Lets discuss, Six million years of secondlife evolution have brought us to Super Evolved Gor

Oh. My. God. A new hope?

Dear readers,

I’ll start by saying. The other day I was minding my own business on our sim Whispering Moons and some random person invited me to a group called “Admins & Sim Owners of GE Gor”..okay folks..it’s something that makes me laugh, now admins are being graded into BTB and GE.

Not much later the owner of GM sent out a notice that they were  grading sims….and here is the breaking news! We now have Super Evolved Gor… hashtag hindsight.

Since we are on this subject let me share with you the different types of gor playgrounds around the grid (descriptions taken from yuroki.uriza List of Gorean Sims Notecard).

– Lifestyle/non combat:

The Gor sim does not allow combat or is safe zone or residential.

– BTB: “by the books”:

The Gor sim does not allow “femlaws” (female outlaws, female pirates, female mercs), the sim does not allow free women to carry bows and swords.

– BTB(C): “by the books (compromise)”:

The Gor sim allows female outlaws/mercs, but they can fight only as a free woman (daggers, hair pins only and need to emote it) or must be dressed as men. Examples in the books: Tharna (Tribesman of Gor) or the free women hunting a slave “She carried a short yellow bow, of Ka-la-na wood” (Beasts of Gor)

– GE: “Gor evolved”:

The Gor sim allows/does not forbid female fighters (female fighters are not mentioned in the books of Norman exept panthers/talunas) Other examples for “Gor evolved”: the sim allows panthers, but is not part of the northern forest. Or: the sims allows bonds but it is not part of Torvaldsland. Or: the sim belongs to the Tahari but allows tarns. Or: the sim allows non gorean clothing (for example jeans and chain mail, plate armor for men or women with high heels).

– SEG: “Super Evolved Gor”:

They are lands more orientated towards raids, combat and short capture release games.


I’ll give you a couple of minutes to let this sink in…

So SEG, why exactly? It will drive you absolutely nuts.

Hasn’t GE with it’s orientation on combat and short roleplay already devolved into a gorean game that will suit fans of online shooters and online rpg’s rather than the serious role player? Doesn’t SEG just mean combat and no role play? A quick way to build up stats?

So my thoughts on SEG, I hope it evolves beyond just combat and actually adds something NEW to Gor, I’d personally like to visit a new Gor/Steampunk/Neko hybrid. Just for curiosity sake.

Actually , around 2012 there was “Waterford Village” , with nice steam machines in a Torvie environment. I also recall a raid group with Italian speaking Gorean neko’s in those days.

It feels good to get that off my chest ☻


Marlies as steampunk influenced gorean panther.

I think one of the great joys of SL Gor is exploring; no matter the label you give it and that sharing your passion is part of the fun ❤

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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