Story of Gor, a new day begins

A new day begins (by Mariko Marchant)

When I wake up in the morning after a very short  night I have still the image in my head of the woman who committed suicide our the dock. Outside I hear some of my sisters talking.  I walk up to them and I see them looking at my feather they want to have. When I look them in the eyes they turn their heads away. The silence feels unpleasant for all of us. I feel sorry for them because I know they are are used in a power battle that has no winners but only losers. I walk further in the camp and see you a young pledge with tears in her eyes. She  hands me over the scroll with the tasks she has done to become a full sisters, that no one wants to read  She feels ignored and unhappy. I take her to my hut and say “Sis  I am leaving”  and start to pack my things in 2 large bags. I see the scroll the former First Bow wrote.  Beautiful and wise words about a panther tribe, but I don’t think it is about our tribe. I put the scroll in the bag, along with all the lessons she teached me. I hate to leave her but there is no other way. I look at Naia and say “are you coming with me? She says”: “I  follow wherever you go Mari”. We both cry when we leave our feathers in my hut and take the zipline to the dock. On the dock I have a last look at the camp I loved so much. “Farewell  sisters” I say with tears in my eyes. I jump in the canoe and we peddle to distant lands. We are tired and hungry when we reach a panther camp. They open the gate for us, give us food and drinks and listen to our sad story. After that they say “If you need a home you can stay here”. Later we see the sun come up when we sit before our hut with a smile on our face, that has been away for far too long. Naia strokes her new huntress feather gently. She looks so happy.  When look at her I have no regrets I left my First Bow feather at the Ja’Lina camp. Sisterhood is more important to me.

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Editorial comment: this post was originally posted on 2015/09/16 and was accidentally removed.It has now been reposted.

©Mariko Marchant


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