The Gazette of Gor – Issue 51


Words of the main editor….. 

 Hello dear readers of the Gazette of Gor …

Exceptionally, I allowed myself to cut certain articles for the simple reason that this notecard could not contain entirely all these long articles …

So I placed in this issue the start of each articles with a few lines to give you an overview then under the text a link to open a second notecard that contains the entire article said ….

I hope reading this new publication will bring you joy …

I wish you a good reading … 

….. Sonia ….. 


     Editorial by Selvi (laratorvis)

     Asa and Her adventures with the Pygmy Tribe

     Initiate caste of Gor by Sonia …

     A death of a Slave by Selvi

     The story continu , started by Minnie and followed by others

     Jungles of Gor by Sonia…

     Gossip, Silly Jokes and riddles

 Editorial by Selvi (laratorvis)

 Jealousy  is not unusual in SL. I feel it is also prevalent in-character and out-of character roleplay. I have seen a lot in these last few months. I have seen in-character roleplay get so mixed-up with out-of-character information, that there was no help for saving the friendship in-character or even in out-of-character. I have advice many a new person to roleplay to keep the two separate. What your roleplay is not your out-of-character persona. I believe the out-of-character covers that requests for voice and emails and even taking the in-character roleplay into Im’s, I believe and I think a lot of individuals believe the same that Im’s should be and always be out-of-character.

I feel a lot of the Jealousy, being a strong destructive emotion involves thoughts and feelings of insecurity, maybe even concern and anxiety of what an individual would perceive as an anticipated loss or status of something considered to be of great personal value, i.e roleplay time with the Master or Mistress, in-character jealousy between slaves on the same chain or between slave/s and the free companion.

Slave girls compete for the attentions of masters. Each strives to be more pleasing to them than the other. The quality of a slave girl’s life is commonly a direct function of her pleasingness to her master.

Slave Girl of Gor     Book 11     Page 131

 I found myself taking this subject to the laides I have made friends with at the Gorean Campus and idly brought it up to see what they had to say.

 One asked to make her point, ” Who is it who decides what happens in our lives? as slaves?

 Almost immediately, the answer was the Master or Mistress (bearing in mind that in-character Gorean roleplay this is how it would play out).

 Another pointed out this, “The thing to remember here girls, is that chains are a Free’s choice.”

 With those few answers I share with you in this editorial, I hope i leave our Gorean readers, be them a Kajira, kajirus, Bond or even one the free…something to think about and carry with them as they roleplay in the future.

 Thank you to the following for allowing me to poke at their experiences in SL and RL. Kim, Kimber, Ta, Sophia, Jojo and Topaz.

 Asa and Her adventures with the Pygmy Tribe

By Lady Asa Darkbyrd Redyard

 §ha’Kar Arani

§ha’Kar Arani, an old tribe from Rainforest of Shaba who exists in Gor and on SL since 2007. Moved to the Northern Forest in 2016.

Gorean mixed tribe Huntresses and Pygmies

After much time spent hunting and foraging for a new home, the pygmy tribe coming from the rainforest’s found a tribe of huntresses who asked them to join their tribe, as the huntresses discovered that there were only three true pygmy left and wanted to protect them from being extinct,

Perhaps if they can locate a tribe of male pygmy’s they can come to an agreement to help expand the tribe that would be a mutual benefit to all, what a lovely group settling into their new lands, and I wish them the best of all of Gor.

Finally getting back into the ship I waved goodbye to my new found friends and sailed back for Tarnfell, What an adventure that was, starting out in the jungles then sailing with them to their new lands and being able to witness the birth of a new chance for these pygmy huntresses.

*Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin): Well I think that should wrap it up and thank you so much for allowing me to come and do this interview with you wonderful Taluna women

Well till next time this is your traveling writer signing off,

Lady Asa Darkbyrd Redyard

§ha’Kar Arani

Noemie Ling – Founder of The Tribe

Mariko Marchant – En of the Tribe

 Initiate caste of Gor…

 “the bleakest of all castes of men, the Initiates, skilled only in ritual, mythology and superstition.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.186)

The Initiate Caste, also known as the Blessed Caste, is the highest of the five High Castes on Gor. Their Caste color is white, a color that is often associated with impartiality and justice, especially the justice of the Initiates. The Initiates are considered as possible intermediaries to the mysterious Priest Kings. The Initiates are a well-organized and industrious caste. They have many monasteries, holy places and temples throughout Gor. They are also a wealthy and powerful Caste. They regard themselves as the most important Caste on Gor and many cities seem to agree.

The Initiates claim to speak for the Priest-Kings and interpret their will. The Priest-Kings are their gods. The Initiates zealously guard their monopoly over religious matters. Other Castes are allowed limited roles, if at all, in religious ceremonies or rituals. All Goreans accept that the Priest-Kings actually exist but they disagree as to their true nature. Some believe the Priest-Kings are gods while others feel they are only powerful guardians. Initiates are feared and respected because they may be servants for the Priest-Kings. People worry that the Initiates might know some important matters about the Priest-Kings so they often take care not to offend the Initiates. They consider it better to be safe than sorry. The Low Castes are the ones most prone to believing and respecting the Initiates. In fact, Ubars have often employed Initiates as tools, some even contending that a primary function of the Initiates is to keep the Low Castes contented with their servile lot. Despite this fear, Initiates are still regarded as being a bit strange and often figure in derogatory jokes.

 A death of a Slave by Selvi


* Jarl:  nodded. “Then I am glad I didn’t have to spill blood over a slut and take these two behind you as recompense.

* Slave 1t: blinks..

* Physician: ‘You will both show me and this Man where the girl entered the city and what direction you saw her run in’

* Slave 1t: She ran in the main gate and up the stairs my Master.”

* Slave1t: Master! here she is!

* Physician: Very well………. we shall search this corner of the city and find this missing slave


* Slave 1 shouts: MY MASTER i found her.

* Slave 1: glares at the slave

* Slave 2: yes over here Masters

* Asta: Looks up “Who is Asta”  Clearing her eyes showed scared ..  as she startled out of her thoughts.. Then she sees Talth..  She swallows.

* Physician: responds to the sounds of the sluts voices finding the missing girl in one of the gardens

* Physician: ‘Your missing girl I presume Sir?’

*Jarl: He walked over to the redhead and grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up from her feet by the hair. The veil pin’s pushing into his gloves but never penetrating, he reaches up and tears the veil from her face seeing his slut. “What… in the name of Odin… do you think ye were doin'”

 The story continu

 First Story by Minnie

     It is five in the morning, the young woman is out in the dark, knowing her tasks. And her first chore is to collect the water that will be used for other household work. She left the camp / the enclosure of the city / village and goes down along the small road that leads to the creek, trembling with cold and not yet awakened. She was careful where she puts her feet. Her Master / Mistress made were angry about her behavior and she is still shameful to have so disappointed the person who protects her.

     She knows she deserves exemplary punishment and accept it without flinching. The pale light of the stars are flooding, low clarity, and draw the lane threatening shadows using trees, the silent guards lining the track. Every sound makes her jump. The arrival at the river becomes an issue. The calm of the place, the crystalline laughter of the nascent downpour on the bank, all of which soothe the young woman. She filled buckets and take a deep breath to gain courage for the way back. She raises her burden and takes the way back, her tiny frame broken by the weight of his office. The return will be longer. The filled buckets and a light side will be her first punishment. She did not doubt that another sanction looms.

     Just over the river crying. Small cries echo. A colony of Urts established its camp and rodents that people pray for a disappearance. One of them has just been killed by a LARL. Its body slides along the shore, and a poisoned blood now stains the waves. Urts have fear. They thought about peace, along the river. They now have to find another place to live. The colony is party to move. Docks, a tavern? Regardless of where they have to find a warm place for the winter if possible sustenance. In single file, our rodents go away from this accursed land that has seen one of their fellows die. They bring with them the memory of a vanished who was sick.

     The young woman finally arrives. The way back was taxing. She puts buckets containing water of the river. She does not pay attention to the color of brackish liquid. The effort was considerable. She takes a cup and plunged into one of the buckets to cool. She puts her lips to the cup and slowly starting to drink ……

 Chapter 2 (In the market)  by Sonia

     She starts to make her way to the shore, as she does, she pours some water from the river in a jug and puts it on the nightstand next to the bed of her Master / Mistress .

She returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the floor with an old linen she soaks in a bucket filled with the river water, humming softly while tending to her task.

     While she is actively working, her temperature seems to rise. She wipes her brow with her forearm, coughing shakes her chest. She does not pay attention and continues to scrub the tiled floor of the house of her Master / Mistress.

She hears noises upstairs of the house, her Master wakes up… Quickly she takes the black-wine, which she had already prepared before her Master awakens, so there only remains for her to warm the blackwine, then garnish the breakfast tray that ison the table in the great room, and will take her Master

     Time seems greyish outside, while she looks out the window as the day slowly rises. he hears heavy footsteps of her Master upstairs .

She finished preparing the collation for her Master, poses a little black bread, a little pot of butter, a dish with fresh larma and a large hot black-wine bowl  without sugar like her Master loves drinking …

She goes upstairs wit the breakfast tray of her Master balanced on her hip.  A second cough shakes her chest harder. She experiences a brackish and ferrous taste in the mouth. She continues to climb the stair treads leading upstairs and finally gently knocks at the door of the room of her Master .

“My Master * she said in a  slightly hoarse voice * can this girl serve your breakfast  my Master ? *

     She waits behind the door for her Master to respond and tell her to enter the room with the breakfast tray .

Master impatiently says, “come mine and puts the tray on the table.”

Then she finally enters the large room, she puts the tray on the table when another strong cough shakes her body.

* sorry my Master * she said while discreetly wiping her mouth  * may this girl  return on her tasks, my Master ? * she asks.

* wait mine *  he said ….

He took his purse and pulls out two silver coins * open your mouth, mine * he commands *… She obeys and opens her mouth. He places two silver coins on her tongue .. she closes her mouth on the money .  *Go to the market and buy enough to make a meal for noon*  he orders.

 * go out harta, I want to have my breakfast in peace * he barks at the girl ..

     She nods and leaves the room backwards, then went to the market while strongly  coughing more and more.

 Chapter 3 (Into the Woods) by Aaminah.

 She arrives at the markets entrance, her walk although long passed quickly, as she, as normal drifts into day dreams, dreams of finer things, that to her would be wonders that others take for granted,

 dreams of beautiful silks amongst the other every day mundanes.

Her eyes suddenly widen and a small smile of joy purse her lips  as her eyes are drawn to the beautiful colorful enrichments surrounding her as she passes through the entrance, she wanders further inward turning gazing at the silks  that hang vibrantly from the stall holders wooden rails,

she knows they will never belong to her but it is to her they are visuals to her day dreams, and just for these few precious moments her dreams become a little more real until a cough so punishing to her thoughts of beautiful wonders rocks her back on her heels and snaps her wandering mind back into reality,

 standing in silence to her often mutterings to her self and her wonderful dreamy thoughts she looks down to her hand she placed to her mouth a bloodied dark mucas mass lay to her palm,

she looks up and looks around  and notices something is strange  , she never noticed on entry  her gaze had gone straight to pretty things  ..the market was quiet and not as it is usually very busy and bussling and not just that,  everyone was as she was also coughing, what to her was a cough that would have in any other instance drawn attention to her, nobody gave a damn and were all doing as she  and coughing deep wrenching coughs of disappear.

bending down she wiped her palm upon the ground  to wipe away the blackish bloodied blob of mucas and as she rose the sounds of squeels and squables pierced through her ears and she turned quick to meet a sight of urts squabling fighting over a mound that lay behind a stall on the furthest northen  side of the market,

 unfortuantly for her the stall she sort and her sole purpouse of being there was  one of the stalls  she had too purchase her  masters food from for his dinner ,

bravely she moved forward  the noice of there squables got louder to her ears  and the mound became ever more visable,

a huge urt sat right ontop of the mound and smaller ones were challenging the big one  trying every which way they could to get the best portion of what ever the mound was,

slowly she pushed her fear of the urts more and more as her foot steps slowly got her to a sight that nobody should ever have too witness in there life,

..the mound was a young child  of no more then 10 yrs old,  a girl but this was not easily recognisable,

the urts had in there sqaubles taken most flesh to the bone from a lot of the poor childs dead body, she dropped to her knees and in spasams her body reached but instead of vomiting her body broke into  ever more coughs     coughs that brought pain to her chest as she exumed more and more black bloodied  mucas …..enough ?

coughing that the urts had noticed her plight,

and for a brief moment stopped there squablings, and were to her eyes eyeing her up as there next meal,

The girl wrose slow to her feet the pain stabbing at her insides she ran to a corner away from the urts  to colect her self  and take breath ..standing straighter  she drew deep breathes and gazed to the wooded hills to the north of ?

her  the woods rose  from outside the towns parrimter to high on the mountains side and toward the snow capped sumit,

..the only break too the tree’s were the paths  snaking there way up and over the mountains higher reaches  ….her dreams returned although more anxiouse..

 and thoughts of the free began to fill her curiouse mind the free women  she had herd tales of that

are of both legend and mystery to her …people have said the free  have no illness and do not have need for potions the food they eat the plants they use  keep them alive  and have magical healing powers, what if she is ill what if the child secumbed to the illness that seems to have grabbed hold of her and others facing the same plight and coughing throughout the market ..

what if this is the death that stories told has returned  and taken hold of the town what if it is the urts from the river swollen by the heavy onslaught of rain in past weeks that has driven them into the villages and now the town .. her ?

panicked thoughts become fear what if we are all going to die. ….

As her thoughts still frightened and panicked return to her masters food, her eyes spot movement upon the rising hill side low amoungst the trees crossing from one tree line to another  across the swave of pathway  first one then two then 6 or more she stairs upward trying to identify what her eyes are trying to tell her,  are they Tabuk moving thoughout the forest   or Task she again remebers her masters food and the meat she was suposed to have returned to him and prepeared for his meal by now..

she knows he will punnish her for taking so long ..but her gaze can not be broken what are they she asks herself in a whisper as she spots more, another three  and then four more …another fear then sets in as she knows this wall to the north is patrolled by gaurds  a few months ago the town was aproached  by two fearsome beasts but slain by the guards as they attempted too scale the defended walls right here by the market  … the two dead Tharlarion’s were hung up as trophies as a emblem of strength against such attacks, 

…she looks around the walls to see if the gaurds have spotted what she is seeing but as greater fear then engulfs her she sees no gaurds upon the walls why are they not here  what is happening  then the dead childs image enters her mind again are the gaurds so frightened of the death around her that they not come near,

  she returns too looking up the hillside she watches then spots them again this time she see ‘s them closer now moving fast, back and fourth across the path ways  in formation  of two’s   they are not animals to be feared …

but are the free ..she is seeing for the first time  the free women the panthers of legend and mystery moving fast down toward the town  closer and closer they come there images getting larger to her sight then she hears a thud and another arrows landing in the wooden walls rops flaying from there long featherd shafts .. froze to the spot she sees the figure’s appearing over the wall beautiful women dressed in furs with painted markings upon there faces and bodies  there cry and whooting loud too her ears ..

transfixed she watches them moving like the wind over semingly impossible deffences,  screems of fear and panic ensue around her but she is not showing fear she stands fixed to spot but in an awe at there wonder arrows wisle past her  men that are trying to defend there wares are being slain slaves like herself are being bound and corraled together furs silks and food are being pillaged and plundered  but she still stands fixed watching them  for what seems  an eternity 

..untill one of them comes face too face with her a beautiful free,  there eyes meet..

and her words trickle into the girls ears …. why are you not showing any fear  GIRL she screems,  I i i the girl stutters as she looks the free up and down, then another free appears and they both screem at the girl too kneel or die  but i can not the girl mumbles,  then the cold steel of one of there blades from the un-sheathed knife meets her throat and a hand pushes her to the floor,

  you will obey MEEEEEEEE … she screems  the other says kill her the insubordinate slut GIRL wants too die ….. i hear her answer nooo i think this one is going to be of value too us i want her …

very well the other replies the GIRL she hisses is your responsibily  any trouble from her i will kill her myself  and be done with it …. seeing that the one free that interviened must be of lower order to the one that who wants too kill her 

…. the girls instinct too survive along with the thoughts of the plants that if ill will save her kick in,  and the girl bow’es before her now new Mistress … the girl chirps up and says “I will do anything you ask my mistress” the girl tells her … YOU WILL CALL MEEEEE HUNTRESS she Screems and slaps the girl across the back with the end of her bow  “Yess huntress” the girl responds…

 The spoils of the huntresses raid are gathered quickly and they slip back into the woods taking the girl with them, she quickly accetains that she is one of only two girls taken by the huntresses …her mind starts too day dream again as she starts dreaming of becoming a huntress, a fearsome panther girl!  a true Free and be of worth and wanting amoungst others, and she smiles to her self  chuckles inside at the thought of her master still waiting for his dinner, then a blow across her back once again reminds her that this FREE life is still far away and a very uncertain outcome it maybe ?    … :

Chapter 4 (the journey to the city) by Sonia       

While the plague slowly extends its ramifications, the village at the bottom along the river …. This river flows An unidentified bloody life that slowly poisons the villagers, the slow agony dragging its shadow ever further in the maze the farther in the interior of the forest …

The few healers fend scrolls worn by the slaves still healthy city further to warn of the danger imminent a great plague “the plague of Bazi” ….

some slaves are sent to later in the Sardar Mountains, they must notify the Initiates these men in long white dress, the messengers of the Priests King …

Other slaves were sent to the city of Ko-ro-ba, the great city of cylinders …

A slave, finally arrived in the city after days and days of running, walking, swimming, hiding from too many dangers, hungry after so many days without any food and water to drink, the right look like eyes off low surviving sparks deep in his dilated pupils … He fell on the guards at the entrance West from the city of Ko-ro-ba … He fell on his knees was half dead tired and tending to the guards scrolls that Masters had ordered him to bring up the highest and high round tower, the council chamber …

The council chamber is the room where the elected representatives of the High Castes of Ko-ro-ba hold their sessions. Each city has a similar House. She was in the larger cylinders and ceiling height was six times that of a normal floor. The ceiling was lit by stars like and walls were of five colors, arranged in side bands, or, starting from the bottom, white, blue, yellow, green and red, the colors of castes. Stone benches on which sat the members of the Board, were ranged along the walls, a row for each of the High Castes. These rows were the color of the wall section behind, the color of the caste. The nearest stepped soil – show some preferential status – the white, was occupied by the initiates, interpreters of the will of the Priest-Kings. In order, the ascending tiers – Blue, yellow, green and red – were occupied by the representatives of the scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors

Jungles of Gor…..

  “I never trust a man until I know what he eats.” (Explorers of Gor, p.383)

Explorers of Gor, book #13, details the exploration of the jungles of Gor. Several geographical features are discovered and named during the events of this novel. The novel also depicts another plot of the Kurii and their agents. We see the return of the “invisibility ring” that first surfaced during the events of Tribesman of Gor. The jungles of this book resemble the Africa of Earth in many ways. Undoubtedly, the inland dialects, the languages of the jungles, resemble the Earth Bantu or Swahili languages of Africa. It is a fascinating book of exploration and this scroll shall describe much about those jungles. Unfortunately, many details about the jungles were also omitted from the books.

The jungles of Gor are located in the equatorial region of Gor, just north of Schendi. Several important waterways lead into this region. The Cartius is a subequatorial river that generally flows west by northwest, entering the jungle region and emptying into Lake Ushindi. It was once thought that the Cartius was a tributary of the Vosk River but it is not. The subequatorial Cartius is a different waterway from the Thassa Cartius. The explorer, Ramus, discovered this difference. The earlier Gor novels, most specifically Nomads of Gor, fails to differentiate between these two rivers. They state that the Cartius does flow into the Vosk, which is not true. In these novels, you should substitute the Thassa Cartius for the Cartius. The Thassa Cartius is the actual tributary of the Vosk. This is important when you are discussing Ar as that city claims the land between the Vosk and the Cartius. In actuality, they claim the land down to the Thassa Cartius and not the actual Cartius.

Lake Ushindi is a large lake in the jungles. “Ushindi” is a word in the inland dialect, not in Gorean, and it means “victory.” It received its name for some victory, over two hundred years ago, on its shores. The name of the tiny kingdom or ubarate that won that victory is unknown. This lake is drained by two rivers, the Kamba and Nyoka. To the west of Lake Ushindi are floodlands, marshes and bogs. Much of their water drains into this lake. Further east, past the marshes and bogs, is Lake Ngao. Shaba, a Scribe and Cartographer, was the first civilized man to circumnavigate Lake Ushindi. In certain areas of Lake Ushindi that are frequented by vicious tharlarion there are high poles without platforms. Certain criminals may be rowed out to these poles and left there, clinging to them for their very lives. The black Ubar, Bila Huruma, uses these poles to decrease crime within his ubarate.

 Gossip, Silly Jokes and riddles….


     The dangers of gossip on Gor………

A baker  repeated a bit of gossip about a neighbor. Within a few days the whole community knew the story. The person it concerned was deeply hurt and offended.

Later the woman responsible for spreading the rumor learned that it was completely untrue.

She was very sorry and went to the village’s oldest and wisest elder  to find out what she could do to repair the damage.

“Go to the marketplace,” he said, “and purchase the biggest vulo you could find, and have it killed. Then on your way home, pluck its feathers and drop them one by one along the road.”

Although surprised by this advice, the woman did what she was told.

The next day the wise man said, “Now go and collect all those feathers you dropped yesterday and bring them back to me.”

The woman followed the same road, but to her dismay, the wind had blown the feathers all away. After searching for hours, she returned with only three in her hand.

“You see,” said the old sage, “it’s easy to drop more…

 You mama jokes……..

*** Your Mother is so fat, the only thing that is keeping her from the local market is the front door.

***Your Mother is so fat, the village seamstress is still working on her dress.

***Your  Mother is so fat, that when she fell, no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up.

***Your Mother is so fat when I told her to touch her toes she said, “What are those”?

***Your Mother is so ugly when she took a bath the water jumped out.

*Taken from

Questions from nuttyville.

Q:What is yelllow and square?

A tospit in disguise.

Q:How do you make an artichoke?

You hire an assassin to go strangle it.

Q: Why did the banana go to the Green?

A: Because it wasn’t peeling well

Q: Which vegie plays sport?

A: Squash.

Q: What did the larma skin say to the larma?

A: I’ve got you covered

 © Gazette of Gor


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