Lets discuss, the Panther tribe best friends tag ❤

If your tagged ‘friend’ then your my best friend?

Dear readers, the other day I was minding my own business and travelling through some panther sims updating my list of active panther and taluna tribes.

You know the drill, checking landmarks and other such fun things. Anyway, I had reached halfway down my list and I landed on the trade point of a ‘friendly tribe’ now I know this will raise a few eyebrows with some of you, as by the books players would argue that panthers, even GE ones do NOT have friends outside their tribe………EVER.

Okay folks…..this makes me laugh a bit though, because I know of countless GE panthers who have friends tags even DARE I SAY IT…..multiple panther tribe tags, which we know is the cardinal sin of any panther and punishable by SLOW PAINFUL death, I refer to a MANTRA… ‘thou shall not cross tribe’ …..EVER. (Not that I’ve ever done that… 😉 )

But shock, horror, these things actually do happen and they happen a lot. Why you may ask?  Well, imagine two scenarios, the first is you join a tribe that already has alliances, there could be various reasons for this, maybe they share a sim and have an alliance to avoid inter tribe drama or more likely they use their alliance to ‘help’ each other out. Oh yeah, and under ‘help’ you can list many things such as aiding in raids or trading and so on.  The other scenario is that you make friends on a personal level with some-one in another tribe and are given a friends tag.

So, getting back to my story, there I was on a sim of a ‘friendly tribe’ and I happened to run into their lovely Chieftess who happens to be a good friend of mine ‘out of character’ as well as ‘in character’ and so we chatted a bit on the trade post and eventually she asked me to join her in her camp. As we head towards the gates I jump into her private chat and ask if I should change my tag to ‘friends’ and if I should role-play removing my weapons at the gate in local chat.  She sends back a message in private that it’s cool, no need to change my tag or remove my weapons.

I wasn’t planning on role playing a sorority panther girl who happily walks into another  panther camp and expects to be treated like one of the girls. But yeah, it was perfectly cool and I was announced as friend in camp and hopped on a tree stump near the camp fire and settled in.  So fast forward fifteen minutes and my friend has to go ‘away from keyboard’ and I am checking a few messages when this cub challenges me.

Who are you stranger?  Why are you in our camp? Why aren’t you disarmed?  She then types something about it being in their tribal rules and such.

Exciting, right? 😉

So yeah, I introduce myself, explain why I am in camp and why I have not disarmed. My friend is still set to away so the cub just has to take my word for it.  Now at this point she is joined by another cub and she gives me a whole load of hurt in local chat….friends are lower than cubs….. she was itching to attack me.

She wasn’t completely awful, it just wasn’t good timing for me 😠

And yeah, I get it, I really do, panther girls have an arrogant attitude and they act disrespectful towards outsiders, cuz they only respect themselves.

Now I kept my cool, resisted going into their private chat to give a full explenation of why I was in their camp , instead  role-playing retrieving my friends feather (changing tags) but Oh my goodness!…this was IC ….I wasn’t going to let two cubs order me about or give them the satisfaction of removing my weapons…..so in the end I left.  Note carded the local chat and sent my friend a private message explaining why I left.

Hmm…Thank you for letting me share my rant! I was wondering if ya’ll had similar experiences? What are your thoughts on tribal friends feathers?

© Lunacaleengpanthers



  1. Alliances, tribal friends.. all of that is just ridiculous. I don’t mean that to be mean but panther girls could barely stand each other and if someone was taken.. well so be it. This notion of being able to visit any tribe, wear weapons wherever you want, that alliances need to exist is all based on the notion that everyone needs to hang out by the back fence socializing. SecondLife is a social media forum but Gor is a roleplay area. It is intended to be dangerous so when you walk through the woods you never know what might happen and so you are constantly on the look out. It is not meant that you have friend tags with every band and wander around waving and saying “hi” to everyone. Come on!

  2. I get what your saying, I really do. In an ideal role play world with book based panther tribes the situation you describe would be the case. It’s a fact most Gorean Evolved panther tribes have a friends group, for all sorts of reasons; alliances; sim related; socializing and recruiting. You name it. I know of a tribe that has been flooding the panther girl scene with friends tags for years, you probably know who they are!

    In the case of our sim, we have two tribes who share and pay for it. There should be some be some role play tension between them. But on a lazy sim day, with few in camp, I do not see the harm in ‘back fence socializing’ whether it be in character or out of character.

    Hi Sav,

    i have talked with the council and your sisters are allowed with weapons in camp like it was before.

    So you can come visit us but if you do please shout that you are FM and that you come visit.

    Can you share this with your sisters?

    Hugs Vari

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