The Gazette of Gor – Issue 43




     Editorial by Mariko Marchant

  .  Dancing in Gor, continued

     The Celebration of Blessed Ostara

     Port of Cardonicus Travelogue # 9..

     Turmus notice – knight’s world of zar .. 1.

     Survey for MAster/Jarl Ver3..

     Interview with Lord Krowven…

     Oasis of Two Scimitars informational report .

     To Skald Or Not To Skald That Is The Question..

     The Laws of Gor …by Sonia….

Editorial by Mariko Marchant


 I am happy to tell you that there is good news about Minnie. It is expected she will be out of the intensive care next week. She will need time to recover and in the meantime the Gazette of Gor team will continue Minnie’s passion: writing about what happens in Gor, stories, interviews and more and try to bring GE and BTB Gor together more. To understand each other better we need information and the Gazette of Gor tries to provide this.

This week we have an item about Gorean dance and we cover the The Celebration of Blessed Ostara, a festival of renewal, rejoicing and fertility, although for most of the Northern People.

Selvi’s Travelogue is about the Port of Cardonicus,  a BTB Gorean sim nestled in an inlet of Thassa, seventy pasangs south of the northern forest. Also you can read about the Oasis of Two Scimitars, a Gay Gorean  roleplay community that serves primary gay and bi male population.

Also we introduce the  “Knight’s World of Zar”.

This week we start a series of surveys that will both ask Master, Jarls, Panthers, Slaves- both female and male a series of questions to see just how much we are similar and different in our approach to roleplaying in GOR. This week, we ask the Masters and Jarls of SL GOR what they really think. Hope you enjoy answering the questions and reading the replies in the upcoming editions of Gazette of Gor.

In the interview with with Lord Krowven you might learn more about  Kurs. “To Skald Or Not To Skald That Is The Question” is in our opinion a mind provoking article and “Gorean Laws” might be interesting for those who want to learn more about Gor.

We are happy to receive feedback on our articles and if you have ideas what we should cover in Gor don’t hesitate to contact us. Also we are interested in publishing articles and stories about Gor you may have. We have a feedback/mailbox at the Gazette of Gor office at Whispering Moons. We welcome your thoughts!

We hope you will enjoy reading the Gazette of Gor #43


Performing in a Dance Exhibition

My experiences in Gorean dance started, if you remember my earlier posts, with going to a dance school, where I learned how Goreans may learn to dance and how the joy of dancing becomes second nature.  I loved every minute I spent in classes.  At the end of the classes, I graduated (yes I did!). I attended other workshops to advance my limited dance knowledge, and continued to learn.  I have yet to complete one workshop, Tandem Dancing, but I so hope to finish it. 

My latest experience I accepted an invitation to an exhibition dance.  An invitation went out to invite dancers, and the Master of my group told me I was to accept.  With a lot of twisting and turning in my head to comply (like I had a choice), I sent the application to the sim that I would do a dance.  My stomach ached at the thought of getting onto the sands with other experienced dancers and before a crowd of Free and slaves.  

I had two weeks to prepare dance movements, music and the emotes. Where was my head, brain please work, please do this dance.  I needed to write a good,solid dance in order to show my face at the exhibition.  My friends encouraged me to become confident in my own self and my love of dancing.  So I found a soft, rather sweet dance that came from my heart. 

I found dances, music and began writing.  Slowly at first, it became my dance as it seemed to write itself. I re-wrote it,edited it and edited it, and asked for help from others to constructively critique it.  Ir was finally done, I was proud of it.  But knew the experienced dancers would outshine me.  That’s okay, it’s not about competing,it’s about dancing with joy. 

The evening of the dance, i went to the sim, sat with the other dancers,  I was nervous, I squirmed, fidgeted, tried to breathe, looked for a convenient out-of-the-way latreen to throw up.  And then the fateful words, they called my name. I  walked to the sands and found I could do this, I could dance, I love dancing.  I was taught well.  It was about pleasing the Free.   So many kajirae have the love of dancing Gorean. We read their emotes, watched them dance, mezmerized by their imagry and we were amazed by their talent to dance. They pleased all who had seen them dance, they are awesome dancers. 

May the joy of dancing be forever in their hearts. 

La Kajara


The Celebration of Blessed Ostara

By XouXanChin 

I Faustian Raven of the Darkbyrd clan had the honorable privilege of attending the festivities of  Tyrstoftir af Fjollum where I had the delight of meeting the land jarl and his two sons of the Stark Röst Mod clan.  

These brothers held themselves with pride beholden to the title of Jarls where all three sat at the high table greeting and welcoming those who came to the long hall to celebrate Ostara with them.  

Such a trek was made by three from the village of Sais, Lady Sarah Brenham and Jathan Aquilla to follow the one who wished to partake of the celebrations of home and give thanks to the gods of her forefathers. 

What is Ostara you ask, especially to those of us the sons and daughters of Torvaldsland? I can tell you this of course:  

“Festival of Ostara (Eostre), the Spring Goddess.  This is a festival of renewal, rejoicing and fertility, although for most of the Northern People, the forces of Winter are still at full sway.  In ancient times, the gift of colored eggs to one’s friends and loved ones was a way of wishing them well for the coming season; a magical ritual of prosperity and fecundity.  The rabbit was the symbol of this festival as well because of it’s re-emergence during this season, and for its reproductive ability.  These two rituals have survived into the modern holiday of Easter (which derives its name from Eostre) as Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.  Like most ancient heathen rituals, they are relegated into the world of children; held for naught among adults; but the race memory lingers on.” 

We as the people of torvaldsland never fail to celebrate our heathen ways, we are always vigilant and our runepriests are always quick to bring the blessings of the festivities to the villages of Torvladsland.  We are blessed indeed to have such a rich celebration and history amongst our people and though we do not acknowledge the Priest Kings our gods are sufficient enough for us.  

So as we go through the time of Ostara which is today, I am proud to say that as a daughter of Torvaldsland, one of many of her sons and daughters, a proud and rich people of our own rites, we go forth and celebrate and prepare our meats and delicacies and meads to lift up in offering to the gods in thanks for blessing us with much fertility for our women to bare strong children, our animals to bring forth life so that we may have life, to plant the crops and know that through our thanks and hard work when the time of Lithasblot, the fertile fields will yield rich and plentiful crops to feed all that live there and for the storehouses that they may maintain their health through the strong harsh winters.  

I for one love the time of Ostara it means a time of life a time of rejoicing a great celebration of feasting and happiness, listening to the men sing their songs, the women smiling in happiness, the time of what is called a time of death over the lands has come to an end, now life slowly fights  to come back and push back the crusty layers of the snows that held it prisoner for so long.  Stand up brothers and sisters of Torvaldsland lift your heads high to the sun, give thanks to the gods for bringing us through the harsh winters make love to your women, eat the foods in the feasting halls, drink your mead, sing your songs and always be proud of your heritage.


Selvi’s Travelogue – Port of Cardonicus


*in this installment of Selvi’s Travelogue, I bring to you a BTB Gorean sim nestled in an inlet of Thassa, seventy pasangs south of the northern forest. Imagine yourselves a part of this teeming active trade port. You can become part of this community as they are actively  seeking for the following positions. Tavern Master, Brewer Miller, Miner, Scribes, Magistrates, historians and record keepers and they are looking for all time zones and if your interested in using G&S system in your roleplay this maybe the Gorean BTB sim for you.

*It maybe of interests to some that they hold Tuna Tournaments here with the G&S system.


*Sim Owner

–Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf ((magenta2nightwolf)) 

*Sim Mods

–Magenta Sciavo Nightwolf ((magenta2nightwolf))

–Aubrey Firethorn

–Cricket Hykova

–Adria Rickman (AdriaRickman)


Introducing  “Knight’s World of Zar”


This is a new, informal group, started by Knight Chemistry, with the purpose of forming a fraternity of Zar afficionados, frees and slaves alike, to come together, to enjoy playing zar. 

We will list all the zar playing venues in all cities of Gor, in later NCs. 

But to start with, in addition to Kaissa Island, the HQ of Kaissa and Zar Guild of Gor, we welcome all to play at the Turmus Zar Club, located in the city of Turmus.  Here, we have two Zar boards and one Kaissa board, located near the City Gate. 

Lessons will be offered to beginners if time permits. But members can interact with one another to play, exchange tips, and challenge. 

If you are interested to be connected to other zar players, especially if you are a beginner, this is the venue for you to start out. 

Search under Group “Knight’s World of Zar” to join.



Dear Gazette of Gor readers, please if it interests feel free to answer this survey and send the notecarded answeres to Selvi. (laratorvis)


This survey was kindly passed on to me by a good friend. It is with her permission to use this survey to start a series that will both ask Master, Jarls, Panthers, Slaves- both female and male a series of questions to see just how much we are similar and different in our approach to roleplaying in GOR. This week, lets asks the Masters and Jarls of SL GOR what they really think. Hope you enjoy answering the questions and reading the replies in the upcoming editions of GOG.

* Please look for future surveys that will specifically tailored for slaves, panthers and so on.

*These questions are addressed to the Master/jarls 

1.    In the area of “this turns me on sexually”, do You like to teach Your slaves OR do You prefer she explores on her own? 

2.    What type of dress do You prefer on Your girl: sexy, revealing attire or bare naked? 

3.    Do You enjoy “dirty talk”? 

4.    What is Your favorite part of the female anatomy? 

5.    Do You prefer Your slave to be more passive or aggressive sexually? 

6.    Does moaning, whimpering and begging for sex turn You on? 

7.    Do You enjoy public displays of affection from Your slave? 

8.    What is the first thing that You are attracted to in a slave? 

9.    Is there a secret fantasy that You desire with Your slave? 

10.    Do You prefer one slave at a time or multiple slaves while enjoying sex? 

11.    What is Your favorite sexual position? 

12.    What is the biggest “turn off” for You sexually?

Interview with Lord Krowven by KESHA ….


ℒord Kroωνєη: Why are you Following ME Human

K E S H A: Tal Sir Krowven


K E S H A: how are you i want to learn about Kurs

ℒord Kroωνєη: In what sence of the word

ℒord Kroωνєη: more over your Appearence reminds me all to well of another person I know

ℒord Kroωνєη: Especail the Glassies

K E S H A: Kur natures and behaviors with human and every thing i am writting a story for Readers of Gazetti of Gor

K E S H A: nods i am the same person you might remember me from Taluna continent

K E S H A: i left the continent

ℒord Kroωνєη nods

ℒord Kroωνєη: the nature of Kur is as different with each Kur as it is with humans each kur even if they have the same training is different

K E S H A: may i asked you few basic questions

ℒord Kroωνєη: let us move to a safer place

K E S H A: well i guess there is dock which is only safer place

K E S H A: its rp only zone

ℒord Kroωνєη: Very well ask your questions i will try to answer them

ℒord Kroωνєη: but this is basicial and first most my opinions

K E S H A: so the first question is about how do kur speak i know Larls may not speak human language is kur do the same

K E S H A: or is there any special language kurs have

ℒord Kroωνєη: Ok well first let us take in to account the fact that there are both steel world and savage kur

ℒord Kroωνєη: both have higher int them most Human unless the kur is both savage and primial

K E S H A: nods i have read transman of gor well can say just review it on some topic about gor

ℒord Kroωνєη: a Kur can speak a number of Kur dialects as well as they do understand human speak and with some priactice can speak human

ℒord Kroωνєη: tho Must Kur especail those of steel world find it very distasteful to have to speak human they feel it is below there status

K E S H A: nods thanks so what special powers kurs do have i have known they are good healers and good warriors

K E S H A: and where those special powers come from

ℒord Kroωνєη: well Kur are very strong as strong as ten men and able to take on as many according to the books

ℒord Kroωνєη: we have extreme Night vision

ℒord Kroωνєη: and we can smell fresh blood at a great distance which puts most kur into a blood rage

K E S H A: nods that true but i requested you to say about where those powers come from

ℒord Kroωνєη: we can here a whisper across the yard as if someone was shouting it to us

ℒord Kroωνєη: we are very agile for our size able to move very quick

ℒord Kroωνєη: and our claws make us natural climers

ℒord Kroωνєη: and here is a special note for you

K E S H A: well am listening

K E S H A: what do you say about kurs those have black furs and like you who have white furs what different spices are those

ℒord Kroωνєη: most kur can not swim unless they are either Artic kur or they where raised around a body of water and had to learn to swim to eat

ℒord Kroωνєη: and yes we can hold our breath for a very long time

ℒord Kroωνєη: we can go weeks with out eatting and about 2 weeks without water

ℒord Kroωνєη: Most Kur cant stand heat

ℒord Kroωνєη: about the fur

K E S H A: they say kurs are not good swimer and they hate to be around watter but some says kurs have learn to swim but still they do not stay for longer in deep watters

ℒord Kroωνєη: Ok well most kur who are dark furr are southern climate woods swamps and such

ℒord Kroωνєη: those who are light fur like me tend to be artic or live in mountains and such where it snows

ℒord Kroωνєη: kur can learn to swim yes

ℒord Kroωνєη: and artic Kur Love and enjoy water

K E S H A: well i dont know much about kurs do you like to say some thing to that human know about kurs i appreciate well we move on about relations of kurs as like male kurs what are the role of females kurs do they also part in fights or they just tends for eggs

ℒord Kroωνєη: WEll that depends on the clan they are in and if that clan is steel world or savage as well as BTB or GE

ℒord Kroωνєη: some clans allow she kur to hold rank

K E S H A: well i have heares that female kurs fights with other female kurs for their male how true is that

ℒord Kroωνєη: in a kur socirty the she kur can hold rank to a degree they fight equal as that of a male Kur tho they are in some cases better with guns and missle weapons then the male who use brute strength

ℒord Kroωνєη: What you are speaking about is called the mateing Rutuials

ℒord Kroωνєη: and yes it is very true

ℒord Kroωνєη: both male and female fight in a circle for the right to have first choice

ℒord Kroωνєη: the top she kur fight

K E S H A: aii and what relation do kurs have with human as they say kurs are not taime able and some says kurs are collibrate with human to fight against priest kings

ℒord Kroωνєη: the winner gets the right to be at the front line for begin picked

ℒord Kroωνєη: that is a very interesting commant

ℒord Kroωνєη: some kur think that humans are only good for Food or to be spys

ℒord Kroωνєη: others say that humans have specail things they can do

K E S H A: well i believe so for kurs humans are their food

ℒord Kroωνєη: and yet some say that the only thing a human especail a woman is good for is picking the ticks from a kurs back

ℒord Kroωνєη: those kur who eat humans are very savage

K E S H A: so kurs like to play with their food specialy women

ℒord Kroωνєη: most steel world kur dont eat Humans we find humans to be very plain in taste and lacking in flavor

ℒord Kroωνєη: WEll Kesha it is like this

K E S H A: chuckles do you ever tried to cook human with different spices may be they then taste good for you

ℒord Kroωνєη: a Kur may have a pet and if that pet is good we keep it if not a pet may very well have her or his head or armed ripped off and eatten right there if we find them displeaseing

ℒord Kroωνєη: Kur do not eat Cooked food we can not stomach it

ℒord Kroωνєη: just as Kur can not eat grain or drink anything from grain or beans

K E S H A: i understand so how you survived  and do for living as kur like you who not hunt human so often

ℒord Kroωνєη: I choose to be civil to some humans as I have serveral allies and those I trade with more over I hunt all kinds of food in different place we Kur eat almost any kind of meat and this planet is filled with many kinds of different foods

K E S H A: well have you ever met to priest king in your life spans they says kurs have to take revenge of some kind from priest king what  do you say about it in those era when we have not seen priest king from ages and is just like Myst now days as priest king even exsist or not

ℒord Kroωνєη: more over Kesha I would have said to you this if you or anyone else wishes to LEarn about Kur you could go to the Campus of Higher Learning where I was teaching the class but since Krista decide to remove me from the teaching staff cause I had a scheudle change I am no longer teaching there for them

ℒord Kroωνєη: I have in fact met a priest King on three different

K E S H A: intresting will you like to share some more about it

ℒord Kroωνєη: Two of them I killed and I have there arms sitting in a glassies case on my station and the third one Ran screaming in some strange tongue the other way cause it was me with 5 other kur

K E S H A: well thats sad for human to know that priest king have been killed

ℒord Kroωνєη: Kesha I will say this to you anyone who wants to learn about Kur can either contact me do a contract with me to be either a pet a agent or a Kur and I will teach them

ℒord Kroωνєη: If the priest King wanted to live then the damn bug should not have attacked Me first

K E S H A: nods well i may add your contact detail in my summary about kurs do we take a picture for reference

ℒord Kroωνєη: one sec please

K E S H A: allright take your time

ℒord Kroωνєη: you may use that

K E S H A: thank you

ℒord Kroωνєη: it was taken a long time ago by a person who was once a close friend

K E S H A: well may i asked one last question

ℒord Kroωνєη: ask your commants Kesha

K E S H A: well as we all knows kurs do have great healing powers how do you see kurs as shaman in difference of human shaman and well do all kurs have healing powers or some of them only do have healing powers

ℒord Kroωνєη: we kur have a natureal ability to heal very fast in a sence we regenerate very quickly

ℒord Kroωνєη: more over a shaman is just that regardless of wearther or not they are Kur or human and as such I do not Harm green there is no honor in that more over one of My mates is a Kur Shaman and her views on war and life are very different then that of most Kur

ℒord Kroωνєη: NOW a tech kur would also have healing orbs as well as regen chambers for even faster healing and to regrow lost arms or legs and to heal wounds and such

ℒord Kroωνєη: the regen chamber can cure many things and remove many things

K E S H A: do kurs treat human with their healings power or no

ℒord Kroωνєη: in truth normal No

ℒord Kroωνєη: must kur hate and look down on humans unless that human is one who works for the Kur

K E S H A: well thanks for your time i wish you a great day

ℒord Kroωνєη: please make sure to send me a copy

K E S H A: nods when its publish i will send you one

ℒord Kroωνєη: also if you need note cards on anything let me know Kesha

K E S H A: Tal lady panther

Çђαóš ℵιցhтιу: tal

ℒord Kroωνєη bonks the panther on her head lightly

Çђαóš ℵιցhтιу whispers: shakes her head”ouch brat laughs

ℒord Kroωνєη: yes you are a brat lil Chaos

Çђαóš ℵιցhтιу: ya think n proud o it laughs

K E S H A: are you kur Agent Chaos

ℒord Kroωνєη: Laughs

ℒord Kroωνєη: Kesha even if she was a agent

ℒord Kroωνєη: the first law they would learn is to NEVER answer that question

ℒord Kroωνєη: but no Chaos is not a agent of the Kur

K E S H A: she is too cute to be kur agent

ℒord Kroωνєη: tho if she ever desired it it would be a very interesting time to train her

Çђαóš ℵιցhтιу: n y i that

ℒord Kroωνєη: Ahh but see a Kur could use her cuteness to aid them

ℒord Kroωνєη: she could bat her eyes and wiggle her but and most men woud simple drool

K E S H A: well can she demo that how good she wiggle her but

ℒord Kroωνєη: beside most agents would have some kind of item on them so that A Kur could speak to them in kurrian and they would understand it

ℒord Kroωνєη: I do not belive Chaos has such a item that I know of or that she has been chipped by any STEEL WORLD KUR


Selvi’s Travelogue –  “Oasis of Two Scimitars”


*City Administrator and Sim Owner Strada Tyran

*For this report it is with great enthusiasm I bring to the readers another Gorean sim. Scimitar is a Gay Gorean  roleplay community that serves primary gay and bi male population. They consider themselves a Gorean Evolved sim. It be good to know in advance that while they do have female roleplayers they recruit gay and bi male free, male slaves, and a limited amount of free women.


*I am including a notecard that has the sim rules in this report. I have as I explored the sim noticed some interesting tidbits that are worth mentioning. Unlike other sims, this particular sim, the housing and shop spaces are free. These places become your roleplay designated space for your quieter moments.  I went ahead and spent time here, walking around and observing the great views. The Oasis is situated, wait for the surprise folks, in the desert. ((grins)) with a mountain range closeby and water on one side. If the readers noticed in my previous reports I tend to go on about the sights and sounds. I am not sure about other roleplayers but I tend to get pulled into the role by how the surroundings add to my senses. I have to say for an oasis, I really like my time here.

Writer and Photographer

Selvi (laratorvis)

To Skald Or Not To Skald That Is The Question


By Lady Faustian  

What is Skald? I asked that very question, I had not heard of such a thing before, but as I had come to find out once again on my journeys to the land of Tyrstoftir, which I seem to find myself often, I was invited to attend the event which was quite interesting.  

Sitting there waiting for the skald to begin,  a woman with a walking stick began to  weave a tale that was quite curious “Why The Sea Is Salt” she had said, the stick tapping about on the hardened wood floor ornately carved with the designs of torvald traditions.  

The handsome jarls sat upon their chairs leaning forward, they were  seemingly interested in what this woman had to say, and so did I, as did the many others who sat around on the floor their eyes widened with unadulterated curiosity burning within them to find out exactly why the sea is salt.    

Let’s listen as this daughter of Torvaldsland weaves her magical and delightful tale:  

Gyða að Draumur emerged again from the shadows of the Thingstead.  She preferred the shadows much like some might have preferred daylight.  But for her, the shadows spoke.  They told stories of battles, and gods, and of love and loss.  “If you would allow.  I would be happy to tell another of my tales.”  Once more her voice was filled with mystery and possible intrigue.  Her staff tapping against the floor of the Thingstead until it hit against the edge of the platform and she would wait for the ok to do so. 

She laughed even more as she stepped up onto the center platform while she side-stepped (Viska).  How she was able to know the bond was there would be untold by Gyda.  Her staff held to her side and given a small tap to settle the bones that swayed and rattled.  “I come to you all again with a tale of the seas.  But … not of battles or wars upon them.  Nay, this be the tale of ‘Why the Sea is Salt.”  She chuckled with saying such.  Her last story seemed to be more than just a simple tale. 

 “And so she began, as she had done so in her last visit.  “Once on a time, a long, long time ago, there were two brothers, one rich and one poor. Now, one eve of Yul, the poor one hadn’t so much as a crumb in the house, either of meat or bread, so he went to his brother to ask him for something to keep Yul with, in the All Father’s name. It was not the first time his brother had been forced to help him, and you may fancy he wasn’t very glad to see his face, but he said ….” 

Gyda hunched her shoulders over and puffed up as her voice deepened.  The rich brother thought highly of himself and she would try to portray that in her body language and tone as she continued. “If you will do what I ask you to do, I’ll give you a whole flitch of tarsk strips.”  Gyda chuckled as this.  The story being told by memory as she carried no scrolls.  “So the poor brother said he would do anything, and was full of thanks.  And indeed the rich brother did give him the flitch.  The flitch TOSSED to the brother as the rich brother shouted HERE IS THE FLITCH! AND GO STRAIGHT TO HEL!” 

laughing slowly at this, a soft mischievous laugh as she spoke, “Well the poor brother had to honor WHATEVER his rich brother asked him to do.  And with that thought in mind the poor brother said -What I have given my word to do, I must stick to.-  So he took the flitch and set off.  He walked the whole day and at dusk he came to a place where he saw a very bright light.  MAYBE THIS IS THE PLACE!! shouted the man to himself.  So he turned aside, and the first thing he saw was an old, old man, with a long white beard, who stood by an old house, hewing wood for the Yul fire.” 

“Tal! — said the poor brother with the flitch. ‘The same to you; where are you going so late?’ said the man.  The poor brother was intent on doing as his rich brother asked of him.  Ever so grateful for the bit of tarsk strips that were given to him on this eve of Yul.  ‘OH! I’m going to Hel!’  The poor brother stopped a moment and looked about with a peculiar look on his face. ‘If I only knew the right way.’  He kept on looking about.  Kept on scratching at his head in thought.  His thoughts on making sure he did JUST as his rich brother asked him to do.”

The story teller  turned her hidden gaze to another area of the Thingstead.  And with the aide of her staff she made her way down from the center platform and towards where some were sitting.  “Well, you’re not far wrong, for this is the way to Hel’ — said the old man; ‘When you get inside they will be all for buying your flitch, for meat is scarce there; but mind you DON’T sell it unless you get the hand-quern which stands behind the door for it. When you come out, I’ll teach you how to handle the quern, for it’s good to grind almost anything.” 

So the poor brother with the flitch thanked the old man for his good advice, and gave a great knock at the Hel’s door.  And he banged and he banged and banged so hard until his knuckles felt ready to crack.  And suddenly … he got in!  Everything went just as the old man had said. All those who had not reached Valhalla, great and small, came swarming up to him like leems round a leem trap, and each tried to outbid the other for the flitch! — WELL! said the poor brother; ‘by rights I ought to have this flitch for my Yul meal but since you have all set your hearts on it, I supposed I must give it up to you; but!!! …..”  she paused a moment as she made her way over to another area of the Thingstead.  “If I sell it at all, I’ll have for it that quern behind the door yonder. 

“At first they wouldn’t hear of such a bargain, and chaffered and haggled with the man; but he stuck to what he said, and at last they had to part with the quern. When the man got out into the yard, he asked the old woodcutter how he was to handle the quern; and after he had learned how to use it, he thanked the old man and went off home as fast as he could, but still the clock had struck twelve on the eve of Yul before he reached his own door.  He put the quern on the table, and bade it first of all grind lights, then a table-cloth, then meat, then mead, and so on until he had everything that was nice for such a wonderful Yul. He had only to speak the word, and the quern ground out what he wanted. 

 “So he ground meat and drink and dainties enough to last out till Twelfth Day, and on the third day he asked all his kith and kin to his house, and gave a great feast. Now, when his rich brother saw all that was on the table, and all that was behind in the larder, he grew quite spiteful and wild, for he couldn’t bear that his brother should have anything.  The rich brother grew angry with this.  Envious.  Filled with hatred!”

 Gyda turned then to face those who were sitting at the High platform of the Thingstead then.  “Twas only on the eve of Yul — the rich brother said to the rest — ‘he was in such straits that he came and asked for a morsel of food in the All-Father’s name, and now he gives a feast as if he were Jarl!’  He turned to his brother and said ‘Where, in Hel’s name, have you got all this wealth?!? — ‘From behind the door” answered the poor brother of the quern, for he didn’t care to let the giani out of the bag. But later on the evening, when he had got a drop too much of mead, he could keep his secret no longer, and brought out the quern and said ….”

 Oh my how the story is so very suspense building ‘she paused the story’  I think one could simply say that it is such a good story I’m practically on the edge of my seat wondering what is it the brother is going to say, slowly she lets the wheels turn once more on the story

 “There!! the poor (not so poor) brother exclaimed –, ‘You see what has gotten me all this wealth!’ — and so he made the quern grind all kinds of things. When his brother saw it, he set his heart on having the quern, and, after a deal of coaxing, he got it; but he had to pay three hundred gold for it, and his brother bargained to keep it till harvest, for he thought, if I keep it till then, I can make it grind meat and drink that will last for years. So you may fancy the quern didn’t grow rusty for want of work, and when harvest came, the rich brother got it, but the other took care not to teach him how to handle it.”

“It was evening when the rich brother got the quern home, and next morning he told his mate to go out into the sa’tarna field and work, while the bonds and thralls they owned cut the field, and he would stay at home and get the dinner ready. So, when dinner-time drew near, he put the quern on the kitchen table and said— Grind herrings and broth, and grind them good and fast. —  So the quern began to grind herrings and broth; first of all, all the dishes full, then all the tubs full, and so on till the kitchen floor was quite covered!! The rich brother twisted and twirled at the quern to get it to stop, but for all his twisting and fingering the quern went on grinding!! And in a little while the broth rose so high that the man was like to drown. So he threw open the kitchen door and ran into the sitting area, but it wasn’t long before the quern had ground that area full too, and it was only the risk of his life that the man could get hold of the latch of the house door through the stream of broth. When he got the door open, he ran out and set off down the road, with the stream of herrings and broth at his heels, ROARING like a waterfall over the whole farm!!!

 Once more, she would begin to run herself.  Running in place as she told the story.  The bones that hung from her staff rattling as she did so.  Her voice rising to bring forth the rush of such a flood of broth and herrings. “The rich brother kept on running down the hill as the sea of broth and herrings followed.  Passing his mate and slaves without an exchanging of words.He ran down past them and only then shouted WOULD TO VALHALLA EACH OF YOU IF YOU HAD A HUNDRED THROATS!!!  The broth continued to flow wildly down the hill taking mate and slaves with it! The rich brother shouted, “HEL!” and away the rich brother went and kept running to the poor brother’s home!!!  All the while followed by the sea of broth and herrings.  Finally he stopped running and banged on the door of his brother.”  Gyda would stop running too at this point, a smirk to her lips as she lifted hand to adjust her braid that flung over her shoulder.  “He begged the poor brother to take the quern back.  He shouted to the poor brother, ‘IF IT GRINDS ONE MORE AHN WE ALL WILL SURELY PERISH AND BE SWALLOWED UP BY HERRINGS AND BROTH!

 “But his brother wouldn’t hear of taking it back till the other paid him down three hundred gold more.  So the poor brother got both the gold and the quern, and it wasn’t long before he set up a farm-house far finer than the one in which his brother lived, and with the quern he ground so much gold that he covered it with plates of gold; and as the farm lay by the sea-side, the golden house gleamed and glistened far away over the sea. All who sailed by put ashore to see the rich man in the golden house, and to see the wonderful quern, the fame of which spread far and wide, till there was nobody who hadn’t heard tell of it.  So one day there came a skipper who wanted to see the quern; and the first thing he asked was if it could grind salt.

 “Grind salt!– said the poor (not so poor) brother; — ‘I should just think it could. It can grind anything.’ When the skipper heard that, he said he must have the quern, cost what it would; for if he only had it, he thought he should be rid of his long voyages across stormy seas for a lading of salt. Well, at first the man wouldn’t hear of parting with the quern; but the skipper begged and prayed so hard, that at last he let him have it, but he had to pay many, many thousand of coin for it. Now, when the skipper had got the quern on his back, he soon made off with it, for he was afraid lest the man should change his mind; so he had no time to ask how to handle the quern, but got on board his ship as fast as he could, and set sail. When he had sailed a good way off, he brought the quern on deck and said— “Grind salt, and grind both good and fast.”

 “Well, the quern began to grind salt so that it POUUUUUURED out like water; and when the skipper had got the ship full, he wished to stop the quern, but whichever way he turned it, and however much he tried, it was no good! The quern kept grinding on… and on …. and on …. AND ON!! The heap of salt grew higher and higher, and at last down sunk the ship.”  Just then Gyda would lift a hand to imitate a ship sailing on the waters and just as it sunk … so had her hand.  Her tone lowering then.  “For you see.  It was lust for more that created the quern.  It was envy of others that kept it from being used properly.  And it was gluttony that sent it sinking back down as close to Hel that it could get.  Back to where it belonged though never to be found behind the doors of Hel.  There lies the quern …. at the bottom of the sea, and grinds away at this very day, and that’s why the sea is salt.”

 Oh my goodness, can you imagine that the quern would be able to put out so much stuff and just keep going and going? I see now why there’s so much salt in the water.  It is interesting how these stories can explain so much of why things are, what do you do in your village for Skald or Storytime, does it bring your people together?  Until next time Odin’s Blessings upon Hearth and Home

Gorean Laws


There are two primary court systems in the cities of Gor, that of the civil government and that of the Initiate Caste. The areas of their jurisdiction are sometimes vague though the Initiates claim supreme authority in all matters. The amount of actual involvement of the Initiates in each city will vary depending on the Caste’s power in that specific city. They obviously have a stronger hold in some areas than others. For the most part, they will definitely claim jurisdiction in any religious related matter. They will ignore petty matters that they feel are beneath their worry. On Gor, white is associated with impartiality and justice. That is part of the justification for the Caste color of the Inititates.

 In a city, you are most likely to encounter the legal officials of the civil government, be it the forces of the Ubar or Administrator. Though a Ubar and Ubara possesses the power to change any law by decree, they are still subject to their own laws. If they violate a law, they cannot retroactively change it to avoid the violation. An Administrator does not have absolute power. He must work closely with the High Council of the city.

 A city will have certain buildings set aside for legal functions. There might be a Cylinder of Documents where legal and offical documents are securely kept. There may also be a Cylinder of Justice where trials and punishments are conducted. The Cylinder of Justice in Ar is topped with a large impaling spear. Many of the legal offices may also be located within the Central Cylinder.

 There are a number of legal officials who help administer and enforce the laws. As attorneys are a subcaste of the Scribes, it stands to reason that other legal officials may also be part of the Caste of Scribes. There are magistrates, judges, who wear special robes and fillets to mark their office. They also carry a wand of their office and some of those wands carry concealed blades. Merchant magistrates wear white robes, trimmed with gold and purple, and they administer and enforce Merchant law. There are several other officers that are types of magistrates such as aediles, archons, praetors, quaestors and prefects. Those terms are ancient Roman terms though their meanings have changed some on Gor. An aedile is generally an official in charge of public buildings. An archon is an official in charge of identifying the owners of lost slaves. If no owner can be found, the archon will sell them. A praetor is a high ranking magistrate. A quaestor is a financial official. Prefects act similarly to the notary publics of Earth. They certify the validity of documents and signatures with a seal. They also have the power to enact some legal enslavements, such as when a female debtor cannot pay her debts.

 Little is said about the presumptions inherent in trials on Gor. There does not appear to be any bail and a defendant seems to be imprisoned until his trial. Though a High Caste person might be simply held within a well furnished and supplied room. From the scant information in the books on trials, it seems a person is presumed innocent until found guilty. It does not seem that the accused must prove his innocence but rather that the state must prove his guilt. This is only speculation though.

 Punishments on Gor can be quite severe. Capital punishment is common for a wide variety of offenses and some of those offenses are not what many on Earth would consider serious. Impalement is a common for both free men and women. Men would be bound but women are usually just set upon the spear. It is not necessary to bind them as they can’t reach the spear or get the leverage to remove themselves. Such a fate gives people time to consider and repent their ways. Slaves though would not be impaled. They would more likely be thrown to a sleen as meat. In the northern forests, hanging and hamstringing are common punishments. Hamstrung people have the two large tendons behind each knee cut. The legs may then no longer be contracted and become basically useless. You can’t even stand erect anymore. For particularly heinous offenses, torture may precede death. The Frame of Humiliation is a unique punishment. The Frame is a hollow floating, wooden frame to which the condemned person is tied. He is then set adrift on the Vosk River. He may then died of exposure, dehydration, or be eaten by tharlarion or other carnivorous reptiles. Custom dictates that you are spit upon before being placed into the water.

 The following laws and legal principles are common in many Gorean cities. This is not an exhaustive list but only a sampling of relevant ones listed in the books. Please remember that not all of these laws will be in force in every city. Cities may also have other laws that are not listed here. Please be aware of the laws in each city you visit as ignorance of the law is not a defense.

 1. “…the laws of a city extend no further than its walls.” (Outlaw of Gor, p.50) For the most part, once you step outside the walls of your city, the city laws no longer apply and the city cannot protect you. But, many cities claim sovereignty over the lands surrounding their city. They may try to enforce their will upon the surrounding terrain. That is only as effective as the strength of the city. There are also exceptions for certain locations outside a city such as a banner keep. In that establishment, the laws of the governing city are in force.

 2. The theft of a Home Stone is punishable by extreme torture followed by death in boiling oil. It may be the most heinous crime that exists on Gor. But, it is also considered the greatest of glories to steal an enemy’s Home Stone.

 3. A person might be slain for not standing when speaking of his own Home Stone. Home Stones are vitally important to Goreans.

 4. It is illegal to take any maps of a city out of that city or for someone outside of the city to make their own map of the city.

 5. The nonperformance of the citizenship ceremony, within one year of reaching intellectual majority, is punishable by expulsion from the city. This applies only to those individuals born within the city or born to citizens of the city. There is no stated age for intellectual majority but from circumstantial evidence it appears that sixteen years old is a possibility. There might also be a requirement that some other citizens, non-blood relations, vouch for you. You may also be questioned by a committee of citizens to determine your worthiness for the city. The oath of allegiance involves the touching or kissing of the Home Stone, the swearing of oaths, and maybe the sharing of bread, fire and salt. A laurel wreath and mantle of citizenship are then conferred upon the new citizen.

 6. Retaining your citizenship is contingent upon you attending certain public ceremonies and assemblies. Citizenship is a priviliege, not a right, and thus it must be earned. You are expected to owe your allegiance to the city and work at supporting that city.

 7. Every citizen must journey, at least once, to the Sardar Mountains before they are twenty-five years old. The Initiates keep track of who goes and who doesn’t. Initiates teach that misfortunes hit a city if their youth avoid this obligation. Sometimes the Initiates ask you to go at a certain time. In some cities and islands, such as Teletus, your family will receive a gold tarn disk if you go when the Initiates ask you.

 8. Anyone who refuses to practice their livelihood or strives to alter their caste without the consent of the Ubar, Administrator or High Council is an outlaw and subject to impalement. All outlaws are forbidden entrance into the city and subject to impalement. Panther girls and talunas are considered outlaws.

 9. Caste may be legally changed. In a Free Companionship, the woman can take the Caste of the man. Otherwise to change caste, the High Council of the city must approve the change, based on your qualifications for the new caste and the willingness of the new caste to accept you.

 10. It is a capital offense for a locksmith to make an unauthorized copy of a key.

 11. A Free Companionship lasts for a single year. If it is not renewed at the end of that time, it dissolves. Slavery and death of one of the parties will serve to dissolve the Companionship early than that. A woman does not change her name in a Free Companionship. The books do not say if the contract can be willingly dissolved prior to the year end if the parties so agree. It seems likely most Goreans would simply wait out the year.

 12. Anyone who enters a city without permission is punishable by impalement.

 13. Assassins, bearing the mark of the black dagger on their forehead, are permitted entrance into a city without interference.

 14. Heralds are immune from interference by any within a city. Heralds bear a gold slash on the left temple of their helmet or headgear. Ambassadors possess this same immunity.

 15. Players, Poets, Musicians and Singers may freely enter a city.

 16. Thievery is illegal and harshly punished. The first offense is punished by an ear notching. For a second offense, the punishment depends on the sex of the offender. Males are punished by the loss of their left hand and both feet. Females are punished by enslavement.

 17. There is a method of dispute resolution called the “rite of knives.” Unfortunately, there is little information on its application. It is essentially a fight to the death and is used in place of a trial. The fight may be just with daggers. As it is called a “rite”, it may not have any true legal effect but may instead be an ancient custom. This might even be a part of the Warrior Code.

 18. To claim land outside of a city for your own, you must place a yellow stake of claimancy into the ground during the morning. You must then wait and protect that land until sunset. At that time then, the land becomes yours and you may lay your Home Stone there.

 19. Merchant Law is the only common legal arrangement that exists between different cities. Gorean cities are fiercely independent. The Sardar Fairs help to standardize Merchant Law. Merchant magistrates help administer and enforce this law.

 20. Patents and copyrights are available in a city but their power extends only as far as the city walls.

 21. Forgery of a city seal on products is illegal.

 22. Each city commonly holds a Merchant’s Foot and Stone in the Chamber of the Council and are available for Merchants to verify their own personal measuring devices. Any Merchant found to be using a deceptive Foot or Stone will be punished.

 23. Crests, signs and family emblems can be registered and their use legally restricted.

 24. Women in the Physician’s Caste cannot practice medicine until they have first bore two children. In many cities, at age fifteen, women place two bracelets on their left wrist. One is removed for each child that is born.

 25. Robes of concealment and veils may or may not be required by law for free women. In some cities, it is only custom while in others it is actual law. Even where it is only custom, it is strongly recommended that all free women wear robes and veils in public.

 26. Face stripping a free woman, forcefully removing her veils, is a serious crime.

 27. Weapons are not permitted within a Temple.

 28. Shaving or slicing off metal from any coin is considered to be theft and fraud. This debases the value of the coin.

 Slavery Laws

 29. By law, the Slavers’ Caste is a subcaste of the Merchants’ Caste. The Slavers though like to consider themselves a separate Caste.

 30. Slaves are considered property, on the same level as animals. Their owner may do anything they wish to them without repercussion. An owner can even kill his own slave with impunity.

 31. Slaves may not own anything, including a name. Even though they may use goods, they do not own them.

 32. No Player, Musician, Poet or Singer Caste member may be enslaved within a city limits. Of course, they can still be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed. They are simply immune from enslavement.

 33. It is illegal for slaves to play Kaissa. It is considered an insult to free men, not only for a slave to play but even to touch the pieces.

 34. In any legal proceedings, the testimony of slaves may be taken by torture. This is solely in the discretion of the courts.

 35. The property of one who becomes a slave is transferred to the nearest male relative or the nearest relative if no male exists, or to the city, or a guardian. Even if the slave is later freed, the property cannot ever be recovered.

 36. If a slave owner dies, his slaves pass to his heirs or if he has no heirs, to the state.

 37. Capture rights pertain to all property, including slaves. Active possession of a slave is regarded as crucial by the law. A slave must fully serve anyone who possesses her, even a thief. If the slave runs away from the thief, she is considered to be a runaway. Free women are permitted to escape from a captor as long as they have not yet been enslaved. The point of this law is to keep slaves in bondage and to make men bold. The institution of capture is honored by all cities, provided the females captured are those of an enemy.

 38. If a lost, stolen or runaway slave is taken by another person, the original master has only one week to regain his property before legal title passes to the new master. The slave remains the property of the original master only for that one week if he does not regain possession.

 39. For a slave to runaway from her owner is a serious offense. For the first offense, the penalty is commonly a severe beating. But she is only allowed that single mistake. The penalty for a second offense is usually ham stringing.

 40. A free woman can sell herself into slavery. But, once completed, she cannot then revoke it.

 41. If a free woman submits to be a slave to a specific man, and that man refuses the offer, she still shall become a slave, subject to capture by the first person to collar her.

 42. Slaves are not permitted outside the city gates unless accompanied by a free person.

 43. It is a capital offense for a slave to wield any weapon.

 44. It is a capital offense for a slave to claim caste.

 45. It is a capital offense for a female slave to wear the garment of a free woman.

 46. It is illegal for a slave to wear veils.

 47. A child, born of a slave, becomes a slave and belongs to the mother’s owner.

 48. Any free woman who couches with another’s slave or even prepares to do so, becomes a slave herself and becomes the slave of the male slave’s master. This is known as the “couching law.”

 49. Slaves are not allowed in temples. It is felt that they would defile it.

 50. If a father cannot pay his debts, his daughter becomes a slave of the state. She will be put up for sale at public auction. The proceeds of her sale will be used to equitably satisfy the creditors.

 51. A free woman who cannot pay her debts will be enslaved. Under the redemption laws, a man can pay her debts and thus will now own her. If no one redeems her within a certain period, she will be sold to slavers.

 52. Earth girls do not have a Home Stone so there are no legalities that prevent their capture and enslavement.

 53. A slave, on threat of torture and impalement, must endure whatever abuse a free person cares to inflict on him.

 54. Any free person may discipline an insolent or errant slave, even one who is in the least bit displeasing. If the slave is killed or injured, the free person need only pay compensation to the master and only if the master requests such compensation.

 55. The crime of false yielding is a capital offense. It is easy to detect, through infallible physiological signs.

 56. If a slave strikes a free person, the penalty is commonly death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture.

 57. Freed slaves require explicit papers of manumission or they may be enslaved again without repercussion. Slaves who have been branded or had theirs ears pierced and later freed should definitely keep their papers handy at all times.

 58. The principle of “conduct indicating suitability for the collar” deals with conduct by a free woman sufficient to warrant her reduction to slavery. It is commonly applied to fraud, theft, indigency, vagrancy, prostitution, and indulgence in sensuous dance. Other behavior which might trigger the principles includes attempting to spy on masters and slaves, disguising oneself as a slave, garbing oneself as a slave even in the supposed secrecy of one’s own compartment, baring too much flesh, lingering about slave shelves and markets, and even exhibiting an interest in or fascination with bondage. The principle deals with overt behavior and not thoughts. Judges must decide if such behavior is sufficient to warrant a reduction to slavery. It is illegal for someone on their own to collar a free woman for this conduct without seeking legal action.

 59. There is no law that states a man may enslave a free woman of his Home Stone because she has insulted or disrespected him.

 60. Female slaves must wear a visible token of their slavery within the city limits. Male slaves are exempt from this law. It is not good for male slaves to understand their true numbers.

 61. When a person is collared, it cancels their past. They begin a new life as a slave and may not be held accountable for any crimes that occurred while they were free.

 62. It is illegal to sell a slave that is not your own, without the owner’s permission. The penalty varies according to the sex of the seller. For a man, it is exile, and for a woman, it is enslavement.

 63. It is illegal to offer an unbranded slave in a public sale.

 64. By recommendation of Merchant Law, there are three standard marking places for brands, on the left thigh, right thigh, and lower left abdomen.

 65. In some cities, a free woman that kneels before a man or addresses him as Master effects legal imbondment on herself. It is interpreted as a gesture of submission

 66. It is illegal to sell a slave as auburn haired if she is truly not so.

 67. It is a felony to forge or falsify pedigree papers on any slave.

 68. A certification of a slave girl’s heat may be given in certain cities. Her degree of heat will be listed on the sale documents. It is done in few cities though because of the potential for fraud on the part of the buyer. A buyer might use a girl for a month and then seek a refund based on the guarantee of her level of heat.

 69. Slaves are not allowed to build anything. That right is reserved for free people only.

 70. It is illegal for slaves to touch or handle legal documents.

 71. Slaves may not teach free people. By teaching someone, they are placed in your debt and nothing can be owed to a slave.

 72. A free woman may do a form of limited self-contracting where she legally becomes a slave for a specific time period, commonly ranging from one night to one year. She cannot end this contract earlier than the specified time period. Once the contract takes effect, she becomes a slave with no legal powers at all. This curious contractual arrangement is not described in great detail. It raises numerous legal dilemmas that can only be speculated about. The books do not state that the contract covers any contigencies or limits the slavery in any way. The woman becomes an actual slave. That would seem to mean she could be freely killed. What would happen is she was sold? Does the contract prevent that? Would the time period still apply if she was sold? What would happen if she was stolen? This passage seems to raise far more questions than it answers.

 74. If a slave fails to kneel in the presence of a free person, it can be a capital offense, especially if the slave intentionally fails to do so. In that case, the slave may be tortured to death.

© Gazette of Gor


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