Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, oasis of Two Scimitars

A hitch hikers guide to the Tahari

Dear readers,

Those of you that know me, know that the Tahari is a place I love to write a sim report on.

Lately I have been hearing so much misinformed nonsense on this region, I decided it was time to re-read “Tribesman of Gor” and read the relevant information. Nowhere did I read of throwing salt into the fire as a custom. I failed to find where FreeWomen beg to become FreeCompanions, walk around naked under a Haik to become slave when they enter a tent, then Free again when they leave it. Maybe I have a different volume of Tribesman than others, but I could not find anywhere chalwar being described as “chaps”, or a tribe named Khadadii.

Without going into the actual storyline of the novel, I advise you all to read the novel yourself first.

May your waterbags never be empty, may you always have water .

Please read the sim laws and observer guidelines before entering the sim.

Administrator, Strada Tyran.

Marlies: Hello Strada , is it ok for an observer to take some pictures of your lovely architecture and post it on my blog?

Strada Tyran: aye, of course. i will let people know so they dont question it

Marlies: Thank you

Strada Tyran: no problem

 About the Oasis of Two Scimitars

 “The oasis of Two Scimitars is an out-of-the-way oasis, under the hegemony of the Bakahs, which, for more than two hundred years, following their defeat in the Silk War of 8,110 C.A., has been a vassal tribe of the Kavars.”

Hassan, the legendary bandit of the Tahari, rode out of the Oasis of Two Scimitars in search of a steel tower, and tried to prevent a desert war engineered by the kurri that would have been the beginning of the end of Gor.

Two Scimitars has changed since Hassan’s departure. The wells, broken by imposters posing as Aretai Warriors in order to foment the conflict, have been repaired, and the city has become a center of mining and trade, remote as ever, but thriving.

Visitors and residents immigrate from all corners of Gor to trade goods and slaves and to make use of the the library, one of the finest on Gor, or to be treated at the hospital or the Tahari spa. The oasis conducts vigorous trade in Scimitar golden salt, the Ubar’s Blend premium sa-paga, dates and olives, and desert veminium cleaning oil, all of which are exported throughout Gor.

The Warriors of Scimitar protect the oasis and the trade routes, and defend the city from bandits and nomads, extracting prompt revenge upon outlaws and thieves who would try to steal citizens and property.

Still, there is a seamy side to Two Scimitars.

As the Head Merchant of Scimitar explained to Hassan during his visit, the oasis welcomes bandits and smugglers to conduct their business here. Men such as Hassan are welcome by night in Two Scimitars, even if they are hunted by day, and the slums of the city are populated by criminals and low life.

“Welcomed by night and sought by day,” said Hassan. “I think that I shall never understand honest men.”

“We are complicated,” admitted the merchant.

“I wish that the men of other oases were so complicated,” said Hassan. “In many of them they would pay high to have my head on a lance.”

“We of Two Scimitars,” said the merchant, “cannot be held accountable for the lack of sophistication in such simple rogues.”

“But to whom do you sell the goods I bring you?” asked Hassan.

“To such simple rogues,” smiled the merchant.

“They know?” asked Hassan.

“Of course,” said the merchant.

So come to the oasis. Two Scimitars awaits you, be you a criminal or an honest man, gay or straight, experienced or new to Gor. Come create the stories of the Tahari.

Oasis of Two Scimitars ~ Honest Men are Complicated.

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The SLurl isclick here

My thoughts on Oasis of Two Scimitars:


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