaves and criminals before there was partial success. Over time hundreds of experimental surgeries were performed in secret with varying degrees of success until I eventually perfected a method which guaranteed satisfactory results. I can no longer remember how many lifetimes had passed by that time, but again I was financially broke and in need of funds. For two lifetimes I performed thousands of surgeries of the ordinary sort, and usually one or two secret “special surgeries” for only the very wealthiest. One of the brain transplants intended was one which would gave me a new body–regrettably I was as vain as any other.

All now know the story of Eechius,  mighty Ubar of Ko-ro-ba. He arrived at Imperial Ar for a trade mission about the time I transplanted the brain of a young free woman named Hereena. The young woman’s brain was placed into an old hag’s body, the old hags brain removed and destroyed, it is a sad tale I will not repeat–even now it brings a flush of remorse to me.

My agenda of immortality by surgery occupied my aging, fevered brain. I shared some details of my experiments with Eechius and introduced him to the old hag. Her mind heavily drugged so she was unaware of her body or surroundings. I was not aware of young Eechius’s silent pain regarding the young woman’s brain in the worn out body.

I fully understood the consequences of failing to achieve my goal: transferring my brain into the most perfect male body I had located. Whose mind once occupied this exquisite shell I had not cared, having destroyed the brain and storing the body in a form of suspended animation until I might one day train someone trustworthy in the procedure.

Eechius pleaded with me and I  eventually restored the mind of Hereena  to her own body. He companioned  her and quickly rose to an even greater position of power in Gor.

Impressed by my science, he invited me to join him. I moved to Ko-ro-ba  and taught advanced medicine at the Tower of Learning. Eager minds were cultivated in hopes they would go and make the lives of Goreans everywhere better, with the exception of the knowledge of brain transplants, because–who could I trust?

When I found my companion to be it all changed. I found her one morning, covered  in muck outside the Southern Gate. Orphaned or abandoned, I named her, raised her, gave her the best of my knowledge and experience. I doted on her medical achievements and was surprised when she came to me with expressions of love quite different than those of a ward. We companioned. Her lessons continued, her knowledge increased, and eventually she was able to carry out the procedure.

My brain was placed in the body I had maintained for so long. New vigor coursed through my veins, the senility which I had experienced unaware began to evaporate, and life became immediately more complicated.

Because–her base ambitions led to betrayal of our vows–she had cheated me! even worse she threatened to share the dark secret of my new body with Eechius.

I could have killed or enslaved her, I could not. I still loved her, but even as a slave she could no longer be trusted, be silenced, thus I transplanted her brain into the body of a female Jit (†).  Without speech she could not betray me. Without human hands she could not write.  I kept her empty shell of a body. Without me she could never regain her human form–and would not regain it until I felt it was time she had recognized the error of her ways.

(†) The High Council names a Ubar, usually the Ubar will be one of the Caste of Warriors. Or, one can presume to name himself Ubar and hope the people will accept him.(†) Several varieties of monkeys live in the Gorean rainforest such as the Guernon monkeys , tarsiers and the jit monkeys.(†) Disease is almost unknown on Gor except for a very few horrible diseases such as Dar-kosis. Dar-kosis is a virulent, wasting disease and is similar in many ways to leprosy.(†) The effect of the Serums is an eventual, gradual transformation of certain genetic structures, resulting in indefinite cell replacement without pattern deterioration. It affects all people differently and on some rare occasions doesn’t work. (†) The “Laws of the Priest-Kings” seem intended to discourage humans from inquiring into certain forms of knowledge, for example, those leading to technologies by means of which, eventually, after a cascade of steps, a planet might be rendered unlivable,  the Priest Kings are highly advanced insectoid beings who rule the planet.

©Lunacaleengpanthers/Adaption from a fanfiction by David Bruce Bozarth


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