Role play of Red hair and the return of the Wealthy Farmers

The return of familiar faces

Red hair  woke up in the afternoon hours, finding herself  alone in her chieftain hut. Slowly memories of the last night floated to the top of her mind, and she grinned in satisfaction at the thought of yet another humiliated male. The crude candles had burned to the stubs, she was alone in the hut – not even her personal slave was in sight. She dressed herself in her brief fur skins and walked out, heading for the stream to drink some cool water.

Suddenly Red hair straightened and walked away towards the camp gates, well aware the tribes eyes were following her as she did so.  She saw a small group of panther girls near the trade post and hailed down at them. They warned that they had seen the wealthy farmers.

Dusk. A time when some  of her band went out to hunt. Red hair warily looked out from her look out post high in a forest tree. The farmers had been skirting close to the panther lands – this time too close.

The role play:

Marlies after sprinting through the forest , she finally finds her two sisters near a small stream, she  smirks seeing both farmers in binds. Her dark eyes regarded the farmer pair for a short moment, then her shoulders relaxed a little as she sheathed her wooden bow.

Sandy growls as he sees Tala’s fine cloak being destroyed

Marlies  lips smiled softly as she takes the leash from Sav and paces somewhat in a menacing manner around the farmer woman , then stops and watches the cloak destroyed , she tilts her head some and looks Tala straight in the eyes with a stern look on her, the dark smudges of face paint still noticable on Red hair’s features.

Tala turns my eyes to the skies

Sandy watches the panther wondering what she is up to

Marlies smirked and watched Tala look up at the sky , her fingers delicately reached out and gave a tender pull  on a exclamitory strand of hair, which proceeded to reach for the knotted bun of hair on Tala, a grin slowly came to Red hair’s face and she would now try to tug it loose , hoping it would free Tala’s  hair.

Sandy sees what Marlies is doing ‘these are tuchuk braids you are messing with’

Marlies: “So what?”turning her head showing off her grubby face paint as she looked him straight in the eyes,  she had quipped back at Sandy in a snappy tone of voice.

Sandy: well you know how fierce tuchuks are

Ansara  looks at talia’s hair as it falls free “wow, what a difference”

Tala feels my hair around my back and shouldrers still focusing on the sky

Sandy smiles to Tala ‘two down, two to go’

Tala  smiles to my beloved with a nod

Marlies  shrugged her shoulders , her sleek nostrils seemed to flare a little as she replied in disgust “No… I dont know about Tuckuk, besides…” she blinked her eyes and nodded her head  to Ansara “Loose hair….. Indeed what a diffrence it makes”

Ansara  snorts softly looking at tala and then back to marli “I still gotta agree with sav, I think she is breading stock for sure”

Sandy growls as seeing Tala with her hair loose is his privilege and mutters ‘I may agree but it is not for you harpies to judge’

Tala nods in strong agreement with my FC. “I will scrub it throughly soon as we get home my love and braid it as soon as my hand are free

Marlies reached and touched one of the long strands of black hair that draped over Tala’s shoulders with her slender fingers  “Her hair is much prettier loose” she looked at Tala nod at her companion , she directs her question at Ansara pursing her lips “Sav is right Ansara…..She serves him……do you think he seeded her?”

Tala : You aperantly have hearing  or logic worries.  Both Sandy and I are infirtile.. means I can not bear children, hence  no value for breediing

Marlies  smirks fiendishly hearing Tala protest “I would say the same if I was in your position” holding her breath for a dramatic effect and sucked in her cheeks, making her look like a fish about to suffer from constipation, then laughed out loud in Tala’s face after this elongated pause.

Tala : And we have been together seven Barbarian years, Of cource he has Seeded me

Ansara shugs her bare shoulders softly “I don’t know, I suppose it is possible. they claim that is not possible but then they are known liers also”

Sandy: if by seeded you mean furred of course; we share the same bed every night

Marlies licks her full bottomed lips , she still looks at Tala, giving her a wolfish beaming grin “I have the healer knowledge , perhaps I should cut off that heavy robed skirt and examine your hymen, right here in the open , or do you insist you are infirtile?”

Sandy: she is infertile

Tala : Ian NOT a virgin and have been with my FC every night for SEVEN years and raped by a very firtile savage ONCE.  My Hymen is long gone

Marlies  quipped back harshly at Sandy again “I am not asking you ! ”

Tala : And I have NEVER been pregnant

Sandy remembers the blood the first time and a smile crosses his face as he recalls the occasion so vividly

Tala : smiles remembering the breaking of my hymen on our wedding night

Marlies  smiles shaking her head , thinking of the pair as merely breeding livestock  “Perhaps your FC is shooting blancs….it does not prove you are infertile”she played with Tala’s dark strand of hair between her fingertips “Ansara what do you think?”

Ansara  shrugs her shoulders again “I don’ tknow marli, if the priest kings wish it it will be true even if they think it is not possible, I still agree with sav she is breading stock.

Tala: And the Savage with the MANY sons?  He is not shooting blanks. But he DOES regret raping me

Sandy laughs ‘he does.  He left our stables bent double after he discovered how big the member rof a kailla is and with Tala’s name cut acrosss his belly’

Sandy: he was lucky T ala is only four letters long

Tala  chuckle low remembering

Marlies laughs some and honestly did not care one way or the other but would never let Tala know this , she lets go of Tala’s hair and briefly touches Tala’s hips with her hand “I have to also agree with Sav, she has strong child bearing hips”

Tala : Well I did put the  ‘s to prolong the pain and to let any who saw believe he belonged to me

Just then , some arrows fly , our group is attacked by a lone female outlaw, after a brief arrow exchange Sandy is bubbled and so is the femlaw

Marlies : Your man is hurt

Tala : Yes

Tala : I need to go to him

Tala growls as my hands are tieid and cant bandage him

Tala : Take the salve from my pack and tend his wounds if you wont lety me tend them then

Marlies: “I will tend to him in my own manner” she said as she scrunched her face casting her dark eyes at Tala.

Tala growls

Tala : low

Marlies  laughs  coldly “I will heal him if its needed”

Tala uses my foot to splash water best I can on him

Marlies  had watched some bubbles appear from the stream, she sighed and supposed it would be in her interest not to let him drown, she squats and grabs both his feet and with all the strength she can muster in her body she drags the man onto the land.

Marlies patted his wet leather boots like she would a hurt pet, slid her now muddy fingers over his body, her tangles of red hair draped over her bare shoulders as she bent over to look for any possible arrow wounds. She does a head to toe exam, finding a few smaller cuts on the forehead, a few bumps and large bruises, but nothing that is even remotely life threatening.

Tala : Glad to wake you my love but I can not ternd your wounds with my hands bound

Ɩคɾคん  looks at farmers, sorry guys couldn’t set your free

Sandy recovers and manages to get to his feet wondering what in all of gor had happened, a bound man being shot

Ansara  : so now “*Ansara looks down at her new captive* “why shooting at us?”

Ansara  smiles to marli “seams today is my day”

Ɩคɾคん: those 2 farmers i know

Sandy turns round ‘oh its you; last time we met you shot us and here you shoot me again’

Tala : And you have shot us many times including just now

Ɩคɾคん grins i can’t aim good, looks at arrows in his butt

Marlies smile crossed her lips as she looks to Ansara and listens intently to the captive , seemingly she knew these farmers , in the meantime she dabbed Sandy’s forehead with some healing salve , then after she is done she places it back in her backpack.

Sandy looks at the panthers ‘I think I see an opportunity of a deal here.  Set tala and me free and we will take this woman and deal with her appropriately; wiill save you the trouble’

Ɩคɾคん  looks up, don’t make that deal , they gonna set you up

Sandy: set me up?

Tala : You can tell by her reaction they she will be dealt with harshly

Marlies  sucks in air between her teeth “I have dealt with you two before , you dont trust panthers and we dont trust you, so here is what will happen , you will all be dealt with harshly and then sold to the highest bidder”

Ɩคɾคん i wouldn’t trust those farmers too, you never know what they offer and do with you

Sandy: not trust us, innocent and sweet -well Tala is sweet -us?

Ansara  smiles softly to marli “now we have three, what do we do with them?” can we get more coin for a breader, a male slave and another possible female breeder?”

Marlies wriggled her petite nose  “They live on a farm with their livestock, nothing of value there, they have nothing to offer”  she grinned bearing her teeth “…except his companion with the breeding hips……we  will sell them all”

Marlies : “I dont need to leash Sandy, he follows his love like a lost puppy….dont you” she gave a fat little wink in Tala’s direction.

Ansara  smiles brightly “ok, as long as getting more coin is involved i’m happy with that”

Tala : other way around

Ɩคɾคん  tugs on the leash … he my free compagnion will arrive here soon…better release me and give me those farmers too

Tala : It is I who am no good without him

Marlies : “we should head to the docks then…..before your companion arrives”

Marlies: “……well sandy either follows or he doesnt!”

Ansara  giggles softly smiling to marli “ok, your right, lets get going”

In a change of plan,  we arrive at the docks and sell our captives to the Ja Lina

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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