Lets discuss, why is dress code such an issue in SL Gor?

Why do so many blow a gasket about how avatars dress online?

Kanto says in IM,

“SL is a visual environment.  For me, my rp is immersive, I am IC when in the sim and it is distracting to see someone come in who is not properly dressed.”

Marlies comments,

Folks are very ego-centric in SL.  They get to appease all their wishes. They can be slim, muscled, full-breasted, beautiful, handsome and so on.

I think people get a bit too attached to their avatar, their style, and think they look good so when a comment is made about how they are dressed it can sometimes hit us in the vanity area and we can get defensive.
At the same time, I am also rather open to granted some leeway.  I am not going to not RP with someone because they have a hat on or a cig hanging from their lips.  It is a minor thing in the grand scheme of things in GE.

I dress fairly GE if you look at how I have dressed my avatar over time , but being a female panther I can get away with it in many respects.  Less face it if I strictly blogged BTB and not GE it would be serious yawnville for me as some of my attire really pushes the limits….think steampunk micro skirts , stockings, brassiere and furry boots 😉

With that being said I can see both viewpoints.  We are trying to be a full immersion virtual world from sim design to the attire of the members, so asking them to dress the part isn’t unreasonable.  But conversely, being the SL shop-a-holic that I am, I put a hell of a lot of work into creating my avatar looks and I want to show her off at times. So I can see those in the GE sims who really try and excel at avatar creation being told “No” feeling a bit put off.

Is it fair to let some GE players sidestep the dress code simply because they are pretty to look at?  I think it would be tough to use that as a gauge and a bit subjective too.

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