Story of Gor, The Capture of Eve

Eve was a thief


Chapter one: the beginning

Eve was a thief. A good thief as her ears were not yet notched, or her neck supporting the weight of a collar. She was also arguably the most beautiful thief in Gimli. She was clever and lithe, and able to squirm into the tiniest of spaces a child might not even fit even with her rather large breasts that she used to her advantage. Many a male had thought to purchase her services for the night, or Ahn, only to be slipped a sedative to knock them out. And, as she left their quarters, she always relieved them of their purses.

With deft fingers and sure feet, she pulled on every shelf and stepped over every board until she heard one creak under her feet. With a grin, she pulled out her belt knife and quickly pried the board up by one end. This inspection of the room had already taken a full Ehn and she could not count on much more time before she was discovered.

With a grunt, she raised the rough wooden plank, her full breasts swaying gently in the leather tunic she wore at the exertion of her efforts and quickly spied the leather sack lying just under its surface in a small alcove built into the original construction. With a small purr of joy, she pulled the bulging sack out and slipped it into the neckline of her tunic, to be held by the belt around her waist. Rising quickly, she swiftly moved to the curtain and parting it glided through on feet as light as leaves on a forest lawn, a triumphant grin on her face, when suddenly her hair was grabbed from the side as she was jerked around to face the male suddenly holding her. Where he had come from and what he may have seen she did not know but upon recognizing him, her heart sank. It was Sean, a guardsman and one known for his thorough use of the village slave girls to the point where many were unfit for service after his not so tender ministrations.

“Well well, little Eve. What were you doing there in the back room?” Sean’s evil grin stretched across his face as he batted her hands away, the hands that tried to strike him and quickly disarmed her of her weapons with the same motions.

“Unhand me, Sir. I am a free. You have no right!” Eve sputtered as she felt her hair twisted in his large callused hand then in an instant before she could fight back further. He shoved her face first against the wall and with a muffled wail of misery she felt her nose split and blood almost instantly begin to pool on her upper lip only to trickle across her cheek and drip off her chin. She then felt Sean pull her head back and quickly take the twist of her hair to stuff into her mouth, using the end to tie it around her head, effectively gagging her. It was an old slavers trick but effective as her voice was instantly muffled. Before she could push herself away, she felt his hip slam into her tiny, tight little ass as he held her in pace. Her heart fully sank when she felt her hands wrenched behind her back and quickly tied. She had dreaded this moment and the worse possible person to catch her was Sean. The innkeeper she might have mollified with the use of her body, but Sean? He would rape her and more, she knew. With dread she bit her bottom lip and hoped for the best.

“You’re not a free anymore, or you won’t be for long,” grunted Sean as he jerked Eve from the wall with one hand, his other sliding down the neck opening of her blouse groping inward. After fondling both breasts, while twisting the nipples cruelly, he found the pouch she had dropped there and jerked his arm sideways, ripping the tough leather of her jerkin effortlessly and held the pouch before her eyes as jhe twisted her around to face him. The ripped blouse fluttered open, exposing her breasts and she saw his eyes instantly fasten on their ripeness with greed.

“What is this?” Without waiting for an answer he continued. “I believe this is the innkeepers property, little Eve. You made the mistake of being caught this time. I believe your skills have deteriorated, which is a good thing as I’ve wanted you as mine for some time.” With a shout of joy, he lifted her up in his burly arms and tossed her over his shoulder, holding her legs tight so she could not kick as he strode from the inn with her on his shoulder like a haunch of bosk. In almost an afterthought, he tossed the bag of coins to the surprised looking innkeeper who had just arrived and demanded.

“This is yours, is it not, Innkeeper?” Sean’s voice phrased it as a question, but it was anything but. It was a demand for an immediate answer and one that was instantly forthcoming from the suddenly frightened man.

“Yes sir, this is mine. Where did you get it? I keep it hidden,” the man stuttered.

“Shut up and follow me.” Commanded Sean, as he strode from the Inn, Eve tightly held to his shoulder.

“But Sir, who will man the desk?” called out the man as he started to follow Sean.

“Who cares, but you will follow me or I’ll use my sword on you,” came the grunted reply as the innkeeper paled then nodded swallowing repeatedly, following quickly.

Eve tried to struggle. She tried to scream, but his strength was too great to resist and the hair gag barely allowed her to breath. She decided to wait until his guard lowered and she would then escape, she told herself. Hoping she would be successful, for the future boded ill for her otherwise.

Chapter 2: Torment 

Eve groaned miserably. Her pussy was raw and sore and her belly ached from the intrusion of his cock, that reached up into areas that should not ever be reached, she thought. Damn bastard was too big for a tiny girl like herself. That and she bemoaned the loss of her virginity. Now she felt stretched out, abused, battered, all the above. This must be what women felt like after birthing a child, she thought as the ache reached deep inside her body. She hurt.

Eve moaned through her gag as Sean picked her up off the wooden crate and threw her over his shoulder like a haunch of bosk. As she landed across the muscular expanse of muscle, he could not help but yelp as the wooden splinters from her ordeal on the crate dug into her naked flesh. With a soft moan, she rode Sean’s shoulder as he walked purposefully towards some unknown destination.  Another brief prayer to the priest kings, whom had remained silent so far to her pleas, also went unanswered as she begged for release from both her pain and captivity. Sean was a sadistic bastard and she saw him pick up the bag of coins, which he then tossed to the surprised looking innkeeper who had just arrived, while demanding.

“This is yours, is it not, Innkeeper?” Sean’s voice phrased it as a question, but it was anything but. It was a demand for an immediate answer and one that was instantly forthcoming from the suddenly frightened man, who stared up at the huge warrior with a look of surprise and fear.

“Yes sir, this is mine. Where did you get it? I keep it hidden,” the man stuttered.

“I didn’t find it. This thief I have over my shoulder did,” snarled Sean as he slapped Eve’s ass with his free hand. “The little she urt thought she was clever. However, she was not clever enough and I caught her in the act. In the future you may wish to find a better hiding spot other than a loose floorboard that squeaks when you step on it,” remarked Sean.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir. How can I repay you?” said the innkeeper as he bowed his head in thanks and respect for returning his life savings.

“You can meet me at the Magistrates office tomorrow morning at eight bells. It is too late tonight as their offices are already closed, but in the morning I will bring charges against this little slut and I will need you to bear witness.”

“Yes, Sir. Gladly will I do so. The girl has stolen from me in the past but only a bottle or two of kalana or paga. Or, sometimes bread, cheese and meat. I’ve never brought charges against her myself because the losses were small and I told myself that she needed the sustenance, but stealing my life savings brings no forgiveness in my heart. You can count on me, Sir,” responded the innkeeper with a nod and ready smile.

“Good man. Now I will be off. Be well innkeeper and I shall see you at 8 bells. Don’t be late or the flat of my sword will find the side of your head,” growled Sean. With that, he left the inn walking uphill along the cobblestone path towards the barracks where he occupied one of the better rooms in officer country. It was large enough to hold his simple possessions, some furniture and a medium sized cage he kept for special captives. In this case, Eve qualified as such in Sean’s opinion for he had plans for her.

With the sound of a heavy thump of hard callused hand hitting soft, bruised flesh, he slapped Eve’s naked red ass again and demanded, “Are you ready to ease your condition by submission, girl?” His tone was jovial but there was no doubt he was very serious with the question which seemed to catch Eve by surprise. Though she had only moaned a bit through her gag up until this moment, now she thrashed as a sound like screaming outrage erupted from the bound and gagged thief that lay draped over Sean’s shoulder. He slapped her tiny ass again, even harder eliciting a muffled howl from her, which caused nearby pedestrians to look askance at them, looks Sean ignored as he continued up the roadway to the warriors compound.

Soon enough, he reached the Scarlet Caste housing and walked up the steps to his room, kicking the door open as he shouldered his way in. With a heave, he tossed Eve on the furs in one corner for a moment as he walked to the upright cage in the opposite corner of the large room. It was a unique cage in that one side had a large door inset with a sturdy lock. Then on the right side it had a second door. This door was much smaller and set midway up the bars, and it also had a sturdy lock on it.

From a small table setting next to the cage, he picked up a hook and fastened it to the center of the overhead bars. It was a simple affair, basically two hooks, one of which he flipped over the center bar letting it dangle approximately seven Gorean feet off the ground. He then walked back to Eve who he found struggling on the furs and grabbing her by  the hair, dragged her off them towards the cage. He thrown her on the furs because as he carried her over his shoulder, he’d had a chance to sniff her and realized she actually smelled clean and obviously bathed on a regular basis. Otherwise, he would have left her chained by the door.

Whistling merrily, he dragged her into the cell then grabbed a coil of rope from his pouch and looped it through the hook before undoing Eve’s hands. Then kicking the groaning girl over, he re-tied her wrists before her with a good Gorean knot then looped the long length of rope between her wrists before throwing it over the hook above him. With a heave, he pulled the girl into the air until her feet barely touched the ground, eliciting another muffled scream from her and a thrashing of her bare feet. He adjusted it slightly, allowing her to barely support her weight by the tips of her toes before fastening it to another ring welded into the inner side of the cage. In an afterthought he pulled a cloth gag from his pouch and wrapped it around the hair stuffed and tied in her mouth. This would provide additional insurance on little sound escaping the tiny thief. The remainder of the cord he let drop into the cage then smeared its length with a cake of bosk fat, wrapped in leather that he pulled from his satchel, before walking out and securely locking the door. The girl as struggling again but he noticed she was careful to support her weight with her toes while doing so.

“Are you ready to willingly submit yet, my little Eve?” he asked in a cruel voice, as he pondered her dangling form from the other side of the bars. He knew the position was uncomfortable to say the least and he grinned at the thought for there was no mercy in him, especially for Eve, whom he’d wanted for quite some time.

“Mmmfff” came the immediate reply, along with a vehement shake of the head, her eyes wild as she stared at him in what he considered fury. It was certainly rage and he chuckled as he walked to the small side room and entered while donning a pair of leather and steel plate gauntlets that hung from a nearby hook.

Continuing to whistle an old sea chantey, he dragged out a small cage filled with squealing and snarling, vicious little beasts. Urt’s, full grown and over a dozen were crowded within the interior of the metal enclosure. Walking to the side of the cage he had suspended Eve, he lifted the cage in his burly arms and strong hands, showing it to her.

“Care to reconsider that willing submission, slut?” he inquired in a even toned voice as he looked at her, a smile upon his face. A scream of rage greated this latest question of his and he shrugged throwing up the upper, smaller cage door and after unfastening the top of the urt cage he dumped them into the larger where they immediately scampered around, almost all headed towards Eve’s feet, sensing and seeing her body heat, but to them, fresh meat. It had been days since they’d eaten and they wasted no time running full out towards what they obviously considered a meal.

With a muffled scream of terror, Eve jerked her feet up off the ground, holding her knees up against her well developed chest as she held them out of reach of the ravenously hungry rodents. Chuckling evilly, Sean watched for a moment before commenting idly.

“Well, you could curl your feet into the bars overhead but i wouldn’t fall asleep if I were you.” He pointed to the rope where it lay coiled on the ground, rising upward towards the ring it was fastened too, then continuing upward to where it looped over the hook, eventually reaching Eve’s hands. In renewed terror, she realized the urts were already starting to climb the rope headed in her direction and in a move of desperation she lashed out with one foot hitting the rope just below the ring, causing the small yet deadly animals to fall to the floor again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider a willing submission?” smirked Sean as he watched her. A wild shake of her head greeted his question as her foot lashed out again hitting the rope, knocking a renewed effort of the urts to get to her.

“Alright, rest well my pet, and good luck. I’m going to my furs,” Sean said as he turned his back and undressing, settled in his furs, quickly falling asleep, his ears tuned for the sounds of urts reaching her body and devouring it. It had been a long day with everything from guard duty to incident reports and weapons practice. He was content that either Eve would be more compliant in the morning, or most likely consumed by the ravenous beasts.

Chapter 3: Eve’s ordeal – Urts

Eve shivered in fatigue, her body not only trembling, but shaking as her bloodshot eyes stared downward watching the small deadly animals as they milled about below her. Her feet were looped over the rope leading from the hook holding her wrists and tied off at the ring on the side of the cage. Exhaustion had come and gone by now with only terror and the faint remnants of adrenaline keeping her from passing out, her feet slipping downward and the hungry rodents from attacking her.

Every part of her body hurt and her eyes swiveled off the urts to gaze at the sleeping form of Jack. A quick look through the window saw the first rays of morning light appearing in their panes. She wished she could lick her lips but the gag prevented from doing so and even though she had screamed into it’s bindings with all her might, it had no effect in waking up that bastard Jack. Her furious mind pondered his words from a few hours ago just before he lay down. Submission? Not likely, she thought with an inward snarl. Even if she had been so inclined, she certainly would not now after his treatment of her.

A thin squeal below caught her attention and she saw several of the rather large beasties standing on the others backs trying to get to her and in an involuntary response, her body instantly quaked with internal shudders as her sore throat, sore from screaming all night, again attempted to wake Jack with its muffled wail, to no avail. Inadvertently her eyes drifted to the open collar, Jack had lain on the small table next to the cage. She could not miss it, as it gleamed softly in the glow from the corner fire. Even if she wanted to submit now, there was no way to communicate that to her captor. She shuddered again, praying to the priest kings that Jack would wake soon with the morning light and let her out.

Her arms had long ago gone numb. At first burning with an intense fire from her weight being suspended and then blissfully turning into a dull ache after some time. Now, she worried that they might be permanently damaged and cursed Jack with renewed vigor as she marshaled her strength, conserving it against a time when her legs might again drop downward of their own volition.

With a will of their own, her eyes traveled once again to the softly gleaming collar and suddenly, its weight around her neck did not seem like such a bad idea. Then she shook herself, cursing against the hair still in her mouth and berated herself for that form of thinking. She would not give in, she would not! The thought was beginning to seem foreign as her body’s exhaustion threatened to overwhelm her. She shuddered again and the tremors refused to stop. Wild terror filled her eyes as she saw her feet starting to slip from the rope and in moments, she knew they would hit the floor. Once again, she wailed inwardly as she knew this was the end. Jack would not wake, probably for some time, and there was no doubt in her mind that her body no longer possessed the strength to lift her legs again.

Suddenly, she felt her body jerked sideways and a strong hand, grip her by the wrists as a gleaming shaft of steel flew past her face, to severe the rope tied to the bars. Then a moan burst forth as her body was slammed into the opening of the small cell door set high and weeping she felt the sharp metal bite into her skin as it tore while being dragged through. With eyes almost closed with pain and a mind nearly delusional from her ordeal, through eyes half lidded from exhaustion she saw Jack looking down at her in concern as he cradled her in his arms after pulling her to safety, his long sword having falling into the cage when he dropped it to pull her out.

Like staring into a glorious sunrise, she suddenly saw Jack in a new light. Gone were the thoughts she’d had earlier and in their place was intense gratitude for this hero who had saved her from either maiming or death by urt. A large part of her wanted to curl up around him and see to his every need as any slave would. Then shock at the direction of her thoughts, made her shake herself hard and as she own expression turned to one of haughty disdain for the warrior who had captured her. Her own emotions had betrayed her in her moment of despair and she hated herself for it. Once pressed against him tightly, her body turned stiff and she squirmed trying to get out of his arms and as she did, the look of concern disappeared from Jack’s face and its usual cold, hard look of icy superiority resurfaced, that of the typical haughty warrior.

But, for a few brief moments, Eve felt she’d won the battle that was raging between them. There was no mistaking that look of concern on his face, and she suspected then, that she might have a tiny bit of power over him. The bastard did care about her and even though he tried not to let it show, in one brief instant, she simply knew. Not that it would do her any good, as she had seen him kill slaves before for striking the free. She knew Jack was considered wealthy as where most experienced red caste of rank and that he had no problem paying recompense to a dead slave’s owner if his temper grew out of control. Suddenly she was falling, as Jack’s strong muscular arms dropped her to the floor as he stood back.

“Well Eve, are you ready to submit?” Jack asked, after the scream from her tortured limbs hitting the hard surface of the wooden plank floor, forced it from her lips. Wildly, she shook her head ‘No’, causing an answering nod from Jack. “Oh you will, it’s only a matter of time and we have four bells before we see the magistrate,” he smirked at her as he gripped her by the upper arm and tossed her down before the bed.

Another muffled scream erupted from her parched and aching throat as she lay there weeping silently. Her arms were useless, the circulation only now just starting to return, and with it a burning sensation. It would be some time before she had their function back. Her back, hips and thighs also ached from holding her body in an upward curled position and she knew walking would be difficult. Now she lay in a partial fetal position as she felt Jack crouch beside her and moments later, he loosened her gag of hair and pulled it from her mouth.

“arlllo,” she gasped.  She had tried to tell Jack to let her go, but her throat was too dry and all that emerged was unintelligible sounds. Then her head was being jerked up by the hair and laid over what had to be Jack’s knee as the nippled end of a bota was thrust into her mouth. Greedily, she sucked on the warm but fresh water within and all but passed out at the pleasure something that simple provided her. For long moments she simply savored fluids in her throat, then as the skin pulled away she managed to gasp, “Thank you.”

“You see, I’m not such a bad guy after all,” remarked Jack, as he picked her up and laid her on his furs. Laying there in their soft, thick, luxurious warmth, warm from his body that had recently occupied them, she noticed two things. The first was that he was in his nightclothes, just a simple brief under tunic that wrapped around his waist. The second thing she noticed was that his manhood was already half hard, if not more, it’s bulbous head poking out the bottom of the cloth and tenting it upward. She groaned as she stared at his thick member and shuddered seeing just how large it actually was, and in a remote way, wondered how something that huge had managed to fit inside her tiny body. It was then, as she pried her eyes from his cock traveling upward over his bare muscular chest that their eyes finally met and she saw a huge grin on Jack’s face. Inwardly she groaned, knowing what he was thinking and weakly shook her head.

“No,” she croaked.

“Yes,” he said in reply, and with a deft movement pulled the underclothes from his body. It she had thought it large before, now displayed in its full glory, showed her that it was huge. She gasped and tried to shrink away but her body was too sore and still unresponsive to do more than wiggle slightly. “If it’s one thing I really like, its morning sex. Get used to it Eve, for today you will wear my collar,” he finished, as he crouched over her.

“Please, no,” her voice was tiny and weak, as she shook her head back and forth as hard as she could. She could feel his body heat, sense his desire, and shuddered as she felt the length of his cock slide along her inner thigh when he parted her legs. Was he really going to rape her again? She wondered as her breathing increased. The head of manhood was already at the entrance of her womb, pressing inward slightly and causing a groan to erupt from her. She was still sore from the night before, very sore.

Her eyes widened, as he didn’t respond, but instead raised his right hand to spit into it then rub it over the head and shaft of his cock. Tears came to her eyes as she steeled herself for the incredible pain she knew would shortly follow that action. Oh how she hated him now. Jack was a dead man as soon as she broke free and got her strength back, she vowed. At the same time, she couldn’t help remembering her relief and gratitude when he’d saved her at the last minute from the  urts.  She closed her eyes tightly for what was to come.

Eve heard Jack grunt then felt his cock sliding into her pain-wracked body. The pain was not as intense as before, though it was still present. She gasped and her fingers twitched as she lay beneath his great weight, but her arms were still useless and all she could do was lie there as his body pounded into hers, impaling her. She gasped again, her eyes flying open as she felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples and twisting them. He was supporting himself by his elbows, a position he seemed comfortable with and she groaned as his head descended to take her left nipple in his mouth. sucking on it hard.

Once again, those incredible sensations erupted in her body and involuntarily she started to move her hips with his, meeting his thrusts as her head rolled backward on the furs. Her body was once again betraying her and responding to this evil man. Silent tears leaked from the corners of her eyes to trickle down her face and she wanted to stop but couldn’t. He was too powerful, too much of a man and she felt herself building towards an orgasm against her own will. She tilted her head upward again and groaned when she saw the grin of delight on his face and knew that he knew she was responding to his ministrations.

“That’s it my little cunt, you like that don’t you. I want you to cum for me, he said after releasing her nipple, his teeth flashing white in the dim light. “Now come for me, little Eve,” he ordered as he clamped down on her other nipple.

Her body had cried out when he stopped sucking on her tender pink nipple and then we he fastened his mouth and teeth on the right it was too much for her to handle. With a tiny shriek she came, uncontrollably spasming under him as he pounded even harder into her. She did not know if it was the sound of his strong voice or hit teeth tugging on her sensitive nipple or his huge cock filling her tight little pussy, or a combination of all three. However, she came, hard, her head jerking up and down as her body shook in the throes of pleasure. She couldn’t help crying out at the sheer joy of the feeling as her legs instinctively curled around his thighs holding him in place as she continued to convulse against him.

Then she felt him jerk over her and inside her tiny cunt she felt his cock spasm and her eyes widened again as a gush of fiery hot cum splashed up inside her tight pussy. The sensation was incredible, especially as his teeth clamped down even harder on her nipple as he groaned mightily above her. Without warning, she was cumming again and wave after wave of sheer pleasure rolled through her body. She flopped like a fish out of water under him as his cock continued to spew its contents into her womb. She could feel his hot seed running down her thighs, a sensation that excited her even further as she gave in fully to her body’s desire for pleasure. She did not know how long the incredible sensations lasted only that when they were over she lay spent under him, her body exhausted.

“You’re such a good girl, my little Eve. You take to my cock well. I would say it’s a perfect fit, wouldn’t you?” he asked, his breath warm against her right ear as his lips moved over her cheek and neck. She did not respond. She could not. She was too exhausted, too satiated to move. She simply lay there under him, her body enjoying his pressing her down. A soft smile curled on her lips as she fell into a dreamless slumber.

© Eve/gazette of Gor


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