Role play of admiring the Whispering Moons women

The last time I was surrounded by this many forest girls I was the guest of honor at a moon dance .

He feasts his eyes on the women of Whispering Moons.

Lιαrα aka Hayden : laughed slightly.. the smile stayed on her lips but the gaze stayed cold. “You ask me to come there, man, come down this hill.. stand before you, maybe even do a turn on myself as you .. appreciate?” she shook her head lightly and moved forward on the edge of the hill “I don’t think to wear fancy clothes, man.. nor that I am dressed to attract ..Probably you remember there was a tavern here. It’s not here anymore. The direction is another one”

Drevin Karu: I take another ihn or two t admire the lovely breasts and cute asses on the forest girls who stand beside me, wondering if this is a gift from the priest kings. Looking back up to Liara I say, “ell if you are worried about your safety it is I that am outnumbered. Now you can come down in perfect safety, basking in the admiration of your charms while I do no more than feast my eytes”

Lιαrα aka Hayden : “I do not think I have been clear then, man” she chuckled a little “You are clearly outnumbered..” she waved her hand as to motion the woods all around them “And it is not my safety i fear. You might have your weapon sheated, I have mine well in sight.. what I ask.. man.. is why should i come down there and show myself to you… What will I gain in change.. Or what will you gain from a closer view?” she said and then moved to stop in his sight, closer, her posture straight and proud

Drevin Karu: “Affirmation,” I answer with a smile as you come down where I can get a better look. “What woman does not want to know her body can still turn heads? Surely there is value knowing that your breasts are gazed upon with genuine appreciate. The knowledge that your luscious thighs and cute ass inspire all sorts of imagination and lust? Isn”t that worth more than being ignored? later on when I am gone, you can smile and say to yourself that you still have it.” I take a few more moments looking you up and down and add, “and indeed you do”

Lιαrα aka Hayden : as she arrived down there, her eyes gave a complete look to the man, stopping to gaze at him directly in his face.. and an amused light appeared in her eyes. “Affirmation.. Affirmation of this kind may be a double blade.. If i wanted males looking at me, I would easily go to ring the bell of the gates of a city” she stated. She knew well how it worked, tho she didn’t like to underline her origins .. she was proud of herself. Not only for what her appearrance was, but for what the men wanted from her and her sisters of the forests “I know well.. And now.. Did this satisfy your desire to… watch, sir?” she said standing still

Drevin Karu: I continue laying it on thick, figuring this was the safest course of action being surrounded by 4 panther girls. I take another few moments to look over each one of them, my facial expressions doing nothing to hide my lust as I admired their lithe bodies, feasting my eyes on each girl’s breasts and cute asses, not to mention the rest. “Here I am but  a humble man, surrounded by beauty fit for an Ubar. Forgive me for undressing you all with my eyes but I figured I would get slapped if I tried to do so with my hands.” Turning back to Liara I answer, “Indeed I thank you for the view and it is greatly appreciated. Satisfied? I cannot I am ever fully satisfied but I can appreciate what I get. Standing here I can get a better look at your ample cleavage and see more of the swell of your breasts. Your thigh and legs are well toned and what I see of your ass is most inviting. Yes, I am happy you came down, but like mist men, I am always wanting more.”

Sonja Bleekmorn walking though the archway and right into a gathering of somekind she perks an eyebrow before looking over one at a time. “heh well then, what av I walked in on here?” she would say in an amused thick Northern accent as she cocks her head attempting to get more information by looking at peoples body language.

Ansar  laughs softly hearing what the male said about touching “you have no idea what happened to the last two males that tried to play grab ass with me”

Lιαrα aka Hayden : she turned to her sister as arrived and bit her lower lip with a content grin leering on her face as soon as she realized the small group was now a crowd around Drevin “See? This is what I meant to say..” she chuckled as meant thatLiara was not reall the one that had to fear “Then I imagine you can consider yourself lucky, man.. as you can have this sight. You might be wise too.. to keep the weapon you bring completely sheathed. You can imagine you cannot do more than watch” she rested her hand on her hip

Sonja Bleekmorn looks over at Ansar hearing her words…. and… laughs loudly. “HA haha well lass if ye walk around like that with it all out in tah open what can yee bloody expect!” she says in good humor and jest before looking to Drevin. “An you, yah bloody fool, yee think maybe not grabbing the ass of forest woman, armed and surounding by fellow forest woman, also armed, might have been perhaps a bit on tah wise side oh things?” she says before looking over the group. “Still… nee point shedding blood over that, give the lass whos buns yah squeeze a gift an apology, an maybe these good ladies oh the woods might let yee leave with both balls an cock attached.

Drevin Karu: “Grab ass?,” I repeat hearing JJ. “That is a crime unto itself. When a girl has an ass as fine as yours it deserves a better appreciation. Just as one does not scarf down a fine meal at a 9 course banquet or guzzle down expensive Turian wine, some things should take more time in order to be enjoyed properly.” hearing Liara’s threat I say, “I am not that good a fighter even one on one. I assure you I am not foolish enough to try to take on such a large group of ladies. Instead of being able to take in the lovely sights I would likely end up bound and unconscious. It os far better for me to simply enjoy the view” To Sonja he says, “I believe you may have misunderstood. I have not grabbed JJ’s fine ass, inviting though it may be. I have looked at it, admired it and thought of many things regarding her cute bottom but grabbing her ass would be beneath me.”

Lιαrα aka Hayden : she offered a greeting to Petra “Tal, En” .. never diverting her attention from Drevin and as she spoke again she did it in a sorta of mocking tone “Then you show some bit of wiseness, at least, sir. You spoke of.. wanting more than just watching. But I imagine you will be content of this right now, won’t you?” she asked then… like to leave him the choice to continue..or to decide for what the best was now. “We could shoot only one arrow each of us.. only one.. and you would not take much to find yourself in that position..where you can have a even better sight. From the groun”

Sonja Bleekmorn can not help but laugh at his words, slapping her thigh in admiration of his wit and quick jest. “Ha! as I live an breath! Silver tongued arnt yah ha!” Listening to Ansar she would smirk and lean back on the wall and watch the follow unfold with some amusement, that was till she heard sav…. blinking the image of Drevin in a dress came to mind and she again burst out laughing and slapping her thigh. “Hahaha in a dress! ahahha ahhhh ah ah… ha!” catching her breath and rubbing her sides she would wipe a tear from her eye and lets out a amused sigh. “Oh since there be a small gathering here any of you lot from a group called….. what was it…. Ja’ linda…. Jaminda? Ja’Lina? heh hopeless with names… anyhow Esme sent me to help with repairs.”

Drevin Karu: “If they didn’t know how to appreciate some of the finer things in life then I do not feel sorry for them whatever happened,” I say to Ansar. “As I said I am no fool,” I tell Liara, “I would rather stand here and admire the sight of all the beautiful flesh on display and not be shot full of arrows than take risks which are unwarranted. So I appreciate what you have all given me and ask for no more than you have offered. I thank each one of you for displaying as much of your charms as you have.” As more girls kept arriving he knew he had to keep laying it on thick, but he did in fact enjoy the sight of so many scantily clad women with such magnificent breasts and cute asses

Lιαrα aka Hayden : turned behind at the sound of Sonja that outburst in a loud laugh… her gaze resting on the knot of huntresses that now she had behind her “Tal Kaity” she added and turned to Drevin again “Well.. again all this multiplying beauty..” she grinned “Must be your lucky day!” she stretched then on her legs.. and relaxed watching around herself.. The matter of the man escaping now from her mind

Sonja Bleekmorn blinks as all the girls brake out into giggles, she did not join in, not getting the joke instead she would nod to Varisya and say. “Me thanks lass.. well then, wish yee all a good day, Gods Bless… an you!” she say looking to Drevin and smirks. “Yee av a size oh balls bigger than a Bosk Bull! If yee manage to survive this and we meet again ill buy yee a mead…. or ale…. what ever watered down piss they serve down here haha.

Drevin Karu: “The last time I was surrounded by this many forest girls I was the guest of honor at a moon dance and was lucky to get out alive, even if I had to wander around for so many pasangs without my clothes before I could get a passage home. As much as I have enjoyed your company, conversation and the sights of your ample charms, perhaps I should leave befoe i wear out my welcome or one of you get an itchy trigger finger on your bow.” To Sonja he winks and says, ‘It would be my pleasure, but rather than risk a watered down drink in a tavern in these parts I could invite you to my place for a bottle of fine kalana,” he offers, hoping she doesn’t know what effect that often has, “and conversation.”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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