About Verna of the books and Verna of Second life Gor

From the classic role play vault

 Verna the She devil

Verna of Second Life Gor

Marli stood on her familiar hill just outside the swamps. She stood , overlooking the marshes , the wind catching her silken red hair. Her feline sun tanned body gleaming as some sweat pearls ran down her back.  She gripped her bow tightly as she heard foot steps approach her. Marli keeps up her  guard  when “Verna” approaches

νєяиα: Tallies

Kimbberley: Tal

Marli: Tal

νєяиα giggles raise her neck peeking behind”who are you?

Marli folds her arms , she looks the red headed panther over from head to toe , taking note of the drawn bow “I am Marli ……and who might you be?”

νєяиα leans her head move a bit closer”my name is Verna also called Shedevil”chuckles as she seeing her draw her bow..”heyyy..dont need to do

Marli nods slowly ” well , she devil, in our lands its protocol that if a bow is drawn the opposite party will also draw their bow , so if you want to avoid flying arrows your way then I suggest you sheathe it now ”

νєяиα shake her head frantically blow air out her cheeks”pfftt…i was drawing before and if i would shoot i did already, then dont be worry about my bow”move closer further..”but..you may have a paga?

Kimbberley: hers the conversation.wonders why she not sheate her bow..but leave it up to the huntresses..

Marli points her bow towards siba in the south west “unless you have something to trade for the paga …..if not then i suggest you head to the tavern in siba ” , Marli stood her ground and peered deeply into the womans eyes

νєяиα  wrinkes her nose”i seem look one for the tavern maybe?”stares at her wide her eyes in a teasing way”im here for stolen the paga and not for trade, then you should be wise to give me one barrel and i go to my own way

Marli laughs loudly “I dont care how you look like , whether you frequent a tavern or not doesnt interest me ” she snorts “well, follow me into the swamps and I will see if I have some paga for you” Marli started grinning broadly

νєяиα: swamps..which swamps?”looking around”and why i should follow you..why i should trust of you..nahhh….you should yell to your girls and make bring a barrel here

Marli shrugs “no , you want a barrel , you can fetch it for yourself ” she tilted her head “trust ? for all you know I could have a slave bring you poisoned paga ”

νєяиα: this is true but…”she grinned..”maybe should be your slave to taste the paga, as im used to do…but..ok….lead the way i would trust of you

Marli wrinkled her nose “allright, follow me ”

νєяиα nods

Marli points at the barrels “help yourself ” she smirks

νєяиα: this one?”point at her own left

Kayleewinters: sees here sister with the other panther in the camp “Tal Huntress” some how see looks fermiliar

νєяиα: Tal huntrees”offer a briefly smile as she think to recal something about her face

εɗεη : buries her face in your hair, feeling helpless to her own desire. her body begins to slowly move with your hand, with no concern or knowledge of who may be near. hearing voices she just closes her eyes and tries to gage what you want of her.

Marli: “this one is verna , she likes paga like our feathers , she can have one barrel if she can manage to take it out from our swamps ”

νєяиα: are heavy?

Marli: “of course , if she fails to do that , then she will have to pay with the collar” Marli nods “they are heavy ”

Kayleewinters: nods slowly

νєяиα: let me checking”steps close the barrel

νєяиα: well…i have a idea for make less heavy

Marli: “you can drink the contents and get drunk” Marli suggested with a slightly evil grin on her face

νєяиα: indeed is my idea

Kayleewinters: hehe

Marli grinned , she whispered in Kay’s ear….a drunk huntress was easier to capture

νєяиα: but i prefere carry mah..usually they said i have a sharpend aim when im drunken

Marli smiles “oh really? you have the same alcoholic blood as my daughter , her aim gets better the more she drinks ”

Kayleewinters: laughs loud

νєяиα: uhh you need introduced me her then..who are she?”blink at the marlies words

Meri turns her head up to gaze over at the others smiled and continued what she was doing she breaths in your fresh scent and with her free hand yanks down your camisk pinching your sex and her hand between your legs moves in rythm with your moving hips

Kayleewinters: chuckels

νєяиα taken a ropes from her belt she cut in some parts and wrapping securely around barrel, thenlay down the barrel and using another ropes hold with hand tryes to carry away make rolling…”well…i think i should go now

Marli grins “Remember , if you fail to leave with the barrel , the cost is a collar around your neck……..so good luck with that verna

Kayleewinters: grins “lets make allready a choice what kind off collar that will be”

νєяиα: well…i dont have a hurry…just dont shoot to my ass and i will complete this..tarsk

Marli: hehe

Verna , nice try , we found the full paga barrel half way down the swamps and no sign of you anywhere

Verna as found in the novels

The tall girl, the blond girl, their leader, called Verna, lithe in the skins of forest panthers, in her golden ornaments, with her spear, strode to where Lana lay on the grass, on her side, bound and gagged.
. . .
Some of the girls were rifling in the wagons, gathering food, coins and drink, cloth, knives, whatever they wished. They were now ready to depart.
. . .
My camisk was cut from me. I stood as only a bound slave among them.
“Burn the camisk and binding fiber,” said Verna.
I watched the garment and fiber thrown on the flames. It would not be used to give my scent to domesticated sleen, trained to hunt slaves.
. . .
“I am Verna,” she told them, “a Panther Girl, of the High Forests. I enslave men, when it pleases me. When I tire of them I sell them.” She walked back and forth before them. “You are tarsks and beasts,” she told them. “We despise you,” she said. “We have outwitted you, and captured you.
We have bound you. If we wished, we would take you into the forests and teach you what it is to be a slave!” As she spoke she jabbed at them with her spear, and a stain of blood was brought through the fabric of more than one tunic. “Men!” laughed Verna, contemptuously, and turned away from them.
I saw them struggle, but they could not free themselves. They had been bound by Panther Girls.
Then Verna was standing before me. She appraised me, as might have a slaver.
“Kajira,” she said, contemptuously.
I shook my head, No!
Without looking back she then strode, spear in hand, from the camp, toward the dark forests in the distance.
Her girls followed her, leaving the fire, and the bound men, and Ute and Lana, whom they had tied at the feet of two of the guards.
Captive of Gor Book 7 Pages 119 – 120

The girls moved swiftly, single file, through the brush and small trees at the edge of the forest. I could feel leaves and twigs beneath my feet. They stopped only long enough to lift aside some branches and take up the light spears, and bows and arrows, which they had hidden there. Each girl wore, too, at her waist, a sheathed sleen knife.
The tall, blond girl, Verna, beautiful and superb, led the file, her bow and a quiver of arrows now on her back, her spear in hand. Sometimes she would stop to listen, or lift her head, as though testing the air, but then she would resume her journey.
Captive of Gor Book 7 Page 122

She was magnificent. She might have been bred from pleasure slaves and she-panthers. She was sinuous and arrogant, desirable, dangerous, feline. I had little doubt that she was swift of mind. She was surely proud and haughty. She was lithe. She was perhaps two inched taller than the average Gorean woman, and yet, due to the perfections of her proportions, as vigorous and stunning as a girl bred deliberately in the slave pens for such qualities.” Panther girls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting, and slaving and outlawry. They have little respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably, the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen.
~ Hunters of Gor

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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