The Gazette of Gor – Issue 45



     Editorial by Claude Belgar

     Svago–Travelogue #11 

     interview with Elena (elenheart)

     My son by Teri Questi

     Laws of Gor by Sonia

     story of Gor ” The lazy kajira”.

     Selvi’s Survey for Masters version 4

Editorial by  Claude Belgar

Sometimes you believe that things are simply granted to us, that you just need to do your own part, and others always will do theirs, each of us a part of the same machinery, but each of us within our own domain of competence, within our own preferences.

You don’t think that, one day, you might need to do more. You think “Well, X is taking care of it, no need for me to worry”. But as Minnie’s accident had taught us here, at the Gazette, this is a false assumption. 

You should not take anything for granted. You should not think that simply doing your part, however perfectly you’re doing it, will always suffice. There is a time when you’ll have to expand your domain of competences to fill a gap that a temporary missing person will leave, and you’ll need to do it as best as you can.  Oh I know, you might think “But I’ll never be able to do what X did, I’ll never be that good”, and you might be true. But it’s also irrelevant.  What matters is not that you are doing a thing perfectly, it is that you are doing it the best you can. 

Minnie, the Gazette’s founder, is a perfect example of this state of mind. After some really bad time, she is recovering, being able to breath by herself, and in a month or two, will begin rehabilitation. 


 *By now, I am assuming the readers of GOG are familiar with my approach to these travelogues. I gather all the relevant info, slap them on the notecard, take a few scenic pictures and presto!!! Another edition of Selvi’s travelogue.

*Yes, Masters, Mistresses and my fellow slaves, I bring to you another edition of Selvi’s travelogue, surprise bear!!! ( I wonder how many of you will get that reference??)

*Here is some interesting information that I discovered at the landing point.  They are seeking roleplayers for specific roles, they are the following in no order of importance.

— Slavers (SLT eve and night)

— Kennel Mistress

— Tavernmaster (USA timezone)

–Merchants, Perfumers, Fish Monger, Vintner

Innkeeper assistant and workers (USA timezone)

-Slaves-Tavern and city 

  INTERVIEW….Elena (elenheart)

Elena (elenheart): smiles at Sonia.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): greetings Elena , can we sit somewhere ? 

 Elena (elenheart): sure..- smiles.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) smiles then follow Elena in the class room 

 Elena (elenheart): Could you sit please? 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): thanks you 

 Elena (elenheart): This is a winter class room, – smiles.. 

 Elena (elenheart): We have our lessons here when it is cold outside.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): this is a good think , like this i will be able to write your interview *smiles* 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): are you ready ? 

 Elena (elenheart): yes.. 

 Elena (elenheart): smiles.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) throw the pappers , she prepared before with some question and smilling to Elena ….” well we will do the live interview, as you will be less embarrassed 

 Elena (elenheart): “Thank you Sonia…all is well, I am able to give some answers..” – smiled at her 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): well well well …. so first Elena can you please introduce yourself ? 

 Elena (elenheart): in RL my name is Elena I live in Ukraine and my interests are literature, music, languages, painting. I work in the publishing office. I live in SL about 13 months and about 11 months in Gor. My Caste is Green.  

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) smiles …. thanks Elena , so how you knew Gor the first time, what’s the reason you coming on this role play game ? 

Elena (elenheart): smiles at Sonia: first it was a big world for me.. Second Life is amazing. My first idea was exploring the world. I saw a lot of pleasant places and remember my first sims which I visited:  Tudor, Kuula, Galaxy.  Then I felt it becomes boring and I decided to try to study English here. As I knew about SL nothing I just tried to find something familiar. I love fantasy worlds and once I was teleported to one learning center …it was Gorean Campus.. 

Elena (elenheart): since that time I started to live by the Gorean philosophy, – smiles 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): i see , you finally arrived in the world of Gor … what was your first feeling coming on this particular world where man is master and the wife is often pointed to as willing to submit to the man ? 

Elena (elenheart): Ah.. there were big eyes….. First I dreamed to find my Home so I was born in Gor  and having my Gorean blood I started to live at the Elysium Isle, –  smiles.. It was a magic feeling. Music, lakes, sky, flowers. clothes, dancing I liked the idea of Gorean radio and listened to the radio a lot. I was so admired. My first attempts to explore Gor were full of enthusiasm but I was very careful looking at the buildings, clothes, docks of other sims.  My language was so miserable… I made two mistakes in the every word so I didn’t think about relationships a lot and just worked with the notes from Campus trying to read and translate what I heard. I had to find for all new words an appropriate place in my memory.. Then it was Dunvegan and my first practice and my mentors gave me a lot of information and encouraged me. I didn’t make any accents on the men’s role here just worked.  

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) smiles 

Elena (elenheart): Men and women in Gor are not always ready to play by the Gorean philosophy so I didn’t see a lot of things what would be scared for me as I’ve read some books before.. SL doesn’t allow players to dip into Gorean world fully .. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): i noticed that you are you are thirsty to learn, I have seen it often, can you tell me how many Gor novel of the 33 that John Norman has written have you read? 

 Elena (elenheart): I’ve read only 4 books.. and proceed to read now but in English. First books were read in Ukrainian and Russian languages. Also I love reading good sources with the quotes about Gor. 

 Elena (elenheart): I would love to feel books in English..* 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): next time i will show you 🙂 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): well, i know you are studying for become a great physician, your studies what would you do? you’ll sit in a big city to exercise your profession there after you are accepted into the high caste physician ? 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): after your studie *sorry* 

 Elena (elenheart): We really didn’t see each other plenty of time, – smiles.. I was promoted as the full Physician on the Second Day of the Second Hand of Se’Kara (23.09.2015). now I’m the young physician of the Physicians Academy in Dunvegan and it is the beginning of my teaching carrier. I have my practice in  Forestport city and sometimes I help my friends from the different parts of Gor. My growth won’t stop .. I wrote my first lecture 5 Hands ago and it was about Role Play for Physicians.  

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): I see that you have succeeded far beyond what you thought to be able when you starting out, all my congratulations on your success 

Elena (elenheart): Thank you Sonia but we have people who did much more, – smiles 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) shrug , as i said before it’s your interview , the others don’t matter here now 

Elena (elenheart): You didn’t change Sonia 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Elena, Ge or BtB what these worlds mean to you and if so to what will the kind your choice will be? 

Elena (elenheart): nods.. : Gor Evolved is a world of many of my friends who love to fight and have some fun living in Gor without strict exactness to Norman books ..smiles. I prefer to live in classical Gor and feel this atmosphere of changing our souls here..My choice is BtB but I respect another choice and have some friends who decided to change the point of view coming to live at BtB sims. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) nods … thanks Elena 🙂 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ? 

 Elena (elenheart): Smiles… I dreamed about 1 sim …a big big big sim with all Gorean …but it is impossible technically.  It would be good to put at the teleport area of every sim a board with the random quotes from Gorean books and quotes would be changed every few Ahn or day so people would read more a bit. I think we have such a good base here and at the same time we have complicated problem of relationships: how to support each other, people with the drama-desire and their interaction with players and a lack of knowledge of newcomers. To improve this world we can remember that not Gor makes us but we make Gor.  My future? I would like to live here keeping on my way and appreciate what I have as I am quite realistic person so don’t fly in the sky.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Elena … All names have a story. What is the story of your name ? 

Elena (elenheart): It is easy…when I started to create my avatar I called her with my name.. it was so natural for me.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): do you mean that Elena is your real name too ? 

Elena (elenheart): yes, as I told earlier.. – smiles, – I don’t have any special story as it is so simple.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): i understand , for example my first avatar name was “emmanuella” and now i use only my display name , because for two reason , first emmanuella it’s the sing of a French singer “Pierre Bachelet”  and secondly because i find this name like the wild perfume of wet woods , but i choosed after Sonia , because too many people asked me if i come from Italia lol and so Sonia is my real name 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): but we aren’t here to talk about me *grins* 

Elena (elenheart): Nice name, by the way, – chuckles 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): i’ve the same thought about your name Elena 🙂 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sentence ? 

Elena (elenheart): nods… 

Elena (elenheart): thinks a bit.. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): take your time 

Elena (elenheart): First to be into the atmosphere … so…think as Gorean, act like Gorean but at the same time be myself. Keep this balance is important for me maybe more than truthfulness of my character. – smiles… and if we can’t be prefect we can polish our characters. I know some Gorean who are as the example for me. So my feelings are delight, inspiration but at the same time remembering about my internal world. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ? 

Elena (elenheart): Gor helped me to be as the good “fighter” and be more confident when I interact with the foreign society so my character is a part of my Barbarian philosophy in RL, – smiles. – Sometimes I feel it would be nice to meet my brothers and sisters by the Caste in RL. I can tell you “yes” .. it works for me and I adapted my RL partly with my Gorean life. 

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): thanks you Elena a last question and i release you 

Elena (elenheart): take a candy Sonia? – smiles.. 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy. please …. 

 Elena (elenheart): “I would love to find in your universe a part of your Gorean soul..and feeling it create a small miracle. A miracle of touching to Gorean life.” – thinks…It is difficult but possible as we have plenty of amazing players but they are like not polished brilliants and nobody knows when it can be showed for others.  

گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): thanks you Elena …. 

 Elena (elenheart): thanks Sonia…I am honored, – smiles.. 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato): I’ve no more question , if you want add something you are free to do , if not it’s ok … *smiles* 

Elena (elenheart): Well, SL Gor is full of different people with the difficult personalities and we can accept it or not accept. But it would be better to give a possibility for newcomers to be adapted to the Gorean life not seeing in them competitors or somebody else, not treating them in the arrogant way so bringing Earth ego to the Gorean world won’t make us Gorean. Kindness was never weakness. Be strong Gorean and appreciate what you have. You can everything. Work more. Anyway I need to tell thank you, SL Gorean community, You made me better.  

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) smiles , you have also brought a ray of sunshine in my life Gorean, Elena, your kindness and goodness, the way to be yourself and at the same time so simple are wonderful, thank you to you 🙂 

 Elena (elenheart): then it is high time to turn our Gorean Meters “on” then start to small bustle? – winks, – thank you for your smartness and your desire to make Gor better as you are doing a great job.. 

 گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato) smiles to Elena , so i think now i can release you .. thank you again and have good life in your Gor and good adventure in your Physician High Caste 

Elena (elenheart): Thank you Sonia, – smiles, – I wish you well…and my kind words to Dani…I am missing her

MY SON …. by Teri Questi…

Standing close to the edge of the precipice, feeling the updraft of the air as it comes up clearing the sheer side of the cliff, I stand looking down. The bottom passangs away, the feeling of dizziness and vertigo sweeping through me, the feeling, alive inside! Looking down onto the sweeping plains below, seeing nothing except the expanse of the Vosk stretching out before me, green and wonderful. The Voltai mountains stretching either side, their peaks undulating across the passangs, beautiful in their wildness with the soft peaks surrounded by mists or clouds, their sides covered with the white expanse of snow. Looking forwards again, calming the inner self, listening to the mountains as they call to me, feeling the blood rush within, answering the call. Placing a small tube to my lips, I run, pushing myself from the edge, diving out into the free air, falling. 

Arms stretched out, bent at the elbows, legs spread and bending at the knee and with cloak streaming behind, I blows three times on the whistle in my mouth. Feeling the hot air, chill against my skin as it presses forwards trying to lift and support my weight as I fall through its flimsiness. The cloak on my back acting as a stabilizer not breaking my fall in the slightest, but steadying in its influence as I fall. I smile to myself as I look at the ground watching it approach, the deadliness of it, all too apparent as it approaches. Knowing the look of death that appears on men who have gone this route before. Suddenly a shape appears beneath me, diving to match the speed of my descent, curving in towards me, black as night, yet glinting like a mirror as the sun reflects from the myriad surfaces. The Tarn swings in beneath me, wings tucked to its side a shrill call emanates from his mouth as he comes up beneath me. I look at the ground and the swift approaching death if we should meet and with a practiced movement of hips and body, swing my legs into the saddle strapped across the Tarns back, tucking my feet into the stirrups and fastening the saddle belt across my thighs. Grinning, I pull on the one strap and feel the blood in my body soar as the great Tarn snaps out his wings and levels out, looking at the ground I notice that it cant have been more than 20 feet from the ground where we leveled. Laughing, I again pull on the one strap, sending the Tarn soaring into the sky, knowing that if the great bird had failed to catch me, he would have dined well that night!” 

Born of diverse parents, my father of the Warriors and my mother of the Builders, I lived in the mountain city of Treve. Living in one of the many towers of that most wonderous of cities, built into the mountain side. I was always destined to be a Tarnsman, it seems strange how I began my journey into manhood from the age of 4. It wasn’t planned that way, most Warriors don’t really start their training until at least 7 years of age. However, my parents tell me that one day they couldn’t find me, despite searching high and low. They were decidedly worried, it was only when my father saw the door to the stairs that led to the Tarn keep where the Tarncots were kept that they became frantic. Tarns were a way of life for Trevian Warriors, obviously, being of the mountains, how could they not be. Our home had its own Tarnkeep, located at the top of the tower we lived in, as we lived close to the top, it was but a short trip to the Tarncots. I was strong, for a boy of my age, though considered a little small and so it wasn’t that hard for me to open the door that led to the great birds. My father told me later that they had rushed to the tarnkeep in horror thinking the worst, fully expecting to find a great tarn feasting on my dead body. What they saw, was even more surprising.  

My father burst into the Tarnkeep, closely followed by my mother, both shouting my name. In they rushed, to stand frozen in silent horror and fascination as they looked over at the young tarn that stood there. It was cowering, terrified of the small boy who was wielding a tarn goad, that he could barely pick up and wave around. I was laughing apparently, the young black Tarn was half the size of a full grown adult, but still a very formidable opponent for even a full grown man and there I was, at age four, totally unafraid waving a tarn goad before its beak. My father and mother were simply too stunned at the scene, both relief and joy at seeing me alive and the thought that any sudden move could cause the Tarn to strike. So they froze, watching me in fascinated horror as I struck out with the goad. It was of course not activated.  

The tarn didn’t know that, of course and it leapt back in terror, totally afraid of the goad. I struck out, the boy in me giggling as I missed his beak, moving forwards towards the Tarn. Again I struck out and again the Tarn evaded the goad, causing a small cry of fear to emanate from the lips of my mother. My father had picked up one of the other goads by this time and was activating it as he began to move forwards. Before he could intervene, however, I apparently threw away the tarn goad and ran to the Tarn as it skittered across the floor from both of us. The Tarn was apparently too startled at this action to take any notice of the little boy who suddenly wrapped his arms around his neck shouting ‘Tarnie, Tarnie..’, he did, however, react to my father. The wings snapped out and the beak opened with the head dropping as he approached. I was apparently cooing into his ear whispering the word ‘Tarnie’ over and over as my father approached. He stopped as he realized the bird wasn’t moving from the stance it had taken, but was apparently listening to me, though keeping a wary eye on the goad he was carrying. Still, it was apparent that the bird wasn’t trying to harm me or attack me. My father was a great Tarnsman of skill and repute and he recognized something special was taking place. Lowering the goad, he stepped backwards, still keeping an eye on the bird as he did. My mother came to him and begged softly for him to intervene, wanting her son back and away from the Tarn. My father looked down at his companion and whispered to her that her son would live or die and would either master the Tarn, or die beneath his talons and beak. ‘That’, he said, ‘is the way all those born to the saddle will be tested’  

At that, my mother turned her face to the shoulder of my father and wept. My arms were still wrapped around the neck of the Tarn, whispering still to him. The Tarn was listening to the sounds of the boy, me, clutching at his neck, hands buried deep in his feathers and small arms fastened tight around his neck. Slowly the wings relaxed and drew back to the body of the bird, the bird relaxing slightly, still keeping a wary eye on the goad my father was holding, relaxing and raising its head as he saw that my father was not moving. Becoming aware of the boy attached to his neck, the Tarn cocked his head slightly, listening to the sounds that I was speaking into his ear with my small boyish voice. My father told me, years later, that he was very impressed as the young Tarn shook his head and I clung on for what seemed like dear life! 

My father told me, that the Tarn seemed to realize that something small was definitely attached to his neck, but made no move to strike at, or remove me from his neck. In fact it was listening intently to the sounds that I was making in his ear. Again lowering its head, this time in the manner of the curious bird that was inspecting something more closely, something that it found to its liking. Suddenly it swung its head and swept me away, knocking me from my grasp of its feathers around its neck. Falling to the floor caused my mother to jump startled, again a small cry issuing from her lips, though she too realized that something about this meeting was different (my mother also told me in later years that I was far too young for one thing!). I clambered to my feet and moved towards the bird. The Tarn swung around and lowered his head at me again, this time, the beak landed with a gentle push into my chest. Again my father said, he sensed something as the bird looked at me and opened its beak, staring me. What shocked my father was the boyish chortle that escaped my lips as I apparently ran straight beneath the Tarns head and proceeded to wrap my arms around his neck again, burying my head in its feathers  as I cried out in delight!.  

My father smiled as he saw the interaction, turning to my mother and saying, ‘Tis the strangest thing, something you see so very rarely and never in the young’, looking into eyes filled with tears, he said simply, ‘they have bonded’ 

That moment in time defined who I was and the path I was to take. The Tarn was mine, having bonded to me, he could belong to no one else. Tarns were creatures that were kept deliberately wild by their keepers, so as to be more effective as fighting beasts, the only thing they were afraid of, being the goad. They rarely became attached to any one particular rider and it was not uncommon for a Tarn to tear a rider from its back and devour him. I had walked up and simply bonded with a beast that could have ripped me apart in seconds. My father saw to it that my instruction in the ways of the Warrior caste, were conducted from that moment onwards. I had shown no fear of the Tarn, had used the goad and tamed the beast, even if it had been by accident, still it was done. My life as a Tarnsman was assured. Though of course there were painful lessons to be learned along the way. Training as a warrior is hard at the best of times. Always training, always being tested, always getting hurt. Until the lessons and the training began to meld and mold the young man, the young Warrior that I was becoming. Throughout all of this I continued to see my ‘Tarnie’ as I had named him. My trainers working alongside me, taught me how to saddle and care for him, it was obvious to them that I was a natural Tarnsman, or at least that’s what they told me later. Though from the curses and shakes of the head I would get everytime I did something not to their liking, you would think I was the most stupid of all. Still, it was with great excitement and enthusiasm that I worked. Then came the day when I was told to saddle the Tarn and move to the roof of the tarn keep. I did as I was told as I had seen this happen a fair few times by this time. I was handed the whistle which I knew was his personal whistle and told to call him. I blew on the whistle three times and watched as the Tarn rose above the keep in response to that call, watched as the wings beat wide and it landed on the rooftop, watched as it settled. Watched as the Tarn screamed his defiance at the sky and all around him, Watched as it eyed me with the hunger of the wild in its eyes. ‘Time to fly’, said my trainer. 


There are two primary court systems in the cities of Gor, that of the civil government and that of the Initiate Caste. The areas of their jurisdiction are sometimes vague though the Initiates claim supreme authority in all matters. The amount of actual involvement of the Initiates in each city will vary depending on the Caste’s power in that specific city. They obviously have a stronger hold in some areas than others. For the most part, they will definitely claim jurisdiction in any religious related matter. They will ignore petty matters that they feel are beneath their worry. On Gor, white is associated with impartiality and justice. That is part of the justification for the Caste color of the Inititates. 

In a city, you are most likely to encounter the legal officials of the civil government, be it the forces of the Ubar or Administrator. Though a Ubar and Ubara possesses the power to change any law by decree, they are still subject to their own laws. If they violate a law, they cannot retroactively change it to avoid the violation. An Administrator does not have absolute power. He must work closely with the High Council of the city. 

A city will have certain buildings set aside for legal functions. There might be a Cylinder of Documents where legal and offical documents are securely kept. There may also be a Cylinder of Justice where trials and punishments are conducted. The Cylinder of Justice in Ar is topped with a large impaling spear. Many of the legal offices may also be located within the Central Cylinder. 

There are a number of legal officials who help administer and enforce the laws. As attorneys are a subcaste of the Scribes, it stands to reason that other legal officials may also be part of the Caste of Scribes. There are magistrates, judges, who wear special robes and fillets to mark their office. They also carry a wand of their office and some of those wands carry concealed blades. Merchant magistrates wear white robes, trimmed with gold and purple, and they administer and enforce Merchant law. There are several other officers that are types of magistrates such as aediles, archons, praetors, quaestors and prefects. Those terms are ancient Roman terms though their meanings have changed some on Gor. An aedile is generally an official in charge of public buildings. An archon is an official in charge of identifying the owners of lost slaves. If no owner can be found, the archon will sell them. A praetor is a high ranking magistrate. A quaestor is a financial official. Prefects act similarly to the notary publics of Earth. They certify the validity of documents and signatures with a seal. They also have the power to enact some legal enslavements, such as when a female debtor cannot pay her debts. 

Little is said about the presumptions inherent in trials on Gor. There does not appear to be any bail and a defendant seems to be imprisoned until his trial. Though a High Caste person might be simply held within a well furnished and supplied room. From the scant information in the books on trials, it seems a person is presumed innocent until found guilty. It does not seem that the accused must prove his innocence but rather that the state must prove his guilt. This is only speculation though. 

Punishments on Gor can be quite severe. Capital punishment is common for a wide variety of offenses and some of those offenses are not what many on Earth would consider serious. Impalement is a common for both free men and women. Men would be bound but women are usually just set upon the spear. It is not necessary to bind them as they can’t reach the spear or get the leverage to remove themselves. Such a fate gives people time to consider and repent their ways. Slaves though would not be impaled. They would more likely be thrown to a sleen as meat. In the northern forests, hanging and hamstringing are common punishments. Hamstrung people have the two large tendons behind each knee cut. The legs may then no longer be contracted and become basically useless. You can’t even stand erect anymore. For particularly heinous offenses, torture may precede death. The Frame of Humiliation is a unique punishment. The Frame is a hollow floating, wooden frame to which the condemned person is tied. He is then set adrift on the Vosk River. He may then died of exposure, dehydration, or be eaten by tharlarion or other carnivorous reptiles. Custom dictates that you are spit upon before being placed into the water. 

The following laws and legal principles are common in many Gorean cities. This is not an exhaustive list but only a sampling of relevant ones listed in the books. Please remember that not all of these laws will be in force in every city. Cities may also have other laws that are not listed here. Please be aware of the laws in each city you visit as ignorance of the law is not a defense. 

1. “…the laws of a city extend no further than its walls.” (Outlaw of Gor, p.50) For the most part, once you step outside the walls of your city, the city laws no longer apply and the city cannot protect you. But, many cities claim sovereignty over the lands surrounding their city. They may try to enforce their will upon the surrounding terrain. That is only as effective as the strength of the city. There are also exceptions for certain locations outside a city such as a banner keep. In that establishment, the laws of the governing city are in force. 

2. The theft of a Home Stone is punishable by extreme torture followed by death in boiling oil. It may be the most heinous crime that exists on Gor. But, it is also considered the greatest of glories to steal an enemy’s Home Stone. 

3. A person might be slain for not standing when speaking of his own Home Stone. Home Stones are vitally important to Goreans. 

4. It is illegal to take any maps of a city out of that city or for someone outside of the city to make their own map of the city. 

5. The nonperformance of the citizenship ceremony, within one year of reaching intellectual majority, is punishable by expulsion from the city. This applies only to those individuals born within the city or born to citizens of the city. There is no stated age for intellectual majority but from circumstantial evidence it appears that sixteen years old is a possibility. There might also be a requirement that some other citizens, non-blood relations, vouch for you. You may also be questioned by a committee of citizens to determine your worthiness for the city. The oath of allegiance involves the touching or kissing of the Home Stone, the swearing of oaths, and maybe the sharing of bread, fire and salt. A laurel wreath and mantle of citizenship are then conferred upon the new citizen. 

6. Retaining your citizenship is contingent upon you attending certain public ceremonies and assemblies. Citizenship is a priviliege, not a right, and thus it must be earned. You are expected to owe your allegiance to the city and work at supporting that city. 

7. Every citizen must journey, at least once, to the Sardar Mountains before they are twenty-five years old. The Initiates keep track of who goes and who doesn’t. Initiates teach that misfortunes hit a city if their youth avoid this obligation. Sometimes the Initiates ask you to go at a certain time. In some cities and islands, such as Teletus, your family will receive a gold tarn disk if you go when the Initiates ask you. 

8. Anyone who refuses to practice their livelihood or strives to alter their caste without the consent of the Ubar, Administrator or High Council is an outlaw and subject to impalement. All outlaws are forbidden entrance into the city and subject to impalement. Panther girls and talunas are considered outlaws. 

9. Caste may be legally changed. In a Free Companionship, the woman can take the Caste of the man. Otherwise to change caste, the High Council of the city must approve the change, based on your qualifications for the new caste and the willingness of the new caste to accept you. 

10. It is a capital offense for a locksmith to make an unauthorized copy of a key. 

11. A Free Companionship lasts for a single year. If it is not renewed at the end of that time, it dissolves. Slavery and death of one of the parties will serve to dissolve the Companionship early than that. A woman does not change her name in a Free Companionship. The books do not say if the contract can be willingly dissolved prior to the year end if the parties so agree. It seems likely most Goreans would simply wait out the year. 

12. Anyone who enters a city without permission is punishable by impalement. 

13. Assassins, bearing the mark of the black dagger on their forehead, are permitted entrance into a city without interference. 

14. Heralds are immune from interference by any within a city. Heralds bear a gold slash on the left temple of their helmet or headgear. Ambassadors possess this same immunity. 

15. Players, Poets, Musicians and Singers may freely enter a city. 

16. Thievery is illegal and harshly punished. The first offense is punished by an ear notching. For a second offense, the punishment depends on the sex of the offender. Males are punished by the loss of their left hand and both feet. Females are punished by enslavement. 

17. There is a method of dispute resolution called the “rite of knives.” Unfortunately, there is little information on its application. It is essentially a fight to the death and is used in place of a trial. The fight may be just with daggers. As it is called a “rite”, it may not have any true legal effect but may instead be an ancient custom. This might even be a part of the Warrior Code. 

18. To claim land outside of a city for your own, you must place a yellow stake of claimancy into the ground during the morning. You must then wait and protect that land until sunset. At that time then, the land becomes yours and you may lay your Home Stone there. 

19. Merchant Law is the only common legal arrangement that exists between different cities. Gorean cities are fiercely independent. The Sardar Fairs help to standardize Merchant Law. Merchant magistrates help administer and enforce this law. 

20. Patents and copyrights are available in a city but their power extends only as far as the city walls. 

21. Forgery of a city seal on products is illegal. 

22. Each city commonly holds a Merchant’s Foot and Stone in the Chamber of the Council and are available for Merchants to verify their own personal measuring devices. Any Merchant found to be using a deceptive Foot or Stone will be punished. 

23. Crests, signs and family emblems can be registered and their use legally restricted. 

24. Women in the Physician’s Caste cannot practice medicine until they have first bore two children. In many cities, at age fifteen, women place two bracelets on their left wrist. One is removed for each child that is born. 

25. Robes of concealment and veils may or may not be required by law for free women. In some cities, it is only custom while in others it is actual law. Even where it is only custom, it is strongly recommended that all free women wear robes and veils in public. 

26. Face stripping a free woman, forcefully removing her veils, is a serious crime. 

27. Weapons are not permitted within a Temple. 

28. Shaving or slicing off metal from any coin is considered to be theft and fraud. This debases the value of the coin. 

Slavery Laws 

29. By law, the Slavers’ Caste is a subcaste of the Merchants’ Caste. The Slavers though like to consider themselves a separate Caste. 

30. Slaves are considered property, on the same level as animals. Their owner may do anything they wish to them without repercussion. An owner can even kill his own slave with impunity. 

31. Slaves may not own anything, including a name. Even though they may use goods, they do not own them. 

32. No Player, Musician, Poet or Singer Caste member may be enslaved within a city limits. Of course, they can still be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed. They are simply immune from enslavement. 

33. It is illegal for slaves to play Kaissa. It is considered an insult to free men, not only for a slave to play but even to touch the pieces. 

34. In any legal proceedings, the testimony of slaves may be taken by torture. This is solely in the discretion of the courts. 

35. The property of one who becomes a slave is transferred to the nearest male relative or the nearest relative if no male exists, or to the city, or a guardian. Even if the slave is later freed, the property cannot ever be recovered. 

36. If a slave owner dies, his slaves pass to his heirs or if he has no heirs, to the state. 

37. Capture rights pertain to all property, including slaves. Active possession of a slave is regarded as crucial by the law. A slave must fully serve anyone who possesses her, even a thief. If the slave runs away from the thief, she is considered to be a runaway. Free women are permitted to escape from a captor as long as they have not yet been enslaved. The point of this law is to keep slaves in bondage and to make men bold. The institution of capture is honored by all cities, provided the females captured are those of an enemy. 

38. If a lost, stolen or runaway slave is taken by another person, the original master has only one week to regain his property before legal title passes to the new master. The slave remains the property of the original master only for that one week if he does not regain possession. 

39. For a slave to runaway from her owner is a serious offense. For the first offense, the penalty is commonly a severe beating. But she is only allowed that single mistake. The penalty for a second offense is usually ham stringing. 

40. A free woman can sell herself into slavery. But, once completed, she cannot then revoke it. 

41. If a free woman submits to be a slave to a specific man, and that man refuses the offer, she still shall become a slave, subject to capture by the first person to collar her. 

42. Slaves are not permitted outside the city gates unless accompanied by a free person. 

43. It is a capital offense for a slave to wield any weapon. 

44. It is a capital offense for a slave to claim caste. 

45. It is a capital offense for a female slave to wear the garment of a free woman. 

46. It is illegal for a slave to wear veils. 

47. A child, born of a slave, becomes a slave and belongs to the mother’s owner. 

48. Any free woman who couches with another’s slave or even prepares to do so, becomes a slave herself and becomes the slave of the male slave’s master. This is known as the “couching law.” 

49. Slaves are not allowed in temples. It is felt that they would defile it. 

50. If a father cannot pay his debts, his daughter becomes a slave of the state. She will be put up for sale at public auction. The proceeds of her sale will be used to equitably satisfy the creditors. 

51. A free woman who cannot pay her debts will be enslaved. Under the redemption laws, a man can pay her debts and thus will now own her. If no one redeems her within a certain period, she will be sold to slavers. 

52. Earth girls do not have a Home Stone so there are no legalities that prevent their capture and enslavement. 

53. A slave, on threat of torture and impalement, must endure whatever abuse a free person cares to inflict on him. 

54. Any free person may discipline an insolent or errant slave, even one who is in the least bit displeasing. If the slave is killed or injured, the free person need only pay compensation to the master and only if the master requests such compensation. 

55. The crime of false yielding is a capital offense. It is easy to detect, through infallible physiological signs. 

56. If a slave strikes a free person, the penalty is commonly death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture. 

57. Freed slaves require explicit papers of manumission or they may be enslaved again without repercussion. Slaves who have been branded or had theirs ears pierced and later freed should definitely keep their papers handy at all times. 

58. The principle of “conduct indicating suitability for the collar” deals with conduct by a free woman sufficient to warrant her reduction to slavery. It is commonly applied to fraud, theft, indigency, vagrancy, prostitution, and indulgence in sensuous dance. Other behavior which might trigger the principles includes attempting to spy on masters and slaves, disguising oneself as a slave, garbing oneself as a slave even in the supposed secrecy of one’s own compartment, baring too much flesh, lingering about slave shelves and markets, and even exhibiting an interest in or fascination with bondage. The principle deals with overt behavior and not thoughts. Judges must decide if such behavior is sufficient to warrant a reduction to slavery. It is illegal for someone on their own to collar a free woman for this conduct without seeking legal action. 

59. There is no law that states a man may enslave a free woman of his Home Stone because she has insulted or disrespected him. 

60. Female slaves must wear a visible token of their slavery within the city limits. Male slaves are exempt from this law. It is not good for male slaves to understand their true numbers. 

61. When a person is collared, it cancels their past. They begin a new life as a slave and may not be held accountable for any crimes that occurred while they were free. 

62. It is illegal to sell a slave that is not your own, without the owner’s permission. The penalty varies according to the sex of the seller. For a man, it is exile, and for a woman, it is enslavement. 

63. It is illegal to offer an unbranded slave in a public sale. 

64. By recommendation of Merchant Law, there are three standard marking places for brands, on the left thigh, right thigh, and lower left abdomen. 

65. In some cities, a free woman that kneels before a man or addresses him as Master effects legal imbondment on herself. It is interpreted as a gesture of submission 

66. It is illegal to sell a slave as auburn haired if she is truly not so. 

67. It is a felony to forge or falsify pedigree papers on any slave. 

68. A certification of a slave girl’s heat may be given in certain cities. Her degree of heat will be listed on the sale documents. It is done in few cities though because of the potential for fraud on the part of the buyer. A buyer might use a girl for a month and then seek a refund based on the guarantee of her level of heat. 

69. Slaves are not allowed to build anything. That right is reserved for free people only. 

70. It is illegal for slaves to touch or handle legal documents. 

71. Slaves may not teach free people. By teaching someone, they are placed in your debt and nothing can be owed to a slave. 

72. A free woman may do a form of limited self-contracting where she legally becomes a slave for a specific time period, commonly ranging from one night to one year. She cannot end this contract earlier than the specified time period. Once the contract takes effect, she becomes a slave with no legal powers at all. This curious contractual arrangement is not described in great detail. It raises numerous legal dilemmas that can only be speculated about. The books do not state that the contract covers any contigencies or limits the slavery in any way. The woman becomes an actual slave. That would seem to mean she could be freely killed. What would happen is she was sold? Does the contract prevent that? Would the time period still apply if she was sold? What would happen if she was stolen? This passage seems to raise far more questions than it answers. 

74. If a slave fails to kneel in the presence of a free person, it can be a capital offense, especially if the slave intentionally fails to do so. In that case, the slave may be tortured to death…. 


Here i will count you a story i heard from a kajira mine, a very deep story. 

Once there was a kajira who was so lazy she hardly ever did any work. She left her chores for her chain sisters to do and spent all her time sitting by a window watching the people walking around the market in the square outside. Sometimes she would decide to do some simple chore, and as luck would have it that was the moment that her Master would walk into the room. It seemed that the girl had a charmed life, for when her Master came home her two sisters would be taking a short rest from their labours and the lazy kajira would be the only one who seemed to be working. The Master would chastise the two kajirae for letting the lazy girl do all the work. It was not their place to argue so they accepted their reprimand in silence, but they began to hate their lazy sister. 

It seemed that the lazy girl got away with anything; she became the Master’s favourite because he was sure she was the only one of his girls who worked hard around his house. But because she was so lazy, she never learnt anything; she never practiced her serves because the Master made the other two do it as he thought they had been doing nothing all day; she never learnt to cook because she was too lazy and let her sisters do it all; she never even knew where things were stored in the house because she never tidied them away. She thought she was clever to get away with doing so little, but she was foolish and her sisters knew that one day she would be caught out. They longer for that day as they believed they were treated unfairly. Sure enough the day came. 

One day their Master came home and as usual the lazy kajira was working and her sisters were sitting in the kitchen discussing what they needed to buy from the butcher. The Master called them all together and told them that he had lost some money in a gambling debt and had to sell two of them so he could pay off what he owed. He picked the two hard-working kajirae because he thought them the lazy ones. 

The following morning he took the two girls to the slave auction and put them up for sale. They brought a good price and their new Masters were very pleased with them. The Master paid off his debt and came home that evening with a small profit which he was quite happy about. The moment he entered the house he knew something was a miss. There was no smell of cooking coming from the kitchen, and the lounge was still as he had left it that morning, the fire was out and his empty blackwine mug was left on the table. 

He went into the kitchen to look for the girl. It was empty and the dishes were still dirty and unwashed. The oven was out and the firewood basket was empty. He began to get worried, thinking something dreadful had happened to his kajira. He searched the house franticly, rushing from room to room. Each room he entered had not been tidied or dusted. All the fires in the house were out and no firewood had been brought in for them. At last he found the girl, lying on a pile of cushions in his bedroom, her back toward him, facing the wide window. He rushed over to her, thinking she was ill. But when he reached her he realised she had fallen asleep while watching the hustle and bustle in the square below. 

He shook her awake and asked her if she was ill. But he knew at once what had happened, she had been too lazy to do anything all day long. Now he realised the truth, it was the other kajirae who had done all the work. He had been fooled. He took the girl by the wrist and dragged her to the kitchen, where she curled up on the floor. He took off his belt and for the first time thrashed her soundly. Then he ordered her to clean the kitchen, bring in the wood and light all the fires, and then clean the whole house from top to bottom. He stormed out and went to the nearby tavern to get a good meal. 

When he returned late that night, he found the house in hardly any better state. The girl had done almost nothing. He was so angry that he shouted for the kajira to come to him. She hurried in and knelt meekly before him. There was no doubt she was a beautiful girl, but he was in no mood to appreciate her looks. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her outside into the woodshed and placed a noose about her neck. He bound her hands and tied her to a post. He left her there, in the dirt, the cold and the rain all night long. 

The next morning her led her to the auctions and sold her. Instead he bought a new kajira, and this one was hard-working and by the end of the hand, the Master had a clean house and a good meal to come home to every day. As for the lazy kajira, she was bought and sold many times; bought for her beauty, but sold because of her laziness

© Gazette of Gor


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