Story of Gor, The Punishment of Eve

“Sir, five lashes? Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

The story so far

Eve was a thief. A good thief as her ears were not yet notched, or her neck supporting the weight of a collar. She was also arguably the most beautiful thief in Gimli. However, her luck runs out, she is caught, it was Sean, a guardsman and one known for his thorough use of the village slave girls to the point where many were unfit for service after his not so tender ministrations. She quickly finds herself with a gleaming collar around her neck and freedom lost.

Chapter 7: Punishment

“Slave, get down here!” The loud, strong voice of her master rang out and as she looked to the veteran before her, she saw he was already nodding and making a shooing gesture. She bobbed her head in gratitude to the older man and quickly left the small room, scampering down the steps like a little girl. She wondered why Sean needed her so urgently and was excited to be included in what was happening. Anything was better than staring at the back of a chair for Ahn.

As she made her way down the steps she shuffled into the courtyard and stared. Before her were the four guards she had served paga too and surrounding them were at least a score of others, all looking on with frowns. Nobody was paying her any attention but least she be beaten again she quickly went to her master and knelt behind him. As the free were all talking, she said nothing, simply waiting on a command from her Master.

“Sir, five lashes? Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” One man was saying and from his badge, Eve saw he was a Lieutenant in the guard.

“No, and their lucky I’m not giving them twenty. They know the rules and violated them. The rules are simple and enforced as are the punishments for violations. No drinking Paga while on duty. Mead is fine, everyone knows that, but Paga dulls the senses and slows the reflexes. Each fortnight they’re paid good silver to obey the laws, defend the village and stand true to the code of the warrior. Now surrender your weapons you lot!” Declared their commander as he rested his hand on the hilt of his own sword. Instinctively Eve shifted further to his left, but was stopped with his hand reached back and gripped her head in a lightening quick movement she didn’t even see. “Stay still, mine!” he hissed as he watched the four he had addressed.

With obvious reluctance, the four disarmed, handing their weapons to nearby guards and then at Sean’s command, they removed their tunics. Two others led each to the nearby whipping posts, their hands tied above their heads to the attached ropes, facing forward with their backs to the assembled men, and Eve. Idly she noticed several other female slaves present, including both Hush and Dahlia and tilted her head slightly towards them, giving both a very brief smile, which was returned.

“You men know why you are being punished, do you not!” Sean’s strong voice rang out in the crowded courtyard and instantly a hush descended on the assembled masses.

“Yes Sir!” the cry was echoed by all four as their shoulders and chests heaved with the strength of their combined shout.

“Do you have anything to say for your actions!” Again, Sean barked the question at the four and waited for their response.

“No Sir!” came the answering reply.

“Brace yourselves men!” shouted Sean as he took the whip from the Lieutenant and lining up on the first, he flicked the whip twice then lashed out. Eve cringed as she saw a blazing red line of blood and split skin appear on the back of the first, who grunted then simply clenched his fists and held on tightly. Eve watched blood drip from the diagonal line from the man’s upper right shoulder to his lower left hip, then cringed again as another lash struck, crossing the first.

Ten Ehn later, it was over. Not a single one of the four had uttered a word of either anger or anguish, though a few had grunted in pain. These were tough men, Eve realized, as she gained a new appreciation for the toughness of the guard. She prayed they did not hold her responsible for their punishment and kept her face averted from them as they were cut loose and handed their weapons and tunics.

“Do you have anything to say, men?” asked Sean as they approached him.

“Yes, Sir. We made mistakes and it won’t happen again,” replied what appeared to be their spokesman. He then shifted sideways and stared directly at Eve, who instantly hid behind her master’s leg. “Nor do we hold your girl responsible for our actions or the telling of them. She acted, as a slave should. Served, perhaps not with fire, but acceptable and as she is forbidden to lie, there is no logical reason to hold her accountable for our punishment. You did well girl and are welcome to serve us again, only next time, bring us mead.” A merry laugh rang out from the four at his words and Eve peeked shyly around her master’s thigh to look at them in wonder, a tiny smile upon her face. That these strong, callused men could shrug off a whipping like that was amazing and even now, as she looked, she could see droplets of blood falling to the sand behind each. Her master did indeed have a heavy hand on the whip and she knew these men would bear scars for the rest of their lives.

“Yes Masters,” she breathed, but loud enough that they could hear her.

“Alright men, you are dismissed. Go to the infirmary and get those wounds tended. If you get sick, I’ll hold that against you also,” declared Sean as he clapped each man on the shoulder before they trudged off. He then turned to the others assembled and called out. “Alright, back to your duties, men. As always, keep an eye on the forests and always keep two scouts out at all four compass points. Remember to report in every hour, because if you don’t the alarm will be sounded.” With that he beckoned to Eve and led her off, heading towards his quarters.

On their way and near their rooms, her master stopped at an inn close by and ordered food to be delivered to his room. Drink he had, both a large barrel of mead and a much smaller one of paga. Fresh water could be had at the corner of the barracks housing. Eve’s mouth watered as her master listed off his requirements. A double helping of roast Tarsk stuffed with sul and peppers, and then covered in gravy. A full loaf of yellow bread and a separate plate of  sliced larma, tospit and cheeses. Eve’s stomach was already cramping at the delicious smells coming from inside the inn, for she had not eaten all day, except for a couple bites of bread the guards had granted her. As they made to leave the establishment, the innkeeper called out.

“And for your girl, Sir?”

“Ahh, good that you reminded me. A bowl of slave gruel but mix in some honey, a few dates and filleted Parsit,” called out her Master to an answering nod from the other. Slave gruel, she fumed. The stuff was nasty but might not be too bad with the honey and additions. She smiled to herself thinking that she must have impressed Sean as he let her have more than the standard fare for a slave.

Twenty Ahn later while in his quarters there came a knock at the door and as Sean opened it, a sturdy Kajirus entered, dressed in a plain yet wellkept tunic, bearing a huge tin covered tray, this he laid on the small table. The tin was meant to keep the heat and and worked remarkably well, Eve knew from experience. He set it down on the table then bowed to her master before leaving. The aroma emanating from the food was driving her crazy and even from her kneeling position she was practically hopping up and down in anticipation. Anticipation of even the gruel she was being allowed, but right now, she would take what she could get. Her body needed it desperately and Eve knew she was very close to passing out due to hunger and exhaustion.

When he left, Sean pulled up two chairs and placed them on either side of the table. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the two keys for her manacles, and unfastened them. During all this time, he’d not uttered a single word and she was suddenly scared he was mad at her and that she wouldn’t be allowed to eat before being punished. The weight off her ankles was real and a relief, a major relief as she continued to kneel and watch him out of the corner of her eye. He then grabbed a long leash securely attached to a ring in a nearby wall and fastened it to her collar before gesturing and finally speaking.

“Sit, mine. I would talk with you as we eat, but understand that normally you would sit near me on the floor consuming your meal.” That he would allow her to sit at the same table as himself was a wonder. She never would have suspected it, or even questioned having to eat on the floor, which thankfully was clean.

“Yes, my Master,” she whispered as she took as seat across from him. The table was low and came to her lower ribcage and she noticed that Sean needed to dip his knees for them to fit under its edge as he also sat then removed the lid to the tray, setting it on the ground beside him. A gush of saliva filled her mouth at the sight of all the wondrous food and she could barely contain herself from grabbing the obvious bowl of slave gruel, but she waited when she noticed her Master was watching her closely.

“I know you’re hungry, you did well today serving the men on duty. You did well in observing the slave protocols of greeting and respect. You made me proud with your behavior. Even my men could not fault your actions.  You did as a slave should.” He said as he speared into his Tarsk, cutting off a large chunk of the meat stuffed with sul and peppers. Stuffed Tarsk is prepared in a special way. First it is slit along the top and an inner slit cut sideways into an hort thick slab of the meat, basically creating two large pockets with which to stuff ingredients. It is then marinated, usually in mead, but sometimes spiced water for a day before being stuffed with the vegetables and slow cooked. This way it is very tender and the juices from the sul and peppers seep through into the meat, making a delicious meal. In some cities, it is considered the fair of Ubar’s as the meat is succulent and juicy from the slow roasting process that mandates frequent basting.

Now I’m going to teach you what I prefer to drink. Over by the barrels, one marked as mead  and the other Paga, you will find tankards above them. Take two down and fill both three quarters of the way. Above the barrels is a small tin on the shelf beside the tankards. Take it down. Inside this tin are spices already mixed. Take out a small pinch. Perhaps a sixteenth of a hort in width between your thumb and forefinger and mix it into the mead with the wooden tool beside the tin. once you’ve done that, fill that tankard full then stir the contents again. Do you have all that mine?” he asked in a neutral voice as he continued to watch her closely.

“Yes, my Master.” She replied as she rose to do his bidding although her stomach was growling so loudly she was sure Sean could hear it.

“Wait one last step. Once you’ve mixed it properly, Place the tankard between your breasts and warm it from your heat for three Ehn. Do not forget that part and remember this because you will be called upon to perform this serve frequently for me,” he growled.”Yes, my Master,” she said in a hasty voice and immediately obeyed. Four Ehn later she was placing the tankards near Sean and waited as he sipped from the fullest and nodded in satisfaction.

“Excellent, mine, well done even, you may eat now and the other mead is for you. I know you’re thirsty as well as hungry.”

“Yes, my Master,” she replied and he chuckled as he slid her bowl of gruel towards her. Instantly she dug into its thick contents, savoring the dates and to a lesser extent the parsit fish. She could not help herself but dived in with the fingers of both hands, shoveling the sweetened mixture into her mouth in huge mouthfuls. She paused only to take quick gulps from her mead as she quickly demolished her meal. She then looked at his plate, the second which he was on already having demolished the first almost as fast as she had. Her eyes flickered over his face as he paused in his eating then cut the remainder in half and picking up the large chuck of succulent stuffed Tarsk he dropped it in her bowl.

“Eat, mine.” He commanded as he went back to the remainder quickly finishing it off. In an afterthought he broke off a quarter of the bread and handed it to her, then pushed the half full plate of slice fruit her way. Greedily she dug in again, consuming everything in sight until her belly felt full to bursting. She also couldn’t help herself from crying almost non-stop as she ate. The food was wonderful and better than anything she thought she’d be allowed. Of its own volition her mind thought of her master and how kind he was, even knowing her true place was as a free. Still, she was extraordinarily happy for a person in her position. Her Master was not that bad after all. She just needed to obey and do a good job.

“Now clean the plates and tankards. Return the tray with the cleaned dishes to the inn then come back promptly. Place the cleaned tankards back on the shelf. Don’t’ make me hunt you down, you will regret it.

Thirty Ehn later she was back. She did not even once think about trying to escape. While serving all the guards, she could not help but notice how tightly patrolled the walls were. It would have been hopeless to attempt escape unless in the wee hours of the morning when the men might be sleepy. She would bide her time. and make her attempt then. As she entered his room from the outside, shivering against the cold, she found him stoking the fire to greater brightness as he added wood and stirred the coals.

A soft smile directed towards her lit his lips, a smile she returned as she knelt behind him, once again hands behind her lower back and chest thrust forward. Involuntarily her head leaned forward and she rested it against his broad back. She could not stop herself, as exhaustion overcame her. She was tired, her belly was full and she hurt all over from her head to her toes. She tried to pull back, but her head would not move and within seconds, she found herself starting to fall asleep.

An abrupt movement on her Masters part made her instinctively draw back as he rose, then she felt herself being picked up in his strong arms and carried to his sleeping furs. The inside of the room was warm and the furs cozy and once again, she found herself drifting off. Beside her, she could hear Sean undressing. His weapons and clothing hitting the floor with muffled clunks and the rustle of leather and linen. Then she felt his hands on her as he rolled her over and instinctively her thighs spread apart in both acceptance and a bit of need, as his weight came to rest upon her small frame. Her eyes remained closed, but she felt his fingers stroking her ravaged flesh and she twisted in his arms as her nerves lit and a different hunger shot through her body. His naked flesh felt wonderful against her and then she felt his cock slap against her belly with a heavy thump. Her Master was already hard and she moaned as she widened her hips when he slid downward, his mouth and tongue caressing her breasts and nipples.

Her body could not help itself from automatically lubricating at the thought of his thick cock inside her and she shuddered with pleasure as he pulled her under him and lay between her thighs, the bulbous head of his manhood resting against the slit that was already moistened for him. Eagerly her hands reached for his shoulders as her hips arched upward, in an attempt to impale herself on his mighty shaft. She needed him, needed to feel his manhood once again inside her, filling the tight void between her legs. Now, her eyes opened, and inadvertently they fastened on his, which shone with desire for her, for Eve.

“Do you want me, mine?” he asked in a gentle voice as his cock pressed against the opening of her pussy harder and once again she arced against him trying to force it in, to pleasure her. Yes she needed him, well needed his cock, or at least her body did. Her mind was in turmoil over the entire situation but she found herself responding to his words.

“Yes my Master, girl needs your cock inside her. Take me, my Master,” she gasped as her head rose to kiss him without permission. For a brief second she thought he would strike her again then his own answering kiss met hers and their tongues collided as the fervent heat of passion rolled off both.

He grunted above her, against her mouth, and then she felt his huge snake enter her, sliding inward easily as if it had a mind of its own, stretching her once again as his hips met hers. Pleasure and pain rolled through her body as she rose upward to meet his body with hers at each thrust, forcing his cock ever deeper inside her as her body sang its siren song of desire and need. She did not hold back, she wanted her master to fuck her and fuck her hard. Her body was on its own, doing its own thing and she could not stop it. She felt the waves of pleasure building until they were too much for her.

She could not hold back and with a cry of pleasure she came. Without her masters permission perhaps but she couldn’t help it. Her body felt on fire with desire for this brutal man she now called, my Master. Again and again the waves of ecstasy rolled through her body until she came to a shuddering halt, gasping within his arms.

“Wow, my Master,” she said after she managed to catch her breath. Her pussy was throbbing, pulsating against his shaft and slowly she started moving again, forcing it to slide back and forth inside her hot little canal.

“You are turning into a treasure, my little slave,” he murmured against her lips as he kissed her again, then jerked upright as the village alarm bells rang out in sudden peels of imminent danger.

Chapter 8: Attack

Sean cursed as he heard the alarm bells sounding, yet wasted no time as he pulled his hard cock from Eve and rolled to his feet. The girl was finally responsive to his demands and he didn’t wish to lose the momentum of her training, but city defense came first, always. With a growl, he pulled on his trousers, then his boots in quick succession and after belting on his weapons harness he ran to the door. Eve was close behind him, her expression frantic and worried, he noted in satisfaction. His hand reached out to stop her in her tracks and he barked.

“Stay here mine, and lock the door. You will probably be safe. Or, go down to one of the safe rooms in the lower tunnels. That bell would not ring unless we were being attacked, and anything can happen to you up here.”

“No my master, this girl disagrees. Where my master goes, so do I. Give me a bow, I know how to use one well, or at least a long knife,” the girl gasped out as she wrapped one arm around his leg, holding on tight.

“No mine, I wish you safe, who knows what this battle will bring and slaves are not permitted weapons, unless you’re a fighting slave,” he added hurriedly as he yanked the door open and ran to the stairs leading downward to the courtyard below.

“Then make me a fighting slave, my Master,” she gasped as she kept to his pace, her tiny legs churning madly to keep up. As she left, she grabbed a green bag full of bandages from the shelf near the door. Its contents were obvious as it was open. Eve simply closed the flap and dragged it along, as she would do what she could in the event of battle. She had come to know many of the guards whom had been kind to her. Even her master, as rough as he was, had shown her kindness. Her mind solidified into an intense desire to assist in any way possible during the coming conflict.

Sean, now looked back at her, poised at the top of the stairs and was amazed at her resilience and dedication, he then paused for a moment. “Mine, you have no business here. Go to safety with the others. Find shelter,” the last, said in an agonized voice for he had come to care for her, even in this short time.

“No, my Master, I shall not. You made me a slave and now you’re stuck with me.” Eve grinned as she caught her breath and hung onto his pant leg to steady herself. She was still exhausted but unable to do anything other than what she was currently doing. Helping in the emergency and following her Master.

Sean gave her one brief nod, and then sprinted down the steps as the alarm bell tolled again, Eve following closely in his wake. At the bottom, he turned left towards what was obviously the sound of fighting as the sharp clang of metal striking metal indicated arms clashing against each other. Before him, five men were battling, two of them Gimli guard, and losing, as he saw one of his men suddenly knocked off their feet by a sword slash to the side. The other three were dressed as Turin’s and why they were here, he had no idea but vowed to kill them all as he ran towards them even faster.

Sean was there a moment later and blocked the blow of one enemy combatant while punching a second in the face with his leather and steel gauntlet. His remaining man took advantage of the punched ones distraction to run the Turin through an Ihn later, and then Sean was battling for his life. As he blocked a second sword strike, he saw Eve trying vainly to drag the wounded man from under their feet, but then stopped paying attention to her as he narrowly avoided a thrusting sword strike and being skewered.

Toe to toe, they fought with blades moving faster than the eye could see, until Sean spotted his chance and with a sidewise slash, severed the head from the other’s shoulders. It was only a matter of seconds to finish off the last man, to nodded thanks from his guard and then he was busy helping Eve drag the wounded to the nearby shelter of an open market stall.

“Bandage him as best you can and then yell for a physician, mine. Don’t let him bleed to death if you can help it, as Conrad is a good man,” he said as he patted the grimacing man on the shoulder, then turned away at her nod and ran off with his other guard. He never looked back for he had seen the look of concern in her face, and the speed of her actions as she quickly opened the satchel of bandages and medical supplies. She appeared to know what she was doing, so he left her alone as he and Tyrel, ran together to more, renewed sounds of fighting ahead. Around them, other men of his appeared obviously roused from sleep in their own private quarters and a force, squad in size burst forth into the gatehouse bailiwick.

The fighting became intense then, as each of his picked an opponent and drew swords. Snarling a vicious oath, Sean swung his sword in a sweeping downward arc to behead the armored figure before him then lashed out with his mailed fist to punch the now dead soldier’s companion in the chest knocking him backward to sprawl on the ground. With a lunge forward, he stomped down hard on the prone figures thigh then thrust inward to pierce between the front and back halves of the upper torso plate where they hinged together when the man instinctively rolled sideways. Yanking his sword free from the chest cavity of the shuddering figure below him, he lashed out in a sideways motion to take a third in the face with mailed fist enclosing a heavy sword pommel. The metal of the helm caved inward and Sean could feel the bones of his opponents face crunching beneath his hand.

“To me, men!” he yelled, as he sliced another Turin through the thigh, almost decapitating the limb before blocking a stroke from yet another. It was vicious hand-to-hand combat and they battled to push the enemy outside the gate. They were winning, especially when the arrow arced over his shoulder to take the next enemy in the eye socket. Another arrow swiftly followed the first, taking the man behind him in the throat. Both went down together in a spray of blood as Sean leaped into the position they’d occupied, slamming his shoulder against a third who was attempting entry.

“Again, form on me, men and we shall push the bastards back!” Sean shouted as he leaped over the three bodies to engage the next two figures before him. To either side, his men lined up in rows beside their commander, not quite shoulder to shoulder for you needed room to swing a sword, but close. Interspersed between the sword wielders, men with long heavy spears thrust forward, impaling the enemy even through plate armor. Arrows now arced overhead as archers behind them fired over the defenders and bodies tumbled to the ground as the iron tipped wooden shafts pierced their ranks.

A man screamed in pain to his right, and after knocking aside the sword attempting to spear him in the face, his own sword took the man through the throat and spine. As the soon to be dead attacker collapsed boneless to the ground, Sean turned and was in time to see an attacker pull his sword from the belly of one of his men while shouting with glee. A glee that was short lived and a shout that turned into a scream as Sean’s own sword took the man through the chain mail covering his midsection, the links parting like water through the savagery of his thrust. Lifting him into the air by the strength of his arm slung him forward into more of the enemy, ripping the chain mail wide open as blood spurted in all directions. The body hurtling forward opened a momentary path through the battling lines and Sean instantly ran forward shouting.

“Charge you bastards. Carry the day for Gimli!” behind him the cry was taken up by his men. “Gimli, Gimli.” as more bodies spilled into the breach, a spearhead of Sean’s own forging forward towards the enemies main contingent of leaders hiding safely behind the rear lines of their men.

“Get the gates closed, now!” he screamed in urgency as he swung his blade forward to drive back the enemy while grabbing the edge of the tall hardwood gate door. Sean knew that if they could just get the doors barricaded, they could man the parapet and shoot arrows down on the enemy outside. More arrows flew over his shoulders to take out two more Turin’s and Sean thanked the priest kings for the accuracy of the archer behind him. The man would receive a promotion if he lived through this.

And then, Sean was in trouble. Sometime during the fray, he had picked up one of his men’s round shields and had one opponent blocked while battling another when the thrown knife came out of nowhere. It was impossible to dodge but he could twist his body slightly and the thin blade entered his chest high on the right side. The pain was excruciating, but he ignored it as he made another overhead slash to cave in the helmet of another enemy soldier. He tried to swing the shield around but faltered as pain tore at his body when the knife twisted inside him at his movements. He was too late to stop the next blow, which struck him in the upper thigh, and then he was falling when something hit him in the back of the knees.

Looking upward with a dazed expression, feeling his life’s blood leaking out of him at the points of his two wounds, he saw a naked kajira, standing tall and strong over him, while wielding a sword, much too big for her but still holding the enemy at bay as his men finally closed the gates beside him. His last conscious thought was of her dropping the sword and tearing at his clothes to get at his wounds. It was only then, that he realized it was Eve, and frowned at her disobedience, as his vision grew black.

© Eve/gazette of Gor


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