The Gazette of Gor – Issue 40


Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images from Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)

 For all our readers,  we would like you to know that the founder of the Gazette team, Minnie, had a car accident. She is in the hospital and we don’t know more at this moment. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.


  • Editorial by Kimba
  • What Has Happened to Gor Series, Part One (Kimba)
  • The Sanctuary, (Minnie)
  • Caste of Players – Gorean Kaissa and the Gorean Zar
  • Intervew with Grandmaster Knight Chemi (Selvi laratorvis)
  • Sinful Body Art (Sinead Moonites)
  • BTB Gor in Second Life Doesn’t Exist (Mariko Marchant)
  • Gazette Combat, Series #8, Arena Tactics – Last of the series (Rik Baar

Editorial by Kimba

Two Months Off-Gor, and Counting

I spent New Year’s Eve with a Gorean man, as a Gorean woman.  I am Old-Gor, he is Old-Gor; we met on GE Gor and we had one night of True-Gor.  Then I left SL-Gor because it’s not Gor, and I am in no hurry to come back.  I am playing a thoroughbred-ponygirl, and it’s fun.  It’s sexy in the way Gor used to be, and it’s fun the way Gor used to be, and people roleplay like Gor used to be and get along like Goreans used to.

I started on SL nine years ago, and I found SL-Gor not worth my time after a few years, and did other things on SL until my computer was too far behind.  I got a new computer and came back to SL after five years away, and now have been back nearly two years.  And I have barely found a trace of Gor here.  Just alot of ruleplay, egoplay, drama, arguing, hatefulness, and selfishness.  There is no Gorean-community.  We used to understand that we had more in common with our worst enemies on Gor than we had with our best, mundane friends in RT.  But more than anything else, we knew that Gor is about Honor.  The lowest Gorean has more Honor in his little finger than the President of the United States.  That is what makes Gor different from everything else.  Or is supposed to be what makes Gor special, and always did before.  But here on SL-Gor, we honor dishonor as if it was Honor.

There are a lot of great people on Gor, and most of the problems really stem from the invasion of Non-Goreans who flooded Gor when Gorean-combat was a top-flight multiplayer gaming-game.  But now those people have moved on to better multi-player games on Xbox and such, and we are left with the mess that evolved to deal with gameiness.  But we can’t clean it up until we recognize what a dysfunctional mess we have to deal with.

I read the books when they were books.  I was a 15 year-old Star Trek-nerd virgin when I discovered Captive and read the existing seven books.  By the time Hunters came out, I had a senior-boyfriend with his own car.  I played backseat kajira in 68 LTD.  I gave him a silver-lighter for Xmas, which carried in my jeans pocket, so I could light his cigarettes when he snapped his fingers.  The books came out once a year, and I had all that time to read them over and over again, while I roleplayed bedroom-kajira with a series of boyfriends and a husband.  I even spent almost a year living The Gorean Lifestyle, as a full-time housebound-with-no-car kajira in rural North Carolina.  He finally freed me, because it wasn’t working because I couldn’t go shopping in camisk/collar and he couldn’t really beat me or kill me when I acted-out.

I played Vella in the Compuserve BDSM chatroom in 1990.  I don’t think anybody has older online-Gor chops than that, except for the guy who played Tarl Cabot, if he is still on Gor.  I was a kajira in the original Silk&Steel Tavern, and I was in Bi-Fem Gor on IRC, where we literally INVENTED Panther-roleplay.  I spent 7 years as a Panther and Taluna Leader on Chat-Gor, with no graphics or gadgets to play with.  Just words on a screen to portray a Band of Panthers as realistically as possible, within the broad parameters set by the books.  So I can roleplay Panther well-enough to roleplay my way across Panther Land.

I also spent several years perfecting the roleplay of a traveling-storyteller, and have written stories that everyone agrees are better than JN’s books.  So I have also been able to roleplay FW well-enough to roleplay my way across BTB-Gor.

But I was also one of the best fighters on Old Gor, and I wasn’t content to be a weak-fighter here.  So I started at the bottom on GE-Gor and spent a year working my way up to be invited to join one of the top GE Homes.

Like Johnny Cash, I been everywhere man.

I took two months to get perspective on what made me leave Gor on New Years Day, and I am going to write about it over the next several weeks.  The Panthers will laugh at how foolish I portray the GE people to be.  Until I start on the Panthers.

PART ONE: Learning GE (Kimba)

I was one of the best fighters on Old Gor, where combat was text based, and the smarter-player always won.  I wanted to be a better fighter on SL, so I joined a GE Home that advertised roleplay in their Charter: “Our focus is on high-quality roleplay.”  Horse-hockey.  I brought in many roleplayers, and they all left, because pewpew was always stomping roleplay.  But with 3-4 raids a day, I got enough practice to become a decent fighter.

I am not a gamer: The last arcade game I played regularly was Asteroids Deluxe, and the only console game I ever owned was a PS1, and I couldn’t get past the fifth level of Doom.  So I am never going to be a great fighter.  Nor do I put much truck in the idea that “I’m a better Gorean because I spent a month’s salary on a computer that gets 120FPS and can kick your ass in combat.”

I was intrigued by the tactical and strategic considerations involved in mass-raiding of Outlaw Fortresses.  I focused on strategic defense of our Home.  We had two different builds, and in both builds I designed strategic defenses, that once we perfected their implementation, made us virtually unbeatable.  To beat us, you had to have an organized team and good plan, which nobody had, which meant people stopped raiding.  Leadership decided to change the sim so that we couldn’t win, to spur traffic.

When it happened the second-time, I was about done with that B-List GE-Home, and ready to join a team on the A-List.  I had distinguished myself as a smart-fighter and a team player, and had been getting invited to help rescues with three top GE-Homes.  I am not talking cattle-calls in pew-groups, I am talking personal invites from the Leader.  From these groups I learned more about team-play and group-tactics, and I tried to bring that back to my Home.  But nobody listened, it was too much work.  They just want to put a quarter in the machine and play.

The last-straw was when we raided the group I considered to be our worst enemies, and we kicked their butts and had them all down, then screwed up and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by being disorganized, and barely got everybody out, after two hours of abject chaos.  Leadership was ecstatic!  This was the most fun they had in years.  “See Kimba!  I told you, our best plan is no plan at all.  That’s when NLO shines!”

There was three Homes that turned my stomach so bad, that I left Gor.  Two Homes we raided, and the one I joined.

I thought the Wagon-Home, built over the stone-fortress, over the series of caves was as bad as it could get.  First, they look for a group with not many people Home, so they can send their best raiders, at 2-1 advantage, to get raid-captive.  We probably had four people roleplaying on a slow night, and they show up with eight of their best fighters, beat us and take a captive.  Then, they get on their group-chat and tell everybody, Hey, we got a captive, come Home and defend.  So by the time the hour is up and we can rescue, they have 15 defenders.  So we have to call pew-group help to get enough rescuers, which always causes chaotic BS.  It’s a total fishbowl.  One gate, surrounded by 350 degrees of cliffs, where they can shoot at us from cover and hide behind wagons to bandage, and we have one wagon we can safely bandage in, all the way back by the entrance.  When we get through that, we have to fight through a maze of caverns to get down to single kill room, where they are all hiding behind a no-pick door, coming out one-by-one and dealing melee damage, and back through the door before they are down, and you can’t follow them back in before the door closes, because there are 15 back there, and you will get downed and caged.  Eventually, when we had enough people down, they rushed out and beat us.  But that whole time I kept thinking about realistic-roleplay ways to have beat that defense.  The easiest one, just nail the damn door shut and entomb them in their own kill room.  Then run the bosks off, burn the wagons and the grass, and leave them to die.

But it got worse.  The Home I decided to join, they used voice and Koolhud to be real organized.  I felt like I was fighting on a SEAL time with them.  But we went into a Home that chewed us up in a gamey-ass way that made the Wagon-Home seem like Wonka Chocolate Factory.  This time, once you fought through the fishbowl and the tunnels there was an underground cave, that was flat impossible to beat.  Now, when we had an unbeatable strategy in NLO, it was realistic, based on towers and gates and doors such.  But this was, the best I can describe it was a ballerina-rail roller-coaster.  You had to go about 200 yards on a twisting, curly-Q narrow board rail, uphill, with people shooting at you from all sides.  Most people could not even do it, they just kept falling off the rail.  Some people could do it at a walk, but they would get shot down, before they could get to the end.  We were in that cave for an hour, getting shot off the rail, and recovering, and getting downed again.  They were mining GM-stats.  They didn’t want to beat us, they just wanted to down us over and over again to pump up their stats!  Our best fighter was able to get to the end of the rail, where there were two guys with melee weapons and no damage, waiting for her, and they caged her.  Because of my ponygirl experience, I was the only one that could run up that ramp, and when they left it undefended for a while, I ran up and got to the cage, and couldn’t open it.  There was a lever there to lock the cage, but the lever to unlock it, turned out to be on the other side of the sim, and while I was trying to figure out this puzzle, they came back and downed me.


That meter has already done enough damage.  Gorean combat is ridiculous!  You can’t shoot a bow on the run, you can’t shoot that fast or that far and carry 300 arrows to maintain constant fire; and you sure as hell can’t run around shooting and dodging when you have six arrows in your own ass already.  You don’t come back from being clubbed into unconsciousness with a battle-ax, at full-combat readiness in five minutes.  You can’t hit somebody six times with a sword in 10 seconds.  Basically we are playing with phase-weapons that look like bows.  It’s retarded.  Why didn’t somebody make a meter that you have to be standing still to shoot, has a set amount of arrows and a reasonable firing rate, that slows you down when you get once, slows you further when you get again, and takes you out of the battle when you get hit a third time?  Because it don’t make a fun game is why.  When we wanted to attract gamers by the horde to pay for our sims, it kinda made sense.  But now, that money is gone forever, and we need to rewrite our rules to be Gorean again.

But the gameyness didn’t bother me all that much.  I knew it was a game and played it like a game, and it mostly fun.  What really chased me off Gor was my own “family” in Bloodstone Valhalla

… to be contnued in the next issue

The Sanctuary, Maxfromfrance (Minnie)

The Sanctuary, a surprising name to an island full of pirates and outlaws. But if we scratch a little, we discover uderneath the basis of a solid RP where, finally, there is less fighting but sincere and strong friendships between residents. A SIM led by the French. This is not to say that there are only French people on this island. We have a cosmopolitan community with a strong Back Story (in progress), people who live there, help each other, build a multiple harbinger RP. Yes, The Sanctuary deserves to be known and I invite you to meet residents of this place. For the Build, Waki (The Builder has designed all by himself) will always be here to correct small defects. But we must recognize that this first work deserves praise and the concept is really good. I forgot to mention, The Sanctuary is an island with little islands all around. Maritime becomes essential and you will find boats to maneuver about. In addition to the pirate hideout, you will find an area, a sanctuary, which will open the door to many new RP. So what more is there to say? I know ! Come to Sanctuary and begin a new adventure

A  tour in Sanctuary

  • Wakiza: Tal

  • Minnie: Tal

  • Wakiza: You found my trail.

  • CHØÐÂY: Tal Minnie and Welcome

  • Minnie: I think, in general. I was one of the most vicious Scout in Gor

  • Wakiza: Yet the mamba knows to be discreet. You’re strong, welcome to the sanctuary.

  • CHØÐÂY: To find us, you have to be vicious, I think. *Smiles*

  • Minnie: Thank you. Nice to meet you. Tell me a bit about your group

  • CHØÐÂY: Go with us to the tavern

  • Wakiza: Follow us. You have our word that our weapons wont be drawn

  • Minnie: For drink, I’m always ready

  • CHØÐÂY: Come! Let’s go

  • Minnie: It’s nice here

  • Minnie: I wish to know the group, created RP, the main philosophy

  • Wakiza: An unlikely group. A mixture of various ethnic groups.

  • Minnie: So, on the group. I listen to you

  • Wakiza: Maybe just a group that brings together diverse backgrounds who feel trapped in a clan,

  • Minnie: From that moment, everything you say will be transcribed in the Gazette of Gor

  • Wakiza: Ouch

  • Wakiza will be silent

  • CHØÐÂY sneers “go on Waki! Speak freely.”

  • Minnie: So … Various origins?

  • Wakiza: So the RP here is already among us. If known, beyond tribal rivalries.

  • Minnie: Sounds good

  • Minnie: No structures? No grades?

  • CHØÐÂY: I had a pirate’s family and Waki lived in his tribe.

  • Minnie: What pirates and what tribe?

  • CHØÐÂY: The Pirate of Blood and Waki was in the tribe Jang

  • Minnie: You seem know each other well?

  • CHØÐÂY: And then I captured and taken Waki to our ancient city of pirates. While we were in conflict in Family, Waki has become a kind of confidant. He had to endure a moment the customs of whites. Difficult to put him pants. Then our quota was flooded and we came here on the island.

  • Minnie: I see

  • CHØÐÂY: A strange island in spirituality

  • Minnie: Can you explain?

  • CHØÐÂY: Two worlds, one family

  • Minnie: two worlds?

  • CHØÐÂY: A wild world, here, and a pirate hideout, Outlaws

  • CHØÐÂY: But up there on the mountain, we found a sanctuary.

  • Minnie: A sanctuary? Interesting!

  • CHØÐÂY: Here we have discovered that many had to hide, or make offerings or even bury their leader. Hence this very spiritual atmosphere above us. No redemption but rather a moment to think, to question. A mix of cultures.

  • Minnie: As a pirate, you are more Raid, or have you kept this notion of RP

  • CHØÐÂY: We refuse to fight without reason, but we must defend ourselves.

  • Minnie: I understand

  • CHØÐÂY: We also try to create a hub for the slave trade, and more or less legal trade. We like to say that we are open to all otherwise it would be meaningless. A culture of miscegenation open to all and lived together while keeping our own customs. And to be honest, it’s really good.

  • Minnie: More than a band, a new family

  • CHØÐÂY: Yes !

  • Minnie: I like the SIM less the landing area.

  • Wakiza: Clarification, the sanctuary being created and these are the people who will generate history

  • Minnie: It means that people create with the RP build

  • CHØÐÂY: Yes RP is what we are building.

  • Minnie: I note that

  • CHØÐÂY: Note that I am beautiful and strong * Laugh *

  • Wakiza: Basically, it is a amazing place where person live but where we can find a campfire and something to eat.

  • Minnie: Have you some pictures

  • CHØÐÂY: Waki can make beautiful pics

  • Minnie: You send me the photos, Waki?

  • Minnie: You have a back story ?

  • CHØÐÂY: We planned to write it. We prefer to feel the atmosphere before.

  • Minnie: I’m also going to write that I was received by two cute guys

  • CHØÐÂY: Yes, especially me!

  • Wakiza: We are not looking necessarily to fight. We prefer to RP. So peaceful persons will be well received.

  • Minnie: Well, I think I have all

  • Minnie: If I have questions, I would come back

  • CHØÐÂY: If you need, you know where we live.

  • Minnie: I think coming back to study a little more

  • Minnie: Thanks again for the welcome

Caste of Players (Knight Chemi)

*”Members of the Caste of Players are recognized by their red-and-yellow-checked robes, the worn board slung over their shoulder, the sack of pieces at their waist. Depending on the Player, they will give you a game for as little as a tarsk-bit, as much as a golden tarn disk of Ar.

Mariners of Gor ”    Book 30     Pages 2 – 3

Intervew with Knight Chemi (Selvi Laratorvis)

It was a nice surprise that during one of my roaming trips across GOR-SL i came across Grandmaster KNIGHT CHEM of the Caste of Players, below is the impromptu interview.

*Selvi: Greetings Master

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: Greetings

*Selvi:How are you this fine day ? allow me to introduce myself, I am called Selvi and I am a roaming slave scribe for the Gazette of Gor.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: oh,,you wish to come to my games hall for a visit?

Grandmaster KNIGHT: my name is Knight, Knight Chemistry

*Selvi: Thank you Master for your time, Now please forgive my ignorance but can you tell me more about the games played in Gor?

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: ok let me do a summary on the World of Kaissa and Zar for you and for all those who are interested to know about the World of the Caste of players

*Selvi: Yes, Please Master.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: First , the Caste of Players, like musicians, belong to the Lower Caste of Entertainers in the Gorean World. We have free access to all the gates of almost all friendly cities in the Planet of Gor, of course subject to us observing to the rules and regulations and customs of the cities.The Caste of Players of all the World of Gor generally make up of players of typically two Gorean board games, i.e., the Gorean Kaissa and the Gorean Zar. This one in front of you  ( he points to me the board we have in front of the fireplace)  which looks like an Earth chess game is Kaissa. It has 10×10 squares whereas Earth Chess has 8×8 thus this is a lot more complicated.

*Selvi (laratorvis): Master, how much more complicated?

* Grandmaster KNIGHT: Well,it is hard to measure the level how much more complicated, since there are 100 squares compared to 64 squares, 21 pieces for each side of kaissa , compared to 16 pieces on each side of chess. I would think the possibilities would be exponentially many times more complicated. If chess is said to have more than hundreds of millions of possible moves, then kaissa would have possibilities of billions of moves.

*Selvi: Wow ( mind is blown by   those numbers)

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: The one behind us,  also has 10×10 squares. It is known as Zar, and it is almost similar to Earth’s checkers but it has no capture in the game and is played in similar fashion like the Chinese Checkers.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: Chess is a game so evolved that the computers have been brought in the study each and every possible move, and there are millions of players who spent tens of thousands of hours to perfect the game in real life. It has a known history of some 1000 to 2000 years, but kaissa originates from Gor world, our history is of a shorter time span but it is no less stimulating or interesting. Kaissa is predominantly a game for the Gorean free masters and free women. It is very combative and many Gorean cities take pride in having a kaissa culture to showcase the civilization of its city and people.

*Selvi: Master, Slave like me would not be able to play Kaissa even if we knew how to play? (recalling her past readings  of Gorean board games)

*Grandmaster KNIGHT:  So it is generally accepted in the kaissa world that slaves are not permitted to play or touch the kaissa board in the presence of the public, although it was mentioned in the books that a slave had challenged a master in a game.

* Selvi : nods

* Grandmaster KNIGHT:: Zar on the other hand, is a soft game, it is for the slaves to play. It is for all, free and slaves. But the slaves and FW community generally dominate the game, by and large. Many of them have been under my mentoring.

* Selvi : oh very nice!

*Grandmaster KNIGHT:: Now back to the organizations, the mainstream, the Kaissa and Zar guild of Gor which offers tournaments for all players was first formed by Astary Pendragon, he is still the Director and owner of the Guid. It is must not be let out that, his slave then Kama Maertens was somewhat considered an iconic figure who helped to put the landscape of the Guild, the structures, the buildings and design, the coordination and the spreading of knowledge of the games. The Director of that guild, Astary Pendragon has also created a Caste of Players group and has some of the caste players assisting him in the running of the Guild’s Kaissa and Zar tournaments. These tournaments are generally funded by the cities which hold them monthly to generate traffic and awareness of the city to the Gor public

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: I had been involved in the Zar Guild of Gor as a Zar ambassador in the early days, and I visited some 30-50 cities to promote and teach the game. It was then that I got to engage in knowing many players of Zar, and got to collect many students, and by teaching them, elevate their standard. I have in turn allowed them the opportunity to show me their new skills and tricks, so I learn from them too.

* Selvi: Master, is this always IC OR OOC?  I am trying to imagine the atmosphere during these tournaments..

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: The games are IC, the tournaments are IC, but in a friendly game, it is up to the players to engage in mutually acceptable OOC conversation if they wish to do so. In a btb environment, spectators trading comments and gossip would be realistic but spectators generally would respect their wishes and try to keep the back noise as quiet as possible.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT:: But if i may continue, so i will not miss out other Guilds

*Selvi : Of course Master,

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: Now i wish to mention another Guild, another Kaissa Guild of some significant presence. It is the Gorean Kaissa. GKF was formed last year by Ubar Scar of a very old and established gorean city, City of Ko-ro-ba. One of the  most successful cities in Gor. Scar has a significant influence on Gorean presence, being a lifestyle Gorean. Scar started GKF last year, primarily to offer players, Kaissa players and gorean cities an opportunity to hose and play on a second platform. Within a year, Ko-ro-ba has garnered many good kaissa players in the cities, Zar players too. GKF soon emerged as a strong Guild, successful in offering Round robin Kaissa tournaments for three different level of skills, level 1 for Masters, level 2 for the intermediate, and level 3 for students. In somewhat similar fashion, the Kaissa Guild of Gor and Zar Guild of Gor also provided two different levels of tournamants, the masters and students. These are all held monthly.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: By the way, this robe that I am wearing now is the formal attire worn by the Granmaster of the Kaissa Guild of Gor. It was presented to me by Astary, the Director of the guild a long time ago. I was also separatly gifted the Zar ambassador’s robe from Kama then. These are gifts which I treasure and wear on official occasions.

* Selvi: One of the aspects I love about Sl Master, we make memories. <big smiles>

*Grandmaster KNIGHT CHEMI: Maybe I should also briefly mention the emergence of a third small guild, the Kaissa Guild by a very strong Kaissa Player, namely Alfie Stuart. Support and resources for Alfie’s Kaissa Guild is of less influence and lacklustre,, so there is no much impact on the Gor world just yet.

*Selvi (laratorvis):Last one Master, is there any message you wish to tell our readers of the Gazette?

*Grandmaster KNIGHT:  You are welcome to join “Knight’s World of Zar” a friendly group operated by Resident Player of city of Thentis. Grandmaster Knight Chemistry for players of Gor in Kaissa and Zar. Knight has a string of members in the group and he will post notices and information on kaissa and zar events, and also matches which are interesting for watching and learning in the group.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: This is a new, informal group, started by Knight Chemistry, with the purpose of forming a fraternity of Zar afficionados, free and slaves alike, to come together, to enjoy playing Zar. We will list all the zar playing venues in all cities of Gor, in later NCs. But to start with, in addition to Kaissa Island, the HQ of Kaissa and Zar Guild of Gor, we welcome all to play at the Turmus Zar Club, located in the city of Turmus.  Here, we have two Zar boards and one Kaissa board, located near the City Gate.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: Lessons will be offered to beginners if time permits. But members can interact with one another to play, exchange tips, and challenge.

*Grandmaster KNIGHT: If you are interested to be connected to other zar players, especially if you are a beginner, this is the venue for you to start out. Search under Group “Knight’s World of Zar” to join.

Selvi : Thank you very much Master

Sinful Body Art (Sinead Moonites)

*I am a designer of custom brands and tattoos.  Do you want your city or village brand or your personal design on your slave’s leg, just send me a notecard or IM with your wishes.

*Customer satisfaction guaranteed! I deliver my custom work with 100% customer satisfaction, I take payment only when you are happy with the brand!

*Also Gorean brands and several tattoos available on marketplace, just use the link to go to the page.

*Now also for your nomad scars! Are you a Tuchuk, Kassar, Kataii or Pavaraci ? … all the scars are now for sale in several packages and all kind of combinations. Check it out!

*click here

BTB Gor in Second Life Doesn’t Exist (Mariko Marchant)


There are people in Second Life (sl) Gor who state  you play real btb Gor if you have read all the books and follow them. Is this true? Not at all, because  sl Gor is just an implementation of Gor as  described in the books of John Norman  on a (game) platform called Second Life.

Second life has changed over the years. New and faster computer and internet connections, viewers with rich functionality make things possible that are unrealistic to Gor as described in the books. Functionality like teleport, radar, mini-map, Kool receiver is used widely by  so called By the Book (btb)  and Gorean Evolved (GE) users.

It is not possible to play true btb Gor on sl because it is an implementation on a powerful computer platform which means you have to compromise.  You can never play “real” Gor on a computer, some features are simply not realistic;  like you can fight with the same strength with zero or five arrows in your body.

If you want to play Gor closer to the books on a computer, you have to use a viewer without teleport, mini-map, radar etc. and not use a meter but roleplay the fights too.

Also spend a lot more time to get food and other things to survive in the harsh Gor world.

Should we go back to this? I think not, because a lot of people have fun with the functionality there is now. Does all this functionality make us drift away from the books?  Yes, for sure. Is this a bad thing?

Not when people enjoy the game sl  Gor. It is a wonderful game where you can make real friends but no more than that. It is not a lifestyle. If you want to experience Gor as a lifestyle, shut down your computer and go to play it for real.

If you are playing in on your computer on the Second Life platform do realize the difference between btb and Ge is not only about following the books, but also about the use of (technical) implementation of Gor on second life.

Considering all this the conclusion should be: There is no “true” btb in sl Gor.  You can only say some are more closer to the books then others.

Combat in Gor, Series #8, Arena Tactics – final installment of the series (Rik Baar)

Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can become quite good at it.

From last issue, you have the tournament basics down. Just sign up, check your weapon, practice and await your call to the sand. To teach what to do next, I called once again upon Spy(spy.habilis) Master of Arms emeritus of Port Olni.

Last week Spy advised to de-prim as much as possible and try your weapon on the longest range available. Then practice with the shield and try to learn to move with it.

“With an arena full of fighters and spectators, lag is your enemy,” he says, advising combatants to be as light as possible. “While everyone will lag–your opponent with the Alienware probably will not.”

“You lag, you lose,” the veteran of arena combat told us. “While one never fights completely naked an attractive loincloth will make you a crowd favorite.”

I wondered if they make those in extra large.

“Set your graphics to low,” Spy told us. “You won’t be firing any arrows at high-flying  tarns so you only need to see across the arena.”

“Firestorm lets you adjust your draw distance manually. I set mine on 32m.” He continued, “Turn off streaming music and media and set particles to zero. Most arenas have caps that block your view of the outside so these are the only controls you need to set.”

“Once you are in the arena you and your opponent will test hit each other and reset,” he said, then “Shout “Ready!” and wait for the command to “Fight!” Make sure you’re meter is set to arena. You don’t want to look like a noob.”

At his point you will be in mouselook, trying to track the movement of your opponent. That takes a lot of practice.

“Wait till he approaches and then raise your shield” using the PageDn command. “Swing and immediately put the shield back up. Approach, hit, retreat is a good tactic.”

“Watch his meter and your own,’ Spy suggests. It takes practice to be able to do all this at once. “When his defense is gone, every hit hurts. When he is in the yellow — Attack!”

Of course he will be doing the same. So you lose the first bout and are very thankful it is two out of three. You must win both of the remaining two to advance.

“Remember, shields block only frontal attacks,” Spy says. “Next time he charges, let him, step aside and go for his back.”

He coaches combatants to be unpredictable, to change stances in the middle of the bout.

“The Slow stance is long range, so switch to fast stance, get close to him,” he says, “simply out-click him.”

The more lag, the better to take him down, if you can get to your opponent.

“When he runs into a wall or gets stuck,” Spy says, “Whack him when he comes out. Play the rubber band effect.”

“But remember, stay in character,” he says, “Show honor and have fun. Don’t whine to the fight announcer if you lose, Take your loss in good humor.”

You won’t always lose and when you win one, Spy says “Act like you’ve been there before” for surely you will be there again, with practice.

It won’t hurt to get a coach. Spy himself is available many afternoons in the Port Olni Arena. If you don’t want to join the Scarlet, you still will be welcomed as a visitor.

That’s it for me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the best Scarlet and BC in Gor. Good Steel!

Thanks for reading.

Rik Baar, Magistrate of Olni

© Gazette of Gor


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