The Gazette of Gor – Issue 50



•     Editorial by Mariko Marchant
•     Sexual Atittudes of Gorean Slaves ~Hazine’s responses
•     Fade  to black with Kittyn Fuhr
•     Panther Girls – Hunters of Gor  (by Sonia)
•     Caste of Musicians -Interview with Master LarlHunter
•     Invite to Once Upon a Dance Comp for RFL.
•     interview with the first panther in Gor: (by Mariko)
•     Meeting with Assassins in Black – (by Minnie)
•     Interview Lady Takama – Sardar Fair (by Minnie)

Editorial anniversary issue of the Gazette of Gor
By Mariko Marchant

 We are proud to present you the first anniversary issue of the Gazette of Gor. This issue is also an hommage to Minnie who started the Gazette of Gor a year ago. She asked me to be the chief editor and then we began to write and collect articles, news and information about events. Since then  more editors and writes have contributed and made the Gazette of Gor a success story . Minnie had plans for other projects but luckily see stayed with the Gazette. She is still the driving force behind this newspaper.
About 10 weeks ago we heard the terrible news that Minnie had a severe car accident. But Minnie is a fighter and a surviver. She is recovering now and occasionally she is back on sl for a brief time. We all hope and pray she will recover fully soon.
Sonia, Selvi, Claude, Lady Asa and me are now the core team who continues Minnie’s dream: The Gazette of Gor. We are grateful for the help we get from other Gazette of Gor members and from others who come up with stories and ideas.
In this issue we republished  some work of Minnie and stories/interviews we are really proud of. Hope you will enjoy this anniversary issue of the Gazette of Gor.

Questions About the Sexual Attitudes of Gorean Slaves

developed by lotus mandel

A girl in a collar is not permitted inhibitions,’ she said. Marauders, pg. 278.
1. Explain what this quote means to you: “The female slave, in her excitement and beauty, is an embodiment of sensuality, love, and service. ~ Vagabonds, pg. 260”

I believe this quote describes how men

2. What is the most exciting sexual act or experience for you to have with your Master/Mistress?

I don’t have an owner at this time, but in the past the most exciting sexual act was anything that felt like unstoppable lust combined with objectification.  The most vivid memory that comes to mind was being sold to a new owner, slave raped immediately after that while tied between two posts, and then auctioned in front of 30 people in the town square right afterwards.  I was still dripping with his seed.  It was embarrassing and exhilarating all at once and being passed around like a piece of property drove me wild.  I like being permanently owned as much as any other slave, but I also think that casual ownership should be a part of every slave’s experience at some point.  Too many slaves approach their slavery as if it is a marriage or partnership of some kind, which is at odds with what is written in the books.  In fact, I think it would be better for most slaves if they had to learn how to adapt to the whims of any given free at any given time, and to cast aside their own selfish attachments to one particular owner.  This is more akin to old SL gor, and it is also what true slavery should feel like.

3. Are there any sexual experiences that should not be required of a slave? If so, which ones and why?

Nothing should be off limits if it pleases your owner.  I think most SL limits are excessive and/or are extensions of earth-derived social conditioning, which should have no place here on Gor.  I personally have no roleplay limitations, and I think that’s how it should be for any slave.  (the few limitations I do invoke involve the SL interface and being able to use it to interact with the virtual world of SL. and to modify my appearance to reflect what’s happening in the RP….  that’s it!)

The part where this becomes tricky is when you ask an owner (or a slave for that matter) where a particular off-the-wall sexual fetish might come from.  For some, their carnal appetites might be a direct result of the suffocating inhibitions imposed on us all in our real lives.  Modesty, sexual repression, the complexities of dating, slut shaming, etc..   all examples of things that could contribute to the formation of abnormal desires that (I’m assuming) would not normally occur to more sexually enlightened and uninhibited peoples such as they are on Gor or in tribal regions on earth.  (For example, would a Gorean man ever really have a scat fetish?  Would a Gorean slave ever consider herself a masochist, as I do?  My guess is no, but I can’t say for sure.)  In the end, I think the safest and most sensible way to approach this question is to start with the very basics.  Who is the Master, who is the slave, and what does he want from her?  Everything else is secondary, including a slave’s desires and limitations.  That’s how I feel about it.

4. What are some of the most effective methods you use to tease or excite your Master/Mistress?

The more I RP, the more I have come to realize how important maintaining a steady flow of emotes really is.  There is such a thing as overdoing it in para RP, which I have been very guilty of in the past.  Sexual excitement is fleeting for both Master and slave if one or both participants are going much longer than 3 or 4 minutes for each response.  I have also discovered that it’s best to keep your actions simple and let your partner’s imagination do the rest.  (i.e.  “The girl straddles Master’s lap and presses herself into him” can be more titillating for him than something that takes twice as long to type which involves describing each body part and where it rubs.  The Master will envision and feel what HE WANTS to envision and feel if you leave it more open to interpretation.  Your partner’s imagination is a powerful tool, use it to your own advantage.)
Aside from that, I would also stress a Kajira’s oft-cited duty of ‘exquisite beauty’ to be of paramount importance, and that maxim should be applied to your SL avatar.  With that being said I make sure I am perfectly edited and well-presented at all times.  Expensive hair, beautiful skin, mesh body, and silks or clothes that have been fitted, edited, stretched, etc.. perfectly to your shape.  When it all adds up in the end the difference will matter to him.

If all else fails, It’s always fun surprising a Master with a skimpy outfit that he can’t help but rip off of you once he sees it.  🙂

5.  Explain this quote in your own words: “Men have sex; women are sex. ~ Renegades, pg. 101”

If you interpret this literally and replace the words as they are defined in the quote, then the end result is that “Men HAVE women.”  If you break this down farther, then it could mean that women are for being enjoyed by men.  On Gor this is true as it is written in the books.
I enjoy being had, and I think nature made me this way.  Women are smaller and slower as a result of natural selection, which makes me think that we are meant to be caught, and meant to be forced, as it happens every day in the animal kingdom.  This is in contrast with men, in which case the stronger and faster of the species are the ones who do the catching and forcing.  In my mind, this dichotomy establishes the physical relationship that men and women are meant to have with each other in the most basic and primal scheme of reproduction and continuity.

Another way to look at this quote would be to say that women are more consumed with the concept of sex because women are alluring and the target of men’s desires.  This isn’t to say that the opposite isn’t also true, however what is important is how each gender goes about the process of mating when attracted the opposite sex.  My reaction to a sexual encounter is directly related to how much lust I have inspired in my partner and also by how much stronger and faster he is than I am, which represents the power he has over me.  If I am not made to feel feminine and desirable and /vulnerable/ in some way, then it rarely matters how attracted I am to a potential partner by his looks.  It’s his behavior that has the biggest affect on me.  His actions speak louder than his looks, while I believe my looks speak louder than my actions in a man’s mind.  Additionally, on earth, as it is on Gor, the males are generally the aggressors of sexual encounters, whether they be initiated socially or physically.  Because the onus of attraction is on me and the onus of power / action is upon him, it could be said that a female inspires sex by virtue of her own femininity, while the male acts to have the sex.  In other words: I AM sex.  He HAS sex.

6. Are there any special techniques that you use to build your lust and desire ICly?


There is something sensual about the act of begging.  If you do it correctly then you show your need and dependence, and hopefully help your owner to feel the power they have over you.  Begging for nearly anything is usually a good way to remind me of my place.  Feeling my subservience on my knees and my vulnerability at an owner’s feet while pleading for something I need is often enough to do the trick for me.  I usually don’t even care if I get the thing I’m begging for; it’s the helplessness that you feel during the exchange that makes slavery exciting.

7. What are some words of advice that you can give for slaves who struggle with expressing their sexual nature?

If your struggle has to do with shyness or worry about what people will say, just remember that on Gor sex is a very natural act, and girls are often raped wherever they are found, whether it be in a tent full of tarnsmen, or next to a slaver’s wagon in front of other people, or a coin girl in the streets of a big city.  Additionally, it is not just desirable for a Kajira to be heated and flirtatious, it is EXPECTED of her.  Kajrae are sexual creatures by definition.  If anybody tries to shame you for throwing yourself at a Master’s mercy and begging to be used, then you should remember that THEY are the ones who are wrong in that situation.  THEY are the ones bringing Earth’s social pressures into SL Gor and trying to suppress YOUR RP with them.  I am so accustomed to guarding myself against these attitudes now that I get upset with the perpetrators of such prude behavior, and you should too.  Just remind yourself that you are right and they are wrong.  The only caveat I would add here is that you should know whether your critic is applying an OOC pressure or an IC pressure.  Free Women are notoriously jealous of slaves (In the books and possibly in the mind of your accuser as well) and should act accordingly.  So if you find yourself embarrassed by what a FW says ICly, then you should remind yourself of the part that this person is playing, and how your character would & should naturally react to it according to the books.  If you are made to feel like a slut, just own it.  On Gor, this is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary.  It is enviable.
If your struggle has to do with an inability to convey the thoughts in your head, then my best advice will be to somehow find your way into the tavern of a busy city with skilled RPers.  (Most cities will allow OOC observers, especially if you explain to people what you’re trying to do.)  Watch the girls in that tavern as they serve, dance in the sands, flirt, tease, and beg their way into the furs.  I am always surprised at the things I hear, and even jealous of their abilities.  We all have something to learn from somebody else.  For you, just practice and be observant and do your best to broaden your vocabulary.
If you’re having a creative block, then just do what feels natural and turn off the filter in your head.  Do whatever pops into your head that would turn you on and put it on your Master’s shoulders to reprimand any behavior he doesn’t like.

Ultimately, and most importantly, don’t hold yourself back trying to be perfect.  Slaves who completely avoid risk and punishment are not only depriving themselves of fun and substantive RP, but are also depriving their Masters of the opportunity to prove themselves as their dominants.  This is boring and unrealistic.  In the books, slaves are sometimes whipped simply to remind them that they are slaves.  So go out there, unafraid, and experiment with your sexuality.  Try something bold, and see how your Master responds.

8. What are some words of advice you can give for slaves who may have been hurt because of sexual experiences in Gor?

Get over it?
Gor is a dark, brutal, violent world.  If you are a delicate flower, then SL Gor is not for you.  You will be captured, collared, branded, sold, raped, resold, punished, traded, whipped, abused, neglected, starved, stripped, controlled, gifted, caged, used, and degraded.  Get out of your own head and strive to do anything and everything unpleasant in the hopes that it is pleasing to HIM!!!  It is only in obedient and unquestioning service to a strong owner that a slave finds her true fire.  Everything else is drama and will get you sold or killed.

If you find yourself without a collar around your neck and nobody showing interest, then you should look inwards and figure out what it is you are doing that is turning people away.  Complaining about some sexual encounter from the past is a great way to advertise your penchant for drama and self-pity .  Slavery is about him, not about you.

9. This is your opportunity to share with Masters/Mistresses what you need to have the hottest most dynamic sexual interchange ICly. What do you need as a slave to keep your juices flowing???

Competent owners who are skilled at using RLV and collar commands, and can express themselves with grammatically comprehensible emotes are the cream of the crop.
If I were to heap my own desires on top of this, then I would say that my juices flow best when I am manhandled, controlled, groped, restrained, caged, humiliated, or slave raped according to a strong man’s whims and needs.  Especially if he does so against my protests, objections, screams, struggles, and against any expressions of rage, embarrassment, fear, sadness, or vulnerability.
If I am owned, then I also like it when I am treated like a doll for his pleasure, i.e. made to wear silks, jewelery, camisks, or makeup that arouses him, or pierced in places that he wants to see pierced, or made to wear my hair how he likes it, or restrained/posed/propped as a visual display for him, etc…( This is especially true in the case of an RLV competent owner, who can rip things off, put things on, bind, sit, or position you without your consent).  Most of us just want to feel desired, and being forced to present according to his wishes is one of the best ways to feel that.

A little background on this article. It started when something was posted in another group. This was in response to a new person entering Gor for the very first time.

 *** Kittyn Fuhr: There are many definitions.  If you believe in “by the book”, or if you believe in an extended version …mainly, btb is women are Freewomen or slaves, GE is that some women can carry swords, fight, slaves able to fight, things like that.  Also, you have different types within each….do you believe in a more Viking culture, a more ….germanic/northern type culture, do you believe in a more Arabic culture, or even a Japanese culture.  the other thing, is are you more pew pew, or are you a role player.  With some of those “defined”, then you can help narrow down some of those ideas, and find a place that is good that will fit you.
A lot of conflict, i find, is someone joins a group, finds out that they aren’t happy because they didn’t find the “rules” to be what they want, then they start bucking that system, saying that they didn’t like those rules.
** I went into this avatar’s IM”s and said this to her.
***Selvi (laratorvis): I like how you explained that to a new person to GOR, very well broken down. hugs
***Kittyn Fuhr smiles….just 9 1/2 years experience here, in various environments.  *laughs*
*** Selvi (laratorvis): I hope to grow up and be just like you!!!!!
***Selvi (laratorvis): May I ask, what is your take on fade to black?
***Kittyn Fuhr laughs….Well….my feeling is if it is something that I personally do not agree with…if I put myself into that scenario, then I rp it out…however, they might not like it.  If I walk down a dark alley, just because my profile says “cannot be attacked” doesn’t say i can’t…however, i might, instead of rp’ing out a full screaming, fighting scene, just type “i scream in response.”  and just wait.  However, if a scenario is happening that I feel isn’t Gorean or shouldn’t happen, then I may go to that fade to black.  especially if it is something that can affect the “future” of my character, that i can’t control, to make the character enjoyable.
*** Selvi (laratorvis): Thank you for that, May I quote you on that for future use?
*** Kittyn Fuhr: Sure!  *smiles*
*** Selvi (laratorvis): i write for the Gazette of Gor, I been wondering about the usage of FTB by some roleplayers.
***Selvi (laratorvis): I like how you explained that to a new person to GOR, very well broken down. hugs
***Kittyn Fuhr smiles….just 9 1/2 years experience here, in various environments.  *laughs*
***Selvi (laratorvis): I hope to grow up and be just like you!!!!!
***Selvi (laratorvis): May I ask, what is your take on fade to black?
*** Kittyn Fuhr laughs….Well….my feeling is if it is something that I personally do not agree with…if I put myself into that scenario, then I rp it out…however, they might not like it.  If I walk down a dark alley, just because my profile says “cannot be attacked” doesn’t say i can’t…however, i might, instead of rp’ign out a full screaming, fighting scene, just type “i scream in response.”  and just wait.  However, if a scenario is happening that I feel isn’t Gorean or shouldn’t happen, then I may go to that fade to black.  especially if it is something that can affect the “future” of my character, that i can’t control, to make the character enjoyable.
*** Selvi (laratorvis): Thank you for that, May I quote you on that for future use?
*** Kittyn Fuhr: Sure!  *smiles*
*** Selvi (laratorvis) i write for the Gazette of Gor, I been wondering about the usage of FTB by some roleplayers.
***  Kittyn Fuhr: One example i could say…i wish i had her quote now, a friend a long time ago said that say, in service…a Master could say “you have to do me”.  even if the profile says that tthey are restricted.  She could say she’s restricted, and if he basically says “I don’t care”…she would still do it, but it wouldn’t be sexual, just factual statements.  “spreads legs.  grasps penis. places.”.  etc.
***  Selvi (laratorvis): I have not HAD to use FTB, but with so many new folks coming to SL GOR, most I have talked to never heard of FTB>
*** Kittyn Fuhr: Then lets the person answer to her Master for damages, and to the council, etc.
***  Selvi (laratorvis): A good point.
***  Kittyn Fuhr: that is the problem with the way this is set up…however, thre isn’t really too many ways to correct it.  I have met many slaves who don’t know that they DO have a choice, they do NOT have to serve on both sides of the screen, they do NOT have to serve in both gor and regular SL…some cities do have the rules set up, so thatt they can protect new slaves, but however, somee are just a catchnet, to provide their (or other) Owners with bait.
***  Selvi (laratorvis): Now that is a very profound insight into the matter.
*** Selvi (laratorvis): I have encountered many a new person to Gor in the last six months, and to me, the issue of who has what control over what is a huge deal.
*** Kittyn Fuhr: i had a bad time coming in….however, i lucked out in the end (I am still with my Master from 9 years ago…august will be 10 years).  But i was also lucky, to have a person on the SL side, that kept me semi-grounded, they both understood each other, I served both…and now live with the SL side one IRL.
***Selvi (laratorvis): that is truly amazing.
***Selvi (laratorvis): I envy you..smiles big. Thank you for your insights.

Panther Girls – Hunters of Gor

Panthergirls are the fabled panther girls of many of the Gorean forests, such bands being comprised of
wildwomen of the forest, former Gor FreeWomen, and runaway female slaves, who have fled from male Gorean society and taken up residence amidst the primitive camps of the dark forbidding hidden
unexplored woodlands. Many sightings have occurred; however; some still consider it a myth. These
panther girls are strong, physically and mentally, and fierce fighters when encountered.
Their weapons of choice are slim spears, short bows, and hunting knives, along with poisoned darts and needles. They survive by trading with the inhabitants of certain secret settlements for difficult to obtain supplies. The Panthergirls also survive by hunting and trapping game in the wild. They may also use natural forest pheromones to lure specialized prey, a pleasant perfume that sedates as well as attracts.
Some of their traps are designed for netting small as well as larger game, including males who wander into their territories, who they enslave and barter for goods. They are free-women. Rumor consistently surface that many Gor Masters and Gorean FreeWomen in Gorean Settlements have secret dealings with these panthergirl camps, procuring their slaves, by trading goods for them.
These panthergirls are an independent breed and are cautious about accepting newcomers to their ranks. All males who seek them out and are found in their territory are either killed, captured by them, or sold as slaves, in trade for civilized foodstuffs and items of equipment they need. Rare is the Master or free-male who is invited into their camps, or who isn’t captured when venturing too near their territory. Even rarer is the free male who is not captured or enslaved by them. If the male shows sufficient skills to assist them in their survival; however, he may be reasonably safe, but must be especially wary in camp. If the male amuses them, or shows sufficient submissiveness to them, he is a candidate for more caring treatment. It is not uncommon for a panthergirl to have in her possession one or more “white silk slaves,” male slaves or kajiruus chosen for their appearance, their submissive disposition, their handsomeness, and their sexual vigor. Those who have been trained to serve sexually or are willing to submit to their unquestioned rule may be safe for longer periods of time, often until they die, but will often be physically restrained. They will use the males or boys as they are known, abuse them, and when they are finally bored with them, sell them as slaves. All males are at risk when encountering these panthergirls, including Gorean Masters.
Gorean Masters fear them so much they usually send a female slave to do any trading with them. Masters are unwilling to take the risk of being captured or suddenly discover their guest status has been terminated immediately with a panther girl’s leash. Most female slaves and Free Women travel safely, to and from panther girl camps, unless they suspicion them to be spies, often are given generously to, and acquire far more goods in trade than males. Therefore, from an economic standpoint alone, it makes sense for a Gorean Master to send a female slave or slaves to conduct the business of trades, rather than taking unnecessary risk himself.
During certain dancing ceremonies panthegirls have been reported to be the most active and dangerous. Each band of panther girls customarily has a semi or permanent camp, particularly in winter, but each band, customarily, has what is known as it’s dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed woman-hood becomes sometimes too painful, natural urges raging, travel to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of males is often consummated. No research has concluded how often the dancing ceremonies take place but their snare drums and stirring music are heard frequently deep within the forests. Unless the Mistress of the camp protects them, by placing a bag over a male’s head, virtually all males are subject to being prey and taken into captivity during or following the dancing. No male who has ever watched the ceremony it is reported has ever desired to leave the camp after witnessing these dance ceremonies, and often will attempt escape if sold, at peril of their own execution, to return, only to be captured all over again and sold back into slavery. This provides continued resources for the panthergirls from the same stock of captured males. The dancing and the music are said to be intoxicating, mesmerizing, and all males are extremely vulnerable to its allure, including Gorean. No Master has ever admitted to having seen the ceremony, concluding those who did are no longer free but have become enslaved themselves, or none have witnessed the dancing ceremony.
Male slaves, are not particularly valuable, and do not command extremely high prices because most labor is performed by free men. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Most commonly, male slaves are utilized on the cargo galleys, and in the mines, and on the great farms, but they must be large muscular males to fetch a decent price in those markets. These male slaves, captured and sold by panthergirls, often display a degradation stripe, a 2″-wide band shaved into the hair of men captured by talunas or panther girls; which runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Some consider themselves fortunate to have their lives, even at such a price. An exception to the low prices for males generally is that paid for a certified woman’s slave, a handsome male, white silken clad with gold tassels, or one who has been trained to tend a woman’s compartments and needs. Some of these bring a price comparable to that brought by an attractive girl, often dangled before prospective female buyers, desiring to be served. Such males usually do not have the degradation stripe because it detracts from their appearance, hence fetching a lower price. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Generally selected males are traded to other panthergirl bands or to FreeWomen of Gor for goods and commodities not available deep in the forests. Because of that. it is rare, if not unheard of, for a FreeWoman of Gor to ever divulge the site of a panthergirl camp, and certainly Gorean settlements
that trade with them for profit and commodities have no desire to reveal the locations. This nderground
male slave market, so to speak, although not large in volume, appears to be more than myth.
Note: Consistent rumors that the panthergirls are gaining in population numbers persist, but has been
dismissed by Gorean Society as myth. No actual data exists to prove or disprove of the theory.

 Safe paths (my friend)

Magnificent, truculent,
Malevolent, translucent  eyes,
Mirroring my form.
I felt its presence,
Once at night.
Then saw  its gaze,
Two yellowed glares,
Bathing in. the moons.
And all the rest
Our primeval fear,
Hidden in the black….
And  that stare.
Froze me to the bone
And opened wounds that ached
Though once forgotten
Which of long time past
Dissipate, at last.
A child’s’ scary tale,
For those up too late,
Was there…..
The Larl too close
And knew
One roar,
Would signal death
Upon this lonely  path.
Maybe that night
Old warriors we,
Too scarred and worn…..
Too old perhaps?
With aching bones…
Who knows?
But suddenly
The beast was gone!……
And I remained alone
Safe paths my friend, safe paths
by Master LarlHunter
Caste of Musicians


Master LarlHunter was kind enough to provide me with permission to use his poem/song  above and he even granted me an interview. I hope this interview allows us all to take a peek into the world that is the Caste of Musicians on Gor.

*Selvi : In terms of roleplay, is it fun? does it provide tons of opportunities for a rich storyline?

*Master LarlHunter: Well I am I guess a little shy, so I don’t make conversation easily, so I play my music, and sometimes people come up and comment, and I make a quip or tell a joke, or they are keen to show what they can play , and I step back and let them  and I am mostly quite taken with the performances they give. There are some good story lines that grow from there.

*Selvi : good way to break the ice and create an opening for interaction.

* Master LarlHunter: Yes, and sometimes I find a wonderful sound and tune and I ask where they obtained them. Sometimes I learn a new joke and a new tune, or a new instrument I may wish to get as well. So all the interactions bring in their own way a little knowledge to help my craft.
* Selvi : What would you say is some of the good parts about roleplaying in the Caste of Musician?
*Master LarHunter: So my role play is that of a Musician who plays music but since playing an instrument is less interactive since it leads to the tendency to speak without listening in role. But it does provide a good story line. I roleplay as a smuggler since as a musician I am seldom searched or robbed. In fact, my lute is a shield. I have only been shot once by a tone deaf panther, and if  I only play my stuff when invited to, no one has the urge to kill me.  So being a musician means I can move freely between cities and ports and not risk being captured. In this essence, no place is too risky for him to venture into.
* Selvi : To help the readers see how this works, would you care to share some of your back story?
*Master LarlHunter: I travel with my sister  Lady Adoris, who is the more sensible one in the family as I tend to drink away my sorrow over our lost love one, we travel together as I search for that missing  family member who was taken away and enslaved. At each place we visit, I make it a point to sing a song a particular song that expresses how I am still searching for this lost member.
* Selvi: one last question Master? do you have a message to the readers of the Gazette or any advice for anyone wishing to roleplay a musician in Gor?
*Master LarlHunter: Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t play when not invited to, or if you do play where people can avoid you if they wish, each audience has a different sense of what is good and bad, try to individualized your performance for that particular audience.
Aim to have a laugh, after all the whole point is to try to make your audience smile, and slip in
something to make them think too. For example, “if you have singers and dancers and the flute players, buy their gifts also. For they too are gatherers of the fruit and frankincense, and that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, it is still a remnant and food for your soul”- K Gibran
(( I had later learned more about the quote above here))
We ended our interview and said our farewells with plans to talk more in the future. Out of curiosity I did a research on the last thing he quoted to me and gave me food for thought. It comes from a poem and essentially, if everyone leaves with something learned from one each other, we all leave with something more than before we first all gathered together. I as a writer and explorer really like that notion.

Interview with the first panther in Gor:  Eve Cartier
By Mariko Marchant from issue 18

  •    Mariko Marchant: Tal Eve nice to meet you
–    Eve Cartier: Thank you, it’s a pleasure.
•    Mariko Marchant: I heard you were the first panther in Gor is that true?
–    Eve Cartier:  Yes, that is true.
•    Mariko Marchant:  And how was that being alone in Gor as a panther?
–    Eve Cartier:  Lonely? *grins* Truthfully, it wasn’t bad. I was a Panther girl in IRC before arriving in SL and there I had separated myself from others so I was used to being on my own. It’s something you accept when you pick that particular path.
•    Mariko Marchant:  What year was it?
–    Eve Cartier: That was 2002
•    Mariko Marchant:  It was not in second life then?
–    Eve Cartier: It was pre-beta.  They switched into full beta right around Nov. I actually arrived before my “born on date”. But a handful of us had our dates reset to the beta open date.  It doesn’t matter that much it was only a few months either way but it confuses people who run the math.  Either way there were only a handful of us in SL at all so it was lonely for everyone.
•    Mariko Marchant:  I see ..and when was there a Gor community on Second Life?
–    Eve Cartier:  Well, that is up for debate with a lot of people, but I remember it happening this way.  I arrived in Sl and most of my time and everyone’s time for that matter was spent learning to use the system… to build and whatnot.  I used that experience to find a little spot away from everyone, build my hut and quietly practice building when not in classes. After about a year and a half SL had stabilized to the point it was open all day instead of only a couple hours each day and the world had grown from about 7 sims to about 20. One of those sims was owned by a man whose name I can not remember, though I know he had a girl named Tessa and a Companion. They had built their version of Ar and a few surrounding cities.
Unfortunately their neighbors were a WW2 re-enactment group who delighted in spending their free time taking pot shots at the city and it’s people.  Because, at that point, you couldn’t choose the settings of your sim they spent all day being killed and reviving over and over where they stood.  My hut was not on this sim so I would speak to them but wasn’t part of the issue.  Not long after, the AR sim closed in frusteration, they left and for a long time, until Black Tarn island was created I was alone.
•    Mariko Marchant: i heard Gor  was much different than, more an economic system with trading. Is that correct?
–    Eve Cartier: I’m not sure what you mean by economic other than that slave trades were made with real Lindens.  Of course the expectations of those slaves were quite different then they are now.
•    Mariko Marchant:  What were the expectations of those slave then?
–    Eve Cartier: Well, first you must realize that everyone coming into SL at that time were coming from Yahoo and IRC communities.  These communities tended to be, what we call now, lifestyle communities.  So when you owned a slave you expected them to be knowledgeable of Gor (i.e. have read the books) as well as versed in the traditions of the community at the time.  Admittedly many of those traditions were based in OLisms but they were accepted and expected across the community.  Either way, the better versed a slave was in these things the more they were sold and traded for. There was also an expectation of consequence.  Slaves that were sold were expected to not have alts and to remain in the collar into which they were sold.  One didn’t lay down real cash if they didn’t expect that person to live up to the commitments they were putting themselves into.  It was a life many would balk at now but it was the expected and loved way of doing things at that time.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Around the 2006 there was a Gor  community in SL right? I mean with cities, Panther tribes, outlaws camps etc..
–    Eve Cartier: Yes, by 2006 there was a full Gorean continent of about 7 sims with various cities and forests.  There were no outlaw camps.  Those didn’t come until later.  The cities worked together and my band occupied the forest.  We traded, they lived their lives, we lived ours, otherwise there was little to no interaction except those that were stupid enough to wander into our forest.  Those,  we expected wished to be collared.  I won’t go into great detail, but over time the continent broke up,  other sims were created and soon Gor exploded across SL.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Was there already GE Gor then?
–    Eve Cartier: I don’t remember when GE Gor first appeared.  What people should realize though is that GE Gor wasn’t what it is now.  It was COMPLETELY a different beast.  The first I had ever heard of Gor Evolved was when someone mentioned this new sim to me.  I arrived to an entirely modern build of a dark looking New York style city.  The concept was simple, “what if the ideas of Gor were brought to a futuristic earth and expanded/evolved out of what they are now.”  In short, men and women were chasing slaves around a modern city for purposes of capture, rape and release.  Eventually these ideas bled BACK into Gor but the start of GE Gor was a lot more twisted than I think people realise.
•    Mariko Marchant:  I hear Gor has changed much over the years. If you compare Gor in 2008 and in 2015 was are in the main differences in your view?
–    Eve Cartier:  The biggest changes I have seen are that more people are familiar with the books.  That may seem odd to say, but I think as RP has taken over lifestyling people search the books for RP material instead of falling back on tradition and community designed ceremony.  I have also seen a decreased amount of consequence.  Personally I think this harms SL Gor.  People say they don’t want to have consequences for multiple alts or for the actions of their characters because they just come for  “fun”.  But I think the truth is when you don’t feel your heart beat a little in fear that you might actually lose your character you don’t get the joy when it doesn’t happen.  Removing consequences makes Gor  very..very safe.  Gor was never meant to be safe.
•    I hear it is much more combat now and less roleplay. How do you comment on that?
–    Eve Cartier: I think it was.  There was a very dark period where everything became combat focused.  But people can only run around “capping” each other so long before the capture, rape, rinse repeat of it all bores anyone with two brain cells.  I’m pleased to say that I believe the “community” in general is swinging back the other direction and most cities, they are finding a more healthy balance of RP with a side of combat.  I am sad to say, however, that the Panther community seems to be slower in that swing and remains combat focused.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Could I summarize that the panther community has changed from lifestyle to combat into Roleplay and the last years into combat with less roleplay?
–    Eve Cartier:  Hmm… I think a summery could be that Panther RP has shifted from Roleplay into combat and there it remains.  It’s an easy thing to see.  All you have to ask of yourself,  as a Panther girl,  is do you spend more time hunting, gathering, preparing for winter, fishing, creating weapons and dancing under the moons?  Or do you spend more time running from raid to raid, RPing out your capture, and standing at a fire waiting for the next raid you are called to?  The way a Panther girl answers this says a lot about her priority and focus.  The sad thing is I’m not sure most panther girls even KNOW how to RP the life of a Panther girl if she’s not fighting.  It’s a shame.  There is so much enthralling RP lost.
•    Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much for this interview Eve. This has been very interesting for me and I am sure for all people who joined Gor in the past years. Do you wish something to add?
–    Eve Cartier: Hmm, perhaps only that if a person feels like they aren’t getting enough RP I’d remind them they aren’t the only one.  In fact, I dare say that that is how 99% of the people in SL Gor are these days, standing around, waiting for someone to start with THEM.  I would dare people to be the first to make contact.  It doesn’t always work, but Gorean RP isn’t about giant group activities, it is about the interactions between two individuals.  I dare people to be the first to out and make that contact.
•    Mariko Marchant: thank you very, very much Eve this has been enlightening for me.
–    Eve Cartier: You are very welcome and I wish you well.

Meeting with Assassins in Black – (Minnie)

 •    Long time ago, i tried to find a special caste, a caste able to scare people and give fears. Assassins in Black, Black Caste, People who could kill for Gold. No, they are not vagabonds  ! They are a distinct caste, proud warriors who respect rules and follow the way of respect. Yes, they could kill people, and yes they could scare us. But is it not a normal way to find death in Gor ? I have always learned that Black Caste and Assassins are fantastic RPers and, now, I m fully agree with this because they have to RP all their acts. Skills is not only with weapons, but with words also. For them and for respect their wishes, this interview is fully anonymous. We were five in a cavern, me and four persons. Two of them accepted to answer : A Master Assassin who is Black Caste Member High Council and an Mercenary Assassin Instructor who is in Ge Group, working with Black Caste, operating in Ge World. Please, follow this interview which is very instructive for all of us. It could be called : The hard way to become a killer !
•    Minnie: Tal
–     Black Caste Member High Council : Hi Minnie
•    Minnie: Nice to meet you
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor smiles and bows  “Welcome Minnie”
•    Minnie : I m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : She is owner of a Gorean Media press. This is a Gorean Journalist and Reporter
–     Black Caste Member High Council : Than i will be better out
•    Minnie: We did several articles. But i hope  to do a special Assassins and Black Caste. So do you agree to be interviewed
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : I m not sure the BC wants to be directly displayed
•    Minnie: Can you present your group, your land, your goals ?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Not like that. We work in the shadows. The only thing we will really need is spotlight for our victims such as cyberbullies who try to get away with not being dead or killed. The BC dont step in spotlight. They are outside of it
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : A valid kill is a valid kill. And we have had contracts where bullies would try to worm out of it. A spotlight prevents it. Because we already have a gorean intelligence network across all GE SIMs. And thus a GE congress always watching. We are the force of the BC in GE Gor. We are training our students. We have the first Kung Fu School in Gor.
•    Minnie: But we could do an interview without giving names. I understand the notion of secret
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Media can be a weapon of justice in the right place. Alright !
•    Minnie: Can you present me your group
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : How do you wish to do this ‘anonymous interview
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : My group is not the BC. We run with BC. But we are not BC
•    Minnie nods
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We act as the extra muscle and force where it’s necessary in GE Gor. But the BC are very silent on these matters.
•    Minnie: To help BC sometimes ?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor  : The red sashs here are the GE enforcers
–     Black Caste Member High Council : I am here as liaison officer of the BTB BC
•    Minnie: So you have more direct contacts with BC
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Of course, this one is high council -points to the man in black with the shield on his back-
•    Minnie: how much Assassins have you in group
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : that information would be classified
•    Minnie: mmmmm, ok. Have you several level as assassins. Can you tell me the cursus that must do an assassin. Must he/she do proofs of skills
–     Black Caste Member High Council : In the studies ?
•    Minnie: Yes
–     Black Caste Member High Council : They have many task in this time and so the learn the right way to be a killer. And of course they have to show us proof for. They have to copy the RP on a note so we see that s they have done
•    Minnie: And if we want buy your services, how do ?
–     Black Caste Member High Council : You search a killer and you paid gold for our service
•    Minnie: How much ?
–     Black Caste Member High Council : Different not all the same expensive than victims
•    Minnie: You told me, at beginning, that you are Kung Fu School. What does it mean ?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : That is not the BC . This is our system here in support and reinforcement of BC
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Many people do not know what Kung Fu means. Kung Fu directly translated means “Skill acquired through hard work.” Kung Fu is not a martial art. It is a skill acquired through hard work.  For example a brain surgeon who develops a steady hand after 10 years.  Or working in a kitchen so long  and you use the utensils like a fucking ninja.  Sure you can get good at punching things and call it Kung Fu after you get good at it. But that s not what Kung Fu is. Kung Fu is not a martial art. Kung Fu is a way of life.
•    Minnie: nods and smiles. I m a good cooker, so i do Kung Fu
–     Black Caste Member High Council : so isn’t one in danger if you cooked a meal ?
•    Minnie: mmmm It depends what i cook
–     Black Caste Member High Council  coughs
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We spend a lot of time here together.  We bond here a lot because we have a system based on Kung Fu. We train very hard if we could sweat in here. It would smell deeply.
•    Minnie: do you train every day?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Yes. For many hours. For some, the training can go beyond 10 hours a day
•    Minnie: So you are very good fighters ?  Best of Gor ?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Almost rival to us in equal numbers, yes
–     Black Caste Member High Council : I train 4 hours every day
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : The strongest group in Gor. Unknowns are the strongest group in Gor
•    Minnie: Are you doing tournament to improve your skills, not only in your own group but with other groups. Public tournament ?
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : We are very tight knit. Tournaments are too public for now. We prefer to keep to ourselves. To us, this is work time, not play time.
–     Black Caste Member High Council : An assassin doesn’t show his skills to public.
•    Minnie: but how be sure that you are best fighters if you don’t meet other fighters
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : It is better to lose in the spotlight than to allow others to know your skills. For when they underestimate you, they will never know the true consequence.
•    Minnie: smiles “I agree”. And if someone wants join you, what must he/she do.
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : They must treat it as an environment of respect and demonstrate values and morals and ethics that go well beyond ordinary citizens of Gor. They must be willing to diligently train and teach others and invest time and patience, not only with themselves but others as well. We expect that all practicing in the dojo follow a dress code and the members here respect their instructors. And they have to trust their Sifu’s. Because a Sifu is one who bestows knowledge and power. He is like a father to eastern culture, not just a teacher and friend. Sifu’s are the Sensei’s essentially. But there is a more proper term. Sifu’s are the Mentors/Teachers. In western culture, teachers are just friends. But this is not same in the East. In eastern cultures, highest respect is given ancestors, and to lineage, and to family line.
•    Minnie: So, if someone comes here and says “Tal i want become Assassin”  He/she could become assassin without being introduced
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Our school quietly operates as a recruitment pool for those earning the respect of the BC. Often the strongest fighters and most respectful fighters are handpicked by BC to begin a 6 month to a year training period.
•    Minnie: A year training  period !!! it s very long
–     Black Caste Member High Council : And it is a different between this group and us BTB assassin.  We can’t have women as killers.  We teaches only mens to be a killer but group here is Ge and so can have women in that group.
–     Black Caste Member High Council : Long it is but they have a lot to learn
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor nods in agreement with Master Assassin
•    Minnie: I want thank you for your honesty. I must close the interview and I was glad to have met you. Thank you more for your answers
–     Black Caste Member High Council : Alright, thank you too. Be well, safe paths.
*    Mercenary Assassin Instructor : Thank you “bows respectfully”
•    Minnie smiles softly and waves.

Taken from GOG Issue 19
Interview Lady Takama – Sardar Fair (Minnie)

•     Minnie : Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
–    Lady Takama : I am Lady Takama, the Interim Head Merchant for Sardar Fair. Sardar Fair is part of the Thirty Four Sim Continent known as the Freedom Continent (FC for short) Fourteen and half of those sims are Gorean, either BTB or GE. Sardar Fair was established in March of 2015 and is owned by Lady Serjourn Daxter. The current Administrator, Cayden Blackheart, was voted in, in July and we are just finishing reconstruction of the Sim.
•     Minnie : Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?
–    Lady Takama : How about just old? *laughs* I tend to like to think of myself as an old Gorean. I tend to stick to more traditional ways of thinking.  As far as the Village itself, Sardar Fair plays a pivitol role in Gorean society and it could be considered old Gorean.
•     Minnie : Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
–    Lady Takama : We are BTB and ruled by Merchant Law. We do observe the Caste System and we have a Home Stone.
•     Minnie : You are BTB, so have you contacts with Ge and if not, why
–    Lady Takama : We are BTB, and we have contacts with GE through trade on the Continent. We are all Goreans, wether we are BTB or GE. As well, all Goreans, be them GE or BTB, at some time in their life, should be making their Pilgrimage.
•     Minnie : Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
–    Lady Takama : Lady Serjourn Daxter owns the land, Cayden Blackheart is our Administrator. Cayden, myself and Cayden’s RP Mom have done nearly all the reconstruction.
•     Minnie : What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
–    Lady Takama : Sardar Fair’s most attractive feature would have to be it’s peacefulness and the views of the mountains. We are a Non Raid sim due to being the home of the Temples.
•     Minnie : Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more)
–    Lady Takama : I am not the Sim owner, but I can tell you that it is very exhausting at times. Both physically and mentally, being pushed and pulled in different directions at one time. Our Administrator has a great deal on his plate and does a phenomenal job at keeping it together.
•     Minnie : How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
–    Lady Takama : It is my hope that we will see Sardar Fair grow immensely in the future, both in the organization of the Fairs as well as the village itself.
•     Minnie : All names have a story. What is the story of your name, the story of the land’s name too
–    Lady Takama : The markets of the Sardar fairs are large and important ones in the Gorean economy. The fairs, and others like them, play an important role in the Gorean culture and economy. They are an important clearing house for ideas and goods. It is a place where all Goreans can come together peacefully.
•     Minnie : Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your group

–    Lady Takama : Sardar Fair is home to the largest four Fairs of the Gorean year and is the last passangs to the Temples and the Mountains.. It is a place for rest and reflection. It is along the Pilgrim’s Path, at the foot of the Sardar Mountains and is land locked.  In Geographical location, due to Ar being on the Vosk, Sardar Fair is a Southern sim, and abides by Merchant Law.  This is a peaceful, no raid, BTB sim due to being “holy ground”. We seek knowledgeable Goreans to join us. We have nearly all roles open in every Caste.

 © Gazette of Gor



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