Book Based Panther (BBP), Outlaws sim guide, Di Jan Cove Pirates

Di Jan Cove Pirates

Once they were an infamous tribe of panther girls,


Thieves and Cutthroats or simply adventurers of opportunity?

This week I logged onto secondlife Gor and a message popped into my mailbox. The Di Jan Cove Pirates  have moved.

Di’jan Cove Outlaws has moved to another sim we share a sim now with Gaurdian Mambas and New Camp and New Land. We are still the  Same Ole same Ole,  rp and  Fighting and  Recruiting still and  looking for for  people who are interested to roleplay and fight, we have a good community  in our  group and like keep it that way.

So I clicked on the new LM and arrived on a small stand alone sim.

The docks are small and functional , surrounded by some shops and a multi story tavern, which seems well frequented on both times I visited the sim. Beyond this ‘village’ is a small woodland area and a fortress.

Not really a huge fortress but a low wall short and arched. It looks inviting with welcoming flags and a low squat door. The craftsmanship and texturing is superbly done as is the prim work.

Over all there was some tender loving care that went into this build from the terraforming to the choice and selection of the buildings. I enjoyed my visit there and spent some time looking over much of the compact sim.

I encourage you to go and see not only this outlaw sim but others and if you see one I should review. Then by all means drop me a note so I can go and see the sim you like!!!

My thoughts on Di Jan Cove:


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