The Gazette of Gor – Issue 41

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(Gorean Press Edition)


     From the Editor’s Desk

     Interview with  Ki Moon

     The Northern Forest Outpost Travelogue

     Ravandal Fjord-BTB Torvalsland Travelogue

     Kal’s Bio revised

     Godmodding , metagaming ect what mean and how to avoid

     Plan for SL Gor to Transition to Game of Thrones

     Three First Parts

     Gorean Etiquette (Nimbrel)

 Editorial by Mariko Marchant


From the editor’s desk: How to proceed with The Gazette of Gor

By Mariko Marchant

Due to a car accident last week, Minnie, the founder of the Gazette of Gor, has multiple fractures, a damaged lung and  her heart is very low but the doctors seemed positive that she will recover. She still has a long uphill battle ahead of her and it’s going to take her a while (at least months) to fully be her old self again.

As our thoughts are with Minnie and we pray she will  fully recover, we will our very best to continue Minnie’s dream “The Gazette of Gor”. We all hope Minne will come back, but we need to realize that this can take months. I know Minnie well and when she comes back and finds out the Gazette of Gor is not there anymore she will be very disappointed. But on the other hand Minnie worked hard on  her passion the Gazette of Gor and spend many, many hours every week to get an edition out. If we want  to go on this way we need  people who are willing to spend at least 4 hours per week making this newspaper.

Minnie  addressed the readers a lot. I feel now it is time  for the readers to speak up and give their opinion about Minnie’s passion and dream: The Gazette of Gor.

  Interview with  Ki Moon


      LeaniYngol: First,  I want to say that is my pleasure to be your guest, can you interduce yourself to our readers?

Ki Moon: it is a pleasure that you are here Leani and yes , my name is Ki Moon, and i am the En of Sa Me Aak Talunas, A mixed tribe german/english

LeaniYngol: I must to admit, until yesterday I dsnt heart that name before, Sa Me Aak, have any meaning?

Ki Moon: yes sure, all or most name have a meaning. Aak is the gorean word for Dragon. Sa Me Aak means “Daughter of dragon”

LeaniYngol: Ah, forgive to my ignorance, what is good to know about Sa Me Aak?

Ki Moon: Sa Me Aak is a young tribe, but we was grow up very fast. We prefer RP and we are not a pew pew group. We trade with many other tribes and small villages , also privet persons form south to north. Sa Me Aak ever have good RP and most of time we are friendly, we fight when we must, but then strong and powerful. All last friday in month we have story evening, people from all over from GOR come ti our trade dock and we sit on fire and hear storys from GOR ( no from the books)

LeaniYngol: If I have right, you are founder of tribe, what is yours and tribe history on Gor?

Ki Moon: yes i have founding the tribe, together with my partner and shaman dark shadow. the back story from my tribe , hummm… we was wandering from north , we both was ki kara panther before. we was searching land after the big earthquake ,  who destroy the land from ki kara. finally we found a place here in (southland talunaland). we found the tribe with three members on october 2015. now we have over 20 members.

LeaniYngol: Do you have strict roles inside of tribe, like who is in charge to build , who lead in raid etc, who make decisions or you have council  for all decisions?

Ki Moon: we do have OOC meetings for important things. my shaman has build the wonderful tribe, the cave here i have done. some thing we do together, all my sis has a voice and we discuss. but EN’s word, my word ever is the last word.

Ki Moon: giggles

LeaniYngol: Well, i guess that have to be on that way. I feels really positive here, sim is beautiful and everyone is friendly and bit curious, what is your relationship with rest of panthers world, if we can call it like that?

Ki Moon: yes the sim is beautiful, i think a must to see. we have  just rent this part. outside the tribe, the jungle, is not our work. our relationship. we have allied talunas and panther, many.  but also some enemy’s. in german and english GOR. and also tribe’s we dont know. but every huntress who come as a friend will be wellcome in our tribe.

LeaniYngol: Most of tribes recruiting, are you still open for new members  and if you are, why will somebody choose you instead of some other tribe?

Ki Moon: yes we also recruiting new huntresses. why they should stay here, good question. the most of huntress they are here , also slaves, stay here, why we are no pew pew and why we do in first line RP. many people come to visit us, not just huntress, also people from north and south, trade or discuss news, ask for help in various things.  another point is, i am all days more then 15 hours on GOR, most in tribe, so nobody will be alone here. we have players from europ and from USA, so some days 24h people here.

LeaniYngol: You have your website too?

Ki Moon: yes we have   and there is also many information  and link to other group. and all gorean groups can send me there group- website or blog

LeaniYngol: And at the end, is there something what you would like to add, or say to our readers and what i did not ask?

Ki Moon: yes, remember what is gorean.  try play real and dont cheat. in thos meaning safe path and kwa heri to all

LeaniYngol: Thank you on your time Ki Moon

Ki Moon: i have to say thank you leani

 The Northern Forest Outpost Travelogue


**Selvi’s Travelogue**

Northern Forest Outpost

*In this week’s travelogue i bring you information on a no raid sim. Imagine yourself travelling and you find yourself at an outpost South of Kassau, it is a lawless place with panthers, outlaws and some regular travellers. Castes have no value here, magistrates non existent. If your looking for a challenge and  little danger this maybe be the Gorean sim for you.

* The owner/creator was kind of enough to answer a few questions for me, I hope this helps ignite desire in our readers to investigate, explore and maybe chose this sim for future roleplay.

*My name is Selvi and i wish to ask a few questions about your Gorean sim. I write travelogues for the Gazette of Gor. Please I hope you can answer some questions?

*Who designed this beautiful sim?

*Hi there, I am the designer, Dema Fairport. I have been designing Gorean sims now for about 4 years. I also designed Heimthorpe recently

* Who are the admins/mods?

*The sim technically does not have any admins or mods, it is a Gorean sim with a twist. I would rather have it open for people to come and RP at will and be adults and manage any disputes In Character, we all know how to rp Gor and I made this place for people to have free range RP, without having to worry about joining or admins saying they can’t be in a certain role.

*Are you looking for fill any particular roles?

*Not really, it is open to all roles really, whoever would find themselves in the depths of the Northern Forest. The place is perfect for warriors looking to hide a captive, panthers traveling to the beach to sell their captives, woodsmen, runaway slaves, outlaws and the like.

*Do you wish to share any messages with the readers of the Gazette?

*I want to thank everyone who has made the sim successful in so many ways. People come on a regular bases to rp and have crreated some amazing story lines. Gor needed a Northern Forest that was a natural place to rp, where your imagination is the only limit, and I have pleased they have chosen NFO for that place to be.

*Be on the lookout for the New Northern Forest Outpost, as I have just procured a full region and will be moving the forest to this place which will allow for deeper woods, more hidden places, tunnels, caves and many many places to explore. and hide.

*There you have it folks, something for everyone to look forward to with anticipation. This is Selvi until the next travelogue, happy adventuring to all!!!

 Ravandal Fjord-BTB Torvalsland Travelogue

**Selvi’s Travelogue**

Ravandal Fjord-BTB Torvalsland

*I bring to you another BTB Gorean sim in this weeks Selvi’s Travelogue.  They are seeking men, women and slaves who are seeking quality RP, good-story lines and a long term home. Imagine this setting,  the freewomen are respectful to the freemen, the men are active tending the fields, felling trees, forging steel ad going about the everyday business of living in the harsh lands of the north.

*I was able to get a ask few questions and the Jarl Loki Eisenfaust was kind enough to put down his axe and answer them for me.

*Selvi:Is Ravandal Fjord actively recruiting any specific roles at the moment?

*Jarl Loki Eisenfraust: . Ravandal Fjord is recruiting dedicated men of all trades; buxom, bouncing bondmaids; and freewomen of all trades, except for bakers.

We are most in need of an assistant overseer, traders, hunters, apothecaries/herbalists, a sleen trainer, shipwright, fishermen/women, Skalds, and any other hard working folk who fall under multiple roles as was common in Torvaldsland.

*Selvi:  I notice the sim uses G&S system, do you find that the system adds a great deal of flavor to the roleplay here on Ravandal Fjord?

*Jarl Loki Eisenfraust: We make limited use of the G&S system, I find it adds some flavor to the roleplay in giving actual items which can be consumed, traded or otherwise exchanged.

*Selvi:Would you like to share any special messages to the readers of the Gazette of Gor?

*Jarl Loki Eisenfraust:My message to all Gazette of Gor Readers: Tal men, women, bonds, beasts, sluts, and sleens of Gor! There is no better time than now to be involved with Torvaldsland. I invite all of those old men and women of the North and those new and curious to learn its ways to visit Ravaldal Fjord! We welcome the experienced and the inexperienced alike and strive to focus on quality of Torvaldslandic roleplay above all else.


Kal’s Bio revised


A little about my experience with Merchant Caste

A baby was found, abandoned in a basket by a nomadic band of Kataii. Taken in by their head merchant and his mate, named Kalteim, he was raised as one of their own, cherished, and taught the ways of the Kataii. His adoptive parents taught him the skills of a merchant.

As he grew, he found himself craving to travel and exploring this world. His parents, though they would miss him, knew of the wandering spirit and sent him on a trade mission to the north to find the sea sleen pelts his people required.

He developed a fondness for the greenery and trees and the finer things in life as he traveled. The world was new and different and he found himself addicted to the new people and exciting happenings outside the plains.

Eventually however, the tug of his home lands drew him back to the Turian Plains. To his great dispair, he found his parents had been killed in a battle between the Kassars and the Kataii. Filled with sorrow, he wandered aimlessly for a few hands, before being taken in by a great teacher, Ubar Luther. He remained with him for a year and during that time, Luthar taught him much about the ways of the people in the cities of the North and the South, along with much about being a good Gorean Free Man.

After Luther left the plains, Kalteim continued to travel Gor to spread the education he had gained from him and to write his scrolls. Kalteim returned to the ways of the wagon peoples and built a large home of fifty wagons, becoming the Ubar. Sadly, the Tuchuk attacked in an ambush, destroying the wagon camp. Kalteim escaped with his mate and once more wandered, buying and selling his goods as a trader for the next 15 years.

Kalteim began to like the comfort and niceties of living near cities and he one day came upon Genesian Port and stayed a couple of hands. Their Ubar asked him to run for the head merchant position because of his wide travels and many connections.  He accepted and became the banker there. For two years he remained, setting up acoin system. He was well known for his practices, the coin not shaved and of full weight. Then he was asked by his Companion’s great, great grandfather to set up a bank in Verr Fjord. He did so with pride and soon all knew of his system and he was asked to set up banking and coining systems in several other villiages.

He then happened on the village of Besnit, his Companion had heard of it and led him there. He found the people kind and friendly. He became Head Merchant of Besnit for a time until his Companion passed away in childbirth. Kalteim found the memories there was too much for him to bear, so he once again returned to wandering, buying and selling. He learned the craft of paga distilling and mead brewing while traveling in the North. Being a man with an eye to profit, he invented a new type of paga, designed for the delicate palate of the Free Woman where he earned yet again another small fortune.

He, then, at the request of a very old and cherished friend came to the Island of Cos. He found the people there quite pleasant and was asked by some of the local merchants to consider heading the caste there.  He ran for the position yet lost the election.  He was asked by the Head of the Caste to be his Head Merchant, He chose to do that to assist the young merchant in learning the ways of managing merchants.  He learned quickly, albeit not for the same purposes it was intended  Therefor Kalteim resigned that position after learning that he did not care to be associated with that man.

After much thought and investigation, he then decided to move to Cartius.  The people there, gracious, open and welcoming.  He thought the city had a good future ahead of it and therefor offered his services as Head Merchant of the City of Cartius. However, time passed and the city failed, and once more he wandered.

Soon he found himself in the City of Ti. The people welcomed him, needing such skill. Of a like mind, the people soon became his family. He took up the position as a Councilman as well as Head Merchant. His shop thrived as he prepared his exotic brews and distillations.


Godmodding , metagaming ect what mean and how to avoid


Godmodding in its simplest terms is controlling another player’s character without their permission. By imposing your will on their character without their permission, you are gaining ‘godlike’ or ‘divine’ powers, hence the origin of the term. Godmodding can be as basic stating that a character is holding a drink in their hand at a party, or mentioning a type of clothing a character is wearing. It can also include actions, such as Character A swinging a punch and breaking Character B’s nose. In this scenario there was not any opportunity for Character B’s player to respond to the action, maybe their character dodged the punch entirely or got a black eye instead, perhaps it hit but not strong enough to actually break their nose. By stating the end result of the action, the player of Character A is removing the ability of Character B’s player to contribute to both the scene and the mood of the thread.

Avoiding godmodding is rather simple, the easiest way to do so is to leave an opening for the other player to respond to. For example this Shaking her head, Jane frowned at Steve, clearly disgusted by him. “You’ve had enough, you drunk,” she snapped as she reached out and snatched the glass out of his hand. could easy be changed to this Shaking her head, Jane frowned at Steve, clearly disgusted by him. “You’ve had enough, you drunk,” she snapped as she reached out, intending to snatch the glass out of his hand. Only a few words were changed, yet the second one isn’t godmodding because it gives Steve’s player the chance to respond and decide what happens next.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to avoid godmodding is to give the other player the chance to respond to the action.: The easiest of the three to define, though likely the hardest to avoid is metagaming. This term comes from the Greek word meta meaning ‘about’ or ‘beyond’. Hence to metagame would be playing with knowledge beyond the scope of the present game, plot, or scene. This knowledge can be gained various ways, either through historical research, threads that occur at a time later than the one that is currently being worked on, informational topics posted on the board itself, or chatting with other players about their characters and gaining knowledge about them, as well as other ways.

Unless the board administration keeps every single detail of the plot under wraps and does not let it progress to the next major event until all the past threads are complete so the board can move forward together, all roleplayers are at some point privy to information as the player that realistically their character would not yet know in game. This could be as simple as commenting on a pregnancy that isn’t common knowledge/announced to the public yet, or having a character be angry that their partner was having a clandestine affair, all the way to having a character avoid going on a mission that ended in failure despite hopes in the beginning it would be successful.

The most important thing to keep in mind to avoid metagaming is that just because you the player know something, doesn’t mean your character will. Avoiding godmodding and metagaming is far simpler than it sounds, the easiest way is when in doubt ask the other player. Remember the saying about assuming things, ‘it makes an ass out of u and me’. It doesn’t take more than a second to zip them a PM and see what they thing about the action you’re planning. This will prevent confusion and will prevent any hurt feelings that may arise from one player ‘controlling’ another players character. Also, remember to give an out. Never post with a definitive action, always give the other person the opportunity to decide if they want the action to be complete by using words like ‘attempt’, ‘try’, etc. By following these simple steps you’ll be able to avoid the most common pit falls of RPing.

Sonia (emmanuella Checchinato)


Plan for SL Gor to Transition to Game of Thrones



The time has come to abandon the arguments about BTB vs GE and do something much better.  Join us in turning most of SL Gor into Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) while maintaining everything good about from the gameplay of SL Gor.

The plan would be to continue most of SL Gor gameplay and continue using the GM Meter, raids, capture, slaves, all that, and we will only do this if most of Gor makes the switch together.





The Song of Ice and Fire series is much more popular.  This means there is a much broader appeal to draw more new people in and people will actually be familiar with the lore, the settings, the types of characters and roles.


Female fighters were not as common as male ones, but still existed in the realm of Ice and Fire.  Most of the female characters that fought in the books proved to be very capable.  There are more than enough examples in the books for women to be legitimate fighters.


Whether servant or queen mother, women can show some cleavage and side boob without being collared.


Many play SL Gor for the BDSM themes without any knowledge or interest in the books.  For those that wish to continue playing as a slave or owning slaves can play in the continent of Essos, the land across the narrow sea, where slavery is common among the Free Cities and groups like the Dothraki.

Some slaves were taken to the fighting pits in Essos Cities to fight as barbarians which could be a lot of fun.  Males could be enslaved without being subby and be a worker or gladiator.

There were many whorehouses throughout the continent of Westeros as well, which could be a similar role.


Yes, the bread and butter of SL Gor can continue just as people like.  Cities declare war with all sorts of depth to their stories, calling in the bannermen and laying siege on other lands.  There could also be all sorts of raids by knights on outlaw camps, outlaw against outlaw, mercenaries, Dothraki raiding villages or other Dothraki, Wildlings attack The Wall, etc.


SL Gor used to allow the use of birds which was the use of sending RP message through IMs, which was preceded by emoting of sending the bird on its way.   It was common in GoT to send for help using Ravens.  Perhaps we could allow maesters to send one.


For those that like to do random raids without caring who they are allied to or where their character’s allegiance may lie, they could be a sellsword and fight for whoever will hire them.  When your group needs numbers, send out a notice to the sellsword and mercenary groups.


Lords call in their bannerman, hire mercenaries, create alliances, etc.  This was common in Gor years ago.  Many cities would call on mercenary groups, and there were alliances between outlaws of 3-6 groups.

Groups used to also be able to send a ‘runner’ to sail from the docks to the land of an ally and they could come to aid in the fight.  When a runner lands on an ally sim, they can use their chat log of those that are on sim at the time to quickly copy and send to the raid mod as the fight continues.  All the allies on sim can then come to the rescue.  This could be very fun again for those that want more combat as well as having IC reasons for more continuity between groups.


Could be used if scripted similar to how tarns are now.  Adding fire damage could be too OP though.


Yes, you could have horses and ride them, perhaps in combat.


Many are here just to raid and not RP, which has been a big problem for many that expect everyone to be willing to RP.  Consider in GoT that the majority of the significant events, decisions, and stories amongst the Highborns, the Noble Houses, the rulers, etc.  Let those that want to RP create and play out the stories, and those that want to be called up to fight be the fighters, and then there are some that will do both, RP and do combat.  Think of characters like Littlefinger or Varys that are integral to the plots and many events across Westeros though they do not fight in battles.  Then you have Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, Bronn, Khal Drogo, and Ser Jorah, that are large parts of the stories as well as the battles.  Then you have every random background guy in the battles that occasionally have a line or two, and it all co-exists.  Wars are not fought over trying to capture that random soldier to bring him back for pie.  Wars are fought for the interests of the Rulers that will be creating the stories such.

-Those that wish to play as a non-RPer can be marked, either by a tag, meter label, something in their profile

-RPers can be taken captive as well as take others captive, whether you are low or highborn or slave

-Non RPers can be put in cages, sold to slavery or fighting pits, or if rescue attempt failed, they can be meter killed for a few hours or so as motivation to be rescued

-Sims that are more RP intensive can just set limits to how often they can be raided.  You can also hire enough merc groups and make enough allies that can be brought in to help by runners or Ravens to deter enemies.

-Defending Sims can set how many RPers must be risked by raiders prior to a raid.  If 20 raiders arrive on docks, perhaps at least 3 of them must be willing to RP if captured.  This would mean those that want to RP will have a much greater chance of being RPed while captors don’t have to get OOC from those that do not want to.




Lets at least try to start with a universal set of rules.  Each sim can make changes they like, but at least people can expect to only read the differences for that sim once they know the rest of the universal set.


Over time, rules have evolved based on the needs and interests of Gor.  No late arrivals, Direct hits only, grappling restrictions, 1 line to bind instead of 3, these are all rules that remain fairly consistent.  All that sims will need to do is provide the universal rules in addition to any changes they want for their sim.

Sims will still be able to make their own rules that may degrade the quality of the game, Admins can still ban for no good reason, and people will reset and TP because who cares?


-Time of RP takes place hundreds of years before the books

-Cannot play as any characters from the books

-Not allowed to play as a wight

-Not allowed to play as a ward for the sake of using animals to metagame

-Only have one active sim for each location (ie only 1 Winterfell Sim)

-NPC King of Westeros or no king at all (Don’t be the dick that makes a King’s Landing sim and declares himself King over everyone)

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO NOT RUIN EVERYTHING AND SPLIT INTO A BTB VERSION YOU SONSOFBITCHES.  Take some liberties with the books and just have some fun.  Perhaps the Dothraki will cross the narrow sea to raid in Westeros, or perhaps the Wildlings will find a way through the wall and sail to Dorne for an assault.  I am sure some of you will be writing novels that George R. R. Martin would salivate over, but be patient and help others learn how to play by the books and give create stories they can play off of in their own way.  BTB broke off when some guys did not want to interact with anyone that could challenge them.  GoT was full of conflict, leaders were plotted against, men were challenged regardless of stature.  No one was untouchable.




Each sim will pick a location from the books. The most significant difference between Westeros and Essos from SL Gor will be slaves.  If you want slaves, go with somewhere in Essos.

Make sure to jump on the place you want early before someone else takes it.  We don’t need to have five Winterfells.




Here is some brief info on the types of roles in GoT, but there is much more to add and a lot of depth to each.




If you are interested in helping organize this, or if you are a sim owner or group owner looking to get on board.  Please IM one of the following.  This is not going to happen unless most of SL Gor is on board to make a change.

Frankenbear Writer – Fränkenbjørn Bernharðt



Editorial comment

Dear Frankenbear,

NO to your idea , just NO.

I play a Panther girl in Second Life Gor, I see my role like a challenge, due to the limits. How to write creative stories and play them with people, within the limitations imposed to my role? It’s just fun. I love the many limits, I play with them, they force me to be more creative. I plot and develop intrigues. And well, a panther girl thinks usually that she is equal to men, until men prove her that it is just, an illusion  ;D

And Gor is also the most important RP world of SL…. So, more opportunities to meet people and live stories. Other RP worlds like Game of Throne, Blood and Sand, Bloodlines had a limited life in SL, those worlds are basically dead so WHY revive them???? Gor is still alive, sims close, others open, almost every day. And yes, the environment is attractive, too, style Conan the Barbarian.

Last but not least, not to mention the huge linden investment in my panther gear and accessories ;D

Marlies Dasmijn


Three First Parts


The story continue

First Part by Minnie (Maxfromfrance)


     It is five in the morning, the young woman is out in the dark, knowing her tasks. And her first chore is to collect the water that will be used for other household work. She left the camp / the enclosure of the city / village and goes down along the small road that leads to the creek, trembling with cold and not yet awakened. She was careful where she puts her feet. Her Master / Mistress made were angry about her behavior and she is still shameful to have so disappointed the person who protects her.

     She knows she deserves exemplary punishment and accept it without flinching. The pale light of the stars are flooding, low clarity, and draw the lane threatening shadows using trees, the silent guards lining the track. Every sound makes her jump. The arrival at the river becomes an issue. The calm of the place, the crystalline laughter of the nascent downpour on the bank, all of which soothe the young woman. She filled buckets and take a deep breath to gain courage for the way back. She raises her burden and takes the way back, her tiny frame broken by the weight of his office. The return will be longer. The filled buckets and a light side will be her first punishment. She did not doubt that another sanction looms.

     Just over the river crying. Small cries echo. A colony of Urts established its camp and rodents that people pray for a disappearance. One of them has just been killed by a LARL. Its body slides along the shore, and a poisoned blood now stains the waves. Urts have fear. They thought about peace, along the river. They now have to find another place to live. The colony is party to move. Docks, a tavern? Regardless of where they have to find a warm place for the winter if possible sustenance. In single file, our rodents go away from this accursed land that has seen one of their fellows die. They bring with them the memory of a vanished who was sick.

     The young woman finally arrives. The way back was taxing. She puts buckets containing water of the river. She does not pay attention to the color of brackish liquid. The effort was considerable. She takes a cup and plunged into one of the buckets to cool. She puts her lips to the cup and slowly starting to drink ……

Second part by Sonia (emmanuella Checchinato)


     She starts to make her way to the shore, as she does, she pours some water from the river in a jug and puts it on the nightstand next to the bed of her Master / Mistress .

She returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the floor with an old linen she soaks in a bucket filled with the river water, humming softly while tending to her task.

     While she is actively working, her temperature seems to rise. She wipes her brow with her forearm, coughing shakes her chest. She does not pay attention and continues to scrub the tiled floor of the house of her Master / Mistress.

She hears noises upstairs of the house, her Master wakes up… Quickly she takes the black-wine, which she had already prepared before her Master awakens, so there only remains for her to warm the blackwine, then garnish the breakfast tray that ison the table in the great room, and will take her Master .

     Time seems greyish outside, while she looks out the window as the day slowly rises. he hears heavy footsteps of her Master upstairs .

She finished preparing the collation for her Master, poses a little black bread, a little pot of butter, a dish with fresh larma and a large hot black-wine bowl  without sugar like her Master loves drinking …

She goes upstairs wit the breakfast tray of her Master balanced on her hip.  A second cough shakes her chest harder. She experiences a brackish and ferrous taste in the mouth. She continues to climb the stair treads leading upstairs and finally gently knocks at the door of the room of her Master .

“My Master * she said in a  slightly hoarse voice * can this girl serve your breakfast  my Master ? *

     She waits behind the door for her Master to respond and tell her to enter the room with the breakfast tray .

Master impatiently says, “come mine and puts the tray on the table.”

Then she finally enters the large room, she puts the tray on the table when another strong cough shakes her body.

* sorry my Master * she said while discreetly wiping her mouth  * may this girl  return on her tasks, my Master ? * she asks.

* wait mine *  he said ….

He took his purse and pulls out two silver coins * open your mouth, mine * he commands … She obeys and opens her mouth. He places two silver coins on her tongue .. she closes her mouth on the money .  *Go to the market and buy enough to make a meal for noon*  he orders.

* go out harta, I want to have my breakfast in peace * he barks at the girl ..

     She nods and leaves the room backwards, then went to the market while strongly  coughing more and more.


Part 3 (Into the Woods) by Aaminah. (gemma Stradjinski)


     She arrives at the markets entrance, her walk although long passed quickly, as she, as normal drifts into day dreams, dreams of finer things, that to her would be wonders that others take for granted,  dreams of beautiful silks amongst the other every day mundanes.

     Her eyes suddenly widen and a small smile of joy purse her lips  as her eyes are drawn to the beautiful colorful enrichments surrounding her as she passes through the entrance, she wanders further inward turning gazing at the silks  that hang vibrantly from the stall holders wooden rails.

     She knows they will never belong to her but it is to her they are visuals to her day dreams, and just for these few precious moments her dreams become a little more real until a cough so punishing to her thoughts of beautiful wonders rocks her back on her heels and snaps her wandering mind back into reality,

     Standing in silence to her often mutterings to her self and her wonderful dreamy thoughts she looks down to her hand she placed to her mouth a bloodied dark mucas mass lay to her palm.

She looks up and looks around  and notices something is strange  , she never noticed on entry  her gaze had gone straight to pretty things  ..the market was quiet and not as it is usually very busy and bussling and not just that,  everyone was as she was also coughing, what to her was a cough that would have in any other instance drawn attention to her, nobody gave a damn and were all doing as she  and coughing deep wrenching coughs of disappear.

     Bending down she wiped her palm upon the ground  to wipe away the blackish bloodied blob of mucas and as she rose the sounds of squeels and squables pierced through her ears and she turned quick to meet a sight of urts squabling fighting over a mound that lay behind a stall on the furthest northen  side of the market,

unfortuantly for her the stall she sort and her sole purpouse of being there was  one of the stalls  she had too purchase her  masters food from for his dinner.

     Bravely she moved forward  the noice of there squables got louder to her ears  and the mound became ever more visable,

a huge urt sat right ontop of the mound and smaller ones were challenging the big one  trying every which way they could to get the best portion of what ever the mound was. Slowly she pushed her fear of the urts more and more as her foot steps slowly got her to a sight that nobody should ever have too witness in there life,

..the mound was a young child  of no more then 10 yrs old,  a girl but this was not easily recognisable.

     The urts had in there squables taken most flesh to the bone from a lot of the poor childs dead body, she dropped to her knees and in spasams her body reached but instead of vomiting her body broke into  ever more coughs     coughs that brought pain to her chest as she exhumed more and more black bloodied  mucas …..enough ? Coughing that the urts had noticed her plight,

and for a brief moment stopped there squablings, and were to her eyes eyeing her up as there next meal,

     The girl wrose slow to her feet the pain stabbing at her insides she ran to a corner away from the urts  to colect her self  and take breath ..standing straighter  she drew deep breathes and gazed to the wooded hills to the north of ? her  the woods rose  from outside the towns parrimter to high on the mountains side and toward the snow capped sumit.

     The only break too the tree’s were the paths  snaking there way up and over the mountains higher reaches  ….her dreams returned although more anxiouse..

     And thoughts of the free began to fill her curiouse mind the free women  she had herd tales of that are of both legend and mystery to her …people have said the free  have no illness and do not have need for potions the food they eat the plants they use  keep them alive  and have magical healing powers, what if she is ill what if the child secumbed to the illness that seems to have grabbed hold of her and others facing the same plight and coughing throughout the market ..

     What if this is the death that stories told has returned  and taken hold of the town what if it is the urts from the river swollen by the heavy onslaught of rain in past weeks that has driven them into the villages and now the town .. her ? panicked thoughts become fear what if we are all going to die. ….

     As her thoughts still frightened and panicked return to her masters food, her eyes spot movement upon the rising hill side low amoungst the trees crossing from one tree line to another  across the swave of pathway  first one then two then 6 or more she stairs upward trying to identify what her eyes are trying to tell her,  are they Tabuk moving thoughout the forest   or Task she again remebers her masters food and the meat she was suposed to have returned to him and prepeared for his meal by now..

     She knows he will punnish her for taking so long ..but her gaze can not be broken what are they she asks herself in a whisper as she spots more, another three  and then four more …another fear then sets in as she knows this wall to the north is patrolled by gaurds  a few months ago the town was aproached  by two fearsome beasts but slain by the guards as they attempted too scale the defended walls right here by the market  … the two dead Tharlarion’s were hung up as trophies as a emblem of strength against such attacks.

     She looks around the walls to see if the gaurds have spotted what she is seeing but as greater fear then engulfs her she sees no gaurds upon the walls why are they not here  what is happening  then the dead childs image enters her mind again are the gaurds so frightened of the death around her that they not come near.

     She returns too looking up the hillside she watches then spots them again this time she see’s them closer now moving fast, back and fourth across the path ways  in foramtion  of two’s   they are not animals to be feared …

     But are the free ..she is seeing for the first time  the free women the panthers of legend and mystery moving fast down toward the town  closer and closer they come there images getting larger to her sight then she hears a thud and another arrows landing in the wooden walls rops flaying from there long featherd shafts .. froze to the spot she sees the figure’s apearing over the wall beautful women dressed in furs with painted markings upon there faces and bodies  there crys and whooting loud too her ears ..

transfixed she watches them moving like the wind over semingly impossible deffences,  screems of fear and panic ensue around her but she is not showing fear she stands fixed to spot but in an awe at there wonder arrows wisle past her  men that are trying to defend there wares are being slain slaves like herself are being bound and corraled together furs silks and food are being pillaged and plundered  but she still stands fixed watching them  for what seems  an eternity

     Untill one of them comes face too face with her a beautiful free,  there eyes meet..

     And her words trickle into the girls ears …. why are you not showing any fear  GIRL she screems,  I i i the girl stutters as she looks the free up and down, then another free appears and they both screem at the girl too kneel or die  but i can not the girl mumbles,  then the cold steel of one of there blades from the un-sheathed knife meets her throat and a hand pushes her to the floor.

     “You will obey MEEEEEEEE” … she screems  the other says kill her the insubordinate slut GIRL wants too die ….. i hear her answer nooo i think this one is going to be of value too us i want her …

very well the other replies the GIRL she hisses is your responsibily  any trouble from her i will kill her myself  and be done with it …. seeing that the one free that interviened must be of lower order to the one that who wants too kill her

     The girls instinct too survive along with the thoughts of the plants that if ill will save her kick in,  and the girl bow’es before her now new Mistress … the girl chirps up and says “I will do anything you ask my mistress” the girl tells her … YOU WILL CALL MEEEEE HUNTRESS she Screems and slaps the girl across the back with the end of her bow  “Yess huntress” the girl responds…

     The spoils of the huntresses raid are gathered quickly and they slip back into the woods taking the girl with them, she quickly accetains that she is one of only two girls taken by the huntresses …her mind starts too day dream again as she starts dreaming of becoming a huntress, a fearsome panther girl!  a true Free and be of worth and wanting amoungst others, and she smiles to her self  chuckles inside at the thought of her master still waiting for his dinner, then a blow across her back once again reminds her that this FREE life is still far away and a very uncertain outcome it maybe ?    …:-)



Gorean Etiquette (Nimbrel)



The following is a collection of points of etiquette which are common to Gor. Everyone, free and slave will benefit from this paper.

Tal: Tal is a common Gorean greeting. It is often accompanied with the right hand raised to shoulder level, palm inward, facing the body. This signifies that the person being greeted is not considered an enemy. The gesture shows that the hand is devoid of any weapon. As slaves are not permitted weapons, then this salute would be ludicrous. As slaves must also respect all free persons, they cannot consider any to be their enemy. Thus the salute might even be considered an insult to a free person. Slaves may use the word “Tal” as a greeting but they would not accompany it with the hand gesture. There are examples in the books of slaves using the word “Tal” as a form of greeting.

Hail: This is a form of greeting reserved for experts and champions at some matter. An expert swordsman or kaissa player would be greeted in this manner. No slave would ever be greeted in this manner. Slaves may also use this term when referring to a qualified free person. A Ubar qualifies for this form of greeting.

I Wish You Well: This is the common Gorean phrase of farewell. It may be used by free persons or slaves.

I Ask Your Favor: This is the common Gorean phrase for “please.” It may also be used by free persons or slaves.

Thank You: There is no special Gorean term or phrase to thank another person. Slaves may be thanked or not, depending on the will of the free person. Many slaves are especially fearful of any master who shows them such kindness.

Slaves Addressing Free People: All slaves must address free persons as Master or Mistress. They will only address their own Master as “my” Master or Mistress. Slaves are not permitted to address any free person by their name. The privilege of using a master’s name is reserved for the free woman, in particular the Free Companion. It is said that a slave girl grows bold if her lips are allowed to touch the name of her master. But, some masters prefer to hear their name said by a slave. This is commonly permitted only in private, out of the presence of free women. A slave may tell others the name of her master for explanation purposes only, such as to identify her owner.

Ubar: Ubar is an official title. Slaves addressing a Ubar should refer to him as “Ubar” or “Master” but should not combine the two. “Master Ubar” is not a valid address. A free person’s title is always considered respectful for a slave. An “Administrator” or “Regent” would be addressed as such by a slave. Most free persons should also address an Ubar by his title, and not by his name. If you have been given specific permission from the Ubar, you may then call him by his name.

Ubara: Ubara is an official title. Slaves addressing the Ubara should refer to her as “Ubara” or “Mistress” but she should not combine the two. “Mistress Ubara” is not a valid address. Most free persons should also address an Ubara by her title, and not by her name. If you have been given specific permission from the Ubara, you may then call her by her name.

Paga Tavern: When a slave enters a paga tavern, she does not have to ask permission or perform any form of obeisance at the door. A slave should enter quietly and go to kneel in the serving area. A slave should not greet any free person when she enters unless her owner is present. A slave should always greet their owner, once they have gone to the serving area. A slave does need to ask permission to leave the tavern. They should first ask their owner. If the owner is not present, any free person may be asked.

Slaves who are waiting in the serving area should pay attention to see if any free person needs food or drink. If a free person requests a server, they should not have to wait if a slave is just kneeling in the serving area doing nothing. Free persons must also be patient and wait for a slave to be available if they wish refreshment if all the slaves present are currently serving others. Free women will not serve in a paga tavern under almost any circumstances.

Order of Precedence: In group settings, certain free persons should be given precedence by slaves, especially when serving. A Ubar/Administrator should be given priority in all matters, as he is the chief of state and the highest ranking free person in the city. After them, then comes the Ubara/Free Companion of the Administrator. After that, would be any other high ranking persons present. Then, your owner should be given precedence. Finally, all other free persons would then have equal precedence.

Haggling: The rule in the marketplace and in stores is that there are no fixed prices. Haggling is the order of business. If you wish to purchase an item from someone, haggle over the price. In haggling, you start your offer low and the seller starts his price high. You try to come to a reasonable price, that makes both parties pleased. Many merchants enjoy haggling as much as getting their money.

Begging: Goreans do not favor begging and some even view it as an insult. When charity is in order, it is usually arranged by the caste or clan.

Free Women: Free women should be treated with respect and honor. Considerable deference is due to a free woman. Free women may speak freely and without permission. They may be bold and do much of what they wish. But, free women must also beware that they possess their freedom only by the will of free men. A Ubara/Tatrix should be treated with the utmost of respect as she does wield great power in the city.

Lady: This is a term of respect used for free women, especially those of high station or Caste. It is to be used only by free persons though. A slave would not use this term.

Station: Gor is a hierarchial world where your status, station and caste are vitally important. In general, you show respect to those of superior status, station or caste. That includes free women. A free woman of High Caste deserves respect from Low Caste men. A very wealthy woman would be considered of high status and would also be due respect. Though men may consider themselves dominant over women, they still respect the ideas of status, station and caste. Men also respect men of higher standing than themselves. A City Leader would have the highest status of any and would be due respect from all.

Compliments: Gorean compliments are generally meaningful for they are usually given only when deserved.

Children: Goreans are generally fond of children and do not inflict suffering or abuse on them. Even slave children are seldom abused and are given much freedom at least until they reach adulthood.

Sitting: Free men sit cross-legged. They rarely use chairs as chairs are usually reserved for special people like Administrators, Ubars and judges. Most Goreans find chairs to be uncomfortable anyways. Free women kneel to sit. Their knees are kept close together and their hands lie on their thighs, palms face down. All slaves kneel to sit, and the position of their hands and knees depend on the type of slave they are. Slaves never sit in chairs and might be whipped or even slain for sitting in them.

Streets: When walking or riding down a street or road, Goreans commonly stay to the left of the road when passing others. This is done so that your sword arm, commonly the right arm, faces the person you are passing.

© Gazette of Gor


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