Story of Gor, The Forest Moon Panthers – A sister leaves

A sister leaves

Brandi heads into the wilds of the Northern Forests never to return.

Brandi looks out over a quiet camp, stillness in the air all i can hear is my shallow breathing and the near by waterfall cascading over the side of the walls. I look up into the night sky, its strange but i have never seen it like this before, a big Moon and a million bright stars all looking at me, i look down and close my eyes and sigh.
I sit quietly for some moments eyes closed, i then take a deep breath and rise quietly to my feet, walking towards the camp fire where i remember first being given my FM feather and all the stories that i heard around it, its a place i would never forget. The fire now dim as the embers are dying down, huntresses who have had too much paga sprawled around the fire taking in the fires warmth. I carefully step around them looking back as i leave the fire making sure none of them have awoken. As i move away from the fire i feel a cold embrace, although dark i can see my breath in the air suddenly getting quicker. i can see some lights in the distance mostly by the huts but all is quiet, i can make out snoring, i smirk to myself and think what if we were attacked now.
As i approach Moon’s hut my thoughts are suddenly turned towards the message board as i take one last look, seeing nothing on the boards makes me warm for a moment, i turn towards the huts and walk up the steep hill quietly, trying to make sure i didn’t slip in the snow, thinking to myself its going to a long cold journey this evening. As i walk into the hut i see Marli and Moon sleeping closely together.
I reach up and pull the feather from my hair looking at it in my hand, i twirl it around, its seen better days i take a moment to run the feather down my cheek as i close my eyes just to feel its touch one last time. I walk carefully over to Moon taking her hand softly and placing the feather into her grip, closing her fingers around it. a tear rolls down my cheek, i look to Marli and then hold her hand and pull it around Moon so they are hugging each other. I kiss my finger softly and place a finger on each of their cheeks, making sure not to wake them, i place a scroll next to them and stand up to walk away. The scroll reads
I came to forest moon as an untrained huntress, unable to hunt or survive in the northern forests and today i leave you as a proud huntress. I wanted to thank everyone of you individually, new and old for the time i have spent in this tribe this family, the skills I have obtained and the love i was shown by all, but even as a skilled huntress i still couldn’t demonstrate the skills required to be in a panther in any tribe. Being a family is sometimes hard and i know FM have had its ups and down, but like a good and strong family you all have stuck together, i see new skilled huntresses coming though and well for me i know my journey and job here is completed.
You probably won’t see me again I have sort passage to other lands, and i will make sure that my tracks cannot be traced, so i would ask you all to not seek me.
All thats left for me to say, is good luck and safe paths to you all, forever.
I stand and look at Marli & Moon and turn towards the dark once more, making my way to the top of the cliff where the zip is located, not knowing how long i had been there i notice some clouds forming and the snow start to fall, i smile knowing that snow would cover my tracks. I turn and take one last look at the camp. I take my bow and arrows from my back leaving them on the ground for the next huntress, i place the klaive along side them, I will not need these where im going i think to myself, only some coins and a sleen knife would protect me for the journey tonight. I place my hands onto the zip frame and push away from camp, disappearing into the night for the very last time.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Brandisnips


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