The Gazette of Gor – Issue 39

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images from Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • The Gor Grannies (Mariko Marchant)
  • TheRose Interview (Sarahelisebeth Brenham)
  • TOR FARMS (Minnie)
  • The village of Kassau (Mariko Marchant)
  • Combat in Gor, Seventh of a Series (Rik Baar)
  • Press Release for 2016 Fashion For Life (Nevar Lobo)
  • Goreans in Relay for Life 2016 (Kaiila Mahoney)
  • Events

– Arts Gallery

– Gorean Campus Events

  • Invitation to share Gor with the Gazette
  • Gazette’s Mission Statement.
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk  (Minnie)


  • Still a busy issue, this week. We tried to cover many aspects of our world. And I advise you to read carefully all articles presented. We managed to mix different things, weapons handling and explore the arts with Q&Q Theater of The Rose, The Gallery Aquarius Arts and Kassau, a village where trade and RP are important. Besides, another article should interest you. The city of Tor, under the rule of Kerugan Sodwind and respect books, has launched a major project. If a civilization is born, she can live only by its economy. Tor has created the economy of Gor. A trading system, bank, trade. A very interesting topic.

  • Finally, I could not end this editorial without mentioning Relay For Life. We must continue to fight against cancer and I want to thank all the people who are involved in this fight. So we’ll use words like arrows to fight against this scourge, we will use our courage as vigilante sword, we will use all our means to form an army that will shield to win this battle. Come and join this army. We need you.

The Gor Grannies (Mariko Marchant)

  •  When I came to Gor about 1.5 years ago some experienced Gor players really helped me to find my way into Gor. But also there were a lot of old Gor players who liked to show their superiority . I could not handle a bow in the beginning, so they downed me over and over saying: “You have to learn to fight, girl before you have a right to speak”. Later when I started to defeat them they said: “Gor is not about fighting girl, it is about roleplay”.  It is hard to do something good in the beginning  in the eyes of a Gor granny.

  • The other day I saw a panther complaining to a girl in a taluna land that she had used the minimap to find her. She said the girl came from the other side of the island so she could not have seen her. To find that out you have to use the minimap yourself, but a discussion with a granny is pointless, because  she has been in gor longer then you and old gor is always right. It does not matter if they read the books or not.

The funny thing is if you really live by the books it would be impossible for a panther from the Northern Forests to show up in the Southern jungles where the talunas live. The distance is too far. Panthers would not even know about the existence of talunas.

  • Now pointing out about using a minimap is not really gorean roleplay, so the girl went away to avoid confrontation. Next she told her Gor trainer what happened. The trainer told her that she spoke to her Master about what happened with the girl and the panther. She said she would not be allowed to continue training her because the girl walked away from a free without asking permission. To me it is like a teacher saying to her student: “You spoke not good French yesterday so I cannot continue to teach you French.” You can say it was noble of her that she gave a newcomer lessons in Gor, but I heard she charged 80K lindens for it and that 30K Lindens were actually paid.

  • Some people ask themselves why there are less panther tribes in Gor nowadays.  The answer is:  It is hard for newcomers to find their way into Gor. They need help and they are not to build the ego of the Gor Grannies or to meet their financial needs.

TheRose Interview (Sarahelisebeth Brenham)

  • Who needs to venture out of their house anymore? Most things can be taken care of and enjoyed from a computer. What kind of things you ask? Food can be ordered, bills can be paid and theater can be enjoyed. Yes, i said theater. Thanks to Second Life, many groups and troupes have put on a ton of fantastic productions. Today, i’d like to profile one troupe in particular and its directress: The Quill & Quarrel owned by Rose aka the theRose Resident. Wanting to give you a true feel of what this troupe is all about, it was decided that i sit down with Rose and get the scoop directly from her. Read on to learn what i discover about this amazing woman and group!

– Sarahelisebeth Brenham: When did and why did you start Q&Q?

– Rose: I actually came to SL specifically with theater in mind — I’d been working on performances in text chat and was frustrated by the limitations….so I came here to see what could be done.    Now my FIRST foray over here was in 2010….and I got stuck in a tree on Welcome Island…and gave up in fristration.  I returned the following June….and the first rehearsal of the Quill & Quarrel was July 14th 2011.

– Sarahelisebeth Brenham: How did you get inspired to do plays in text?

– Rose: I’m the daughter of a book-lover mom and a theater-lover dad — I’ve been walking the boards all my life.  But Goreans are uniquely suited to theater of all kinds…we are people of the BOOKS..and we interact with words words words — it just seemed like an obvious sort of entertainment.  Sadly text on its own….doesn’t hold the attention of an audiences so by the middle of act 1 everyone is in IMs — doing other things!

– Sarahelisebeth Brenham: How do you decide what play to do?

– Rose: I read – a LOT – and ask for suggestions almost as much.  Then if I like the play I start to consider FIRST can we do it in a virtual environment….and with the personnel we have.  Then, and most important, will our audience like it – and that is the ‘magic’ part – you can NEVER be completely sure about that!

– Sarahelisebeth Brenham: What are your plans/hopes for Q&Q?

– Rose: My dearest HOPE is that someday soon there will be another and another and another theater doing what we are – FULLY producing Broadway shows!  We’ve pushed our way through a forest of technical challenges – and there is so MUCH more that I can imagine, but we don’t yet know how to accomplish!  I’d love to have a whole community of creative people moving our art form forward much faster than Q&Q can alone. As for plans: We are in rehearsals now for our first live musical production….and later in the spring Q&Q is hosting the first EVER Theatrical Arts Festival in SL.

  • NOTE: Although i am a member of the Q&Q group, even i didn’t know how or why Q&Q got started!

TOR FARMS (Minnie)

And if we Gorean world finally became adult. For the approach of the City of Tor (Remember, two SIMs and Homestead), the Gor SL civilization reached that defined in books. We are no longer in a simple RP where people let fly arrows and fight with swords. We are at the dawn of civilization to create a new base for an economy based on currency. Tor and Kerugan Sodwind pushed realism, creating a farm, production unit, a bank, a place of exchange, a market to sell products using currency. In defining these principles, we leave aside the concept of barter, to find the beginnings of a true culture Gorean. For this approach, for this work, visit Tor and discover what could be the future of our world.

A word from Kerugan Sodwind, Head Merchant & Vizier of Tor


  • Tor Farm’s Market is located in the Merchant Area in the City of Tor. All goods are sold in Linden Dollars. There will be some in DG coin and G&S Coins. Also, an Exchange Bank is available for exchanging DG and G&S coins at an official posted rate. The Landmark is below and you will have safe conduct inside the city.Contact Kerugan Sodwind, Head Merchant & Vizier of Tor for any possible trade agreements

The Tour and Meeting with Kerugan Sodwind


  • Minnie: So the Vizier is Owner of the farm

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Yes

  • Minnie: Maybe the right person to meet. May i visit

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Of course you may visit

  • lianial Andel: You are most welcome Min. Please let us know if you need anything

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Would you like an escort

  • Minnie: Sure !

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Here is the heart of the farm, The harvests

  • Minnie nods

  • Minnie: All said ll be put in gazette

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Cheese makers, Stoves paga and Wine makers

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Labelers meat packing

  • Minnie: May i take some pics

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Sure

  • Minnie: What is it

  • Kerugan Sodwind: That is a loom, makes what i am standing on, a rug

  • Minnie nods *great*

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Spinning wheel to take the verr wool and make thread loom

  • Minnie: Very interesting. And you sell all your production?

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Most of it. Some we use for our own food

  • Minnie: You are doing a full commerce exchange in Gor

  • Minnie: It s very important

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Yes, we even have an exchange bank for trading in coin

  • Minnie: Trade in coin? *Smiles*

  • Kerugan Sodwind: There are many different coin in Gor and we can trade in all of them and barter on items

  • Kerugan Sodwind: These are storage for the trade items out on display

  • Minnie: I think you choose the right way

  • lianial Andel: We can show her the Coin exchange also if she is interested Vizier.

  • Minnie: Yes, i want see

  • Kerugan Sodwind: It is in the city itself and weapons are not allowed there

  • Minnie: rhoooo, no matter. I don’t like weapons. I remove them

  • Kerugan Sodwind smiles *Then follow me*

  • Minnie nods

  • Kerugan Sodwind: This is the exchange area, with the rates posted

  • Minnie: So we can exchange coin / linden

  • Kerugan Sodwind: No. Items are sold in linden but not lindens. The exchange is for the coins that are out in Gor

  • Minnie: I see

  • Kerugan Sodwind: There are also private city coins which we deal with too

  • Minnie: And after change in gorean money

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Yes

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Here let me show you a market. There is a price board

  • Kerugan Sodwind: G&S coin, DG coin which is the official coinage of Gor

  • Minnie: So you do production, you have your own bank, your market to sell and RP

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Yes

  • Minnie: Maybe you have all understood in GOR

  • Kerugan Sodwind: We have slaves work on the farm

  • Kerugan Sodwind: All understood?

  • Minnie: Yes, all. People come to GOR for fight and play little RP. You create a new economy

  • Kerugan Sodwind: That is the idea as the books have

  • Minnie: Indeed

  • Kerugan Sodwind: there are many who do trade and make good coin and trade in many things. Pay their citizens. Wear HUDs that drain energy which they need to regain by eating

  • Minnie: We have to see more than fights and alone people bored. We have to create a civilization. And create economy could be the beginning. It s very impressive

  • Kerugan Sodwind: That economy is there a city just needs to connect to it but many do not know it exists

  • Minnie: I ll help you and promote the place, explain your philosophy

  • Kerugan Sodwind: That would help to bring others into a real Gor

  • Minnie: I agree

  • Kerugan Sodwind: And once one knows that they can, it becomes a complete world

  • Kerugan Sodwind: One can fight, one can play but all survive with goods. And when served in taverns can have real objects to eat and drink, not invisible ones

  • Minnie: Ok, i think that i can write a good thing on you. I ll send you article before publish it.

  • Minnie: Thank You for the Tour. Be well, be safe

  • Kerugan Sodwind: Be well min

The village of Kassau – Interview with Sir Hania Rae

By Mariko Marchant

  •  Thank you Sir Hania Rae for having me.

Thank you for coming I am honored  that you came here.

  • What is the village of Kassau about?

The village of Kassau is about learning that Gor is more than raiding, capturing, and furring. Our motto is “come learn the other side of Gor” there are many different kinds of role-play we enjoy role-playing trades,  exploring other cultures in the Gorean lifestyle.

  • I hear these lands are non-combat, why is that?

Yes that is true we are non combat, there are a lot of people online that have health issues that prevent them from question all the buttons that have to be pushed for combat, so we can have fun without having to worry about fighting, with other kinds of role-play.

  • What makes this place special in Gor?

We are considered a emerge Sim we are lifestylers who enjoyed the aspects of role-playing, and learning the principles of the books and the spirit of the books.

  • Who should come to visit this place?

Anyone who wants to enjoy great role-playing, learning about Gor, and who wish to just have fun laughing playing around and cutting up , while  learning,  and roleplay the principles of Gor.

  • Is there something you like to add to this interview?

Please feel free to come by anytime for a tour of the village, hangout role-play and we also offer several different activities in OOC, such as dancing, playing games, capture the flag and, being a part of a great family.

  • Thank you Sir Hania Rae for this interview.

It was my pleasure to do this interview.

You can see a tour at the village of Kassau at:


Combat in Gor, Seventh of a Series (Rik Baar)


 Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can become quite good at it.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Olni

  • What we have seen until now is the major weapons, technical settings and styles of Combat, including raids, individuals, tarns and even Black Caste.

  • Combat is chaotic, dependent upon the actions of the people involved, free thinkers attempting to gain advantage over each other.

  • This last two-part article in the series is devoted to a more controlled form of fighting, one with rules and an expected behavior. For insight i returned to Spy(spy.habilis) Master of Arms emeritis of Port Olni. He thinks of himself as just retired, but what he remembers is vast.

  • “Arena fighting is not like defending your Home Stone,” says Spy. “You’re not going to be shooting arrows at tarns. Your opponent is going to be close- — sometimes too close.”

  • He did have a technical tip to get started: “Set your graphics preferences to low and turn off streaming music and media,” he says. “Firestorm has a nice control panel that lets you control draw distance. I keep my draw distance at 32 meters for tourney fighting.”

  • “Some who are heroes in Combat fail in the arena and vice-versa,” he said when asked to explain the differences. “Two things make arena combat different — -the size of the ‘battlefield’ and the audience”

  • “Most arenas are fairly small and while you may run there are no places to hide,” he said, knowing I had already tried that. “The audience is also present and there is a big difference between the audience screaming for you to win or one screaming for your blood.”

  • To fight in an tournament, a combatent would use a Gorean Sword and shield which are often provided by the event sponsor to ensure fairness to all.

  • And, the rules are simple — No jumping or special AOs permitted.

  • To advance a combatent usually must win twice in as many as three tries. Then he faces another participant who has done exactly the same thing, until finally only one is left.

  • “The best swords in Gor take part in these tournaments but even a novice can learn and enjoy by participating,” Spy says. And like our other instructors earlier in this series, the key ito victory s practice.

  • To enter, Spy says find a tournament board and just register yourself, then find the Tournament Master and have your equipment approved or use the sword and shield provided.

  • Normally there is time before the event to practice with the new equipment. Of course the computer equipment will affect overall perfoirmance, but knowing your sword and shield is essential.

  • Most sponsors are welcoming to new participants and encourage them to try for the prize money which is very difficult to obtain, considering the competition.

  • And the higher the prize money, the more likely a tournament will draw the best swords in Gor.

  • Spy reminds us that “we were all new once” so even the best went through the prolonged practices to become excellent fighters over time.

  • “Practice is held in the arena in the time leading up to the event,” he says, encouraging new people to “Get in there and learn.”

  • He says you must know “The range of the sword and timing of when to raise your shield. You can’t run with your shield up so the timing is very important.”

  • “If your sword has different ranges you want the longest range possible,” he coaches, extending the reach. And, “take off any other weapons you have on and deprim as much as you can.”

  • He suggests you swallow your pride. “I do my best fighting while bald in a loincloth,” he said “Besides the ladies like it.”

  • Next week, in the eithth and final installment of Combat In Gor, we will explore hand to hand arena combat. Thanks for reading.

© Gazette of Gor


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