Story of Gor, The transformation

“Such a pretty face you have…” he sighed. “Too bad it’s going to be bloody and red when I get done with it.”

A short fan-fic story about the barbarity of Gor.

It was morning and the market was already busy with life; Masters and Mistresses buzzing about, looking at slaves. I was one of those slaves, though I wasn’t the  best looking slave. We were naked, and by we, I mean we as in I was lined up with about 10 other slaves, all were girls. On the opposite side were men and boy slaves. A few of them had piercings in their ears,  probably because they tried to run (or do something much more serious) from one of their Owners.

As a punishment, their ears were pierced;forever condemed to a life of slavery.

Mine were clear, for now at least. Next to me was my best friend who I called my sister. For some  really odd reason, every Master or Mistress we’ve had has called her Serice. Serice was only 10 years old, four years younger than me. Most of the women around me were about 18 or 20 years old. The men were about  the same.

I blinked, noticing a man with long black hair standing off to the side. After a while of watching us, the man went up to the head slaver ; after a while of talking the head slaver nodded and the man with black hair turned to the women, then pointed the ones he wanted, one being me, another being Serice.

The head slaver then began to unlock our shackles and we all lined up, then were lead to a large,bosk drawn cart  and were on our knees again once we were inside. It seemed forever before the cart stopped and the door opened, making us all squint since the light was sudden and the inside of the cart was dark.

When  we stepped out, we were in awe of the six-story cylinder building casting a shadow over us.

As we walked in the doors, two guards, one on either side of us, stared down at us, smirking. Their appearance frightened me a bit and I bit my lip, putting my head back down. We were led to a large, somewhat empty room with a large, red, comfortable-looking chair in the middle of it. We were put into a line so we were side by side and then were told to kneel by another guard.

Quietly, a blood red-headed woman stepped out and dropped to her knees when the man with black hair entered the room. He then grabbed four collars off the chair and handed them to the red-headed woman and stood in front of one of the girls.

“Stand and look at me, girl.” he commanded. His voice was smooth and satisfying, but very strict. The female did as she was told and the Master looked her over. He then sifted through the collars and clasped it on her neck, then locked it.

The collar read “Property of Zef Niron” on the back and on the front was “House Slave”.

“Kneel.” he said, then moved to the next girl. “Stand and look at your Master.” he hissed and the girl immediately stood. Again, he grabbed a collar and clasped it around the girl, this one reading “Kitchen Slave”. The same thing repeated for Serice who was a House Slave and then me. I was sickly and poor looking and totally unexpecting of the Master choosing me as his Pleasure Slave.
We were then seperated with slaves that had been in the home for a while for them to teach us our specialties.

“Varra. It is your responsibility to teach the girl everything you know.” He said, sipping a glass of red liquid. The red head nodded and grabbed me by the collar and tugged me out of the room. We walked up to the third

floor and was then put in a room where a male slave was waiting. Varra then pushed me onto the bed.

“Now, girl. At the moment, I am like a Mistress to you. You do what I tell you no matter, no matter what

it is.” She explained and I nodded my head. “Now girl. Show me what you  know about being a pleasure slave on him.” she said, pointing to the male slave who was now standing at her side obediently.

I shook my head and blinked. “This slave only pleasures her Master.” I mumbled, my head down.

Varra glared at me. “I said now, girl. Show me what you know.”

“No! This slave only pleases her Master.” I growled back.

“I said now!” she shouted, spitting in my face.

“No! I will only please my Master!” I growled

Suddenly, the door flew open and banged hard against the wall, Varra and the male  slave immediately dropped to their knees. I, on the other hand, was grabbed my hair, pulled up and got my face slammed against the wall.

“What’s going on here?” he growled loudly, his voice no longer satisfying.

“This  slave only pleases her Master.” I mumbled into the wall, trembling slightly. I suddenly received a hard slap against the side of my head.

“Disobeying, huh?” he hissed and threw me on the floor. “Varra. Take her to the room. If she wants to disobey, I’ll whip it out of her.” he growled, then left. I was immediately pulled up and growled at.

“Nice job, girl.” Varra hissed into my ear. The male slave just watched, a somewhat sad look on his face as he watched me be dragged off. He must have been beaten by the Master before, or at least seen what he does as punishments. Something in the pit of my gut told me this wouldn’t be some little warning.

Once down in the room, I could see and hear the slaves that gathered around to watch. The Master was in the center of the room, a large whip in his hand. Varra threw me on the floor and stepped off to the side by the new slaves who were ordered to watch closely.

A deep and evil chuckle echoed through the large room; it was the Master’s and he was mad. My fragile body trembled hard as I laid there, helplessly.

“Kneel before your Master, you disobedient dog.” he growled, looking down at me.

Slowly, I did what I was told. I got up on my knees, my hands behind my back, my head tilted downward. The Master chuckled again and the handle of a whip was suddenly under my chin, pulling my face up.

“Such a pretty face you have…” he sighed. “Too bad it’s going to be bloody and red when I get done with it.”

My eyes opened and he looked closer, with more passion it seemed.

“Hmm.. pretty eyes you’ve got, too; almost like an ocean.” After a few seconds, he quickly pulled away and pushed me down, then put his foot on  my back.

“This is what will happen to you if you disobey.” he growled, looking towards the new slaves as he pulled his whip up and then back. A loud snap, and scream, was heard as he whipped me. I whimpered softly.

“You will disobey, slave.” he growled, digging his boot into my back.

I whimped more and squirmed. “Girl only obeys and pleasures her Master..” I said, my voice shakey. I was whipped once again.

“Did I tell you you could talk slave?”

“Master, please..” I begged, whimpering. “Girl only obeys and pleasures her Master!”

“I  said SHUT UP!” he yelled, then began to beat me with the whip. I screamed each time, but kept whimpering my statement over and over again.

Serice was watching, horrified. I was like her sister after all, so of course she would take this hard.
Tears were streaming from my eyes as I kept repeating, getting loud.

“Shut up, beast” he screamed into my ear after grabbing me by my hair and pulling me up.

I was sobbing, my face red and my eyes shut, tears leaking from my closed eyes, though.

“I only please..”

I  was suddenly slapped in the face and threw onto the floor once again.

“And you don’t refer to yourself in first person; you aren’t worthy enough.”

His fury of the whip was released once again on my back, the stinging unbareable.

“Please stop! Slave is pregnant!” I gasped and heard a few gasps from the audience.

“Shut up! I don’t give a fuck!” he yelled, whipping harder.

I sobbed loudly but was soon fading in and out of conciousness and then finally passed out from the pain.

“You  see this?” he panted a bit, his voice stern as he stepped off of my lifeless body and to the middle of the room again. “You want this  happening to you?”
The three girls quickly shook their heads, looking downward, Serice still crying silently.

“Good. Don’t disobey my orders again or this will be you. Guards!”

Three guards immediately ran from their posts and stopped in front of Zef.

“Take  the girl to the slave pen for the night. You, girl.” he said, point to Serice. “Get her food and water in a bowl and take it to her, then return to your chores.” he said, then walked to me again.

I was still unconcious when he knelt beside me. “Have fun with the rest of your kind, beast.”  he said, then stood back up and walked quietly out of the room. The  other slaves in the room were quiet from the horrid scene they just saw.

©Lunacaleengpanthers/adaption from Ierrored


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