Role play of, Soul opens her heart in Zima

By Soul


She had come alone to Zima:

–   Soul : Was careful to listen for a few moments before entering the Zima cave arranged as a small tavern in these lands and had heard nothing from inside. It was early morning and the dew was still wet on the grass and the sun had barely started to warm the earth and bring out the scent of the forest. 

–   Soul : She had come alone to Zima, it was safe or as safe as it could be. The lands were ruled by Sarka and Soul had been introduced when she had visited with her En and Noe. She had also been permitted to serve, a cub of the tribe, but still a slave in her own head. She had returned as she was troubled, she felt she was forgetting who she was and needed to remind herself of the time before and she would do this by dancing. Dancing was her release, it set her mind free and the sand pit here in Zima was where she would do it.  

–   Soul : There was no music, just the sand and an empty tavern and a sweet stillness that would be broken as she stepped lightly into the sand, feeling its coolness against the soles of her feet. She tried to let her mind free, to forget what she was and focus on who she was. At first she just spun in circles, moving quickly across the sand, lifting her hands up above her head and the letting them fall again to her sides. Then slowly as the dance became her, she swayed her hips, back and forth then in a circle. Her toes dug into the sand and lifted it as she stretched and kicked sand lightly across the pit. Her face took on a gaze of concentration and she began to remember the moves and what they meant. 

–   Natala : Rattles the beads at the entrance as she enters and looks in, slightly surprised to see a dancer but certainly amused and takes a seat 

–   Soul: Blinks also surprised to find someone entering this place “Oh greetings, err Mistress, I am just practicing dance for someone, I hope that is OK” 

–   Natala : Chuckles softly taking note of the surprised expression and nods. “Well you certainly won’t mind a bit of an audience then hmn?” *gets comfortable on the bench right in front of the dancepit so she can observe 

–   Soul : Feeling the need to explain more, but not too much adds “My En brought me here where I was introduced to her friend the Huntress Sarka. I was permitted to serve and enjoy the feel of sand between my toes and the freedom to express myself” she regarded Natala and decided that she did not fear her, although she did feel somewhat anxious “Of course, I do not mind at all, if you watch” 

–   Natala : Puts her elbows on the table and rests her chin upon it looking across the table at the dancing girl with a gentle smile. “Those that are friends with my Uma I will treat as my friends. If this is how you wish to serve and express yourself I won’t obstruct you in any way… I’d rather wish to enjoy it…” *chuckles softly as you permit her to watch you* “Good… it’d be a shame if no one was here to witness the sultry movement of your gorgeous body” 

–   Soul: Was curious about the huntress watching her, she thought she recalled her face when the Zima had raided their land, but could not be certain. She knew as well that her En would not be happy if she got herself captured and that was the main reason for her nervousness. It would be pointless to run, so she continued to sway, perhaps a little less expressive that before as her feet sank into cool sand and the gentle effort left a glistening sheen over her arms and legs, silks floating as she remembered a time when to dance was her only pleasure. She relaxed after Natala reassured her that she would be friendly “Thank you Huntress, it is not always easy to express what is in your heart and soul, when you are force to fight and show that you are free….” had she said too much she wondered 

–   Natala: Noted the expressive eyes that had a myriad of emotions pass by but the main ones being nervousness and concern. This was slightly surprising to her seeing they were in a safe location and with a clear designation between them. She calmly sat back a bit and lowered her arms, giving the girl an encouraging smile at her words of gratitude which became a short chuckle to the end of the girl’s sentence* “There is no greater delight then to be served by the willing as they will do so without any doubt and free of all inhibitions…” 

–   Soul:  a strangers eyes on her watch recalled a much sharper memory than just performing a dance. The inner need to express herself and put on a show was far greater when she knew someone might enjoy her performance. She began to throw herself into the dance, the music was in her mind, but she danced more intensely slinking like a wild animal, lines on concentration appeared on her brow as she stretched and spread her legs further in the sand, feeling the muscles in her thighs tighten as her body writhed. She felt awake and alive in a way that freedom did not give her, the serve and to please were extensions of love and she was willing even grateful to be able to do that. 

–   Natala : Watched intently as the girl was freed of doubt and got into her dance. She smiled at the sight of the girl’s concentration and even if there was but silence in the tavern, the shifting sand beneath the girl’s feet brought rhythm. The accentuation of tightened muscles as they supported the girl receiving gentle caresses from the gaze of my eyes watching you. 

–   Soul : Felt a passion that was usually subdued, although her En knew fully of it, but warned that she should keep such needs hidden from her sisters, hence Soul’s decision to come to Sarka homeland when all was quiet. She could feel the passion building up like a storm in her mind as she twisted. Her arms swayed and her fingers traced lines in the air and through the fine sand as she rose and fell. The more she dance the greater the desire became, like rain water increasing the flow and intensity of a stream. Each expression, made her want the next to be even more expressive than the one before. She opened her eyes and looked at Natala who was watching closely and found a smile came very easy, should she thank her audience as Mistress, she wondered, but decided to remain silent. 

–   Natala : Felt privileged to witness this moment when the girl could express herself free of any limitations. No shame or the need to hide anything that was the open atmosphere in the room. She could feel the passion through the girl’s expressive movement. She felt it reach out and when crossing eyes met with your smile, she smiled as well, invitingly. There was no need for words as the moment transcended them. 

–   Soul: ‘s eyes flickered softly, even more searching Natala’s face for a sign of how she enjoyed her efforts. There was a great need to please, was she pleased, did she enjoy what Soul was offering. When she had started, she just wanted the freedom to dance, but now her mind focused on pleasing the woman. Thoughts ran wild and screamed in her mind that she should reign back the submissive nature of her expression.. Her inhibition fell away and a wild abandon took control of her lithe and silken body. The fire inside burned hot as her body arced and curved as she feel to the sands, burying her hands and feet in its coolness. She throw her head back so that her beaded hair swished through the air and her breasts bounced freely, without her realising it, her nipples had hardened and flushed dark with a heat and she subconsciously knew she was losing herself in her own needs 

–   Natala : ‘s face was written over with interest and desire for more. The subtle transformation in the girl’s dance did not go unnoticed and she licked her lips as the fire of the girl burned higher and dictated the girl’s body and movement. The sands would not be able to cool the heat that had taken the girl. As she watched the girl swish through the air she imagined she could almost smell the girl’s fragrance and as the girl’s nipples bloomed she wished for the opportunity to touch them. She leaned more across the table as if wanting to edge closer. 

–   Soul Rises and stretches her sleek form, now covered with a shimmering dewy moisture, her slightly muscled, tanned legs fold beneath her as she dances with her upper body, rolling her hips and belly in complex forms that felt good as she applied her craft. Her motions became more fluid and graceful as the memory of dance returned to her. The moves designed to draw in her audience. She found an inner confidence that showed clearly as her deep and expressive eyes offered soft and sultry persuasion mixed with a devilish desire to please. She flashed a smile, having forgotten the fear and anxiety, it was warm and sensual as her tongue flicked over her parted lips and beads of sweat ran slowly down her neck, finding a path between her swaying breasts. In her mind she new these moves were surrendering herself and that she should cease. She was torn between the craving to display her inner feelings and the thoughts of self preservation and the expectations of her tribe. She had noticed the increased intensity on the face of Natala in the fog of her thoughts she pictured serving the Huntress. 

–   Natala : Took in the glimmer of the beads of moisture across the girl’s body imagining their taste. Enjoying the flow of the girl’s upper body as it moved fluid and graceful. She felt drawn to the girl wanting to meet that sultry persuasion and call upon that desire to please. As the girl teased her lips with her tongue she made a biting movement and smiled. She had little attention for anything else but the dancing girl even to go as far as ignoring the girl that walked in and out of the tavern. 

–   Soul: Rose up from the soft sands once more and whirl around dancing somewhere between controlled expression and rampant desire to feel her soul. She toyed with her emotions experimenting with submission and freedom. She imagined herself owned, yet her thoughts and spirit were free. She was inside a slave to herself whether she was owned or not, that part could not change for it was who she was. She craved to belong, to be touched and controlled, to surrender herself to one who would own her. Her heart was now pounding inside her chest and her mind was completely unbound in thought and fantasy. She looked across the tavern at the girl that entered and smiles “Greetings Sister” she said with a rasping breath 

–   Natala : ‘s eyes moved with the whirling body before her, she was about to get up to drag the girl from the pits to the furs when the spell of the intense wordless moment got broken when the girl needed to greet the arriving guest to the tavern. With some difficulty she took her eyes of the girl and took in the arrived stranger. Not recognizing her she wanted to make an equal greeting when she suddenly walked out again making her grumble at the disturbance. 

–   Soul: Began to slow her movement, she was dripping with a moisture that rolled freely over her shimmering skin. Her heat throbbed as wetness spread between the folds of her sex. The fire had burned hot inside her, releasing a wild and primal need that had been hidden. She clutched her breasts and showed her slave form in its entirety. Her eyes feel on the huntress and she saw in those eyes a desire and the realisation came to her in a flash…had she submitted to the woman…had she given her every possible reason to collar her… a fear grew inside as she slowed her pace and concluded her dance. “Huntress” she whispered almost breathless “May I thank you..” she asked “It was truly satisfying to surrender myself to the freedom of expression.” her voice cracked as she asked “did i please you Huntress” 

–   Natala : Discarded the interruption and let her eyes drown back in the beauty before her. When the movement slowed the state of the girl became more apparent to the eye. The pearled beads shimmering upon her fair skin, the fragrance of desire oozing. Watching the girl clutch her breasts and show her inner slave made her so desirable she couldn’t keep herself from raising slowly from the table and walk forward towards the pits. Halting at the edge. “You must thank me… and you’ve pleased me deeply” 

–   Soul ‘s eyes fell from the intensity of the woman’s gaze, even this she knew was submissive and she should have stared back at Natala with equal intensity “I am what I am….whatever that is…” she sighed are any of us truly free when inside there burns a need to please another, a want to belong and a comfort and security in the service and safety of another?” this was a question she had asked before. Where the lines so clear between free and slave, or was it just situations that played out between them. She smiles “Thank you Huntress, I confess it was what I desired, to dance is to be free, but to dance for another and please them is to be who I am” Should she drop to her knees, no she would not do that unless she was commanded to do so, She had revealed herself to Natala and now the huntress was free to decide her fate 

–   Natala : Watched the girl’s gaze drop and followed the falling of her eyelids down to gaze across her gentle curves. She smiled hearing the girl’s words and made a swift reply: “You are perfect as you are… Come here…” *she beckoned the girl to approach and replied to her other statements meanwhile* “Aye, and I’d be cruel not to let you be who you are or answer to your desires call and reward you for it… I shall take you to the furs” 

–   Soul : Slid softly forwards into the intensity of the huntresses personal space. Her heart quickened and she felt all her fears slip away as she surrendered. It took effort to look up into the huntresses eyes, but she did and her expression was a willingness, and even more, a need to go with this woman “I….I ” she stammered and did not know the words she wanted to say, although she knew she wanted to thank her, she just nodded and moved to follow Natala. 

–   Natala : Gently tried to take hold of the girl’s hand and quickly raised a finger to place over the girl’s lips as she stammered in her expression. “Ssh… Come…” *she guided the girl with a patient and gentle tread deeper into the tavern, passing through another set of hung beads obscuring the chamber from the rest of the tavern. There she nestled down and invited you to her* 

–   Soul: Followed nervously, although the nerve were more to do with how much she let go of herself and not the eagerness with which she wanted to follow the woman. The moment she touched Natala she knew this was what she desired , it came as natural as breathing  as she explored the warmth and firmness of the others form. She burned to kiss, already the woman’s scent was filling her nostrils and now she wanted to taste that warmth and feel the pressure of soft lips against her “May I Mistress” she asked softly her lips already hovering above the other 

–   Natala felt the girl’s body close against hers. Her warmth a pleasurable feeling as she wrapped her arms around the girl and slowly caressed down her back, the movement eased by the moist condition of the girl’s skin. She smiled at the eagerness radiating from the girl and found the girl’s lips hovering close to hers. The movement of her lips in replying almost enough to make the two meet: “Yes girl, release your inhibitions and show me your true desires” *she then lifted her head a bit to meet her soft red lips with those of the girl* 

–   Soul : Was surprised at how easily she could let herself submit to desires and she was kissing Natala almost before permission was granted. Maybe she was not a slave, she just needed to express her love. She knew there was no one who could protect her, if Natala chose to enslave her, but she trusted completely as her lips caressed the warmth of the huntress, moving softly down to her chin kissing in soft touches rather than a firm embrace of lips although that she desired to. She wanted to explore but was unsure, so tentatively she moved deft fingers to the clothes of the huntress pausing each action before she began to remove the top of the one she accepted for now as her Mistress 

–   Natala : Felt how the mutual line of trust had established between them and paved the way to experience deeper desires. Feeling the girl slipping down she accommodated for her and gently made affirming caresses along the girl’s body, enjoying the feeling of the girl’s skin under her fingertips. Answering the featherlight kisses by reaching for the girl’s buttocks and giving it a squeeze as it came into reach when the girl turned to remove her top clothing. 

–   Soul : Felt the thrum of Natala’s body, warm and soft, she was not surprised to note that both their heartbeats were quickened. For one who looked formidable when she entered the tavern, Natala’s body was soft and sensual and without the need for permission she began to move her kisses downwards to her neck lingering in the shallows and allowing herself the pleasure of licking and kissing her collarbone whilst one of her hands gently fingers and squeezed the huntresses breast. Hers eyes never left Natala’s face, always searching for a queue or warning that she had overstepped her privilege. She ran the fingers of her other hand through the thick locks of flame red hair as the kisses grew more intense 

–   Natala : enjoyed the close feeling of heartbeats picking up. Her body was well cared for which was a bit unlike most huntresses. Her hair scented of forest flowers, betraying she cared much for it. She kirred amused and pleased at your kisses down her neck and took note of the hand upon her breast exerting a gentle squeeze. In reply her hands roamed free across the girl’s body, exploring and feeling. Keeping an equal close gaze at the girl’s expressions to find those spots she responded well to. 

–   Soul : Found after a while it grew more easy, more equal, she felt less the slave and more the partner in their embrace. She lifted her lips from the kiss and smiled as her fingers drew a line from the now firm nipple, along the lean waist and around the dip of her navel. Heat was radiating from both of us and I wondered if she was as wet as I was. My stomach twisted and tightened as Natala’s hands ran lightly over my still damp flesh. Questioning only with eyes, my lips firmly touched and then embraced hers as with a instinctive skill I parted my lips and hers to push my tongue into her hot mouth and find her tongue against mine as we teased the taste buds of each other. My hand slowly moved to below navel and now caressed softly the mound of her heat, feeling its form beneath the cloth that covered it 

–   Natala : Enjoyed much how the girl bloomed and honestly moved to inner desires. Feeling a line drawn across her skin she smiled and drew an equal line over the girl’s back. She loved how they’d communicate through their expressions of their eyes. She loved those moments when words where unnecessary and the only thing that counted was that mutual respect and enjoyment for one another. As the kiss was deepened and their tongues met in a playful twirl around each other hands wandered to places of deeper desire. A breath escaping through her nose as your hand brushes across the fabric around her waist pushing it against her damp folds. Her own hand replied and found your silks had fallen to the side granting her a direct touch of the slick folds that made up the exterior of your heat, finding them coated with the result of your burning inner fire. 

–   Soul: Also breathed deep almost gasping as her stomach lurched at the feel of your fingers against my heat. It was hard not to writhe and push against them as they so gently caused my sex to tremble and grow hot and wet. I continued the play of soft tongues exploring your mouth them happy to let you push back into mine as hot lips sucked and covered your mouth with firm kisses. Seeing no sign to stop i pulled away the cloth that protected you heat and presses my thumb against the hood of your clit and began to circle it, while my fingers pulled back along the wet folds, but not yet pushing between them. I was not surprised you were as wet and warm as I was and sensed for the first time that there was also a slaves desire in you too. 

What follows can be imagined by those with a mind to do so…..

©Soul (mai.scofield)/Gazette of Gor




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