The Gazette of Gor – Issue 46



  • Editorial by Hathor
  • Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor
  • Why are Gorean men so strict with Free?  – Elena Steiner
  • Warsong Empire – Interview with Rey Orsini
  • Hlidskjalf Village Travelogue #12
  • Various Gorean punishments  by Sonia
  • story of Gor  ” Foam Dancer”
  • Selvi’s Survey for Masters version 4
  • Gossip … Gossip

 Editorial by  Hathor

My idea of a lazy day in Gor was interrupted by Master Itsmee Zander with an order and offer to join the Gazette of Gor team.  So much for my rather easy day of service and flirting with handsome Masters.  And also an end to my normal my daily life in  SL.   Little did I know I would meet a a group of indefatigable people who had an idea about the community of Gor.  These exciting people had an idea that the Gazette of Go would be created to assist in matching relations, ideals, a sense of community between people in Gor, to create a wide database of our families with rules, interests, to help every person in Gor find their right place to play.

I was asked to go out into the world of Gor and interview sim owners, why should a Gorean come to their sim.  I had very little experience with how I could go about this, but armed with a canned interview note card and the name of an individual with whom I should talk, away I went with trepidation and ignorance.  I found sim owners or administrators were more than kind to me, and willing to share the information of their community.  These people wanted to share their experiences in Gor and why a Gorean should belong to their group of like-minded citizens.

Staff members provided the various parts to the weekly output of the Gazette:  Editorials; articles; and, travel logs.  I watched as these amazing people put together a weekly magazine with information about Gor,their sims and a variety of  informational tidbits for our readers.  Dispensers of the magazine were manufactured by a Gazette whiz kid, they were placed on sims for readers to obtain a copy.  And so the Gazette’s journey began.  The staff worked hard to meet the weekly deadline, surprisingly with little bitching, whining or deep sighs, knowing well we had to do it all over again for the next issue.   It was fun, it was exciting and incredible labor on the part of all staff members.

45 issues and several special issues later, I sit back now, wondering at how fate brought me to this group, how they accepted all staff members and their talents and were motivated to produce a quality product.  I myself learned a lot about Gor, the prospective of different Castes, groups, tribes and how, with a little prodding and luck, we continue to try to make a cohesive Gor community exist.

People of Gor, read the Gazette, take something to heart from an article or interview, and assist to make make Gor continue to exist.  I have talked to Goreans who have been in Gor for significant time spans.   They have told me, and you from their words in several Gazette articles, even if you can’t abide each other’s differences, we need each other in a communal Gor, one with consistent goals and rules or Gor will not survive as we now know it.

Active Bands (Tribes) of Gor

Please send any changes to Marlies Dasmijn.

Special thanks to: Isabeaux Rembrandt, lily SnowWolf (lilysilvermare), KirstenMaebh, Sheera (jennabadgirl) and Sonja Cortes (sklavin.hendes).

Black Panthers (German and English)

En: Shana Oberts

Clan of Thalestris (English and French)

En: all tribe

Dani’s Band Panthers (btb)

En: Dani™ (danielle008)

Forest Moon

En‘s: Marlies Dasmijn and Sav (1ladysavage.ansar)

Ikerei (French and English)

EN: Sky Valerian

Ja’Lina Torvis

En: Heather Ulich
Ki’Kara jerag Panthers (German and English)

En‘s: ĐεεĐε Łμηα (deepestdesires) and Mother Luq (Luqara Darkwatch)

Lost Tribe of Talunas

En: Taa Kurka

Luna Navah

En: Dia Galaxy

Ravens Band

En: Raven (ravenvilkas)

Sa Anu

En Sinead Moonites

Sa di Lina

En: Sarah Gartenberg

Sa Di Sani Panthers

En: Etain Stonesoul

Sa Ki Fori

En‘s: Willow Easterling and Morrighan Serendipity
Sa Me Aak (German and English)

En: Ki Moon

Sa Me Arder

En: Kiki Exonar

Sa Me Arquana Panthers

En: AÝA (ayana convair)

Sa Me Laluna

En: Cαяяу Dαωѕση (Carry3Dawson Resident)

Sa Me Pyrana

En: Cori Pantar

Sa Me Uma

En: Madison Summer

Sa’ng Gretuk

En: Tammi Wildness (tammi4u222)

Sa’Sareem Tribe

En: Jenifer Violet

Sa Sa’ng‐Fori Huntresses

En: Eva Melgund

Sa’ira pa

En: Rikie (rikiela)

Sa’jesuil Panthers

En‘s: Caoimha1 Sheera (Jennabadgirl) and Sheera (jennabadgirl)

Sa’Seraka Tor

En: Ƹգ .Lyric Skaði…Ʒ (lesha82)

Sa’sheku Huntress

En: Emma ( Emmamorales Resident)

Sa’Tavi panthers

En: Terra Warblood

Talender Moon

En: Malinda Constantine

Three Moon Panthers
En: кαℓì ŠäßєяÇℓåω (kalila.karu)

Toki Aka’am

En: Echo Honi

Valkyrie Torva Panthers

En: Robin Dancer


En: Fever Meng

Vella’s Band

En: Crimsonkisses

Wa Ngao Taluna

En: Felicity Coronet

Wakanda Talunas

En:Erika Menna

Zima Ak’am

En: Sarka Matova

 Why are Gorean men so strict with Free?

 ๖ۣۣۜElena ๖ۣۣۜSteiner

When fears speak with the men in their nightmares

long-long time ago……



  1. A Warrior Who wishes One Elegant Lady

Seeing her twinkling eyes in his dreams

One evening he caresses kneeling slaves slowly

Keeping his goblet he thinks to companion her

And hearing slaves melodic voices

His mind dipping into the night’s repose

  1. Green forest covers him all around

And sunny beams shines through emerald-green leaves and plants

A Warrior tries to meet One Elegant Lady

But instead he sees a mysterious cave

III.  With eyes becoming wider and wider

He stepped into the cave willing to find her

His voice was so …strong and full of internal confidence ..

“I will save you my Lady!”

And holding his bow he is walking … making his steps.

  1. One careful step and another follows

He feels as becomes colder and colder

Blackness hugged him strongly

He looked into darkness noticing eight big fearful eyes…

He is hearing: “WELCOMMMMMMME” from the big spider.

  1. “Tal I see so a wise person” – the Warrior started to cough proceeding to speak:

“I would ask you about my future intended as I see we must have been asleep!”

The spider was surprised and looked at the Warrior with clever eight eyes:

“For what do you wish to be with a Lady? A lot of pleasures you have had before.

Why won’t you be with your wonderful girls, they can give you much more!”

  1. The Warrior is speechless:

“But what are YOU doing here my Friend?”

The spider sighed: “I hide myself from my intended 5 Hands and 3 days.

She was going to kill my personal space..”

VII.  The warrior was constantly confused as the spider tells so direct a truth!

“But why do they exist as the Free in Gor?.

The spider just clinked with the big chops:

“Remember Free Women exist in Gor to teach all men the word “NO”!

VIII.  Next day the Warrior met One Elegant Lady

Starting to study her with the “new” eyes

But when she just said something pleasant and nice

He narrowed two angry eyes and grumbled to her:

“I’ve been in the cave before! Nobody will teach me the word “No!”

  1. Don’t take it too close to your hearts men of Gor

Just a small joke that was read before

To have absolute and strong success

Women can teach you just a permanent “Yes”

 Warsong Empire – Interview with Rey Orsini

By Mariko Marchant

Rey Orsini:  Hi Mariko. Take a seat! Act like is it your home. Mariko this is my fc Bibi, Bibi this is Mariko. She is from the Gazette of gor.

Bibi Roxan: Ohhh i was wondering.. Tal there. Welcome to our humble corner house.

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Reay and Bib thank you for inviting me

–     Rey Orsini:  You are very welcome. my daughter told me about the gazette of gor i think is a nice idea a good voice for the people still in here.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you, i visited this place during a raid with a raid group and I thought: this is a beautiful place I like the Japanese theme, how come you chose for this theme?

–     Rey Orsini: Yeah it is. You know, i built a lot of sims but this always been my jewel, for beauty and even for fight in here. To be honest i didn’t choose this theme, this group basically is made by people who play with me Gor since years. We had been just changing the group name, this idea of a pani sim was from the owner (Formorian). Warsong at the start had another 2 or 3 builds before this. All beautiful, but this sim came from the idea of a photo we saw on Internet. Basically the village with the river, which gives like a realism of an humid pani village. If i run in here really makes me feel i am in a real village, its also relaxing just looking at it.

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes it is. I think it is mainly a sim for fighters. Am I correct?

–     Rey Orsini:  Well, i have this thought. Mainly is a sim for fighting yeah, but i truly believe that people who wants to roleplay they just need to go and search for it. For example, i can run in a sim and start roleplayng and i will always find somebody who replies tp me. So if people wanna roleplay, they all can do it, they just need to seek it. We have goodfighters here but also good roleplayers. Most of the time here is about roleplayng captives, but all the GE gor is now projected like this at the moment.

  • Mariko Marchant: I see…about raids:  you have a lot of raids here? And do you raid yourself?

–     Rey Orsini: We have a lot of raids here yes, the group is very active. We raid a lot and we love to defend in rescues in here. We are having high traffic incoming, but to be honest here is not about traffic, is about fun. Any situation for a battle for warsong group is an occasion to have fun, we just love to shoot basically. We like when people come here to rescue, the sim is pretty open without doors, gates or kill room. We do have tricky tunnels yeah, how the sim here is settled up is about to make the fight a lot of fun, for defenders or for raiders. I mean, all people knows how is frustrating lockpicking doors and such, here is all about the positioning of the people and …fight being free to run all over the sim with no interruptions.

  • Mariko Marchant: How many people live here?

–     Rey Orsini:  Good question, I actually don’t really know. In the group i see there are 120 people inside, but is hard to say how many are alts and how many are active. Basically in the hot hour we can reach to have 25 people in sim with maybe 20 people in character, then slows down with the hours.

  • Mariko Marchant: Well it was great to visit this place, and yes I got lost in the tunnels as well. Seems like a maze to me ㋡

–     Rey Orsini: Eheh! thats normal yes. I can leave you other places that are actually active which i built their sim if you want to visit. Like: like Hochburg, Einherjar and Kasra and there are other 2 groups who wish a rebuild by me soon.

  • Mariko Marchant: You huild a lot is  sins. I look forward to visit them later. One more question: I saw you have an arena here, you train the fighters here?

–     Rey Orsini: We do sometimes if anybody wants, we always help people in getting better if they want. We give them tips and we try to make them gain pc performances too, we try to help as much as we can as a group.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you so much for the interview!

–     Rey Orsini: you are welcome, i really appreciated it..

You can see the video “A walk at Warsong Empire”

**Selvi’s Travelogue**

Series # 12

 Hlidskjalf Village and Mystique Mainstore

” Hlidskajalf Village is named after the High seat of Odin.From where he could see into all the realms.”   Steiner Bergsgtrom

Village Jarl

* In this week’s travelogue, I visited the Hlidskjalf Village and Mystique Mainstore.

*A BTB Northern sim located in Torvaldsland. Imagine a bustling community, the men are on watch, the women going about their daily chores- tending to the chickens, diligently taking of their hearth and home, the children playing and the slaves are working hard. Life in the north is hard after all. The sounds of the incoming waves of sea as it buffets the wharf and the mournful cries of the birds native to the area fill your ears.This village situation in the far north offers a challenge for all roleplayers, if your looking for a new home, your invited to visit and roleplay right away without the hassle of filling out an application for residency or membership.

*As I explored around the initial landing point, you will see the Mistique Mainstore which offers a variety of Fantasy, Medieval, Gorean clothing as well as furniture and accessories like collars. Incidentally, there are a few store rentals if anyone among the readers of GOG is looking for one.

*I caught up with the Village jarl and He had the following to say….

* Steiner Bergstrom: I would welcome all Gazette of Gor readers to come and experience Torvaldsland as Norman described it, no walls or gates, just hard working folk. Visit, trade when you come to RP. Bring your  game as we will bring certainly bring ours.

*Steiner Bergstom: We are an Immersive sim so from the moment they TP down they are IC, and expect them to stay that way. Come, prove your worth and see if you are accepted.

*Selvi: Jarl,I believe you are seeking specific roles?

*Steiner Bergstrom: Well yes I do need,  a couple of more captains, both Euro and US timezones as I cannot be here 24 hrs a day. But yes come with your role and imagination and I am sure we can find a place for you

* So, here you have it dear readers, if by some chance you seek a new home, a new Northern sim to explore and pursue your adventures, venture forth into the Hlidskjalf Village. The challenge awaits you and your skills as a roleplayer!!! Happy adventuring to all!

 Various Gorean punishments


“Mistress?” she asked. “What is that?” I said. “A whip,” she said, puzzled. Seeing my interest she brought it towards me. I stepped back. She held it across her body. Its handle was about eighteen inches long. It was white, and trimmed with yellow beads. Depending from this handle, at one end, were five pliant yellow straps, or lashes. Each was about two and a half feet long, and one and a half inches wide.”

From Kajira of Gor. p 43

~Slave Box~

“I will be good! I will be good!” I heard a girl cry, from within a low, steel, rectangular box, shoved against the side of the passage, presumably that it would not be in the way. I stopped, startled. It had not occurred to me that a girl could be held within those small confines. Indeed, in the half-darkness of  the lamp-lit passage I had hardly noticed the box. It was about four feet long and three feet wide, with a depth of perhaps eighteen inches. It was of steel and opened from the top. In the lid, at each each, there was a circle, about five inches in diameter, of penny-sized holes. It was locked shut, secured by two flat, steel bars, perpendicular to its long axis, padlocked, in front, in place.

“I will be good!? wept the girl, from within. . .

“It is a slave box,” said Hermidorous.

“I beg to be pleasing, Masters!” cried the girl from within.

“Surely, she must be a very tiny woman,” I said, horrified to Drusus Rencius.

“She is the former Lady Tais of Farnacium,” said Hermidorus. “Her house name is Didi. She is, as I recall, a normal-sized slave.”

“The box is so small,” I said.

“It is supposed to be small,” said Drusus Rencius.

“But consider the cramping, the tightness, the girl’s helplessness,” I said.

“Those are among its purposes,” he said.

“But it is so small!’ I protested.

“It is not really so small,” he said.

I looked at him.

“It would be, for example,” he said, “more that large enough for you”

From Kajira of Gor. p 148


“Eta lifted a stout whip, with long handle, which might be wielded with two hands, and five dangling, soft, wide lashing surfaces, each about a yard long.

“Kurt,” she said. I shrank back. “Kurt,” I repeated.”

From Kajira of Gor. P 83


“The switch is often used on a girl when she is guilty of minor indiscretions or tiny misdemeanors. It is thought a fitting instrument for encouraging a beauty to be more careful or zealous in her service.”

From Kajira of Gor. P 85


“My ankles were chained; some ten inches of chain separated them; the chain was fastened on them by means of two padlocks. I was the only girl in camp, as far as I knew, who was shackled.”

From Kajira of Gor. P 244

~Slave Sack~

“I saw him shaking out the slave sack in the utility room. This was not the first time I had been unchained from the loom and hurried to the utility room.”

“Get in,” he said.

“I crawled into the sack, and it was pulled up, over my head, and laced shut, I then felt it dragged across the floor. He then lifted it up, partly, I now sitting in it, and left it against a wall. He then left. The confinement was not intended to be one of full security, of course. If it had been, then I would have been bound and gagged within it, that I might not be able, by fingernail or teeth, to attack seams or cut through the leather. Indeed, if I caused the least bit of damage to the slave sack, I had little doubt but what I would be well punished. Confine-ment in the slave sack is, incidentally, a familiar form of light punishment for a girl.”

From Kajira of Gor. P 273

~Post Strap/Harness~

“I was pulled to the post, close to it and facing it. The heavy belt, with the ring on it, through which the loose post strap passed, that strap looping the post and threaded through the belt ring, was put about my belly, and buckled shut, tightly, behind the small of my back. I could now move easily about the post but, given the post strap, and the belt ring, I could not be further than six inches from it.

“When you are more experienced, you will not need the harness,” said the whip master. “Too, we will let you try it sometimes with your hands tied behind you.”

“Yes, Master,” I said.

“Address yourself now to the post, Tiffany,” he said. “Make it sweat. Make it cry out with pleasure.”

“Yes, Master,” I said.

From Kajira of Gor. P 290


“He then went to a chest and from it fetched forth a high, thick, plain, black leather collar with a lock closure. There was a sturdy ring attached to this collar, and attached to the ring, there was a long slave leash of black leather, it was some fifteen feet in length. In most leadings, of course, this amount of length would not be used, but would be coiled in the grasp of the  master.

The length is useful if the slave is expected to perform leash dances, is to be bound with the leash, or if, it doubled at the masters end, it is to be used to train or discipline her.”

From Kajira of Gor. P336


 A man named Lucias once had a ship built so he could trade his mead along the coast. The keel was laid and the ship began to take shape. Each day, on his way home from his shop, Lucias would pass by the boatyard and see how his ship was progressing. Gradually it took shape until one day it appeared to be ready. Lucias went to the boat builder and said:

“Is my ship ready yet?”


The boat builder replied “It is almost finished Lucias, tomorrow we will pint on its eyes and launch her.”

Lucias was bewildered, “Why must it have eyes, surely it sails as well without them?”

The boat builder laughed good-humored, “It has eyes so it may see its way. A ship is not like a table; it is a living thing and must be treated as such.”

Lucias accepted this as some tradition kept by boat builders and sailors, but if it kept them, happy he was not the kind of man to scoff. So the following day he came to the dock and watched the eyes being painted onto the bow of the ship. He was invited to smash a flagon of wine onto the ship, letting the wine run down into the sea. Then salt and oil were poured into the water and Lucias offered a blessing for the ship saying: “Ta-Sardar-Gor” – to the Priest Kings.

And then he declared the name of the ship calling it “Foam Dancer” and watched as it slid gracefully into the water.

A couple of days later, a cargo was loaded and Foam Dancer sailed from the port. It was not a good voyage. Four days out of port a storm blew up and a man fell from the rigging and broke his back. The ship sailed into the next harbor on the following day and the poor sailor was left in the care of a physician. The sailors unloaded the mead only to find that half of the kegs were split and salt water had spoiled them.

The ship made numerous voyages up and down the coast over the next two years, but always it seemed to be plagued by accidents and losses. Foam Dancer had become known as an unlucky ship.

Lucias did not agree, he thought the crew were careless or his suppliers given him poor barrels, and other thoughts of this type. Now he did scorn the sailors for their beliefs and said he would prove them wrong and he would sail on the next voyage with them.

The next voyage proved to be no better that the others. The barrels of water were found to be brackish. A rope got caught around a sailor’s leg and caused him to trip and break his skull. The cook sliced off his little finger, swearing that he had never so much as cut himself in twenty years of sailing. And when they reached the harbor, the customer refused to accept the mead and canceled any further orders. Lucias began to wonder if the sailors were not right after all.

The next morning they left for the journey home. Barely half a day out of port they sailed into a raging storm. As the ship was tossed about, the kegs of mead broke lose and, while they tried to restrain them, a man was crushed between a keg and the bulkhead.

Lucias took to his cabin, and lay in his hammock feeling thoroughly miserable. Suddenly there came a commotion from the deck. He wondered what had happened now, and climbed out of his hammock to go and see. By the time her reached the deck the rocking of the ship had subsided, he opened the hatch to see clear sky, the storm clouds blown away. He could not believe that a storm could subside so fast.

On the deck the men were gathered around in a tight circle. Lucias struggled to force his way through to find out what interested them so. In the center of the circle knelt a young kajira, shivering with fear, her hair tangled and her silks torn. The captain turned to Lucias and told him:

“She is a stowaway, we found her in amongst the ropes. When we pulled her out the storm abated.”

Lucias looked at the girl, though torn and untidy she still appeared beautiful. “A stowaway, and probably a runaway slave too. She will be taken to the city guard when we return to port and be handed over for the decision of the city slaver.”

The crew began to mutter, but the captain held up his hand to stop them. “My friend” he said to Lucias “You know little of the traditions of the sea. On ships there are things called Luck Girls. They are believed…. By the superstitious only, of course… to bring good fortune to the ship. I do not know whether finding this girl and the cessation of the storm are coincidence or if they are linked. But I am prepared to humor my crew and let the girl remain. We will see if the ship’s fortune improves with her on board.”

Lucias looked around the circle; the faces of the crew were turned to him. “I see,” He said “Well so long as the girl remains on board, and does not set foot on land. So long as she wears a collar with the ship’s name. I see no harm in trying out your suggestion. But, if the ships fortune does not improve within three months, she goes to the city.”

Everyone seemed satisfied with this arrangement and a collar was fashioned as Lucias decreed. The girl was washed down and made to look suitable for a kajira. The ship completed its journey home with no further trouble. On landing, Lucias was approached by a breathless man who begged him to sell him some of Lucias’ fine mead. He sold the cargo at twice the price he had planned and the man wanted a regular delivery of mead to begin at once.

Over the next three months, the girl, who the sailors called “jorno”, after a fish found far from land which seems to fly along the foam of the waves, remained on board. The ship voyaged up and down the coast, selling mead all over the area. There were no more accidents on the ship; no spoilt food or cargo, and the crew were the happiest upon the seas. Lucias was satisfied and never again spoke of taking the girl away. Foam Dancer had its Luck Girl and good fortune followed it from then on.

 * GOSSIP  *  * GOSSIP  *  * GOSSIP  *  * GOSSIP  *  * GOSSIP  *

tal dear readers of the Gazette …. with this new column for the gazette of Gor …….

dedicated to some funny quotes, RP fun, anything that seems strange to you, phrases that you heard and you want to share, this page is for you, send me all your gossip Gor and I will be  happy to add in this column after reading…….

It seemed like an ordinary day in SL.  I was going to a Gorean sim to interview the bar and Administrator.  The guard had obviously been made aware of my arrival, as I was told the two Masters were waiting for me.  In I strode without the necessary male attending me.  I did have my “Gorean Reporter” tag over my head, so I assumed I was invulnerable.  Not to mention, even though I was a slave, I believed I would have been allowed to enter due to my Gazette status.

The guard started to escort me to the Masters, when a Free Woman went running past us, hands full of her skirts  which were then above her calves, turning this way and that.  The guard and I stopped dead in our tracks.  She was screaming, sputtering, acting as if the devil was at her door.

“Help Help, HELP ME, a free man was molesting me.  He tried to capture me and force me into a cage and wants to collar me.”   A crowd gathers.  Free and slaves are buzzing around this Mistress.  They try to calm her down to find out what was going on, how they might be able to help and who was this Free Man who was causing this bruhaha.

Amid the confusion, a Master casually approaches the fringe of the crowd.  He listens intently, gathers that the Woman can’t remember the name of the offending man,and only has a sketchy description of the man.  The Free Woman is distraught, sobbing and incoherent, until she looks up from her squatting position on the ground, and shouts, “That’s him, that’s HIM.” As one, heads swivel to this Free Man.   The Free beats feet, squirms through the slight opening in the gate and off he goes.

No one caught his full name, no one had seen hm before, no one has seen him since.

Perhaps someone in our SL Gazette readership has had the same experience on their sim …. we ask for anyone to come forth with information about this Wilder.  Perhaps the Gazette could be instrumental in apprehending this criminal.

A certain individual whispered something they had heard from another individual. This is in regards to the thief at a certain auction at Talbot farms last week. It would seem the thief herself was in disguise. She is actually someone most would know if they were able to pry the mask she was wearing at the time.

The fast acting and nimble thief took off with goods worth at the low end of 800Ls, at the time of the auction the highest bid was at 1260 before alarm was heard and the goods had already vanished.

Over heard the following talk in a tavern one evening.

A certain slave ernestly serving the Masters was bragging about her knowledge of Gorean Cities. She proudly says, “Go ahead, ask me, I know all of them.”

Scribe drinking his Mead. “So What is the capital of this Fair City?”

Scribe replies,”Master, that is easy: F.”

Another conversation heard one evening at inn.

Warrior: “My beloved, why are you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?”

Mistress: “My lord, I married the wrong man.”

© Gazette of Gor


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