Book Based Panthers (BBP), Panther sim guide, Northern Woods – Dark Life

Dani’s Band (BtB)

Red hair’s neck hairs bristled a bit, there she was , after what seemed like an eternity of a winding river she  finally stopped paddling.

Northern Forests Gor sim:
A large wooded sim with snow covered mountain peaks and mesmering teal blue rivers.
Market Place :
None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.
Easy to Find TP point:
Meter Type:
Sim Lay out:
The sim is a stand alone ‘torvie’ continent. Beyond the forest is a torvie settlement.
Sim Rules :
Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

After a few ehn of observing the village from a safe distance, she knew it would be safe to head deeper inland.

The villagers seemed to be sleeping, she had seen no movement at all.

She looked at the mountains beyond marveling at their beauty.

Red hair held her breath, behind the bushes she observed some tabuk, she notched an Arrow.

The sun  was still high enough to warm the waters of the creek.

The Red head, for the time being remained unnoticed, with her brazen attitude she headed for the tallest tree she could find, she climbed to its highest point to gain a good look out point for her scout report.

She squints her dark brown eyes , she sees no movement within the camp to the west she notices the camp gates have been broken open.

The new rich lands and the abandoned camp made the Red head grin to herself. She mused “slavers or a rival band have captured these forest girls.”

The Red head finds little of real value in camp, she steals one of the hides and resumes her journey.

After many ehn the small path leads to a mountain she had almost overlooked the entrance to a large cave.

The crackle of torches are the only thing she hears within the caves.

 “Are the caves also abandoned?” she aks herself , just then she hears footsteps and a female voice calling out to her.

The warm camp fire in the cave is most inviting.

The young woman is infact one of the lair leaders.

The Red head is invited to stay, she finds a private cave within the mountain, she unravels a yellowed piece of paper and with a charcoal pencil begins to write down her adventure.

Sim overview:
I seriously like the look and feel of this sim. Several rivers to cross and an untouched forest to explore. The hidden cave’s of Dani’s Band are a nice and unique touch.
Bad Points:
Good Points:
Very high quality build resulting in some really pretty pictures for the blog.
Overall Marks out of 10:

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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