About dealing with slaves

Ideas for role playing with slaves


Dear readers,

This is a list of Quick ideas, remember a girl is there to roleplay and enjoy it, if you just send her away to roleplay on her own, you will quickly make her time miserable….involve her in large Roleplay, get her in chores where she will have fun, with you or with more people. Put yourself in her situation and ask yourself if you would enjoy doing the chore you are about to give her. BE CREATIVE and remember she is there to please you, but remember you are there to also help her to feel happy.

Quick ideas:

  • Boot polishing – it is very gorean to have a Mistress command a slave to clean Her boots with her mouth and tongue.

  • Using her hair to polish and dry them.

  • Use a girls hair as a napkin.

  • Place a cup on a girls head, make her hold it there while you converse without spilling it.

  • Test a girl on her paces..whip her if she gets it wrong.

  • Make a girl give you a foot bath or foot massage

  • Give her laundry to do, have her mend your undies, have her put a hem in your skirt.

  • Have her go and collect vulo eggs in a basket.

  • Try to use a girl for a messenger (rather than using IMs).

  • Use a girl for your caste – just be sure it is interactive, dont send her away to play by herself but involve her. For example, panther trader – tell her to unload cargo – watch and whip her if she is too slow. Physician – have her scrub the floor – scold her if she misses a spot. Panther – take a girl for target practice or try to down her.

  • Make her demonstrate postions and describe what they are used for or command her into different positons and test her knowledge.

  • Quiz her and teach her.

  • Have a girl dance for you.

  • Take a bath stinky! Red silks can give baths and massage.

  • Ask for a massage – it doesn’t have to be sexual..even a hand massage is nice or rubbing at the temples.

  • Have her sew up a rip in your panties, while you are still wearing them! Try to involve the environment around you – if you are in a relaxed setting and trying to think of something to involve a girl in look around you. If you are outside the slave cages on the bench tell her to get a bucket of lemon water and wipe the benches down, have her pull weeds, have her climb the tree in search of a birds nest or fruit. If you have several slaves tell them they need to gather together and they have 5 minutes to figure out how to entertain the free.

  • Ask her about her history. Many slaves have seen much of Gor and have interesting tales.Put slaves in competition with each other, who can dance better? who can serve faster? make them broom fight each other.Take a genuine interest – because a girl is a slave does not mean she is brainless. Some of these girls are extremely smart, she might even have some ideas to help you out with a problem.

  • Make the slaves race each other up and down the camp. The winner gets a special prize.

  • Make her tell you a story.

  • Ask if she has an musical instruments to play a tune for you.

  • Have her brush and comb your hair.

There are all just a couple quick ideas..it is all up to your imagination on how you can play with slaves. Remember, slaves are here to roleplay too, try to involve them rather than sending them away, engage them and have some fun!

Slave weekly chores:

  • cleaning cages and captive area…sweeping, scrubbing cages, washing furrs inside cages, cleaning off racks etc…checking the locks on the cages assuring they arent loose or damaged along with anything else you see fit to clean.

  • Laundry: go to each huntresses hut/caves and pick up dirty furrs/clothing that needs to be washed…this includes the healers hut and the servery as well..any cloths etc…

  • weekly vegtables need to be gathered from the garden…also the garden needs to be watered and tended to by ALL slaves…how can we eat if our garden dies? Make sure to pick any and all weeds from the garden as well. keep our garden beautiful.

  • Milking the bosk: we need fresh bosk milk weekly .. PERIOD.

  • Honey and berrie gathering: there are many berrie bushes in the northern divide and as spring approaches we will want fresh pies being baked..also honey always goes well with our mead and other drinks..it is always good to have honey! Dont hesitate to gather some up..but be careful of the bees ;P

  • Keeping the servery well stocked and clean: NO dirty dishes laying around or soiled foods….make sure to restock as needed with what is needed from the storage down in the caves.

  • Cooking: As our huntresses hunt and battle we grow appetites…dont hesitate to cook up some stew or bread or anything for that matter…it is the slaves job to feed and cater to the free…This includes maybe brewing fresh blackwine daily to be kept on the hearth..as many huntresses prefer this specific drink. Also gathering fresh water and making sure some is stored in the chilla. Make sure the spices are stocked as well..and if you see we are low on certain ones…well then go out and gather them from the lands. I will be helping in any cooking and serving issues any of you have. I will hold a class once a week for you all that need it. A notice will be sent.

  • Landscaping: it is important to keep our camp looking nice…plant flowers around the camp and look after them…gather falling leaves..pick weeds…whatever you see that needs to be done.

  • Practicing with your weapons: yes this indeed is a chore that is needed most defenitely. When our camp is attacked it is good to have slaves that can ateast aim and help with the battles. Everyone counts…a slave that simply stands there as the camp is being raided is UNEXCEPTABLE. If you do not have weapons or do not know how to use them then you will be trained accordingly either by myself or another huntress.

  • Meat: as we bring in bosks,tarsks.vulos etc..they need to be plucked cleaned and stored accordingly. ALWAYS ask permission before using sharp knives or daggers to cutt the meat…forgetting to do so will result in punishment. 11. Baths: Offering your services to the huntresses for relaxing baths is always welcomed…It is also a way to bond more and initiate rp. Offer to help a huntress relax more…Im sure it will make for fun.


  • Personal slaves Personal slaves may be corrected and punished by any in the tribe and the owner will be notifed. Personal slaves are expected to serve Sisters of the tribe when their owner is not around or if their owner offers their service when present so it is required that all slaves personnal and tribal camp slaves either take serving classes or test out of serving classes. All non proby slaves are required to help give camp tours to new proby slaves and new cubs.

  • Proby slaves
    New slaves will be given the probationary slave tag. A lot of people show up at our gates wanting to be our slaves just because we are panthers. Once a slave has proven themselves (just as a cub/pledge must prove herself to become a full sister), they will get a full slave tag. In order to get out of the proby group you must prove yourself worthy by taking classes or testing out of classes and making an effort to be in camp and serving the free. Proby slaves cannot be moved to full slave before a period of a week without the approval of an En.
    It is customary in Gor that new slaves are required to earn certain priveleges such as travelling freely and wearing silks or getting nicer clothes. Proby slaves are forbidden from traveling without their owner, an En, or the first bond with them. After you get out of proby status your travel restrictions will be based on your owners desires. If a proby slave has to go ooc to deal with something off gor or to shop if needed,that will be permitted, however you can NOT leave the ooc area you went to and rp with someone. you need to come directly home, ask for a tp because In character you never left camp.
  • Tribal slaves
    Slaves can be collared personally or to the tribe. A sister who captures a slave has the choice of giving them a personal collar or a tribal collar. Slaves collared to the tribe belong to the Ens of the tribe, but may be collared by a sister later with approval and permission of an En. A cub can own a slave they bring to camp when they join, or own a slave they capture but camp slaves will not be allowed to be collared by a cub until the cub becomes a full sister.
    Camp slaves must be a full slave to be collared by a sister. Proby slaves that are camp slaves will not transfered to a sister until they pass their tests and probationary period. An En may require a waiting period before approving transfer of a camp slave to a sister. During this time she may put the slave under the protection of a sister that wishes to own the slave.
    All tribal slaves are unrestricted from travel so long as they leave a message on the tree of where they are going and are also unrestricted sexually though exceptions can be made. All non proby slaves are required to help give camp tours to new proby slaves and new cubs.
  • Unwilling/Force collared slaves Only willing slaves can be added to the group and put into classes right away. Unwillingly forced collared slaves are to be treated as caps for 3 days at which time the Slaver or first bond can add them to the proby group. If you are a forced collared slave or know of one that wishes to stay before the three days are up as a permanent slave, please inform the Slaver or first bond as exceptions can be made to this on a case by case basis. This rule is to prevent those who are just rping capture and plan to escape from wasting our time or energy for training when it wont benefit our home.


ALL slaves are required to do chores. Serving your owner or other Huntresses of the camp does not count towards chores! However please remember that chores are to be done in an rp setting, do not write a document up and turn it in, this is done to enhance roleplaying, not take away from it! The exception to turning in chores is if we are having a contest on who can do the most creative/best chore.


Until both the aiding and binding and evading capture classes are taken, you must hide immedietely at the first sing of a raid. This is to keep you from breaking tribal laws as well as sim rules. We dont want a raid we are winning to be invalid. you will learn what is permitted during raids in those classes. However, you should know right up front that No slave shall fire upon a Free unless the raider has made it into camp and there are no free downed.


In your duties as a slave you will come into contact with alot of different peoples both Free and slaves. You should be polite and greet them kindly. The Gorean word for greeting is “Tal”. This may be used or you may simply use “Greetings”. There is an order to which you will greet to show the proper respect in the proper order of society on Gor.
Firstly, greet your owner, unless you are already in their company. This should be done by saying “Greetings my Mistress” or “tal my Mistress”. Then greet the En by saying tal Chieftess. Then greet all Panthers . This should be done with “Greetings Huntress or Greetings Mistress”
If you are outside of camp, you woud greet any Men who are around with tal Masters, then the women who are not panthers with tal Mistresses Then you may greet the slaves. Remember to greet the first bond first, then the other slaves of the camp. They are your brothers and sisters and you may greet them as such.


Yes, you may be corrected or punished. This may be for doing something incorrectly or simply for the pleasure of your owner. Remember, punishment is not meant to done with hatred or cruelty. They do it to make you stronger and more beautiful because they care about you and your development as their property. No private slave is exempt from any punishment, princesses will have their tiara smashed.
You cannot punish me!” she cried. “You are not my masters!” “Any free person can punish an errant slave girl,” I said. “Surely you do not think that her behavior fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master’s sight?” Magician of Gor, pg 225


All slaves are required to offer service to the Free. There are no exemptions to this rule. If you are new, just tell them you are new to gor, and beg mercy for any mistakes they call you out on.  Remember, serve with fire and passion!

Slave abandonment:

While we always encourage slaves and owners to work out their problems sometimes this may not be possible. For instance, if the slave is abandoned by their owner. A slave must not have had contact with their owner for a minimum of 14 days to be considered abandoned.

What is a Gorean Slave?

A role of a slave is essential on gor as slavery is a vital part of the culture. The role is quite important one, challenging it might be frustrating at times, but with abit of effort and patience it is a very rewarding one as well behaved and skillful slaves are worth their weight in gold. Upholding a roleplay, sometimes even start it, stimulate people intellectually, and showing your intellectual prowess by writing gorean dances and your serves. There is a great deal more to being a slave on gor then just sit on your knees with thighs spread as far as they can go.

Knowledge of the books, to perform your duties and enrich the experience of gor on is essential. Read and listen, observe your fellow brothers and sisters. Get to know people as a Role of a slave is the one of the most social experiences.
A slave must unconditionally strive to please their owner in all things. To do any less would bring dishonor and disgrace to your owner and your chain. Remember, the word of your owner is law. Their word and commands take priority over all others. As long as you follow what your owner tell you, you will always be fine. Should any Free have a problem with you doing something that your owner has told you to do, be polite and respectfully let them know you are doing as pleases your owner and under their instruction. DO NOT get into an argument with a Free person, period, at all !! To do so will bring disgrace to your owner and their homestone, something no kajira or kajirus would ever do.

Silk Ceremony of Panthers (GE)

The status of a kajira’s silks can refer to several thing on Gor. Most commonly such words are used to designate a girl virginity. White silk can mean a girl is a virgin, and red silk the loss of virginity and accessibility of the girl to the tribe.
For the Tribe, the passage from white to red silk is of special importance and it indicates a potential for change in both physical and the emotional being of the girl. John Norman speaks of blood auctions conducted by the Free in which a girl surrenders her virginity. In the Forests there are no such written rules, not even for the ownership of slaves. So, we take a GE path and create our own equivalent for these kajira.
Let us begin . . .
The En calls the girl to her and speaks.
The En ties a white ribbon to the girl’s collar indicating the first stage of Glana Veck (virgin awakening).

“You are a pretty slave, Evelyn,” I said.
“Thank you Mistress,” she said.
“Are you white silk?” I asked.
“I am virgin,” she said.
“Then you are white silk,” I said. —-Explorers of Gor, 13:172

The En places a dina flower in the girl’s palm. The girl is escorted to the river bank.

The dina is a small short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the ‘slave flower’ it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name. —-Slave Girl of Gor, 11:61

The girl wades into the river and the flower is cast upon the river representing the passage of her innocence. The girl emerges and the En’ removes the white ribbon from the girl’s collar.
The En using her finger paints a symbol of ‘M’ and ‘fish’ (similar to the Earth zodiac sign of virgin) with moist red thassa powder on the girl’s forehead. The girl again wades into the river and washes the red thassa powder from her face representing acknowledgment of her new status and relationship to the Tribe. The girl emerges from the river once more and a red ribbon is tied to the girl’s collar indicating she has entered the stage of Sa Kara (feminine turning).

Then I felt her, and I could not have stopped her, had I wished to do so. I was chained as she removed the white-silk ribbon from my collar. In a moment she had fastened something else there, in its place, Doubtless another ribbon, doubtless the red-silk ribbon which had been given to her earlier by Mirus. She jerked it down on the collar, snugly.—Dancers of Gor, 11:209

The En presents the girl to the Tribe.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Deliscious Vella


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