About Go Gor Dutch Baby!

We’re Gorean and Dutch baby!”

 Dear readers,

An online friend first introduced me to SL Gor many years ago. We quickly whizzed through some beautiful sims. I was awestruck by the vastness of it all. Then we popped into a lovely little northern forest sim called Teveh Pass and headed to a nearby panther camp.

Mysteriously, no one seemed to greet us at Sa Sticazzi, I had become very interested in the panther girl role and felt so disappointed that I had to log off without having met anyone.

For some reason, it wasn’t until I spoke to my friend later that evening that she told me most panther girls were from the States. So I stuck around till late and sure enough the camp began to bustle with life.

But, I confess I’m not a night owl and I became so sleepy that I was on the verge of forgetting about SL Gor altogether and go back to Bloodlines since the online hours suited me better.

I’m not sure what finally made me change my mind about staying online  just a little bit longer, maybe a raid happened or I took part in some awesome role-play.

But when I finally gave in, I was in for a pleasant surprise, it paid off, I finally got to meet some amazing Dutch players, I could make some friends from my own time zone.

My avatars eyes shined, and I typed my emote out loud ”We’re Gorean and Dutch baby!”

Confession: I used to think that American Sci Fi novels were pulp and instant throw away, like fast food Coca-Cola and McDonalds. I mean, nerdy warriors and slave girls? Who would want to read that?! But I heard people raving about it—people I liked—so I figured it couldn’t be all bad. After giving SL Gor a few tries, I was hooked.

I got to meet more and more players from the States, I enjoyed their role play and hoped to learn from them, but my opinion about them definitely made a 180-degree turn somewhere along the line when I noticed how some of them had an arrogant attitude towards European role players (except if they were limeys).

So they influenced other players from the States because they took cues from them. If they disliked translators, the others figured it must also be bad. So they steered clear of people who spoke poor English and would sail them at the earliest opportunity.

Hmm…Thank you for letting me share my rant!  My Dutch speaking friend recently interviewed a foreign player who also had similar experiences,  you can read her story next.

Linguistic discrimination in Gor on Second Life.

By Mariko Marchant

People who do not speak English well are sometimes confronted with the fact that others refuse to roleplay with them or keep the roleplay very brief. Also you can read in profiles some will not roleplay if a translator is used. Loony of the Sa’ Jesuil tribe experienced this and tells about it in the following interview.

Mariko Marchant: Tal Loony welcome to the Gazette Office.

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Thank you.

Mariko Marchant: You told me you have sometimes problems with the language in Gor. What did you mean by that?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea, that people refused other what dont speak english.

Mariko Marchant: They refuses to roleplay with you  because you use a translator?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea or when I use short lines because is hard speak english for me.

[Mariko Marchant: You language is?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Slovakian and not good speak english but I speak is hard for me still.

Mariko Marchant: So if you want to roleplay some end it because of you are not speaking English well. Does that happen often?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir):  For me often keep me short and sail home.

Mariko Marchant: And what about using a translator?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Ii know answer english but i dont understand questions what other speak on me so I use translator.

Mariko Marchant: Why do you not use a translator for your answers?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): W hen people see translator so refused.

Mariko Marchant: Yes I see often in profiles: No translators.

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea I was with people and lot times refused me.

Mariko Marchant: Do you know more people in Gor who has this problem?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Lot peoples what use translator.

Mariko Marchant: Are many having this problem?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea lot people have.

Mariko Marchant: You are Sa’ jesuil right?

đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea.

Mariko Marchant: Do you have problems with language in your tribe too?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir):  In my tribe not,  but out of my land, some outlaws etc.. In my tribe was help me.

Mariko Marchant: Thank you loony for this interview.

( Mariko Marchant: (you there?)  đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): i am here)

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Youre welcome.

( đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): i was search words)

(Mariko Marchant: smiles)

As you can see the English of Loony is not perfect, but it is perfectly understandable. So why not roleplay with people in Gor who don’t speak English well?  Maybe we need some patience but what is wrong with that? Also why are so many people against the use of translators, I ask myself.

I am looking forward to reading your comments on this article.


© Lunacaleengpanthers/Mariko Marchant


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  1. It’s stuff like this that really bothers me about others from the states. I’m from the states and I’ll play with anyone. Bring your translator and broken English, half the time it makes it more fun because I get more time to think during rollplay. It bothers me that some of my fellow Americans make more typos than anyone else and yet they get that elitist attitude…time to grow up

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