Role play of a dangerous Priest Kings encounter for a panther

Danger from the skies


Editorial comment from SKF:

For those of you interested in the quality of our RP after it was slammed in POG.  You don’t want to read it, trash it.  But I think it will refute the claims of the ignorant…

The Priest-Kings:

The Priest-Kings are an alien race with vast technological powers. Priest-Kings brought the planet of Gor to our solar system over two million years ago.
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It is alleged that their own sun was dying and they needed to relocate to survive. This relocation may have been done several times in the past. At one time, the Priest-Kings were rich and filled with life. After that phase of their existence, they entered a time when their arts flourished. Then for a long time, their only passion was scientific curiosity. Now, even that lessens and they enter darker times. There are presently less than one thousand Priest-Kings on Gor.

The roleplay:

Morrighan  was startled from my near doze at the fire as something large and silver shone across the distance, moving fast and low, erratically, seeming to come right towards camp. I scramble off my stump, shielding my eyes, watching as it comes lower, making no sound, then verrs off to NE. As it drops out of sight, I hear and feel the sound of the impact it makes, running to the hill that leads down to the beach, I can see the object has skidded, and come to rest up against a large rock at the shoreline. The ship is partially askew, water lapping at one side of it. I scramble down to the beach, drawing my spear, approaching cautiously. Though I had never seen a Kur ship before, there was not much doubt that this was one. I debate going back to get others, but my curiosity is piqued, and I slowly walk up the ramp, eyes darting nervously in all directions, the gloom making it difficult to see.

Beast : Appareled body lay unceremoniously tossed about a hundred yards or so from the collective of lacerated metal. A broken construction of raw, black steel that, like her lay half interred in the ground. Wreathed around the thin circumference of her left ankle, Vara wore a thin band of locked metal. She still wore the clothing she had roughly been seized in, on her way to a football game at the super dome. The jersey of her favorite quarterback clung desperately to her sylphlike frame, adhered by her own perspiration. The heavy black and gold material –  rose and fell against the contours of her breasts, hitching and catching now and then, in parallel with her strained breathing. foreign material peppered around her confined comatose body. Remains of fluids and cylindrical tubes, apparently of transparent plastic. Varas fringe pasted intemperately to a deep laceration that had torn violently into the skin above her right eyebrow. The bruises that disordered her face and body were a multitude of hues. Reds and  purples that did not belong in contrast to her Caucasian skin tone. She lay there in a Soundless darkness without cognitive content or imagining, albeit it, still breathing – or barely at least. Almost as destroyed as the carcass of steel that violated her personal space. From time to time an incoherent whimper would leave her mouth. Garbled and confused, but a simple sign of life. How long had she been here? No one knew. How long would she and the broken ship of acquisition remained unnoticed? Only time would tell.

Morrighan  keeps one hand on the sleek metal interior as I slowly circle around, to my right, left hand keeping the spear ready…I can see some tubes….with bodies, in some sort of fluid. Several tubes are broken, two are intact, and one seems to have been ejected from the ship during the crash. I’d examine the bodies soon, but first, I know there has to be at least one Kur piloting this ship, and just then I hear a low deep sound, a grunted moan of pain, and my eyes snap to the direction of the sound. I move closer, able to discern a single Kur, semi-trapped under some of the wreckage. There is a dark liquid running down the seat he reclines in, pooling into a large dark amoeba like shape on the floor. Skirting the Kur blood, I move around the back of the chair, prodding at the side of the beast with the tip of my spearpoint. His head slowly swivels my way, and I don’t even hesitate. The spear impales his throat, driving it through with a cry of both fear and revulsion. I had killed one of these before, and his rendered fat had traded well in the cities to physicians. Sure the kur is dead, I move to the tubes that are open, taking the pulses of the two women. Both dead. I move to the ones still in the fluid, but see no lever or control I understand how to use. It’s time to look for the final cylinder and tell the tribe of what’s here. I make my way out of the ship, jog up the scorched sand, heading to camp, and there, half buried, is the missing tube. As i get nearer, I can hear the sound of someone moaning….the spear once more ready, I approach within a few feet, looking down at the oddly clad female.

Nikolas  sees the woman, the blood loss sapping all my strength, and I curl my lip in a final snarl as I see the spear poised. With my last vestige of energy, I push out from underneath the metal, trying to claw at the female, but to no avail. I feel the sharp bite of the metal as it pierces my throat, and the warm rush of crimson flowing down my fur. Both hands claw at it but it’s gone, leaving only a gouting stream of life’s essence spurting, then flowing, then fading to a trickle as my eyes close, and the darkness descends. My last sight was of the huntress leaving the ship…

Beast  continued to groan, unaware of the events that were unfolding around her as she lay ironed against the earth. Eventually Her dreaming would come to an abrupt halt. She began, slowly –  to awaken; Still kept in a semi paralysis, at the fringe between cognizance and unconsciousness. The first thing to assault Varas senses was the distinct mustiness that enveloped around her, the dampness; an unpleasant odor that raped at her nostrils. She struggled to breathe. Filling her lungs to their full capacity with what she could, yet she battled to do so. Something seemed wrong, almost off with her weight. It no longer felt the same and Varas limbs felt frigid, not helped by the foreign feeling of the liquid that had completely covered the length of her body. Groggily, Vara tried to recall the events of the previous few hours but she endeavored to even pull a single memory from her disorderly mind. Had she been drugged. Surely that couldn’t have happened and she used all the strength she could muster to draw the back of her hand against her forehead. Vara inaudibly winced. Eventually the numbness faded from Her extremities, but she did not risk moving too quickly. Instead, She remained in the position she was, and Her lip felt swollen as she ran her tongue the length of it to moisten the dry skin of her lower lip. Finally She discovered that she had regained the ability to move her neck, and slowly, but painfully, she rotated her dazed gaze to inspect her surroundings. Its seemed like Vara was no longer in New Orleans.

Morrighan  is behind the woman and I skirt around her, sheathing the spear, clearly she was no threat. Blood showed in several places, but she was still partially covered by debris. I squat next to her, holding out both hands, the universal sign (I hoped) that indicated I had no weapons, no ill intentions. I speak in a low calm friendly voice. ‘Tal, I’m going to help you. You don’t need to be afraid.” I move to begin lifting the ruined pieces of the canister from the woman. ‘You have a few cuts and bruises. Is there anything that you feel I’m not seeing? A more severe injury?” I stand again and cup my hands around my mouth, shouting up towards camp. ‘I need some help down here, Everyone NOW. ”

Caliegh heard her En calling out, she followed the sound of the Voice “Mor? Where are you? is everything ok?” she shouted as she started down the hill, her estimation on where the shout was coming from.

Morrighan  shouts back up. “No, everything is not okay. Get someone else and come down to the beach, next to your hut.”

Caliegh turns and shouts back up the hill “Everyone.. Mor is in trouble.. Come quickly” she froze almost, seeing the metal object in the sand.. but continued to follow the voice

Morrighan  greets the new arrivals and I point to the ship. There are women inside, dead. They need to be disposed of. Also, the Kur was wounded, and I finished it off. We need to skin him and render the fat. This one needs some medical attention. Are any healers in camp?”

dαémσn  stopped for a moment seeing that huge thing from the top of the cliff, “what in the world is that thing!!!! and why didn’t I hear that thing… I think I would have heard that thing…” begins to fiddle with ears wondering if shes going deaf and looking around, “what do you mean Kur, you killed a kur!? by yourself?”

Caliegh  skidded to a stop, the sand thrashing forward like a wave as her foot dug in, seeing Mor was safe, but with some beat up individual “What the hell is that Mor?” then nooded at the instructions

Morrighan  is as shaken as Dea by all this, but being me, I don’t show it. “It’s a kur ship… I think he was returning from a voyage of acquisition…we’ve all heard about this, just never seen it…and yes, he’s dead. He was badly wounded. I just finished him off. It made no sound at all Dea, none. Until it hit. Cali and Jen were asleep. No one else was around.”

Caliegh  was fearful of the metal saucer.. bravery wasn’t her strong suit. she turned to Dae, hoping she would go first.. “Jen is fast asleep, and i saw none by the fire except us two” she paused, very confused ” How do we dispose of the bodies? and is it safe to go in that ship?

Beast : Heard the voice reverberate around her, almost tossed with each wave of the tide that she could identify in her clouded vision. The woman spoke deeply, in a language that Vara did not understand. She whined, a desperate cry, a cry of pain and confusion.  “Help Me” she mouthed. Some thing was wrong about the way her body behaved. Something was very off at the heart of the forces working on her injured body. Initially, vara had put this feeling down to her downed state. The weakness that seeped from her body, unable to move. Her fingertips painfully moved to the opposite arm, tracing up and down the limb. A pain shattered and reverberated through her bones. Vara veiled her green eyes under the safety of her onyx lashes. The sunlight seemed to pillage them, plundering her vision. The voices seemed louder. First one, and then three. Vara lay there in silence. Perhaps if she left her eyes squeezed closed, they would walk past her, obvious ignorance. But perhaps they were here to help. She did not understand  the words that they spoke, and she spent a while just listening, trying to impede their conversations. She had no idea what they were saying.

dαémσn  hears something about getting rid of bodies and looks between mo and cali like… um… “the only person up there is Jenny and I think she is naked…. doing something…” muses a little bit at that and can’t help but giggle, “other then that I am fairly sure Des is in her cave… and I’m not sure about healing skills…” rubs the bottom of her stomach remembering the time she skinned a tattoo off me

Morrighan nods to Cali. “It is safe enough. Everyone is dead. The bodies can be burned. The kur…it will take 8 at least to carry him…far away and downwind. We’ve done this before. Meanwhile , I ‘ll deal with this one and her injuries.” As I finish, I hear the woman reply, but I can’t understand her. I reach out a hand, soothing some of her blond hair behind an ear, the touch meant to comfort and calm. “Don’t move,” I say, hoping the other hand I hold up, pressing down on your stomach, helps to bridge the communication gap.

Caliegh  eyes dart bwteen Mo, Dae, and THE BEAST™.. she took a deep breath and sucked it up “You heard her Dae.. you and i can get the bodies, i’ll carry the feet, you get the torso” knowing the torso was much heavier “we can burn them on the hill by the station.. pretend it’s a warning to visitors” she nods “then we can find who is about and deal with the Kur” waiting for dae to help

dαémσn  mutters something, “fine….” looking over at Cali, “lets go…” not really sure she wanted to touch dead bodies and hoping they didn’t smell

Beast : The hand touched Varas face and she coiled back, not so much in repulsion as the fact that the language both confused and frightened the injured woman. She became more confused  as the hair was pulled away from her face, exposing her injuries. The second hand was warm against her arctic skin temperature, as it moved down to the flat skin of her abdomen and pressed down. Vara gasped in horror, as Her eyes darted from one person, to the next, and the odd lithe skins that adorned their bodies. Her forehead wrinkled in the center, and she regulated her breathing to match the slowing rate of her heart beat. It reverberated against the cavity of her breast plate. “please” she implored “help me” At one point there was shouting and screaming and movements of several bodies around her. Her eyes widened now in frustation. “help Me please” she cried, painfully.

Morrighan  is no healer, but like most women of the forest, I knew basic field first aid. I open the leather pouch on my hip and take out a rep cloth, applying pressure to the laceration on your scalp. Once the bleeding stops, I take out the small vial of black pepper and sprinkle it over the wound. I do a head to toe exam, finding a few smaller cuts, a few bumps and large bruises, but nothing that I can see is life threatening. I pluck at your clothing, never having seen anything like it, eyes raising to your face as you cry out. I can’t understand the actual words, but the tone is clear. You were in distress and scared. I crouch again next to you and hold your hand, feeling the cold. “We need to get you inside,”, I say, mostly to myself.

dαémσn moves closer dragging the body and then stops putting it down, “mo all the girls seemed to be wearing this, I don’t know what it is….” holding up the strange looking collar thing looking down at the now naked body on the ground

Caliegh dropped the fat dark skinned one.. taking a short break as Dae shows Mo what they found.. placing her palm on her own back, wincing in slight back pain

Beast : Watched her with widened eyes as her hand disappeared into a leather pouch that lay nestled against her rounded hips. She raised her eyes, trying to determine the thin powder that was being applied to the laceration that bridged her right eye. It soaked up the blood tardily, and the feeling was abnormally absorbefacient. She inhaled deeply. The hands were invading, roaming her skin, the contours of her body, the curves of her hips and the sinew of her muscular thighs and abdomen. The violation was foreign, and she was unused to being fondled by strangers in such an intimate way, and it reminded her of doctors that examined their patients. Varas breathing started to slow, as she realized that the dark skinned woman was trying to help her regardless of the language barrier that they both obviously faced. Her voice was distinguished, and deep, but Vara still could not locate the language that each of them used as they meandered around her busily. Their focus seemed to be on one particular object and Varas eyes darted to the small rectangular device that reminded her almost of the radio she had at home.

Morrighan takes the object from Dae and runs my fingers over it. It appeared to be some type of collar with buttons and symbols I didn’t understand. “It seems to be the size for a collar…” Experimentally, I wrap it around the woman’s neck, and it closes with a magnetic snick. There are two large buttons, one red, one green, and I push the green one to see what might happen.

dαémσn  takes the body and pulls it forward, “come on Cali lets go put these up there…” I mutter not really caring for dragging away dead earth girls through camp

Caliegh  picked up the chubby dark skinned one again.. grunting as she did “Damn earth twinkies” she grumbled, not happy with her duties as she moved on

Beast  cried out clamorously, as the machine was banded around her throat and it snapped constricting in place, unmistakable and creaseless to the touch. It held cool against her throat, and pressed in the center. “where am I” she whispered against the loud waves of the tide to the left of Her body. “is this the gulf” she questioned with her widened eyes. Vara thrashed her head back and forth in utter bewilderment. Her memories flooding back to Her like hurricane Katrina had flooded Her beloved city. She was so confused by what was happening, So hungry and the empty contents of her stomach reach out with a large growl. She had remembered eating before the game. Perhaps the food had been drugged, or even poisoned. She remembered the gift the man had given her, and His disdain when She had put it on her right ankle instead of the left. Where was He now, she wondered in her own confounded mind. Come to think of it, where was she, and who – were these scantly clad women draped in animal skins that were helping her. She swallowed hard, stale and acrid. She had assumed that they were helping her. Their behavior did seem as such. She let Her green eyes fall on the dark skinned athletic woman that stood before Her. Vara shuddered to think what might be going to happen to Her. Instead, she paused Her breathing. Holding her breath She uttered a single word that rolled off her tongue effortlessly. “Hello”

dαémσn  comes with another body dragging behind and stopping at Mo holding up a lighter not sure what the little metal thing was, “found this in there but the rest is just werid clothing, we can probably use most o fit for bandages or something…” I give a little shrug and look over at beast for a moment studying her up and down

Caliegh had little to say at this point.. letting he expression on her face tell Mo her story

Morrighan  nods to Dea and takes the object, putting it in my pouch to examine later. ‘Thanks you guys, I appreciate your help with this.” I’m startled by the sound of the woman speaking, and it takes me a second to realize that I can understand her words. The collar is serving as a translator. I had heard that the Kur used them to communicate with them, but I didn’t realize they worked on others as well. This would make things much simpler. ‘Tal,” I return the hello and shake my head. ‘I don’t know what gulf you are referring to, or even what it is.” I had a few in my tribe who were from earth, so I know what’s happened, and how big a shock this will be. But best to just get it out now and see how you coped with it. “You are no longer on earth. You were taken from your home planet by a creature known as a Kur. He was bringing you here, to Gor, to be enslaved.” I glance at the others, “I’m going to clean her up and get her warm, and see if she’s hungry. Finish up with the bodies. The Kur can wait til more are in camp.”

Beast : Blinked repeatedly as the woman started to speak her own native tongue, and she remained in silence as she listened to her talk. Disbelief washed over the face of the beautiful woman and she licked at the dried blood that had pooled above her lip, settling in the shallow cleft. She was no longer on Earth. This was the statement that had hit her full force, and shattered through Her body the most. The woman was obviously joking. Did the water that caress the shore not seem the same? She looked at the Woman, scrutinizing her with every gaze, was she indeed insane. Vara made a move to sit, but she cried out when she attempted to move her body. She blocked the pain, and pulled her slim frame, to rest on Her ass. “Enslave Me” she cried out. “for what” she inquired. Again the empty contents of Her stomach grumbled, but vara realized this had become the least of Her problems. “I have money” she tried desperation. “Take Me home” and she met Her eyes with the Woman again. Vara was terribly frightened,  not knowing what had happened to Her, but I was also a strong determined individual. “where am I” she offered, unsure at first.

Morrighan had expected the barrage of questions, but you were still cold, and the moons were beginning to rise. Lizzy had told me that earth had only one moon, so I simply turn and point to the sky, the three moons clearly visible already. “Does your planet have three moons?” Not waiting for an answer, as the question was rhetorical, I answer you. ‘We call this planet Gor. And I’m sorry to tell you that there is no going back. This will be where you remain.” I don’t answer the other questions, instead, crouching and wrapping an arm around your waist, laying one of your arms over my shoulders. ‘I’m going to help you stand. We need to get you cleaned up and out of the cold.”

Beast : Extended her gaze upwards to the blackening sky, and inspired in repugnance as she saw not one, but three moons looking down on her frame. The moonlight hit each contour like a cello player hit each note, perfectly and well timed. She applied all of her weight onto the muscular woman bringing her fragile body to its full height, and almost dwarfing herself in comparison to the dark skinned woman who towered over her. Perhaps, she thought, it best to get Her wounds taken care of. So far this foreigner had been right with everything, so Vara nodded an affirmation of Her understanding. The blood soaked clothing weighed Her down, as she walked slowly and each limb, ached with almost a thousand pounds of pressure and apprehension. She realized then, that each wound that adorned her pallid skin; be it a cut or contusion, was a simple fruition of superficiality. As they walked, Vara took note more of Her environment. The gravitational attraction did seem as if it was lower, which would fortify the woman’s claims  that Vara had indeed been abducted from Earth. Yet, in retrospect it did look a lot like Her planet, and she offered the Woman a smile. “thank You for helping Me” she admitted quietly. She still could not believe she had been the sole survivor of the crash.

Morrighan  is glad to see you stand, even if I was supporting most of your weight. This boded well for no serious injuries. I moved with you on the path up the hill, past the fire, across the rocks and into the healer’s cave. I gesture to the tables. “Have a seat on one of those and we’ll get you cleaned up. You’ll need to take off your clothing. Once we get you patched up, we can see about a bath. Even out here, we have our luxuries. We have a vast cave system here, and most of us have places in the caves we use to sleep in. There is also two places hot springs are accessible, and we use those for bathing purposes. One is for the general use of the band, the other is reserved for en’s use only.” I turn away and look to the shelves for what materials and supplies I might need to treat your minor wounds. I start by dipping a bowl of water from the barrel and wetting a clean rep cloth. I turn to see if you are naked yet, rather anticipating seeing more of you, having so far found you quite attractive, despite the  Morrighan Serendipity: dirt and injuries.

Beast : Green eyes strayed the area she was in with astonishment, and for a moment she stood there like a deer in headlights as she was asked to remove her clothing. Her tongue hit her cheek in disdain and She debated arguing with the woman, she was already feeling the cold down against her bones, but she begrudgingly crossed her arms and removed the jersey she had been wearing. Vara Felt Her blonde hair caress the skin of her shoulder blade as she stood there topless, using the shirt to cover herself with. “is this completely necessary” she argued, scowling. She growled as she watched the woman walk away, and she lay down on the awkward wooden table that had been offered to Her. Perhaps she should start to be more complacent, she reasoned, Her thigh high shorts still clinging to Her. After all. The woman had been benignant, and the others too. Vara had done what she had been told, She had laid down upon the table as asked. “Do you have a doctor here” She asked then she suspended Her speech. Quite sure her medical insurance did not cover extra terrestrial abduction injuries.

Morrighan  stands there with the cloth, a slight scowl on my face as you protest the stripping. “Yes, it’s necessary, or I wouldn’t have given you the instruction to do so.” Of course it wasn’t really, but I had wanted to see all of you. Plus, you’d have to strip anyway soon enough, for the bath. I point at your shorts and shoes. ‘Take off everything, including your footwear. I don’t like repeating myself. I’m just trying to help you. Gor is no place for modesty. You have injuries, I will attend to them, nothing more.” And that was true, for now at least.

Beast : Used her right foot to kick off her left sneaker and the left foot to kick of her right. She did this obstreperously, and as much disparagement as she could possibly force upon the woman. She fumbled with her fingers a moment, interlocking them in thought before she wrapped the deft digits around the button of her jean shorts. Vara wiggled Her hips and teased the jean material down Her slender thighs, She lifted her hips to curve the shorts off of the contours of her rounded ass and down to her ankles. These too, fell unceremoniously to the floor along with the aforementioned sneakers to create a messy pile on the ground around them. Vara crossed Her legs, forcing Her thighs clenched together, And brought her arms upwards to cover her chest. Her eyes watched, as the woman worked.

Morrighan  waits until you are fully nude, eyes roaming over your body, with no attempt to hide what I’m looking at. I say nothing, just turn to the task at hand, using the cloth to clean away the superficial dirt and dried caked blood from your wounds. I stop to rinse the cloth out as needed, making sure the wounds were not more serious than I had at first thought. Finally I probe gently at the larger, deeper head wound. The pepper has done it’s job in clotting the blood, but it was on the verge of needing stitches. Since it wasn’t actively bleeding though, and we had no healers in camp, I give a mental shrug and simple clean gently around the affected area. Recalling your question from before, I answer you as I finish up. “We have physicians on Gor, yes, they are referred to as greens, though that term is used broadly for anyone who heals. Out here in the forests, we seldom see a true physician. I am fortunate to have one in our band, though she travels a lot to help other groups. You have only the one laceration  that is in any way serious, and the bleeding has stopped. I expect you’ll be sore for a few days, but you should be fine. Now, if you’ll follow me, we can see about getting you cleaned up.” I help you stand and point the way out the door, expecting you to follow me. I will help you as needed, as we did on the way up, should it prove necessary.

Beast : The warm of the wet rep cloth caused goosebumps to spice the soft skin of Vara as she lay down flat upon Her back and listened to the woman obscure definition of a doctor. She nodded, simply feigning understanding. Vara Stood off the table, landing the few inches upon the ground, the cradle of it under her bare feet was foreign but consolatory to Her. She followed the woman. Taking the twist and change of course of the complex cave system. It was disorienting,  but stopped her in her tracks as she saw the true beauty in front of her. The water was pristine and clear and Vara could see the bottom with Her own eyes. She inhaled deeply, Her voice would reverberate against the cave subsurface as she spoke, making her voice seem louder than it already was. “where are we” she asked. Her fingers playing with the edges of her hair as she talked. Her sentence was followed by an echo.

Morrighan  begins to strip off weapons and clothing, as always leaving them in easy reach if need be, but not anticipating their use this night. I gesture for you to walk into the water. ‘It’s shallow enough here to sit on the bottom. ” I gaze at the natural beauty and smile at your words. “We are in the en’s bath. No one will disturb us here. As I said, our cave system is extensive.” I stop at the basket and pull from it my favorite soap, the one Ama made for me. It smelled of talendar and lavendar, with a hint of mint, all natural smells that would not alert a predator if I was out hunting. I wade into the water myself and sit down. “Sit here with me, and I will clean you.”

Beast : Watched the woman start to remove her clothing. The skins that she wore, of an animal that she could not identify for the life of her – and she averted Her eyes to the extensive rock designs that adorned the cave. She pressed a single foot forward, hesitant to move from the safety of the place where she stood. For a moment she just awkwardly stood there, before she advanced the water and cautiously placed a single foot into it to judge its temperature. As always she was cautious and weary was she submerged her second foot and allowed herself to be completely enveloped in the waters embrace. She sniffed automatically as the cleansing agent was brought out, it was a scent she could not place save for the spearmint scent. This planet just seemed to become weirder and weirder, and she settled her naked frame next to the muscular and tall stranger. “I can cleanse Myself” she whispered. “I did not misplace My arms in the crash”

Morrighan  watches you, noting your hesitancy. I wait patiently, I had time. I was the only person you knew on this planet, and I would use that. You needed me, and I needed to learn more about you. I would proceed slowly, but the end would always be in sight, at least to me. “I am glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. I am sure your arms work just fine, but you’ve been through a traumatic ordeal. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be uprooted from all I know and taken somewhere foreign, made a slave….” I wet the cloth and the soap, twirling the hard cake until there is a nice foam showing. I hold up the rag as encouragement to move nearer. “Why not just relax and let me do all the work. Or is your planet one in which women don’t do such things with other women?”

Beast : Ran her fingers through the water idly. The woman’s voice dwindled off into the distance. The device on her neck brought to the forefront of her mind. It lay cold and clammy against her warming skin and Vara hoped the marginal heavy thing was not electrical. “I don’t know why anyone would want me as a slave” Vara remarked more so to Herself. “I have never been quiet fast to do a thing I am told” She mused a moment watching the woman work the fresh smelling soap into an active lather. “there are woman like that, I assume” she retorted and settled deeper into the clear confinements of the water, now only Her neck and head free of the waters embrace, lay exposed. She smiled. the way spoke of Earth, was if it were somewhere else, a million light years away from here and now. Vara maneuvered the wild tresses of Her hair away from framing her face. She was at the mercy of this woman and she knew it. “Alright” she relented, challenging.

Morrighan smiled in encouragement, hearing the slight tone of challenge, paying careful attention to your words. I needed to know if you preferred women or men, so that when the time came, I sold you to one who would bring me the most coin. There was, unfortunately, not much choice in the matter. You would end a slave. It was just a matter of to whom. I would bide my time. I would be your friend, your information source about Gor. I would do nothing that undermined the trust you had to develop, until of course, it became time to act. For now, I was enjoying this, and would learn about your planet as much as you would share anyway. The ones from earth in the band seldom spoke of it, and when they did, it seemed so …fantastical …as to be something of make believe or a dream. I lift one of your arms up, laying your hand on my shoulder to keep it up out of the water. Using the rep cloth, I start at your shoulder and work my way down your arm, top and bottom, cleaning away the remnants of scorched sand and earth,  not to mention the rather slimy liquid you had been coated in. The touch is sure, gentle, and my eyes seek yours as I clarify what you’ve said, not speaking more of slavery for now. “You assume there are women like that on your planet? You mean you don’t know?” I knew Lizzy was of course, but I was interested in your reply.

Beast : “yes, there are women like that on my planet” Vara responded almost nonchalantly as the arm was fortified against the muscular shoulder. The touch was surprisingly light and almost feather like. The length of her arm was cleaned in a matter of minutes, the cloth sweeping confidently against her skin, wet, and reused on the other arm. Vara’s weight felt different as she bobbed in the water. She watched as the dirt left her skin with very little effort, falling into the water where it dispersed. Vara placed her hands on her head, in the tresses of her extended blonde hair that she was so proud of, and looked after so carefully. It was unkempt now, and dirty.  Vara was tired, and exhausted. The water was welcoming, and warm, and caused her body to harden, goosebumps dancing along her skin.  But she was not in her bed, safe and warm. She had been abducted from her own planet, unsure of when she would see her parents again. As Her body was rustled by the water, the thin band jingled around her ankles. “are

Beast :  there other things I should know, for My own safety” she asked. Completely naive about the planet she currently inhabited.

Morrighan finishes the second arm in the same way the first was cleansed and I rinse out the rag. My eyes are drawn to your ink marks, and I reach out with an index finger to trace the one at your chest outlining the feline shaped head there. “You have giani on your planet?” I continue to trace the path of the tattoo, dark eyes watching your green ones when my finger strays closer to a nipple, though for now, I stay on course, in line with the dark trails the ink takes. “Do these marks hold some meaning for you? Did you receive them as part of some ritual? I consider how to answer your question. I decide to scare you a little, wanting you to understand that I am, quite literally, your life line here. “There are thousands of things you should know. There are animals here, ones like larl and tharlarion, sleens, panthers, osts, though they are much further south than we are. You are in danger from raiders coming here to enslave you. You are in a world that is totally foreign to you. I will try to tell you what  matters the most, for your immediate survival,, but it won’t be nearly all you need to know.” Of course I leave out the fact that you are also at risk from me, from the sa ki fori. Winter was coming, and a fresh barbarian would sell nicely, especially if she was glana…now….how to find out about that…

Beast : Did not need to look down to the tattoo that centred her chest but she did anyway, to watch the finger as it teased and mirrored each line from the needle. “oh” she smiled. “a giani is like a cat” she mouthed the word. It was weird and foreign as it fell from her pierced tongue. Vara hitched her breath as the finger lingers close to her nipple, and for a moment or two she held her breath until the finger moved away, Following her inked path. “I received it in college” she offered. “and it hurt too, but it is a good pain” she watched the the fingers follow the tattoo line as she listened to the animals that were reeled off to her. They sounded large, and obnoxious. Much like the woman in front of her. “raiders” she repeated. “they sound dangerous, are you sure your women are safe from such things” she paused her sentence again and ran her toes against the bottom of the caves water. She wondered if she was really safe to begin with.\

Morrighan hears the words but doesn’t understand some of them. I didn’t know cat, or college, though I assumed you were right in that both cat and giani were felines. “All tattoos hurt. What is college?” I reach out then and tug at your lip, playing with the piercing there. “And this too was from college? Are your ears pierced as well?” I move the hair aside to look for myself. I had noticed the breath holding, not sure though the reason for it. Still, you had so far been amenable to everything we’ve done, but still, I don’t push it, enjoying the slow approach. I nod as you ask about the raiders. “Raiders come from all over. We get hit by other panther bands…by outlaws, by slavers, there is no safe place in gor for women like us.” I take the soap in hand again, laying aside the cloth, letting it sink while again a lather is formed. I reach out with both hands and start on your chest, studiously avoiding your breasts for now.

Beast : Realized she would have to converse to this Woman as if she were a minor, and visa versa. Since they were finding out about each others respective planets. “college is My education” she said easy and slow, enunciating each word carefully. Vara furrowed Her brows, as the snakebites in her lip were toyed with, the fingers so close to her lips and she almost pulled back before she realized she may lose a lip. “yes” she nodded a mixture of nervousness and irritation “I got those too, but no. not my ears” she retorted as the hand reached out to move the long blonde hair that had hidden her ears, but now affixed to the nape of her neck by her own perspiration “is that what you are” she asked, her curiosity peaked to its fullest now. “a band of panther women, who live here in forests and caves” she watched the cloth become rinsed and the fingertips were followed by a lathered rag.

Morrighan nods. ‘Aye, we are called panthers. We are outlaws of a sort. Women who are escaping from mainstream gorean society flee to the northern forests, where we are. Some flee slavery, some leave rather than be forced into an unwanted companionship.” My hands, free of the cloth, roam slowly southward, curling around each rounded mound of your breasts. I make circles there with my palms, feeling the jut of your nipples. Still, I don’t linger, moving even further south, hands moving across your stomach, down to each jutting hipbone, fingers caressing as much as cleansing. My eyes were still on your chest though, and I decided you’d need to be pierced before selling you. There was something highly erotic about a slave leashed by her nipples, and I vowed to myself that I’d see that very soon…

Beast : Caught her breath as her body was assaulted by the wandering hands, and intimately so. The muscles in her stomach tightened and each hair that lay on the nape of her neck stood to attention and on end. Her body subconsciously betrayed her, as she responded to the touch, any touch. Vara swallowed hard. “outlaws” she spoke, trying best to keep her sentences coherent and orderly, making conversation as her body was washed. “outlaws sound, illegal” she coughed, freeing her throat. Vara’s questing fingertips moved on to her palm, drumming idle and lazy. She felt like a confined animal. Prey, as she watched the woman. not underestimating her for a minute. It did cross her mind that she could run at any moment, and she was hungry.  “slavery does not sound like something I would enjoy” she mused. Her voice cracking as the fingers hit her hip bone.

Morrighan  knows women’s bodies well, and I am attuned to every breath, every flinch, each muscle contraction and nervous twitch. I remain relaxed as we speak, slowly turning you at the shoulders, so that your back is to me. “Lay back and I’ll wash your hair.” Assuming you did that without protest, I would use the soap, briskly rubbing it between my hands, applying it to your scalp, fingers kneading, massaging, hands pressing the long hair between them as I work the soap into all areas, then guide your head underwater to rinse. “Do you have slavery on your planet?”

Beast : Lay back and reclined her head, much like she would at a hairdressers. She dare not voice that thought though, afraid to open another proverbial can of worms with the alien. “Gor seems to be a pretty planet thus far” she conveyed, the tension in her head and neck coming to the surface of her body as her hair was kneaded to a perfumed lather. Her hair was fairly long, and the women spent a good time washing the filth and dust from the dirty tendrils. Her hair was submerged beneath the water, and rinsed clean before she had time to answer the question. She felt the water rush the cavity of her ears and nose, and when she found her way to break through the surface of the water, she briskly answered as unanalyzable as she could. “we use to” she started to explain in a simplistic language. “it became a very bad thing to do” she finished. Holding in the laugh at how juvilie she seemed to be, and it amused her.

Morrighan  waits until you clear the water from your face after your submersion and gently pull you back against me so your head nestles in the hollow of my shoulder. I turn my face to inhale the fresh clean smell of your scalp, reaching around you to claim the soap, twirling it again, the lather frothy on my hands as they move to cup around each breast. I slowly use the slippery suds to facilitate the movement of my fingers as they glide over your breasts, finally settling on your nipples as if magnetized, rolling each small bud between my thumb and fingers. I breathe an answer against your ear, voice low, husky, tinged with desire. ‘No, I don’t think slavery is good for anyone, though it is common practice here.” My lips linger near your skin and I succumb to the temptation, softly pressing them to the skin at the side of your neck, feeling the pulse so near. “You are very beautiful, and I realize I don’t even know your name.”

Beast : Felt the woman’s abrupt intimacy and she remained still to placate her, she ironed the ridge of her teeth to the surface of her lower lips causing diminutive crescent shaped indentations to settle in the skin there. She rolled the skin back and forth between Her teeth. Again her body unconsciously betrayed her, curing to the unaccustomed touch. Vara pulled back, her spine caught on the rock ledge that surrounded the water, and as the woman’s lips made contact with Her neck, Vara shivered reflexively further into the rock. “what are You doing” she cried, suddenly aware of the situation. “My name is Naevara” she stammered. “most people call me Vara, what about Yours” she asked nervously attempting to subdue the situation.

Morrighan  didn’t let go, just held you to me, letting you feel the press of my breasts at your back. “I’m cleaning you,” I reply, tongue in cheek, “Well met Vara, my name is Morrighan, most call me Mo or Mor. I am the end of the band of women here, we are known as the Sa ki Fori, which means “women or daughters without chains. So you see, those of us here, are committed to being free.” My hands tighten a little on your breasts, a not so subtle warning. “I’m sure by now you’ve thought about running. I warn you now, there is nowhere to run to. I am willing to help you, but you have to want to be helped, and to understand that you may have to do some things you might otherwise not do. Am I clear?”

Beast: Listened to the words she was being told, and she mouthed the name wordlessly with her lips. Then she repeated it with sound. “Morrighan” she said frank and candid. “it sounds very pretty” she admitted, but her sentence was cut off in its middle and Vara violently Sucked in her breath. She had forgotten momentarily, about the hand that rested against her breast. It had left its torturing of her nipple to grasp threateningly on the voluptuous curves of her breasts. “I had no intention to run” she lied. “let me go, right this second” she growled. Attempting to pull away from the Morrighan. “what kind of things do you mean” she asked, her fingertips moving to caress the device around her throat, making sure that the woman’s words had been translated correctly. “I am not very good at stealing”

Morrighan hadn’t wanted to reveal myself this early as your enemy, and in all truth, I wasn’t sure yet that I was. But I couldn’t allow you to resist, it was truly too dangerous. I slide my arm around your throat, pulling it tight so the crook of my elbow is hard against the soft tissues near your adam’s apple. I hiss into your ear. “You will not fight me. You cannot win, and I will not let you go. These caverns are a warren, and you’d only get lost. Now, calm yourself and I will release the hold. Nod if you agree. If you try to flee, you will be downed, by either myself or one of my band. In here we have the illusion of privacy, but believe me we are not alone. Now…can you be calm?”

Beast  Battled against the dark skinned constrictive muscular tissue that pressed hard against her throat. She wrenched her head left and right in fight or flight. Eventually she stopped. There were no places she could run. For all she knew these caves could meander for miles and miles beneath the planet. She forced Her own body against the body of Her holder. “I can be calm” She spat through her clenched teeth, and Her jaw hardened like steel “what do you want with Me” she growled low, her voice vibrating through the hollowed out formation, dampened by the surface of the water. The pressure on her throat made it hard for Her to form coherent sentences. She waited for the panther girls next move, as Her mind whirred with ideas.

Morrighan  didn’t release the pressure until you stopped struggling. Even then I kept the hold, though not as tight. I stood abruptly, striding from the water, scooping up clothes and weapons in one arm. I wanted my weapons in hand, just in case, though I didn’t think I’d need them. If I did, the woman would learn quickly the truth of my words. “Follow me, I say, leading her just around the corner to my sleeping chamber. “We need to continue to discuss things. But perhaps some food would be in order, help restore some of your strength.”

Beast : Watched as the Woman grabbed her clothing and Her artillery. It dawned on Vara that a Woman this big would need so many weapons, it suggested that Morrighan wasn’t at the top of the food chain. So she followed as she walked, hips swaying. turning and twisting the cavernous tunnels, not more than a meter behind the woman as she walked. Vara rolled the joint of her shoulders and felt the antagonism and tension rise to the surface, Her bare feet moved by themselves, cradled by the ground beneath Her. She drew in a sigh, and brought her hand up to caress the nape of her neck, and remove the hair that had organized there in her loss of control. “Food founds good” she remarked nonchalantly, but not hostile – Assuming the food on this planet was the same as her indigenous one, She figured she would be all right. Vara stopped in her walk when they entered the room, and she cast a lazy gaze around it. Her eyes lingered with confusion on the timbered rack, and then moved to the furs on the ground. They looked soft to the touch. These people, she reasoned, lived very primitive. “Simple” she remarked, looking now back to Morrighan. Her breathing had steadied, and so had the beating in Her chest.

Morrighan  gestures to the piled furs on the bed platform. My eyes narrowed as you use the word primitive. I came from a weathy family in Schendi, had lived in comfort, so yes, perhaps primitive, but these were snow larl furs, well cured, piled ten deep. More comfortable than any bed I had slept in as a child. “You may pull one of those furs around yourself to dry off and warm up. Stay here, I’ll get us both some food.” I leave the chamber then, taking time only to draw on a pair of pants, waiting just outside the doorway, listening, a test of sorts to see what you’d do. Silently I slide both bow and machete into their respective places on my back. I remain still, ears straining, having no intention of moving until I can assure myself that you intend to stay put.

Beast : Inched closer to the animal skin, and she bend her body to take one into her hand. It felt brushed and soft to the touch, and almost melted against her extremity. She turned Her head toward Morrighan as she told Her to stay, and watched her as she walked away. Vara weighed the skin and brought it close to her chest. Inhaling it. It smelled fresh-cut, and it smelled free, and she was sure the beast – whatever it was – had been a beauty in life as in death. When the Woman left the room, Vara swung the dense pelt around her cold, defenseless and  body and she felt the instantaneous temperature change as she was enveloped in its warmth. She took this time of privacy to walk around the room, as if it were her own. Holding the fur close to her, she ran her fingers along the timbers of the wooden structure. Guessing what it could be. Vara then moved to the trunk. It looked uncompromising, and it looked of age. She did not open it. Vara blinked, allowing her eyes to adjust to such a indistinct and subdued light change. The only movements were the flickering of light that ran the length of her body, attenuating her exquisite curves. Vara remained silent, and she waited in thought.

Morrighan  has waited long enough that I’m sure you plan to stay put. I turn and head on silent feet to the kitchen, where I dish up two bowls of the fish stew. Fish wasn’t my favorite, but it was hearty, with suls and good seasoning. I brought a whole loaf made fresh by our newest pledge, a baker who’d fled from Ar itself. I grab a bota and dip it in the rain barrel until the bubbles stop, then a small dish of verr butter and utensils for us both. The bowls and spoons were carved of wood, well worn but tough and serviceable. Balancing all this, I return to my cave, watching a moment as I see the fur draped around you like a robe, studying the rather spartan furnishings. I gesture with my chin. ‘Sit on the furs and we will eat.” I wait until you do so, then hand you a bowl and spoon. I sit myself and tear off half the bread, using my own spoon to smear the verr butter on your half, then doing the same to mine, handing that over as well. I then take a bite of the stew, showing you that there is nothing to fear, idly  wondering what kind of food you are used to, if this is even palatable to you.

Beast : Heard the footsteps reach the corridors before the leggy muscular body returned back to the mediocre sized cavern. Her eyes went straight to the substance, nestled in two wooden bowls. The woman seemed effortless as she carried them, and the scent reminded Vara immediately of home, and of the coat. Of crayfish, and of oysters. She rubbed her eyes, before she mirrored Morrighan and sat down upon the lush fur pelts. Her body almost seemed to sink into them with ease. She took a bowl, and hesitated -letting her eyes fall to the concoction that resembled a stew of sorts. She sniffed it, and then pulled a face. She did not sniff everything she consumed at home, so why was she behaving so oddly. She observed the Woman start to eat before she took a spoonful and started to eat herself. It was delicious. Some kind of seafood, thrown in with what she could only describe as a starchy vegetation of sorts, but like a potato. Vara ate like she had never eaten before, but slowed when she realized she must seem like a   BEAST™. She partook of the bread too. It was not as sweet as she was used to, but it was good, and obviously homemade. She paused Her eating. Letting the spoon rest in Her palm. “thank You” she said softly, and continued to devour the rest of the food in silence.

Morrighan  hadn’t realized just how hungry I was until I started to eat, and it hit me that it was almost half a day ago since I had witnessed the ship falling from the sky. Since you didn’t seem inclined to speak, I didn’t either, matching your devotion to the feeding process until both stew and bread are gone. I pick up the bota and open it, drinking perhaps a third of it, laying it back down for you to drink as well, if needed. “You are welcome,’ I reply, one hand idly stroking the soft fur. “This is my bed, where I sleep at night. It is the largest of our caves, at least the ones for personal use. As en, I lead this group of women. I come from a place called Schendi, far to the south of where we are now. The land, the terrain, the weather, the people, are all very different than here in the north. Like you, I’m displaced, and can never return home. In that we are similar. But at least I’m on the same planet, and don’t have to use that to understand the language.” My fingers reach out and stroke the surface of  the odd collar translator. “What else can I answer for you before we retire for the night?”

Beast : Had had a million thoughts that had washed through her chaotic mind in the 24 hours that had passed. Did time here run like that of earth. Did a day contain 24 hours, a week contain 7 days. Were the calenders the same. She did not see, in her mind. These primitive women celebrating Christmas and exchanging gifts and she brought the final spoonful of fish soup to her mouth and swallowed. Vara picked up the bottle that Morrighan had drank from, and popped it, savoring the cool water as it ran down her throat. It was simple, and it was nurturing and it was good. She returned the bota back to the furs. Vara paused as the fingers reminded her that the translator was still there, magnetically held to her throat bridging the language barrier that had been faced at the beginning of all this. “the ship” she started “was I the only survivor,”  she placed the empty bowl beside her folded legs. “are you all women, I see no men at all here” she admitted, but truth be told, Vara had not seen much of the woman’s home since her arrival here.

Morrighan shifts position, lying down, not tired, but enjoying the opportunity to rest. “You can lay with me if you wish. Not in a sexual way, just for warmth and companionship. ” As I settle into the furs, shifting the pillow, I formulate my reply to your questions. “On Gor, men rule. As panthers, we’ve rejected that, fled from that. The only men you will see in our camp are the few slaves we have. We use them until we tire of them, then sell them off for profit.” I don’t speak to the “use” the men are put to. Tomorrow, if you like, we can explore the forest area around our camp. We are fortunate to have an area to live in that is both beautiful and lush with flora and fauna of all types. The land sustains us, and what few things we need or want, that we can’t harvest from the forest, we trade for.” I take another drink of water, sitting up slightly to swallow, then settle back down. ‘I killed the Kur. It was an act of mercy. He was horribly wounded, and even so, still dangerous. We see them now and then, though rarely. Even now, his body is being stripped of fur, the fat rendered. We use it here as an antibiotic, a treatment for wounds to prevent infection. The only down side is the odor…which is best described as rancid. The other women…they didn’t make it. Did you know them?”

Beast : Shook Her head and she too laid back into the depth of the rich fur. It seemed – or at least the way the Woman described it – that these women had everything they needed right at hand. She understood flora, to be the ligneous plant, and the flowers – and the fauna to be the animals and livestock that roamed the land. She had already been informed that the gorean version of the cat, whose face centered between her breasts in tattoo form was a giani, and she had heard of larls, and tharlarion. Their names alone sounded dangerous. She listened to the tale of the Kur with curiosity. She had seen snippets of Women carrying the beast away, at least now she knew what would happen to the monster. “I am from a place called New Orleans, and no. I did not know them, I imagine much like me they were just going about their lives when they were snatched up by this ship of yours” She stopped to bite down on her lip in thought. It drew the blood to the surface. “how many of there are You. Am I your prisoner”

Morrighan smiled as you settled in next to me and when you bite your lip, I reach out and wipe the blood away, only a small drop, with my finger. The finger returns, lingering, tracing your bottom lip, then I withdraw my hand as I answer, enjoying the give and take exchange, as we each learn more about the other, and our respective homes. “Tell me about New Orleans.” I shake my head as you refer to the ship. ‘Believe me that is not anything we have access to. The Kur, well let’s save the battle between the Priest Kings and the Kur for another time.” I lay down on my side, propped on an elbow when you ask about being my prisoner. I consider lying, having planned all along to enslave you, yet there was something about you…and I can’t help but wonder how I’d fare if our situations were reversed. I answer you honestly. “If you were, you’d be in a cage right now. That said, I have no idea what to do with you. A lot of that will depend on you I suppose. Women from your planet are brought here specifically to be slaves.  So that is still an option for me. We here, the sa ki fori…we’ve formed our alliance with each other to protect each other against slavery. Perhaps, there may be other options. But it will be difficult. Most panther bands…in order to get in, you have to win a trial by combat and kill your opponent….”

Beast : Felt the fingertip trace her lip and she stilled. Her breath caught again and she quickly moved onto the sentences that had formed in her mind. “New Orleans is a city in Louisiana…thats a state In America” Vara furrowed Her brow. For once in her life she found it difficult to convey a message. The Woman’s lack of earth knowledge led Vara to the conclusion that Morrighan had been born on this planet. “Gor” the word left her lips audibly. Not as foreign as it once was “I guess” She caught up fast, the words leaving and rolling off her tongue with a length of excitement that she could actually make comparison to. “that city, You are from” vara did not even try to pronounce it.  “New orleans is much like that, I expect” She added. Not really sure. “its very big” She nodded with added exhilaration. Her body still hurt, and she arched her back to align the column of her spine. “Gor sounds very complex” She admitted. Often left confused by the explanations and lost by trying to make equivalence to what she knew. “why are we specifically brought for slavery” she wondered out loud.

Morrighan  shrugs. “I don’t really know. I know the kur make regular trips to your planet and return with girls like you. They usually pick not only beautiful women but also intelligent ones, as once they are broken to the collar, they make exquisite slaves. A barbarian slave is considered exotic, and therefore, more valuable than one born here.” I listen as you describe the place names of your planet but it’s like water off a gant’s back to me, they mean nothing. If you like, I can tell you the story of how I became a panther. In many ways its similar to those of many forest women.”

Beast : Nestled further into the fur and she smiled. Mayhaps the only genuine smile to paint her lips the whole day. “yes, That would be interesting”. She veiled Her green eyes behind the lids for a moment, enjoying the warmth and a fully belly, but her guard remained up. She did not trust this woman. Yet, she did not know why. She thought perhaps as a self admitted outlaw, she had learned the tricks of the trade. Telling people what they wanted to hear for her own gains. “I was apparently adequate”. Certainly, this hardly seemed to be a ringing endorsement  on Varas part and she laughed. “Anyway, how did you become the leader of this band of Women” Vara inquired with intrigue. She had pacified the tiger, for now.

Morrighan  watches you get more comfortable, but I move no closer, very aware of our recent enmity in the baths. I don’t want you on edge, so I give you no reason to be. I take another drink from the bota and begin the tale. ‘I mentioned that I was used to a comfortable life. I am a native of Schendi, and until three pahns ago had never seen snow, nor known cold. I was the youngest child and only daughter of a wealthy merchant companioned to a scribe. So I grew up privileged, educated, and happy. My father traded in spices and fine cloth and for years had traveled without incident. Of course he had guards for longer trips, and it was on such a trip to Sardar, when his trade caravan was ambushed. My mother had gone with him, as she often did, as a scribe, she handled the accounts and kept ledgers of all the trade transactions. A day after they left Schendi, one of the guards returned, driving a bosk cart hard, near dead. The caravan had been attacked, all killed for the one who brought us the news, including both my parents. I was 18 at the time, and had never experienced loss. My eldest brother tried to step into my father’s shoes and run the business, but he had no head for it, was in truth lazy and dishonest, and soon we were losing money. For some time he hid this from the family, trying to cover his debts through gambling. But it seems he had no head for that either…and soon was in desperate straits.

Beast  nodded. She understood most of what was being said. Albeit for the bosk cart, but she made supposition anyway to grasp the concept that the muscular panther girl had been orphaned at 18. “a pahn is what” she asked curiously. “one year here? Or more, You don’t look that old” she dropped her hand to play lazily with the empty woody that still sat beside her. Then she realized She was asking to many questions with her interrogations and interrupting the story. “i’m sorry” she said. “please, by all means continue”

Morrighan  nods. ‘A pahn is a gorean year, yes. And I will never look old. I received the stabilization serum at an early age, and that is a gift we will give you while you remain with us. I get back on track then…there was much more to tell. “My brother’s gambling debts grew and out of money, he began wagering our family possessions…artworks from other lands, my mother’s jewelry..inlaid daggers that belonged to my father. He lost it all. I was oblivious to all this of course, still grieving for my parents, especially my father, who had always indulged me, as many fathers do their little girls. He treated me more as a son, letting me learn to hunt, to use daggers…but now my days were empty, even servants had left us because my brother could no longer pay. Finally, I was told what was happening by a friend, and I confronted my brother. He grew angry, so much so that when he grabbed me and shoved, hissing at me to mind my own business, I literally feared for my life…he said he had a plan, and that very night,  our family fortunes would be reversed back from the steady decline they had fallen into.” My voice goes flat, neutral, as the truly painful part of the tale begins. I had told it so much that I could almost separate away my emotions…almost. “What I am telling you now, I found out later. All I know is he left after our argument. I now know that he went to a local tavern, got drunk, and was dicing with a jarl of the north. This man was a sometime guest and business associate of my father. He had seen me as a younger girl, and found me enticing. So much so, that when my brother had lost all to him on this evening of drunken foolishness, that he offered my brother one final recoup all his losses, vs. me, to be delivered to him as a slave.”



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