About Panther Girl Gossip – flagging!

An age old tradition in Gor known as flagging!

Flagging! It used to be the pixel visual of a challenge. A dare for those now staring at the standard of another lands to come test their mettle against fortifications and fighters.

Now? Now it is the calling card of the cap ho.

So after strenuous research. I decided to find the origin of this now watered down custom. (ok not really, I was actually watching this panther camp and went ‘holy shit…burning AND  flagging’) But perhaps..if you could dally your imagination with me a little…Someone from ye old SL Gor realized this also and thus the custom began…..

What to do with Flag planters

Nelly: ….did you place these…flags …at our guest hut and down in the caves?

slob bows his head, “Yes Mistress.” He walks forward ands tarts to remove the last of his ropes, the ones around his ankles He loosens them and then slides them off of him and then carefully rolls them neatly and sets them aside.

Greenr: We never treat other thralls like this

Nelly : shut up…..and answer the question

Greenr: In the cave and in some hut,yes. But that is not Sa vella land.

slob  frowns as he notes the boy doesn’t address his Mistress with the proper title. His hands curl into fists behind his back but he forces himself to relax.

Nelly : It is. *nelly pointed at him* Do you know what we do with….boys we catch ruining our lovely landscape here with ….flags…of filthy tribes like your mistresses?

Greenr: The Sa Jesuil are a proud tribe.I refuse to talk with you when you insult my tribe.

Nelly hands slob the flag pole with the flag itself wrapped around it…”Well what we do with those boys is…we impale them…slob….on my command…you shove this flag up this boys backside…as deep as you can..prepare yourself now.”

slob ‘s eyes widen as he is handed the pole, “Um… yes Mistress,” he stutters as he rises to his feet and stands behind the boy. He holds the pole in both hands and points them at his back and takes a deep breath, waiting for his Mistress’s orders.

Greenr: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greenr: What do you want????

Nelly : Now…*nelly crossed her arms* You may have figured out ..how much we dislike being flaged…especially by stranger slaves……and it is time your tribe learns about it..and what could be a better way then this?”

Greenr: Biting his lips and clenching his anus tightly

Greenr: I will tell them. I will take a scroll home.Anything,aynthing

Nelly : Now..i will count to 3….andf then you do what is needed slob….and dont hold yourself back. This boy is propably even used to it.



Nelly sighs…”I iam ot convinced yet….sooooo…..ONE!”

Greenr: I submit to you!!!

Nelly  shakes her head..”You can not submit…you are already owned….a slave can not decide whos slave he is….TWO!”

slob ‘s hands clench and unclench around the flagpole, bracing himself to deliver the punishment. He takes a deep breath and gets ready.

Greenr: I will tell everyone how dangerous it is here! I will go anywhere you want.Stark naked and tell everyone!!I will do anything you want.anything.

Greenr: Sobbing

Nelly  narrowed her eyes….”Well that might be something..” she said..”You will return….and hand your tribe the flag back….and tell them….that this was about to go up your ass…….and another one is still waiting for any SaJesuil that ever dares to flag us again. Do you understand, boy. This flag here ..goes right up her or his ass….if we ever find another flag of SaJesuil in our camp or our forest.”

Nelly  snorted..”Now kick this boy out of our camp slob…”

Greenr: Yes,huntress,thank you for your mercy.

Greenr: Sobbing

slob  nods, “Yes Mistress.” He seems almost relieved that he did not have to deliver the punishment. HOlding the flag in one hand he bends down and loosens the shackles that held him down. He pokes his back with the flagpole, “Get up. Let’s go.”

Greenr: may I have my slave kilt back? It is of fine silk.I took it off a merchants thrall.

Nelly : Good slob….he obviously doesnt understand what just happened..lets return….where were we? At number 2..right?

slob looks at Nelly and nods, “Yes Mistress.” He leans the flagpole against the wall and then grabs the boy’s hair and shoves hims back down to his hands and knees and re-locks the shackles.

Nelly  smiled…”Very well…as he asked so nice….i will give him his kilt back..after he had the flag pole.”

Greenr: No,please.You may keep my kilt.

Greenr: I rather be whiped by my EN for coming home naked.

slob raises an eyebrow, “She ‘may’? You are telling her that she ‘may’ keep something?”

Greenr: Please, keep it.Huntress.

Nelly : Oh…really? *nelly smiled coldly* how nice….good….seems we sorted this out…did we? Now slob….you may remove this boy from our camp..”

Greenr: Redfaced as he realizes he will also be on the ship stark naked

slob smiles and releases the shackles, “Yes Mistress.” He grabs the flag pole and starts to prod his back again, “Let’s go.”

Greenr: Thank you,huntress.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Sa Vella


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