About dealing with captives

A Captive is caught

Step One:

Step one remove ALL visible weapons on the avatar, such as bows, knives, swords, spears, whips, glaives, claws etc. Bind the captives arms and legs in secure gorean knot and leash them. If allowing them to walk only give them enough room to hobble BUT not kick. The captive is now secured . Time for a deeper search. Check in their profile picks if the player has any hidden weapons and name them ALL (usually in their limits tab).
runs over taking the weapon runs her body over the rest of him searching for hidden weapons finds a small arrowhead in his pocket takes it and tosses it far from him then with much effort she drags his sword huffing and puffing too big for her even to life and dumps it behind a bush running back in a flurry to take some binding rope and wrapping it loosely around his ankles tieing a secure Gorean knot to insure he can’t kick her or run to escape.
taking some more binding his wrists tightling once again securing with a firm gorean knot.to finish she takes another piece of fiber from her skirt belt and then wraps it around his chest tightly securing his arms and making a loop for her leash.

Each binding should include:
first moving up to bubble removing all sheathed seen weapons binding first ankles then wrist then chest with loop for leash send invite to be bound then search for hidden weapons remember to check in profile under pics if they have listed any then you be able to rp removing them if they are not listed then they cannot just pull anything out of their ass. must have in profile. then leash them. remember women cannot drag a large man women must be able to loosen ropes around ankle loosely in a knot to allow the big man to hobble along behind her.

Step Two:

Step two remove all layers of clothing carefully, taking care not to cut yourself on any hidden pins or blades. Remove the boots or shoes and search the INSIDE for any hidden weapons.

  • Đione: /me waking up for the second time in the cage she yawns loud and looking around then as realize to be alone in the dungeon reaches a small blade hide in her boots that they has forgot to remove

 Step Three:

Thirdly do a thorough body search. Start with the hair , use your blade or a comb and search the captives hair by raking throughthe strands of hair. Next look up the nostrils, search behind the ears (some captives stick pins or razor blades there), open the mouth and look under the tongue (for razor blades) then the other bodily orifices. The captive is required to manipulate these body parts so they can be examined. Male captives were given a degredation stripe when captured.

  • Reenok flet the cool steel on his cock and was glad it was the blunt side that touched him. Sighing a little as she grasped his hair, his eyes closing as he lay there and waited for her to be done. “Try not to make to much of a mess. I am quite fond of my hair..”

Once caged , either leave them bound or cuff them (for resistant captives). Docile or submissive captives can be unbound. KNOW that there is a risk when captives are unbound or NOT searched properly ! When removing a captive from a cage , have your spear or melee ready to cut them down if they try to escape.

How to make a make a captive submit
Keep in mind this is gor, while it was at times violent, goreans were never cruel for cruelty sake. Whippings were a punishment. So was restricting clothing, movement etc.
For captives, the goal is always to either get them to submit or keep them for trading. Now would you seriously damage something you wish to own or use to get goods or a member of your tribe back?
Goreans used their minds and trickery to force slavery. Submission if freely given was something the person could not take back. if forced through torture it means nothing, But if gotten through trickery, it still was free submission.
A captive that eats form your hand, is submitting. A captive that says what you want because they will die if they don’t is not.

Slavers were taught to “Bring out the slave” in captives. Once brought you it was said, they could never be free again. This was accomplished many ways. The most effect ones, were to force a captive to act like a slave. Keep them leashed and naked, forced to in camp as slave, forced to kneel etc. forced to serve etc.

Sexual torture was also used a lot, bring out the heat in a girl, but not permitting her to fully enjoy it till she admits to wanting it and submits.
Tea : /me whispers to the captive as it shivered and screamed, coating her fingers with release. “Your body has confessed” she whispered with the softest of whispers. “You are a slave by showing heat… and what a showing… slave” she whispered this very gently, with a pregnant pause after her words and before the word ‘slave’ which was said again in the softest of hisses, meant for the girl’s tortured mind.

Cutting off fingers, hands etc, was usually saved for males, females were beaten and whipped, for both sexes fingernails were ripped out or the bow hand broken.

  • Brogan: Pick one of them, and kill her, keep the leader in a collar, and cut the fingers of the rest, through the palm to keep them from lifting a weapon against us for a hand or so.”
  • Morr nods to Sar and ignores Mila’s pleas. Unless the se or Sar tell me otherwise, I begin to exact retribution. It starts when I grab your left index finger, squeezing it in my left fist, so just the tip of it sticks out. I bring the thin bladed filet knife to bear, pressing just under the fingernail. I pause. “Did you know Mila, that you have more nerve endings in the end of your fingers than anywhere else on your body? More than your clit, more than your knee.” After this informative educationial tidbit that you will never get to use, I slide the blade under the nail, far enough to penetrate its entire length. I pause to let you feel that pain, then twist my wrist sharply clockwise, the blade turning, lifting the entire nail with it. I see it is still attached by a threat of tissue, and i pluck it off with my thumb and index finger, laying the nail on your thigh to see.

Healers and greens were taboo to attack. Greens moved freely. Those in the wild when captured in panther tribes, outlaws etc, were treated with great respect and many times left to tend to their own captive members and slaves, or released.

Be creative with captives

Whippings, acceptable if a captive refused to obey commands. – withhold food – force submission by starving and then offering food form your hand. – Stripped naked, collared and leashed. Very gorean.

Treated as slave, when captive, Held on leash, forced to do slave duties in city or camp. Forced to serve. Very gorean.

Piercing captives. Very gorean.

Pierced persons were considered slaves. – Branding. – Very gorean but normally only done after submission is freely given, though it was forced in the books on others as well, such as the girls brought form earth.

Forced to use thrid person. contrary to some, third person talk is not normal for slaves, but is a punishment, and perfect for captives. make them think like a slave. – Caging, threats, force feeding if refuse to eat, trickery, mind games. all very gorean.
Mutilation – Very ungorean. it only happened in battles normally, when someone was wounded while fighting. – Damaging slaves. Normally the most common was cutting the tendant only on slaves that ran away. Slaves are property.
One of the most gorean tricks in the book is to try to convince your captive your helping them. Make them indebted to you. Treat wounds, explain how they are far better off now. protected, cared for etc.
Remember , obtaining submission was never an easy task…..an easy submission is likely to be a trick !

An Example of capture role play:

  • Mehnke stood above the panther as she laid strewn out on the ground before him. He removed the leather gloves from his hands, laying them over the wagon in front of him. His eyes dropped down towards her, regarding her cooly. He didn’t know how far he would get with her – if at all. His nose finally wrinkled up in disgust. “Your attempt to ambush our caravan… Pitiful. Girls should not play at being warriors. You have our woman, but we have you. It seems to be we are at an impasse.”

  • Zaira  closes my eyes focusing on the fact there was still grass against my skin, still the cool mix of dirt and wood in the air as I turn my head to the side away from the man who has appeared and look away. The ropes seem to bite at my skin a little more than usual and for some reason this feels a little more hopless than usual. I’m still in shock to be caught here.. and angry at the band for leaving me alone against such a well armed group. My tongue moves lightly over my lips to moisten them, breathing shallow in an attempt to keep camp and appear disinterested in what you are saying. I don’t respond to your words at all.

  • Mehnke reached down towards her with his bare hand, in an attempt to cup her chin. If successful, he’d turn it this way and that, inspecting her and silently judging her worth. He still wore the look of disgust on his face, he found her vulgar and this was likely plain to see on his own face. “Speak – I am willing to allow you to lead us to your camp, you in exchange for our woman. We will leave you camp, return to the caravan and be on our way. If you choose not to help, then, we’ll comb the forest and find you camp. You would not like what we will do when we do find them, however… Not that you would be around to be witness to such events. You can prevent this.” He hadn’t much interaction with panther girls, but thought they must have some shred of loyalty to live the way they did. He countered on it.

  • Zaira  would have moved my chin away if it were possible, but being in binds made this difficult. The only thing I can do is clench my teeth and turn to stare at you as my head is turned. I can almost feel your eyes moving over me, that specific appraising like a physical touch on my skin flashing back vague memories of time in my past. My eyes darken as I look at you, debating for a moment my response, “I will go to my camp alone, and set your woman free.. if she is ugly and worthless… but I will NEVER lead you there!” My voice raises as I speak but the look in my eyes darkens with pure determination.

Use acceptable RP when interacting with others. When binding do not emote “/me ties you up”. A valid binding MUST have at least THREE Lines of RP.. here are some exmaples, you can modify these and put them on a NC in your inventoryRemove clothes

  • grabs the shirt by the back and with her dagger slices the shirt along the back all the way down pulling it off

  • pulls an arrow from her quiver, using the sharpened head she begins to cut his shirt into shreds, making the strips a perfect size to use as bandages, she pulls the strips away and piles them up to the side

  • working down to his pants, cutting them into strips of equal size, pulling the strips off and pilling them up until he is completely devoid of clothing/me slits the belt and yanks off the pants with such force it makes the captive wineCapture

  • runs over to her captive and quickly takes three ropes from her waists and slings two of them over her shoulder, kicks his bow from his hands and watches it fall down ((( make sure that it’s not in reach)) she crouches down and trusts his wrists together and ties the rope around it and fastens it with a double gorean knot, leans over to his ankles and does the same with a her second rope

  • rises to her feet and chuckles softly at her captive, takes the last rope and makes a loop from it, tossing it over his head and makes sure to tighten it , no space left for him to escape. Yanks on the leash and takes her captive to (( camp.. or where ever you are going))

  • reaches into her pouch and pulls out a long length of binding fiber hemp, putting her arms behind her back, and bind the wrist tightly,

  • put a kneel on the wrists, take a more longer rope from her pouch and bind the arms of the captive with a triple knot

  • then crosses his ankles and binds them tightly, leaving only enough room for him to take short steps

  • takes away any visible weapons from the captive,breaking them and throwing them far away as I can out of reach

  • runs her hands all over his body feeling for any hidden weapons or tools, taking any she finds for me and my sisters.

  • reaches for two lengths of binding cord on her belt and sets them on the ground. She reaches down and straddles his back, crossing the wrists on back. She picks up a length of binding cord from the ground and wraps it around the wrists, tying a double gorean knot at the end.

  • picks up the second binding cord from the ground and stands up, kicking legs captive together. Working with experienced hands, she quickly wraps the binding cord around the ankles, pulling the rope tightly to remove any slack before tying a secure capture knot.

  • turn and take a binding rope and wraps it three times around the arms and theb reast of the captive, and finish by making 2 strong gorean knots.

  • takes all visible weapons from captive body and throws them as far as she can into the woods. She bends down and carefully searches captive body for hidden weapons, or anything that can be used against her later. She places everything she finds in her pouch, satisfied that the captive is secure. She grabs another length of binding cord and wraps it around the bindings at his ankles, creating a leash. Taking the end of the cord, she wraps it around the hands three times, pulling at the end to ensure her grip before throwing the cord over her shoulder and hauling the captive back to camp

  • moves in, takes the right wrist and binds it tightly with a strong knot, then crossing the left wrist over, ties it tightly as well. She puts her foot to the bakc of the knees, knocking the captive to the ground, and ties the ankles together securely.

  • turn and take a binding rope and wraps it three times around the arms and the breast of the captive, and finish by making 2 strong gorean knots.

  • Smiling, she laughs deeply and pats the captive down, searching for any concealed weapons in the clothes. Finally, she tear to pieces all clothes of the captive and remove the shoes


  • attaches leash to drag the captive to camp

  • take a rope and ties it around the captive neck and makes a strong gorean knot. Keep a small longer of the rope in hand to drag the captive to camp.

  • build a leash rope with a piece of rope to drag the captive where she decides to take them. Putting a Captive on the Cross (modify as needed)

  • put violently the warrior on the cross

  • examines the crosses and finds one that she likes. She picks up the girl/male and slams her/him body onto the cross, tying her/him legs around the base of the wood with more binding cord. Using my dagger she cuts the bindings around her hands and ties them quickly to each side before she can cause any trouble. She checks the knots to make sure they are tight and laughs at her

  • drags him to a stop at the base of the cross, kicks him in the head, rendering him senseless, and takes his hands one by one to bind to the cross. Having secured his hands with strong knots, she ties his feet one by one to the cross, stepping back to admire her handiwork.

  • examines the crosses and finds one that she likes. She picks up the girl and slams her body onto the cross, tying her legs around the base of the wood with more binding cord. Using my dagger she cuts the bindings around her hands and ties them quickly to each side before she can cause any trouble. She checks the knots to make sure they are tight and laughs at her

What is a captive?
A Gorean, when captured, knows that he/she will most likely be made a slave. There are rare instances of a captive remaining in the grace of being free because the captor wants to use said person to get ransom or dish out political pressure. Why is that not done with slaves? Because a Gorean sees no value in a slave anymore in the terms of the affairs of free (which include e.g. money, political/economical decisions, etc.). A Free Companion sees the contract as void if the partner falls into collar, a father would disown his child.

The freshly enslaved person does though have a grace period – which lasts exactly as long as either the saviour can hide the fact that the captive was enslaved or until the captive submits him-/herself actively, thus accepts the slavery. This acceptance can happen for whatever reason, be it fear of applied violence, sexual sensations given by the captor, shame, the feeling of broken honor, whatever. This acceptance can happen with explicit words (“I submit”, “La Kajira”, “Lo Kajirus”, the addressing of the captor as Master/Mistress), by explicit acts (kneeling and crossing the wrists over the head, i.e. submisson pose, etc.) or implicit acts (begging, accepting drink/food from the captor’s hand (that could be an onlinism though, to be clarified)).
A captive made slave is not right away a love slave or happy in his/her new role amongst Gorean society. A slave would flee if they would see any chance for success, means to get away alive and also to a place they will not just be made kneel again. This chance is often though prevented by explicit actions of the captor and his comrades (e.g. chaining the slave at night, locking them away when not surveiled, holding them leashed, giving them no access to weapons, information, knowledge, anything useable to flee) and the entire surroundings would not give the slave much chance to show their will for freedom. So, for example, in a city a gate guard would beat a slave that comes too close to the gate so that the slave would leave again, remaining inside of the walls.

Again also in the aspect of how everyone else but captor, captive and the respective comrades see a slave has one exception. Certain men may see an enslaved man as belonging out of the collar if he still sees some spirit in them. Women in this aspect would not grant such to a man, yet themselves would not be granted such either, even if they are yet highly willed to be free.

How does this translate to panther girl captures?
Panther girls hate men.
Panther girls despise free women and more so slaves.
Panther girls do not live in the more or less comfortable surroundings of stone housing, village or city societies, but in the dangerous and unforgiving Gorean wilderness, and not even there in longterm encampments.

Panther girls are said to be more cruel to slaves, which surely is based on their hate/despise for them as well as on the giving living area and circumstances. Still though, Panther girls are mostly Gorean human, female by nature despite any effort to decline that, thus accustomed to the very basics of Goreran culture and behaviour.
This means that a slave that has to be with or travel with a panther girl band, or even a single panther, of course already has a much harder time than e.g. a paga girl, a house slave or even a riches covered palace dancing slave.
It does not mean also that a Panther girl would apply earthen medieval or Vampire/Gothic based torture procedures on a slave or captive. No Gorean, and neither a panther girl, goes fully sadistic on a slave just for the fun of it. They much more inflict psycological/emotional humiliations (incl. rape) and physical pain, trying to not mutilate the slave permanently (mostly for Kajirae, the physical beauty of men counts much less for all Goreans).
Slavery under panther girls is harder on slaves because a panther girl tends to be less amused by even small fails of the slave like a man might be, they will punish faster. Panther girls will care for their slaves to become much weaker by lesser ratios of food and water even than the put on slave diet civilization kajirae – while still demanding really hard work (and work with only crude or makeshift tools). Panther girls will restrain their slaves, chain and bind them, cage them, much more than people in walled cities would that can rely on scent given hunting sleens as well. Due to this, due to the fact especially for Kajiri that panther girls might be seen inferior by the slave compared to his Former state and rank when being still free and due to the harshness of nature (it is more comfortable to be caged in a straw covered kennel than into mud and exposed to cold rain), the slavery amongst panther girls is much harder.

And in which specific activities does this translate?
About no slaver or slave owner forgives a fail to please in a kajira/-us outright without at least a punishment before. Panther girls are no different there, yet they may well be more hotblooded and shorttempered when it comes to it.
Panther girls when dealing with kajiri and kajirae will surely mock them a lot more, will psychologically, emotionally degrade them, ashame and humiliate them. The stripe of shame is surely just one example of what they do to their captives and slaves. They will offend the slave’s former values, his/her pride and hopes.

Basically other enslaving roles act similar surely. Panther girls though will do this a lot more than a city free man would that sees the kajira as finally in her natural role, just having to teach her how to perform in this role. Panther girls will be that hard on a slave just because they are slaves, because they despise slaves, hate the man or the weakness in the woman – compared: a city free man surely enjoys the weakness in a woman, cherishes her for it, and sees another man in bonds as a P.o.W. (Prisoner of war) that from then on has to do heavy, maybe even deadly compulsory labor.The forest girls will, when surveilling a kajira/-us put to work, surely beat them even to drive them to faster and better work even if the slave already shows efford close to his/her limits, giving eventually the feeling of never being really able to please the free outlaw, to be despised, maybe hated, and thus becoming hopeless, desperate, only hoping to survive anymore.
When not put to work, a slave in a panther girl band will be highly restrained, bount, hogtied, leashed, caged, in the dirt of the forest soil, exposed to weather and climate. The reason for this is that a panther girl, while being able to hunt down kajirae that may try to escape and enjoying it, have to be very carefull when it comes to men having too much room to unfold themselfes. A man is strong enough to overcome a panther girl, and if that man was formerly warrior, guard or fighter and then should manage to aquire weapons, the band might be in dire danger.

Panther girls will make also sexual use of their male slaves, not only under the moons during a moondance – which will very likely lead to the death of the man due to fear and exhaustion, being raped, eventually repeatedly, by about fifteen girls throughout the night – or: the rest of his miserable life. The female outlaws will even during travels or in their temporary encampments go to the restrained kajirus and use them to fullfill their own needs, whenever they like and find time for it. That may be during or after the slave’s work, instead of lunch, during any time the slave would hope to be allowed to sleep. That so far is not different from the rest of Gor, for Goreans, especially men though, it is very degrading to be dominated by someone that should be beneath them on the ladder of social rankings, society and nature. For kajirae being dominated by a woman is often bad itself, for a man being dominated by one that should be a slave is very degrading, being raped by a very slave is most humiliating (even worse than being raped by a panther girl who is at least somehow free).Kajirae will likely not be used sexually within a panther band. That will, over time, make them suffer from their unfullfilled needs. Maybe though they will be thrust to a kajirus for him to rape the girl for the amusement of the panther girls. For the kajira that is – although one way to have her needs fullfilled – a very degrading experience for she is put in social rank even beneath another slave.

Being huggled or even chatted with in a reasonable or relaxing manner will be rare for a slave in a panther camp, and being allowed to try and please the free by serving them drinks at the campfire surely is also a rare opportunity. For panther girls things like wine are luxurious possessions, eventually kept for special moments or used as trade goods, blackwine surely being totally out of reach. They will drink water or tea mostly and, when sitting around the campfire, either have a bota of water circle around or fill bowls with tea from a can or the like, that hangs over the fire, themselfes. The slaves will eventually lay hogtied or sit bount to a tree nearby, fearing to be beaten for as much as saying a word if not addressed or even if addressed.
In general so, panther girls punish the same ways as a city man would: Whipping, switching, beating, restraining, ashaming, temporarily forbidding food, water, talking, usage of hands, clothing, then also degrading, assaulting the values of a captive/slave, humiliating, threats of mutilations or even death (and executing those if the captive/slave does not take it serious). What is hard about a captivity/slavery though in a panther girl band and camp is that panther girls will be less patient on captives/slaves, will punish out of another motivation than city men: Hate/despise instead of theaching a slave her/his place.
And the fact that panther girls are women makes the slavery and captivity amongst them for both gorean men and women much harder itself. For men because of being degrading to be slave to one that should – by nature – be their slave and thus puzzling their social ranking and for women because the lack of fullfillment of their sexual needs and the display of what a woman could be but what they are not.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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