Story of Gor, an Arabic Earth girl abducted to Gor

‘By the Priest Kings!’ he exclaimed, ‘a crescent-shaped maidenhead. It brings good luck to the Owner!’

Her name is Aamira, she was born in Aden the capital of Yemen, a stunning fashion model, she is sixteen years old when she is  selected by the dominions of the Priest Kings to be brought back to Gor as the new plaything for the Ubar of Klima. The story opens as the Earth girl  is introduced to the harem, bathed and elegantly dressed in silks.

On being introduced to the harem I was bathed and elegantly dressed in silks; then I was led to a marble walled room where the head slaver was sitting conversing with his free companion. He was an old man with a countenance indicating a feeble character. The conversation showed the supremacy which was exercised over him by his companion, Brinda, a very fat lady, whose corpulence seemed to be her only charm. After a while the  head slaver began to look at me a great deal, which I could see she noticed.

At last he called me to his side, where I stood with his bare arm around my waist, answering his questions. His arm gradually lowered and I felt his hand under my silk robes. I suppose he thought his companion did not see him, for I was standing very close to his side. The eyes of Brinda, however, were on the alert; they flashed with anger.

The head slaver’s hand explored my thighs, they were smooth as I had not yet been branded and at last his finger entered a place where no man had ever before touched me. It felt its way carefully in and soon met with an obstruction. The pressure upon it, though slight, was very disagreeable to me, but I did not dare to repulse the head slaver.

What I did not dare to do Brinda did. ‘Your Regent,’ said she, ‘has promised to present a virgin to the Ubar of Klima; I think this one will do in default of any better.’ ‘Yes, she is a virgin,’ he said, partly answering her and partly giving vent to his own thoughts. ‘Shall I order the chief eunuch to see to her?’ said Brinda. The head slaver gave a long look at me, then he looked at the black thunder cloud on the brow of Brinda, from beneath which her eyes were flashing.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘you may give the order.’ I supposed the graceful charm which rewarded his obedience was in possession of some state secret which controlled him—or it may have been her temper. The next day I was on the way to Klima, where, after several days’ journey, I was duly presented to Badr-al-din. I would later learn his name meant: He-who-is-virtuous.

The Ubar received his present very graciously. I heard him say a bale of rich goods should be returned to my former Regent. Then he ordered the female slaves to care for me very tenderly. They bathed me and perfumed me and dressed me in the richest silks and jewellery, a delicate diamond crested collar was placed around my neck and then they led me to a sumptuous repast—they could not do too much for me, whom their Ubar delighted to honour.

After supper the Ubar came into the pleasure cylinder apartments. I had learned from the slave girls that Samiya was his favourite slave. She was a beautiful woman, but I found afterwards that she had a cruel and pitiless heart. She did not seem to care for the attentions the Ubar lavished on me. I even thought there was a gleam of satisfaction on her countenance as he led me to a remote part of the harem.

We passed through two or three doors until nothing could be heard of the sounds of music or conversation we had just left. We were now in a rich apartment with an elegant bed. As I was somewhat agitated the Ubar sat on a sofa beside me and began to soothe me. His person was agreeable and I began to enjoy his conversation. I knew what was coming, but I neither desired nor dreaded it much. ‘Now undress yourself,’ he said. I obeyed at once, taking off everything but my panties; in the meantime he had stripped stark naked. It made my heart beat violently as I looked for the first time on a man’s shaft ready for action.

He came and pulled down my panties and let them drop to the floor. I covered my breasts with my hands. He lifted me and laid my back on the bed close to the edge of it and knelt on the floor beside me. Then he spread my thighs wide apart and opened the lips between them and made a critical examination of my virginity. ‘By the Priest Kings!’ he exclaimed, ‘a crescent-shaped maidenhead. It brings good luck to the Owner!’ ‘I am glad it pleases you, my Master,’ said I, timidly.

The Ubar held me in front of him like a baby in his arms, often kissing me, his kisses constantly growing more ardent until I felt his stiff shaft pressing against my person. He suggested that I should move on my back and rest myself on the thick cushions. I obeyed his suggestion, turning with my face towards his, putting my arms around his neck, while my thighs were wide open over the Ubar’s.

The Ubar put his arm around my loins and lifted me a little and then I felt the crest of his naked shaft knocking for entrance between my naked thighs. I was willing to yield to the Ubar  anything that he wished but no sooner had the lips of my sheath been penetrated than I involuntarily clung more tightly around his neck and, sustaining myself in that way, prevented him from entering further.

I found the sensation entirely different, however, from that which I had experienced when the fingers of the head slaver had explored the same entrance. Now the organ seemed adapted to the place and excited a sensation of pleasure. I offered my mouth to the Ubar and returned his ardent kisses with an ardour equally warm.

A desire to secure more of the delightful intruder overcame my dread of the intrusion. I loosened my hold on the Ubar’s neck and my weight drove his shaft so completely home, notwithstanding the tightness of the fit, that his crest rested on my womb. It felt so unexpectedly good that I gave a murmur of delight. The first thrust, good as it was, was completely eclipsed by each succeeding one. I could have murmured with delight still louder, but kept still for very shame.

What would the Ubar think of a girl so wanton? But he was in no condition to think. He was fiercely squeezing and kissing me, he seemed to penetrate me more deeply. The pleasure was too exquisite to be long endured. It culminated in a melting thrill, and my moisture mingled with the sperm that gushed from the Ubar’s crest.

It finally dropped out of me, a little limp thing drowned in the descending moisture. ‘What a conquest for a slender Earth girl to achieve over such a formidable Gorean object,’ I thought. Exhausted, but triumphant, I dropped my head on the Ubar’s shoulder. ‘Poor slave girl,’ said he, ‘how it makes you bleed!’ ‘It was my deepest wish to please you my Master ,’ I whisper.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Herbert George adaption from ‘A night in a Moorish Harem’


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