About visions on running a Panther girl tribe

When choosing a tribe  ask yourself this, what is the vibe of the tribe, do you want to be in a aggressive tribe,  raiding tribe or a role play tribe or even a girly girl tribe ?

There are several panther tribes in Second Life Gor. Some have been around for years and have a rich history. Others are new and are working hard to gain recognition. Let us hear some words from one such ‘new’ tribe , the Sha’Kar Arani.

Sha’Kar  Arani

Noe and me revived the tribe of Pygmies founded in 2007 by Noemie Ling (Noe).

Most pygmies were killed at the rain-forests in the jungle when they were brutally attacked by the Talunas but the ones who survived  fled to the Northern Forests where they met a group of wandering  huntresses  and they decided to build camp together and took the name of the original tribe “Sha’Kar  Arani”. Sha’kar  which means, sister , young girl , beautiful. Kar means sister and love.  Arani,  is a minor tribe of the south of Gor, they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai (Book 10 : Tribesman of Gor, page 307).

We have carefully selected the members because we want only sisters who want to play Gor seriously  and have fun. We try to have less drama as possible, but some drama is unavoidable in Gor and in tribes. So we have to deal with that. We also treat our enemies and captives with respect and we will respect their limits.

In return, we expect them to respect our limits as well, and if they won’t, you will fade to black (tp out) and they might be banned on our lands. As a tribe we do not death play and we all have a 3 days cap limit. Everyone is free to state more limits of their own. We are not btb. We are GE, but we don’t play “Disney Gor”.  If capped we will refuse to be tp’ed to a sim, where we cannot be rescued.

We are here for roleplay so imagine this is real. As you know huntresses and pygmies are selfish and they live in a camp because it benefits them. They are less vulnerable when they are their own. Now imagine you live in a camp. What do you need? You need food and other supplies. You need to build up these supplies, because winters are very tough in the Northern Forests.  So this is why we trade and rob (raid) other camps. We don’t shoot at strangers passing by on our lands. This makes no sense, and will also you put yourself in unnecessary danger.

We have no allies, but we have friends who may came into the camp armed and can help us with a rescue, when a sister is capped. I expect you to avoid being capped. If this were a real scenario,  who would want  to be enslaved or sold? Also when when raided and you see the situation is hopeless, you flee, instead of fighting until you are capped.

As for slaves we have no camp slaves. Only slaves with a dedicated Mistress, who is responsible for her. Camp slaves are often bored because no one pays attention to them, which leads to drama.  Huntresses don’t need slaves in camps, who have to be fed and so use supplies. So we are basically a roleplay tribe, but we do raid often because we need supplies.

The chain of command is: EN (Mariko Marchant), SE ( Vesta Ying), First Bow (to be determined) , huntresses and pygmies.  We expect you to play you role properly  so address the SE as my SE , etc.

When raided the First Bow overrules all leaders, as the raid leader does when we raid.

We don’t strive to be the biggest or the strongest tribe in Gor. We strive to be tribe with a family feeling and have as much fun as possible when playing Gor seriously. Sisterhood, loyalty and respect  are our core values.

Thank you,

Mariko Marchant (Proud EN of Sha’Kar  Arani)

Fair Flay – An open letter to the  Sha’Kar  Arani tribe members

When I had an  interview with GTS weapons store owner Tetsuia Kohime for the Gazette of Gor he stated that there is much more cheating on fighting on the customers side then on the weapons makers side. And I believe that is very true.  Stats are for some Gor players very important now and they do everything to get higher in the rankings. Also some see fighting as a goal of itself and do anything for not loosing a battle. This has of course nothing to to with Gor, but sadly we see it more and more.

The Sim rules are always leading. So when raiders read first the sim rules carefully and when you don’t agree do go to fight there and start a discussion that you do not agree with the sim rules if the outcome is not what you expected. I know that many even don’t know the sim rules of the lands they live on. So read them!

If you  see someone violating the sim rules on the lands you live there are two options:

  1. You call for a mod
  2. You notify your leaders

I prefer option 2 when there is no need for immediate action.

When being raided and one is violating the sim rules stay calm and contact your leader and play on. Do not react to an illegal action with another illegal action. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There will  always be incidents because people make mistakes. It makes no sense to cancel a raid because of a minor incident. Like 9 words in an emote instead of 10 words. Let the leaders decide how they handle these incidents after the raid. In the case of incidents that may determine the outcome of a raid like jumping in, the leader can stop the raid. If they tell to stop; stop fighting and go afk or OOC.

The Sha’Kar  Arani wants to fight fairly and accepts no cheating or entering a raid when it has started. We will not refuse to give keys when un-properly asked.

Well known forms of cheating are speed enhancers, avi displacement or creating lag by spamming the weapons channel.

Cheating gives the tribe a bad name, and will cause that other tribes don’t want to raid us anymore. I see cheating as a serious offense and when you do it, please bear in mind that it can lead to removal of the tribe.

Mariko Marchant (Proud EN of Sha’Kar  Arani)

This letter maybe shared with anyone

©Mariko Marchant


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