The Gazette of Gor – Issue 52

Editorial comment Marlies Dasmijn

Dear readers, a happy milestone has been reached with issue 52 of Gazette of Gor. it’s now exactly a year ago since Minnie gave permission that Gazette  could be posted online via this blog.

It has been a succesful venture with each online posting of Gazette reaching on average 40 views.

So I am pleased to announce that Gazette of Gor has launched it’s very own blog in which some weekly  issues will be posted.

…….And in may this year Sonia and I agreed to spread the Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor via Gazette.


•     Editorial by Claude Belgar
•     Circe’s Tale of the Isle of Tarsks
•     Einherjar Festival at Whistler’s point
•     A new day begins
•     Against all odds (Live cover)
•     Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor
•     The Fishing Poem – from Elena
•     The misadventures of Sonia after a hunting party

 Editorial by Claude Belgar

Time, while relative, still have a limit when you take it between two set points A and B. Of course from one’s perspective, it will seems to pass faster or slower, all depending of what is laying beyond point B.
But still, it is finite, so you have to consider it when you plan something, moreover when you plan to have someone else effectuate a task. The closer you are to the point B when you start, or ask for a task to be done, the more difficult this task will become, and if you asked someone to do it, they might have an harder time with it, and might, why not, write an editorial about it.
So consider the flow of time, don’t wait until the last moment when planning something.

 Circe’s Tale of the Isle of Tarsks
By Kimba ( Giannia Rossini)

 Ok, this is a story told by another storyteller. I will tell it in her words, the way Circe always told it.
Several normal lifetimes ago, I found myself living on this little island. I don’t even know how I got there. But it was just me. There was plenty to eat growing there. Except some of it wasn’t really good for you. There weren’t no birds, nor animals, nor trees neither, just low scrubby bushes. It was way off the beaten path and trade routes, this island. I think I must have been there for years, alone. There was no way to know how much time actually passed.
 I kinda liked it there on my private, little island. It was lonely, but I’d been alone in crowds before. At least the island was quiet and drama-free. There were caves to keep the rain off of me, and enough rain to fill freshwater pools. The climate was warm, and storms were few. To you, it would be bad because there was no meat. Just the plants that grew on the island. There were no trees, but there were abundant berry bushes and tubers and all sorts of the food that grows in dirt.
I learned to catch fish, but it was too much work to bother, and icky, with the guts and everything, baiting the hooks, yuck. Especially considering how much more easier food there was available. But, you get bored with the same fare every day – and I tried stuff that looked edible or smelled good. But, like I said earlier, some of the plants were not real good to eat. On some of the lower parts of the island, the ground water was too salty from the sea, I think, and the plants that grew there could make you very sick.
I found out later that my island was way out to sea, and that’s why there were no birds. And with no birds to poop the seeds, thats why there were no trees. There was one particular plant, that should have been quite good to eat. It was a pretty flower, growing from a large bulb – and flowers and bulbs are both generally edible. But this plant made me crazy, just from a small nibble. I saw things that were not there, could not be there. I saw dead spirits and giants. I never went near that terrible plant again. Until the ship came.
They were rough men. Warriors. They had been returning home, from fighting a long war that ended in a longer siege. Now they were returning home after almost a decade, with their ship loaded with the captive women of the city they had conquered. But there was a great storm that shredded their sails and left them lost. The soft, city-women that they had enslaved all died. They were completely lost, and near death from starvation and dehydration, when they came up on my island.
Of course, I had seen the ship long before they got close enough to see me. Naturally, I hid from these men. I knew how it go if they found me. But they had no idea to expect a lone woman to be on an island in the middle of nowhere, and they weren’t looking. But I knew that eventually they most likely would find me.
I snuck around their camp at night, and I listened to them talking and boasting in their tents. I realized that they would strip the island bare, before they got on their ship and went onwards. I’d be choosing between starvation if I stayed hidden, and slavery if I didn’t. And not real a pleasant collar either with all those men and just me.
I listened to them all night, and I came to know these men. They were warriors, in truth. They were tough, strong men who had endured terror and survived hardship and the deaths of half the men who had set out with them. They were men who could face the harshest wind and not bat an eye.
But also, they had weakness too. They were so strong going forward, they were so geared towards facing danger head-on, that they neglected their flanks. They were men too long at sea. They missed their wine, women and song. This weakened them. And worse, they didn’t know they had a weakness. They didn’t believe they were even capable of weakness or failure.
Observing them from hiding, and listening to them in their tents at night, it was easy to discern who was their leader. He was truly a great man, a hero to his people. He was loyal to his men, and they to him. There is nothing better than can be said of a Leader.
He was handsome, strong, and decisive. He had curly brown hair and he wore a trimmed beard just on his jaws and chin. Piercing pale-blue eyes, like an atoll-bay at sunrise. His muscles were like heavy chains, but he moved like a dancer.
On the third night, I snuck into his tent naked and woke him with a quiet whisper. At first, he may have thought I was just a dream, or a sea-sprite. But it did not stop him from using we well, and I, having been alone too long, responded equally well.
I stayed with the Captain, mostly in his tent, protected by him and serving him, and entertaining the other men sometimes with songs or dance. I couldn’t possibly serve all of them, and otherwise would cause dissention or favoritism – so I served only the Captain. The others, I cooked for them, and I cleaned their weapons, and I sang. I made up new songs and stories. And on the third day I was with him, I told this Captain that I could make beer from the flowers and roots that grew on the island.
Seven days later, the beer was ready. At first it made them drunk and happy. After about an ahn, they became unable to stand, and they began to see things that were not really there, and they could only crawl on the ground like swine, and make grunting noises like animals, and forget they were men. Even the Captain. For I had used the flowers and bulbs of that terrible plant that had made me sick, in my beer. I put out troughs of beer, and the tarsk-men had guzzled it, and now were content to lie in mud puddles of their own urine.
When they woke from their stupor, the first thing they did was guzzle more beer. Except the handsome Captain. While he slept, I had tied him up securely, dragged him to one of my caves, and began to give him water.
I nursed him gently back to his right mind
and then I loved him again,
though not quite the same way as before, with him in control.
Now I had control.
But, on the third day of this happy existence, I was rudely interrupted when the God of the Sea, Poiseiden, came walking out of the sea, and the Goddess Athena landed from the sky. Athena told me that she had put me there, and Poiseiden had brought Ulysees the Ubar of Ithaca, there, to settle a bet.
The gods had argued about who was more resourceful, men or women. Athena had offered odds, betting Poiseiden that a lone woman could best a shipload of his best men. Poiseiden had to pay off his wager, a promise that no hurricane would ever touch Athena’s city of Athens. Athena rewarded me with promise to grant any one wish.
 I was sore tempted to wish to have Ulysees always as my slave, but one tires of eating the same fare every day.
So I wished Athena to take me somewhere where there were trees and birds and animals in abundance, where I could remain forever free. And you all know where she put me.  Amongst the Panther-Girls living wild and free, in the vast Northern Forests of Gor.

Einherjar Festival at Whistler’s point
By: Lady Asa Darkbyrd Redyard

I had looked up the word Einherjar out of curiosity. It turns out they are those who have died in battle and are brought to Valhalla.
The Gorean BTB sim Whistler point hosted an all day event, honoring the warriors who have fallen in battle. This coincides with the modern American holiday of Memorial Day.
See the following lines taken from the Einherjar Festival Notice.
Because Gor is not really on the same calender as earth. We can work with the dates so the weekend of Memorial Day does not have to be when we have this event as many would be out for this weekend with their real life.
This is a festival to honor Warriors.  Because of that I think having games of strength of body and mind are very fitting.
The event went without a hitch last Saturday for the whole day.
Taking up for my friend who started, I went to the event The Einherjar Festival and found that they started off with story to which many things were shared great and small around the fires of the camp, time, and now an awesome event of mud wrestling
Two bonds who decided to get into the mud and wrestle it out Alessa Collas and Delia, they wrestled and wrestled, mud slinging everywhere as the two grunted, groaned, screeched and hollered, faces were being planted into the mud hair grasped by fisted muddy hands, but when the mud settled it was all said and done, Allesa Collas  beat Delia, though the bond did her best she just couldn’t keep up with the feistier wench.  Well done, the on lookers were jeering, encouraging, hooting and aawwing with pleasure, some delighted and some disappointed as I’m sure all those tarsk bits were exchanging hands to the winner.


On to the second round of mud wrestling, our winner Alessa Collas has now been challenged by Juvele Stark, and it seems that Juvel, the two wrestlers faced each other before hitting the mud once more.
Money was seen to exchange hands during the start ‘she looks over hearing the wagers being wagered’
Jai Koskinen: “I got 3 copper of Alessa!”
Ąλέξανδρος: “i bet  10  copper at  mine ”
Jai Koskinen (jai.castaignede): “I’ll match yer 10!”
Hey Wait, isn’t that the uh … Land Jarl?  ‘She chuckles then looks back to the two contenders’
Both contestants struggled hard wrestling with all their strength against one another, Juvele stuck in the mud beneath Alessa seemed to have a hard time getting the upper hand, Juvele’s arms flailed around as she was planted into the mud, Alessa laid across her and pinned her there holding for the count before being declared victorious.
‘I looked over to see the coin bag being traded and smiled’
Ąλέξανδρος: smiling  ”  and hers  jarl  just  win  10..”
Jai Koskinen: grins…removing a small pouch from his belt. raising my chin to Alex I toss it in his direction.
Three rounds the bonds went and all of them Alessa seemed to be victorious, Congratulations Alessa once more, you are the mud wrestling champion at the Einjerjar Festival in Whistlers Point, hold your head high bond it means that you can crow about your prowess and the other bonds I’m sure will stay out of your way for a while.
Now it seems there is another match, once more the brave and bawdy bond jumps into the mud full of confidence now that she has won already two matches and now she confronts Alessa but it ended so quickly the artist didn’t have time to capture the image of the two throwing mud around, well it seems there is no one left who wants to challenge the champion, congratulations once more Alessa may your mud wrestling prowess remain in tact for a long time’
Oh!   Oh!  Wait a minute there’s a new challenger in the mud wrestling competition her name is Hana and it seems she wants to challenge the beast Alessa for her title, so into the pit they both fell wrestling, rolling and struggling into the sludgy mess, hair covered, kirtles a mess, but out of the mud comes a mystery, who is it that is on top???? ‘she stares hard waiting for the mud to come off’  HANA!! ‘she cried out ‘Hana what a surprise, Hana is now the one to defeat the on going champion, Congratulations Hana’
Will there be anymore challenges made? ‘she waits to see if anyone else dares to enter to the pits’
The declaration goes out to the crowd by the Land Jarl:
Jai Koskinen: looks about….”Are there free women with daggers at the ready?” he grins………”The arena awaits.
She goes over to the two time raining champion and asks her
” Asa Inger Redyard: looks to the beast who held the two rounds and smiles “Tal beast, how does it feel to have won a title as mud wrestling champion for two rounds?”
her Reply
 Alessa Collas (barbara25): smiles to the woman talking to her …. it feels good Mistress
 Alessa Collas (barbara25): yet all girls here we are strong and courageous.. and we love mud i guess… giggles
‘she smiles to the wonderfully sweet Alessa and moves on to find Hana and ask her a few questions:
Asa Inger Redyard (xouxanchin) looks over at Hana
Asa Inger Redyard: Tal beast ‘she approaches Hana with a smile’
Asa Inger Redyard : How does it feel to best the two time champion?
 hana (shadowdancer.kamala): ” greetings Mistress , smiles hearing your words..” it feels good Mistress I made the hold Jarl proud and that means everything to me”
Asa Inger Redyard (xouxanchin): That’s wonderful, I’m sure your jarl is very proud of you and congratulations ‘she smiles’
Hana (shadowdancer.kamala): ” it is not really who wins but bringing honor to those who own you and we both did that”
Hana (shadowdancer.kamala): ” I am a hall bonds Mistress so Jarl Jai owns me”
Asa Inger Redyard (xouxanchin): You are very right about that, bond ‘she smiled’ and also bringing honor to the warriors in who’s memories you all bring this celebration
Now that we have finished the mud wrestling event it was announced that there was a Free Woman Dagger Fighting Event, Oh wow it’s just so vicious as the two fighters come to the arena and make ready
Freya Njoror and Yvaine both took to the ground running fighting each other with daggers, they swiped at each other, hits made with the coal that was attached to the blunt in to show the marks made, both fought, jabbed and swung at each other but in the end of the first round Freya won the first and second rounds,
Many events were transpiring all around the great feast to honor those who had fallen in battle, I am quit sure those mighty warriors are very happy to join the festivities in spirit, especially the mud wrestling bonds ‘she laughs’   but as much as all the fun and reverie had transpired and the honor and thanks given to the many who gave their lives, it makes us look back on those who paved the way for us by giving of their lives.
The sacrifices made by families, and those of the fallen heroes who give their all to see that we had all we have been given.
 For that I say a great big thank you and though thanks could never be enough, you know the many lands and people come together and celebrate their fallen friends and family for everyone belonged to someone and every one of those heroes deserve to be celebrated.
‘she smiles’  Thank you again Einherjar for celebrating Memorial Day Weekend and all the other villages and cities around Gor that helped to make Memorial Day Weekend a great success.
Once again this is your roaming reporter Asa signing off, until next time Goreans, stay safe.
Lady Asa Darkbyrd Redyard

A new day begins
By Mariko Marchant

When I wake up in the morning after a very short  night I have still the image in my head of the woman who committed suicide our the dock. Outside I hear some of my sisters talking.
I walk up to them and I see them looking at my feather they want to have. When I look them in the eyes they turn their heads away. The silence feels unpleasant for all of us. I feel sorry for them because I know they are are used in a power battle that has no winners but only losers. I walk further in the camp and see you a young pledge with tears in her eyes. She  hands me over the scroll with the tasks she has done to become a full sisters, that no one wants to read  She feels ignored and unhappy. I take her to my hut and say “Sis  I am leaving”  and start to pack my things in 2 large bags. I see the scroll the former First Bow wrote.  Beautiful and wise words about a panther tribe, but I don’t think it is about our tribe. I put the scroll in the bag, along with all the lessons she teached me. I hate to leave her but there is no other way. I look at Naia and say “are you coming with me? She says”: “I  follow wherever you go Mari”. We both cry when we leave our feathers in my hut and take the zipline to the dock. On the dock I have a last look at the camp I loved so much. “Farewell  sisters” I say with tears in my eyes. I jump in the canoe and we peddle to distant lands. We are tired and hungry when we reach a panther camp. They open the gate for us, give us food and drinks and listen to our sad story. After that they say “If you need a home you can stay here”. Later we see the sun come up when we sit before our hut with a smile on our face, that has been away for far too long. Naia strokes her new huntress feather gently. She looks so happy.  When look at her I have no regrets I left my First Bow feather at the camp. Sisterhood is more important to me.

 Against all odds (Live cover)
By Simone (simone2971)

Picks a microphone and starts doing live cover of the suicide mission “….. yes the mighty Sa’Jesuils are preparing for an attack, Only 4 team mates against 10 of the Valks in what i call the underdogs…. and what a beautiful day it is,…. and it just started Dawn leads a few yards to the left,… moving like a gazele from left to right and shoots towards Trin,… Nikki over takes to the left with a swift ballet move distracting the enemy then Adio runs from behind shooting uhmmmm…. shooting in a general direction….. Dawn moving closer, there goes Dawn near the gates, a rain of arrows just falling left and right on her but she don’t give a bosk dump,… There goes Adio trying to cover,  shooting Dawns butt then Dawn gets angry and steps on her toes ,…. The Valks getting confused what’s going on and starting shooting themselves too,… suddenly a damn bird flies over Nikki and do it’s business, Nikki gets pissed off and shoots the bird in the A,.. and shouts “have a wonderful day bish…”

….Dawn moves closer again, Dawn is touching the gates, the Valks shouting “oh no you didn’t….” Dawn keeps touching the gates and looking pissed off, then a cloud of arrows just cover her,…. Adio slips on behind her and lands on her butt,… the Valks totally confused they don’t know how they winning,…. Nikki cleaned up and runs back again full of energy,…. tosses a donut at a TMV head,… where on earth did they come from,…. yes it is still happening , Dawn try to get our of the arrows with no success,…. finally the Valks starting jumping up and down making weird sounds and start using what seems to be a green fog ,…. damn didn’t even know chemical weapons allowed on this….  and what a finale, it is all over the Valks gassed everyone even themselves but they win on numbers.

 Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor

Please send any changes to Marlies Dasmijn of Forest Moon..
Special thanks to: Isabeaux Rembrandt, lily SnowWolf (lilysilvermare), KirstenMaebh, Sheera (jennabadgirl) and Sonja Cortes (sklavin.hendes).

Black Panthers (German and English)
En: Shana Oberts

Clan de Thalestris (English and French)
En: all tribe

Cor Sa Ti Panthers
En: ℭħάөš ℵÌgђţℓý ŠριtŦιrє Ŧιrєʆγtє (chaosrayne)

Dani’s Band (btb)
En: Dani™ (danielle008)

Forest Moon
Ens: Marlies Dasmijn and Sav (1ladysavage.ansar)

Ikerei Tribe (French and English)

En: Sky Valerain

Ja’Lina Torvis Panthers
En: Heather Ulrich and Petra Poliatevska

Ja’hesa me Tri’shena
En: Creide Nightfire

Jerag Me Tre’Sha
En: Raven (flowergirlsdeath)

Ki’Kara jerag Panthers (German and English)
Ens: ĐεεĐε Łμηα (deepestdesires) and Mother Luq (Luqara Darkwatch)

Lina’s band (BtB)
En: Sarah Gartenberg

Lost Tribe of Talunas
En: Taa Kurka

Luna Navah Panthers
En: Dia Galaxy

Ravens Band
En: Raven (ravenvilka)

Sa Anu
En: Sin (Sinead Moonites)

Sa Di Sani Panthers
En: Kirsten (kirsten.klaar)

Sa Ki Fori
En: Morrighan Serendipity and Willow Easterling

Sha’Kar Arani (talunas and pygmies)
En: Mariko Marchant

Sa Me Aak

Sa Me Arder
En: Kiki Exonar

Sa Me Arquana (German and English)
En: AÝA (ayana convair)

Sa Me Laluna
En:Cαяяу Dαωѕση (Carry3Dawson Resident)

Sa Me Pyrana
En :Cori Pantar

Sa Me Uma
En:Madison Summer

Sa me Wakanda (German Tribe)
En: Erika Menna
Sa’ng Gretuk Panthers
En : Tammi Wildness (tammi4u222)

Sa Sa’ng-Fori Huntresses
En: NALIA (staxs)
Mamma : Ellia Oh; Eva Melgund, Micheller Wyler

Sa’Sheku Panthers
En: Emma ( Emmamorales Resident)

Sa’Tavi panthers
En: Terra Warblood

Sa’ira pa
En: Rikie (rikiela)

Sa’jesuil Panthers
Ens: Caoimha1 and Sheera (jennabadgirl)

Sa ‘Seraka Tor
En: Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82)

Talender Moon
En: Malinda Constantine

Three Moon Panthers
En: ღ Ivory ღ (ivory.teardrop)

Toki Aka’am
En: Ecko Honi

Tsula Ne’esa Panthers
En: Jo (joanna breem)
Valkyrie Torva Panthers
En: Robin Dancer and Dagny Chalice (meyerchalice)

Veck ‘En Talunas
En: fever meng

Wa Ngao Talunas
En: Felicity Coronet

Zima Ak’am Talunas
En: Sarka Markova

Newly added:
Cor Sa Ti Panthers
Sha’Kar Arani

Three Moon Panthers

High Forest Panthers
Sa’Sareem Tribe

Other Notes:

The picturesque morning brought  us one story NOT ONLY about

“Capricious Tuna Which – Doesn’t – Want – To Be –  Caught”



I.      A fog is surrounding the Silver Lake
And people who came from the different lands
Having such a strong appetite to get
One capricious Tuna Which – Doesn’t – Want – To Be – Caught
Started to take their places around
Sitting with rods on the luscious grass
Making their bait and speaking of times
II.     Two Ladies were sitting together like sisters
(As they found The Luckiest Bench!)
Their discourse was slow, full of sweetness and so pleasant
Dancing with sunny beams on the cold Silver lake
Some dreams were mixing with the flagging fog
They were ready to capture This nasty Tuna Which – Doesn’t – Want – To Be – Caught
~ But ~~let us see what will happen with them ~
III.    First day and the second and next day again
(Sitting at The Luckiest Bench)
Our Ladies got from the lake:
Oysters and lobsters, salmon and eels
And other delicious fish came to them
No tuna.
Just sadness….
And light disappointment which burdened their souls
And a whisper in unison: “I will get this picky Tuna Which – Doesn’t – Want – to Be – Caught!”
~ Sighs ~
IV.    I just try to explain why such sweet and graceful Ladies
Started to argue a bit, just a bit
(Due-to The luckiest Bench)
As a Tuna wasn’t able decide who may catch it
Then women’s behavior became frightening and strained
V.    And holding their skirts  they started to fence. A DUEL!
Running around
The luckiest Bench
Fighting with their crackling rods
As they were willing to get
This awful Tuna Which – Doesn’t – Want – To Be – Caught.
Not noticing their companions
Who were sitting with opening mouths
Watching ferocious Ladies O.o
Men just catch the air like poor fish on the grass
And I can tell you why these men were so shocked
As they have never seen before
Such strong passion from Ladies of Gor
VI.   Eventually, trying to calm their companions
(Who were fighting around The Luckiest Bench)
Holding their half-broken fishing rods
Men came dangerously close making strict faces
And….. At the next Ihn
They were pushed in the depth of the cold Silver lake
And even now I do have some doubts
If these sweet Ladies aimed to make from Sirs some delicious bait?
~ you can see all was serious ~
VII.   And only a trembling glad voice suddenly
Stopped them…”I got it! I got it! Enough!
I Caught This ugly Tuna WHO – Wasn’t- Going – To Be – Caught!”
Poor Ladies watch as the pretty slave boy
Takes their tuna with the wiggling fat tail
Lady stared at the fish alarming
Their look filled with feelings of hatred and shock
Oh Priests! The tuna was smiling!
~ My Friends ~
Sometimes The luckiest place favors somebody else..
And fighting around The luckiest Bench
You skip your long-desired tuna
Which is captured by stranger’s hands…
By senseless and capricious chance.

 the weather is dreary, gray sky and the rain falls thick for several days now ….

I walk slowly, painfully progress in the mud formed by the ankles rain, rain patters on broadleaf trees making a loud noise like thousands of drums …
for several days I left our camp to go hunting earlier in the north, where there are enough to nourishment of the entire band ….
Rain patters on the leaves of trees, rolled down my face leaving dirty streaks in the dust that accumulates on my long journey exhausting mud …
after days and days of walking enforced under difficult climate, Sonia recognizes the sparkling old fallen tree for millennia over the river Laurius..
Sonia drags behind her a heavy burden, she has two tabuks due carve herself with her knife sleen, in the darkness of a cave after she captured the two wild beasts ….
in the darkness of the damp cave, she picked up enough wood to light a small campfire to illuminate the cave and warm …
Sonia well deserved rest after a moment, she takes her slender sleen knife and began gently trying not to damage the skin cut cut slowly but surely she sings to herself a song she learned in her distant childhood and finally after a long time of hard work. sonia extends the both skins of tabuks even of the ground on a sedimentary rock, and then she takes a little bag hanging has completed its two ounces salt white belt that stretches with carefull on the skin to keep it clean…
Finally , her work on the finished skins, gently crackling fire in the cave while outside the rain patters tirelessly …
Sonia began to cut the meat of animals, each piece of meat rolled in salt to keep then wrapped in leaves Kanda and finally thrown into a large canvas bag … probably two anhs have passed since Sonia lit the fire in the cave, when she finished her work, she makes a lot with the offal of animals that lay on the outside before returning to not attract wild animals while she is still here ..

then she leaves the cave and under the heavy rain, starting with her knife clean one of her most valuable assets she washes in the heavy rain the blood of beasts she cut smearing his muscular body and slender girl of panthers wood …
and finally after a night’s rest in the cave, Sonia alarm, the fire is almost out and she hears as scraping the bottom of the cave .. she shivers knowing that this is probably a wild beast drawn by smell of blood …
then she throws offal in the direction of the noise she heard a growl is heard … sonia takes her bag,  and without asking what’s the beast, she leaves the cave in the pouring rain to return among her sisters in their own camp ……
Sonia crosses the river Laurius, the heart at peace as she knows she is close to their camp , while she is now walking in the dark forest surrounding their camp suddenly at a bend of the pâth …
Sonia had not seen her , she had not heard this distinct grunt as she was sure to arrive in the camp , as she was approaching fast now ….
glow in the dark woods yellow glow then followed by a hoarse growl ..
Sonia did not expect so close to her camp down on a huge black panther , she looks around to try to find an exit to flee , but she hears other grunt behind her slightly different but equally frightening …
she can’t escape, and baggage she carries on her shoulder, anyway her race will slow down and catch up with the wild animals … then decided against Sonia heart to get rid of her baggage knowing that animals will eat the meat of tabuk , leaving her time to run in the security of the camp .. leaving all her work to wild animals…..

 Invitation to share Gor with the Gazette

Greetings Readers of the Gazette of Gor

•     We, the staff of the Gazette who try to find interviews, articles, editorials to present to our fellow Goreans with this weekly magazine, would like to invite you to become a part of the Gazette.   To do this, we would like to invite and encourage you to send us your vision of Gor, or your story of Gor and it’s influence as to how you perceive Gor would exist in real time.  Or how you came to be an active member of Gor.  You are our most valuable asset, you who read the magazine.  Your vision would be something of interest not only to be published in the Gazette, but for others to read and perhaps pause to think about your words.  We welcome your thoughts.

•     Please respond directly to
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Mariko Marchant

Below is the Gazette’s Mission Statement.

The Mission of the Gazette
•     In the long travel in Gor, there are several groups, tribes, bands, Wagon Peoples, fellow Goreans who are seeking good relations and affinities among one another. Gor is not a simple game with raids and RPs. Gor is a community of wide family relationships with bands, groups, tribes.  And this family changes every week, new people come, new camps are created, lands are built or changed.  It is perpetual growth and we know it may not always be easy.  Thus, this newspaper, The Gazette of Gor, has been established to match relations, ideals, a sense of community between people in Gor, to create a wide database of our family with rules, interests, to help every person in Gor find their right place to play.

Editors and Writers needed
•     For the Gazette of Gor more editors and writers are needed. We have lots OOC and IC interviews to be done for the next issues. Writers can contribute ad hoc so there is no obligation to contribute every week. Editors will put a newspaper together every week.
•     We have now an office in Whispering Moons (Market Level). You could find us there and we put a feedback box for you to improve our newspaper. Feel free to drop any feedback and suggestions in it. We also have  a donation box. This would help our reporters to pay for all pics we upload for you. So, a little help is always welcomed.


•     Feel free to Contact our Public Relations Officer In-na (inna.calamity) for feedback, comments, suggestions or questions.

 © Gazette of Gor


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