The Gazette of Gor – Issue 44



  • Editorial by گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato)
  • .  The Village of Solveig
  • PORT SAINT ESPIRIT Travelogue #8 3/19
  • Die Huntress
  • The Port of Cardonicus
  •   Linguistic discrimination
  • Calendar of Gor  by sonia .
  • Target earth (story of a physician of Gor)

Editorial by  گổηΐã (emmanuella.checchinato)

 Greetings loyal readers …..

This week we start our timeless journey by visiting the Village of Solveig, Freya Kilborn will offer you a taste and you may have the urge to go visit this village after reading the article …

Then Selvi will share an of her many travel … This week she will pose her bags for you to visit the Port St Esprit ….

Sabrijna while your mind will give you the stars reading one of her poems, this one is written in German language, the poetry of words would not have been the same one he had been translated … .

After this slight interlude we offer you a stopover on the Port of Cardonicus, Lady Asa Darbyrd concoct a complete and detailed description of this pretty port ….

Mariko tell you about discrémination different languages and for why people do not speak fluent English it’s often difficult to get action with others on Gor

You looking for a date, a fair or festival? this article is for you, you will find all dates of fairs and festival on the Calendar of Gor

Finally, Target earth tells you the story of a fallen physician…..

I wish you good reading……….      گổηΐã

The Village of Solveig – Interview with Freya Kilborn

By Mariko Marchant 

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Freya thank you for having me in the Village of Solveig.

Please tell me someting about this village

–    Freya0101010: Tal Mariko nice to see you. We started as a family in Dijan cove and more around a few and ended in the semi empty village and saw a bright future for it.

  • Mariko Marchant: And what is the future you see?

–    Freya0101010: A family that reach out in all of gor that will enhance roleplay instead of hinder. It should make gor even better then it is. We will be having raids but will also have a nice safe area for just roleplay.  Our tavern and fish shop  where you can play  without the worry of being force collared or captured. Also there can be open sex in the tavern as well.  Grins. In the fish shop you can by fish and do some trading as well.

  • Mariko Marchant: So roleplay and combat?

–    Freya0101010: Yes, the best of both worlds.

  • Mariko Marchant: I  hear there is also a library with books about gor, is that correct?

–    Freya0101010: Yes, that is correct we support new people to gor and want to help to find their way into gor. We also have two physicians that take care of the clinic in the village.

We have a first axe that take care of the warriors in our group. She trains them and help them settle down in our village.

  • Mariko Marchant: The village is on Whispering Moons, you are the one who is charge of the village?

–    Freya0101010: I am co owner of the village with Elrik. We want our group to grow.

  • Mariko Marchant: Why should people join this group?

–    Freya0101010: I feel if you are the type of person that love a good roleplay then you should join and if your a person that loves a good fight then you should join as well.  And of course  if you love both. We are a starting group on a very active sim is  and the tavern is  pretty active since many all over gor come to roleplay. Gor is for all to enjoy so lets enjoy it together.

  • Mariko Marchant: Who can join?

–    Freya0101010: All can join who  just have a desire to have fun and respect your fellow members. We are just one big family after all.

  • Mariko Marchant: So in the village all kind of people live together like Outlaws, panthers, slaves, etc? That is very unique in gor. I take the village is GE because it it based on a GE sim  Whispering Moons with some nice facilities like an arena.

Freya0101010: It is indeed.

  • Mariko Marchant: Is there something you would like to add to this interview?

–    Freya0101010: All I truly want from my group is a place where all can enjoy and feel safe. Where we all will work together to make gor a funnier place to be and a place you can call home.

  • Mariko Marchant: I can recommend the readers to visit this village with its lively tavern and tavern keepers who know how to run a tavern. Thank you for this interview Freya

–    cFreya0101010: No thank you Mariko

If you are interested in this group please contact Freya Kilborn or danniegirl Ghost. Both beginners and experienced gor players are very welcome.

 Selvi’s Travelogue

Series # 8


Names to contact

—  Mingiardundup Oyen– Ubar of the City

— Betty Mesmeriser–Ubar’s first girl

“We have a dream and this is just the beginning.”

—- First Girl of the Ubar

*Port Saint Esprit, magnificent and simple new city with gardens, merchants, a beautiful and cozy tavern and bakery, an arena, and even a theater reminiscent of the great days of Rome. It is built on a 1/4 sim of a full sim,so the possibility of raids with a normal ratio are in its future.A peaceful city, devoted to trade, to culture, and good relationships with other Gorean cities.We are well-defended with large and solid high walls, so the fighting spirit is not ignored.

*It is with great joy I bring to the reader’s attention another new Gor sim. It is BTB and they are seeking roleplayers for all castes and all kinds of roles!

–Commander for the Scarlet Caste, a second sword, a Head slaver and slavers, Head Scribe, Magistrate kajirae, City slaves, kajirus, warriors, Merchants, blacksmiths, master, dockmaster, seamstress, perfumer and a sundry of other roles you think a city would need!

*The more I talked while kneeling at the Ubar’s feet, I quickly learned why the city was named thus, The Ubar like many of us has a dream. He wished to express his dream in the newly founded city by incorporating the name “Espirit”. He is a healer and a spiritual searcher, and in this slave scribe’s mind, that is indeed very fitting. His goal is to grow a Gorean city that is united and its citizens closer than friends, a big Gorean family where there is love, honor and respect.

*They have no rental  fee homes for all inhabitants who are active and respect the laws and rules of the city, enhancing the atmosphere and bringing this Gorean city to life.

* As I talked to the Ubar and his first girl, I quickly learned that they have 9 free apartments and 2 farm cottages, every one can rez 20 prims each also slaves, and we can help with furnishing

* The Ubar and his first Girl urges all to come visit the newly reopened Port Saint Esprit! Governed by strictly BTB.

*In this humble roaming slave scribe’s mind, a rare chance to witness a newly city come into being, and being able to talk to its creators/builders is truly heart-warming. Until next edition, I wish happy adventuring to all!!!!

Die Huntress

Von Sabrjina

So schön das Leben im Walde auch ist

Vergiss nie in welcher Gefahr Du hier bist.

Drinnen lauern der Tarsk und der Larl

draussen steht der grimmige Jarl.

Hör zu wenn die Stimmen des Waldes mit Dir sprechen

und versuche nie seine Gesetze zu brechen.

Beweg Dich stets leise und unsichtbar

Beobachte und erkenne die Gefahr.

Doch bedenke im Moment der Gefahr

bist Du alleine denn Hilfe ist rar.

Der beste Freund Pfeil und Bogen Dir sind

Sie treffen gut und schnell sie sind.

 The Port of Cardonicus

By  Lady Asa Darkbyrd

As I was searching for something else I happened upon this wonderful city called the Port of Cardonicus, I paused on the ship pondering over the rustic views of the city and how nice it was, so very clean and picturesque all nestled beyond the port the water crashing around it, there while standing and pondering I was greeted by several of the people of the city they were genuinely kind and wonderful people, I decided to interview them as it seemed such a pleasant place.

Let’s sit in on the interview:

Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin) begins to write something and nods listening to the various conversations she glanced up to the Lady Nightwolf “So how long has the Port of Cardonicus been thriving for?”

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf (magenta2nightwolf) Mags would then look to Lady Darkbyrd.  Her head tilted to the side once again. as she responded. “Hmm Let me see…We rebuilt over a few months least that is when most was completed. There is still much to do and the city is evolving and growing into something I hope will be a delight for all who come here..Those that live here and those that wish to come for trade and adventure.” Mags would smile softly as she looked to the others to add anything.

Kulmatra: I can add is that sense i have been here, plus the first  day I was here, the feeling of family  warmed  over me,  a very welcoming community, helpful and  makes myself and those  to join in to help out as a community, as for family,  no different than  nay other, family .. smiles

Aarashi: I wish our admin could be here for this interview , that said I would say that we offer a chance for people to bring their ideals for role play be it city to city or that of character growth as well as a place people can join a caste and have more chance to grow as we are new and do need positions filled . slaves would not be ignored here as we need them and the beauty they grace us with even in a serve there is something here for all

Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin) smiles listening and nods “I would agree with you on that” she looks to Hoshi “Would you like to add anything to this, girl?”

Hoshi Tamura: Mistress girl is kajira. So not sure girls opinions count. if it were girls place to decide girl would have her Mistress and the rest of the chain here on the next boat.

Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin) makes notes of this as she goes along and smiles “What qualities would you like to say sets Cardoncius apart from other cities, that would make it tempting to settle down here?”

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf  would chuckle. “It is the love of the people and the city though we do have wealth to add as well…We have our own mines. Though they need to be worked. We have a farm as well…It produces all we need from livestock to crops. We grow trees for lumber used in our G&S Carpentry for one who can build the furniture and what have you. The mines produce ore for the smithy also G&S. There is a brewery G&S and fine wines and Ka-la-na. We have a large kitchen and also make our own cheese. We also have a place where slaves can work The G&S textiles into rugs and wall hangings. This is just to name a few things of what we offer.”

Asa Inger Darkbyrd nods “So you’re saying basically that the sim offers interactive role play with the g&s system?” she asks curiously.

Aarashi: We are a port city and you may notice many cultures here where in other cities you may only see one or two at the most. Hopefully people feel they are welcome and their efforts to role play here is not just welcome but appreciated . As you can see by kul’s behavior though a slave might be punished if bad they are well treated here . Here you can see that everyone plays an important role is not so much a title but what you bring to the city itself . You see be it a fisher man that supplies food or the ubar himself all play an important role to making this city so special what is great is that the owners and leaders see that and know it takes many to make a city not just one . The city is only as great as it’s weakest member that should say a lot . our slaves to free are very important here not just said but felt in the hearts of us all , Tal soc And I wish to say though we can not always see much goes into making a city special even in ooc and we appreciate our owners and their efforts.

Aarashi: in all cities would spend at least half their time in ic rp ready to role play I personally believe the growth in gor would shoot to the sky we are a new city but we are here wanting the role play wanting to show the beauty to any that takes a moment to look that which is gor . That which is Cardonicus the people are the heart the very breath of life breathed sometimes felt with a simple word of welcome . Which is why i welcomed you all in ooc it honestly is that important to us all that you feel the heart of our city.

Dee listened quietly, dee smiled to hear the pride in which the residents took to the city in which they lived. it sounded like all participated in one way or another to the cities growth. being a slave dee of course wondered about things that might not be so important, like the availability of men, location of the tavern and whether or not the warriors enough to protect against raiders.

Kulmatra: Evreyone here, said everything I can not add to it , Just the city is btb, and good rp  here,  we  look forward to be a  learning city.

Hoshi Tamura: Mistress Girl started SL Gor 10 years ago in Iaomai. Has seen many many cities. Has lived in many and is asked to join many. In 10 years. girl finds this one to be one of the ones in the top 10 that girl has experienced. the people, the setting the feeling of family all mesh to make it pleasing, fun and a learning experience. like many cities in gor now BDSM tactics are used. brutality is used. girl is old school we had none of that. kajira had brains and beauty and were required to use both. In girls opinion. people will find no better place than here. We were trained not weekly or every other week we trained daily. That and this city are what gor was. and we are growing.

Asa Inger Darkbyrd smiles and looks at Hoshi “I find it very interesting as to what you have said, I agree it somehow has become twisted where the bonds are concerned, more so where the thralls are also” she nodded “I’ve even seen the awful abuse of panthers who have now simply turned to raiding each others own camps not having much of anything to do with the men that come to poach them, so that is an interesting point you’ve brought up and I’m glad to see that you’ve pointed out that this place can give you a bit of peace in the matter ” she smiled “Learning is important in a city as I’ve noticed a lot of cities now simply sit and drink at tea houses, inns, cafes and long halls, there really is no interaction on a rp basis much anymore, how do you all feel aside from the stuff you mentioned Lady Knightwolf, that you could bring about a change to this and give people a purpose to feel they are important and contribute to the society here in Cardonicus?”

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf  When I built this sim…I wanted to bring back old Gor…The way it used to be…fun…exciting…I want the old way of doing things again…and I want my people to feel as my family as in my heart they are…All work so Hard everyday to build this sim…to realize that dream and make it a reality…those who have been here a short time and those who are here now…all contributed with their time and energy to do their very best to make this a great city to be…and a great family as well as a great place to come and explore rp with us.”

Asa Inger Darkbyrd: I think you have done a very lovely job with your place from what I’ve seen so far ‘she smiles’  the feeling of family and belonging is very important in my opinion and the old Gor is greatly missed I assure you ‘she nods’

Socuya: I have not been here nearly as long as hoshi, but I came because she said it was beautiful, and that my Behemoth and I could find a home here. I have only been in gor for 6 years, and I agree with what hoshi said, there is no way to put it differently. But I can say, that in my time here, everyone has been so accepting, and so kind. There have been places that my Behemoth and I have gone too, where he would leave outright, because they did not like the way I am. Would tell him that he should put me down as I am too dangerous to be around the peoples. I have heard nothing like that from anyone here. I am reminded why I remained in gor when I first came, while I am here. Other places, yes they may be beautiful, but the people are not. Here, I think not only is the land beautiful, but so are the people

Asa Inger Darkbyrd smiles taking notes of this “So may I be so bold to ask, what is a Behemoth, because if I don’t know I’m sure there are those readers that would not know either, so can you give me a summarized version of what that is?”

Hoshi Tamura: A grumpy old Tuchuck Master than is soft hearted and tries his best to hide it.

Socuya: It is what I call my owner

Kulmatra: tries not to laugh

Hoshi Tamura: Kajira wish to be guided. taught, shown. not beat and mistreated on a whim Mistress. here we have that. they are BTB we follow that. but they are tolerant and they prove that a little kindness and showing pride in a girls hard work only make the kajira work that Much harder to please

Aarashi: You saw the man that entered , his dress may have thrown all , but as kul said we also hope to be a learning place and as you saw he tries so very hard , we all bring something to the plate , with him he is a excuse my language a damn good para role player his knowledge of btb gor is young but growing slowly what we do not do is turn him away as some might , why ? because he does want to rp and he is trying if we want old gor to come back we have to help others learn and not be some fast to condemn or say you have to be this high level before we will even say tal to you he is a nice man ooc and great para when you look at him I hope that is what he leaves in all your minds.

Asa Inger Darkbyrd: Very well said Lady ‘she smiles’ yes there are those who are new to Gor we all had to start out somewhere, I came to Gor over three years ago started out in Kalana Fjord where Blaze and his girl treated me with great kindness and taught me what gor was of course I was told to read the books to understand it more but I love Gor it’s been rough at times and my girls know my frustrations ‘she laughs’ but there has to be a change somewhere and it’s refreshing to see that it can be seen and understood here.

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf  would smile…”As do I.” winks at Hoshi. “The girls are a gift as I see them…They are property yes…but they are so much more. Why punish if they are trying their best. They serve with fire because of their love…It is hard to love one who only finds fault and beats you constantly. Smiles…I honestly do not wish to see Gor die…I love the people here I have met over the years and all have found a special place in my heart. I want old scholl…with a new twist…G&S enhanced rp…Perhaps if raided no cams used…just eyeball to eyeball…so we have it in our rules…lets add some realism. let us play this as it was meant to be played…true to our characters roles…and when it comes time…ooc parties…dances and events.

Asa Inger Darkbyrd: So I do have a question then ‘she looks to each of them’ I’m not truly sure if your sim has opened yet for business but what is your rules concerning free women, as I have noticed the Lady Aarashi has her hair down which could be considered the hair of a Kajira and I’ve noticed that Lady Knightwolf you do not wear a veil, so as a btb sim who wishes to go old gorean style what do you consider the rules in these matters, as if any free woman who wishes to come to be a part of this place what dress code standard would you have in place for them?

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf: We are just below the Northern Forest here..Although we are south and have mostly south rules and manners…We still are close enough to the North to have a few of their customs too. We have trade agreements with some and want them to feel comfortable and welcome when they come here to trade.

Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf: smiles…”There is no offense taken…I generally do wear a veil but I lost it.” We are flexible here..but we do want to keep it as close as possible to the books as we can.

Asa Inger Darkbyrd (xouxanchin) smiles once more “I think your city is quite marvelous here in Port Cardonicus, and that anyone who chose to make this their home would be more then lucky to enjoy the pleasantries of it’s people”

Well as the conversation went on it was stated by the Lady Nightwolf that they are looking for people to fill all roles in the city of Caronicus, to even include an Ubar.  I was given a tour of the place and it is so well set up, the thoughtfulness that went into the building of this sim is incredible, trust me no one will ever feel poor in this village, the place for the scribes, the greens, reds, anyone and everyone who comes to call this place home will not miss any comfort what so ever, they have everything well thought out, and the thing that I’ve seen that makes this village very nice and unique is the whole system of rp is based around g&s, I had not understood to what extent till I saw everything, you will not ever feel as though you have nothing to do in Cardonicus, they have a sand pit on the pier which I had noticed the slaves getting their dancing lessons, the tavern was magnificent by any standard and to even the plush alcoves where men can enjoy the pleasures of the slaves. Their CTF arena is magnificent and huge to support large group activities.  Conclusion is if you’re looking for a home from as stated slave to ubar I think you will find Cardonicus a great place to call home, you will be thusly welcomed and happy.

 Linguistic discrimination in Gor on Second Life.

By Mariko Marchant

People who do not speak English well are sometimes confronted with the fact that others refuse to roleplay with them or keep the roleplay very brief. Also you can read in profiles some will not roleplay if a translator is used. Loony of the Sa’ Jesuil tribe experienced this and tells about it in the following interview.

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Loony welcome to the Gazette Office.

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Thank you.

  • Mariko Marchant: You told me you have sometimes problems with the language in Gor. What did you mean by that?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea, that people refused other what dont speak english.

  • Mariko Marchant: They refuses to roleplay with you  because you use a translator?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea or when I use short lines because is hard speak english for me.

  • [Mariko Marchant: You language is?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Slovakian and not good speak english but I speak is hard for me still.

  • Mariko Marchant: So if you want to roleplay some end it because of you are not speaking English well. Does that happen often?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir):  For me often keep me short and sail home.

  • Mariko Marchant: And what about using a translator?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Ii know answer english but i dont understand questions what other speak on me so I use translator.

  • Mariko Marchant: Why do you not use a translator for your answers?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): W hen people see translator so refused.

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes I see often in profiles: No translators.

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea I was with people and lot times refused me.

  • Mariko Marchant: Do you know more people in Gor who has this problem?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Lot peoples what use translator.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are many having this problem?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea lot people have.

  • Mariko Marchant: You are Sa’ jesuil right?

đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Yea.

  • Mariko Marchant: Do you have problems with language in your tribe too?

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir):  In my tribe not,  but out of my land, some outlaws etc.. In my tribe was help me.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you loony for this interview.

( Mariko Marchant: (you there?)  đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): i am here)

–    đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): Youre welcome.

( đą ℓσσɳч™   (suki.deir): i was search words)

(Mariko Marchant: smiles)

As you can see the English of Loony is not perfect, but it is perfectly understandable. So why not roleplay with people in Gor who don’t speak English well?  Maybe we need some patience but what is wrong with that? Also why are so many people against the use of translators, I ask myself.

I am looking forward to reading your comments on this article.

Editorial comment from Marlies Dasmijn

So yeah, RP and translators. Not had many happy results role  playing with translators.
So, some time ago I was on this German speaking sim and I had a shoot out with this guy and well….I won ;D
Now… he went down in a bubble. I was like, yeah I will RP with him. Not many like to RP translators, but I gave it a chance. It was tough and I understood less then half because he had a terrible translator. I profile picked him and everything in his picks was in German. So I was like, I can just about read German and his limits are Gorean so I should be OK.

Marlies shrugged at the man’s words. It wasn’t a good reason to attack her even if she was a panther girl. She placed her left leather boot on the man’s legs and with her sleen blade she cut some into the man’s flesh though would attempt to avoid any important muscles that he needed to walk with. She would cut him just enough to slow him down. She moved the blade away when she was finished “This will slow you down” she said
A German guy: verdreht das gesicht als er den schnitt spürt ,,,, besser du tötest mich direkt weib ,,keucht er hervor ..
A German guy: / Me turns the face as he cut the tracks,,,, better you kill me straight female, he gasps out ..
A German guy: besser du slut ersäufst dich selber ..bevor es meine freunde machen , wenn sie von dieser tat hören ,,du bist es nicht wert zu leben ,,,du stück dreckt faucht sie
A German guy: you better listen .. slut drown yourself before making my friends, if they did this, you’re not worth living, you dreckt piece she hisses
A German guy: spürt wie langsam seine lebens geister schwinden ,,da sich keiner um seine wunden ,,das blut rinnt aus der wunde ,,ihm wird schwarz vor augen
A German guy: / Me feels like its slowly dwindling life, ghosts, because none of his wounds, the blood oozing from the wound, it becomes black eye before ..

What!!!  he fades out on me  😦  and his reason in my IM????

A German guy: keine permanente verstümmelung
A German guy: no permanent mutilation
A German guy: du hat meine rule missachtet
A German guy: You have violated my rule


The Gorean Year

The start of the Gorean year coincides with Earth’s Vernal Equinox (approx. 3/21), and continues for 12 months. Each month consists of 5 weeks, called ‘Hands’, and each Hand consists of 5 days. Between each month is an additional 5-day Hand which is called the ‘Passage Hand’. At the end of the year, between the 12th Passage Hand and the 1st Hand of En’Kara, is an additional 5-day hand called ‘The Waiting Hand’. Every 4th year is a leap year, marked by 1 additional day between The Waiting Hand and the 1st Hand of En’Kara.

Dates colored in yellow indicate Festival Days, or the beginning of a Festival Period. Dates shown shaded are the Earth equivalent to the Gorean date. Months are in Brown, click them to view the Festivals for those Months.

Gorean Festivals

The Month of En’Kara  (the First Turning)

  1. New Year: During non-leap years, the first day of the first hand of En’Kara marks the start of the Gorean New Year for many northern Gorean cities. This day coincides with Earth’s Vernal equinox, the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator heading north.  The festival celebrates the end of the austere Waiting Hand; doors are painted green, and the city-wide celebration continues for two full hands (10 days).  The Turian’s celebrate their New Year during En’Var, and the Wagon People celebrate theirs during Se’Var.
  2. The Fair of En’Kara:  One of the four Sardar Fairs, which coincide with the solstices and equinoxes of Earth, the Fair of En’Kara begins on the Vernal Equinox.  These huge trade fairs, held at the foot of the Sardar Mountain range, typically last two full hands (10 days), plus at least that long to set up and break down.  Each young person for Gor is expected to make a pilgrimage to the Sardar Mountains before they reach their 25th birthday.
  3. The Return to Turia:  The last day of the Second Hand of En’Kara is traditionally the day that marks the beginning of The Season of Little Grass for the Wagon Peoples.  Shortly after this date they begin the long trek from their winter pastures back to Turia.

Hand 2. The Planting Feast of Sa-Tarna:  This festival , celebrated by most Gorean cities, occurs during the First Passage Hand and is believed to ensure a plentiful harvest for the year ahead.  The festival typically lasts for 3 days with numerous rituals performed by members of the caste of Initiates as well as members of each of the five high castes. Most of these rituals consist of sacrifices or prayers to the Priest Kings conducted in the presence of the city’s Home Stone.  On the final evening of the feast, the Home Stone is placed beneath the open sky atop the tallest cylinder in the city and sprinkled with sa-tarna grain and ka-la-na wine by a dignitary such as the Administrator, the Ubar, or a member of the ruling family.

The Month of Hesius  (Ar)

Hand 1. The Games of Love War:  During the Second Passage Hand, the Wagon Peoples compete against the Warriors of Turia on the Plain of Stakes, participating in various challenges and ceremonial combats to exchange freewomen for slaves.

The Month of Camerius  (Ar)  or Selnar   (Ko-Ro-Ba)

  1. Taking of the Omens: The Wagon Peoples consider every 10th year to be an ‘Omen Year’, a time when they halt their annual trek past Turia and hold ceremonies to divine Omens regarding the future of the tribes and the safety of the bosk. There is no set date for these ceremonies, but they typically occur in late spring during the month of Camerius.  The last omen year was the Earth equivalent 1999.

The Month of En’Var  (The First Resting)

  1. Turian New Year:  The people of Turia and certain other southern regions of Gor celebrate their New Year on the day of the Summer Solstice, during the First Hand of En’Var (approximately June 21st in Earth terms).  As with the northern New Year celebrated during En’Kara, the celebration lasts for two full Hands (10 days).
  2. The Fair of En’Var:  One of the four Sardar Fairs, which coincide with the solstices and equinoxes of Earth, the Fair of En’Var begins on the Summer Solstice, during the First Hand of En’Var.  These huge trade fairs, held at the foot of the Sardar Mountain range, typically last two full hands (10 days), plus at least that long to set up and break down.  Each young person for Gor is expected to make a pilgrimage to the Sardar Mountains before they reach their 25th birthday.

The Month of Daluni

  1. Ar Kajuralia (The Festival of Slaves) :  This festival is celebrated during the Twelfth Passage Hand over most of Gor, but is celebrated on the last day of the Fifth Month in the city of Ar, the day before the Love Feast. On this day slaves may take liberties which are otherwise not permitted, including the drinking of wine and liquor, the freedom to roam at will, the freedom to choose their own sexual partners (including other slaves), temporary suspension of all work and duties, and even the opportunity to play minor tricks and practical jokes upon Freepersons.   After the 20th Ahn (the equivalent of midnight) they are expected to be back in their quarters to resume their usual services. Slaves who attempt to escape from their owners during Kajuralia are typically severely punished if recaptured, and are often executed for such an offense.

Hand 1. Love Feast:  This festival, held during the Fifth Passage Hand is celebrated in the city of Ar.  The fourth day of the festival (Earth equivalent 8/16) is considered the climax of the slave sales, and the fifth day is normally reserved for great contests and spectacles in the Stadium of Blades, grand races in the Stadium of Tarns, Kaissa championships, and general feasting.

The Month of Akas

  1. Kajuralia Harvest Festival:  The city of Baren Touhk celebrates the Kajurlia around the 25th day of the Sixth Month, dependant on the weather and the whims of the Ubar.  In addition to the traditional events of a Kajurlia, this city-wide festival includes a slave auction and other unique events as ordered by the Ubar and city council.

The Month of Se’Kara  (The Second Turning)

The Passing of Turia:  On or around the 2nd Hand the Wagon Peoples traditionally pass closest to the city of Turia.

  1. The Fair of Se’Kara:  One of the four Sardar Fairs, which coincide with the solstices and equinoxes of Earth, the Fair of Se’Kara begins on the Autumnal Equinox, during the Second Hand of Se’Kara.  These huge trade fairs, held at the foot of the Sardar Mountain range, typically last two full hands (10 days), plus at least that long to set up and break down.  Each young person for Gor is expected to make a pilgrimage to the Sardar Mountains before they reach their 25th birthday.

The Month of Amumba

There are no festivals celebrated during the Eighth Month.

The Month of Rastar

The Thing: This festival is celebrated in Torvaldsland, around the middle of the Ninth Month. It has no set date as the celebration varies depending on the weather and the current political situation. During this festival, all of the Shieldmen of the various Great Jarls travel to the Hall of their particular leader to submit their weaponry for inspection and formally re-pledge their oaths of loyalty.

  1. The Wintering: The middle of the Ninth Month marks the start of the Wintering, the period when the Wagon Peoples typically occupy their winter pastures. The Wintering usually extends from mid-Ninth Month though the 2nd  Hand of En’Kara.

The Month of Se’Var  (The Second Resting)

  1. New Year of the Wagon Peoples:  The Wagon Peoples celebrate their New Year on the 6th of Se’Var, which coincides with the Winter Solstice. This day also marks the beginning of The Season of Snows.
  2. The Fair of Se’Var:  One of the four Sardar Fairs, which coincide with the solstices and equinoxes of Earth, the Fair of Se’Var begins on the Winter Solstice, on the first day of the 2nd Hand of Se’Var.   These huge trade fairs, held at the foot of the Sardar Mountain range, typically last two full hands (10 days), plus at least that long to set up and break down.   Each young person for Gor is expected to make a pilgrimage to the Sardar Mountains before they reach their 25th birthday.

The Month of Bakah

There are no festivals celebrated during the Eleventh Month.

The Month of Kavars

Hand 5. Kajuralia (The Festival of Slaves):  This festival is not held in Port Kar, is celebrated during the Fifth Month in the city of Ar, and during the Sixth Month in the city of Baren Touhk.  However, most other Gorean cites hold the festival on the last day of the Twelfth Passage Hand.  On this day slaves may take liberties which are otherwise not permitted, including the drinking of wine and liquor, the freedom to roam at will, the freedom to choose their own sexual partners (including other slaves), temporary suspension of all work and duties, and even the opportunity to play minor tricks and practical jokes upon Freepersons.  After the 20th Ahn (the equivalent of midnight) they are expected to be back in their quarters to resume their usual services. Slaves who attempt to escape from their owners during Kajuralia are typically severely punished if recaptured, and are often executed for such an offense.

Hands 1 to 5. Carnival: This festival of Port Kar, also celebrated by many of the other southern cities, is held during the five days of the Twelfth Passage Hand.  The celebration is marked by masquerades and feasts with many of the citizens garbed in outlandish costumes and masks.

The Waiting Hand

Waiting Hand 1.  The Waiting Hand:  In this final Hand of the Gorean year the doors are painted white, little food is eaten, little is drunk and there is no singing or public rejoicing in the city. Walls and doors are adorned with sprigs and branches from the brak bush to ward off misfortune in the coming year. On the day of the Vernal Equinox (the First of En’Kara), the Ubar or Administrator of the city performs a ritual “greeting of the sun,” after which doors are repainted and the brak foliage is removed, beginning a ten day period of general revelry.

Leap Year

New Year:  During a leap year, the New Year’s festival begins on this ‘extra’ day which falls between the Waiting Hand and the 1st Hand of En’Kara.  During all other years the festival begins on the first day of En’Kara. In all years the festival continues for 2 full Gorean hands (10 days).


I was once a physician.

I now belong to the caste of Paga. It is a kinder way to describe my condition. I am a drunkard. I spend my days and nights in cheap paga den, erasing my memories with alcohol and kajirae.

But I wake up every morning with a headache. And I always have my memories, memories of my past mistakes.

I was once in love. We planned to be joined and I wanted a big family. I found shortly after she had betrayed me, love another man behind my back. She had only wanted my money, the status of my caste. It was a lower caste, a perfumer, and the desired elevation of the caste who will accompany the join. Her lover was also other low-caste, a Sheet Metal Worker. He knew what she was doing and approved.

I am very, very drunk that night.

I stumbled home, an Ahn before dawn. On the road, I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I saw a young girl, maybe ten or eleven, carrying a basket. I then saw a rarius tharlarion on a high. The warrior charged into the street, constantly looking back as if pursued. He never saw the girl.

I froze in panic as a young, pretty girl. The tharlarion hit the girl aside and the rider was unconscious. I then saw two other tharlarions in pursuit of first runner. I ran to the girl, her body broken and bloodied. I’ve dragged her off the facade of a building to avoid the other riders. They passed by us, without even a glance.

The girl was on the verge of death. Its tiny, broken body was not made for such punishment. Even an adult male was seriously injured after such a collision. I had no choice but to try to save her. What human vanity? I had no right to touch her in my drunkenness. It was criminal for me to do.

She died about ten Ehn later. She died because I was drunk and failed to properly administer a doctor for her. I killed her as surely as if I had stabbed her. In retrospect, had I been sober, I could have saved her. This is indisputable.

I was punished for my negligence. First, my possessions and wealth were given to the family of children. I did voluntarily. Then I was kicked out of my caste. That too was just. I would have left if I had not been expelled. Only my reputation and excellence before had saved me from a fate worse as the execution, imprisonment or slavery.

So I joined the cast of Paga. I always wore a pair of BOTAS Paga when I traveled. I spent many Ahn in the cheaper taverns. I could not afford to spend more than a few pieces tarsk. Three months passed in a blur, a hazy blur.

Then came the offer.

“Would you like to be the richest in the world?”

I laughed like a silly joke. It must have been drinking more than I do, the cast of his face serious, careful and deliberate tones of his voice and his calm and rational manner convinced me of its simplicity and sincerity.

It would not explain more than I was sober. I accompanied him from the tavern and insulation nearby. He had previously rented a room and took me to her. He let me sleep for Ahn.

When I awoke, I bathed and then donned a new tunic he had bought for me. He then bought me breakfast and tea Bazi. He said very little during this time, waiting for me to be in full control of my senses. I had not been this sober in a few months.

We sat on the couch in the insula and he began his height.

He said there were many people who needed my medical knowledge, people who pay very well. Many of them suffered from easily treatable diseases. They give me a laboratory and other essential equipment. The task would also require many trips.

I told him that I no longer belonged to the caste and could not help it.

He smiled and said it was not a problem. Where I go, caste was not a problem. I then thought of the barbarian lands such as the Barrens, near jungles and Torvaldsland Schendi. I had not heard of plague outbreaks or significant medical problems everywhere.

I was intrigued, but skeptical.

Then he told me the location of this area of medical catastrophe.

The Earth.

Earth’s sister planet Gor. A technological world of horrors, weak men and poor women. A world of toxins and death. A world on the brink of self-annihilation. A world without stones home, caste or honor. A world that was hidden the existence of the lower castes.

Why would anyone go there? I was a drunk, but not crazy.

My refusal was prompt.

His response was to simply ignore it and proceed to explain the details of his plan. His powers of persuasion touched my soul and I began to reconsider.

He said that the Earth is obsessed, obsessed with death. They fear death and thus ignore the future. They live for the present, not to treat the future ramifications of their actions. They pollute their world for their luxury without worrying about the consequences to their environment. They care more about their individual well-being that their society as a whole. They do not care about the future of their children. Their technology is intended either to extend their life or make life easier so they can enjoy the limited time available to them. They do everything to excess. They want their brief lives to burn brightly, not caring what remains is burned in the process.

Will  stabilization and other disease treatments would eliminate their fear of death. When it happened, the Earth would become future-oriented. They clean their planet and forget their selfish desires. Their company would suffer a revolution that change for the better. They move away from the global catastrophe.

Everything made sense. Save the Earth could be my redemption.

At best, I would spend only one year on Earth. I patents for medical cures and sera Earth. I’d be pretty well paid for my efforts. I could then take that money to fund research and Gor additional medical. I want to return to Gor as a hero, the savior of the Earth.

I eagerly agreed to his plan and thus sealed my fate.

I deeply regret my decision.

I gathered my medical library and ordered some equipment from my new employer. In one hand, I had everything I needed. We met a black ship, a large metal disk, just after the pomerium of the city. We boarded the boat and I was shown my room. Before returning to my room, I looked through the viewing aperture in Gor for the last time.

The trip lasted a few days. I spent time taking notes for my work. I was very excited and eager to start. In my fervor, I did not get details of my employer and its plan. I assumed the plan was approved by the Priest Kings. I assumed that my employer really cared about the Earth. I figured I had nothing to fear.

My assumptions were all wrong.

When we landed on Earth, it was quite a shock. The air was difficult to breathe and severity overwhelmed me and made me lethargic. The sites were amazing. We traveled directly to a building of glass and steel. I unpacked my equipment and set up my lab. I have not been allowed to leave the building until they have taught me about the Earth.

They gave me a quick course “English”, one of the major languages of the Earth. They showed me how to use a “computer”. When I was not learning about the Earth, I created the data needed for medical patents that I needed. The building, fortunately, had luxuries such as Gor paga, and Sa-Tarna bosk bread. There was even kajirae to serve my pleasure. They all had the same brand, a chain and a claw. I had never seen such a mark before and assumed it was just the brand of my employer for his slaves on Earth. This was indeed the case if I do not know my real employer then.

Hands crossed and I quickly adapted to my new environment. I learned quickly that it was my nature. I had almost finished my work patent and placed everything on the computer, this wonderful device for storing information. My employer was most pleased with the progress and I was happy.

Then I learned the truth.

Of course, it was a mistake. They do not want the truth as I know. They wanted me to accept lies. And I had done gladly. But I heard something more not done to my ears. I heard the real reasons for my presence. And I knew my life was in danger. My usefulness was limited. I had a best a few months remaining.

I had to act. I had to save. I had to save the Earth. Even Gor was in danger.

But what could I do against this plot alone, this cabal of madmen?

The Kurii were behind the plot. I’ve heard rumors of their existence on Gor. They were mysterious aliens who sought to dominate Gor. They did not look like humans. They have a certain type of monster. They had now chosen to conquer Earth first. They use my medical patents to raise plenty of money, much money they would have economic control over the world. Sera stabilization alone would make them rich obscene. On Earth, money is power. The allies of the man would Kurii saviors and heroes of humanity. No one suspects their motives dark.

It would be a bloodless invasion, an economic coup.

And it would in all likelihood be effective.

What could I do? I was not a rarius. I was a coward. And very stupid.

Destroy the work I had done would not be enough to stop them. They would simply kill me and get another for help. I could not warn the Earth as I be labeled as crazy. I could not contact anyone on Gor. I could not reach the Priest-Kings. I was myself. I was just a twig standing before a tidal wave.

I sat in my room, contemplating a myriad of bizarre solutions. My work has slowed to a stop close over the next three days. Fortunately, it was easy to cover. My employer had no reason to suspect that I knew the truth.

Desperation struck and I desperately wanted to escape back into a Bota.

Then it hit me

A flash of enlightenment. I knew exactly how she single defeat Kurii and their allies. I ran to finish my work, hiding that of my employer. I finished four days ahead of schedule and told them that I needed six more days. They happily accepted my quote.

I then logged into my computer and do some internet research. I have compiled a long list of email addresses. I have printed and hid them away.

The next day I sent the patent files to all addresses on my list. Universities, hospitals, government agencies, magazines and more. The files of all patent information on all medical treatment facilities. I wanted the patent to become public information so that no one could monopolize the industry. The Kurii gain nothing of my work. I destroyed all my notes once the emails were sent.

I would be killed for what I had done, but redemption is mine.

I have expiated my fault spent with this child. I had saved two worlds.

I now wait for them to discover what I did. I now await my execution. I’ll face it like a man.

Even a caste of Gor may have the honor……………..

… this story i found on the web , i just copy and translated it for share with you.

© Gazette of Gor


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