Story of Gor, The Song of the Gorean Male

Dont try to fight me. You know you will fail.

For I’m a magnificent Gorean Male!

Dear readers, this poem was posted in Panther of Gor and for me sums up the Second life male in a nutshell!

Somewhere, lost, in the mists of time

If you strain your ears, you can hear a whine

With all the bite of limp, soggy salad

As it moans and groans then yells “Invalid!”

“I’m bigger and stronger than any other guy.

I have the largest penis that money can buy!

I got powerful muscles, I’m as handsome as sin

So how can you actually think you can win??

I don’t care if you think you are good

For I  bought myself a Waw Cheat HUD!

So I will ask you politely, if you’d be so kind,

To save me the trouble and do a self-bind

While I busy myself with my magic birds

Cuz I don’t have a HUD to type the words.

I’m gonna rape you, now that you’re caught.

It saves me from having an original thought.

And no matter how much you yell or holler

Can you give me some help to set up your collar?

Cuz I’m handsome, its true, and perfectly tanned

But I struggle at typing with only one hand.

Don’t try to fight me. You know you will fail

For I ‘m a  magnificent Gorean Male!


Laura Demonista

 The song of a Gorean Male.

A cautionary tale!

Dear readers, on Second Life, Gor is a place where women are subjugated, psychologically, socially, mentally, financially, and physically, to men, who are somehow “stronger.” They are routinely tortured, raped, and murdered. And why? Because men are the “superior” sex.

Liam : “Tal Marlies.  Its been a while….”

Marlies  lips curled up in a thin smile “Tal Liam , yes it has….”

Liam : looks you over, from your eyes down…. and back….   “You’re looking well”

Marlies  feels his eyes roam over her semi naked body , she shakes back her thick mane of red hair and with her almond shaped eyes gives him a similar look and chuckles “…..and so are you…”

Liam : “Are you ready to give up living like this, yet?” he says, giving you a faint smile

Marlies : “The life of a panther girl pleases me, leading a small pack of girls gives me satisfation…..that and the occasional male that crosses our lands” she said teasingly “….what more could I possibly want.”

Liam : clouts you on the head, stunning you and sending you to the ground….   “I keep hoping you will see sense….”

Liam : takes the rope from his belt, binding your hands behind you with the rep cord

Liam: then ties the rope around your feet, securing you with a double knot….

Liam : before tying the leash off, securing you to my belt

Liam: picks you up, over my shoulder, and ponders the nearby forest glade…..  “That will be just right, I’m thinking….”

Marlies still felt the after effects of the clout to the head as she slowly regained conciousness , not yet aware of being tied up

Liam : sets you on the skiff, then climbs in afte……

Marlies  grazed her body as he dragged her along a small path , desperately she look around for help

Liam: sets you down on the thick fur rug….  “Thats better, I’m thinking….”

Liam: reaches down, tugging away the brace of knives from your leg, setting them aside….  “It really is past time you stopped living in the forest, Marlies.”

Liam : rolls you over, then tugs the staff blade from your back, shoving it to the side as well

Marlies felt his sturdy hands touch her skin as he removed her filet knives , she was lying on her back , her eyes darted defiantly in his direction , she cursed a little “You caught me unaware that is all”

Liam: “The important word is ‘caught’, Marlies…. and what is more important is what I am going to do with you.” he says, pulling the bow and quiver from your back

Marlies  felt herself get rolled over on her tummy , she felt the weight on her back disappear as he took her wooden bow and set of arrows , she glanced to her left and looked around the dwelling “….and what do you think you can do ?”

Liam : “At the moment?  Anything I want…. and we both know thats true, dont we?”

Liam : tugs the staff blade from your back…. then after a moments thought, pulls your boots off, one at a time

Marlies  noticed her feet were bare and wriggled her toes in the air , testing the binds a little as she did so , she found out sure enough the bindings were sound and huffed her disapproval

Liam: unstrings your bow, with a bit of effort, looking you over, then cuts the string, rendering it useless  “I expect you have questions….?”

Marlies  nodded her head some from her reclined position, deep brown eyes staring back at him “First question is why you would attack me near a tavern for all to see you……it would seem reckless ”

Liam : “It might…. but no one did.” he shrugs  “If anyone was on some far hill, what did they see?  A dark haired warrior in red?” he says, unlacing your top  “Thats not much help, is it?”

Marlies  felt her breasts bounce free as he unlaced and then  removed her top, she sucked in air between her teeth, sounding just like a wildling she was “….that is what you hope….we shall find out sooner or later…”

Liam : tugs your thong off, working it down over your hips  “Its time you were tamed, Marlies…. and I mean to do so.”

Marlies  wriggles in her binds and let a soft long hiss escape her full lips as he mentioned the word……tame

Liam : runs a fingertip down over your left breast, teasing lightly over your nipple….   “as his other hand undoes the necklace you wear, pulling it free

Marlies  watched him closely , the shivered as his fingertip ran over her exposed breast and touched her nipple, she bit her lip hard so hiding her response , she instead focused her mind on where he placed her necklace , her most treasured possession

Liam : “I’m going to keep that….. and your feathers” he says as he draws them from the lock of red hair   “I expect taming you is going to take some time, but keeping these is a start.  Its best you know I have you, Marlies.” he says, then caresses your breast again

Marlies  felt his hand reach in her long locks of red hair , then saw him remove her tribal feathers and place them in a pile near her necklace , she hissed again as he mentioned the word ….tame….again , she wriggled more in the binds as he caressed her breast , in her mind she was screaming ….how dare he !

Liam: strokes down with his other hand, caressing over your mound…. back and forth along your inner thigh  “I am going to let you have something, though…  so you understand that this is not simply a matter of me capturing you, marlies.”

Marlies  kept her thighs together in a desperate attempt to save her pussy from his reach, she scrunched her face as he touched her  privates any way , she filled her lungs and faced him and then screamed out loud ” RAPIST!!!!”

Liam : “MMmm….  If you were a Free and a citizen…. but you are neither.” he says, stroking you after slipping off his bow and blade  “I am going to master you, girl…..  step by step, until you submit, if it takes a hundred years.”

Marlies tried to turn her body away , she coughed , her throat sore  after her scream had no effect on him, she quipped back at him ” you will be a wrinkly ole man then….with a wrinly ole useless dick”

Liam: “Oh, I dont think it will take that long….  and with the syrums I still have another 700 years left to me.  I think you are worth 100 of them.” he says, teasing along your lips….

Marlies  wriggled her nose sideways , as she usually did when she felt she had been bested , she  curled back her luscious lips  and showed her teeth at him ……then biting down hard on them as he touched her down below, she would let him wonder what she meant by that gesture she just made

Liam: continues stroking you…taking his time as he removes his bracers and belt  “I am going to let you ask one favor of me, for every time I take you….  I want you to know that you are mine, but not helpless, marlies.”

Marlies  faced turned darker as her efforts to unsettle him seemingly had no effect , she thought the of another tactic in the meantime “do yourself a favour and wash me , unless you like my odour” she shrugged “…..I suppose that turns some men on……damp forest girl smell”

Liam: “You arent unclean.” he says with a shake of his head, pressing against your clit and working you steadily   “You take good care of yourself, and we both know it.  Dont try me with tired cliches about dirty panthers, eh?”

Marlies  grumbles to herself , seemed as if liam knew most if not all panther girl tricks , she bit her lower lip again thinking again, then shivered as his hand touched her clit , she cursed her body for revealing its secrets to a mans touch

Liam: kicks his boots off, before tugging his tunic free  “Any time I take you, you are allowed to ask one thing of me, marlies….  within reason.  That is as it should be between Master and girl.” he says, stroking your heat as your body begins to betray its desires

Marlies  felt frustrated in her bindings , she couldnt turn away from his touching hands no matter how hard she tried , her body would tingle and make her neck hairs bristle , she narrowed her eyes with a glare  “I would ask you to unbind me ”

Liam : “Very well….   your feet, at least” he says,  “But first, I want you more comfortable.” he says, rising and setting you down upon the bed

Liam: reaches down, unbinding your legs……  just as I rill above you, keeping control of your body

Marlies  was carried to the bed , it had been a long time since she had rested on one , she felt the ropes loosen around her feet , moving them a little under his full weight “Thank you” she nodded her head slightly at him

Liam : “Youre welcome, marlies….” he says, kissing your neck as he tugs you back against me….  spooning into you from behind as my hand works your heat

Marlies  felt his wet kiss in her neck , she stared ahead emotionless , she was grateful he kept his word , she  would add that to her list of things she would try to find out about him

Liam : moves against you then, pulling you on to me as I enter you……thrusting slowly…. fully…. inside you

Marlies immediately realises she   was being penetrated , her feet try to push him away , she blurts out “Nooooooo”

Liam : pushes deeper into you…. not forcing you in a way to inflict pain…..  but slowly….steadily… impaling you on my cock, until I fill you….. and begin to move…

Liam : pulls you atop me….  not letting you go as your hands are still bound, yet deep inside you, taking you   “You can enjoy this, marlies…. if you try.” he says, caressing your body as I pull you on me by your hips, working you in a steady rhythm

Marlies letting out a half moan half sob as his movements give her pleasure but his words spike it with pain she digs her nails deep into his shoulders “Then I will make sure that the next time  your bitches please you it will be nothing like this and then will erase them from your fantasies…” with that she lowers herself and bites his shoulder moaning softly panting as his hands touch her thigh her juices dripping from her soft pink cunt so fierce and passionate for one so pure. Her hips buck as she continues to grind her folds onto his enlarging cock

Liam: looked straight way to wall with his eyes widened for a second with the feeling of her nails, but it had not bother him at all, he even liked it to be honest, it was wild and dangerous. He whispered into her ear once again with his nose nudging and caressing against the soft skin close to her ear. “..Then make me.. forget..” he whispered at her lastly. His head was drawn back from her ear and was standing right in front of her, He slipped his one hand to her other thigh from her waist and he carefully lifted her on the already hard manhood. He slowly let his thick flesh penetrate her.

Marlies  pants softly as her eyes look to him with a wide expression as he approached the barrier of her tight wet heated cunt. You could see the pain in her eyes as your cock inches its way into her. she bites her lower lip as to silence a cry bruising her lips to an invited blushed crimson.

Liam: continued to penetrate and move deeper in her warm depth lifting her still. He felt the girl was wet enough and it was making it easier for him. His arms then began moving the girl’s body upside and down in a slightly increasing speed, he began to stimulate both her, and himself

Marlies was unable to contain herself she lets out a cry as her hips buck finally tearing the barrier within she digs her nails onto his chest leaving small marks. Her nipples pearled in arousal as they rose and fell. she kept moving her body in faster snake like patterns locking her legs onto his waists. Panting harder now her eyes look to him deeply as she raises her head to his lips breathing him in as she kisses him.

Liam: let the girl release herself and her desires, he actually was going with the flow and not doing anything to control her at the moment. Not that he was not capable of it, but he wanted to see her desires. He parted his lips and allowed his tongue travel to the warm cavern of her mouth, he had kissed her passionately and longer, when it was compared to the coin girl of yesterday. His arms was pushing her through his manhood faster and his breath was now louder and bolder than before, He gave a short glance at her eyes.

Marlies moaning melting into his lips she breathes in deep almost as if she needed his breath to live he was like her air. teeth nip his lips playfully as she continues to rock and buck her juices flowing down to his thighs she cups his face with one hand as the other rakes his chest. you can feel her inside tightening as her arousal almost drives to a peak. her body now moving more frantic, needy like the wild beast she is. continuing to ride harder onto your cock as to mark her wild scent onto you.

Liam: clinging and grabbing on the girl’s flesh with his hands even tighter, he was feeling like he could not keep himself any longer. He pressed his chin against her shoulder as he began spurting out his white hot seed into the girl, without wonder of if she had taken slave wine  or not. He actually was not in situation to think such. For the moment, all he was caring for was the pleasure, and he was pleased that he retrieved it enough. His hands on the girl’s body were loosened slowly as he was done. He wiped the sweat of his face with a hand, breathing quick and catching his breath.

Marlies cries out as her body spasms in her climax his hot seed filling her in sending her spiraling out of control as she clings on to him. she milks him with her inner quakes pressing herself close to him as she waits for the waves to settle. her breath is rasp as she kisses softly his lips.

Liam : finishes taking you after a few minutes, and rises, looking down at you on the bed…..

Liam: pulls his pants on, watching you….

Liam : tugs his boots on, followed by his tunic  “I should collar you…. but I expect keeping your necklace and feathers makes the point, my marlies?”

Marlies  stood right up close to him , she nodded

Liam: “Good….  Then I will return you to your woods.  I will come for you again, though…….  or, if you come to me willingly, perhaps I may give you your necklace or feathers, if your manners are suitable

Marlies : “I may come to get my feathers back…if I know where to find you”she replied , a faint chill running up her naked body.

Liam : “Hochburg….. the new one, not the old village on the other side of the river.” he says

Liam Whitesong: pulls on his weapons, then looks you over, and as an afterthought, picks up yours as well, to take along  “I expect you will need these.  I want you safe from everyone… except me.  You’re mine, marlies.”

Marlies  gave him a sideways glance and bit her tongue , she would do nothing to hinder her release

Liam: “I dont expect you to accept that….  but accept that I wish it so.  Accept that I will not make you helpless.  Accept that I will not lie to you.  Fair enough?”

Liam: sets the bow, unstrung in the skiff, then the blades, as well as a coin to see you home safely….

Liam: “Youre quiet, my girl.”

Marlies : “Fair enough” she replied finally.

Liam: “Better…..  I wont humiliate you, either.” he says, as you set off “I will never damage what is mine.”

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Laura Demonista


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