Role play of two slave girls gathering soaproot

Greetings rabbit…chuckles…we are making soap

Soaproot is real!  it exists, it likes moist soil, and seems to prefer dirt so wet it’s underwater part of the year. Soaproot, as you might have guessed by the name, has a bulbous root that can be used as soap; it lathers when you mix it with water.

So in my experience as a Panther girl healer on Sl Gor I have met several Gorean Physicians that make their own soaps, lotions and potions as an extension of their practice. Soaps in particular are important not only as fragrant, whimsical and often relaxing bath tools, but for the ability to safely clean and eliminate germs and other microscopic organisms from the skin. The process for making all soap is essentially the same, although more experienced makers may enjoy creating unique combinations of fragrances, sudsy-ness, color, etc. Be warned that soap making is difficult to perfect, but can be well worth the effort. If it interests you, you may find the full article on soap making here.

The role play:

  • adena toes sinking into the mud her feet caked in it up to her ankles, her belly and arms coated in smudges as she pulled the roots from the waters edge and lay them to a bundle in her arms

  • adena hands virella a large bundle of muddy roots

  • adena: ‘hold these’ was all she said before she bent and gathered more yet

  • virella wrinkles her nose as she takes the muddy mess

  • adena grins as she stood and piled more onto virella smudging the girl with mud along with this one ‘if em rolls you in maybe you’ll look like her and  then we can convince Master that adena is in the circle

  • virella laughs warmly squinting down as she looks to her arms coated in mud as it drips down to her legs, she holds the roots close to her

  • adena crouches and digs up several more of the bulbous roots before moving along the ridge of the river.. her feet making sickening sucking sounds as she trudged her way along

  • virella slipping as she catches the roots before they fall to the ground, rubs an arm back through her hair coating it in mud, sighs wrinkling her nose

  • adena hums soflty and grunts as she tugs at the roots .. replanting the ones she didnt need to tug up

  • jessia: greetings sisters… rabbit exploring

  • adena wriggling her way under the bridge partially she wrapped her fingers around the bundles of grasses that spoke of the roots beneath the earth and wriggled them free grunting slightly to pull them form the earth

  • amilia: greetings rabbit…chuckles…we are making soap…looks to her muddy self…now I can see why…laughs

  • jessia grins…rabbit likes soap adena conscious of the nibblers in the water she edged in deeper to sink her hand into the gaping hole in the earth and dig out the soap root that hadnt come with the tall grasses

  • jessia: why the free standing out in the middle of the boskies?

    virella leans over to watch em, nearly topples in, but catches herself as she bumps into her instead…mutters…sorry sis…not sure…maybe they are deciding which we are going to eat…chuckles

  • adena cries out when she falls in the water ‘mind your fee SPLASH

  • jessia: trying to make grass with soap?…: err soap with grass?

  • adena growls and dunks under to retrieve the soap root she’d dropped…coming back up with a veritable feral growl more animal than human she chucked the hunks of root at amilia’s feet before slipping under for more

  • virella peering down, bending farther over, holds the root closer to her as she steps back hearing her sisters growls…now em… it waass annn accident…smiles sweetly

  • virella motions rabbit over… rabbit…here… holding out the root to her, pushes it into her arms

  • adena chomps my teeth loudly before crawling out of the water with the soap root stuffed into veritable crevices it shouldnt be within her silks

  • Amilia: hold this…steps back brushing off her arms…grabs em by the hair, thinking she is helping her out… tugs harder…falls back on her haunches, grunting

  • adena so low her teeth reverberated before she twisted and snapped at the girls hand sunk within her hair

  • amilia: come on for the love of the skies…with one final yank, tosses em from the river…looks to her hands, blinks. gulps, then stuffs ems hair in rabbits hands…smiles

  • adena: right bloody mess you are! *her silks and hair dripping her face contorted in a mix of anger and love for her sissy she visible controlled her temper and growled low as her dark eyes narrowed upon rabbit

  • virella takes the roots back from rabbit, leaving her with a handful of hair…oh my!…rabbit!

  • jessia: blinks

  • adena whips her hair out of rabbits hands with a warning growl that to do that again would lose her fingers

  • virella holds the root close to her chest, tightly…looks to em then rabbit

  • adena mutters something about wanting fresh meat and eyes rabbit again

  • jessia wiggles her fingers.

  • adena chomps her teeth and steps closer with another eerie feral growl

  • jessia: Rabbit can’t help that hair tangle easy in rabbits fingers….eep…takes off running

  • virella watches rabbit fly across the plains…wow she is gone…laughs

    adena arches a brow watching the rabbit flee and mutters something about more fur on rabbits than worth the chase

  • adena growls softly and shakes my head of the excess water though hair still dripped she looked to virella’you know how to make soap

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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