Role play of a legally binding contract with the Sa Jesuil

The Forest Moon demand a contract is fulfilled


The Sa Jesuil girls offer a choice between no tits  and no ass or flabby droopy tits.  Though the Forest Moon want more and demand service, to which Sheera agrees…..two weeks service from Dawn!

Snow : smiles  leaniing over  Sarah  I  take her   bow   an  toss it in the  river

Sav using the last and longest rope wraps sheeras shoulders tight leaving enough for a leash and ties off tight and grabs the leash

Sheera : sighs

Sheera: Sav!! what is the meaning of this?

Jen: tallies Marli, look what we got!”

Sav : laughs….. I was about to ask the same question

Snow : any  arrows  I  find I  divid  up an  share them  with  my  sisters  counting them  out

Sheera : I’m on the dock minding my own business and i’m attacked by  my forends?

Sav: umm ask your sisster about that

sarah: i did nothing

Marlies caught her breath, as she arrived on the docks “Tallies sisters”  she blurted out with a smile.

Sheera : poor Sarah .. you have attacked her too?

Sheera : you bulllies

sarah: i atacked nobody

Sav : she drew first blood

sarah: i did not

sarah: i was looking around as they start shooting

Sheera : looks up

sarah: i did not shoot first

Sav : oh and going to our gate make you innocent too?

Sheera : how could you attack me?

Jen: sowery, I can’t help you, yo udo have a sexy tush sis

Snow :I  take the   sticks  off  her   back looking  at them  closely  before I  toss  them in the   river as  well

sarah: i was only there to say hello, nothing more

Marlies dusted off her leathers , then sheathed her wooden bow , she was relieved to have found her sisters

Sheera : yes ..we come to make a social call

Sav : laughs looking at jens bloody arm, “that is a social call?”

Sheera : you all attacked me

Sheera : what was i supposed to do?

Jen looks around trying to look horrified “OMG, so this was a big mis understanding?”

sarah: i was defending myself after you start shooting and hunting me

Snow : reaching  down I  take the leash wrapping  it  around my  hand in a  good  grip the  loosen the  ropes  around  Sarah  feet

Jen seachers through her pounch taking out a collar and sizes it for sheera’s neck

sarah: i did not shoot before i return from dock

Sav : laughs…….i usually warn them its a visit saves on arrows and blood

Sheera : jen!

Jen: hmmmm, this might fit

Snow: yep we ambushed just as they landed hehe better watch it ☺

Sheera : jen …   noo  how could you?

sarah: you startet this with no reason

Sav: unties sheeras feet so she can walk but not run or kick and smiles as jen puts the collar on sheera

Jen ummm, what sheera?”

Jen: this collar should fit nicely

sarah: growls

Sheera : no jen .. you know I am allergic to steel

Sheera : also I have a sore neck

Jen: oh, omg, I almost forgot about that

Sav: sarah did you come back to finish off what we started a couple days ago

Sheera: excatly … smiles

Sav : leather love

sarah: i came to say hello, nothing more i not carry old stuff with me

Jen  puts th ecolalr back in her pounch and takea out a special treated “no chaffing” collar checks it for sizeing

Sheera : jen !!! .. please

Sheera : what will Dawn say?

Jen: what?

Jen: I know what dawn will say “keep her!”

Sav: laughs

JohnJWoods: shaking his head not wanting to get involved he heads out to explore

Sheera : no no .. Dawn is my good and faithful sister

Sheera: and poor Lune ….she will be so upset

Sav : till your in someone elses hands

Sheera : do you want to make Lune cry?

Marlies : “sheera the chain sister” she mutters to herself with a cheeky grin on her opal shaped face.

Jen giggles softly “oh yes, your right, she would never try to keep you away from camp”

Sheera : Marlies…

Sheera: look Marlies .. talk to your sdisters

Sav : looks up at jen and chuckles….”how did she get out alone then love”

Jen covers her face laughing behind her hands

Marlies bats her eyelids all innocent like at sheera “what?”

Sheera : tell them to let me and Sarah go

Sheera : Marliews… you know Sa’jesuil would NEVER attack Forest Moon

Jen laughs behind her hands louder

Sheera : I know this is just a misunderstanding

Sav : doubles over laughing hystorically

Sheera : Sav!

Sheera : are we not old friends?

Sav : laughing out a yes sheera?

Marlies smiles at Sav and leans in to say, pretending to whisper  “I agree …..keep her”

Sheera : especially you Sav .. you are very old

Sav : we were when you had me in binds

Sheera : that was just for your own protection Sav

Sav: what are you saying sheera

Sheera : me?    nothing

Sav : didnt think so

Sav : laughs

Sav : get that collar on tight love?

Ki  seemed to have happened upon a small gathering. After some listening in has determined the nature of what is taking place. “Pardon. By chance are either captives for sale?”

Sheera : Sav!

Sheera : scowls at the woman

Sheera : no they are not!

sarah: grumbles silent, we are not on sale

Sav : not at the moment we are not done with out discussions and spankins yet

Jen takes another collar out and hold sit up to sheera neck “hmmmmm, might be a bit small”

Sheera : jen.. when was I ever mean to you?

Sheera : you wouldn’t ..

Ki gives an incline of her head. “Then I will leave you to your inquiries. The best of luck to you.” went about her way.

Jen looks at the ground shyly “never”

Sheera : would you jen.. dont tease me

Sav : love she just shot at you

Jen: but I need a former En as a slave

Jen: your perfect sheera!

Sheera : I’m not a former En

Sav : dont forget to add sarah to your collar list jen

Sheera: … so .. let me go

sarah: right

sarah: me? no no, i am not good for collaring

Jen: I think you both would look really sexy naked and collared

Sheera: shakes her head

Sav : hmmm as i remember it wouldnt have taken much a few ahns ago

Sheera: no no … I’m flabby

Sheera: and saggy

Sav: admitting your old and fat sheera?

Sheera: what would nt have Sav?

sarah: and i am skiny no ass and no tits

Sav : looks to sarah and smiles, “you have nice tits sarah”

Snow : mmm   reaches  up  an  tugs a  nipple  smiles  as the  breast  jiggles

Sheera : looks down at her breasts

Sheera : sighs

Sheera : if i dont wear a bra they hit my knees

Jen: looks at marli, angel and sav “we should be able to get a nice trade though, thats a possiblity

Marlies watched Sav and Angel admire sa jes tittiies and grins widely

Sav : its possible

Sav: i think a week of lune and dawn serving us would be a good trade

Sheera : nods …. deal1

Jen: hahaha

Sheera: well … two weeks of Dawn?

sarah: dawn not pay for me anymore so not woth the effort, she sighs and look sad

Marlies claps her hands “I like that idea!”

Sav : bursts out la\ughing

Sheera : ok two weeks of Dawn

Sheera : you have my word

Jen: i’m not gonna be th eone that tells dawn this, no way!

Sav : in collar and on her knees lune too

Sheera : no no  not Lune

Sav : laughs

Sheera : Dawn … for three weeks

Sav : lune too

Sheera : no I cant

Sav whispers: skeert to

Jen: ok, its deal then sheera?, lune and dawn serves us fo rthree week in trade for you and sarah?

Sheera : no no no Jen

Marlies gets out a scroll and makes a written note of the deal , making it all legal like

sarah: shake her head

Sav: and we wont strip you first

Sheera: well Sarah hasnt got much to strip

sarah: i rather dies than get traded for a sister of me

Sav: i know giggles

Jen: I know dawn, she would put me in a bubble before that happened

Sav: your not making the deal sheera is

sarah: i wear more than most of you all

Sheera : dawn for 2 weeks

Sheera : is a deal

Sav : laughs, need lune too

Sheera: no no I cant trade Lune

Jen: not up to me

Marlies grins and has written down the deal on paper: dawn serves Forest Moon for two weeks …as orally agreed with Sheera of the Sa Jesuil.

Sav: why cant you trade lune

Sheera : frowns

Sheera : Dawn sold me

Sheera : Lune did not

Sav : to whom and they are mates so one in the same

Sheera : no no   Dawn  did it on her own

Sav : lune could have stopped her

Sheera : shakes her head

Sheera: lune was asleep at the time

sarah: listen to the trade, not knowing how sheera will get dawn here

Sheera : struggles in her binds

Sheera whispers: jen …  cut these ropes  I’ll go get Dawn

Jen shake she rhead slowly “I can’t sowery”

Sheera: of course you can …

Sav : laughs

Jen: oh I know I can, but I won’t

Sav : grins

Marlies smirks “….nice try sheera”

Sheera : scowls

Sheera : ” wouldnt you like Dawn here on her knees?”

Sav : she wants you around sheera with collar and all

Jen playfully sticks her tongue out at sheera..

Sheera : noo you cant …. we dont want a war with Fporest Moon

Sav : war?

Sheera : nods ,, yes

Sheera : once my tribe hear you have taken us

Sheera : they will be soo angry

sarah: why i dont like this word? woukd scratch her chin but was unable

Sheera : no its a terrible word sis

Sav : i never knew we stopped having wars

Marlies  raised an eyebrow hearing the word war from sheera’s lips , then shrugged and continued writing the small print in the deal.

Sav : dons nose gaurd…. ok lets take them to the ruins and see dawns reaction knowing sheera sold her out


The Forest Moon arrive with their captives at the trade point. Marlies leaves a PAGA fire bomb for Cally  at the Sa Sheku trade post and then rejoins the group. The deal is being discussed in earnest.

Lunellaa looks over at Sheera and then Sav…..”Is that so…..?”

Sav : nods

Sav: marli made notes

Marlies  nods to the sa jes crowd “Ta l…..and yes I wrote up a legal document”

Sheera : they wanted you Lune .. I refused

Lunellaa  shakes her head “Are the notes writen down?”

Sheera: has it been signed Marlies?

Sav : laughs “cant break up a pair like you two”

Lunellaa  looks over… “They wanted me too…… and you refused….. so you’re saying you made this trade?”

Snow: verbal contract are pretty binding too ☺

Sav : nods

Marlies grins and holds out the paper “very much so….and its a oral agreement, legally binding any way”

Sheera : it isa not!

Sheera : I offered them Dawn

Jen: i’m a witness to the contract

Sav : i did the bargining

Sheera: after I’ve collared her of course

Lunellaa grins “Can I have the copy of that Marlies… ”

Sav : sarah remained unusually quiet

Marlies smirks and hands a copy to Lune , luckily she had made several copies before leaving , not to mention the ones she had hidden away

Sheera : nods ……. anyone who sells off their sister should be made a slave …. unless they were sold by their sister previously .. then that sister should be made a slave

sarah: i said what i had to say, and i said i would rather dies then trade a sister for me, that was enough

Lunellaa looks at Dawn..then shakes her  head “No no no let’s not go there I just need to see the writing Marlie did and then looks to Sheera….”So this is what you agreed to correct? Dawn to them for Three Weeks?”

Sheera : shakes her head ” two weeks “

Marlies sniggers in the background

Lunellaa looks up to Donnie “You’re hearing all this too so we have a witness to this……  Oh sorry Two weeks”

sarah: never a deal was made, they only were talking about, she never agreed to anything

Sav : she suggested it

sarah: not a deal

Sheera : I did not

Sav  waves to donnie……”i miss seeing you donnie”

Marlies  points to the paper ” yes you did”

sarah: she never agreed to anything

Ɗσηηιє  : She cant write or read!

Marlies : “she agreed “points and waves the paper in the air now

Sav : with it being her suggestion its an aggreement

Sheera : I never signed anything

sarah: they only were talking to find time, in hope someboidy see us capt there and bring some help

Lunellaa: But you agreed to it?

Sheera : agreed to what sis?

Sav : nods

Lunellaa : The deal?

Marlies: “it was orally agreed” she snorts out loud

Sheera : what deal?

sarah: there never was a deal

Lunellaa : Trading Dawn for two weeks?

sarah: only a talking

Sav : three weeks

Sheera: they wanted you and Dawn

Jen nods “she agreed to it, I was there, i’m a witness”

Sheera: I refused

sarah: yes she refused

Lunellaa  looks at Jen and then back to Sheera

Sheera : dont you believe Sarah?

Lunellaa : Well I would believe both of you …. but then Jen and Sav and Marlie all say differently

Sheera : frowns

Sheera : but  sis

Sheera: they are Forest Moon!

Sav : that we are

Sav : saying with pride

Sheera : I rest my case Sav

Marlies nods and shows off her feathers

Sheera : born   liars!

Lunellaa: But Jen in her life has never lied to me …

Sheera : how do you know Lune?

Jen: no, I never have

Sav : jen doesnt lie

Ɗσηηιє  snorts as marli show her feathers”Some of them are mine!

Haha….yes indeed they are!

Sheera : how do you know Lune?

Sheera : you say Sarah and I lie?

Lunellaa: Because I know Jen…… and Jen isn’t exactly known for holding her tongue …

Sheera : scowls as she sees Allyse

Jen: sherra agreed to give us dawn for two weeks in trade for their release *points to marli holding th epaper*

Sheera: how about we  make Allyse part of the deal?

Lunellaa : So…. I’ll I’ll trade two barrels of paga for these two and that’s a about it unless

Jen: you where mentioned also in that deal lune but sheera refused that

Lunellaa : What???? Deal?

Ɗσηηιє  smirks”Then you Moonies are jost fool,only for just beleive we would have trade a sister for another

Jen: I witnessed the whole thing

Sav : it was sheeras idea donnie

Lunellaa : Now you say adding Allyse in….

Sheera : has anyone seen Fran?

Ɗσηηιє : I did

Sav : waves to ally

Marlies frowns “two barrels sounds a bit cheap for a legal deal with Sa Jes panthers”

sarah: smiles to jen, yes she said this, but did she mean it? did you set her free to show she is meaning what she say,

Lunellaa sighs “I’m sorry Sheera but trade sister for sister is against our rules … and as such I’m going to have to deny the trade… and revoke your status temporarily ….

Allyse  rolls her eyes and waves at the panthers down there

Sheera : what?

Sav : is it fresh paga lune and not your pissy paga?

Ɗσηηιє  snikers at Marli”You might forgot what we are,we are Panthers whatewer is legal doenst mean we would take as so

Ɗσηηιє  then slap Ally butts just because

Lunellaa nods “It would .. and the Sheera I know wouldn’t trade sister for sister…… so there must have been torture or mind drugs or something else involved… ”

Allyse slaps Donnie’s butt because she can

Ɗσηηιє  Looks at her and wiggles..Oh Murr!~ ;3

Lunellaa  Nods “It would be fresh paga Sav… But we will need to insist Sheera stays in the binds till her tribunal”

Sheera : smiles up at Lune  ” I refused them wanting to trade for you … but its ok to trade a slave ”  glares at Dawn

Sav : fear lune it makes someone speak out  of their mind sometimes i know a sister for a sister isnt an acceptable trade

Sav : get me the paga and i will hand you the leash lune

Lunella smiles at Sav… “Aye.. it does but an En is to be above all that… so …. rules are rules.. and we will have to follow them…. ”

Lunellaa : Dawn can you get me the paga sis?

Jen: hang on, if this deal turned into a paga deal, I want donnies paga and not that piss paga she tried to gives everyone to!”

Sheera : Donnie does not have any paga

Sav : donnies special blend will suffice

Jen: yes. donnies paga, not the piss pags either

Sav: donnie always has paga

Sav : shes a pagaholic

Ɗσηηιє grins at Sav

Sav : grins back at donnie

Marlies licks her lips , she amends the document to paga and tucks the written paper back

Lunellaa  looks over at Sheera shaking her head .. “I have nothing to say……. we will have to have a long talk about this one….”

Snow : giggles  what the  hell  listens to  all the   noise  an  laughs

Ɗσηηιє snorts waching the scene from distance”Crap she dodge the trap!

Sav : laughs at donnie

Sav : hand angel the paga dawn

Jen: wait, let sheera taste this, make sure it is not donnies piss paga

Sheera: no no no

Sheera : smirks

Sav : good idea love

Marlies ” Yea ……we dont want piss”

Jen: no deal them

Ɗσηηιє : I do i can taste it!

Jen: taste it sheera

Lunellaa giggles and smiles at Jen

Sheera : but I pee’d in her barrels theo tother day

Sav : especally donnies piss

sarah: sighs, next time you capt me save the effort, set me free and i bring a barrel of paga to your gate

Sheera : Donnie is not sallowed paga

Lunellaa  takes Sheera’s leash and smiles

Sheera : so I pee in it

Sav : smiles at sarah, “we have unfinished business sarah

sarah: no we dont, we are done

Lunellaa  helps Sheera to her feet and then sighs …

Ɗσηηιє : shush you,you will put me on bankrupt for how many time i had to save your huge bum trading my paga

Jen pouts “i’m not touching th epaga, it won’t be the good blend if sheera won’t touch it”

Sheera : nods .. sensible Jen …  dont drink it … it’s pee!

Lunellaa  sighs … “Sheera’s can’t drink anyway she sniffs paga and she’s out cold…..

Snow : she is  just   saying tht  so you  leave it  for her

Sheera : shrugs .. I drink ka  la na

Ɗσηηιє : Let drink at Snow”snikers remember the effect that Paga have on her

Sheera : I dont like paga ..especially paga with 20% pee in it

Lunellaa  opens the lids and then takes a sip and lets out a huge Gasp..”Yaaa definately donnie’s ”

Lunellaa  snickers.. “The high octane Donnie special……

Sav : donnie always had the best



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