About Panther Girl Gossip – crappy camps

The misery of a crapapoop camp

So let me start with a tale of woe.  If you are going to build a camp at least know what you are doing! or get some professional help !  I was once asked by a vague friend who happened to be an En  (you know the type that sends out a friend request and then you never hear from again)  if I would consider being her Se, naturally at first I was flattered. The sim she had chosen was a BTB sim named “Greyfalls” with a city close by , the sim owners were very nice and thought a panther camp on sim would create some extra traffic. The first week she started to build the camp I already had misgivings, instead of a panther camp the place looked like an ugly fort , I mean there were gates and tunnels and caves littered around the camp. Then she built dungeons and living quarters that literally caused lag because she used so many prims. Finally she built a moat and various traps around the camp.  I had no experience about building panther camps but my gut feeling was already telling me that this camp sucked !  So, some weeks pass and we had recruited like 10 sisters and were ready to fight off raids. The comments ….we got went something like this ….welcome to Noobville, where they do everything they can so not to lose……what crapapoop  panther camp….now to everyone who does not have a brain, this doesn’t look too bad. To people who got a brain, it looks like crap……Like I said , the sim owners were too nice , they let her have free hand at building this noob panther castle. After a month complaints started coming in to the admins about this camp. The En had a melt down and it ended in drama and her being ejected from sim. I later found out she had restarted her tribe in another sim and building another crapapoop camp…..

Find a decent builder!

The Luna camp in Lake Ias was a unique camp in terms of design and feel. Truly one of the few panther camps that could claim to have been built in a swamp. There were no gates , the swamp acted as a natural defence.  Mars Sirbu was the first to introduce the fish bowl to a panther camp back in the day. For attackers the swamp was confusing as they had to traverse a myriad of paths to get close to our lair. ….

…..Camp design choice is usually made by the owners of the group and or by its leaders, the group tries it first by getting mock raids to it …fixes what needs to be fixed and then play with it by getting raids or rescues and so on …

The raiders,  other panther groups always find something to comment about that they don’t like. Then it gets back to the group in question and they have to decide whether to bend over to the peer pressure or not …

Looking at panther camps today, the designs are very similar,  most are made of levels , most have gates , some have tunnels systems and so on …all have tree huts …basically the same routine all over GE gor…

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