The Gazette of Gor – Issue 48

•     Editorial by Mariko Marchant
•     The story of William
•     In the solitude of an empty and sad camp (by Sonia)
•     Week OneTravelogue#13
•     Thentis At It’s Finest
•     Sexual Atittudes of Gorean Slaves Siranshushan
•     Panthers Moon Dance of Gor by Sonia

 Editorial by Mariko Marchant

 Let me start with good news about Minnie. She will leave the hospital and go to a center where she can recover. Also she is reading the Gazettes.
In this edition we have the  interesting background  story of WilliamStrange,  who built the settlement Glen Leven situated on the southern edge of the Northern Forest,  a small community of Goreans trying to make the most of the little they have and anything they can scavenge from the forest.
Sonia writes about the solitude of an empty and sad camp and the panthers Moon Dance of Gor.
Selvi reports about her travels. This time she starts with the lands of Valkyrie Forest Bay and walks these lands starting from the farthest southern part of this huge land mass and head north as she familiarizes herself with these Gorean sims.
Lady Asa had a personal invitation to come to Thentis she  was more than happy and honored to interview the Administrator of Thentis. “I was excited to be carried by a tarn in a tarn basket to the drop of point the wind whipping wildly through my hair ‘she smiled’ and although enjoying the ride I was happy to be put down again on the ground to be sure”.
Also you may enjoy the article about the Sexual Atittudes of Gorean Slaves  by SiranShushan.
The city of Port Olni and Ravandal Fjord will be hosting  dance competitions and invite all slave dancers of Gor to grace their sands!
If you have interesting (background) stories, or you want to tell our readers  about your sim or events you organize please contact Sonia (emmanuella Checchinato􀀁 or me
We hope you will enjoy reading Issue 48 of the Gazette of Gor.

The Story of William
By: WilliamStrange

William was found as a child, perched on a little rock by a pond. Nearby, the remains of his parents small holding still smoldered. In his little hands he held a small wooden sword which was charred along its edges.
The men that found him were from an outpost nearby who were coming to the small holding to buy supplies. After seeing the carnage left behind, they gathered the boy up, wrapping him in cloaks and sat him in their wagon while they searched the ruins. A few bodies were pulled from the remains including those of his parents and some others who couldn’t be identified.
William was taken back to the outpost where the Captain of the Guards was told of what was found. The Captain asked if any knew the boys name to which none did. He then asked William who just looked at the man quizzically. The Captain looked to the men once more “Who found this boy?” he asked them to which a man stepped forward “I did” he replied raising a hand.
“And your name?” he was asked to which the man replied “I am William, Sir.” and then added almost to himself “So strange was it to find the boy alive in all that”
The Captain looked at the man and addressing all those present “Then that shall be his name… William Strange.” he said “William for the man who found him and Strange for his survival”
William spent many months at the outpost. The men all treated him like a son but there came a time when they were all due to leave. A new group of soldiers arrived to relieve the ones he knew and the traders moved on to pastures new.
William was placed in the care of a man and his companion. With them he traveled much of Gor until one day, en route to Mjolnir, the man Turmus suddenly clutched his chest and tumbled from the wagon. His companion, Tena, screamed and jumped down to his side. William lept from the wagon, shouting out to Turmus, he gathered the man up and checked for signs of life but it was too late. Turmus was dead before he hit the ground. Tena knelt wailing beside him and William took her in his arms and held her till she settled some.
After a while, William helped Tena back into the wagon. then he gathered up the body of Turmus and gently laid him in the back of the wagon and covered the man he knew as a father with a blanket. William climbed aboard the wagon and set the single bosk in motion along the trail.
William and his adoptive mother Tena settled for a short time just south of Kassau. They found a small plot of land near a forest and between them they used the wagon parts and fresh wood from the forest to build a small home. It was the first permanent home for them since the outpost.
William sent his days hunting for food and collecting wood for the fire and trying to constantly maintain the little shack. Tena would gut and clean his kills and help where she could. They lived a very simple life there for a few years and were happy.
One day, William left early to check his snares in the forest. He had a good catch that day. Many small creatures had been caught and would become various meals for William and his Mother. He returned pleased and eager to share his catch only to find Tena never woke that morning. She had died peacefully in her sleep.
It took William a few days to recover from yet another loss but eventually he decided it was time to move on. He gathered up all he felt he needed (including that small wooden sword) and loaded it all in a pack. He then shuttered the windows and closed the door of the cabin, the body of Tena still tucked up in her furs inside. He then set teh cabin alight in various places and sat back watching it burn.
William gathered his things up as the last of the flames died out and headed off. Where to, he didn’t know. He spent the next few years wandering Gor, finding work in various places to cover supplies.
Eventually William stumbled across the village of Rorus. He stood outside in the fields looking at the place for a little while. He could see people and bosk carts coming and going. There was a little saw mill outside and he could hear the machinery as it cut and trimmed the wood. A glance past that were some buildings with wisps of smoke from their chimneys.
He looked back towards the gate and blinked as the sunlight seemed to glow from behind the buildings almost lighting the place as a beacon to him. With a smile he stepped on towards the gate and the strange homely feeling he got from the place…
So William had been in Rorus only a short time when one day while at he bakery, he was approached and served by the prettiest of slave girls. She had long curly, unruly ginger hair. a tiny little figure of pale skin and a smattering of freckles. she wore the greenest of eyes that sparkled with mischief and bore a smile that lit the very sky.
As she served him, William watched her intently. He asked her name and was told “58”
William now lives at Glen Leven, a small Gorean Village
To be continued…

  In the solitude of an empty and sad camp (by Sonia)

Sonia, listen to the wind in the trees to drop piles of snow from the branch, she can not help trembling at every noise ….
A moment she hears furtive steps, slides, sounds crushed branches .. she listen carefully trembling with fear, and if hunters comers to capture her, so she snuggled into her improvised hiding her and Dani were found, they crawling under a pile of fallen rocks, a little way that only the animals or women can take it as it is very small ….
Hidden behind this pile of rocks in this natural chamber under the mountain, with Dani she eventually bring some fur to make this a little nicer place by lighting torches with tissue soaked in tallow….
She didn’t remember how long she is prostrate here in that narrow space…
Speaks softly to herself, knowing that no one listening, but she feels compelled to speak for not become mad …
How long, how long is she there in the cave?
She does not know has stopped counting long time, do not see the light of day or night … she hears the larl or wild panther hunting in the deserted camp…
Wild beasts must feel her smell but can not find her traces in the cave …
She is sitting on the fur on the cold ground, knees bent against her chest the enclosing with her arms and prostrate, this way she feels safe…
Suddenly wakes up a noise, a crash she thinks that these are the sounds that woke, she does not know or maybe she dreamed … she can not say as her mind is foggy ….
She opens terrified eyes, nothing ……
Black night, the silence so sudden that noise that may have awakened … she rubs her eyes trying to see in the darkness of the cold, damp cave, she does not remember falling asleep the night before or the morning, she does not know has no sense of time passing …
Her stomach growls, she has not eaten for several days, her dry lips to moisten she tries from time to time with her saliva she harder to produce as she is hungry and thirsty …
She should come out of hiding, she should move out, to drink and also to eat something that takes a her empty stomach ….
but she was afraid and all the noises she heard since yesterday does not reassure, she wants to live to survive and must be motivated to look for…..
After several ihn that seem a eternity for her. Long before she takes a decision, she finally force out of the cave under the mountain, again she creeps under the pile of fallen rocks for thousands of years before ….
But before leaving, she took her knife, a knife whose handle was carved from a tooth sleen, pretty drawings roam the handle to its full height, a slightly curved short handle that go perfectly fine in her sutured scars hand , as if the knife was manufactured in model on her hand, a long thin blade and tapered ends that knife …
she hold the knife in her right hand and began to crawl under the small passage where only a woman or some small animals can pass….
Finally Sonia ended up out of hiding, she blinked as a distinct glow illuminates the place where she emerges …
One second largest cave, with a higher ceiling and some lights from small wells far above her head or a sunbeam illuminates the walls of the cave, she keeping a moment the knees always on the cold floor, she stand up with difficulty she shudders as she feels on her emaciated body and tired a stream of cold air, a seeming freezed kiss coming from outside freezing her almost naked body trembling…..
She shakes her head, then listen carefully to the sounds, the sounds around her, wind noise on the outside she feels she listen if animals turn in the camp, but she heard nothing of any growl, grunt indicating that a beast lurks in the shadows, she feels somewhat reassured and finally decided to walk to go outside to the campfire, and there she hopes to find some food and water to drink …
Gently she puts one foot before the other, her whole body is only pain as the blood began to flow normally through her veins, her nerves relax slowly launching electric flash sudden and fast ….
Sonia starts slowly to walk one foot before the other while her body hesitant in the semi-darkness of the cold cave……………

**Selvi’s Travelogue**
–Series # 13

**In this week’s travelogue, I begin a long trek through a continent that will take me through the following Gorean sims. Valkyrie Forest Bay, Valkyrie Forest, Twin Falls, Extorrium, Three Moons Valley, Talender Moon, Elation, Siba, Village of Gimli, Whispering Moon, GTS DESIGN, and finally Primus Weapons.

** The future editions of Selvi’s travelogues will be based off the traveling I will be doing as I trek across this huge continent. I hope in this way that i will be able to bring to our readers the feeling of adventure as I share my experiences with you in the upcoming weeks.
**To start this off, I will start with the lands of Valkyrie Forest Bay, come join me as I do my best and walk these lands starting from the farthest southern part of this huge land mass and head north as I familiarize myself with these Gorean sims.
**Here are some inserts before I continue my ramblings
**Initially landing area for this sim places you in the small fishing village that is considered a safe zone. The Valkyrie Forest Village also known as Torvavik is east of the main landing dock. So imagine, towering mountain peaks covered in white, this small fishing village is remote. Long winding forest paths surrounded by a thick forest makes one feel the need to hasten and not linger for fear of what may lay in wait in these forests. If your not prepared do not go exploring the DirCast Mines as many a curious traveler has gone missing in those dark mines. The Sa’jesuil Panthers have their camp east of the village, beyond the river, these hardy panthers are a busy tribe of women who engage in trade with all those who approach them with caution.
**As I made my way through this sim, I quickly crossed the sim crossing and found myself in the lands of Twin Falls Village. I have to say, the fun started right away. Here is some roelplay for you to read. Please me state this, right away, a few of my pet peeves lit up, and since I do not aim to offend folks, I changed out the names and wish that you only focus on the dialogue. What are some of my pet peeves, quick rapid fire roleplay is a big one. The whole gonna cap me without a story or even some roleplay is another
** Hope you all got a chuckle out of that little bit of roleplay,if you can even call it that. I mean really, you wish to give me a reason to fear for my life and run so you can hunt me down, roleplay with me…. and I mean actual roleplay.
** (shakes off the sad feelings and gets back into character)
Selvi (laratorvis) following the sounds of what could only be waterfall, she finds herself looking not at one but at total of three waterfalls, It was breathtaking in it magnificent wonder. “Perhaps I can find shelter and camp down for the night”, she mumbles to herself. dropping her old worn backpack on the grass at her feet.

Thentis At It’s Finest
By: Lady Asa

After having a personal invitation to come to Thentis I was more then happy and honored to come and interview the Administrator of Thentis, arriving I was excited to be carried by a tarn in a tarn basket to the drop of point the wind whipping wildly through my hair ‘she smiled’ and although enjoying the ride I was happy to be put down again on the ground to be sure.  Walking up the path and over the bridge I noticed a wanted poster and it read like this:
                  **** Wanted by Thentis ****
Escaped Prisoner:
Free Woman
Name unknown
White long hair
Often dressed unconcealed
Attacked citizens, home break-ins and general mischief and armed
                            **** REWARD ****
“A reward of 2 silver tarsks (DG Coin)given to any free that captures and brings her to a Free at the City of Thentis unharmed and free.  We want the pleasure of collaring her ourselves.”
Well now, that is quite interesting indeed ‘she nods tucking the poster away wondering if she would happen to meet this declared outlaw, moving on to the gate she rang the bell and waited patiently for someone to open it from within it’s huge and mighty strong walls, she stepped back looking up at the walls once more indeed they were strong and quite firm it did not seem that much of anything would get in and out of this except through the gate to which she looked at once more to see the Administrator Targo Galerius coming up personally to meet her,  how honored and humbled I am by such an act ‘she smiles and follows him to the most loveliest of gardens and takes a seat upon a pillow amongst an arrangement that had been set out for the enjoyment I am sure of the citizens of Thentis, she looks over to Targo as she pulls out her quill and parchment and begins to speak to him:
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: Well I am very honored by your asking me to come and interview you ‘she smiles’ I have never been to Thentis
*Targo Galerius: we have one of your newspaper dispensers in our landing zone
*Targo Galerius: its a great place to be, we are a high city in Thentis Mountains
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: I saw that, it was wonderful to see it ‘she smiles’ there are many more cities taking on the Gorean gazette as well as their own cities papers it is a wonderful thing to see our papers being spread so far and wide, as a matter of fact we have one in the jungles of the pygmy Talunas ‘she chuckles softly’
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd looks over at him thoughtfully “So you are the Mighty Targo” she says to him smiling “This is such a lovely city you have created and have given such a grandeur to the name of Thentis from the books of Gor, what do you think of when you think of Thentis?”
*Targo Galerius: the Mighty?
* Targo Galerius smiled
*Targo Galerius: it seems you have much to share with me Lady
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd laughs hearing him “Oh you know, such a grand man your reputation is out there” she smiles “In a good way of course” she adds
*Targo Galerius: laughs “you have my interest now Lady,  but to answer your question”
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd: chuckles hearing him and listens,. a smile on her lips and she nods as she begins to write
*Targo Galerius: When I think of Thentis, I think of citizens that value the meaning of Home Stone.  Citizens loyal to the Gorean way of life, preserving history, coming together to protect the city and promote its growth
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: nods “So would you say that Thentis lives by the old ways of Gor?” she asks curiously
*Targo Galerius: yes, we live by the ways of Gor, to me its not old, its the current way of life as it should be lived.  I make every effort to share this with others and foster and encourage others to experience it
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: Can you elaborate on that? ‘she asks him’ I mean there is the old ways of Gor the way that Gor used to be and then the seemingly new way Gor has gone as a lot of people have not bothered to read the books and don’t seem to have a grasp of what Gor is about and what the cities are about individually, If you wanted someone to know who and what Thentis truly was by the scrolls, which scroll would you recommend them reading to grasp a better understanding?
* Targo Galerius: looks to her as he answers “yes, the scrolls tell us all we need to know about Gor and the Gorean way of life, there is no old or new way, there is just the way, the right way, the ways as described in the scrolls.  I have read them and its all there waiting for you and others to explore.  I would say to read all of them to understand Thentis.  If one reads them all, they can appreciate the unique ways of Thentis.  For instance black wine was not a common drink in all cities and it was an expensive drink.  Understanding and reading all of the books will inform you that it was not a common order nor common access to it”
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: Oh Yes you are right about that “she nods” It was a very rare black bean and it is important to read and have an understanding of the scrolls indeed ‘she smiles’  So how long has Thentis been here? ‘she asks him’  When did you first build this city and what brought you to the idea to do it?’
*Targo Galerius: Thentis has always been there, but the inworld existence of Thentis has changed hands many times.  this city before you in its beautiful form has been here as of August 2015 and still going strong.  Our residents have no worries of tier and auctions to keep it going.  It has a solid funding month after month and will be here for many more years to come.  Thentis deserves this kind of stability after so much change in its past years.  I also want to say that with any city, we have inherited a lot of things related to reputation.  We are working very hard to counter that with good examples of By the Book roleplay and outreach.
* Targo Galerius: My mentor built the city, I am of the Builder’s caste and my mentor is a well known experienced Builder.  As his apprentice, I merely add buildings here and there to accommodate our new needs.  The idea to operate the City of Thentis in world came after hearing that once again it was in need of a new owner.  We stepped in back in July 2015 to save it and open the gates once again in August 2015
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: Oh wow that’s wonderful and interesting ‘she nods’ So how many citizens can you find here in Thentis on a typical day?
* Targo Galerius: In Thentis, the streets are filled with thousands of citizens, visitors and slaves.  In world you may find 4-5 active roleplayers around at different times of the day or night.  Ideally, I would like to see this number increased to at least 15
* Asa Inger: So what type of people are you looking for to come to Thentis to be a part of this wonderful family? What roles do you have open for them to come to?
*Targo Galerius: An interesting question.  We are looking for people who want to stay and roleplay on a routine basis.  There are moments when a 1 ahn visit will be alright, but we are looking for people that want to call Thentis their Home Stone for many months and years.  We are open to people coming here and doing roles that fit within the scrolls.  They are not limited to the traditional roles described inworld.
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd:  laughs as she looks over at him then chuckles softly “Oh you haven’t heard my most interesting question” she mused
*Targo Galerius: will I need a drink first?
*Targo Galerius: laughs amused
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: So I’ve noticed you don’t wear a ring “she smiled “Is that something you want me to talk to the matchmaker about? ‘she was teasing of course’  But in my travels I have come upon an interesting wise woman in the north, a match maker of all things ‘she nodded’  have you ever considered anything of the such for your southern people here in your city of Thentis? I mean after all “she laughs hearing him” How many single people are running around in your sim looking for a good companion to match up with? ‘she smiles, as it was a very untraditional question’
*Targo Galerius: You are right, this one is the most interesting and a good thing for you that this is an informal interview
* Targo Galerius: laughed more
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd: I try to make it interesting ‘she smiles’ There isn’t a formal thing about me ‘she chuckles’
* Targo Galerius: laughs and forms his answer
*Targo Galerius: I am companioned to a beautiful intelligent woman, she is a physician, she recently gave birth to our twin daughters.  She is a woman with great honor and she fits within my style of roleplay.  I think the best way to get matched is by talking with family or for political reasons to enhance military or trade alliances.  We have a few single citizens, you are welcome to socialize in thee Inn for opportunities at your own risk
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd: laughs hearing him and nods “Well indeed congratulations on the birth of your twins, I always believe that a wonderful family has a bigger heart with children” she smiles “I do understand the traditions of setting up companionships for stronger alliances amongst the cities and ect, as it was very traditional in the scrolls” she smiles “I think it’s great to hold onto the traditions of the scrolls, it seems to work” she nods then laughs as he offers her to socialize with his people “I’m not sure about that” she says “I’m a very shy person when it comes to meeting men on that level, now if I have to go interview them all that’s a different story, I just go out and enjoy my time doing what I love” she smiles “
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd: So” she says to him smiling still “What does Thentis offer people who are looking for a new place to come and make a home, what sort of things can they look forward to aside from the traditional role playing, but do you have active caste interactions? I have noticed on some of the cities and villages  that a lot and of course there are a lot of complaints that cities visited just sit around and drink at the inns, cafe,  and taverns, what do you do here to dispel that perception?”
* Targo Galerius: We have our moments of drinking in the Inn as well but we also offer other activities in character and out of character.  Thentis is well known for its large wild tarn population, so we have racing tarns here for use and tarn races for any Free to enjoy.  We also have farming down in the mountain below the city elevation.  We are also known for our silver mines and there is roleplay there also, Miner beware of course in our dark tunnels and cave
*Targo Galerius: People looking for a new home in Thentis can expect admission into their caste, a residence at no cost and leadership.  I am here daily after my rl work hours and make it a point to interact with others instead of resting in the skybox
* Asa Inger Darkbyrd: I think that’s wonderful you have so much to interact with here in Thentis and it’s really great that you personally take an interest in being with the people as indeed I have seen and witnessed the administration always hiding off in their own worlds leaving the rest to wonder where they are and why getting time with them is unobtainable ‘she smiles’ Well is there any parting words you would like to leave with our readers that I might not have thought of?
*Targo Galerius: Yes, I want to thank our Inn Keeper, she took the time and made the effort to ask you to come to Thentis for this interview opportunity.  I thank you for coming to our city today and I hope that you have time to visit us again.  My parting words are for those wanting to know more about Gor or that need a deeper understanding of Gor.  Make a goal for yourself.  Read 1 page a day from the books, make it fun and not a chore.  For those with fast reading skills, read a chapter a day.  Just take one step closer toward reading the books.  It may save you one day to know the laws of Gor or the methods normally used.   I wish you well Lady Asa and thank you for doing this interview.
*Asa Inger Darkbyrd: smiles as she had a really great time “Thank you so much for asking me here, as I said I’m truly honored by the opportunity to be here see your lovely city and interview you personally” she nods “I hope that things go well and for those seeking new hopes, homes and friends Thentis is a great place to start looking” she nods to him in respect “Thank you again Sir it has indeed been a privilege and a pleasure”
Well there you have it gentlemen and ladies ‘she smiles’ A home that is indeed very lovely, a city that is looking for more people to come and fill the homes with children, laughter, love and happiness as it seems there is much room in this huge place with the beautiful cylinders and even at the top of the city above the fountain is a temple of the Priest Kings. So if you’re looking for a new home in the south, nice people and a beautiful inn with a great inn keeper then head on down to Thentis, where the city and it’s people will make you feel right at home.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the administrator of Thentis:
Targo Galerius (d4rkblade.jardberg)
High Scribe Lisa Ambroso (LisaBelise Resident)
Safe Paths everyone until we meet again and until next time,
This is your roaming Lady Asa signing off
Good Night Gor

Questions About the Sexual Attitudes of Gorean Slaves *developed by lotus mandel

A girl in a collar is not permitted inhibitions,’ she said. Marauders, pg. 278.
1. Explain what this quote means to you: “The female slave, in her excitement and beauty, is an embodiment of sensuality, love, and service. ~ Vagabonds, pg. 260”
  It means to be free, no worries of being judged for being what you were collared to be.  It means that the positive attitude with things sexual is much wanted by men of Gor and also condricts if I can say, being animals ..smiles lol
2. What is the most exciting sexual act or experience for you to have with your Master/Mistress?
  I cannot answer this  never been personally owned  holding out for the right connection with an owner or owners.
3. Are there any sexual experiences that should not be required of a slave? If so, which ones and why?
  Hmmm now this I don’t know, it’s tricky but if we are talking about role play you can always rp out becoming so sick that you puke up over the thought of it when mention.  Other than that personally for me if it is not too gross and beyond limits.  I’d take the challenge ..smiles
4. What are some of the most effective methods you use to tease or excite your Master/Mistress?
  I’m not telling that! ..laughs
5.  Explain this quote in your own words: “Men have sex; women are sex. ~ Renegades, pg. 101”
  When I read this, to me it is saying that we are being what they want, and pretty much what they need to have sex.
6. Are there any special techniques that you use to build your lust and desire ICly?
    Again, not telling this ..laughs
7. What are some words of advice that you can give for slaves who struggle with expressing their sexual nature?
  Be yourself, don’t rush things.  If you are not comfortable right now this way make it known in your limits.  Also try baby steps, flirt with words at times, get to know people.  It is always easier when you know someone.
8. What are some words of advice you can give for slaves who may have been hurt because of sexual experiences in Gor?
    Smiles..this is one of the reasons I guess I have been picky.  I say pick yourself up and take your time.  There isn’t any rush  to do something another wants you to do because at the end of the day it’s your rp and you get to chose how it goes.  When you are ready to try again you will know.
9. This is your opportunity to share with Masters/Mistresses what you need to have the hottest most dynamic sexual interchange ICly. What do you need as a slave to keep your juices flowing???
  This may sound silly but honestly it is to be wanted, desired.  No magic action other than that for me.

Moon Dance

“The moons are now risen,” said another panther girl, edging closer to Verna. She was looking at me.

“There is not much time,” said Mira. “Soon the moons will be at their full.”

“Let it begin,” said another girl.

Verna looked down upon me. “You wished to take us as slaves,” she said. “It is you who have been taken slave.”

I looked up at her in horror. I pulled at the thongs.

“Shave him,” she said.

I fought, but two girls held my head, and Mira, laughing, with a small bowl of lather and a shaving knife, shaved the two-and-one-half-inch degradation strip on my head, from the forehead to the back of my neck.

“You are now well marked,” said Verna, “as a man who has fallen to women.”

I pulled helplessly at the thongs.

“Slave,” said Mira.

“What are you going to do with me and my men?” I demanded.

“Bring a whip,” said Verna.

Mira leaped to her feet.

“Curiosity,” she siad, “is not becoming in a Kajirus.”

Mira returned with the whip, a five-strap Gorean slave whip.

“Beat him,” said Verna.

She beat me. My body, in the thongs, twisted and leaped under the lash.

“It is enough,” said Verna.

Mira laughed, and folded the lash.

It had been a brief beating, lasting only a few seconds. She had been permitted to strike me only some eight or nine times. I was breathing heavily, in pain. They had not wished to injure me. Verna had only wished to administer a sharp, not-too-soon-to-be-forgotten, lesson to her slave.

The girls now knelt about me, in a circle. They were silent. I looked up at the large, white, swift moons. There were three of them, a larger and two smaller, looming, dominating.

The girls were breathing heavily. They had set aside their weapons.

They knelt, their hands on their thighs, occasionally lifting their eyes to the moons. Their eyes began to blaze. They put back their heads. Their lips parted. Their hair fell behind their heads, their faces lifted to the rays of the moons. Then, together, they began to moan and sway from side to side. Then they lifted their arms and hands to the moons, still swaying from side to side, moaning. I pulled at the thongs that bound me. Then their moaning became more intense and the swaying swifter and more savage, and, crying out and whimpering, they began to claw at the moons.

Mira leaped to her feet and tore her skins to the waist, exposing her breasts to the wild light of the flooding moons. She shrieked and tore at the moons with her fingernails. In an instant, another girl, and then another, and another had followed her example. Only Verna still knelt, her hands on her thighs, looking at the moons. Beneath the moons, helplessly, I sought to free myself. I could not do so.

Mira now, the others following, crying out, tore away the scraps of panther skin that had yet concealed their beauty. They now wore only their gold, and their ornaments. Now, moaning, crying out, the she-beasts of the forest, the panther girls, hands lifted, clawing, began to stamp and dance beneath the fierce brightness of the wild moons.

Then suddenly, they stopped, but stood, still, their hands lifted to the moons.

Verna threw back her head, her fists clenched on her thighs, and cried out, a wild scream, as though in agony.

She leaped to her feet and, looking at me, tore away her skins.

My blood leaped before her beauty.

But she had turned away and, naked, her head back, had lifted her hands, too, clawing at the moons.

Then all of them, together, turned slowly to face me. They were breathing heavily. Their hair was disheveled, their eyes wild.

I lay before them, helpless.

Suddenly, as one, they seized up their light spears, and, swaying, spears lifted, began to circle me.

They were incredibly beautiful.

A spear darted toward me, but did not strike me. It was withdrawn.

It could have killed me, of course, had its owner wished. But it had spared me.

Then, about me, panther girls, circling, swaying, began a slow stalking dance, as of hunters.

I lay in the center of the circle.

Their movements were slow and incredibly beautiful. Then suddenly one would cry out and thrust at me with her speak. But the spear was not thrust into my body. Its point would stop before it had administered its wound. Many of the blows would have been mortal. But many thrusts were only to my eyes, or arms and legs. Every bit of me began to fee exposed, threatened.

I was their catch.

Then the dance became progressively swifter and wilder, and the feigned blows became more frequent, and then, suddenly, with a wild cry, the swirling throng about me stood for an instant stock still, and then with a cry, each spear thrust down savagely toward my heart.

I cried out.

None of the spears had struck me.

The girls cast aside the spears. Then, like feeding she-panthers they knelt about me, each one, with her hands and tongue, touching and kissing me.

I cried out with anguish.

I knew I could not long resist them.

Verna lifted her head. She laughed. “You are going to be raped,” she said. Hunters of Gor, page 136-139

The first girl to leap to the center of the circle was she who had first held my leash.

She had blond hair. Her head was don, and shaking. Then she threw back her head, moaning, and reached up, clawing for the moons of Gor. The other girls too, responded to her, whimpering and moaning, clenching and unclenching their fists.
The first girl began to writhe, crying out, stamping in the circle.
Then another girl joined her, and another, and another. And then another!
Stamping, turning, crying out, moaning, clawing at the moons, they danced.
Then there were none who had not entered that savage circle, save Verna, the band’s leader, proud and superb, armed and disdainful, and Elinor Brinton, a bound slave.
The first girl, throwing back her head to the moons, screamed and tore her skins to the waist, writhing.
Then, for the first time I noticed, in the center of the circle, there were four heavy stakes, about six inches in height, dark in the grass. They formed a small, but ample, square. I shuddered. They were notched, that binding fiber might not slip from them.
The first girl began to dance before the square.
I looked up into the sky. In the dark sky the moons were vast and bright.
Another girl, crying out, tore her own skins to the waist and clawing, moaning, writhing, approached the square. Then another, and another!
I did not even look upon Verna, so horrified I was at the barbaric spectacle. I had not believed that women could be like this.
And then the first girl tore away her skins and danced in her golden ornaments beneath the huge, wild moons, on the grass of the circle, before the square.
I could not believe my eyes. I shuddered, fearing such women.
Then suddenly, to my amazement, Verna cried out in anguish, a wild, moaning, anguished cry, and threw from herself her weapons and tore away her own skins and leaped into the circle, turning and clawing and crying out like the others. She was not other than they, but first among them! She danced savagely, clad only in her gold and beauty, beneath the moons. She cried out and clawed. Sometimes she bit at another girl or struck at her, if she dared approach the square more closely than she, writhing, enraged, but fearful, eyes blazing, dancing, they fell back from her.
She danced first among them, their leader.
Then, throwing her head back, she screamed, shaking her clenched fists at the moons.
And then, helplessly, she threw herself to the grass within the square, striking at it, biting and tearing at it, and then she threw herself on her back and, fists clenched, writhed beneath the moons.
One by one the other girls, too, violently, threw themselves to the grass, rolling upon it, and moaning, some even within the precincts of the square, then throwing themselves upon their backs, some with their eyes closed, crying out, others with their eyes open, fixed helplessly on the wild moons, some with hands tearing at the grass, others pounding the earth piteously with their small fists, sobbing and whimpering, their bodies uncontrolled, helpless, writhing, under the moons of Gor.
I found myself pulling at my bonds, suddenly aching with an inexplicable loneliness and desire. I pulled at the fiber that bound my wrists, so cruelly back; my throat pressed against the straps on my throat, almost choking me; my belly writhed under its strap; my ankles moved again one another, helpless in the leather confinement of the knotted strap. I looked up at the moons. I cried out in anguish. I wanted to be free, to dance, to cry out, to claw the moons, to throw myself on the living, fibrous, flowing grass, to writhe with these women, my sisters, to writhe with them in the frenzy of their need.
No, I cried out to myself, no, no! I am Elinor Brinton! I am of Earth! No, no!
“Kajirae!” I screamed at them. “Kajirae!” “Slaves! Slaves!”
There was no fear in my voice, but almost hysterical triumph! “Slaves!” I screamed at them. “Slaves!” I then knew myself better that they! I was superior! I was above them! Though I was bound and branded I was a thousand times greater and finer than they. I was Elinor Brinton! Though I might be stripped, though I might be tied to a slave post, I was greater and finer, and of nobler stock, than they. They were naught but slaves.
“Kajirae!” I screamed at them. “Kajirae!” Slaves! Slaves!”
They paid me no attention.
I cried out at them hysterically, and then was quiet. My limbs ached, particularly my arms, tied so cruelly back, but I was not displeased. The moons fled across the black sky, burning with its bright stars. The girls lay now quietly on the grass, some still whimpering slightly, many with their eyes closed, some lying on their stomachs, their face pressed against the grass, the stain of tears on their cheek, mingling into the grass. It was colder now, and I felt chilly, but I did not mind. I was now, though bound and stripped, well pleased with myself. I had regained my self-respect. I now knew myself superior to such women, to such despicable things, as these.
At last the girls, one by one, rose from the grass, drew on again their skins, and took up their weapons. Captive of Gor, page 132 -135
I looked down into the circle, with its fires, with its men staked out, with the men of Tyros sitting about its edges, with Marlenus helpless beside the brazier, the man from Tyros, with the leather glove, crouching beside it, with the panther girls, beautiful, numerous, lithe, in their skins and necklaces of claws and ornaments of gold.
There was a long silence, of some Ihn, and then, at a nod from Hura, who threw her long black hair back, and lifted her head to the moons, the drum began again its beat. Mira’s head was down, and shaking. Her right foot was stamping. The panther girls put down their heads. I saw their fists begin to clench and unclench. They stood, scarcely moving, but I could sense the movement of the drum in their blood.
The men of Tyros glanced to one another. It was few free men who had ever looked, unbound, on the rites of panther girls.
Hura’s eyes were on the moons. She lifted her hands, fingers like claws, and screamed her need.
The girls then, following her, began to dance.
I looked upon Marlenus. He struggled, but he could not, of course, free himself.
It was he who had, long ago, banished me from the city of Ar, denying me bread, fire and salt.
It was he who had always been so successful. It was he upon whom luck and glory had shone.
I began to grow furious with Marlenus. He had been Ubar, the Ubar of Ubars. He had been fortunate, always fortunate. I had come to the forest to find Talena. I had not done so. I, and my men, had been outwitted by panther girls. We had fallen to them. We would have been raped and sold slave had not Marlenus, with almost casual insolence, rescued us.
Then he had invited us to his camp, and we had come, and dined upon his largesse!
In the game he had devastatingly beaten me.
I looked down to the circle.
It might have been a rite not of women, but of she-panthers! How starved must be the lonely, hating panther women of the forests, so gross is their hostility, so fierce their hatred, and yet need, of men. They twisted, screaming now, clawing at the moons. I would scarcely have guessed at the primitive hungers evident in each movement of those barbaric, feline bodies. They would be masters of men. Proud, magnificent creatures. And yet by biology, by their beauty, by their aroused inwardness, could not, in fact, own but only, in their true fulfillment, belong, be taken, be conquered. It was little wonder such proud, fine women hated men, to whom nature had destined them. Woman is the natural love prey of men. She is natural quarry. She is complete only when caught, only when brought to the joy of her capture and conquest. It was not strange that the proud, intelligent women of the forest, and elsewhere, chose war with men, rather than admit the meaning of his strength and swiftness, the meaning of their own weakness and beauty. Set a woman to run down a man and she cannot do so. Set a man to run down a woman and he will be successful. Nature has not destined her to escape him. It has destined her to be his capture and love.
I smiled to myself at those who regarded the needs of women as inferior to those of men. The woman, I realized, looking down upon the panther girls, has an imperative, enormous need. It is as great as that of the male, I expected, perhaps greater, for she is less satiable, and the tissues of her womanhood are widely spread, and intricate and deep. Her entire body, is seems, is alive to feeling, and yielding and touching, is a need. Her beauty is she, and its meaning, from the turn of an ankle to the delicacy of her deft, sweet fingers, from the turn of a calf to her belly and the beauties of her breasts, to those of her shoulders and throat and the marvelousness of her head and hair, is a need.  How tragic it is, I thought, that such incredible human beings should be so belittled, frustrated and abused. I do not refer to the cruelties of Gorean slavery, which celebrate women and, in their rude fashion, often uncompromisingly, force the helpless, total surrender she yearns in the heart of her to give, but the subtler, crueler slaveries of Earth, pretending to respect her and then, by education and acculturation, depriving her not only of status and independence, but of love.
The Gorean slave girl, if nothing else, is commonly no stranger to love. She is not permitted to be. She is at man’s beck and call and, accordingly, willingly or not, will be taught love. If necessary she will learn it under the whip, writhing in chains.
The Gorean slave girl, in my opinion, is the most desirable of women. What man, I wonder, fully aroused, does not wish to own his woman. What woman, I wonder, fully aroused, helpless, is not, in fact, in the arms of her lover, owned.
The drum was now very heady, swift. The dance of the panther girls became more wild, more frenzied. Vicious, sinuous, clawing, lithe, these savage beauties, in their skins and gold, with their knives, their light spears, weapons darting, danced. They were terrible and beautiful, in the streaming, flooding light of the looming, primitive moons, their eyes blazing.  The hair of all was unbound. Several had already, oblivious of the presence of the men of Tyros, torn away their skins to the waist, others completely. On some I could hear the movement of the necklaces of sleen teeth tied about their necks, the shivering and ringing of slender golden bangles on their tanned ankles. In their dance they danced among the staked-out bodies of the men of Marlenus, and about the great Ubar himself. Their weapons leapt at the bound men, but never did the blows fall.
The coals in the brazier formed a blazing cylinder in the firelit darkness of the circle.  I could see, dark, the handle of the slave iron.
The dance would soon strike its climax. It could continue little longer. The women would go mad with their need to strike and rape.
Suddenly the drum stopped and Hura stopped, her body bent backward, her head back, her long black hair falling to the back of her knees.
She was breathing deeply, very deeply. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat.
The girls not put down their weapons and crowded about the bound figure of Marlenus, looking at him, inching closer, breathing heavily, not speaking.
“Brand him,” said Hura.
Marlenus had once denied me bread, and fire and salt. He had once banished me from Ar.
My hatred of Marlenus, and my envy of his glory and success, raged within me.
He had made me seem a fool, and had devastatingly bested me in the game.
I smiled.
I owed him nothing, except perhaps a vengeance for a thousand slights and diminishments, for a thousand unintended, subtle defeats at his hands.
He would be branded, and taken to the coast as slave, for transportation to Tyros, island of his enemies. He would march in their triumph, branded, naked, chained to the back of a tharlarion wagon, amid blossoms cast by white-silk maidens dancing beside him. There would be jeering throngs. Then, with music and ceremony, he would be presented before them as he had marched, naked and in the chains of a slave, Sarus, leader of the men of Tyros in the forest, his captor, would them give him to the council. He would then be pronounced, by the council, slave of Tyros. He might then be given a name more fitting a slave then Marlenus. He would then be disposed of as they saw fit. It would be a fit end for Marlenus, Ubar of Ar.
I smiled.
“Brand him!” called Hura. “Brand him!”
Several panther girls, their skins torn away in the dance, held the thigh of Marlenus.
The man of Tyros, grinning, brought the iron forward, in an instant the white-hot marking surface would be pressed deeply into, and held in, for some seconds, the flesh of Marlenus of Ar.
But the iron did not make its strike. It fell to the grass, setting it afire. Hura cried out with rage. The panther girls looked up from where they knelt beside Marlenus. The man of Tyros was bent over, and then, slowly, very slowly, he straightened. He seemed puzzled. Then he turned slowly and fell to the grass.
The steel-piled arrow, winged with the feathers of the vosk gull, had pierced his heart.
There was consternation below, screams, men of Tyros leaping to their feet, dirt being cast on fires.
I slipped from the branch on which I had stood, and disappeared in the night. Hunters of Gor, page 196-200

 © Gazette of Gor

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