Role play of a tale of blood sisters

Camp fire stories


Blood Sister –  or JA’HEAS  – Term used when Panther girls (well, obviously) cut themselves and mix their blood. Can be drunken or just by pressing the cuts against each other.

 The role play:

  • Cathli : thinks a moment as there are a lot of stories that she could tell…

  • Cathli: But in those days, Gor was even more dangerous than now….

  • Cathli : the tribe travelled by canoe and the river took them down below the falls and into the lands of Bila Haruma, where Men speak with a strange tongue and where there are strange creatures with many heads and poisonous fangs

  • Kirsten: leans forward eager to hear more about this Bila Huruma

  • Zeena : Bila Huruma? never heard of that

  • slippery: many headed creatures…

  • Ice : I remember them lands am thinking

  • Cathli : The tribe stepped ashore below the falls and walked along narrow paths… For though there was much to be afraid of, they needed to know if there was a world beyond their small lands…

  • Kirsten: looks up ‘he was an Ubar – cruel – tried to conquer the jungles’

  • Cathli : Their travels took them to a small outpost …it was a kind of fort but inside they could hear sweet music, like they had never heard before

  • Kirsten: eyes open a little wider

  • Cathli : And being not so intelligent, the music made them want to dance and to see what was on the other side of the wall…

  • Cathli : she looks at each member of the tribe in turn and wonders which of them would still dance if they heard that music, but then decides to go back to the story

  • Zeena : Sa jerag seems not be so smart that time

  • Cathli : Then one of the two En’s pokes the other… and says She must dance

  • Cathli : the wiser of the two who had dark hair shook her head and said there was always another time to dance, and that they did not know what was on the other side

  • Cathli : that the ways of Men were always the same and that they only had one thing on their mind… “Better”, she said, to listen to the sounds and music of the jungles

  • Cathli: Well, the other of the two En’s would not be stopped, despite her Sister’s warning words and went up the gate…. There was a bell which She rang

  • Cathli: A face appeared above the gate….”What do You want here….”he said” for it was a Man….just as the darkhaired En had feared

  • Ice  stares at mine watching her as she speaks and tells the tail of long ago as if it had just happen the day before

  • Kirsten: lets out her breath slowly thinking she must never listen to magic music

  • Cathli : and then he smiled….eyes large and licked His lips in a way that….well all Men do this when they see a Taluna Chieftess.

  • Cathli : or a Se

  • Cathli : or a Tor

  • Cathli : or even just a Taluna

  • Kirsten: blinks sightly

  • slippery : senses a feeling of doom

  • Cathli: “Sir, said the En, for the tribe was polite even if not so bright…”Sir, what is that music You play?”

  • Ice  chuckles

  • Cathli: “Would You like to come in and hear for Yourself?” said the Man who clearly was smarter than the En in front of Him

  • Cathli : By then the En’s hips were moving and her feet tapping and the more they tapped and moved, the more You just knew she would not be able to resist

  • Cathli : There was a creak, and then another and You could see the gates open, just a little bit then further and the En danced in, transfixed by the sounds She had never heard before

  • Cathli : What You may be wondering, about the rest of the tribe?

  • Kirsten: sighs and shakes her head thinking that the sisters should have tied a rope to the En so they could drag her back from danger

  • Kirsten: nods ‘aii. Were they bewitched too by the music?’

  • Cathli : If they had held a vote, there is no doubt the rest would have danced in too….such was the power of the sound

  • Ice : heheheheheh laughs as I can just see it all now and know that first EN was a blond

  • Cathli : But the En with the dark hair held up her hand….”Wait, this is a trap…We must not go in”

  • Cathli : And almost as She said it, more heads appeared suddenly, only this time with bows,

  • Cathli : “Run” She cried, “run for our lives….” For if there is one thing a Taluna should know how to do, it is to run*

  • Cathli: But…half the tribe was already bewitched….and though She shouted, even the dark hair En felt drawn to the music

  • Cathli : She felt her strength leaving Her, but in a last desperate moment, She remembered She had some cloth at her belt….well, You never know when a cloth will come in handy. We are not animals You know!

  • Cathli : With Her last remaining strength, She tore it into tiny strips and stuffed them into her ears…

  • Kirsten: lets out a long sigh

  • Cathli : It was enough….”like recovering from some sickness She could think again….and She began to run like She has never run before

  • Cathli: well that is not true really because in those days the tribe always seemed to be running from something

  • Cathli : but still She ran

  • Cathli : Eventually She reached the canoes and, feeling brave again, She looked round and pulled the cloths from Her ears

  • Cathli : And now She realised that She was the only one of the tribe who had escaped, and that the others were in the fort, captured by music

  • Ice : hahhaahha slaps my knee ” I had wonder if you were the only one that had escapted !!!!

  • Kirsten: shakes her head and makes a mental note to always have plenty of cloth when she travels to these lands

  • slippery : decides to add cloth to her pouch

  • Cathli : Now, a girl hears many things if she is careful and she has heard that some of the tribe say that there is no need for allies… and wonder how so many know of Us

  • Cathli : and this one heard that the Chieftess, for it was Her, walked many days and nights with her heart heavy and tears in her eyes, her hair a matted mess from where She had clawed at her head

  • Cathli : For what She was wondering was what was the fate of her tribe and her partner*

  • Cathli : After many days, She came to a land where a Woman stood… and the Woman, like Her, was covered in skins and filed her teeth. She was fierce and proud, but beautiful

  • Cathli : The En of the Sa Jerag trembled… but pride does not help an En with no tribe

  • Cathli : so She drew herself up and with a loud voice commanded the Woman before Her…”I am the Chieftess of the Sa Jerag, the mightiest tribe in the jungles” and I come to seek friends and allies”

  • Cathli : The woman looked at Her.. And for a moment, things could have gone either way and maybe there would have been no Sa Jerag anymore, but there was something that caused the Woman to stop…”come” she said…”Come to meet the Sisters of the Ni’ Ta Hesa

  • Kirsten: lets out a long slow breath recognising the name of the Ni’Ta Hesa talunas

  • Cathli : So it was that the dark-haired one entered their lands. For the one who led her was Valentina, sweetest of all Sisters

  • Cathli : and that night the SIsters of the Ni’Ta Hesa welcomed the dark-haired En, made her welcome, fed her and, in turn, She told of the sweet music and how Her tribe were all captured and slaved

  • Cathli : In the deep of the night, when the moon was high, The En of the Ni’Ta Hesa and the En of the Sa Jerag cut ther hands and shared their blood

  • Cathli : They swore Sisterhood…

  • Ice looks up as I recognize this name of Valentina, but just cannot place why I know her name

  • Kirsten: eyes open wide as she hears about the blood relationship with the Ni’Ta Hesa, nods understanding many things now

  • Cathli : The next day, the Sisters of the Ni Ta Hesa went with the dark-haired En, for they knew of the place She talked about, and of its dangers…

  • Cathli : They travelled many days back to the lands of Bila Haruma, and because the en had told them, they took cloth from their clothing with them to stuff their ears

  • Ice : GRINS

  • Cathli : As for the Sa Jerag Sisters and the dancing En, it seemed that they had danced themselves into a stupor. And as each fell down so they were bound and taken into cages to be sold to Bila Haruma Himself

  • Cathli : The Men had not needed one arrow…

  • Cathli : The one who called Himself Ubar of the lands, even though He was only a small Lord had taken the other En to His own House and held Her there in chains

  • Cathli : Each time she woke she heard the music again and was entranced….see She was not a quick learner

  • Kirsten: laughs out loud

  • Cathli : So it was lucky for Her that Her Parter and Lover, the dark-haired En, returned with the Sisters of the Ni’Ta Hesa…with Guilia and Raijin and many more. And at night they stuffed their ears and fell upon the guards of the camp who had become lazy because….well if everyone dances to Your music You dont need to be quite so good a fighter as if You can only moan and groan like a Viking from the North

  • Cathli : There is not much more to tell except that there was the blood of many Men on the ground, there was even a moment when the Ubar declared the raid invalid, but then that often happens in Gor. And there was a big argument but eventually the tribe was able to escape

  • Kirsten: takes a big breath realising she has been holdng her breath for a long time, and cannot resist clapping as she hears of the rescue

  • Cathli : And this is how the Sa Jerag are sworn to the Ni-Ta Hesa forever and are always in their debt. Each time their drums call, they go to help them

  • Ince : nods and nods “so the lesson learn from it all is to have good allies and alway carry cloth with you also “

  • Cathli : And if their En visits, then, She should sit at the right hand of the En of the Sa jerag

  • Cathli : Oh, and there is one other thing….

  • Kirsten: smiles and nods to ice ‘your girl is a good story teller sis. She has a gift’ smiles warmly at Cathli

  • Cathli : Sisters should beware the sounds of sweet music and always carry cloth in their pouches

  • Cathli : with this she goes quiet, her story told

  • Ice looks to the SE …”I think she is a wealth of Sa Jearag legends perhaps”

  • Ice  slaps my knee….” Well done mine!”

  • Kirsten: nods and settles back ‘aii. She is Ice.’

  • Kirsten: leans forward ‘bravo girl. That was well told’

  • Cathli blushes just a little… and looks up for permission to come to Your feet

  • Ice points to my feet

  • Cathli : she settles close to You and presses herself to your feet

  • Kirsten: I think we should put that down on a scroll – so it will always be remembered – just as your girl told it


© Cathli


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