The Gazette of Gor – Issue 49



     Editorial by گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato):

     Journey to Glen Leven

    Companionship Ceremony  Mark and Emma

     Losing my Master and surviving

     Sexual Atittudes of Gorean Slaves -Kim

     Gossip of Gor …..

 Editorial by گổηΐã

We start with the travel of Rorus and William for the Northern woods where they will live a lot of adventures …

Then for the dance competition lovers can register on the next competition scheduled for the month of June this year ….

To change ideas and share the happiness of two souls met on Gor, you will celebrate along with them even their celebration of companionship, the champagne will flow afloat ….

Losing my Master, the story told by a kajira having lost her Master, I invite you to discover the emotional story …

An umpteenth questionnaire response About the Sexual Attitudes of Gorean Slaves * developed by Lotus mandel …

On this issue we offer you the complete list of the tribes of panthers and their location, last updated May, from Marlies Dasmijn …

And finally a little fun with gossip of Gor…………

I wish you a good reading and a lot of pleasure……


 Journey to Glen Leven

By: Jillian Daniels

Editing: Mariko Marchant

With Rorus now behind them, William, who had received word of an inheritance somewhere in the Northern Forest, and a band of his good friends and slaves set forth to find out what is there and whether or not they can forge a new life for themselves in the cool green forest…


WilliamStrange sat on the wagon holding the reins. he weren’t a great wagon driver, but Jillian, who wa sat next to him had almost crashed the bugger on the way so he had to drive! Jillian was promoted from driver to navigator and so the trip took a day longer than it should 😛 … Mischief sat in the back holding on desperately to a cage of vulo. she was being thrown around a bit but it couldnt be helped. Rei and his slaves followed on in a second wagon. As William looked back to check they were still there, he could see that Ja’el was driving and it looked like Rei was sleeping…”typical” thought William.

Then, just as William looked back, a beast of some kind, possibly a larl, shot across the road and disappeared into the forest. Williams bosk got the fright of its life and started to run. it bounded down the road dragging the bouncing wagon with it, knocking over a small sign post before breaking free and disappearing. the wagon careened into the ditch and almost toppled….

Jillian tumbled out of the wagon, every bone in her body aching as she rolled onto the hard ground before finally coming to a stop. Looking around, she stood carefully to make sure nothing was broken and then dusted herself off muttering “Good grief! What was that about?” then looked around to see if the others were alright. She had some choice words for William’s driving abilities, or lack thereof!

Mischief was in the back of the wagon holding on tightly to the cage of vulos getting covering in bird poo and tried desperately to rub it off her camisk. The verr were bleating as they needed milking and the honey bees were anxious and i watched them closely thinking any minute now they are going to sting me. I looked up at my master and asked ” Are we there yet My Master ?”


Rei rouses from my lounging  as we come to a halt hops down by Jenny and the fat tarsk Tilda ….tugs on her hair ..”follow me up here to see what those two doing up there ….” walks up to the wreck as Jill tumbles forth …” Thats what happens when you let scribes do the driving..” reaches to help her up

jenny was kicking and urging Mildred into at least a steady trot, the rein strap and a switch in hand. The fat ole tarsk had never ventured this far…nor had Jenny upon it’s back. She was simply trying to keep up with her Master’s wagon when she had heard the commotion further up- and the sudden halt- nearly flying over the tarks head. Her fingers gripped the wooden hames as she resituated herself and gave another kick to Mildred’s sides, feeling the tug upon her hair from her Master…trying to make her way about the wagons to the front- seeing what had transpired. “Is everyone okay??”

Larl: Skulks down low in the long grass hidden in the dense forest watching with interest the people invading his hunting grounds. Sniffing the air he picks up the smell and sounds of livestock and feels his stomach rumble. Whisker twitching with excitement I watch and see where they are traveling to. Crawling low on my belly with a low satisfied growl i keep out of site so i can stalk the error and look for any opportunity to strike my prey.

Ja’el had pulled the reins stiff and stopped the wagon, his eyes widening as he saw the wagon ahead go for a tumble. He blew the hair from his eyes as he watched his Master move down, tugging jenny by the hair to check on the crew up front. He slides down from the wagon, goes to tend to the animals, making sure none have been injured in the crash

WilliamStrange tumbled out of the wagon remains rubbing his head. he looked around to see Jill standing up “Are you okay, Jillian?” he said as stepped forward to help her. Rei arrives at the same time and cracks a joke… typically. William glances around “Mischief! Mischief!” he calls out as he trotts to the back of the wagon almost bumpng into Jenny. as he flings open the back of the wagon he finds Mischief still gripping the cage and covered in vulo poo. “Are you okay my wee beastie?” he whispers to her as he shoves the cage aside

 Jillian glares a bit at Rei “I wasn’t driving, thank you very much! It was William!” She continued to brush herself off, wishing she had taken more care and held on more tightly with William at the reigns. Looking around she was somewhat pleased, it was a pretty spot to be sure and squinting off into the distance, she thought she might even see flowers. This might not be as bad as she had thought it might be. Then turning to William she muttered teasingly “I am fine, no thanks to you! I think I am going to need a protector from my protector if you continue to drive like that!”

Rei calling back to Jael ..”Come on down here and help with this ..” shakes my head as i look about ..”This isnt it is it?” I ask with a bit of incredulity

Mischief  rubs my head as i remove the verr who was sitting on it while still gripping the vulos my body shaken and bruised i hear my master and answer him ” Yes my master I am ok the animals are good too” then taking the verr tie her to a tree and remove the vulos though i wait a while before trying to remove the bee hive as they are pissed and angry and i think i dont want to get too close yet.

Ja’el  he glances around, he was accustomed to barren lands for sure, thouhg they were usually snow covered. He remembers Hammerguaard, this placed felt similar. He calls out “i am okay” he responds to the girl’s question, He heard his Owners voice “yes my Master” he said as he left the wagon, the beasts seemed okay and their legs were not broken, that was good. He approached cautiously and looked to his Master as he began to help

jenny (eyes widened catching a glimpse of Mischief…wondering what she had been doing with those vulos exactly. Mildred had dropped her head and was munching away on a patch of flowers and grass so she kicked a leg over her withers and slid off the prickly tarsk back. Her hands smoothed the leather against her curves, finding it stiff and uncomfortable still. She stepped forward, peeking about “Do you need help Mistress? Master?” Seeing their wagon in shambles now…she stepped carefully to avoid splinters. Taking a peek back to her Master as he called out.

Larl: My eyes fix on a juicy fat tarsk being ridden by a raven haired human taking my time i move a little closer sniffing the air. I look forward to the night coming when i could venture even closer to take what i needed.

WilliamStrange helped mischief down from the wagon while rolling his eyes at Jillians complaints. Once she was down, William stepped around to check out the damage. one wheel was busted to peices and the axel snapped. the bosk had run never to be seen again, and the remains of the wagon were jammed into a tree stump. He shook his head and looked around a Rei spoke “I hope not! im pretty sure we passed a turning back there” he said pointing back the way they had careened “Im sure i saw a sign post.. breifly” he then stood back up, aching a little from the crash and looked to Jenny “Can you help Mischef with the livestock?” looking to Jael he said “And you biy, see what you can fit in your Masters wagon. we will have to walk back to the junction. but be careful… we dont know what critters are around these parts”

Jillian and shakes her head “No thank you jenny, I think I can manage” she called out lightly still trying to size up her surroundings. She looked to William “So what now? Is the cart fixable or will we have to walk the rest of the way?” She wasn’t pleased about it, but on the other hand, riding in a cart with William at the reigns was no picnic either. She was glad she had put on her comfortable boots…

Mischief look over to Jenny on the chubby tarsk and smiles and takes her the basket of vulos and ties the verr to the tarks tail. Then ventures back to the wagon where i say to Jael ” be careful with the bees they are pissed move them last so they can settle.” Then  grabbing a blanket i add or the other small things roll them and lift the roll on to my back ready to follow my master

Ja’el he glanced to the man and whispered “yes Master” then started to remove all the packed items from the scribe’s wagon and transfer them to his Master;s. He was careful as he lifted the cases and then reached for the bees, he could hear them buzzing and carrying on, his jaw;line twitched as he moved, he recieved several stings, but was nothing he could not handle

jenny nodded and stepped forward, helping Mischief with the animals- her hands running over the verr a moment to help calm him before sliding back atop Mildred with a grunt. Trying to keep note and stay way from the bees, ducking her head left and right shouting, “I am NOT a flower!” Then realized…she had the tiny ones upon her head and without thinking, reached up and flung the circlet into the woods….she needed to make one with fresh flowers anyway and hopefully they would be able to bathe soon…

Ja’el his head snapped back hearing the girl shout, his eyes widened and he lost his grip….the hive tumbling and the bees flying around, he tried to scramble out of the way as they stung him repeatedly and he tried deperately to keep the hive in one piece

Jillian grumbled a bit, but was a good sport about it “Very well, lets gather as much as we can and see what we can find.” Reaching back into the wagon, she pulled out a large bag filled with all she had felt suitable to bring along… she hoped it would be enough.

Mischief looks up to the heavens as a big splash of rain hits my nose i sigh saying ” Yes its raining ” then pull the blacket a little higher up my back grunting as i lift the heavy pack and ask ” Is it far to go my master?”

Rei watches from the side of the path looking about something about sitting in a road was unsettling …was glad to see us headed down the road …”We need to find shelter fast …”

jenny wrinkled her nose as the breeze lifted, catching a smell she was not *quite* used to….she silently turned her head to spot her Master again, half expecting him to be near a bush or tree- yet he wasn’t. The smell tho….she shrugged it off as she saw the clumsiness of the boy and she could only shake her head.  A rain drop caught her cheek and she turned to Mistress, if you need to pack anything more, layer it on my lap here…Mildred can carry it…I will make sure it is safe.”

WilliamStrange was about to start as the first drops of rain hit him “oh great” he said aloud and looking to Mischief “I dont think too far.. the sign was back there before the wagon hit……” he stopped dead as a small black streak shot across the path “What the……” he started as the thing belted into the woods. Shaking his head he said to the group “Come on.. we need shelter before the rain picks up”

Ja’el he manged to get the bees under control, he wiped himself off ad finished packing up the wagon, making sure he leaves room for everyone

Larl : Senses something close by and sees a jit monkey scurry into view he licks his lips he was rather keen on monkey, then returns his attention to the strangers. Circling getting ever closer ever braver a low growl emits causing several birds to set to flight

Jillian grabs her cloak and throws it over her head, trying to shield the bag from the rain. “I think I have it jenny, thanks!” Then moving towards mischief she asked “What can I help you carry sweet? Shall we leave the bees for later?” she asked hopefully

Jitters = crept closer, picking up the scent of the group. Waiting for an opportune moment she ran across the path to hide in the brush.. She spied from her hiding place… not monkeys for sure.. though one of them could be.

Mischief  has to run as my stride is much smaller than my masters i feel the ground become muddy squelching through my toes making rude noises which some how tickled me and made me giggle

jenny yanked up hard on the rein strap..nearly laying backward as she finally for the tarks head to lift…she was panting now and rocking her hips…urging the forward movement again as they started off…blinking as she swore she saw a monkey run across the path…her mouth dropped open…wanting to ask, but held off for now…in case someone may think he has a fever, I mean…was that a monkey? Out here?

Ja’el  he heard the low growl and glanced about, running a hand through his hair as the fat rain drops splattered on his face, he chewed his lower lip as he glanced around the forest. His nerves on edge as usual. he peered through the trees searching for signs of movement

Jitters = phew… down wind was not the best place to hide to be sure.. the huge beast had a bit of the dusty, farty smell that came from eating on the road .. she sneezed.. rubbed her nose on the leaves, sneezed and moved once more. ahh the rain.. that would help wash all of them off..

 Jillian trudges along behind William, staying as close to him as possible. He was honor bound to protect her whether he liked it or not. She grinned a bit at the thought.

Mischief  looked wide eyed as I see a monkey and I say ” My master i think i saw a monkey , can we keep her if I catch her ?” i run quickly slipping slightly several times trying to catch up to him

jenny  piped up hearing Mischief. “Hey I had seen it too! Let her keep it Master, please? My Master won’t permit me another pet!!”

Jillian: A monkey? Here???? *looked to William with concern and moved even closer… she wasn’t familiar with monkees, but she wasn’t taking any chances!*

WilliamStrange stopped at a kind of crossroads and picked up the sign. he dusted off the muck and looked at the faded words. “No you cant Mischief… its probably rabid if it was a monkey” he said and then tracing the words “Glen Leven…” he looked where th sign pointed along a tunnel of trees “…oh my word….” he said and stood and pointed

jenny gave a bit of a grunt hearing Master, and shook her head towards Mischief…lifting her eyebrows…she’d be willing to help her catch it.

 Larl: Follows the group along the road interested now in the tall grasses bleating Verr tied to the back of the fat tarsk. I creep stealth like watching and waiting…

Jitters = chirped and ran fast as she could.. taking a short residence in the bushes near the side of the old entrance.. she sat quietly and as still as a little monkey could – the plants made her itch.. and she eyed the tree next to her.. a good scratching post.. but later.. later.. for now…… watch. listen..

WilliamStrange glared at the girls and rolled his eyes. Looking back to the tree tunnel he said “No monkeys! Dirty flea ridden things…. anyway, does that look like shelter to anyone else?”

Jillian  nods “I think I can see some dark building through the trees William, we can at least seek refuge from the rain there if it isn’t what we are looking for.”

Mischief  pouts hearing my master say I can’t go catch the cute monkey and keep it. My back is hurting but I say no more I understand when to keep my mouth shut . I shiver as my camisk is sodden from the now heavy rain and slipping in the mud try to keep up.

WilliamStrange nodded to jillian “It will do for now” he said ignoring his slaves constant complaining “Lets go” he added as he stepped into the archway

jenny nodded her head hearing Master. “Yes…well a bit more covered at least than out here..” She was blinking furiously amongst the rain drops now, her hair clinging to her face and shoulders. Her small fingers held tighter to the hames as her ass started sliding back and forth on the wet tarsk

Jillian: Stops suddenly in her tracks, her eyes wide in wonder as she reaches the arch of trees shading the pathway with wildflowers blooming on either side of the earthen path. She had never seen anything as beautiful in her life and she suddenly hoped with all her heart that what they were looking for was nearby. She smiled as she followed along… the scent of flowers pleasing her nose.

jenny turned back to check on the verr, seeing him follow quietly behind and still tied as they waddled into the covered pathway. She took a deep breath and lifted one hand, wiping the rain from her eyes and cheeks…trying to keep up with the group

WilliamStrange mopped some sodden hair from his brow as he passed through the archway. sure he saw a small head peek from between the flowers he frowned and looked back at teh group “Keep moving or we will be drowned before we reach shelter” and stomped on through the mud

Mischief  pushes my hair away from my face which has stuck wet  from the rain. I look over to the Mistress and asks ” Mistress I can remove a blanket from my pack to help keep you dry from the rain if you wish?” I hear a unfamiliar noise from the forest  the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I am not sure if the sound came from an animal or a human but either way I didn’t like it so I ran to be closer to my master through the tree covered archway. I would need to keep my wits about me at this new home.

Ja’el he glanced about, his eyes peeled for any signs of trouble, his tummy had sank some as he heard the noises from the woods. He told himself, he had lived on his own for so long, he would be allright, he was not new to survival. His hair stuck to his face as he tried his best to keep up with the others

WilliamStrange continued on through the arch and as he left its cover, despite the rain… he stopped and looked at the sight before him “Wow….” he whispered and then looking around called out “HELLOOO?? ANYONE HERE???”

Jitters = watched quietly from her perch and as the red haired one slipped by, she stretched out her hand, lightly touching the girl’s hair.. then slipped back into hiding..

Jillian came upon a wooden walkway, that seemed promising… at least someone had put some thought and plan into the settlement? village? She wasn’t quite sure what it was or if it even belonged to William. But it was shelter from the rain that was worsening by the minute. She waited to see if anyone would respond to Williams shouts – and hoped if there were people about they were friendly.

as the rain poured down on the abandoned village, the clouds formed above. a distant rumble was heard just moments before the sky lit up and a crack of lightening shot across the heavens

Mischief  eyes widened as I saw a clearing appear before me with several abandoned buildings and then looking around I heard my master shout I listened intently for any response. Then shivered as a feather light touch was in my hair I turned quickly wondering what it was and skittishly moved closer to my master

Ja’el  he stepped into the clearing “buildings.looks like cililization! He scrambles in, impulsive as always and looks around, searching

Larl: Watched as the group reached the abandoned settlement this was an area he knew well and he had sought cover there in severe winter. He did not know how long they would stay but stretching to go around the trees by the buildings I lap at the puddle to quench my thirst

WilliamStrange glanced around seeing and hearing no one, he pointed to the large building at the end “that looks like the main structure… and probably has more shelter. we will call that camp until the rain settles” he said and led his friends forwards

Mischief  looks where I can remove my pack off my back so that it is under cover from the rain. It had been a long journey and I needed to get a fire going not only for warmth but to try to pull a meal together to feed everyone

jenny looked right and saw what appeared to be a small stable…covered and dry. She nudged Mildred and the verr over. “Master? May I tied these up quickly over there?”

 Jillian nods and moves forward sticking as close as possible to her protector. “Do you think anyone lives here William?” she asked, knowing he probably wouldn’t know any more than she herself did, but hearing voices reassured her in this strange place.

Ja’el  runs back, a bit out of breath as he points and says excitedly “Master, there are…there are buildings and..and things in one is there but looks like someone was!!!:

WilliamStrange looked back to Jenny and nodded “Yes, make sure they are secure and then come to the big building.” he then looked to Jillian “It doesnt look like it” as the heavens opened even more he called out to Jael “Hopefully there is something we can start afire with then.. come on every one!”

jenny pushed mildred into the pen and slid off…there was some old straw which she gathered a clump full within her hand and wiped Mildred down quickly, hoping she didnt get chills. …then moved onto the verr.. She fetched a bucket of water, rain water most likely as there wasn’t much in there slid it to the coner of the stable…peeking out enough so that it could still collect, yet the animals would stay dry if they sought a drink. She latched the wooden gate securely and hurried to catch up with the rest of the group in the big building.

Mischief cries out ” Oh My … lightening ” then dashes into the building after my master but just before getting there slips and falls on my arse in a huge muddy puddle. Feeling embarrassed pulls myself up and goes into the big building dripping mud

Ja’el chuckles and waves his hand “oh Master, i can light a fire..i am good at…” he pauses “well..have lit some before” he says confident;y

jenny started running to the big building and slid in the mud, pausing as she spied the monkey from around the corner. She grinned widely and reached into her camisk, pulling out a slightly bruised, but fresh larma and rolled it gently towards the creature before turning to run inside.

Jillian walks into a large room “What is this do you think? It rather reminds me of the Long Halls in the North – do you think this is a Long Hall William? We need logs to build a fire and quickly – I am frozen through!”

WilliamStrange got to the door and pushed against it…. finding it not budging he shouldered it a couple times before it gave way and he almost fell in. William looked around.. the roof leaked  places and there was a mess of furniture covered in cobwebs and dust. he pointed to stack of crates to one side and said to the slaves “Break some of those up and get the fire going” he then looked to Jillian “Id say it was more a lodging of some kind”

Mischief shakes off the mud and rain then takes the pack off my back. Quickly removing the mud covered camisk pulls my other one out after wiping myself dry with an old sack. Then going into the main room starts looking for dry wood and rags to help start the fire

Jitters = huddled just under the eves.. continuing to watch the group… and then wonder of wonders, the one with the dark hair rolled something in her direction.. she leaped back squeeking in fright but then slowly crept up to it, picked it up and ran off to the back of the old place.. to sniff and taste her treasure!

jenny started inside and paused, seeing the mud squish between her toes and the footprints left behind her. She groaned a bit and stepped backwards to the edge of the door…trying to wipe her feet off on the ledge as she saw Mischief get straight off into work

Mischief sees some old crates that were broken and dusty but thankfully dry. In several of the crates were straw that must have been used for protecting goods carried in the crates . I dragged a crate over to the centre fire pit leaving jael to get the main fire place lit

Jillian wandered around aimlessly, looking over the place. Dust had settled on every surface and as she drew a finger lightly over the table, the tip turned a dark brown. She wrinkled up her nose. Then seeing that the girls were working at a fire she moved towards them “What can I do to help girls?”

WilliamStrange looked around at teh building as some rivulets of rain poured through some of the holes “Well…. its not competely dry but its better than nothing” he said. As william turned he saw a tiny face at teh window and jumped a bit “What the…..” he yelped before realising it was just a monkey “the place s full of critters” he moaned and then looked to the slaves “Come on wheres the fire!” he barked

Mischief  taking from belt my flint stone I take some straw and placing wood on top start to strike the flint to move a spark. Then seeing the straw catch I blow softly until the fire starts to draw then watches as bigger flames start to appear

Mischief hears the mistress and says ” Mistress can you please see if there are any furs or blankets for beds lying here, I will get some soup going I brought fresh bread with us ”

WilliamStrange saw the flames start and smiled. he looked around and saw the old torches hanging from the posts. William walked over and tested one to be sure it was dry. it werent bad so he lifted it from its sconce and carried it over to the fire, lighting it. Willy then went around them all lighting up the building

Jillian seeing the fire catch and blaze she smiled and moved forward, drawing her hands out of the soggy cloak, she held them up over the fire, rubbing them together for a moment before turning to mischief “Well done with the fire. I will go and look and see what I can find. William, keep an ear open for a scream – Heaven knows what is here!” she added nervously.

(Unnamed) Larl: hunkered down behind the bushes it had been hidden behind for sometime, it’s attentions initially on the livestock diverted to those now gathered nearby.  Long whiskers twitched, it’s powerful maw parting to taste the scents in the air.  Keeping quiet and still its top lip peeled back, revealing dangerously sharp incisors, flexing it’s muscles under the thick dappled pelt. Keeping dry under cover of trees moved back to it lair he would return soon to see if an opportunity would be waiting for him to seize.

WilliamStrange watched jillian head off up the stairs “Be careful woman, those stairs could be weak. we have no physician with us.. only Rei and he cant handle the sight of blood!” he said as he moved to keep an eye on the wandering woman

jenny perked up, “Master…I am not always good with blood but my Mistress has taught me a few ways to bandage and what not, I could help if needed…” her voice trailed…”but hopefully that wont be needed..”

Mischief removes a large cauldron from the pack and pours in a jar of good vulo stock then carefully chops up carrots and onions and adds the cooked vulo meat adding in some dried garlic and thyme. Then adds a pinch of salt before putting it over the fire. I then go to see if I can find any bowls or cups to serve the soup in

Jillian laughs at jenny’s offer “I will be careful – no fear jenny! I’ve found some old animal skins William, should I bring them down? We could wrap ourselves with them to keep warm? *she bent down and picked up one of them, dusting it off and wrinkling her nose at the amount of dust in the place. She picked up the other and beat that one as well before bundling them up under her arm and half dragging them down the stairs.

jenny had been watching Mischief and the speed and efficiency of which she worked..clearly impressed with how fast she could whip up a meal…she could definitely learn from her. She lifted her gaze to Mistress, smiling as she watched her nose wrinkle and a plume of dust scatter into the air….her mind suddenly half hoping she had left her duster back in the old library…

Jillian: Here they are, I will just set them down here on the floor for anyone who needs them. *She set them down and moved once again to the fire to warm herself as best she could, hoping her heavy homespun dress would dry quickly before she turned into a walking ice formation.

WilliamStrange looked around to Jenny and smiled “ah good! We will probably need your skills at some point” he then looked back up to Jillian “If they are dry then yes!” he said. William the went over to the broken crates and grabbed up some wood. he went to the main fire and stacked the wood inside with some straw. the then took a torch form its sconce and set the fire going. “Jillian, come over and get yourself warm by the fire. The girls can join us with the food when they are done” he then looked aruound frowning “What happened to Rei and Jael? did they go back for the rest of the stuff from the wagon?”

Mischief searches the dressers in the kitchen and eventually finds some wooden bowls and spoons so removing a clean

rep cloth from my pack checks all are not damaged and wipes them clean then seeing the soup come up to the boil takes the fresh loaf of bread and cuts it into several slices putting the bread on the table in a cloth. Then taking several bowls fills them putting them out on the table saying ” My master, Mistress we have warm soup here now ”

jenny turned back looking a bit half hearted, having no clue where the boy wandered off too…he had been just behind when she put the animals up. “I think my Master made it in Master, but he seems to have needed to finish his nap..” Her eyes turning and looking to the foods and then to Mischief. “Do you need me do anything?”

Jillian: Oh lovely! Well done sweet mischief! I am famished! *she smiled as she moved to the table, feeling so fortunate to have 2 of the loveliest and best slaves in Gor here with her… oh and William too she supposed.*

Mischief smiles at Jenny and says ” We can clean up together once they have eaten ”

jenny nodded to Mischief, she always did enjoy doing dishes oddly enough, playing in the bubbles and water. “Sounds good.” She stepped back lightly, careful of the fire…staying close in case she were needed before that.

WilliamStrange stepped back to the table and took a seat. he looked to the girls and smiled “You may as well tuck in too! You will need your strength… we have lots of work to do” William looked around at the building and grinned “This could make a good home for us”

Mischief  walks over to the table and takes a bowl with a slice of bread and passes it to Jenny saying ” Eat up Jenny not sure where the next meal is coming from ” Then walks back and takes a bowl of soup and bread for myself

Jillian takes a sip of the hot soup, thoroughly warmed now and sighed contentedly. She supposed she would soon need to learn to help out around here and wondered what she would do. It didnt appear that scroll work would be needed. Well, she would think about that later when she wasn’t so exhausted by the journey. Looking to William she smiled “Aye, this could make a good home for us all!”

jenny looks to the soup and holds onto it. “Thank you Mischief.” Her fingers would curl about the bowl, holding onto it for her Master to eat should he awaken soon….she was also lacking permission to eat the real food and not gruel.

WilliamStrange nodded to Jillian as she spoke “we will have to be careful. we dont know what dangers lurk in these woods! Rabid monkeys, Larls.. maybe even spiders” he glanced up seeing that jenny was not eating and frowned. a moment late he realised “ah! Jenny…. perhaps you and mischief can rustle up some gruel from the leftovers or anything in the packs”

Mischief tucked into the soup happy that it tasted well seasoned and tore big chunks of the bread to mop up then answered ” yes Master there is gruel in my pack ” then asked ” My Master who lived here and why did they leave this seems a wonderful place?”

Jillian Daniels stifles a yawn as the warm soup fills her and looks gratefully to mischief. Hearing William she nodded “Yes, I will be very careful indeed!” She was feeling sleepy from the day’s travels and she felt her eyes getting heavier.

jenny  blinked. “Spiders…” as she smiled and nodded, moving to the pack to fix up some gruel…noting it should be called cruel because her belly was starting to rumble in want for the soup she held onto. “Thank you Master…Mischief..” She too was curious about the place and listened quietly as she worked to make her meal.

WilliamStrange looked to Jillian seeing her looking sleepy “Perhaps you should rest a while Jillian” he said and then looking to th girls “When you have eaten and cleaned up… curl up by the fire and rest. Tomorrow we will make plans to fix the place up and see what the other buildings have to offer”

Mischief motioned to jenny to follow then quietly said if you gather the bowls jenny i pull the soup off the heat so the others can eat when they are finished ill pop outside for clean water to wash the bowls is that ok?

jenny moved over to Mischief, hands starting to collect the bowls. “Sure that’s fine!”

Jillian sets the spoon down and nods. “I am very tired, I think I will take one of those rugs I found and find a place to sleep for the night.” turning to the girls she smiled “Thank you again for your care, I will see you in the morning” Then rising, she grabbed a rug and and moved slowly up the stairs, every bone in her body aching. “Good night all, and thank you William. I think we will make a good home for us all”

Mischief says ” Sleep well Mistress ” goes in search of water

WilliamStrange: “Good Night Jilian” he said watching her go. he looked to Mischeif and said “Be careful out there!”

jenny “Sleep tight Mistress! If you need snuggles I can join!” she giggled and grinned collecting the last of the bowls

Mischief  sees an old well and turning the handle hears the bucket hit water then draws the bucket up pleased to see clean clear water then hurries to the sink and fills it ready to wash the bowls

WilliamStrange starts gathering up some furs and lays them out by the fire. it would be snug enough for the night.. especially with his mischief tucked in with him

jenny turned hearing the water splashes and turns back, placing the dirtied bowls and spoons into the sink…adding a touch of soap

Mischief  helps jenny taking the bowls as she washes then drying them and putting each one back in the dresser then says ” I am going to get a little sleep by the fire are you coming too?”

jenny  nodded wiping her hands off on her hips. “Yes…sleep sounds good about now.”

WilliamStrange settles himself in the furs. As Mischief comes over and snugs up with him and then Jenny tucks herself up on the furs nearby, he finds himself starting to doze off. he reflects on his trip and has a final glance around “Yes, this will make a good home for them all” he says to himself before nodding off

Mischief snuggles close and sleepily says ..” night night my master , night night jenny ”

jenny “Good night Master…goodnight Mistress….goodnight Mischief..”

 WilliamStrange: “Sleep well”

Companionship Ceremony Mark and Emma

By: Mariko Marchant

Thanks to Petra Poliatevska

 Lady Skylar (classicgem): “If all will join us here, we can begin soon”

MarkMagellan: turns to Jaris and Nikki “you really should visit here more often.  some of the medical work is most…unusual…quite different from what we see in the cities.”  chuckles “and very few slave exams!”

MarkMagellan: walks towards Skylar and Emma

MarkMagellan: thinks everyone looks so…..civilized.

MarkMagellan: smiles as his slaves approach and kneel.

Lady Skylar (classicgem): Emma is you will stand next to Mark

[MarkMagellan: looks around

Lady Skylar (classicgem) Standing in honor before the arriving couple, “Tal, to the Family, Friends, Visitors and kajirae, En, Huntress and panthers.”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “We are here today to join Mark and Emma in Free Companionship, in the traditions of Gor, today is a celebration of their union. It is also much more than that. A Free Companionship is a legal bond, a sacred bond, a bond of love, a bond of exclusivity, while also a binding contract for one full year.”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “Therefore, while this is a celebration, it is also a solemn occasion. I ask you all to treat their ceremony with the respect.”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “Mark and Emma,” looking to each, “In full understanding that Free Companionship is a sacred union, something into which you must enter of your own free will, do you wish to proceed , taking this oath here before your peers and the Priest Kings?”

MarkMagellan: listens to Skylar.  then nods “yes, i do”

Emma (emma1currie): looking over to Mark with a smile “yes i do”

Lady Skylar (classicgem)

“Do each of you attest that you are free of any other binding contract and free to enter this union, also abiding that no person has due cause as to why this union may not come to be?”

MarkMagellan: nods “yes, i so affirm.”

Emma (emma1currie): nods “yes i so affirm “

Lady Skylar (classicgem) lays her ceremonial dagger to the table

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “The dagger and the Blood of Gor, lie in the heart of each and every Gorean. The dagger gives us life, when it kills for food for the Home Stone, and takes life from us, when it is used to defend the Home Stone. In your ceremony today, it assists us in making a blood oath, to join these two as one being.”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) taking her ceremonial dagger from the table, sunlight splintering off the precious stones in the handle, she cue’s gently, “Raise your near hand and open your palms to me.”

MarkMagellan: nods, and raises his hand, opening the palm.

Emma (emma1currie): raising her right hand palm up

Lady Skylar (classicgem) holds Emma’s hand gently, and uses the dagger to make a small cut in her palm. Squeezing her hand, she watches until a couple of drops of the life of Gor bead in the sunlight.

Lady Skylar (classicgem) then takes Mark’s name hand, and makes an identical cut in his palm. Beading the droplet of the blood of Gor as seen to shine in the sun on Hawk’s palm. Laying her dagger to the table where it belongs, joining their hands together, palm to palm, so that they feel their blood mixing as one, lifting the exquisite strip of purple cloth to bind their wrists. “Your blood is now one.”

MarkMagellan: smiles, pleased.

Emma (emma1currie): looking deep into Marks eyes she smiles

Lady Skylar (classicgem) Your bodies are now One. You are as a single being, One on Gor, united and stronger together than either is alone. Should another dishonor you they also have dishonored your companion.

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “Mark…, on this joyous day, do you have vows or words you would like to honor your companion with.”

[MarkMagellan: yes, i do…..

MarkMagellan: My companion Emma:  what can i say about our you?  From the time I met you in medical school, I knew you were class.  Elegant, intelligent, skilled, and kind.  And having been your companion now all these moons, all that i thought has proven true. I’ve witnessed your skill as a physician, your sense of adventure in these wild lands, and your care for our children.  And of course, I consider myself lucky to have enjoyed your support and love.  May our companionship and family continue to flourish.

Lady Skylar (classicgem): grins as she had been part of the trickery herself

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “Emma…, do you also wish to share your vows or words you would like to honor your companion with.”

Emma (emma1currie): looking down then she looks deep into his eyes “My dearest Mark from the first day that i met you i knew that we were to be together we have had many adventure and i have honored you and loved you you have been a wonderful father to our boys and look forward to a wonderful future” pausing ” i love you “

MarkMagellan: smiles back at emma, his eyes twinkling.

Emma (emma1currie): she winks and smiles back to him

Lady Skylar (classicgem) her soft smile and the gentleness of her gaze rest on each, while continuing with delicate fingers lifting the bottle of fine wine, peeling away the wax seal, prying the cork, tilts the chalice slightly as she begins to pour an exquisite rich delicate ruby wine.

Lady Skylar (classicgem) Presenting the precious goblet of wine to Mark, “share your wine now with your Lady,” her delicate fingers extend the wine filled goblet in offering for him to take…

MarkMagellan: takes the wine, sipping it, and then presenting the goblet to Emma “here, my companion, share with me.”  smiles

Emma (emma1currie): smiles as she lifts her veil she keeps her eyes on Mark as she takes a sip

Lady Skylar (classicgem) in the reverence of the this single act,. she lay the goblet back to the table, while also her question seeking to clarify. “You each have a copy of your legal contract, and agree to the terms within it?”

MarkMagellan: nods “yes, i do.”  smiles again at Emma.

Emma (emma1currie): pausing for a moment “yes i do”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) nods to seal the legality of your bonding with the drinking of the wine…turns pulling the cloth binding from the wrist, “You may sign your joining with your blood on this scroll…as your oath,” handing her quill first the Lady Emma as the contract lay to the table for her to sign first.

MarkMagellan: watches Emma

Emma (emma1currie): taking the quill she signs with a smile

Emma (emma1currie): handing the quill over to mark

MarkMagellan: grins at Emma, then takes the quill and signs with a flourish, proud to re-affirm his companionship to emma.

Lady Skylar (classicgem): waits quietly as Mark also signs the scroll

Emma (emma1currie): taking marks hands she smiles warmly as she glances over to Jaris and Nikki

MarkMagellan: squeezes Emma’s hands warmly.

Lady Skylar (classicgem) lifting the dagger from the table then pricks for a droplet of blood from my palm, touching the quill to the blood. marking the scroll as a binding contract….”It is known that this day each of you, Mark and Emma, have freely entered into the agreement and witnessed the consent of the terms, it is sealed and binding to all. It will be stored in the her in the archives of Solveig. Should any one dishonor one or harm they have dishonored you both as you are one…may you share a blessed and peace filled union of joy and love.”

MarkMagellan: leans to emma and kisses her hair gently.  smiles at skylar and says “thank you, lady skylar.  it is an honor and privilege.”

Lady Skylar (classicgem) “It is my honor to present to you the Free Companions, Sir Mark Magellan and Lady Emma”. then stepping to the side as they turn to the gathering

Lady Skylar (classicgem): “Congratulations to you both dear friends”

Losing My Master and Surviving

Mourning and grieving…there are so many books, groups; self help tapes, cousonlors out there for when you lose a love one. Husband, Fiance, Wife, Father, Mother, sister, brother, friend…. have you ever noticed nothing on how to deal with the loss of you Master/Mistress or submissive/slave for the matter. So in writing this article I am hoping to heal my self and perhaps lend a helping hand in someone’s survival if needed and I do hope my words are never needed by anyone, but reality we all lose someone sometime.


Like thousands of other men and woman I lost the love of life on Sept. 11, 2001. Not only was he the love of my life, he was my Master; the reason I took a breathe everyday, the man I lived to serve, please, love and cherish. In a moment I lost us, I lost me, I lost everything. I had to face the world by myself on a high wire with the safety net below gone…. and I didn’t want to take a step, up so high with nothing to catch me. I had to take that step and I needed to figure out how to do it, if I didn’t I would fall, so I needed to find the strength.

Here I am a year later still healing, but if I look down the net is there for me in case I do fall, and I know now it never wasn’t not there, let me explain how I survived the worst thing in my life, Losing my Master; and I survived only because of Master and his strength and that safety he always gave me he left it with me even in his death. I just had to see it there. I needed to once again find my focus.

I have gone thru many stages this pass year, all the normal grief stages so I am told, but how do you explain to someone that doesn’t understand the way of life I chose to live not only do I miss the man the love of my life but my Master I miss and don’t know how to not serve him. That was the toughest thing to deal with, not serving him. Everyday I woke to serve him and went to bed serving him in whatever matter was necessary or called upon for me to do so. My life was structured my life was filled with love yes but my life was also filled with discipline and respect and satisfaction and safety. Then it’s gone well, you know what I realized it wasn’t gone it’s still here, I just had to find it, no I didn’t find it in another Dom, Ken left it here for me so I can heal, till I chose to serve another. I made some mistakes in this year true I made a move I spent time with people I shouldn’t have given my time to, but it was all by healing process and I needed all those mistakes to realize I was going to be OK.

I have this need like most submissives to serve and to be controlled, to not have it suddenly because of death well it almost killed me. I see clearer now and I know I was happy very happy even if it wasn’t my forever it was Masters, I was left behind for other reasons I haven’t figured it out yet but I know I was. I have an advantage over many people from Sept 11th the last thing My master heard me say was I love you be safe and see you tonight, he then kissed my lips with his hand on my face, told me “Don’t forget your list I love you too Princess I’ll call you later” he then got out of the car and I never seen him again. He was killed that morning at 8:34am he left me a voicemail as he did every morning. Princess I’m at the office thanks for a wonderful breakfast call me later love you. Well, 8:48am before I received the message he left me, a plane hit his building. He worked on the 96th floor. He was killed.

I think now that his last thoughts were of me; I know that man died but he died happy. I know emotionaly he had everything he wanted in his life. He lived his life just as he always fantasized it would be. He had his house, his princess, his every desire filled, he knew he was taken care of and taken care of well. He knew a simple look from him could have me do anything. When he was killed he was a very happy man. Our relationship was filled with trust and communication. If he was disappointed in me I knew it and I corrected it as I was instructed to do. If he pushed me too hard, he knew it and he knew where to stop untill I was ready to be pushed harder.

In serving him I served myself, I was able to function because of my service to him. Now I didn’t have him and I couldn’t function. I couldn’t remember my life before him so I couldn’t possibly live my life without him. As I was slipping deeper and deeper into failure and destroying myself from pure agony, I realized something, I realized I served this man but I also made him proud. He was proud of the woman I was. He held me high on a pedestal. I was a princess, I was still that woman, I know I was I could still make him proud. So that day I brushed my self off and decided to make a list. I would get a list every day with my Tasks, some the same daily, some days with extras that needed to be done. Well, I tasked myself I wrote down my tasks. I took a shower and prepared myself as I did for years in my service to my Master. I couldn’t lose who I was, I could lose the girl that he was so very proud of, the one he put up there on that pedestal I couldn’t do that to him or his memory. I was blessed, as we all are when we figure out our life’s path, I was blessed to have lived the life I did with him. I am grateful, for that. Am so proud that I was the one that he was with till his death I was the one that made him happy I hold that like a badge of honor.

No, I don’t serve him anymore for he is not here to receive it, but until I chose to serve another, I serve myself, I continue to push my limits on a daily basis, however I can. I take care of myself, my house, my animals and I hope to one day serve another, not sure if I will, not sure if I am willing to take my collar off for another’s, that will take some time to figure that out and it’s OK. Cause I got thru the year and I have time I have time to make the mistakes to grow cause that safety he always gave me when he was alive he left it behind he left it in me. He gave me his strength, I just had to realize it and learn how to use it. I had to submit to myself and I did.

I don’t know if my words are going to help anyone else on the loss of there Master/Mistress. I had to find it my self this is how I did it. I am proud to be who I am and to have served whom I served and to have loved whom I loved.

I do miss him yes so very much, I miss his smell, and his touch, and the way I was able to give him total power over me. I will miss that till the day I take my last breathe, but knowing the day he took his breathe he had everything he had ached for and he had it cause I gave it to him, with my gift to him I received the strongest strength I ever known, his strength will always be with me and I am truly grateful to be the one who received it.

Everyday is another day of healing and I continue to heal, perhaps in a year, I’ll understand more and will be able to share with others, Right now this is where I am standing high above the earth looking down at that net so strong that never left me in the first place, I see it now as I take another step…..

 Questions About the Sexual Attitudes of Gorean Slaves *developed by lotus mandel

A girl in a collar is not permitted inhibitions,’ she said. Marauders, pg. 278.

1. Explain what this quote means to you: “The female slave, in her excitement and beauty, is an embodiment of sensuality, love, and service. ~ Vagabonds, pg. 260”

It is the definition of a female. by nature, even the most prideful, smart, headstrong of women cannot deny beauty in her attributes those mental, emotional or physical. I find the quote a simplification of truth.


 2. What is the most exciting sexual act or experience for you to have with your Master/Mistress?

One of spontaneous need! When its natural and comes in RP…this is the most exciting!

3. Are there any sexual experiences that should not be required of a slave? If so, which ones and why?

all sexual experiences are fair game…a slave has no choice…if its the wish of the Master…it happens. simple as that,

4. What are some of the most effective methods you use to tease or excite your Master/Mistress?

flirty eyes!!!!! the movement of hips, the flick of long hair….the use of a larma or grape…

5.  Explain this quote in your own words: “Men have sex; women are sex. ~ Renegades, pg. 101”

The thrill of a woman is what she gives and is..beautiful, spirited, gentle..we express ourselves in actions, movements, speech on ways better than any man. She is desire, lust, want, longing, caring, kindness, shy…allllll wrapped into one. what sexual encounter is bland? its not because a woman in her truest form embodies allllllll of these things and more….a Man, though master of the situation usually, cannot be a woman.

6. Are there any special techniques that you use to build your lust and desire ICly?

I am seduced by my ache to serve, so it is not so hard….ideally an encounter woudl take place mutually…if it was not, then id just picture a better time with someone i did desire…that helps!or pretend yoru one of those over expressive pornstars hehe

7. What are some words of advice that you can give for slaves who struggle with expressing their sexual nature?

Look at yourself in a mirror….we are slaves and are admired and sought after because of what we are…the only way to unblock is to accept the beauty of yoruself and to embrace yrou slavery…sexual nature will come

8. What are some words of advice you can give for slaves who may have been hurt because of sexual experiences in Gor?

This is Gor…..suck it up…

9. This is your opportunity to share with Masters/Mistresses what you need to have the hottest most dynamic sexual interchange ICly. What do you need as a slave to keep your juices flowing???

The strong dominance of a Gorean Master….to know the difference between dominance and being a dick….

More over heard conversations at a unnamed Tavern one night.

 I heard a story about a young scribe in training. He had reported for his final test at a certain training center. The final test consisting of mainly questions exploring his gained knowledge to date. He was expected to state false or if the statements true….well true.

He had taken a mere five ihn to answer the questions, and then in a fit of inspiration, the scribe takes a copper tarsk bit out of his purse and starts tossing the copper tarsk and marking the answer sheet: true for heads and false for tails.

He had finished his test way ahead of the rest taking the same test the same day, needless to say the rest of the test participants were still working furiously.

During the last few ehns, he was seen desperately throwing the coin swearing and sweating. The moderator, alarmed, approaches him and asks what is happening.

“I finished the exam in a half hour,” he replies. “Now I’m rechecking my


This gossip monger walks away from the table of folks who were retelling this story and hopes that scribe does not come to work in these lands.

 A bond whose a bosom buddy of mine, retold a story she heard from another slave from the south. Three warriors were on a long journey at sea, they decide to share what they belief may be their shortcomings.

First Jarl with a pint of mead in his hand ask the others, “What is something that you  males feel is a weakness within you?

( I did not even know males had this kind of heart-to-heart talk, chuckles)

The first Master to his right ( yes they are roleplaying and taking this in turns) Well, I have a problem with the intoxicating effects of certain liqueurs, I like to take to the bottle sometimes.”

The Next Jarl says, getting into the spirit of the discussion, “Well, I have a problem with lust, I desire every slave, bond and free woman I see.”

The third Master had this to say, ” Gossip, and I can’t wait to get back to shore!”

Now for a particular alarming bit of gossip…….

 It has started to come to the attention of many northerners of a certain rapist who shows up to do harm to unsuspecting victims. Two weeks ago, this rapist has struck again and this time his victim was a young seamstress of a certain Northern fishing village. The travellers relaying this sad news, also continue to talk and it is in this manner that we have come to the conclusion that this uncaught and still unidentified rapist is still at large. It modus operandi seems to involve sneaking into villages in the dead of night. The authorities are not sure if he marks his future victims or if he simply shows up at random villages and cities in the North. This rapist is being held responsible for four other unsolved rape cases in four other villages. Please be aware.

© Gazette of Gor


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