Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Hochburg

Delusions in Hochburg

“Dietrich of Tarnburg, of the high city of Tarnburg, some two hundred pasangs to the north and west of Hochburg, both substantially mountain fortresses, both in the more southern and civilized ranges of the Voltai, was well-known to the warriors of Gor.”
Book 21, Mercenaries of Gor, Page 31

My Impressions:

I’m taking another look at BtB Gorean city sims, hoping I won’t be let down as I have so often since my last post. As it seems that even panthers in disguise are easily identified these days 😦

I’m not a big advocate of sky markets. There is only one thing worse than having to walk through a market, and that’s a market maze. Thankfully, Hochburg offers us a straight walk to the teleporters, making the large market a lesser nuisance. Everything is readily available and clearly marked except for the teleporter itself – a small disc, stuffed back behind you as you stand there collecting free clothes, meter and rules.

You land at the mouth of a set of ruins, which can be a little confusing at first. I had to cam out to see where I was supposed to go. As I moved through the ruins,  there is a handy little sign post telling you to go left for the city or right for trades. I choose to go left, of course.

Unfortunately, I was met with a closed gate. Not only was the gate locked, but there was no way to get it unlocked. There was nobody inside, there was no way to surpass the gate on the premise that you come peacefully and there was no other entrance at this end of the sim. Knowing there was a trade option on the sign, I walked back that way to see if I’d have better luck at their secondary gate.

At first I was relieved that they had an open gate, but after I walked through, I noticed that a previous visitor had less patience than I do. Thank you, for opening the gate for me.

Once inside I explored a beautiful sim and overheard several interesting and well written role-plays.

There were a few things that I would suggest that they fix.

  • There are building errors: plants sticking through walls, and a couple of floating trees over the sim.

  • Locked gates are a turn off. While having a locked gate is more in tune with the world we see in the books, it’s not encouraging for visitors. Consider an alternative entrance for passive visitors. Or have a guard nearby to let visitors in.

  • Check your GM dispensers. None of them were working when I visited 😦

 The role play:

Caprice : ” Tal, Mistress. ” Caprice looks at the woman, sitting on the stone bench with curiosity.

Caprice : I have Mistress, I was the one who reported the incident to the Physician Mistress. The little Monsters didn’t get me!

Caprice : ” Well, not the wall Mistress, just the roof. It is a good place to soak in some rays Mistress. ” Caprice keeps a modest distance from the free woman.

Caprice giggles. ” The roof in the city are sturdy and easy to navigate, Mistress. It is a nice view of the city, isn’t it Mistress. ” Caprice smiles kindly at the woman. ” Would you like some Tea Mistress? “

Caprice  giggles. ” I’m owned by a Mistress, Mistress. Mistress also as a fondness for Tea, so there is usually a kettle prepared in Mistress Inn room. ” Caprice was one of the few slave that didn’t dislike free women, not that she disliked free men either.

Caprice : ” Of course Mistress. ” Caprice nod then looks toward the Cafe, just avoiding the Tavern like the plague now, trying not to think that Lice could be hiding everywhere right now, every cushion a death trap. She would wait for the woman to take the lead, walking a few step behind to the side.

Caprice: ” My name as not changed since I was a slave, so I am still Caprice Mistress. ” Caprice giggles impishly, moving to her feet. ” So I’m my Mistress’s Caprice. ” She liked the double entendre of her name.

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ: -Hearing the girl and watching her stand, she nodded to the girl and smiled a bit behind her veil.- I would be Miranda. Not that it makes any difference to your tongue.- -She chuckled and watched the girl make to move off. Looking down to the cushion she sat on, she sighed as she returned her mind to the many thought’s that tended to consume it.-

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : -Waiting for her things to come in due time, she glanced to the side and noticed a man she was sure she hadn’t met before. along with a slave. Perking a brow at the pair, she eventually opened her mouth and offered a quiet.- Greetings, Sir. -Before she looked about, making sure no more popped out of no where on her.-

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : -While the girl worked in the kitchen, she reached for her belt and pulled an old leather bound book. Taking up the quill she had stored away, she even plucked a bottle from her belt and sat there dipping the quill in in, while she began to scratch away at the page of the book she pulled. Waiting more than patiently for the girl, she killed time by drawing something inside of the book as she listened to the city as it continued on around her.-

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : -Chuckling softly as she heard the girl, she set her quill and book down onto the counter. Page drying off slowly from all the scratching of her ink, she let it sit there well within sight. What she drew? well, simply a flower which was much like those in her hair. Black and white, just the outline of course. No matter the case, she looked to the tray brought out to her and motioned to the cookies.- Have at it then. As for my tea, just some sugar. Nothing more. -Smiling to the girl, she noticed the earrings now that the girl was so close.- Those must be heavy…. that’s a lot of gold? -She whispered, while she took up a cookie of her own. Nibbling on it, she turned her attention to the open book and stared at the drawing. Criticizing it critically like any artist does with their own work.-

Caprice  cants her head, the tray placed on the table neatly. She heard the request about the tea, and nodded before pouring the hot liquid. Adding a half spoon of sugar, she stirs the sweetness in the cup, then place it down close to the free woman’s reach. ” Oh no Mistress, it’s just to look pretty, but it wouldn’t amount to even counterfeited gold Tarn, Mistress. ” Caprice peeked at the book with curiosity.

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : Well that’s good. I wonder some times about these slaves and wandering around in gold. Their stolen, there goes all the gold. -She chuckled and set down the cookie she had been nibbling on. Putting it onto the tray, she took up the tea and noticed the girl trying to get a look. Deciding to let her look, she brought the book over by dragging it across the table. Leaving it alone once the book was close to the edge of where the girl was, she brought the tea to her and tucked it up under the veil. Sipping very carefully, she looked to the girl to see what reaction she would have to the sight of her drawing.-

Caprice  looks down at the book, watching the drawing critically herself, what was it exactly? It seem to be a flower, her not much of an Artist; her work more Technical, like schematics. ” Is drawing one of Mistress hobby, or her way of living, Mistress? ” (Ok)

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : -Looking to the girl as she set her tea down, she shook her head gently.- It’s just something I do from time to time. Currently as I wait for things to change, I do it a bit more than usual I suppose. -Reaching for the book, she would close it up and take one of the cookies the girl had brought out.- Here, for a job well done. -She said simply.-

Caprice  nod to the woman, looking at the cookie. Her body leans graciously forward to capture it between her teeth, and pulls back with it, if Mistress let go. ” What is Mistress waiting for? ” She mumbles, her eyes a bit wild, even dressed up like a pretty Princess, she was something much to wild to keep the pretense perfect.

мιяαηdα ανιdια ℓιвєяαℓιѕ : Waiting for my caste to change. -She said, while she took up a cookie of her own. Seeing the girl eat hers, she would take a bite out of her own cookie before she spoke.- When I companioned, I took on my companions caste.. but it’s not my cup of tea. -She said, cup raised as a joke.- I want to be of the physicians, which means I have to request a change. Till then, i’ll be waiting and unsure of what to do. Seeing as I really don’t.

Caprice  munches on the cookie now, the pretense of being civilized, sort of gone in that moment. She swallows, brushing crumbles from her lips back into her mouth, licking any taste off her finger tips. ” My Mistress is of that Caste also, quite a few in the city Mistress. Does Mistress have any experience? ” She was a curious creature, and she hadn’t been told to shut-up yet.

My final thoughts on Hochburg:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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